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  • It sounds great, so I'll check it out from the library.

    I've read some of Grath Nix and Rick Riordan work. Still haven't gotten around to Edgar Allen Poe yet, but I will. I like suspense/thrillers and fantasy. Like Patrick Rothfuss, Cassandra Clare, Lee Child. I have more books that I like but don't remember the authors all that well. I like 16th century based novels as well. So I like a variety of books.

    That would be great! Would love to read it, even if your about to trash it and start over. I wouldn't mind reading the original working that you started out with first. (I've done what you've done before, wish I hadn't cause I miss what I had).
    Nothing wrong with that. At least not in this case, really. :p

    Avatars, huh? I'll try... but I'm still not good at basic designs in general. I prefer drawing scenes or people. o3o

    When I go get a chapter written, I'm never satisfied with it, though. I never seem to be able to get what's in my head down on paper very well. :c
    Oh, I just waited the extra week. No need to worry, though, you're definitely not a bad person. <3

    I have tried using it, but I'm not too great at design, so my signatures don't come out very good. ^^;

    That sounds amazing. Like the type of book I would read. Aside from the fanfiction I'm currently working on, I've been trying to write a fantasy story, too, but it's barely made any headway.
    Sounds like it would be a good book to read, especially if it's a well-known classic. Just started poking around to see if I could find it, and came across this. Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Is this the book you speak of?

    Can't say thank you enough, for such a praise. I love reading and writing myself, that I'm surprised to come across another person who likes it as well. What books do you like to read? Are you working on any writings? Cause I would love to read them, if you were!
    Aw, thanks. ^///^ (Yay!) I was hoping to get the chance to tell you that I finally got GIMP on my computer, like you suggested way back when.

    I've been reading Manga more than watching the anime, currently. Simulcasted... On Crunchyroll? I've been working on writing, too, but I'm not very good. What are you writing?
    -mouth drops open in astonishment- um wow -mind is spinning, cause this was really unexpected- thank you so much! I know the title is kind of long and hard to remember. But seriously wow, thank you so very, very much for saying that! That's like the highest compliment for me to ever recieve from somebody. Would it surprise you if I told you, I have no idea who Jekyll and Hide are? The names sound familiar but it's a first for me to hear of them.

    Oh I see, yeah I like to do that as well with fellow members. Uh huh, very much so.

    Your welcome, Auron. Oh you don't have to do that, unless you want too, lol.
    Auron, you're back! I was afraid you'd left forever! ;w; What anime?

    No, they aren't mine. I can't color nearly that well. They're pictures I found.
    Oh alright. That's pretty cool that you were able to scratch it up like that and contribute it. I'm not much of a poet myself, but I happen to write stuff in the creative writing section occasionally. Your poem definitely gave me a picture of what it was about, for something based off a story, that you've read before as well. If I ever come across that story again, I'll let you know what it was called.

    Also thank you for calling KK, I prefer it more then my full username. Was a nice surprise.
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