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  • well. Christmas is coming up, and if you birthday is near, then just ask for a PSP and BBS, lol
    nope i'm so dumb and i'm manga sammy
    the cut-scenes are already on youtube..I watched them all. XD the voices are great!

    but be warned, youtube is spoiler central.
    Puppet are you saix/isa cosplay?And it's xion
    Awwwwwe well thats amazing, I'm glad to hear that its mutual :D
    and mmmmhm ^_^
    Awwwwwe thank you for the warm welcome, that made my day! :D hehe
    It's not bothering me at all~ :p.
    And that's adorable~~~!! <3. I love the Eevee evolutions ;w;
    I've actually seen the second two before XP. But I love the first one~ ;w;
    And lol yes, Axel's feet are very huge XD
    Thank you for sharing~<3
    Haha, yeah. XD. I procrastinate a LOT....>>
    Yep :D. [/size=1]and lol yeah, that kinda sucks...[/size]
    Yay~ :3.
    I'll add them...later today *procrastinator XD*.
    I also found a few more on that site....thank you again for showing me~ :3.
    YAY~!!! Thaannkkk you~! <3.
    Do you mind if I put these on the OP for the RAX FC~? :3. ((other than the last one...even though it IS sooo adorable X3)).
    Ahhhh the first one is just...<333. and Xion looks...mischievous or something >w>. Hehehe.
    Omg, I love you....in a non-weird way. ;w;
    I haven't seen any of those before. Thank you~~<333 X3.
    I especially love the first one~ :3.
    yeah. I think you start a new game and go through a tutorial and you are able to play as each character to get a feel for them, then you choose. You have to start a new game for each character, 1 save file for each. :)
    Which character will you play as first? second? and third? me,
    Aqua, Ven then Terra. Why? because they're less spoilers that way (even though I spoiled the who game for myself already :p )and because Aqua has better interaction with the disney characters followed by Ven and Terra.
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