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  • Ah...nice~
    I've played them all, but only because I got KHII recently XP.
    I played and finished in this order: KH1, Days ((which actually got me into the series and that's when I joined this site, which is what convinced me to play the rest XD; )), Re:CoM, and KHII ((which I finished a few days ago)).
    Days is my favorite X3.
    Haha yeah :p.
    So what order did you play the games in/which of the games have you played? :3
    Owait, I'm in the Kairi FC, not HC XP. But I like Xion better anyway
    Lexaeus I kind of like, but basically only because he's a member of the Organization XP. Other than that there's not that many cool things about him...:p.
    And awesomeness :D. Those are some of my favorites, too X3.
    Oohh nice~.
    I'm probably in too many to list, so I'll say the ones I post in most often XD;.
    Uhh...Xion FC, AkuRoku FC, Organization XIII FC, I own the Heartless FC and the RAX ((Roxas-Axel-Xion trio)) FC, and I'm in all the ones you mentioned~.
    Plus many others XP. I like all the KH characters ((except for DiZ)) and a lot of pairings...XD;.
    I started in 2006. beat kh1 on 8.13.2006 :D which games did you beat? (you can just pm me instead of leaving messages over and over ) lol
    I have no clue why people who don't like kingdom hearts are on here. lol I like kingdom hearts for the nostalgia factor. I grew up watching the original Disney cartoons and movies. I later Started playing final fantasy...then Disney and Sqaure made kingdom hearts and now I can't get enough. lol when did you first get into the Kh series?
    lol oh, cool. have you posted in the forums yet? It's a good way to meet other kingdom hearts fans. Although a small percentage of people on the forums don't even like kh...lol but most people do and are very friendly. :)
    yeah, the GS bundle sounds like a good deal. It just scraping up the money for it that sucks.
    (>-_-)> <----sighing kirby lol
    I'm in the same boat. :/
    I signed up for this site in like 2008, when Re:chain of memories was coming out and then stop coming on here until just recently, because I needed to converse with actually kingdom Hearts fans, and wanted to get more birth by sleep info.
    But it looks like I won't be playing it until I get a psp....lol
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