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Recent content by Aegis

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    Would you like to battle?
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    So, about Mickey's letter...

    She didn't erase them. She disconnected them. Huge difference there.
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    Master Xehanort

    But it's never really said that for there to be a nobody, there needs to be a heartless. Only that the heart is separated from the body. To be totally hoenst, I have no idea where you got this from.
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    Master Xehanort

    Where's the proof though? It's just speculation on this part, speculation that includes a wide amount of assumption. BBS shows that they DO exist in the light realm. We are never told for how long.
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    Master Xehanort

    What proof do you have that they didn't exist in the realm of light? The interview with nomura doesn't seem to be what we thought it was, so that can't be really used as proof. They could very well have. And even if they didn't, why do you assume their lack of existence in the light realm...
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    Ven's Scenario

    This leads me to believe that newly born hearts are free from normal experience, therefore they are connected to Kingdom Hearts. And KH holds a wealth of information, such that every heart in KH is able to connect their experiences together.
  7. A

    Master Xehanort

    Couldn't that just be that any being, regardless if they are complete or not, can have will? Again, my example of SoD and Xemnas still stands. Both still had strong wills, even though they were respectively heart and body/soul. Just let me ask, at what point, exactly, did you start...
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    Ven's Scenario

    Oh wow. That scene made me realize who the 'voice' is in Sora's awakening. Based on the cut scene, the most likely candidate is Ven. Ven's heart spoke to Sora as he was awakening, in the way it seems Sora's heart is speaking to Ven during his. Damn. Edit: Sorry, nevermind. Seems as if that...
  9. A

    Master Xehanort

    Wait, what? I'm arguing your statement that MX's body and will went into Terra as well, which has absolutely no evidence to back it up. Also, will is not an actual substance in KH. The will of a person is solely based on their thoughts and actions. Both a heartless and a nobody could have a...
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    Master Xehanort

    Yet Sora's body seemingly 'vanished' as well, but we all know it certainly didn't. There's no proof to that statement, honestly. Could you provide some? However, yeah, that first statement is correct. If that was the case, then his body died. AtW never stated what exactly would die, and...
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    Master Xehanort

    Everything you just posted just supports that MX created a nobody after losing his heart, intentionally. Wait, what exactly are we debating eachother about? Just want to know for sure.
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    The Dark Guardian

    Uhmm, aren't they just speaking about who is going to take dominant control of Xehanort's heart?
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    Master Xehanort

    No, I thought that when the body separates from the heart, when one has a strong will, it becomes a nobody. I really need to play through KH2 again, I'm pretty sure this was at least implied.
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    Master Xehanort

    But nobodies are created when a heart leaves the body, and the person had a very strong will. There's no reason to believe nobodies hadn't existed at that point. Also, does a heartlesss have to be created in order for a nobody to be created? Where is this stated, exactly? "Actually, this...
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    Master Xehanort

    He didn't create a heartless because his heart went into Terra. I'm not talking about Xehanort the apprentice. I'm talking about Master Xehanort.