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  • yes, I've cut back on said "addiction", but I still want to know what else happens. In the next game (for now it'll be called KH 'x')(or kh3, whathaveyou) Sora has to put back everything connected to him, so, I guess we can look forward to aqua and ven returning, but,...what of terra? will he be restored? will Goku find all the dragon balls!? Tune into the next exciting episode of "Fight,Fight,chat,chat,chat,Fight!!"
    me too actually...u should join this fc I created! we'd luv mor members and it's awesome! it's like a giant happy random social group xD we talk all the time! it's +¥•The Nobody Fanclub•¥+ created by urs truly and it's boat loads of fun! hope to cya there ^.^
    you call that boy functional? well i guess saving the worlds does count for something.

    you're so mean. why can't you let me indulge in my delusional Orlando Bloom fantasies? XDD
    awww, so orlando bloom cant be a heartless or nobody? =(

    who cares if his heart is in a box...roxas's heart is in sora, whos so empty he could be a box, and Roxas is a nobody!!

    SO THERE! lol
    Haha well go to bed than fuse! I shouldn't hav to tell u that! jk xD Ive had too much sugar so I'm not even gonna try yet lol
    cool ;3 I watched most of it...GO SAINTS! lol anywho I'm tired...been getting little sleep lately...
    but i also have a heart... T.T

    hoe mah ghords!--wait, orlando bloom doesn't have a heart!! HE'S THE 15TH MEMBER!!!!!!
    Yeah. She almost always does. Anyway, I edited some of Dance with My Prince. The new title is 'Dance in the Sky'. I haven't written it in FF.Net though. I can gave you what I've done so far though.
    yeh it wuz awesome...I'm still in pain frim wiping out so much tho xD yikes sounds "fun"....my mom plays no videogames so I don't hav to worry lol well other than that how r u today fuse?
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