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  • I can think of quite a few things that are better than cycling through the wind and rain, especially since I've done it. It totally sucks...
    Two and a half hours is a long time, if you ask me. That's halfway across my state. Kinda insane imo...but if you're cool with it, then cool, lol.
    Well I'm still doing Computer Science like last year and it isn't that bad. Its a mix between Math to Advanced Math classes and CSC classes and not much else. I never was talented in Math, I was about average so I hope that this will motivate me to get better in Math.
    I will miss summer though.......well this year doesn't look that bad since I'm not a freshman anymore.
    Nope. Nothing much.

    Oh my God.

    As if you befriended or accepted a friend request from keyblayedwielder.

    The guy's an absolute spamming idiot...
    Whut? No, I meant 1/0.000000etc1 comes closer and closer to infinity, or rather ever-increasing values. Bumping that 0.0~1 to 0 means that the resultant is infinity, because zero fits into one an infinity of times.

    I like to think I am a good writer, considering how I've been commented on in the roleplaying section a great deal.
    Lol. I can divide by zero, because I know it means infinity.

    No, I mean, God tried to make the universe before the current one, but fucked up majorly, got rid of the traitor guy, then wiped it clean and made the current one. Not that I believe any of that, it's just to facilitate the character.
    Lol, just as I'm writing about God and the very first archangel in the previous universe.
    Damn. I just know the discussion section will descend into a bunch of retards without you.
    Oh, right, lol.

    It's basically a high school equivilancy test. Says you've gotten enough education to pass that level, or w/e, lol.
    Eh, kinda, lol. I dropped out of high school after my Junior year. Then I got my GED last October, right after turning 17. Then I just went ahead and started college, lol.
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