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Fanfiction ► Without The Heartless (AGAIN)

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Just Surviving
Mar 6, 2004
The sun goes down. Akira is looking out of her window.
Akira: The poupu trees need water.
She whispers a soft spell and rain gently pours on the island.
Rin: ??????????????????????????
Simon: What are the chances that it would rain?
Tyra: My stomach is growling.
Simon: I’ll be right back.
He leaves the shack.
Tyra: Sigh. (leans on stairway)
Simon comes back with a couple of coconuts. While they’re sharing the coconuts, Wakka is hitting the hey.
Wakka: snores)
Tyra: The last time Wakka got me a coconut, it wasn’t ripe and it had bird shit all over it. (giggles)
Simon: Well, I made sure I washed them, but something in that tree bit me. A loud bird or something.
Tyra: It must have been Pirate.
Simon: Who?
Tyra: Sora's parrot. She’s rather obnoxious.
Simon: Oh. Remember the parrot we had?
Tyra: Yeah, but didn’t Myra over feed it pop corn and kill it?
Simon: Yeah she did.
Tyra: Well, Pirate drinks alcohol and she seems fine.
Simon: Alcohol is happiness.
Tyra: …It’s getting cold in here.
Simon: Here.
He takes his jacket off and wraps her in it, then cuddles her.
He cuddles up next to her.
Simon: Better?
Tyra: Yes.
Simon stares Tyra in her eyes.
Tyra: ... (What the hell am I doing here?)
Simon gets closer and closer to her.
Tyra: Simon-
Simon: kisses her)
Tyra: ....-
Simon kisses her again and then slowly un buttons her jeans.
Simon: You don't mind, do you?
Tyra: … Keep going.
Aww, come on! Anywhere but the shack! Teeny hot dog.
Pirate: sits on eggs) (snores)
Pirate’s a mommy…
What else is going on?
Akira: snores)
Rin: listens to Akira) ??????????????????

Tyra is at Wakka's house packing the next morning. Wakka is asleep.
Wakka: snores)
Tyra: Sigh.
Tyra packs some pictures of Wakka and then one of Myra with Akira.
Tyra: ... I’m gonna miss you so much.
xD By “you”, she’s referring to Myra.
She finishes packing while Simon is calling up for a ride.
Simon: holds cell phone) I know, baby...Yah, I’ll be there in a few hours and once I’ve taken care of Tyra, I’ll be there.
Phoner: Who is Tyra?
Simon: Uh...She's just an old friend of mine.
Phoner: Oh...I have been missing you.
Simon: I been missing you too, baby-
Tyra comes out.
Simon: I gotta go, bye! (hangs up)
Tyra: Who was that?
Simon: Our ride.
A boat is coming to the island. It isn’t long before the boat hits the shore. A skanky looking chick is driving the boat. Hmm...Let’s give her a skanky name. lol.
Bobo: chews gum)
She winks at Simon while Tyra puts her stuff in the boat.
Bobo looks at Tyra and coughs. Wakka suddenly wakes up.
Tyra left a sticky note on Wakka's head. He reads it.
Wakka: “Sorry…Wakka…I…need…to go…Tyra.” WHAT!
He runs outside as the boat sets off.
Tyra: Oh no.
Wakka: Tyra! Where are you-a going?!
Tyra: I cant take it anymore, Wakka!
Wakka chases after the boat.
Wakka: Im sorry-a Tyra! I cant-a live without-a you!
He runs into the water.
Tyra: Wakka, please! Go back!
Simon: She's mine!!!
Wakka stops and stands in the water.
Wakka: But…
Wakka just stands there watching the boat leave and Tyra just sits there watching Wakka stand there.
Tyra starts to cry and Wakka holds back his tears.
They watch each other until the boat is almost too far to catch. Tyra turns around and sees Simon and Eugene touching on each other.
Tyra: Son of a bitch.
She turns back around to look for Wakka but he isn’t there anymore.
Tyra: Wakka!
Wakka: I’m rite here!
Wakka is swimming right next to the boat!
Wakka: Get off-a the boat, Tyra!
Simon: She's going with me!!!
Tyra turns around and bitch slaps Simon, then jumps in the water with Wakka.
Simon: …
Bobo: You got slapped. (smacks on gum)
Simon: Oh, you think so, idiot? (smacks Bobo) Shut up!
Wakka: Climb-a on my back, man.
Tyra climbs on Wakka's back and holds on tight.
Simon: Stop the boat!
Bobo: stops the boat) What now, asshole?
Wakka: Hold-a your breath!
Tyra takes in a deep breath as Wakka takes them under a swims. Simon just sits there, thinking of what he should do.
Simon: …
Wakka and Tyra eventually reach the shore and Wakka gives her a big hug. Simon just stands there, confused.
Simon: …Fine! (dumps Tyra’s bags in the water) I don't need you!
Tyra: All the stuff in that bag is just pictures and old shit that you gave me! (hugs Wakka)
Wakka gives Simon the finger.
Bobo :smacks gum)
Simon: Well, then...Let us leave.
Bobo: You’re too good for her anyways, doll. (drives)
Tyra and Wakka watch as the boat goes through the portal...In Traverse Town...
Guy: Did you get chure love, sir?
Simon: Shut up! (pushes him)


a wanderer
Dec 23, 2004
in a world of small minded people
Dark_Keyblade said:
Russian Rullet sounds fun!*goes to buy a gun*
at the gun shop...
Clerk: sorry kid you not old enough to buy a gun
Dark: c'mon man i need a gun!
Clerk: No! leave now!
Dark: Errr! *Leaps onto clerk and eats his head*haha lets see you stop me now
Cops:Come out with your hands up!
Dark: OHH SH*T *runs around in a circle like an idiot* HELP ME RED!

*puts on red cape and skips to the gun store* I'M HERE! AND WITH MY ULTRA BITING POWERS I SHALL--
cop: who are you?
me: -__- shut up! i'm in the middle of doing my intro! *kicks cop* now where was i?.....great...i forgot...*takes gun and shoots cops and the store owner*....and the day is saved! YAY! *skipps off to get an icecream*



Pourquoi ?crivez un?
Nov 15, 2004
Newcastle upon Tyne, England
CHAPTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWWWW rin got confused, ahahahahaha simon got slapped, was it a back hand slap, hope so, POST MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



New member
Aug 29, 2005
Drooling over Myra's sweet bod
redharry123 said:
*puts on red cape and skips to the gun store* I'M HERE! AND WITH MY ULTRA BITING POWERS I SHALL--
cop: who are you?
me: -__- shut up! i'm in the middle of doing my intro! *kicks cop* now where was i?.....great...i forgot...*takes gun and shoots cops and the store owner*....and the day is saved! YAY! *skipps off to get an icecream*


YAY IM SAVED!!! THANKS RED *gives red a big hug* now were was that gun...

Great Chappie Gabe! I didnt extect tyra to go back with wakka so quick lolz!


New member
Aug 8, 2005
look behind you
Me: Finally.........after so many weeks of not reading cuz i wuz 2 lazy i finally caught up!!!!!!!!


Me: r u saying its been YEARS?????


Me: o so it hasnt been years.


Me: ITS BEEN DECADES????!!!!!!!!!

o well at least i caught up!im back!(but im worse than ever)


beginning and end
Jun 22, 2005
yes! i've caught up on the last like 4 chapters! awesome! very funny!

*waits for the next one*


Just Surviving
Mar 6, 2004
Nobody is gonna get it? ....Party shitters.

The next week, three days before Akira’s birthday!
In Sora's and Kairi’s room…
Sora: stretches)
Kairi: Hey, sexy.
Sora: Come ‘ere.
Sora picks Kairi up.
Kairi: You thinking what I’m thinking?
Pirate flies in yelling.
Pirate: AGH!
Sora: drops Kairi) Gasp!
Kairi: Oof! (trips Sora)
Sora: falls) OW!
Pirate: They’re taking him away!!!
Outside there are a few cops putting handcuffs on Riku and....Everyone else is just out there screaming.
R-mom: Where are you taking him?!!!
Akira: cries) Leave daddy alone you bullies!!!
Rin: Blahhhhhh!!!!!!!!
Riku: I’m fine, Akira!
Akira: Daddy!
Riku: Akira, stop crying.
Akira: sobs)
Myra picks Akira up.
Myra: Shhhh.
A cop puts Riku into a boat. Myra hops in with Akira.
Myra: I’m going too.
Cop: Okay, then.
Later…In the Traverse Town Police Department…
Officer: Were pressing charges for the murder of Eugene.
Riku: It was self defense!
Officer: Don’t raise your voice at me.
Akira and Rin are just sitting there crying.
Riku: YOU don’t raise your voice at ME!
Riku gets in the police officer's face.
Riku: You don’t know who you’re f*cking with!
Officer: Do you realize you’re threatening a police officer?
Riku: Damn straight! Do something, donut boy!
Officer: That will be added to your charges.
Riku: I’m gonna kick your ass!
Riku jacks the police officer up by his collar and he pulls out a stun gun.
Officer: Hey!(shocks him in the crotch with stunner)
Riku silently drops him, falls to the ground, kicks his legs on the ground, holds his breath, and twitches at the same time.
Everyone watches as he squirms and turns red.
Myra: What the hell is wrong with you, people?!?!
Akira: cries harder) They’re trying to roast daddy's hotdog!!!
Riku: cries)
Officer: yawns)
Riku stands up.
Officer: Ready to talk?
Riku attacks the officer like a mad bear. He beats him so bad, that he has a seizure and nearly dies. The other officers have to pull Riku off. Akira secretly takes the officer’s soul and kills him…SWEET!
When this is all over, Riku is taken to the hospital. The doctors examine his “member” because of the stun gun.
Nurse: Well, there's nothing we can do about the swelling.
Riku: sighs)
Nurse: There's nothing we can do about the mark.
Riku: mumbles) I’ve always wanted a tattoo on my cock! GREAT!
Sarcasm of course.
Nurse: There's nothing we can do about the discoloring either.
Nurse: Well, we could chop the whole thing off and-
Riku: Nevermind!!!! Thank you for nothing!
Nurse: Okay then.
The nurse leaves the room.
Riku: This is great...I should sue!
Akira: climbs into Riku’s lap)
Riku: Akira, I can't-
Akira sticks her hands in his pants-
Riku: Akira!!! This isn’t a real good time to be playing with daddy’s-
Akira heals him. xD
Akira: HOT DOG! (jumps down and attacks Rin)
Rin: ?????????????????
Riku: You’re gonna be at my trial, right?
Myra: Of course.
Riku: Alright.
The next day at Riku's trial...While Myra is at the stand...
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