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  • Yeah I think they make a perfect duo as well. If you were offended in any way by my thread I apologize. I had no intention of turning it into a flame war, I'm perfectly capable of civilized conversation. But alas it was closed. Anyhow I've seen some of your drawings. Really good stuff, I can only manage to make a nice picture if I'm looking at a duplicate.
    U mean on this site? Everyone likes kh here lol but if u mean real life then yeah I know how u feel...I don't hav friends that like sum of the stuff I do either...I've had to adapt and turn myself into a different guy to fit in...kinds sux but such is life lol...u got me as a friend now tho! xD I like kh!
    Thank u! lol no I didn't my friend got it for me...she has one just like it but with axel instead...u wanta be friends?
    Okay. I've just posted a visitor message on your profile as you can see. Try to post a message back at me if you want to :)

    Just trying to help you out here, so you can learn how this works :)
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