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  • The thing about Rion is that it doesn't pretend to be based on anything else. You'd think it would've been based on RiKai, but 1) that doesn't exist 2) Xion's nothing like Kairi 3) Riku already knew what was up with that
    If anything, it's based on SoRiku, but Xion isn't anything like Sora or Kairi. She really is her own person.

    Yes, it was. Especially when Xion began fading ;_;

    I wonder if that supports my theory that Unverse have to do with Memories. Seeing how the PSP is the PORTABLE PlayStation.
    We already know Coded has to do with it through the journal, so.

    Damn. Now I wanna read the post end-game unlockables and write some Rion.
    I KNOW! ;_; I so love Rion. But it was heartbreaking. Especially when they forgot her and she faded away from their Memories. At least there's the "Forgotten but not lost" element in play here.
    Eh. Kiiind of. I'm totally over two of them. One I never see, and the other is mondo-obnoxious.

    I pretty much have two crushes at the moment. I'm slightly creepy and stalkerish. I always seem to be around him, but we don't run in the same circles so I've never actually really sat down and talked or anything. BUT I WILL. D:<
    Someday. Haha. It's kind of sad that I don't really talk to my main crush. Oh, well. He's queer, though.

    The other is probably very straight. But still incredibly flirty. I guess he'll just end up being something nice to look at during boring classes. v_v I actually talk to this one, though. Everyday. He's one of my good friends.

    That's pretty much it. There's that one guy from homecoming last night. But who knows when I'll see him again. But he's totally gay, so that's a plus.
    Yeah. But, it would be better than nothing. Best of luck and what-not. <3
    So are you pretty that this guy digs guys, then?

    This one kid that left my school in 8th Grade came back for our homecoming. He wore a yellow bow-tie.
    And he's a crazy dancer. ~<3

    All the good ones leave.
    That sucks. ;_;
    But at least you have a new love!
    What's he like?

    I have the same two loves. But my increasing stalker-ish-ness for the one who I've never really talked to increases every day. :v
    There was this one kid at my school that was rather large and would only wear v-necks and ripped skinny jeans.
    It hairy-gross.

    Is Mr. W a new love? Or a previous one? :p
    V-necks are good.
    'Cept when there's lots of nastay hairs escaping.

    Unless you're into that. :v
    Ooh la la~

    We wear uniforms. So Homecoming dress-up days are extra fun.
    I'm going to play a bunch this weekend. Though homecoming is on Saturday.

    So, so, so, I was Batman for Rivalry Day and my love said "hey batman" to me in the hallwaaaays.
    /best moment of my life
    Pfft. I'm like, still in the 70s. I've been super-busy.

    It's okay so far. Not enough actual plot between the missions.
    just depends, but remember, they might tell you to pay some, but hey, it might be free, so just try.
    one time my ds had some random little problem, like a hinge was loose or something, and nintendo replaced it. just call customer support and be like, hey i have a defective product, and explain them whats wrong. dont say its your fault, but dont try to blame it on them either, just explain whats wrong.
    Yep. Friend downloaded I believe 4 seasons. Watched them all in about a few weeks. Good show.
    I might have played it but after the second hour, I was like *facepalm* Could they had made a better game?

    Fuck I didn't know if Roxas or Xion was the protagonist.
    To challenge one self into blitzing through a game. Then play through it again. Much more slowly.
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