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  • Yeah. There are some notable differences between the two languages, but if you understand one, you can probably get the gist of the other.
    I'm thinking about taking Italian again Senior year.

    lmao good job.
    I should try saying that to someone when I go back to school. =D
    Thanks brah <3

    lol Maine.
    My school's magnet is languages, so we have a ton of things here. I took Italian in addition to Japanese my sophomore year. I think that the German class has a trip to Germany each year.
    You should write your school an angry letter in an effort to get the language available.
    Angry letters solve EVERYTHING.

    Part of me wants to learn German simply so I can sound like I'm about to kill someone's entire family when I make casual conversation.
    Oh ok. I'd like to think that I have a hand in any apprehension you have towards consuming liquids.

    Why thank you, weaboo. It's pretty difficult by level 4. But it's still a fun language to learn.

    Only thing I understand in German is "guten tag". Everything else sounds like angry death threats.

    Yeah, pretty much.
    Because of me or do you just have a low tolerance for alcohol?

    Yes, I take Japanese at school. Level 4, to be specific.

    ahahaha. health. I remember doing next to nothing for that class. On the day of the final (which was an open book test, btw), we had a party.
    What do you have to do a brochure on? THE HORRORS OF WEED/UNPROTECTED SEX/ALCOHOL?

    German? Cool beans brah.

    lol procrastination. I know how that goes...
    Well, during the Christmas season, you can worry about whether or not anyone spiked your eggnog. (trust me, it's not nutmeg that's sprinkled on top of it)

    Yeah, it's been pretty nice.
    No major projects, I got those done while I was at school. I still have miscellaneous homework assignments for most of my classes, and a Japanese essay to write. (joy)
    But it could be worse.

    What about you, school pervading your holidays as well?
    Well, it's nice to know that the constant worry of being poisoned is with you during the holiday season.

    I'm good.
    Ate too much food yesterday (awesome), hung out with some friends, slept.
    Basically, it's been pretty blissful.
    I probably could've come up with something better, but I was still rather reeling with glee at your post.
    "Characters that had just so much potential such as Mike, for example,"

    Also, fucking awesome.
    A few years ago, I managed to be inside the Mall of America on Black Friday, I don't know what the hell made that a good idea.

    And how could you do that to the hateclub without me, I thought we were partners.
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