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  • That is odd. I would think the fact she's the most normal would make you think less of her. I am interested in Aqua because so many people think she just dies.
    There's a difference from being seen a lot and having importance.

    I really don't have the slightest idea what he's going to do. That is why it interests me.
    Well not directly I suppose, but I still think he's going to be more important than he's being made out to be.
    I wouldn't be so sure. By telling TAV to go after MX he is directly involving himself.
    We know he hasn't been shown and that he was the one who sent TAV after MX...it's suspicious to me.
    Me too. I want to actually see the Aqua gameplay and learn more about MX and DS and TAV's master. He seems to be a suspicious character.
    All the intelligent people have nothing to discuss with some not wanting to spoil themselves for days and others just waiting for more on BBS. What's left is the newer users who have questions.
    I wasn't paying too much attention, but I couldn't really find anything really worth replying to half the time. Only today has it started to pick up.

    It was your birthday!!! Cool, happy late B-day.
    Him being new still makes no sense to me...
    I don't think anything big happened. It's been pretty slow.
    Is that slash before Terra saying either DS or Terra, or DS but no Terra?
    How do you think him being new would work?It doesn't make much sense to even have BBS if he's his own person.
    Oh thank you.
    ...Apprentice Xehanort...I'd have to think about it, but it probably has to do with memories and contents of the heart like my theory either that or a mixture of bodies or something wierd like that.
    I only know a few smart older people, but they graduated this year.
    I saw that you posted. ^^
    That's good that you know older kids. I didn't really, but that's because all the older kids in my classes were the dumb ones.
    Cool, we had honors classes for 9th and 10th grade no AP stuff that early so you're lucky to be getting into it. High School is really amazing especially if the transition for you will be anything like it was for me. The teachers at my middle school try to push you to grow up and be prepared for high school yet treat you like children and baby you at the same time. It was terrible. Then I get to High School and am actually treated as an adult.
    You're a smart people? Lol my assignment is for AP English: Literature and Composition.
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