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  • No, though I have been hearing there's been some uproar of sorts over a couple of recent ones.

    Well, we are at the stage where we can directly change our environment (and indirectly alter our evolution), people just settle with being dumb because it's the easy path.
    Mmhmm, they'll think anything is a fairytale so long as many people say it is, but won't for a second acknowledge the possibility that religion is somehow made up.
    A blessing we exist: a curse that, being reasonable, we make far less 'noise' than the ignorant.

    After all, empty vessels make the most noise.
    The member Turn is doing various requests for chibi-esque avatars, in the style of some Final Fantasy artist.
    I asked for a drawing of one of my Organization roleplay characters, and here he is.
    That's kind of sad considering it's taught in middle/high school, here's the other one I like.

    I did have a science test where we had to make diagrams, and if we included the image of a certain student in them we got extra marks.
    Nah, the request goes through fine, but for some reason it usually is accompanied by an error message.
    Well, Christendom refers to pretty much the "world empire" of Christianity. But at the same time, I use it because it doesn't directly use the word "Christianity" which the majority of those in Christendom fail to follow.
    Sorry, I'm out, for now. I have a virus/retrovirus one, but that's more bio than math. Good taste with the math humor though. Interesting story: I saw your avatar on a birthday cake. I want that cake.
    I'm not sure what I have or haven't got into yet, but I've re-organised all my university and course preferences. I love and I'm good at creative writing, and that's something I'd love to work on further, so at the very least I've tried doing multiple arts/science and arts/engineering courses to keep the technical and creative sides of me working.
    I, for one, am very glad you have returned. You might remember me as infinity sign from a while back.
    i know what you mean
    i loved physics in high school and can't wait to take it next year
    you're right, physics and math, especially calculus, go hand in hand
    i'm finishing my calc sequence now and i'm lovin' every minute of it
    i was actually thinking of changing my major to physics because i just like it so much, but my pre-med advisor told me to stick with bio since that's what'll be covered the first two years of med school, presuming i get in
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