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  • Though you've probably noticed, I'm just making sure you're aware your battle with Citrus Cult has progressed. You guys are among the last battlers in round 1, which ends in two days time, so be quick and give it your best!
    Hey Aegis sorry for the delayed reply, my internet keeps cutting out on KHI

    Its from a film called the Darjeeling Limited by Director Wes Anderson. You should have a look its fantastic.
    Well, Chromatic is lined up to take his spot if he doesn't show, but I'll keep that in mind if I need an opponent :)
    Hopefully, I'll get to use him in my first round battle. However, my opponent has yet to throw down a template, so I don't even know if I'll get to use him yet.
    Depends on the fear itself. In a town full of God-fearing, conservative, Christians, he would develop abilities based on what those Christians fear about God (ie. Hellfire, knowing their sins, lightning from heaven, etc). If he found himself among a country in fear of their dictator, he might develop the ability to spawn soldiers, police, or drones that he controls to the utmost degree. His power manifests based on the nature of the fear and the magnitude of it.
    Yes, if that, and if the community isn't afraid of any one thing (In order for him to draw true power from it, it needs to be a focused fear. Like... fear of god, fear of a political leader, something like that).
    Mhm, it's an interesting and good tournament, I do enjoy the complications set by the judges.

    The idea is that he draws power from mass fear, not necessarily individual fear. The more fear, the more power. Even if he was fighting a single person without fear, the fear of the masses in the environment would lend power to him. The arena of the fight would be a key element in how powerful he would be
    Haha, I'm glad you are happier. Schlumps are terribly places to be in, I know.

    Well, I've been working a bit with Prayer, she's my dear favorite. As for new characters, I'm experimenting with a character named Jude Ferolo. Powerful political and religious leader type, who draws his power from fear in the masses. Aside from that, I'm simply working on a fanfic, participating in the Shades of Blue RP and working my way through this Order Rank Tournament.

    How about yourself? New characters? New inspirations?
    It's been good my friend, how about you? I did enjoy our battles, they were quite enjoyable. Daniel was much fun to work with
    I remember in the olden days
    KHI was a simpler time
    In which everyone could get along
    And the world was at peace

    Audo was a faggot
    Audo made the choice to stick his dick in a blender; we just pressed the "on" button when he begged for it.
    hey stupid shit, I didn't demote him, he was retired. get your facts straight, I just removed his ability to see the board because all he does is bitch. if he has the balls to threaten to go into all our accounts and mess shit up, that's his choice.
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