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  • well, im a bio major
    but i'm doin research and experiments, mostly bio stuff
    so that's why they call me a scientist
    i thought you might like an indirect approach at guessing your name. so why did you pick your name?
    My shoulder's killing me...But I just got on and now I g2g again, lol. Little sisters love computers...
    Yeah, kinda. I'm looking for a new job, so we'll see, I guess.

    I think I'll be getting off soon....
    Life's being suckish right now, lol. I ran my car into a tree the other day, so I'm in pain. But nothing's broken, so I'm alright. The seatbelt saved my life...
    While the setting usually alters between fantasy or science fiction, the genre is typically action/adventure.
    Yes it is unfortunate, because my highest career hope is aerospace engineering, and basically any other preference falls under engineering.

    Unless I can write and publish my novels. If they're good they can take care of themselves and I wouldn't need an actual job.
    Fuck, I hated differentiation, at least by the First Principle. I could never get it to work all the time.
    Single-character symbol username ftw.

    What's the meaning of the selected symbol for your new name?
    Oh yeah, that too. If you hate science, go be an Ahmish and take your stupidity, hypocrisy and misunderstanding out of contact with the rest of the world.
    Eh, what I just hate is people trying to wage their own vendetta against science. It is just impossible, you can't wage war on something that's there to satisfy one of the most basic of human emotions (unsure of a better word), which is of course curiosity. Science does the same thing as religion was originally there to do, provide answers, but it does it with proof and in a more reliable way, and it does not chastise everyone to believe in them.
    Oh God have you seen that poster? it's like a scientific advancement axis against a time axis, and it show's humanities movements. Steadily going up from neolithic hunter-gatherer times, it gets all the way to the bronze age, then along comes the middle ages (lol Christianity in full swing and power), and then we just fall down and stay not moving for like five hundred years, and then we pick up at our current pace. The funny thing is, a line was traced at the gap left by the middle ages, with the commentary at the bottom: "Just think, we could have been exploring the galaxy by now."
    Well, all those that flour a misunderstanding of science as not making any sense while the bible makes more, I'd like to punch some of them in the face. I'm glad we've got people like the three of us, who can and will stick around in these debates for the logical side.
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