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Recent content by Angel X

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    KH2 Game of The Year?

    Yeah, there's a high chance of Kingdom Hearts 2 shooting to the top, after release. I vote Kingdom Hearts 2. X.
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    Indigo Prophecy

    Hey guys. I was wanting to buy my friend, Angie, a Christmas present (Yes, I know it's too late, I just didn't have the money). And so I bought Indigo Prophecy. What do you guys think of it? X.
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    Redone Scenes (Spoilers possibly)

    Nice find. Once again. :X X.
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    Some New Info *SPOILERS*

    Nice. Good job. X.
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    Final form in action

    Teh pwnage. X.
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    ordering Kingdom Hearts 2

    I don't know, I usually order things from Ebay or Amazon. But they take around the same amount of time, as it seems. X.
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    ordering Kingdom Hearts 2

    What's the Owl Knights about? X. *EDIT: Alright, then.
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    ordering Kingdom Hearts 2

    Depends which website you ordered from. Most take approximately 7 days. X.
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    Who's the BHK?

    My God. You really have so much to catch up on. Oh well, I'll help you out. Here's just read this: Nothing has really been confirmed about the story of Kingdom Hearts II. The best theory in my opinion is the one I’m about to write. Kingdom Hearts II will begin exactly where KH:CoM left off...
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    Who's the BHK?

    Alright, since this is indeed that spoiler forum, get ready to get spoiled. BHK's real name is Roxas, Sora's shell, that's why, he too has a keyblade. He's also part of the Organisation. I'm not so completely clear of his identity myself, but, that's basically it. Hope I helped. X.
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    Were you guys aware of this?

    C'mon, a My Space profile like that is just the same as a KH forum. X.
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    Boss battle in Mulan's World + Cutscene before the battle

    Cool, nice find once again. X.
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    Sora's skills are too good to be his own

    Yes, I do agree. It almost seems impossible for one to learn new both powerful and skilled techniques that he has. It feels that, in order to make KH2 sell two times greater than KH, they made it so perfect, that, the actual gamers feel that the character has taken such a big leap forward. X.
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    Many Cutscenes thanks to BakaNeko

    Nice find, thanks. X.