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    It's Caturday!

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    I havn't told anyone on the forums yet (with the exception of KL), but last Saturday morning I found out that, after tewnty years of marriage, my parents are splitting up. They just started arguing Saturday morning and I wasn't really paying attention to what they were saying, just assuming it...
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    Holy Crap!!!!!!! I'm a tard!!!!!

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    The Khi Rumor-mill!!!!!

    Post all the gossip, scandals, and hot-topics from KHI here. Are they more than just friends? KA's Yoai-logic suggests that they are....more than just friends..... ThesxShamxHokxMelonsxBNxKiraHaro. Oh my.
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    Stained Glass [Roxas FanFic]

    Hey all, sorry I hadn't made updates. I am trying to get back on track, really I am. Just lazy/writer-s block. etc.... -.-'' Anyways, posting my fic back up, as it was inactive and was taken down. I apologize in advcance for the amount of posts I ama bout to make. I hope it is not considered...
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    Infamous Kikyo's Quotes Archive

    I hope to Ala, Budha, God, Ghandi, etc that this gets a sticky XD It was about time I, or someone else, made this. Post your favourite Kikyowhereareyou quotes right here! There are just so many.
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    Vote for teh Kay-Ess!!!!!! <3

    I hope I am at least a candidate for one thing XD lawzl0rz Anyways, if you vote for me all of your wildest dreams will come true :) Thank you, my loves <3
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    I have splendid news!

    I am bearing the child of Phoenix and on June 6, 2006 he will be born. THE BIRTH OF THE ANTI-CHRIST IS IN 2 DAYS! MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Prepare for the end of days, mortals!
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    No More Meat!

    I am making an announcement! Since last Thursday I have not eaten any meat! That's right: KS has become a vegetarian :P
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    Sephiroth, The One Winged Eagle!

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    We Have A Birthday In Da Hizouse!

    I want to wish KL a very happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -huggles- The big 1-5 :D
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    Nobody [Roxas Poem]

    May be some spoilers...not sure. Nobody ~ A. Nazarewich (DON'T STEAL MEH SHIT OR I'LL KEEL J00!) These days it's getting difficult for me to tell If this is all real, or not. Maybe I'm frozen inside a dream-World, Or someone else's twisted reality. Thrown into this existance unfairly. Drove...
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    Stained Glass [Roxas FanFic]

    Heh, I couldn't help it! -pushes up nerd glasses- Copyrights: All characters, settings, weaponry, and magic in this story belong to Square-Enix. Stained Glass Amy Nazarewich Chapter 1: A Most Unnatural Birth I awoke in the dark, gasping for breath. A cold sweat dripped off every inch of my...
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    Mud wrestling?

    That's hawt XD lol
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    Nobody ~!*Contains Minor Spoilers*!~

    Alright, so yes, this poem I wrote does contain minor KH II spoilers, so if you do not want to be spoiled I suggest you turn away not. Anywho, wrote this after becoming very upset with Roxas' story, as it is very sad and I lurf him so much XD It's taken from his point of view, and I hope you'll...