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  • Oooh!!! What kind of sandwich? I like turkey (cold) and mayo, and a hot breaded chicken patty...also with mayo!
    :3 and I'm glad it does .... jesus that much? My god D=> I hope you don't drive like him lol. And teachers are built for that so don't worry about constant questions as long as their relevant to the conversation at hand. Oh and the same thing happened with my mom; unless it's important that you do go ahead and get a permit and what not. Otherwise it's not bad being in the passenger seat xD
    Thanks, and money is always an issue these days but there are always alternatives. Chemistry can be difficult, but it doesn't hurt to look over it multiple times if you didn't understand something the first time around. But don't worry about failing just yet, keep your head up. And I still haven't driven around either, surprising I know but I'll get my license in a few months. Not like I'll really drive anywhere, but it's good to get out on your own I guess. So don't worry about the jitters, it'll become second nature to you and there's always time for practice too.
    Nah it's more so something personal... Well you can still get the jump on things regardless, and Chem can actually be easy; not like I passed or anything xD ok I did but it was a grade curve. Also don't worry about the driving all too much, tis just a matter of paying attention to signs and pesky drivers.
    Well there is something that can, but I want what I can't have =[ nice you're getting ahead of the game; good job! And hopefully I will, I already fucked myself over as is.
    Pretty much the same here, boredom and disappointment amongst other things. And yes I have time but you have more time to think things over. Don't waste it.. seriously.
    Oh man that sounds pretty bad D= and I'm not out of school just yet; one more year in that shit hole. But um yeah, I have no clue what I'm going to do after high.
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