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  • Remove the quote that has the spoiler in it on the unbirth thread right now. I edited my post so you need to get rid of the qoute
    I don't really think you are a trouble maker, just stubborn. XD
    Umm I think it's in the updates or the anouncements section...I'll send you a link later.
    I'm glad the school year is almost over too. Except I'll be very busy til then.
    So, uh. In regards to "Sense of Self" "never being a term in the canon".

    I can change the text but for the Darkside, everytime I made him smaller the pic got blurry, I guess that's just the smallest it can go, but I'll make the text bigger
    You're losing right now. ;]
    Losing with dignity is a lot better than losing without admittance.
    Creationist logic is as such: "I'm not offering proof for my theory, but since you don't offer proof against it it's more likely that yours to be true." Yes, it's a very, very bad thing. And, keep in mind, you've yet to beat me in a debate. We tend to tie.
    I think I tend to take the winning leg, though i guess that's just how I see it. ;] You debate well, but you use creationist logic a tad too much.
    No need to. You had a good point. I acknowledge when anyone has a good point, no matter what my level of friendship with that person.
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