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  • Oh my goodness. I haven't talked to you in forever. <3
    What's up?

    Now that Days is out, I don't have to write any more stinking editorials. :p
    *TwilightNight* all ready got Larxene, sorry.
    It's okay if you just make stuff up.
    Do you happen to have a favorite Organization member?
    I may/may not be doing a sort of count-down to Days with Organization XIII by doing a mini-report on each person each day. Anyway, I would need a fan's opinion thing on their favorite member, so I'd figure I'd ask.

    Anyway, I guess I'm required to like her as a gay person, right?
    I should probably give her a listen, then. :v
    Never listened to a song in my life.
    I just saw what I thought was a Yeti sitting in the background. Freaky stuff.
    Okay, I'll register you. Check the pokemon topic for my new code.

    And sure, I'd love one.

    Edit: you're registered.
    Sucks dude. I've been doing odd jobs for my mom, some of her friends, and relatives all summer.
    Can I have them at least? I'm having Darkrai withdrawels.

    Or are you just not able to right now?

    And btw how've you been?
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