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  • Well, I think I'm going to leave khinsider for awhile, I think until KH3D is released. so..see you in a few years??
    That is very smart of you, save your beans, :p
    and sadly, no I haven't got around to picking it up, but I will tell you..the story of RE:coded is very very weak.
    But the gameplay is very fun, similar to BBS, and every world has a "twist" to it gameplay wise. So don'y go into the game expecting a deep story, although, the end cut-scene and the Secret ending give you a preview of the next game :) but this game looks to be alot more fun then DAYS was.

    EDIT: I bought it today! lol it's pretty fun, although the camera and lock-on system need some getting use to, and the level up system is more complex than it needs to be :/
    enjoy. I'm going to go pick up Kingdom hearts recoded soon, looks fun, it also has the same gameplay as Birth by sleep, plus a bit more added. its worth the $40. :)
    sweet! lol I was actually going to buy a used psp at gamestop the other day, I had enough money..but i decided to go ahead and save up for a nintendo 3ds, for two reasons.
    1. Kingdom hearts 3ds will come out for it(and I plan on NOT spoiling the story :p) as with BBS I already spoiled it.
    2.I'm a Nintendo fanboy, and really want to play the Zelda Ocarina of time remake for the 3ds.

    I tried bbs at a friends house, it was awesome, but I think I will wait until I have a bit more money.

    Yeah, mostly X3. Just a little bit until I'm completely better, I think...
    That's good :).
    Happy late New Year's to you, too! XD.
    Did you celebrate it? :p
    Hello there~ :D.
    I've been okay...slightly sick...I haven't checked KHI in a long time until today XD;;. How have you been? ^^
    Merry late Christmas to you, too! :D
    just ask for a $99 used one a gamestop, then the game, save your parents a grip of cash. Just ask :)
    I finally tried birth by sleep at a friends house, it was really good. I think I'm going to just buy a used psp 1000 at gamestop for $99, which is a pretty good deal.
    Yes, definitely...><

    And aahhh, sorry DD:.
    Happy late birthday!!!
    Was it a good birthday? :p
    Ah...I skipped Pre-Algebra XP. Dunno if I should have, though...but eh...
    Yeah...I'm in a class learning about Government stuff right now, and it sucks DX.

    Haha, that's awesome! :D. What date is that on...? /will try to remember
    School's been okay, I think...I get so confused in math though DX.
    How about you~?
    Yeah, I suppose...it's better than having nothing to do, at least :p. And at school you can see your friends~
    yeah, I'm sure you've been busy. Like I said before, try and spend as little time on khinsider as possible.
    Hi! :D
    Hm...exhausted/busy XP. Because of school... But other than that, I've been good :).
    How are you~?
    Kurt Zisa from kingdom hearts 1 was the only secret boss I defeated in the series. lol so don't feel bad.
    well, this looks like the hardest kingdom hearts game to date, I watched English cutscene on youtube. The secret boss looks impossible, :x
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