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  • That's true, but we weren't serious, so it's all good. :D

    Agrees! Can't go wrong with bacon!

    lmao. All the girls will come flocking to ya, cause you sparkly. xD I wish you were premium right now, because that would make a great title!
    xD I know, would be silly if we were both serious.

    That's a good point! Tasty bacon -drools at the thought- sounds so yummy.

    What kind of vampire abilities do you have?
    Yes, it was a joke Auron :]

    Can tell that ya feelings. So, do you prefer drinking the blood of a human or animal blood?
    You died? :O That's curious, dying in a battle. Wonder what kind of battle it was.

    Well, if your a vampire, I would assume you still have feelings. Even if your partly dead...okay mostly dead. Perhaps 'feelings' was the wrong choice of words. How about instinct? You have the urge to drink blood, no? So, you would still have instincts that are almost the same as feelings.
    It's not that lame. It's quite amusing actually x']

    So, does that mean were both vampires now?
    As am I :)

    You would make a terrific zombie. At the same time, imagining it like that, it's almost kind of scary. But, yeah, don't feel too bad. I've neglected plenty of stuff and I'm just as lazy xD I like to sleep in so much that if I had it my way, I would sleep in until it nighttime or longer. I really like my sleep and the cold weather doesn't help at all.
    If you say so, Auron :D I still like it either way. Your a talented writer and much better than I.

    Anyhow, haven't had much time to review any fic's yet, but I swear, I'll get to them all! xD

    Well, I'm waiting for my pottery class to start either this week or next week. I've had a cold due to the weather changing, but I'm all better now. I've been trying to keep up with all of these vm's mostly and I haven't been writing much, due to lack of time from being busy among other things and watching Big Bang Theory.

    What about you?
    Yeah, looks like things are going good for the both of us :]

    I thought it was good and didn't think it was rushed. Will make sure to remember that next year xD
    Uh oh, If I keep that up I'll need a new nickname xP

    So, what'cha been up to man?
    Have we just met? All my jokes are lame, That's why my nickname was Kraft all through high school. CAUSE I'M THE CHEESIEST!! HAHAHAHAAAAA... Okay I'm done now.
    I'll keep that in mind, I gotta wait 'til I have everything in place to create my very own version of Traverse town, where it's ALWAYS NIGHT!!!!
    Technically, I suppose. At least until I find a way to destroy the sun without killing us all. Then time is relative.
    I know how ya feel mate, pretty worn out myself. Kudos on that story by the way! It was really good!
    I'mmmmmm..... Meh? But that's okay, I'm cool with being meh for a little while. How are you Auron? Namesake of one of the coolest characters ever conceived.
    Sometimes when I was going to use a character's picture, I end up using a different character. xD

    Speaking of which, I found another picture that I might want to use as a sig. So I'm not sure if I might request something yet. I have to wait to edit it though, it's big and I'm on my phone now.
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