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Storyline: It is the year 4088 S.C, and mankind exists on distant planets and artificial colonies. Earth has become a mere memory, after a cataclysmic event in 2008 when an expedition of scientist and media in Antarctica were searching for what was known as a falling object. It was not till’ long they discovered It was not a mere falling object but an angel of destruction called Atlas the first of the life form known as “Giseisha” which had been unleashed upon the world.

The scientist tried to neutralize the threat; the Giseisha instead Self-destructed which resulted in a complete catastrophe, which was later called “Genesis”, 2015. Antarctica was completely erased off the continent, altering the climate and killing Billions, and changing the Earth’s alignment. Warfare over the next year claimed even more lives, eventually leading to the death of half the earth's population before peace was restored.

With Earth a complete wasteland, mankind took refuge in space to make a brighter future for them. Equipped with substantial weapons and technology human’s face their most critical challenge-Survival! The Galactic federation, a group that preserves peace is at the Zenith of its might. Already discovering the two thirds of the galaxy, to search for more power, with the help of giant synchronization robots called “Cyber-Gears” which are salvaged, are put to good use by several different factions and modified. They have a major effect on the rising conflicts at hand and nearly replacing all average Mobile suits.

For the last six months, the Giseisha have been causing chaos on planets across the galaxy, nothing stopping them in their path of destruction.

The violence spins out of control as a conflict brews between Sun peace Alliance dedicated to bring peace, harmony and tranquility that seek true era of peace.They are an organization that detest Angels and lie deep underground Earth,and are at war with Zanscare. violent occult group genetically enhanced humans, known as Angels as who are motivated to start a new world order under the rule of their religion. Both sides leave a sea of destruction where ever they go; death is not far from behind them.

The Giseisha have returned and Mankind now must fight back or face extinction. Those with the will to fight rise to the challenge; or will they fall when they meet it? The future is now, and battle has now begun.

Are you in?


. No godmodding or power-playing (obviously)
. No one lining or Spamming
. Swearing and Romance PG-13
. Over above swearing must be censored and will be limited (No exceptions)
. Literacy is expected from everyone.
. you will be given only one warning (No exception)
.Feel free to strike up a random conversation during the rp (sarcasm)
. Let us know when you are leaving (If you don’t return within a week without telling anyone I’ll control your character)
.You will be booted if you fail to meet my expectations
. No flaming
. 2 paragraphs are required in both Bio and post (No exceptions)
.No killing off another person unless you have permission
. Read the sticky notes and the any other rules I haven’t posted
. Have fun!

~ Special Note ~ I’m pretty sure at this point no one knows which is which so look below for more info.

Good~Sun peace Alliance

Evil~ Zanscare


It doesn’t matter to me which side you’re on; for all you Neutrals though, you can switch sides at any point of the rp.Beginning, middle, whatever.As we near the end of the rp however, your on that side,permanently.I'm pretty sure you,ll realize when that will happen.

Hold on. Before you make your template I suggest you take time to memorize this glossary of terms. It’s not a list of terms that you use but it will be used frequently during the rp.Enjoy!


Angel genetically enhanced human beings which possess a number of enhanced traits, including faster learning and stronger faster bodies that are virtually immune all forms of illnesses. However, the consequence of their positive skills as an angel is that their cellular growth slows down.

Terrans Also known as Humans, this is the term used in the distant future by some people.

C.G (Cyber-Gear):Giant cybernetic synchronizing mecha’s. Although at first glance they appear to be giant humanoid robots, they are actually cybernetic, integrating a substantial mechanical infrastructure with many biological components. The C.G is able to maneuver due to the two scanners; which hover 2 cm between the pilot’s ears and temple.

Zaku-1025: A common mobile suit frequently used by Zanscare.It is similar to the Federations weapon and has simple weapons.

S.A.G.A.W.S (Super Anti-Giseisha Assault weapon system): A more common mobile suit weapon, but terrible expensive constructive mecha.It is used frequently by the Federation. Although, they lack the synchronization system they have an average amount of skills.

EX: Meaning “Exponential ability”. Is known as a psychic ability which is an ability a C.G pilots possess amongst many other chosen people. It manifest in different ways. Those with EX have a spatial awareness; and almost sixth sense of sorts, too much usage of the ability drain away your life. Using this ability increases agility, and involves playing around with time/space. It sometimes will increase a person’s knowledge and it comes in many different forms.

Giseisha:A race of mysterious aliens that attack relentlessly and wish to see nothing but the fall of humanity.They come in all shapes and sizes and are classified A-Z by the Federation.Although,different they have 99.99 % of the same DNA as humans.If they make contact with another person or are touched the Giseisha will melt away their flesh and bones.

U.N.W.C.N.W (United nation worldwide Cyber network): A worldwide informational cyber network which resides in hyperspace. It is basically a computer network that is spread through out the universe. It is a space where data as well as conventional weapons can be transferred once interaction is made.Androids, cyborgs, and C.G’s are able to contact the U.N.W.C.N.W without being at a facility that has it.

Ecotypes: a robot with complete free will and thought processes comparable to that of humans. They come in different forms based on requirement, from carbon based duplicates of real humans to those based on silicon base. Their bodies are an imitation of the human body with artificial organs and parts, similar to androids. Ever since 4000 S.C they have been able to enhance themselves and make them more human, sparking controversy with many. They are able to be resurrected if they die though, in a more ethical matter and can be called “zombie-like” by people.

Their appearances go from that of a light skinned brown haired blue suited robots to Strawberry blonde red suited robotsblue haired, female red eyed white suited child or grey haired light skinned red haired like robots. Ecotypes are also deployed by the Galactic Federation and are stationed on Federation ships or are used in the military. They have an incredibly long sensory array. Ecotypes possess the ability to manipulate energy and enhance starships weapons effects and ranges.

Special reminder
Well, how about it do you feel smarter?Although I made a list of races in the terms section you are not in anyway bound by the ones I listed.You can make up your own.My apologies, for neglecting to mention this stuff earlier.Thanks,for reading the terms.

Appearance: (Image is cool, if you are going to describe it be specific)
C.G. Unit (Cyber-gear): (If you don't want you don't have to have a C.G)
C.G. appearance: (Image Is cool, if you are going to describe it be specific)
Other: (Anything else important)

Name: Zero X-9
Real name: Satoshi Kinomiya
Age: 2080 (16 chronologically)
gender: Male
Race: Bio android

C.G. Unit (Cyber-gear): Angelus
C.G. appearance: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/7/77/ESDinah.jpg
Armament: . 75 mm multi-barrel CIWS x2
.57 mm high-energy beam rifle x1.Phase cannon X-2.Beam boomerang x6 .32 mm Gatling gun.Palm beam cannon .Bazooka.Heat seeking missiles . 15.78 Nirvana anti-ship sword. BAR72 high-energy beam rifle x1 . EXE Chain combat knives X.2 . Omni phantom beam saber
Allegiance: Neutral
Weapon(s): Hands and feet

Fighting style: Taijin Ryu Kempo shoryu ken (A.K.A the arts of stealth and hand-to-hand combat. ): The moral of this style is the will to live, and to protect your loved-ones.

Alpha Matrix

Strike Noir:

Description: A watch- like device Satoshi received from his father Arthur Kinomiya which Is called ‘Alpha matrix’, which when activated allows Satoshi to change into a blue combat suit called ‘Strike Noir’. Its power requirements plausibly run as high as 200 megawatts- the engine output capacity of an aircraft. Its internal batteries it carries only last 10 minutes of charge at full use, 30 minutes of charge at minimum operational capability, or 2 hours of life support. If shut down energy will be reserved for further use, if not then it will take a great length of time until used again.

Once In Strike Noir mode, the user is granted extraordinary abilities. Despite It’s primitive size, the combat suit boost the speed of an average person to twice that of a normal human limit and can make the user leap five hundred meters from one place to the other. Its strength packs ten times the average human capabilities.

The Strike Noir is also capable of transmuting objects; aptly called Alchemy, done by resonating both his hands and clapping them together. When Satoshi is in Strike Noir mode he is also able fuse with his C.G Angelus, and increases its abilities dramatically. In addition to superhuman strength and speed, his body is formed from some sort of highly advanced nanomachines that allow the user to morph parts of his/her body (specifically his/her arms) into various energy projectile and melee weapons. The Strike Noir also has a long sensory array that exceeds the range of any space ship.


. X beam gun
. Heat seeking missile
. Progressive knife
. 75 mm multi-barrel CIWS x2
. 5.78 meter anti-ship sword
. Beam throwing knives x8
. Phase transfer cannon
. Laser cannon
. Beam rifle
. Cosmic Strata lance
. X buster
. X Devil flash finger
. S Fang

Personality: Satoshi is somewhat popular kind of guy. He is very confident, Impulsive and Happy-go-lucky. He can be hot-headed sometimes and is not above picking fights with other people to prove himself, and is never afraid to speak his mind. He acts predominantly on feelings and emotions and is always ready to do anything for his friends. Satoshi’s exuberant personality fiery desire for improvement strongly impacts the lives of those around him. His energetic personality and is said to be very lively.

A little bit scatterbrained, a little bit inconsiderate, and totally lovable, Satoshi Kinomiya is just about everybody's friend. Unless someone makes a particular effort to get in his way or antagonize him, Satoshi will make them like him whether they want to or not. He's unswervingly loyal and dedicated to his cause, and sometimes seems more like a force of nature than a mere human. Because he's also hotheaded and reluctant to take things too seriously, he often winds up getting in trouble with his superiors, but he doesn't ever let it get him down: optimism is another part of his nature.

Satoshi also has some issues with his anger and will make loud protest and can get nervous, and will burst out angrily in protest. Outside of his own little world, Satoshi is a loud-mouth, aarogant, and unintelligent young boy. He will often butt heads with those who show disrespect to him, and make sarcastic remarks. Zero is a very avid eater and enjoys junk food; French fries, Pizza, soda and his favorite: Ramen Noodles. He hates depressing himself and thinking of the past since he can’t remember.

Bio: A young happy-go-lucky young man. Honest but extremely, head strong being son of the most renowned scientist in the entire world. His son Satoshi is a seemingly normal High school student. His mother Sakuya is a college teacher who teaches Computer science.Although, him and his mother get along well Satoshi holds a grudge against his father for not being able to come home when him and his mother needs him most.

He's so cheerful that he sometimes gets on other people's nerves, and whenever he falters he manages to recover quickly. He can be confident even when he has no basis, because he is also an optimist.Satoshi is a little insensitive, and though he is sometimes afraid he covers for it by hiding behind arrogance. His honest character sometimes makes him enemies. He doesn't understand much of the intellectual aspect, but when he actually uses what he learns he memorizes much quickly than most of the others.Satoshi is from a family of martial artist, and has learned it from his grandfather. Out of all he is best martial artist, second to his father however. He suffers from amnesia and cannot remember anything of his past life.

When the falling object came down from the sky, Satoshi’s father Arthur Kinomiya invites him to witness their experiment in action. Everything goes smooth until the Giseisha awakens and kills their entire expedition (except Satoshi).Before he died Satoshi’s father grabbed his son and placed a six year old Satoshi inside a protective capsule and washed him away over the ocean.Satoshi filled with grief and concern for his father kicks off the top of the capsule to see blood covering the Antarctic Ocean.Satoshi murmured “Father…” as he gripped his mysterious watch-like alien device his father gave him.

Soon, he returns to Tokyo to find it in ruins, and everyone dead.Satoshi desperately ran home to find his mother passed out.Satoshi rushed to her side and said, “Momma!” as he tried to shake her awake. She opened her eyes slowly and looked at her son and smiled at him.” I’m glad to see someone still alive...” as she passed out. Announcement of evacuation of Earth was heard not too long ago.

Along with all the other survivors of “Genesis”, Satoshi and his mother were taken aboard a transport ship and to several colonies to begin life anew.Satoshi was once again in school and taking care of his mother at the same time. Although, harmony and tranquility were restored people could not forget the despair that occurred.

Four years passed ever since that terrible incident. Life had moved on with Satoshi as he was forced to take care of his mother who was infected with an illness upon departure of Earth. At the same time Satoshi was enduring bullying and being called “Zero” by the other children and “weak” for being too attached to his mother. Each day his mother condition became worse and the more his mother would gaze at the sky waiting for his father to return home to them.

Tragedy had only returned. Six years later, the colony was attacked by the Giseisha destroying everything in sight.Satoshi was on his way home from school was in the middle of the chaos, and was pressed amongst the crowd trying his best to make It to the shelter. However, the young man tripped and was left outside to die with the rest of the doomed. Luckily, he was saved by his mother who had reached him just in time and had lead him to an underground facility.Satoshi looked at his mother with a terrified look with thoughts of betrayal, “Mother?” he uttered. She then led him into a cryogenic tube room filled with tubes.

His head was filled with pain as he began to have a series of never before seen memories.” Do you remember now?” she asked as she turned around to see her son fall to his knees with tears in his eyes.” Mother what am I?” He gripped his head and more memories flashed through his head, and more people in his head calling him “Zero”. The symbols X-9 flashed on his shoulders in bold print then disappeared.

“You aren’t my son.” She looked at him as she kneeled down to him.Satoshi looked at her he began to cry as her words burrowed into his head as if he had just been pierced by a dagger through his heart. She then revealed to him that she was never his mother and took him from a secret underground research facility and raised him as her own.” I’m a…” she nodded, “Bio Android,” and told him Arthur Kinomiya was his only relative.” What’s my purpose then?” he asked her. “A weapon...” loud banging’s heard against the door.Satoshi ran into the arms of his mother and hugged her tightly,” Mother…” as he smiled and thought she was joking and looked up to her face to see a serious look.

He backed away from her, and said in a muffled voice, barely able to be heard,” No….” he said sobbingly as he pounded his fist on the ground the banging began to get louder.Satoshi looked in horror at them” Giseisha,” as he backed away from the door and towards his mother.” This is where your story begins.” As she picked him up and placed him in one of the cryogenic tubes. He screamed as he pounded on the glass” Mother!” Satoshi shouted as he banged against the glass sobbing and put his hand up to hers, and saw her draw a heart on the glass tube.

“This is my promise to you that we’ll meet again.” As she smiled at him and turned to the knob and said “Only this time I want you to have a new beginning.” She set the cryogenic tube for 2000 year sleep and memory erase.Satoshi looked at her as his tears trickled down his cheek. BAM! The Giseisha had broken down the door and entered the cryogenics room. One carrying a sniper rifle from behind shot her in front of his eyes. Crimson blood spurted from her shoulder and splattered all over the Cryogenic tube.” Good-bye...” she pressed the button and froze him as another Giseisha began gathering energy and shot a blast of energy towards her which she took full force through her gut. However, a shockwave from the blast caused a hole through the colony, which destroyed the bubble separating space and created a vacuum sucking everything in the facility out into space.

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I've gotta edit this later, i'm getting off, but rest assured, I'm in. Now.... What character model to use....

Name: Kai Motosuwa
Age: 20 (Appears younger as a result of slow growth)
Gender: Male
Race: Angel

C.G. Unit (Cyber-gear): Nataku
C.G. appearance:

Allegiance: "Evil"
Weapons: Shuriken and Kunai
Other: Kai Captain's a unit of 25 other Angels.
Personality: Kai is sarcastic and impatient. Stupidity and immaturity rub him the wrong way and can cause him to be less than understanding.
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Template -Tell me if I need to make my bio a bit better or fix my template. I'm not sure if it's good enough

Name: Kiro Tsumeato

Age: 16(appears 14)

Gender: male

Race: Angel

Appearance:http://i40.photobucket.com/albums/e217/Keyblader_0802/Manga frames/untitledpic.jpg -He always wears a blue small loose fitted jacket and a black cargo pance. His eyes are the color of a piercing moon-lit yellow. Clothing Apparently, he bears a marking number which is a roman numerial XIII on his chest. He got it when he was in the labs.

C.G. Unit (Cyber-gear): Saisho

C.G. appearance:http://i40.photobucket.com/albums/e217/Keyblader_0802/Dynasmon_X.jpg

-Stationary weapons
--Twin Daito Blades
-Main Arsenal
--Arm Cannon
--Burst Shot
--Break Wave (Acceleration)
-Wing Pods
--Buster Call
--Gear Second
--Gear Third

Allegiance: Neutral

Two Daito katanas

-Main Weaponry
--Arm Cannon
--Burst Shot- At first, energy is concentrated into the palm's of the hands and compresses the energy to form a ball. After charging, burst shot can be launched at enemies near by. Full Range attack
--Break Wave (Acceleration)-Strength is increased in the legs.
-Wing Pods
--Buster Call- Releases a barrage of energy missiles. over 100 shots are released. Full Range attack
--Gear Second- Activates a gear that increases speed and power of the Cyber-gear. Steam emits from the C-G's body due to pumping air through the legs
--Gear Third- Sacrifices the speed to drastically increase power. Air is also pumped through legs

Personality: Kiro is a light-hearted fellow who tends to be relaxed and reserved. He always finds nothing to be a problem and always sees it as some kind of joke. Since he lives with his sister due to parental separation (divorce), his mind and thoughts are open. Sometimes, he is tense with people he doesn't like.

He is very out-going when among friends. He in fact is very friendly since he was taught to be kind to others besides the ones that look very harmful. He is not the kind of person to be spoiled. He tends to be a little shy. He’s never impatient and doesn’t mind rushing or taking his time.

Bio: Talents in stealth runs through the veins of Kiro. It seems that each time he walks up to a person, they always get surprised since his footsteps are silent to the ear like a cat.

Ever since he was born, Kiro was cursed to be genetically experimented with to be an "Angel". He was taken away from his parents at the age of 2 when everything started. He spent his whole life being tested on and experimented like the other's that were turned into "Angel's". At some time, he was marked with a cross on his left hand. It showed that he was an “angel”. Crying himself to sleep, he wanted to see his family. He wondered why they won’t let him go, the poor naïve Kiro. He wanted to see his family badly that train went berserk during a test killing only 2 scientists in the process. The only thing that calmed him was his picture of his family. Later on he cooperated with the scientist promised that he will be released after a few more tests. Spending his time training with a demon-banishing blade or a Hamanotsurugi to increase his strength and speed. He has been visited by his family, separately. Finally, at the age of 10(looks 8), he was released to his family at the space colony at around 4085 S. C. and was glad to see what his family looked like for the first time.

At all of a sudden, his parents had a divorce leaving his sister to take care of him. Her name was Yue tsumeato, the only family left that Kiro has. She is a good person, and her personality is much like Train's except the part that she is calm and somewhat a Scatter-brain. She is 6 years older than him and yet, she is even smarter. They lived together without their parents for six years until now. Before, their parents divorced and Train was released, she and their parents always worked together. They all applied for jobs for the sake of moving forward in life. They were killed once he was released to them. The assassin is unknown, and Train was confused. Everything confuesed him, especially the outside word. what was going one he didn't know, he just wanted to live a normal life. That and to be left alone and have nothing to do with the scientists.

During the last six years, Yue worked as a C-G Administrator who manages the C-G units and keeps everything in place. Currently now he is somewhat a freelancer that does any job that will do any good for money.
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Do you really want to know that?
Name: Xin Hikari
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Race: Human

C.G. Unit (Cyber-Gear): Raikou
C.G Appearance: http://www.kh2.co.uk/image.php?view=kh2/artwork/kh2ucr25.jpg
Beam Katanas
Chain Machine Guns
Halo Spear
Allegiance: Netrual
Weapon: Red Queen (Featured in Character Appearance)
Personality: A freelance fighter who rarely listens to others who have better plans than him. Xin is like a nomad and travels without thinking where he could end up in life.
Bio: Xin was born into a family of thieves, living and honoring the teachings of thieves. He soon separated from his family and stole from the criminals. As time went on he acquired enough money to create the C.G. Unit, Raikou. Xin stepped out the life of a thief and became a fighter who never turns down a challenge. He was an unstoppable fighter by the age of fifteen and gave up his fighting life to go about on a new mission in search of his family, but found them to be murdered. From there he went into the job of an assassin which made him used to seeing blood on his hands and blood around him. Getting used to the death of others, Xin began killing without receiving money or any other form of payment, but only the satisfaction of suffering. About 4085, he quit his killing "hobby" and took any job that involved the use of his Cyber Gear if it was illegal or legal. Being that of one who takes on anything that comes his way, Xin takes things as if it were a simple game and follows through with everything, hard or not. By 4087, Xin made an office for his business; Traverse Haven. Now, a year later, Xin has closed his business and set off for a greater challenge out there in the universe.

Being that he grew up in a family of thieves, Xin thought the way of the thief was a way of life. Before he could become a full-fledged thief at 13 he was to study, the Code of Thieves. At age 13, he led a small group of thieves to do the dirty work, the adults should have finished. However, working alongside brothers, sisters, and other family members wasn't is idea of being a thief so he did solo missions to find out how it is without backup. Between the time he quit being a thief and created Raikou, Xin served as the unknown source of weapons, machines, and other materials for his old clan of thieves to leave. Once he lost his entire family, Xin slumped into the underworld as in he saw a tast for killing. He quit his job as an assassin being that he used the Red Queen, the blade used by father for the killing and suffering of innocent civilians. He repents for his sins by killing those who deserved to die and helping those in sorrow, but that didn't mean he was serious about things. He continued to defy authority, but for the sake of others. In closing his business, Xin decided that if he wanted to show what his real power was, he'd have to go out into the universe and search for a higher challenge out there.
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*Bows* T_T (Bump Bump Bump Bump)

C'mon, can I get a few more people to join?I really don't want this rp to go to waste and I need a few more people If I'm to get this baby started.
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OOC: I'll so join this x.x ... but you'll have to give me some time, as I am rather busy ATM.


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(( Sorry bout this. O_< Tie got new ideas an' such but this is most of my profile! Tie just need a bio, so I'll edit that on Sunday or Monday... Probably early in the morning on Sunday, so yeah. ><

... Tie should read the plot again.... @.@

and sorry bout it being so short!><))

Name: Karo Shizuke
Age: 17
Gender: Female

she as emerald green eyes that seem radioactive, flowing with power it seems. Her eyes are fairly big or sometimes slanted, depending on how she feels. They're more of a circle shaped than an oval as they curve around more than to meet their goal.

Her side lines of her eyes are longer and are less curved than her top or bottom but are smooth enough and could complete each other's side and connect in haste's time if it wasn't for the more curved top and bottom that if you were to put the top and bottom together, chances are you'd get a complete and perfect circle.

The swirls in her eyes are, of course there, but, located diagonaly upward and downward in exact pase are two other pupils she has, not including the smaller ones. With even space between them all, the larger pupil is in the center of the smaller ones that are two in all that cover the two sides the best they can, kind of like berries. Due to how shiny her pupils are, perfectly rounded shades of light reflects on it into a perfect circle in each one, taking about a quarter or a whole corner of a pupil."Divine blessings to New Yevon"

She has silky blue hair that falls limply down her shoulders, her bangs are thick and compact together with the occasional stray strands that cover the blue veins that can be seen, they don't pop out or anything, but you can see the trace of it, which was why she kept hers short, to cover that area. Though, no matter what, some of the blue traces can be seen.

Followed by her short bangs covering her forehead, she has smaller ones that hang by the side of her face, covering her ears and are just a little lower than her chin, but seems to curve towards the shape of her face.

She's quite tall for her age and is very lean and slighly muscular replacing what should be fat since she despises it, for it just proves one is slacking off and muscle is evidently more protective than fat. Like a cat, she skinny and moves agily from her father's inheritence. And her skin tone is pretty normal and lively for all the times she spends in the desert sands.

She also wears a black cat head over her head since she's a small neko fan and has a small black lace bow that's tied on the back of her head and rounds most of her hair in a loose, fitting pony tail, just loose enough so some strands will break away from this, but tight enough to the bow won't fall off. (For a picture of the bow, please look above in the picture).

To show more of her guado herintance, she has pointy ears that are covered by her hair and has long nails, where, moer of her veins can be seen, and her fingers are kind of long, but only long enough to people to notice, not to get scared of.

She also wears a loose fitting buttoned jacket over her sweator that has small bits of fur on the hood of it that's one size too big seeing as her hands are completely covered by the sleeves and it covers most of her body and part of her frilly skirt.

Yes, she wears a frilly skirt, that's cut into three different materials. The first most inner part of the skirt is the red layer, it seems to be like stripes and shines and glistenes like a bow but most of this is hidden except for when the other two layers do not go as far done as it does.

The second layer is a white sheet of cloth that's attached more or less to her red part of her skirt. This part is too like the red skirt except for every 5 centimeters or so, a bundle of it is put together and sticks out like a vein of some sort that circles completely around, while the last one, is an add on. The black layer of the skirt is quite plain and looks like it was made of some silk or so and isn't that detailed nor shaped, however, it overcomes most of her skirt on the back and reaches to her ankles, till the front. This is where a small string it tied together by a bead and is held tightly together, naturally, the black cloth is quite spread apart in the front showing her two layers of her skirt.

The white one eventually gives out and resembles some what of a waterfall as it slants until it meets each other, stopping a little below the knees, just a little, while the red part goes to the middle of her shins. Followed by knee socks that loosely fall down sometimes that shows where her skin is actually almost unhealthily pale since she always covers her legs. She also wears traditional japanese wooden sandals which, are hard to walk in at times.

Also, she carries a blue big side bag with her all the times that has numerous pockets and zippers, it makes one wonder....

All in all, she looks like the picture above, with just some changes and add-ons and different colour schemes, her eyes still hold the same innocense(Sp?).

Race: Terran
C.G. Unit (Cyber-gear): Ragcanorak (Yes, I got lazy with teh name!><)
C.G. appearance:

Armament: Beam Sword, Drill Claw, Electro Shooter, Grenade launcher, Gatling fun.
Allegiance: Good

Destiny Seeker: The weapon itself is an over sized claw the size of a bear. The surface is a pure dark scarlet, shining in the light to suggest it's very well polished. The knuckle part of it is very large, shaped almost like a seashell of some sort as it curves for her fingers, making her hand look almost crippled. One would think that is the case, and would think it'd be too big for her, though, it fits like a glove. Though it has no detail, people can identify it looking like a paw, and instead of fingers, golden shards of what looks like glass takes it's place, shining lightly as it moves, looking extremely sharp.

A hidden compartment of this weapon is that it can hold mini grenades of bombs or whatever in it's compartment that looks too small to be missiles, but too big to be bullets. It's shape is that resembles an old fashion gun ammo model, but not as much. It really is a grenade then because small explosions occur on target or when it touches ground. While also if the battery on the machine isn't low, the fecious dagger like claws can react and whirl back and fourth. ._.

((... DANGIT! So THAT'S where tie got my idea for my weapon! ;-;))

Other: (Anything else important)
Personality: She has a calm and collective personality. There isn't much to it, it seems and usually analyzes situations... As much as she can. The type to follow human instincts, she sometimes does rash things that one should not even though she knows she shouldn't and it doesn't matter how many times she tells herself to be quiet or to be sneaky. She never is. She is at times, but, the thicker the tension and suspension, she becomes really nervous and fidgets with her weapon, which, of course, is a bad idea. But then, she atleast doesn't jump out, she only does when deep down, she knows that it's not as bad as it could be.

She isn't rude either, she's quite smart and polite, and yet... Sometimes cold at the same time. She doesn't talk much, but smiles a bit, even if she's confronted with something and she's trapped in it, when someone is confused and she knows the answers, despite how rare that is. She likes feeling somewhat superior, though, she wouldn't say it outloud, you can tell by her mocking smirk that quickly fades away.

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