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  • Lolz nah i think i could of done it better...but since i found new effects on Gimp i started messing around with it hehehehehehe
    Yeah, If I had used one more continue during or before Reisin's stage, I probably would have gotten the bad ending. Thankfully that wasn't the case then; I can't count how many times I've managed to survive Reisin's suppository bullets only to get shot down for continuing too many times up to that point.

    As for bombing, I think I got screwed over by watching too many videos of people doing doing so well without using bombs that ended up instilling that mindset in my playing habits. I need to focus on survival before I can try to replicate pros like that lol
    I used all my continues and though I technically beat the game, I didn't survive Eirin's Last Word. Also, I bombed like a madman, which I try to avoid doing, despite it kinda being a key way to stay alive.
    I had a feeling that was the case. Imperishable Night is the only one I've technically beaten, but it was a very hollow victory.
    aha LAME! x0D
    man this sucks I cant watch Advent Children Complete successfully...
    It stopped loading after 57 minutes of the movie online....
    Haha I wouldnt care much for an FM anymore, seems rather pointless to me now.
    They just add some little stuff, and Im pretty sure that the plot for KH 358/2 days is already set.
    Ohh I like going in those!

    Trust me, its always in a heat wave lol

    Oh yeah, you wanna go to sleep, sorry
    If they dont have barbed wire though, they can be endless hours of entertainment!!

    And, yes!! The second one!
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