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  • I have no idea who JohnCasey is, but they are obviously here to instigate. Good job at assuming the worst and encouraging a member who registered just to start shit to continue on and on. I didn't ask you because I don't even see you, in fact, the only time I saw you sign in was last night when the episode launched. Considering we're inviting people from all fan sites from multiple episodes, I was going to ask you eventually for whatever episode we were on, because obviously it'd be fun for people to hear you talk, but it looks like you are the one who isn't interested. That's fine with me, but keep the bitch fest off the forums please.
    Hey, I haven't spoken to you in a while. How are you doing? I had a question to ask. We recently created a Facebook fan page and I wanted to place the link for it underneath the Twitter updates on the front page. But I am not quite sure how to do it. Would you mind telling me how to do it? =)
    Hey. sorry about that, my internet suddenly died on me.
    It still isn't working, I'm stealing someone else's internet now. v.v
    Well, I know you don't work here any more, but I was wondering if you wanted a picture for the staff page (because you made the layout). It can be anything KH.

    I suppose you could also write a bio, too, if you want.

    Thanks. <3
    So tantalizing, is such a side. Coaxing, and coaxing, until we all inevitably submit.
    lol, i dabbled in the pinkness before.
    perhaps i should again.
    Creepy journal that manifests itself as sexy platinum head boys is creepy.
    So, it's officially Tuesday where I am.
    And I just wanted to tell you good luck, and that it's going to be amazing. :3
    Oooh, that is soon.
    It'll be great though -- seriously.
    You'll be nervous and angsty at first, but, that'll pass. And then you'll just be left with an amazing experience, I'm sure.
    When do you leave exactly?
    It's going to be great though (once you set sail... stupid KH reference. why? >.<)
    I seem to have been stripped of more than just that... I'm on Site Staff yet I don't have access to Joomla for some reason. What's even the point then? Ffff.

    I'm good. Mailed your thing today. The package is very ugly because I suck at decorating packages and everything I do is ugly. Sorry. How're you?
    So, I like checked to see if you were online like five times before making that thread. And when I didn't see you online, I figured it would be safe to post.

    Then I remembered that they took away the ability for me to see when Invisible Members were online. >.<
    Me not so much. Or well, actually maybe.
    But more for LOST at Comic-Con than Square-Enix.
    lol. So nice.
    'Least his creepiness makes him interesting.
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