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  • alright. i've been stuck at home for a very long while since last year. i've been meaning to find a job, which to no avail, that no one still hasnt called me. curse you economy! xp so where you headed for college?
    I accidentally downloaded an IRC virus but resolved it anyways xD
    Sort of. We've had hot days, and rainy cold nights. Sadly not that much to say about hear. :(
    I've never actually played any of the Touhou games, video games aren't really my thing. (Additionally, have you talked to Alexx, or Vandread about them? He really likes them, I'm pretty sure.) When I first saw it, I was actually thinking something along the lines of the human spirit idea. So good job on representing that well.

    Really, prom? It seems awfully early in the year for that. Regardless, how was it?
    I've been decent though. Spring break has given me the opportunity to go out and do things, so I've been walking around with friends and going to bonfires and fun stuff like that. I just got back from a pretty crowded one, actually.
    You don't think that it's very good? I disagree, I actually like it quite a bit. It was worth the wait to see, for sure.

    Where did you get the idea for it? And how else have you been lately?
    There's always Barnes & Noble or the library to consider, even if you're not old enough for Borders. I tried that, but unfortunately, neither was hiring. As for construction, I imagine I'll be fine. I've grown up around it, my dad has always done things himself, so I've picked up on a lot. Like you said, the money is also pretty good.

    Are you still working on the art project, or are you finished now?
    I'm also looking for whatever I can get. If I had my choice though, I would love to work at a bookstore- I know the store layout, I know books pretty well, etc. It would be neat. Maybe I'll look into some sort of part-time construction come summer though. I hear that's decent money.

    You should definitely post a picture of your project when it's finished, I'd like to see it.
    Oh, right. I forgot getting a job as well, that's (basically) the last piece of my self-reconstruction I've been at for a while. Is there anywhere special that you're hoping to get hired, or are you just taking what you can find?

    So what are you doing for your art project? Hopefully it's something neat.
    Excellent resolution. I never made one of those actually. Everything I want to change is so broad and full of nuances that it's difficult to sum up in a resolution. Regardless, it's going well I think.

    What's the contest for?

    (nothing is really new with me though, this part of the year is always very repetitive. Once it starts getting warm, things finally become interesting.)
    I would definitely recommend One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. It's very accessible, tells a great story, and was my favorite book for several months. (which is pretty impressive, normally it changes pretty quickly.)

    Other than books though, what's new?
    Oh my goodness, your taste is fantastic. <3

    I really enjoyed Fahrenheit 451 and To Kill a Mockingbird, though there are other classics that I like better. They're still excellent though. And Shakespeare? I don't know very many students who would say they actually enjoy his writing, but Julius Caesar was fantastic. We're reading King Lear in class now, and that's also very good, recommended if you haven't read it.

    As for my favorites? (this is going to be a very difficult list to make, I read a lot and greatly enjoy almost everything.) Off the top of my head though, Hunter S. Thompson's work is grand stuff. Stephen King's Dark Tower series is probably my favorite series. House of Leaves is a very odd and complicated novel, but also definitely worth reading. It's probably the most mind-fucking book I've read. I loved Kesey's One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. Catch-22 is funny but makes a very good point, in a way that many books don't. And Vonnegut of course, I've really liked everything of his I've read.

    You can probably tell that I really like books, I'm only stopping because I don't want to completely bore you.
    You're one of the few people that I've ever met who actually enjoyed that novel, so unless you'd rather not, let's keep talking books? What are your favorites? This is aalways a question that I really enjoy hearing answers to, they're often so interesting.
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