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  • oh. lol yeah so is Kairi. :D

    birth by sleep comes out next month and I still have no money and no psp... t-_-t it sucks.
    I'm able to look past the turn-based battles for the awesome cutscenes and story. That crystal grid system and all the other things associated with the battle system are too much, the game makes things over complicated. :/ I'm stuck on a boss- er- I think it's a boss but not really....Odin I think...lol. How far you get? (Vanille actually makes the cutscenes more lively...sorta imo)
    I like it. Mostly for the cutscenes, it's confusing at first...storywise.. but everything makes sense overtime. :) I'm not a fan of turn based fighting, but hey.. atleast this game doesn't have random encounters. It also has a great soundtrack and lively likable characters.

    and yeah, I've been playing final fantasy VII for ps1 , and Secret of Mana for super nintendo.
    my avatar is an old pic of me from april of 09 back when I was all ballooned up.... :/

    I need to update it. lol
    Oh, then welcome too! :3 Glad to hear it's alright so far. And yes, I AM enjoying it very much, thank you :)
    Heya there! New here, just want to meet some people ya know? So, how're you doing? And I see your playing Days, liking it so far?
    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh. I didn't know that until just now. lol well...I'm bored..the office starts in 5 minutes, I'll go watch that. later. :)

    oh, whats your're favorite section? mine is the future of kingdom hearts section. lol
    hey, whats up? hows khi so far? lol you having fun on the forums? I'm so bored.... :/
    Ah...yes, it will definitely get more interesting later X3.
    And yeah it was fun~ I liked all the parts with Axel in it, mostly...haha, I'm such a fangirl XD.
    I liked KHII the most out of the PS2 games, as well :3. And yeah, the card decks were quite a challenge >>.
    Days is fun, I think it definitely gets better, but what day/part are you on in it? :3.
    Hm...but you can run around the castle in KHII ;3.
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