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  • Well, technically, both Ven/Roxas and Sora have the same face. XD Just different hairstyles. I like the expression on the image I gave, so you can use that if you want. ^_^
    Yeah, since he'll wear it from time to time (such as when Vanitas takes over from within him, or when the two team up to use the dark powers to fight a being of corrupted light)

    Actually, now that I think about it, could you use the image I just showed you? ^_^

    Thanks! ^_^
    Could you alter either that old banner of yours, or if you want, use the image below, to make a visual image of what I have in my mind of what Sora ends up looking like in my fanfic?

    XD I think that it would have been impossible NOT to spoil yourself with all the crazy leaks.

    Do you think you could make some changes to that banner for me, please? I'm planning a fanfic involving Sora and that whole "reconnecting" thing and his physical appearance is forever altered to mirror things of his "clones"; Ven's hair style, Xion/Vanitas' hair color and his right eye changes its iris color to gold. Just really want to see it in a real image form.
    I love to sleep. XD

    I'm trying to remember if you ever did one with Ven having black hair. XD
    What up? 8D I iz VT.

    And I really loved this banner you made way back when. ;D
    Is it me or did you have Vexen in your sig? It looks like him?
    yo what's about that KH game of yours?
    your art is amazing too. you do really well with cgi manipulation and your drawings are so spot on.
    please don't take this in a creeper way lol, but saw your pic in the who do you look like thread and you have the coolest eyes and hair. wish mine was like that. is your hair natural or dyed?
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