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Fanfiction ► Without The Heartless (AGAIN)

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Just Surviving
Mar 6, 2004
...Meaniehead forums server backup database person thingy!!! Oh well, this is gonna be alot to read, Im stopping where I did at first, so feedback if ya want the next chapter.

Without The Heartless

On the face of Destiny Islands, 6 teenagers are about to expierence the trials of growing up, love, betrayal, and the devil.

Mid Afternoon, near the shores of the beach, the kids chill without a care in the world. Sora and Kairi are laying side by side watching the clouds go by. Tidus and Selphie are sitting at the deck. holding hands. Wakka is even making out with his most favored Barbie doll. But Riku has a different story.He looks around at all the lubby dubby crap going on and feels envious cause he unfortunately has no one.

Riku:This is just great!(leaves to the other side of the island)Sigh...
He sees a girl there, one he's never seen before, and he walks up to her.
Riku:Hey, are you lost?
Marylyn:No.Not really, but who are you, gorgeous? I think I might be lost in your eyes.
Riku:I’m Riku. And you are?
Marylyn: My name's Marylyn.
Riku:How did you get here?
Marylyn:From there.(points to the ground)
RIku:...You...dug under the sand?
Marylyn: You could say that.
Riku:Well...That's interesting.Come meet the others! (takes her hand)
Marylyn: Okay!
Riku escorts Marylyn back over to the rest of the gang and everyone looks up in confusion.Marylyn looks straight at Sora.
Marylyn: runs up to Sora) Hello, cutie!(smootches Sora)
Kairi:Bitch!(pulls her off Sora) What do you think you're doing?!
Sora:spits) What the hell?
Marylyn: scans Kairi and scoffs) Watch and learn, tramp.
Kairi: Oh no you didnt!
Marylyn:Yeah, I did!
Kairi: No you didnt!
Marylyn: Uh I DID!
Kairi:socks her in the mouth) Try using your kisser on my man now!
Marylyn: Gasp!(backs away)
RIku: pushes kairi) Stop being so mean, Kairi!
Sora: pushes Riku)thats my woman you're pushing!
RIku:Oh yeah?!
Sora: What!
Riku:kicks Sora in his nuts)Thats what!
Sora:Oh!!! Owwwwwww!!!!!!(falls on ground, holding crotch)
Kairi:Gasp!(throws sand in Riku's eyes)Dont do that to Sora!
Riku:Agh! You little-(rubs eyes)
Marylyn:drops Kairi and pushes her into the water)
Marylyn holds Kairi's head under the water and tries to drown poor Kairi.
Sora:runs over and pulls Marylyn up by her hair)
Sora picks Kairi up and carries her to his room, Kairi coughs and gasps.
In Sora's bedroom.....Kairi gets up, angry and anxious.
Kairi:Where is that bitch???!Im gonna-
Sora:Kairi, calm down. That's over now.(locks door) Its just me and you now.
Sora hugs Kairi...
Later...Sora and Kairi are taking a nap and all the adults are talking to Marylyn. Kairi wakes up and looks out the window.
Kairi:glares at Marylyn)...(picks up a rock and tosses it at Marylyn).(runs back to bed with Sora) Ahahaha.
Marylyn:Ow! The bird crap here is like rocks!
Sora:turns over)Sighhh.(wakes up) Kairi! Wake up! I had this dream! It was about that girl! It was a nitemare! She had killed you! She was kissing me and you were on the ground dead! It was-
Kairi:Um Sora? Maybe you need something to take her off your mind.
Sora:Like what?
Kairi:headbutts him)
Sora:knocked out)
Kairi:Goodnight, sweetie. (kisses Sora)
After Sora wakes up, the two go outside and wade in the water.
Sora picks up a green shiny fishy and rips a scale off of it and gives the scale to Kairi.
Sora:Here Kairi.
Kairi:...Its pretty...Even if it is a fish scale.(sets it down)...
Sora:Youre my one and only!(cuddles kairi)
The two sit there..and cuddle.Kairi climbs over on top of Sora and ...falls asleep.xD No action for now.
Sora sits there and looks up at the sky when his sight is interrupted by Marylyn looking down at him.
Sora:Kairi wake up.(sits up)
Kairi:Yes sweetie? (looks up at Marylyn) Now what do you want?
Marylyn: Hello tramp.
Sora:holds Kairi back) Marylyn, what do you want?!
Marylyn:Easy question. I want you.
Sora:Well I dont want none of you! Kairi is what I want, she's what I got, so if you dont mind-
Marylyn: pinches his butt cheek) Heheh-
Sora:Hey!(pushes her)
Marylyn: snatches his arms and puts them around her) This is niiiiice.
Sora: Stop it-
Kairi snatches Marylyn by her neck and twists it and Marylyn falls unconscious.
Sora: Holy shit!
Kairi just stares at Marylyn's motionless body. The adults come over, yelling and screaming at Kairi. 'Cept Sora's parents, they always stay inside.
T-mom: Why did you do that?!
the continue randomly yelling random things. Kairi just stares, not even moving.
Sora: Kairi ,are you alright?!
Sora takes Kairi away from the yelling parents.
A tear drops down her eye.
Sora: Dont cry!(takes Kairi's hand) Kairi you know I would never leave you! For anything!
Kairi:Am I a bad person because of what I did to her?
Sora:No I actually thought it was kinda funny...
Kairi:Sora, I love you.
Sora:I love you too Kairi.(puts a hand on her leg)
A rock that marylyn threw comes through Sora's window.She wrote on the rock "Sora, you know you want me!!!"
Kairi throws the rock back at Marylyn and knocks her out for abouot five minutes. During those five minutes, Sora and Kairi lay back down for another nap and doze off. After a while, Sora and Kairi are watching TV with Sora's dad.
S-dad:So, kairi, I hear you've been beating people up.
Kairi:She tried to take Sora away from me! No one does that!
S-dad:Well more power to you, she slipped about fifty love notes under the door, silly kid.(sips beer)
Sora picks up one of the love notes, randomly, and reads it.
Sora:...UGH! EW!!! THATS, UGH!!!(drops the note)
Kairi:Huh?! (reads the note)...Grrrr I cant take this anymore!!!
Kairi goes in the back for a while and comes back with a baseball bat and walks out the door.
Sora:followsh er)Kairi! What are you doing?!
Kairi:turns around and drops the bat) Sora, I-
Sora:Kairi, chill out!
Kairi: You dont get it!
Kairi drops to her knees and hugs Sora.
Marylyn sneaks up behind Kairi and swings the bat towards her head but Kairi moves and the bat bashes Sora in his crotch-
Sora:OOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!(falls to knees and holds his crotch)
Kairi:gets up) You'll pay for that.(chases Marylyn down by the shore)
Marylyn:turns around)
She grabs Kairi by the neck and pushes her head down under the water again.
Kairi drowns...
Marylyn: That'll teach ya, tramp.(skips over to Sora)
Sora:Kairi!Nooooooooo!!!(gets up)-
Marylyn:Just me and you, baby! (jumps on top of Sora and starts to unzip his clothes)
Sora:cries)Get off me dammit!
Marylyn almost unzips the suit to her cough satisfaction when-
Kairi: pops her upside her head with the bat)I win.
Sora:Kairi?! I thought you were dead!
Kairi:I thought so too.
Sora: That bat...hurts alot.(stumbles up and holds crotch) Lets go before she comes back to life!
They hurry into the house and lock the door.
The next day....Kairi is taking a shower and Sora is doing pushups.Before he notices, Marylyn sneaks behind him.
Sora:youre a frickin demon!!!(gets up)
Marylyn: pushes him against the wall)
Marylyn:ties him up with a rope)Why are you so afraid of me?
Marylyn flings her hair back and kisses Sora.Kairi walks out of the bathroom in a towel and drops the towel when she sees Marylyn.
Sora:Kairi!...Help me!
Kairi runs back into the bathroom and puts on a comfy sundress.THEN SHE COMES OUT WITH A KNIFE! KILL!
Kairi: I already killed you!!!
Marylyn:A tramp like you couldnt kill a fly.(runs over to Kairi)
Kairi:shoves knife up her stomach)
Marylyn's jaw drops in pain.
Kairi pushes the knife deeper, twists it around and pulls it up, then pushes Marylyn out the window.
Kairi carefully cuts Sora down and then runs outside to finish the job. She continues frustratedly stabbing Marylyn over and over and over. She doesnt even notice everyone staring at her.
S-mom:Kairi's gone nuts!!!
K-mom: Our daughter is a murderer!!!
T-dad:I KNEW IT!
Selp-dad:Its jerry Springer right HERE!
R-mom:Isnt that Riku's new girlfriend?
Sora: pulls Kairi off Marylyn) Kairi stop!
Sora's parents run back inside and the other adults crowd around Kairi with angry faces.
R-dad:holds shot gun)Last thing we need on this here Island is some kind of murderer.(cocks gun and aims)
Kairi:Gasp! But she- I-
Sora's dad scatters the crowd by clotheslining them all and snatching Sora and Kairi and taking them inside and blocks the door with the couch.
Kairi:Thank you so much, daddy!(kisses Sora's dad)
Incase youre wondering, Kairi stays with Sora cause her and her parents had a fight and they hate Sora, so she left.
S-dad: No problem, sweetcheecks!
Sora:Man Kairi, he was going to shoot you!
Kairi:I know...I cant go out there anymore!!! Everyone thinks Im a murderer!..I... gotta stay here!
Sora;Thats not a problem, is it?
Kairi:No.I like it here.Its perfect here...but I cant help thinking theyre gonna come get me!!! You parents dont mind me staying here, do they?
Sora:You kidding? They dont care! We could run around the house naked now and they wouldn’t care.
Kairi:Hah.Okay...but what are we going to do inside all day?
Sora:We'll think of something.
They go up to the bedroom and close the door in my face...nice.
Meanwhile… Marylyn lay on the ground and…Marylyn just gets up and climbs up Sora’s window and looks at Sora and Kairi playing and being all… lubby dubby and she decides to lay off. She goes to Riku’s house and sits down by him.
Riku: What the hell?! You were dead! How did you- you- You’re okay?!
Marylyn: Riku. Shut up. (lays down)
Riku: …Okay. (lays down beside her) Sigh.
The next morning…
Kairi: Sora? I want to go outside.
Sora: To do what?
Kairi: I don’t know. I’m already tired of just being inside.
Sora: You sure?
Kairi: Yes.
Sora: Okay then. Nobody will hurt you anyway.
Sora and Kairi go outside and Selphie and Tidus walk up to them.
Selphie: It’s so romantic how loyal you are to Sora, Kairi! Sigh.
Kairi: Um. Thanks?
Selphie: Heheh! The breeze feels great!
Tidus: That’s what you always say!
Selphie: I would be a freak if I said that all the time, Tidus, quit exaggerating!
Sora: Hehehe! Come on, Kairi.
Sora and Kairi go out and wade in the water while holding hands.
Riku: carries Marylyn outside) Damn, you’re heavy!
Marylyn: You’re just too weak! Now kiss me!
Riku: kisses her)
Marylyn looks at Kairi all jealous like. She kisses Riku and makes loud moaning noises to make Sora jealous.
Kairi: Did you notice that Marylyn won’t die?
Sora: Yeah! Maybe she’s the devil! RAWR!
Kairi: Ahahaha!
Sora: You drive me crazy, Kairi. (kisses Kairi)
Marylyn: Can’t we ever do anything romantic like Sora and Kairi?!
Riku: You’re STILL talking about SORA?!?! God!
Marylyn: RIKU! Don’t say that word!
Riku: What word? “God” ?
Marylyn: Look at him with that tramp!
Riku: Kairi isn’t a tramp.
Marylyn: rolls eyes in a snobbish way and goes back inside)
Riku: What a bitch! (kicks sand up)
Much later…Sora and Kairi are up in Sora’s bedroom making out.
Sora: kisses Kairi on her neck)
Kairi: Sora, that tickles!
Sora: I didn’t know you were ticklish!
Kairi: …No! No, Sora-
Sora: tickles Kairi) There we go.
Kairi: No! Sora, stop it! (giggles)
Kairi starts screaming and yelling really loud. The whole Island can hear it.
S-mom: Um, what are they doing up there?
S-dad: Who cares?!
Kairi’s scream starts to echo.
Tidus: What the f**k! Ugh!
Riku: Sora’s so horny.
Selphie: Kairi is so lucky. Sigh.
K-mom: Gasp! (faints)
Riku takes his nosey butt over to the door and knocks on it. Sora’s dad answers the door.
S-dad: Hi?
Riku: Um… Is Sora there
S-dad: Hold on. (goes to Sora’s door) Sora? Riku’s here to see you.
Sora: I’m busy! Tell him to beat it!
S-dad: Okay.
Riku: …(digs in nose)
S-dad: He’s busy! Beat it! (slams the door in Riku’s face)
Kairi: Sora! Ahah! (laughs) Sora, stop it!!!
Sora: Okay I’m done. (stops)
Kairi: Ha! (tickles Sora)
Sora: I’m not ticklish.
Kairi: At all?
Sora: Nope.
Kairi: This sucks! I have to get you somehow!
Sora: Just try.
After a while, Kairi is looking at a photo album that Sora had hidden under his bed. Sora is taking a shower.
Kairi: looks at album) This is interesting!
Sora walks out the bathroom and looks for some clothes to put on.
Kairi: Sora? Who is this ugly kid?! (points to a picture)
Sora: .. Kairi, that kid is you.
Kairi: That’s me?!
Sora: You’re the only one with red hair.
Kairi: Wow. I was hideous!
Sora: puts under wear on)
Kairi: Who’s this ugly guy? (points again)
Sora: That’s your dad.
Kairi: Oh. No wonder I was so ugly. (flips pages)
Sora: puts shirt on) –
Kairi: AWWWWW!
Sora: Whoa! What?!
Kairi: It’s bubble butt Sora baby! (giggles)
Sora: rolls eyes and looks in drawer)
Kairi: Oh, my God. Sora? How old were you in this picture?!
Sora: 14. Why?
Kairi: Because you’re wearing a diaper!
Sora: Oh! I forgot to burn that picture! Um you keep it! I don’t want it! And don’t show it to anybody!
Kairi: Okay. Thanks, Sora!
Kairi puts the picture in her pocket and Sora puts some shorts on.
Later… Sora and Kairi are getting pretty hungry. Sora runs out of his room without his shirt on, and starts shouting.
Sora: The beautiful princess Kairi is awaiting her lunch!
He holds his hand out for her and she starts to walk down the stairs with him.
Sora: the princess wishes to- Kairi!
Kairi: Yes, royal knight?
Sora: Your shirt is on backwards!
Kairi: Oh! Thanks! (turns shirt around)
Sora: You’re doing it wrong!
Sora goes and helps her.
Kairi: You’re pulling it off!
Sora: Why’d you take it off in the first place?!
Kairi: You told me to!
Sora: Stop moving! (fixes her shirt) There. Ahem. The princess demands a lemonade and a full body rub down from the royal knight!
Kairi: No, I didn’t!
Sora: You’re right. No lemonade. Come on, help me find the lotion-
Kairi: I want my lemonade!
Sora: What kind of lotion?
Kairi: Sora!
Sora: What! Okay! (grabs some lotion and gets her some lemonade)
Kairi: Give me that! (throws the lotion and sips the lemonade) I’m hungry too!
Sora: Me too.
They go in the kitchen and fix themselves some sandwiches.
15 minutes later…
Sora: Intruder, DIE! (stabs a stuffed animal)
Kairi: Who dares intrude the hallway of princess Kairi?!!
Sora: He calls himself Mr. Fluffpuff! (stabs plush toy)
Kairi: Mr. Fluffpuff? ….Okay. I sentence you to multiple deaths!
Sora: What does that mean?
Kairi: Kill him. And when he gets to his grave, kill him again!
Sora: Okay! (stabs toy)
Sora buries the toy under his covers and then stabs the covers.
Kairi: That’s enough, royal knight! The culprit has paid!
Sora: Yes ma’ am.
Kairi: Now. (pushes Sora on the bed) I have another assignment for you.
Sora: Im looking forward to it already! (grins)
About an hour later….
Kairi: puts shoes on) Sora, Im going to visit Selphie now.
Sora: But what am I supposed to do?!
Kairi: Do boy stuff! (leaves)
Sora: ….(sits on couch and watches TV)
Sora’s parents are both sick, it’s a minor cold, but they’re in their bedroom trying to get some rest.
Sora just sits back and relaxes watching TV. He even goes to get some ice cream to munch on.
When Kairi comes home..
Sora: Hi sweetie!
Kairi: Why is it so dark in here? And why are you looking at me like that?
Sora: Take a wild guess, baby.
Kairi: What do you want from me?!?!?
Sora: Nothing really. Just a kiss that measures 10.7 on the Richter scale.
Kairi kisses him and the earth shakes.
Sora: Whoa! I really felt that!
Kairi: Sora, that wasn’t me!
Sora: That’s weird.
The ground shakes more.
Kairi: jumps in Sora’s lap) Im scared, Sora!
They can hear everyone outside screaming.
S-dad: Sora! Could you and Kairi slow it down? You’re rocking the whole house!
Sora: That’s not us, dad! I think it’s an earthquake!
He runs up to his parent’s room.
Sora: Mom! Dad! Get out! The earth’s shaking! Get out here!
They all run out and Sora trips after stepping on a crack.
Sora: Ouch!
Sora gets up and falls again.
S-dad: Good Lord, Sora! You can’t frickin walk!
He picks Sora and Kairi up and runs to the shore. Sora’s mom gets a boat for them to escape on. It’s a small sized boat, painted blue, with a navy cross on the side and a poupu fruit on the sail.
Only Sora and his family, plus Kairi can fit in the boat.
Kairi: What about everyone else?!
S-dad: takes keys from pocket and tosses them to Riku) Riku! Get the big boat!
Riku: catches them) …Okay. (runs to Cove)
… …
About two hours later, Sora and Kairi are asleep and Sora’s dad is coming up around a big portal in the ocean.
S-dad: Guys. Wake up. I’m going through this here portal.
Sora: What?
S-dad: We’re going to leave Destiny Islands.
Kairi: yawns) ………..
Sora’s dad drives them through the portal and they are immediately transported to-
Sora: Traverse Town? What is this place?
S-dad: It’s a town. (gets out of boat and helps S-mom out)
Sora’s dad takes them to a store with dazzling lights called “Accessory Shop”.
Cid: Welcome!...... OH MY GOD! Kairi?!
Cid runs over to Kairi and hugs her.
Cid: Don’t you remember me?! When your parents were on their way to Destiny Islands, when they needed to find someone to take care of you while they were out, they would let me baby-sit you! Remember?!
Kairi: Oh yeah! You were the one who kept giving me all those quarters!
Cid: Yup. So who are these? Your friends?
Kairi: Yeah. This is my boyfriend and these are his parents!
Cid: Boy friend, huh? Wow, you’re growing up already. Where are your parents?
Kairi: I don’t know now and I don’t really care.
Cid: …What?
S-mom: Teenagers, you know how they get.
Cid: Right. So, you guys need anything?
S-mom: We need a place to stay. Something happened to our island.
Cid: How about I show ya’ll a nice hotel?
S-mom: We’d like that.
They walk to a hotel and Sora and Kairi follow, skipping and holding hands.
When they get to the hotel…
Sora: This place reminds me of home.
S-dad: Son, this place ain’t nothing like home. It’ll just have to do.
They all settle down in the hotel room. It has two bedrooms, a small kitchen, and a dining room with a TV.
Tidus: Are you sure, Riku?
Riku: Duh, Tidus.
Riku drives the boat through the portal and they too end up at Traverse Town; Everyone except Marylyn.
Riku: Follow me.
Riku takes them to the Accessory shop and Kairi’s parents reunite with Cid.
K-mom: Have you seen Kairi?
Cid: Yes. She and her boyfriend and his parents came by.
K-dad: He’s NOT her boyfriend!
K-mom: Oh hush.
Cid: I …um I showed them to a hotel. It’s in the second district. The same one I used to stay in, remember?
K-mom: I remember. Thanks again, Cid.
Cid: No problem.
K-dad: It was nice seeing you again.
Cid: Yeah, you too.
They leave and go book a hotel room to stay in. Kairi’s parents get a room together, Tidus and his parents get a room, basically all the kids get with their parents, but Kairi stays with Sora.
In the hallway…..
Kairi: Mom! (hugs K-mom) I thought I would never see you again! Oh…Um…Hi dad.
Kairi goes over to talk to Riku.
Kairi: I’m glad we’re all still together! Where’s Marylyn?
Riku: …She disappeared.
Kairi: …. She scares me.
Riku: Whatever.
All the islanders go to the Diner to talk and enjoy some Traverse Town food.
A lady with a mustache walks up to Sora.
Lady: Would you like a job, kid?
Sora: Huh?
Lady: You look sturdy enough to work. You’re a teen right? You’ll need money, right?
Sora: Um… Kairi, I’ll be right back.
Sora goes to the counter and talks to the lady about a job. Kairi sips her drink and sighs. A small child is staring at her from a distant table, with this vicious love sick look on his face.
Kairi: …(waves at the child)
Child: …(stares at Kairi) …
Kairi: looks away and hides face with napkin) Freak-a-leak.
Sora walks up behind Kairi grinning away.
Sora: I got me a job! 10 munny an hour!
Kairi: That’s great, Sora… but when will I see you?
Sora: I only work from 5 AM to 1:30 PM Monday through Friday!
Kairi: That’s reasonable. Go, Sora! …
Sora: I gotta tell everyone!
Sora runs around the diner telling everyone about his new job.
The next morning…Sora is getting ready for work.
Sora: gets out of shower) Kairi, it’s almost time for me to go to work.
Sora gets dressed and sits on the couch beside Kairi and puts his shoes on.
Kairi: I don’t wanna stay here alone while your parents are sick.
Sora: I could drop you off at Cid’s shop.
Kairi: I’d like that.
The night before, Sora’s dad had shown him a little black go cart that he had kept in the storage vent in his boat. It had originally belonged to someone else on the island, but when Sora’s dad went venturing to the Cove, that someone happened to be dead… So he stole the cart. He never used it because it was way too small for him to fit in. Sora decided the go cart would be perfect for him to drive himself to work every morning.
Sora: Hop in the cart with me and I’ll take you to Cid’s and pick you up when I’m off work.
Sora helps Kairi into the cart and then he gets in and starts it up with the key his dad gave him for it.
In front of Cid’s shop…
Sora: Alright. Bye, have fun, Kairi.
Kairi: Have a good time at work.
Sora kisses Kairi and soon the two start making out in front of the shop.
Cid: looks out window) Whoa! She was such a good little girl! (squints eyes) Wow! That’s nasty!
Sora: I gotta go!
Kairi smacks Sora on his butt and watches him drive practically ten feet to the Diner.
Kairi: goes inside the shop) Hiya, Cid!
Cid: If I’m not mistaking, you were just smacking lips with Sora! How old are you again?
Kairi: Aha. (sits on couch) I don’t like to be without him. He’s going to work though.
Cid: Your parents say he’s a trouble maker.
Kairi: They just don’t seem to like him. There’s nothing wrong with him!
Cid: All parents are like that.
Kairi: His aren’t. They don’t give a care about what we do. No matter what it is.
Cid: And you’re only fourteen right?
Kairi: He’s fifteen and my birthday is next month.
Cid: And they let you do anything?!
Kairi: Anything!
Cid: So, what did ya’ll do all day on the island?
Kairi: Now-a-days we just sit around…make out…and just play.
Cid: What do you mean by play?
Kairi: What? …No! Not like that! I mean, like little kids…We can be ourselves when we’re around each other.
Cid: I like people with imaginations.
Kairi: We mostly just spend half of the day sleeping.
Cid: Do you sleep in the same bed?
Kairi: Yep.
Cid: I won’t say anything. (gets a box) I’ll be right back. I need to take this upstairs, holler if someone comes in.
Cid climbs up to the second floor on the ladder with the box.
Kairi stretches her legs on the couch and then gets up to look around the shop.
3 hours later….She has already read all the signs on the walls, looked at all the products, played tic-tac-toe with Cid, taken a five minute nap, and still remains amused.
Kairi steps on the scale by Cid’s counter. It reads 89 lbs.
Kairi: What’s that supposed to mean? (looks back at jewelry) …
She goes to a sign on the wall that says “Fun fair for all. July 13th and 14th …It’s a run buffet. Play all you want for 4$ admission fee in all three of the districts of Traverse Town.”
Kairi: My birthday is on July 13th!
She acted surprised even though that was the fifth time she had looked at the sign. Kairi returns to the couch to lay down again when a customer walks into the store.
Cid: jumps down) Hey, a customer! How may I help you? (steps behind counter)
The customer begins chatting with Cid over the prices of his jewelry.
Kairi: looks at customer)…Cough!Ew!Cough!
Around 1:40 PM, Cid is just standing around playing with a Yo-Yo and Kairi is kicked back on the couch, counting the cracks in the ceiling when Sora walks in.
Kairi: Sora! (falls off the couch and then runs up to Sora and jumps in his arms)
Kairi: Hi!!! (kisses Kairi) Bye, Cid!
Cid: Bye. I enjoyed the company!
Sora: I’m sure you did!
Sora and Kairi walk outside and get into the go cart and drive back to the hotels.
Sora’s parents, in spite of being sick, are out exploring the town and Sora and Kairi have the hotel room to their selves. Sora and Kairi go in and watch Cable TV for about five minutes.
Kairi: Cable sucks! What else can we do?
Sora: Let’s go find my parents. I hope they’re not still sick.
Sora and Kairi go out and find Sora’s mom and dad. The two were in a clothes shop, looking at the latest fashions. Sora and Kairi join them and look at some real nice clothes. Bleh.
The next morning.. Sora is getting ready for work.
Sora: Kairi! (knocks on bathroom door) Do you want me to drive you to Cid’s?
Kairi: Um. No.
Sora: Are you alright in there?
Kairi: Yes, Sora!
Sora: Can I come in to kiss you goodbye?
Kairi: Wait.(cracks the door open and kisses him) Bye.
Sora: Bye, Kairi.
Sora leaves to work. Kairi is in and out of the bathroom all day. During the afternoon, she goes to a convenient store in the town.
When Sora comes home…..
Sora: Hey Kairi.
Kairi: Hey. My stomach is cramping up…really bad.
Sora: Do you need to see a doctor?
Kairi: No. Nothing is wrong with me.
Sora: But you said your stomach hurts.
Kairi: It does.
Sora: Then there’s something wrong with you.
Kairi: No…I just need to see Selphie now.
Kairi gets up and leaves and goes to visit Selphie to talk about girl stuff.
Sora: Woo! My pay day! (runs into the bathroom door) OW!
Kairi: Sora?!
Sora: Hmm?
Kairi: What are you doing?
Sora: Nothing. What are YOU doing? You’ve been in there all morning!
Kairi: Nothing!
Sora: Well let me in! I have to go bad!!!
Kairi: Uh. Okay. (flushes toilet and opens door)
Sora: walks in) Are you sure you’re okay?
Kairi: Mm hmm.
Kairi hides something behind her back.
Sora: unzips pants) It smells weird in here.
Kairi: Hehe…
Sora goes tinkle tinkle .
Sora: You wanna go swimming in the hotel pool today?
Kairi: In a pool? No! I can’t because….I’m sick!
Sora: I knew it! I’m taking you to the doctor today-
Kairi: Sora!!!
Sora: What?!
Kairi: Just…go to work.
Sora: Okay. (kisses her) See ya.
Kairi: Boys…(leans against the wall)
Kairi spends the day watching TV and running back and fourth to the bathroom.
When Sora comes home, Kairi is in the bathroom again.
Sora: (knocks on door) Kairi? I got paid today….Kairi?
Kairi: Woo! It’s over!!! Yes!
Sora: What’s over?! Kairi?!
Kairi: Hahahahahah!
Kairi opens the door and hits Sora in the head with it. Sora falls and Kairi runs to Selphie’s house. Sora lays on the floor, confused and Kairi comes back with a pink bathing suit on.
Kairi: Why are you just standing around? I’m getting in the pool! (runs out of the hotel)
Sora: …Wait for me!
Sora quickly changes into his trunks and meets Kairi out in the pool. Sora cannon balls straight into the pool and makes a big splash.
Kairi: You can’t catch me! (runs from Sora)
Sora: Oh yeah?! (gets on a float and pulls Kairi on it)
Kairi: giggles) Ahaha! That’s cheating!
Saturday…. Sora is sleeping and Kairi is wide awake.
Kairi: jumps on Sora) Get up! Sora, you lazy bum! Get up! (sits on Sora)
Sora: Today is my day off work, Kairi, I’m tired.
Kairi: Tired?! …Okay, I’ll wait.
10 minutes later…..
Kairi: Wet willy!!!(sticks a wet finger in Sora’s ear)
Sora: Are you high or something?
Kairi: Get up, get up, get up!
Sora: Alright! (gets up) I’ll make you breakfast.
Kairi: Who needs breakfast?! (gets a jug of orange juice out and drinks half of it and hands it to Sora) Here. That’s breakfast!
Sora: What the?
Kairi: Come on. (gets a bungee rope and runs out)
Sora: … (follows her)
She takes him on top of the roof of the Gizmo Shop to bungee off.
Sora: You’ve snapped!
Kairi: pushes him off) Look out below!
Kairi bun gees off too and hangs beside him.
Kairi: This isn’t fun anymore… Let’s go. (climbs back up rope)
Sora: shivers) Kairi….I’m scared…I think I pissed myself..
After Kairi gets Sora down, they go back to the hotel. Kairi’s dad is standing in the hallway.
K-dad: grabs Kairi by her arm) I think it’s time you’ve come home, Kairi.
Kairi: But-
Sora: Hey!
K-dad: She’s out daughter and we miss her. Don’t worry. When you wanna see her, just knock and I’ll send her down.
Sora: But…Okay.
Kairi: Dad!
K-dad: Your mom has been worrying about you.
Kairi mopes in the hotel room and her dad locks the door in Sora’s face and Sora just stands there.
K-mom: Your room is through there, Kairi.
Kairi: sighs) Yeah. Okay. (goes in her room and looks around)
Later….Sora is in his room, laying on his bed day dreaming about Kairi.
Sora: …Sigh… I guess it’s not that bad. I can just go see her tomorrow, right?
Kairi: Um. Can I go out?
K-dad: Spend some time with your parents.
Kairi: sits on the couch)
K-dad: Let’s talk.
Kairi: mumbles) Oh no……
K-dad: You’re not pregnant are you???
Kairi: …(flashbacks) ….No.
K-dad: You sure stayed over there a long time.
Kairi: …….
K-dad: Anything could have happened.
Kairi: ……
K-dad: …Kairi, did you sleep with him?
Kairi: bites tongue) Um, in the same bed, yeah, we slept in the same bed.
K-dad: You know what I mean. Did you sleep with him?
Kairi: I’m not pregnant.
The frustration builds.
K-dad: So you’re saying you did?
Kairi: I didn’t say that.
K-dad: So you didn’t?
Kairi: I never said that either…dad.
K-dad: It’s a simple question. Did you or didn’t you?
Kairi: ….(tries not to cry)…
K-dad: I can’t hear you! (pokes her)
Kairi: …..
K-dad: I’m waiting! …(elbows her)
Kairi: clenches fist)….
K-dad: imitates her and Sora kissing)
He makes smooching sounds.
Kairi SNAPS.
Kairi: Yeah I did! I DID!!! And if you must know, I started it! What are you gonna do about it?!
K-dad: …I …I’m…I’m gonna…I-
Kairi: There I said it and you don’t do anything! You know what?! I’m gonna go do it again!!! (goes to doorway) See ya! Mwahahahahahah! (runs to Sora’s house)
S-dad: opens door) Hiya Kairi!
Kairi: Hi. (goes inside and runs in Sora’s room)
Sora: Kairi? Shouldn’t you be home?
Kairi: No. I left. My dad was ticking me off…so now. I’m going to tick him off. (pops knuckles and grins evilly)
Sora: How are you going to do that?
Kairi: By doing what he really hates.
Sora: What’s that?
Kairi: Being older than I really am.
Sora: Um, Kairi? Am I going to like this?
Kairi: Of course you will. (smooches his cheek and giggles)
Forward to Monday….Sora’s getting ready for work.
Sora: gets out shower room) Hey Kairi. I want to give you something.
He reaches in his pocket and pulls out 90 bucks from his pay check.
Kairi: Hmm?
Sora: hands the money to her) Here ya go. Spend it on what you want, Kairi.
Kairi: Wow! Thanks, Sora! Don’t you want to keep your money?
Sora: I’ve still got some, I’m going off to work. (kisses her)
Kairi: kisses him back) I might be out when you come home, so don’t worry about me, okay?
Sora: Okay. Bye.
Kairi: Bye.
Sora hops in his go cart and drives on to work. Kairi counts the money and puts it in her pocket.
About a half hour later, she goes around town, looking for a place to shop.
Kairi: Ah. Where to begin? There!
She goes to a hair salon and spends 10 dollars on some orange highlights in her hair. She walks out and browses around. She goes into a store called “Pierce”
She spends 20 dollars on a tongue ring. While she’s in there she also gets a tattoo; A real one.
Kairi: I want that one! The real big one!
TatMan: Okay, ma’ am, do your parents know about this?
Kairi: Yes. They gave me the money for it.
TatMan: …Okay. You know this is gonna hurt, right?
Kairi: I know.
TatMan: And this is going to take a while.
Kairi: I got all day.
TatMan: Okay, but I need you to take your shirt off, if you want this tat on your back.
Kairi: takes shirt off)
Those are nice…I mean, bad Kairi!!! O_O
Kairi: How much will it cost me?
TatMan: I’d say at least 50.
Kairi: …Okay.
Kairi lays down on a table thingy and the guy gets out his tools and goes to work.
TatMan: You’re the first to take this without crying.
Kairi: It really does hurt. (eye twitches)
TatMan: It’s always going to hurt.
Kairi: Why wouldn’t it?
TatMan: I like the way you think.
Kairi: About how much time left?
TatMan: I’m already putting the color in it, maybe about thirty more minutes.
Kairi: Okay.
Kairi patiently lays there. Her eyes twitch every time she feels the sharp needle pierce her skin.
When the TatMan is finished….
TatMan: There you go. You can go in that room, there’s a mirror, see if you like it.
Kairi goes to look at her new tat.
Kairi: I like it. It’s perfect! (slowly puts shirt on) Ow!
TatMan: Now, it’s going to be sensitive, for about three days, or maybe even the whole week. Try not to wear heavy or tight shirts, and if it starts to hurt real bad, put some of this ointment on it. (hands Kairi a bottle) The ointment’s free.
Kairi: Thanks.
She pays and skips to Cid’s shop.
Kairi: (opens door) Hey, Cid? Do you know what time it is?
Cid: It’s –Kairi?! What did you do to your hair??!
Kairi: looks at a clock) Oh, never mind. Bye Cid! (skips away)
Cid: …Oh…my…God.
S-dad: opens door) Hey, nice do, Kairi.
Kairi: Thanks, papa!
S-dad: So, are you going to show me the tat or what?
Kairi turns around and raises up the back of her shirt.
S-dad: Nice, you’ve got style.
Kairi’s tat is a picture of two big red and black angel wings, starting at the top of her shoulders and ending down at her waist.
S-dad: Want to watch football with me? (sits on couch)
Kairi: No thanks.
S-mom: Sora will be home shortly.
Kairi: Okay. (gets some yogurt and sits at table)
Kairi eats her yogurt while waiting for Sora to come home from work.
When Sora comes home…
Sora: Hey Kairi!
Kairi runs over and jumps in his arms.
Sora: What did you do to your hair?
Kairi: I got it dyed!
Sora: It’s cute! (kisses her)
Kairi: Ahah! Thanks.
Sora: What’s in your mouth?
Kairi: A tongue ring! I got a tattoo too!
Sora and Kairi go into the bedroom and Sora shows Kairi her tattoo.
Kairi: Come on, let’s go show my dad! (takes Sora’s hand)
K-dad: You finally decided to come back home! What’s with your hair?!
Kairi: Nothing. I just wanted to show you how I dyed my hair!
K-dad: Gasp!) You know that won’t come out!
Kairi: And my tongue ring! (sticks tongue out)
K-dad: Gasp!!!)
Kairi: My tattoo! Look!
She turns around and Sora lifts her shirt up.
K-dad: Gasp!!!) Is that REAL?!
Kairi: And my ass!
She bends over and Sora smacks her butt.
Kairi: See ya! Hahaha!
Her and Sora run back to Sora’s house.
Sora: You’re pretty brave to do something like that.
Kairi: Hey, you helped!
Sora: …Yeah…
Kairi: Let’s give him something else to be mad about. (takes his hand)
She pulls him into the bedroom and pushes him on the bed.
Naughty little Kairi.
The next morning…Sora has taken Kairi to work with him at the diner. Sora’s friend, Jim keeps staring at Kairi while he’s supposed to be doing his work.
Jim: Hey, Sora. Look at that cute girl over there. (points at the table where Kairi is sitting)
Sora: The red head one?
Jim: Yeah. She’s fine!
Sora: I know! Isn’t she?!
Jim: How much you want to bet I can get her phone number, man?
Sora: 10 dollars man.
Jim: You’re pretty confident I can’t get her number, aren’t you?
Sora: Yes. Go ask her.
Jim: Alright, here I go.
Jim takes a breath and walks over to Kairi’s table and sits by her.
Jim: Hey. Is everything alright?
Kairi: Yeah. I’m fine.
Jim: Yes, you are.
Sora stands at the counter, watching and snickering.
Jim: You look lonely. I’m on my lunch break now. I could get us something to eat and chat with you, you know?
Kairi: That’s really sweet but, I’m with my boyfriend.
Jim: …You have a boyfriend?...I mean, sure you have a boyfriend, why wouldn’t a girl like YOU have a boyfriend.
Kairi: That means you can stop hitting on me now.
Jim: Oh yeah.. See ya around. (gets up and walks back to counter) She has a boyfriend!
Sora: Wow, that’s- I’m sorry man. That’s too bad.
Jim: Man, I thought I could do it.
Sora: Since she has a boyfriend, how about we cancel the bet? I’ll bet you 10 dollars that I can get her number.
Jim: Well, you’ve lost. She has a boyfriend.
Sora walks over to Kairi and winks at Jim.
Kairi: Hey, Sora. Ya know, your friend over there was hitting on me.
Sora: I know, how’d he do?
Kairi: His approach was wrong.
Sora: I think you hurt his feelings with the B word.
Kairi: He’ll get over it.
Sora kisses Kairi and Jim’s jaw drops.
Jim: WTF!
Sora: Can I get you anything?
Kairi: No. I’m fine. Are you on your break too?
Sora: Yeah. (steps out and looks around outside)
Sora notices Kairi’s dad walking straight to the Diner.
Sora: Oh shit. Kairi!
Kairi: Yes, Sora?
Sora: Your dad is coming this way!
Kairi: My dad?!
Sora: Yeah!
Kairi: Hide me!
Sora: Come on, I’ll show you around.
Sora takes Kairi’s hand and they scurry off to the back where Sora introduces Kairi to the rest of the staff.
Sora: Okay, this is Jim, the one who was hitting on you. Jim, this is my girlfriend, Kairi.
Jim: You asshole.
Kairi: (giggles) Hi.
Jim: …Hi.
Sora: This is Jenna, our main cook. Jenna, this is my girl friend, Kairi.
Jenna: Yeah, hey.
Kairi: waves) Hey.
Sora: And our other cook, Wesley. Meet my girl friend, Wes.
Wesley: Hello there. (kisses Kairi’s hand)
Kairi: He he he he. (wipes hand)
Sora: And this is-
Lady: Sora, your lunch break has BEEN over, boy, get back to waiting tables!
Sora: But there’s no one to wait on-
Lady: What about that guy right there?! (points at K-dad)
Sora: …Yeah. Kairi, stay back here, I’m going to get your dad’s order.
Sora slowly walks over to Kairi’s dad and takes a breath.
Sora: sighs) Hey…… Can I get your order?
K-dad: Sora?! I didn’t know you had a job.
Sora: Yes sir.
K-dad: Have you still been making trouble with my daughter?
Sora: Sir. I just want to take your order.
K-dad: Out of all the waiters here, you were the one to come to me. You obviously want trouble. (takes out a cigarette)
Sora: Sir, you can’t smoke in here.
K-dad: Why not? I can do whatever I want. Is Kairi here?!
Sora: No, she’s at my house.
K-dad: Don’t lie, boy. I was just at your house.
Sora: …Kairi’s back there.
K-dad: Well send her out.
Sora: No.
K-dad: No? What?
Sora: You heard me. I said NO.
K-dad: stands up) Why not?
Sora: gulps) Because you need to leave her alone.
K-dad: That’s my daughter you’re trying to keep from me, I’m her father. I got all rights to see her until the police tell me I can’t, boy-
Sora: And I’m her boyfriend-
K-dad: So what! That don’t mean a thing, boy. I don’t like you around my daughter and I don’t like you period. I’m going to get my daughter. Get out of my way. (pushes Sora)
Kairi looks out at them from a distance.
Sora: Don’t push me.
K-dad: pushes Sora)
Sora: gets in his face) I said don’t push me!
K-dad: pushes Sora)
Sora nearly falls.
Sora: I’m warning you.
K-dad: pushes Sora again)
Sora: YOU-
K-dad: kicks Sora in his crotch)
Sora: gasps) EEEEEEEEEEEERRRNGGH! (falls to knees, holding crotch) Help…me…
Everyone in the store stares at Kairi’s dad and some start screaming, a few even leave, complaining.
Kairi: stomps up to her dad) Dad, I hate you! Why do you have to ruin everything?!
K-dad: takes Kairi’s arm) Kairi-
Kairi: socks him in the nose)
Everyone in the Diner starts squirming out.
Lady: Sora! You told me I could count on you! Look at what’s happened! I can’t send you to take one guy’s order without you starting some kind of bar fight!
Sora: Motherer!! I just wanted to take his ing order! Damn it! He ing started it!
Lady: You’re fired.
Sora: What! I get fired for something this asshole did?! This is bullshit!
Kairi’s dad has already left.
Lady: Sora, get out.
Sora: Man-
Sora: you! (turns a table over and goes to go cart)
Kairi: Sora, calm down! (follows him)
Sora: gets in go cart and sits there) …
Sora’s face is glowing red with anger.
Kairi: Sora… Sora, drive the go cart.
Sora: …
Kairi: gets keys from Sora’s pocket and drives the go cart)…Sora?
Sora: …
Kairi: Sora, I’m really sorry about that.
Sora: sighs)…
Kairi: Sora? Are you alright?
A tear falls from Sora’s eye.
Kairi: Don’t cry, Sora. You’re gonna make me cry.
Sora: turns away)
Kairi: I didn’t know my dad was gonna do that, Sora. And I’m sorry he kicked you between your legs because you really make it look like it hurts-
Kairi: Sora, I’m sorry he got you fired.
Sora: ….
Kairi: sighs and shakes head)
When they get to the hotel Sora storms into his room and slams the door.
S-dad: What happened to him?
Kairi: sits by S-dad) He was at work. My dad came and Sora tried to take his order, but from what I saw, my dad started an argument and he was pushing Sora and Sora didn’t do anything. But then he kicked Sora…in his privates and Sora got fired.
S-dad: …Your old man is making me sick. I’m going to take a trip to his house. Hey, tell me who wins the game, okay?
Kairi: …Okay?
Sora’s dad walks down the hall and knocks on K-dad’s hotel door.
K-dad: opens door) Hey, how’s it going?
S-dad: Just great. I found out that you got Sora fired today.
K-dad: I suppose he went home and told his daddy and his mommy like a little baby?
S-dad: No, actually Kairi told me.
K-dad: …
S-dad: You ruin one more thing in my son’s life, I’m gonna make yours a living hell. Got it?
K-dad: yawns)
S-dad: I would kick you in your balls right now to make this even, but I’m not sure you even have any. You’re not the type of man that has any balls. (waves in his face and leaves)
K-dad: rolls eyes) What a loser. Just because he’s big and buff doesn’t mean anything.
Kairi: knocks on door) Sora! Can I come in?
Sora ignores Kairi.
Kairi: Please?
Sora: wipes eyes)…(opens the door)
Kairi: comes in and locks the door back) Are you alright?
Sora: …. (gets under the covers)
Kairi: goes under with him) Sora…I’ve been thinking. I know you’re mad and all, but I don’t want you to stop talking to me. Can’t I help?
Sora: touches her hand) …
Kairi: Come here, lazy bum.
Kairi hugs him, Sora hugs back.
Kairi: I was also thinking that maybe it would be best if I went home. Maybe my dad would leave you alone then.
Kairi gets up and walks to the door, but Sora gets up and turns her around and gives her one of those big lubby dubby soap opera kisses.
Kairi: I’m going to miss you.
Sora: I’ll be able to come see you, right?
Kairi: I guess so.
Kairi leaves to her house. Sora stands by the door way, watching her leave.
K-dad: opens door) What? You coming home?
Kairi: Yes. Excuse me. (goes in)
K-dad: looks at Sora).(sticks tongue out at Sora and closes the door)
Sora: punches the wall)
A guy behind a curtain lifts the curtain up a bit and shouts at Sora.
Guy: Hey! Don’t punch the walls!
Sora: Sorry.
Guy: Paintings are great.
Sora: Yep. Sure are. (goes back inside room)
S-dad: Where’s Kairi going?
Sora: Away. (goes to his room)
A week has passed and Sora hasn’t seen Kairi at all. He asked to see her, but her father told him to beat it. Sora is in his room, sucking his thumb and hugging his pillow. Kairi is in her room, talking to her teddy bear.
Kairi: I’m telling you! I’m gonna go crazy!
Sora: crawls into a little ball) Kairi.
Kairi: I can’t see him. (draws on the teddy bear’s face)
Sora: shivers) Kairi.
Kairi: I can’t hear him. (pulls the bear’s leg)
Sora: slobbers) Kairi.
Kairi: I can’t touch him. (pulls the bear’s ear off)
Sora: eye twitches) Kairi.
Kairi: I can’t be in his arms. (puts a diaper on the bear)
Sora: wheezes) Kairi.
Kairi: I can’t taste him. (stabs the bear with some scissors)
Sora: kisses his pillow) Kairi.
Kairi: …I can’t see him... naked. (rips the bear in half)
Sora: chews on his pillow) Kairi.
Kairi: I’m losing my damn mind! (throws the bear)
Sora: Gasp! I can’t breathe!
Sora runs out of his room and lays on the ground, gasping.
S-mom: Boy! You’ve been in there all week! You look like hell.
Sora: Aaaah! The light! It burns!
S-mom: You’re wasted. Get up and eat something.
Sora: I hate food.
Sora looks in the fridge and gets a big jug of orange juice and drinks it all.
K-mom: You’re going to get an eating disorder if you don’t get some food in your stomach!
Kairi: I don’t care! (gets a jug of orange juice and drinks it all)
Kairi’s mom goes into Kairi’s room and carries her out and into the kitchen to make her eat.
Kairi: I’m not hungry!!!
K-mom: You need to eat!
Kairi: You need to leave me alone!
K-dad: Kairi, eat.
Kairi: Screw you!
K-dad: Kairi-
Sora goes over to Kairi’s hotel door and puts his ear up to it.
Sora:… Kairi! It’s me! I miss you! I love you, Kairi!
Kairi: …
K-dad: opens the door) I think you’d better leave.
Sora: But-
K-dad: Bye.
He slams the door on Sora’s thumb.
Sora: OW!!! I hope you know my thumb is probably broken now! I’ll remember this! (sniffles) I’m telling my dad!
Sora runs off, Kairi’s dad looks toward Kairi, who is glaring at him, and smiles, then goes back to sitting and reading the Traverse Town news paper.
A couple more weeks pass, and now it’s Kairi’s birthday…….
K-mom: We brought you a lot of presents, dear…
Kairi is just sitting at the door. Kairi is looking like …death. She’s really weak, really skinny, and she won’t do anything but sit by the door.
Kairi: You should return it all.
k-mom: No. It’s yours now. It’s your birthday.
Kairi: It’s mine, huh?
Kairi slowly gets up and picks up her present…then drops them out the window.
K-mom: We paid a lot of money for those!
Kairi: I know. (sits by door)
Sora goes to lean against Kairi’s door and slips her a note.
Sora: whispers) Kairi. (kisses the door)
Kairi: picks the note up and reads it)
It’s a card he made for her. It says “ Hey Kairi. I miss you a lot. I wanted to wish you a happy birthday. Hopefully, you’re doing better than I am. I love you so much. I wish I could see you again.- Sora.” And at the bottom, Sora drew a picture of him and Kairi sitting in a poupu tree getting ready to share a poupu fruit.
Kairi: tear) I love you too, Sora. I love you.
Kairi puts her hand under the door. Sora kisses her hand.
Sora: Your dad…He broke my thumb.
Kairi: I’m sorry, Sora. I can’t control him at all. No one can. Not even my mom.
Sora: I had never thought of what it would be like when I was without you. I feel…empty…I’ve forgotten how to smile.
Kairi: I haven’t eaten in about a week, but I don’t feel hungry.
Sora: Kairi, you have to eat. You’re already skinny winny. Your voice even sounds faint.
Kairi: Well… I need you to smile for me.
Sora: And I need you to eat something. Go pig off on some birthday cake.
Kairi: Okay. I love you. Are you smiling?
Sora: smiles) Yeah.
Kairi: I’m going to go eat something. Thanks for the card.
Sora: Bye.
Kairi gets up and walks over to the kitchen table and takes the top of the cake box and gets a big slice of cake and plops it on a plate and snickers.
K-mom: You’re eating? On your own?
Kairi: Sora told me to. (gets a fork and eats some cake)
K-mom: …Well, your father isn’t here right now. What do you say we let Sora in, ya know, since it’s your birthday?
Kairi: Really?!
K-mom: Yeah. (goes to the door) Sora?
Sora: flinches) Ma’ am?
K-mom: I’m opening the door, okay?
Sora: No, don’t-
K-mom: opens the door)
Sora is sitting on the floor with a wrapped thumb and a slightly swollen black eye.
Sora: …H-hello…
K-mom: What happened to you, Sora?!
Sora: Well, why do you think your husband isn’t here?
K-mom: What are you talking about?
Sora: He’s the only one crazy enough to do this stuff to me!
K-mom: covers mouth) Oh my God.
Sora: When he was leaving, I was at your door and he asked me a question and I didn’t answer him, so he got mad and punched me.
K-mom: Where’s your dad?
Sora: He was mad when he found out. I don’t know where he went.
Kairi: Sora! (runs up to Sora) Are you okay?!
Sora: Yeah. I’m great. I got to see you.
Kairi: But you have a black eye! (takes his hand) And look at your thumb! (puts hand on his cheek)
Sora: It’s nothing. It’s just a little swollen.
Kairi: Your eye is swollen too! I can’t believe this. You look terrible.
Sora: Well…
Kairi: kisses him) Come here.
She takes him into her room and makes him get on the bed. Then she puts some make up over his eye to hide the color.
Sora: Why is there a torn up teddy bear on your floor?
Kairi: Um. No reason… (kisses Sora)
K-mom: looks in) …Sigh…
Meanwhile, in 3rd district…..
S-dad: What were you thinking?! What did I tell you?! I’m taking you down! (chases K-dad)
K-dad: Hey hey hey! Take it easy, big fella!
S-dad: It’s bad enough that you keep my son from seeing his girlfriend, it’s been over a month. You know what he’s been doing 24/7 ?! He’s just been moping around the house! Do you think I like seeing that? And if that isn’t enough, you end up hurting him! You have no right to put your hands on my kid! (grabs K-dad and jacks him up by his collar)
Sora’s dad pushes Kairi’s dad against the wall and holds him up. I’m mad enough to kill you right now, but I choose not to!
K-dad: You aren’t going to do anything to-
S-dad: knocks him unconscious and holds him up) What? That’s what I thought, asshole.
He drags him to the hotel.
Sora: It feels like it’s been years since I’ve kissed you. (puts hand on Kairi’s leg)
Somebody knocks on the door. It’s Sora’s dad.
K-mom: opens the door) Hi- (gasps)
S-dad: drops K-dad on the floor) I’ll be needing my son back.
K-mom: Oh my God! (faints)
S-dad: What?!
Kairi: Mom?! (looks at K-dad) What the?!
S-dad: He’s not dead. Just unconscious. Sora, come on.
Sora: What did you do?!
S-dad: I hit his head against the wall. Why?
Sora: Oh…Um. Where are we going?
S-dad: Just away from here.
Sora, Kairi, and Sora’s dad go to his hotel room and return to normal living.
Later… Sora and Kairi are walking out, going to the Fun Fair thing that’s happening outside.
When they get there…. Sora plays a game and wins Kairi a new teddy bear.
Sora: Here, name him. (hands Kairi the teddy bear)
It’s a pink teddy bear with hearts drawn on its stomach.
Kairi: I’ll name him…Sora!
Sora: That’s my name!
Kairi: Sora, share!
Sora: chuckles) Gimme a break, Kairi.
Kairi: Hey, Sora I want to show you this ride!
She takes him by his hand and runs him over to some thrill ride.
Sora: Um, how high does this go?
Kairi: Look up!
Sora: looks up) Oh My God! Kairi, aren’t you afraid of heights?
Kairi: No! Are you?
Sora:… No. (holds Kairi’s hand)
They give some tickets and get strapped in for the ride. The ride goes higher and higher and suddenly stops.
Kairi: It’s getting ready to drop. Aren’t you excited?!
Sora: squeezes Kairi’s hand) …Yes.
Kairi: Here it goes!
Sora: Uh-huh. (hides his face on Kairi’s chest) Find a happy place!
Kairi; What are you doing?
Sora: Nothing-
Kairi: Yeah BABY!!!! Wooooooooo!
Sora: whimpers) unnnnnnggghh.
The ride stops.
Sora: It’s over! Yes! Get me OUT!
The worker comes over, smiling, and unstraps everybody.
Worker: How was your ride?
Sora: Don’t ask! (stands up and falls down) I can’t walk!
Kairi: Sora, stop playing around! (pulls him up) Lets find something more fun!
Sora: I think I’ll just go to the rock climbing wall! See ya! (runs off)
Kairi: Hey, that ride goes up higher than that building!
Sora comes back with a sucker.
Sora: They won’t let me on the frickin ride because I’m “too tall” !
Kairi: Well that sucks.
Sora: Yeah but they gave me a sucker. (opens sucker and puts it in mouth)
Kairi: I want a sucker- HEY LOOK HOW HIGH THAT RIDE GOES!
Sora: Cotton candy?
Kairi: Where?!
Sora: Over there, 50 cents a stick!
Sora and Kairi run over to the cotton candy stand and wait in line. It doesn’t take long because there were only two people in line. When they get the cotton candy…..
Sora: Hey I want to take you through this thing!
Sora covers Kairi’s eyes and walks her over to this this “Tunnel Of Love” ride.
Kairi: Are we there yet?
Sora: Hold on. (picks her up and sets her in the boat and then gets in)
Kairi: giggles) Where are we, Sora?
Sora: You can look now. Check it out.
Kairi: looks around the tunnel) Oh this is beautiful.
The tunnel is sprinkled with hearts, pretty lights, and flowers, perfect for a young couple…Or maybe even an old couple. O_O
Sora stares at Kairi as the ride starts. Kairi stares at the walls.
Sora: puts hand on Kairi’s leg) Hehehe.
Kairi smiles at Sora and continues to look around.
Sora: runs hand up her leg)
Kairi: leans on Sora’s shoulder)
Sora: …
Kairi: puts head on his chest and sighs)
Sora: pokes lip out)
Kairi looks up at Sora and Sora kisses her.
Sora: Kairi, I want you to know, no matter what happens, I will never be without you forever. I will always find a way to be with you.. I promise.
Kairi: What are you talking about? Nothing’s gonna happen to us.
Sora: What-
Kairi: We’re the only ones in here.
Sora: I noticed.
Kairi leans over to kiss Sora and the boat tips over and knocks them out.
Kairi: Help! I’m drowning! (stands up)… Oh.
Sora: Who needs that stupid boat anyway?
Sora and Kairi swim through the tunnel.
Kairi: grins and kisses Sora)
Sora: Hey, what do you say we stay in here a little while longer?
They duck down to hide from the worker dude and go down the tunnel again.
Kairi: giggles)
They go through the tunnel several times until the security guard sees them and chases them out. He chases them all the way to the first district.
Sora: We paid to get in there!...You fatboy!
The guard chases them again.
Sora: I was just kidding! (runs)
They find a hiding spot and burst out laughing.
Kairi: You called the security guard a fat boy, Sora! Ahaah!
They skip up to the hotel, holding hands.
Sora: Bye…(kisses Kairi)
Kairi: kisses him back) I had fun. (cuddles her teddy bear)
Sora: See ya tomorrow.
Kairi goes in her hotel room and Sora sighs.
K-mom: Did Sora give you that teddy bear?
Kairi: Uh huh.
K-mom: Did you have a good time?
Kairi: Yes. (sits on couch) Where’s dad?
K-mom: He’s still out, in the bedroom.
S-dad: Hey, son, how was the fair?
Sora: Ahhahahahahahaha ahahaha! (goes to room)
S-dad: I guess that’s a good sign.
At night time… Sora goes over to Riku’s hotel to return some borrowed underwear.
Riku: You washed these first, right?
Sora: Uh…yeah.
Riku: smells the underwear and stares at Sora) …
Sora: What?
Riku: …Nothing.
Sora: Later, man.
Sora leaves and Riku goes to his room and smells the underwear.
Kairi: dangles lucky charm in hand)…
Sora: smells his socks)
Kairi: accidentally cuts self) Ow! (sucks finger)
Riku: looks at a Victoria Secret magazine) Hehehehe.
Sora: puts nose in shoe) Cough! Ahem…
Kairi: Hmm. (looks under her bed)
Tidus: plays with Tidus Junior)
Tidus Junior is a doll that Selphie made to be their son. It’s like a little Tidus voodoo doll.
Riku: tears out a page and puts it in pocket) Mmmm.
Selphie: puts hair jell in hair) I’m so pretty.
Sora: digs in nose)
Kairi: crawls under her bed)
Tidus: drinks out of a bottle) …
Riku: combs his hair)
Selphie touches her hair and a piece chips off of it.
Selphie: gasps)
Sora: jumps on his bed) Wee!!!
Kairi: crawls around her room) Eeeeeh!
Tidus: sniffs his armpit) Ugh!
Riku: flexes his muscles) Oh baby!
Selphie: makes a fire with the chipped piece of hair) Mwahahahaha!
Sora: rolls off the bed) Whoa!
Kairi: does a hand stand) Ooh.
Tidus: wipes the sweat from his armpit with Tidus Junior)
Riku: flosses his teeth) Well well well well.
Selphie: swats at fire) Extinguish!
Sora: bites finger nails)……(yawns)
Sora falls asleep.
Kairi: Goodnight. (sleeps)
Riku: plops on his bed and sleeps)
Tidus: Tidus Jr, you smell bad.
Selphie: lays on bed and sleeps)
Wakka: has been asleep the whole time)
Around 12 AM…Everyone is sleeping. A serial rapist sneaks into the hotel and breaks into Kairi’s hotel.
S.R: looks around) …
He goes into Kairi’s bedroom and STEALS HER.
S.R: covers Kairi’s mouth and carries her out and laughs)
Kairi: wakes up)
Kairi’s scream is muffled by the rapist’s hand over her mouth.
Kairi: bites his hand) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!! (echoes)
S.R: Ow, you little bitch! (drags Kairi out)
Sora: wakes up) Kairi!
Sora hops out of bed and runs into Kairi’s place and into her room. Kairi’s oath keeper charm is there, but no Kairi.
Sora: Kairi…(picks up the charm) .
Sora looks all around and panics when he can’t find her. He looks all around for her but he can’t find her anywhere. He runs back to the hotel to get some help.
Sora: Wake up, damn it! Your daughter’s been stolen!
K-mom: Kairi’s gone?! (gets up)
Sora runs to his hotel room to get his parents.
Sora: screams) HELP!
They call the police and start a search party; All the islanders, the police, and anyone else who gives a care, but nobody can find her.
Sora cries his heart our.
Sora: I can’t believe this is happening!
Kairi: people are gonna be looking for me! Put me down!
The serial rapist took Kairi away to a hidden house.
S.R: Shut up! Shut up! (throws her down on the floor)
Kairi: You psycho!
The serial rapist has other girls there too.
S.R: You know what’s going to happen to you, right?
Kairi: You wouldn’t dare!
S.R: I’ll give you a demonstration! Hey, Sadie, come here.
Sadie: sniffles). (walks over to him) Yes?
Kairi watches the rapist harass and abuse the poor girl.
About 3 minutes later…
S.R: Hehehehe. Now get away from me. (pushes Sadie)
Kairi sits there, startled and speechless.
Kairi: …
S.R: You see, you’re doomed.
Kairi: You’re not gonna touch me! Ever!!!
S.R: We’ll see about that! (walks over to her)
Kairi: Stay away from me!
Kairi picks up a pin that was laying on the ground.
S.R: bends down and puts hand on Kairi’s hip.
Kairi: stabs him with the pin)
S.R: Aaaaagh! You little bitch! …(sighs) I will get you. (leaves room)
Sadie: You got guts. (leans against wall)
Kairi doesn’t respond. She sits there holding the pin like she was guarding her life with it.
Sora: You can’t just give up! Keeps the search party going!
Police: It’s late, kid, I was supposed to be home an hour ago. Kid, we’re tired. Get some sleep, call us in the morning.
The police man leaves along with his crew. Everyone else goes to sleep, but Sora can’t sleep. He tosses and turns until he couldn’t take it anymore.
Around 4 AM…Sora gets up; He’s going after Kairi…
Sora: I’ll find you on my own…
The rapist has Kairi in a well hidden place.
Sora looks everywhere.
Sora: Where the hell are you?!
S.R: Aren’t you going to sleep?!
Kairi: You think I’m stupid, don’t you?
S.R: You think you’re so tough, don’t you? Don’t worry, you’ll get yours.
Kairi: What’s that supposed to mean?
S.R: I’m a rapist, it’s what I do.
Kairi: sighs)
Sora is still looking for Kairi, slowly finding clues.
Sora: looks down) Footsteps…
Sora follows the footsteps right into a dead end.
Sora: This is it! I can feel it. (knocks on walls)
He’s lost it. Sora spends two whole hours just knocking on the walls.
Kairi: I don’t even have my good luck charm. This sucks.
About 7 PM….
S.R: What are you doing?
Kairi: I’m popping holes in your walls, what does it look like?
Kairi is sitting in the corner, with some scissors, popping holes in the wall.
S.R: Well that’s not doing any good. It’s just brick behind there! Hahaha!
Kairi: scoffs and continues to pop holes in the walls)
Sora is still out, just leaning against the wall, dozing off when he hears tapping on the wall.
Sora: What’s that? (takes out a pocket knife and hits the wall)
Now Kairi is hearing tapping on the wall.
Kairi: …(hits the wall harder)
Kairi bangs the scissors on the brick.
S.R: Kairi, stop doing that to my wall. You’re wasting your energy-
Kairi: How do you know my name?!
S.R: …Lucky guess.
Kairi: beats on the brick harder)
S.R: Let me make you a believer, kid.
He walks over to Kairi.
Kairi: Stay back! (holds scissors up)
The dude takes a gun out of his back pocket and aims it at Kairi.
Kairi: gulps)
Thinking fast, she tosses the scissors at the gun, knocking the gun out of his hands. As the blade hits the gun, it cuts the rapist across his hand.
S.R: Agh! (holds hand) Shit, you’re good.
His hand starts pouring blood onto the floor and he runs to wrap it up, totally forgetting the gun. Kairi crawls over to the gun and starts shooting all of the bullets at the wall where she was tapping.
S.R: Hey, what the hell are you doing?!
Kairi: Um.
The rapist struts over to Kairi and pimp slaps her clean across the face. Kairi gasps, grasping her cheek and backs away from him.
S.R: Look at you, popping holes in my wall, how did you get under the brick?
Kairi: …It’s not real brick.
S.R: Ay, you shut up! Sit down and stay down while I go find something to plug that hole up, you little tart bag. (walks into the next room)
Kairi sits back down and starts to cry, the rapist comes back with some duct tape and pushes Kairi out of the way.
S.R: Move. (tapes up hole) You better not poke no more holes in there. Where’s them scissors?
Kairi: I-I threw them.
S.R: Oh, that’s right. Hahahaha.
He goes in the next room and starts drinking some beer. Sora has already gone back home to get a power drill.
Kairi is taking a nap by the time Sora gets back with the drill. Sora sees the whole covered up by duct tape.
Sora: Hey, a hole? (talks through the hole) Hellooooooo!
Kairi: Sora?!
Sora: Kairi?!
Kairi: Sora?
Sora: …What?
Kairi: You came, I knew you would come, Sora!!!


Just Surviving
Mar 6, 2004

Sora: Where are you?
Kairi: I’m behind this wall! There’s this freak, he kidnapped me and he’s trying to rape me, there’s other girls here too!
Sora: Who is this guy?!
Kairi: Sora, there’s a crease in the wall! Find it.
Sora gets up and feels the wall for a big crease and runs his finger right over it.
Sora: … I found it! Now what?
Kairi: Push it in.
Sora pushes against the crease and the wall unfolds inward and Sora climbs through.
Sora: Kairi!
Sadie: What the hell!!!
Kairi: Sora, shhh! He-s in here-
Sora: Who is-
Sora gets shot right at the side of his waist.
Sora: Ack! (freezes)
Kairi: SORA!!!!!!!
Sora: falls flat on his face)
S.R: Sora, why’d you have to get involved in this?
Kairi: You lunatic! (runs up to Sora) Sora, are you okay?!
Sora: Kairi-…I’m not gonna leave you.
Sora slowly gets up and turns toward the crazed rapist.
S.R: I got one bullet left, which one of you two wants to take it? (cocks gun)
Kairi: Sora, you can’t-
Sora: Get out, call the cops!
Kairi quickly runs out, Sora takes the chain off his neck and uses it to snatch the gun out of the man’s hand and then aims the gun at him and shoots him in the head. All the other girls run out, Sora stays in waiting for the cops to arrive. When they do, Sora is taken to the hospital, along with the rapist. Sora is okay, but the serial rapist- he died. Bad news, the rapist was Kairi’s father…
Two days have passed and Kairi is visiting Sora in the hospital.
Kairi: Hey, sweetie.
Sora: Hi Kairi.
Kairi: holds his hand) Are you alright?
Sora: I’m good.
Kairi: kisses him)
Sora: I’ll be out in a little bit, maybe even by Sunday.
Kairi: I can’t wait…my dad…died.
Sora: My intention was to kill him, Kairi. I’m sorry.
Kairi: No, it’s okay. He was trying to rape me. I don’t …really care about him now.
Sora: Can I be your new daddy?
Kairi: You’re such a little freak, Sora.
Sora: Ha-ha.
Kairi: blushes)
Nurse: Ma’am, I’m gonna have to ask you to leave now.
Kairi: I just got here.
Nurse: And now you just have to leave.
Kairi: Bye, Sora.
Sora: Bye Kairi. I love you.
Kairi: I love you too.
Kairi leaves and the nurse glares at Sora and closes the door.
Sora: Bitch.
Sunday… Kairi is in her room, just looking around at stuff and Sora is in his hospital bed just thinking about Kairi.
A big fat guy and the other rape victim girls come into his hospital room.
Fatty: Son, you helped save a lot of girls. We all want to thank you. We’ve rewards for you, son.
The guy starts rambling on about his successful life, boring Sora to death.
Sora: …uh huh…Yeah… I know…Yep…(SHUTUP!)
Fatty: This leaves me to reward you with this plaque of achievement, young man. Also, a check for 999 munny.
Sora: Thanks! (grins)
Sadie: We thought you’d like a kiss?
Sora: Welllllllllll…Just a little one!
Each of the rape victim girls gives Sora a peck on the cheek.
Sora: Hehe, bye!
They all leave Sora with a bunch of lip stick marks on his face.
About five minutes later, Sora is watching TV and a nurse comes in to give him some news.
Nurse: Okay, Sora?
Sora: Ma’am?
Nurse: You only have one more check up to pass and if you’re alright, you’ll be out by tomorrow.
Sora: Let’s do this then.
The doctors and assistants come in to perform the tests and Sora waits patiently for his results. After the test, Sora lays on his hospital bed with the bed remote, constantly adjusting the angle of the bed, up and down, up and down, over and over again until his doctor walks in.
Doc: Alright, Mr. Sora, your seem to be fully recovered, the bullet didn’t do much damage, nothing that we couldn’t fix. You might walk with a limp and you can’t do too much walking cause you might start to ache, take care of yourself. Sign this paper.
He hands Sora a clip board and a pen.
Sora: reads paper) …(signs it and hands it back to him) That’s it?
Doc: Yep. Here’s my number if you have any problems at all, give me a call and I won’t hesitate to answer.
Sora: Thanks.
Doc: No problem.
He winks at Sora and steps out. The next afternoon, Sora is dismissed and walks home…The kid just got out of the hospital and they let him WALK home…Tsk tsk tsk.
Sora: knocks on door)
S-dad: opens door) HEY SON! (hugs Sora) You know, you’re all over the news!
Sora: Really?
S-mom: That was really brave, what you did. How’s that wound?
Sora: It’s fine. It’s kind of sore.
Sora hugs him mom. Kairi is in the bedroom, writing a get well card for Sora.
Kairi: …Sora’s back! (rips the card up and runs over to Sora and hugs him)
Sora: Hey Kairi!
Kairi: I’m so glad you’re back, how are you feeling?
Sora: I’m fine!
Kairi: smooches Sora)
The rest of the islanders come crowding into the small hotel room and
K-mom: You’re such a saint, child! (snatches Sora and starts kissing him all over his face)
Sora: Aaaaaagh!
Kairi: Mom! Stop hitting on my man!
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Just Surviving
Mar 6, 2004
Everyone else starts tapping Sora on his shoulder and talking over each other and cheering for Sora. To celebrate, they take Sora out to the diner and everybody orders up a bunch. The manager lady walks up to Sora.
Lady: Sora, we saw what you did on TV. You got some guts.
Sora: Yeah?
Lady: We...Um we want you back, Sora.
Sora: yawns) I don’t know, I’ve been kind of busy, and my doctor tells me I shouldn’t be walking around that much, ya know?
Lady: How about a promotion?
Sora: I haven’t started working yet!
Lady: You can take cooking classes! Or you could take the cashier’s job! You won’t have to walk around at all!
Sora: …How’s the pay?
Lady: …13 munny an hour?
Sora: …Make it 14!
Lady: Done, kid.
Sora: stands up and screams) Woo! I got my job back!!! YAHOO!
S-dad: That’s great son! Now sit down, have a drink! It’s on me!
Sora: Thanks dad!
After everyone settles down at the Diner and the sun has gone down, most everyone else has left, and Sora and Kairi are just standing around playing kissey face.
Riku: Will you two stop kissing for once? You’re going to suck the life out of each other!
They ignore Riku and keep smooching.
Jim: Hey, hey, hey buddy!
Sora: Give me a minute, Jim. (kisses Kairi)
Jim: Pretty brave back there Sora?
Sora pays no attention to Jim at all.
Jim: Huh? …Huh Sora?! Hey! I’m talking to you! (punches Sora’s shoulder)
Kairi: hisses at Jim) Sssssccheriiiiihhhhh!!!
Jim: …(backs away from them)
Cid comes out to congratulate Sora.
Cid: Hey Sora. hey Kairi.
Kairi: Hey, Cid.
Cid: You seriously got mad love for each other, huh?
Sora: Yep. (cuddles Kairi)
Cid: Well I got you too some gifts, like Get Well gifts, since one was almost sexually harassed by her father and the other was shot! Here, I made them myself.
Cid takes some diamond studded watches from his pocket and gives them to Sora and Kairi.
Kairi: Oh my God, Cid, these are beautiful!
Sora: puts watch on) Thanks, Cid.
Cid: No problem, just don’t expect anymore discounts from me. Those took a lot of time to make. See ya.
Cid walks around the diner to get something to eat.
Sora: …Is it just me, or does Cid seem kind of gay sometimes?
Kairi: I know what you mean.
A half hour later…
K-mom: Hey, Kairi!
Kairi: Yes mom?
K-mom: I’m in love!
Kairi: …I know you’re probably upset about dad, but-
K-mom: With CID!
Kairi: …What?!
K-mom: Yeah! He’s so cute!
Kairi: …What do you want me to do? I don’t know what to do!
K-mom: Help me out, I’m too shy!
Kairi calls Cid over and he runs over like a fire fighter going to extinguish some fire.
Cid: Yes?
Kairi: This is my mom.
Cid: We’ve already met. (shakes K-mom’s hand)
Kairi: She’s in love with you.
K-mom: gasps) I’m going to go get a drink now! (quickly walks away)
Cid: …Enjoy the watches! (goes to get some more food)
10 minutes later…
S-dad: Hey Sora!
Sora: Yeah, dad?
S-dad: That Cid guy was totally flirting with me!
Sora: What?! (chokes)
Kairi runs to get a drink.
S-dad: Yeah, totally… Don’t you want to sit down? Eat something, boy! It’s your party!
Sora: No thanks.
S-dad: Suit yourself, kid. (walks back to table)
10 MORE minutes later…
Cid: So have you noticed that Sora and Kairi kiss…a lot?
S-dad: Yeah, and?
Cid: Is that appropriate for their age?
S-dad: I don’t know, I don’t care.
Cid: Come on, we’re all almost middle aged people here-
S-dad: Uh, mo. Me and my wife are only 28.
Cid: 28?! You’re kidding.
S-dad: Do I look middle aged?
Cid: …Let me get this straight, you’re 28 and Sora is 15?!?!
S-dad: Yeah.
Cid: How old were you when you had Sora?
S-dad: I don’t know, they grow up so fast and you just forget.
Cid: …That’s disgusting! (gets up and starts running)
He runs SMACK into Kairi’s mom and they catch eyes and stare at each other until…
Cid: …You have some chocolate on you face. (walks away)
K-mom: …(sniffles) Thank you!... (cries) He’ll never notice me!!!


Just Surviving
Mar 6, 2004
Around 10 PM…
S-dad: Sora, we’ve done you a big favor.
Sora: Yeah?
S-dad: Yep. We’ve cleaned out a hotel room for you and Kairi to stay in.
Sora: By ourselves?
S-dad: Yes, it seem you can protect her better than her own mom, and her dad is dead now. Her mom is moving into your room, with us, cause she doesn’t want to be lonely. She wants to bond with her daughter’s boyfriend’s parents.
Sora: …Okay.
S-dad: I’ve moved your stuff into the other hotel room already so you just have to move your butt in there, and Kairi’s too. (pats Sora on the back)
Sora: Ya know, dad, you’ve done so much for me… I love ya, dad, I love you so much!
S-dad: …First Cid flirts with me, now this. Son, don’t be that way. Just go and be with Kairi.
Sora: Aha. Okay, dad.
Sora skips to the hotel room where Kairi is waiting.
S-dad: And don’t skip either!!!
Sora unlocks the hotel room with the keys and greets Kairi with a kiss and sits down to watch TV. The parents have the place decorated with Christmas lights and all the lamps are dimmed.
Kairi: I’m going to take a bath. (leaves)
Sora’s face is still all over the TV.
Sora: I can’t get away from me! (turns TV off and switches on the radio)
All that’s on is radio shows about Sora saving rape victims, and romantic lubby dubby music.
Sora: Nevermind! (turns it off)
Sora goes into the kitchen. The table has a pretty candle on it.
Sora blows the candle out. The fridge has campaign on it. Sora takes it and drops it out the window, then looks in the bedroom. The bedroom has a bowl of grapes on it and rose petals on it. Sora sits on the bed and eats all the grapes. The head of the bed has a bottle of lotion on it. Sora picks up the lotion and smells it and grunts, then throws the bottle out of sight. After a short while, Kairi comes out of the bathroom.
Kairi: The water in there is hot! Look at me, I’m sizzling! (sits down beside Sora)
Sora: You’re really warm. (rubs her leg) I’m sleepy.
Kairi: Me too.
Sora and Kairi lay down.
Sora: …Kairi, I’m scared! I need my parents in the next room to sleep.
Kairi: Just consider it an adventure, Sora. (closes eyes)
Kairi quickly dozes off.
Sora: sucks his thumb) Mommy…
Kairi: sleeps)
Sora: looks around room) …(gulps)
Kairi starts to sleep talk.
Kairi: No I don’t. (rolls over)
Sora: Huh?
Kairi: Please don’t…(twitches)
Sora: I love you… more than the world, all of the worlds.
Kairi: ………………..
Sora: Do you love me?
Kairi: …No.
Sora: …(kisses Kairi)
Sora: Kairi! Shhhhh! It’s just a dream!
Kairi turns and looks at Sora, looking really freaked out, and then puts her head back down to sleep.
Kairi: …(hides face under the covers)
The next morning, Sora is once again, preparing for another day at work.
Kairi: You can’t leave me here!
Sora: Either you come with me, visit someone, or stay here, Kairi.

Kairi: But…
Sora: Bye, honey. (kisses Kairi and leaves)
5 minutes later…
Kairi: leans against the door) I’m all alone! (squints eyes) I’m defenseless. (grasps neck) I can’t breathe! (lays on floor) Gravity is increasing on me! The ceiling is sinking! (walks to the fridge) I’m gonna starve! (sits on couch) I’m sinking! The couch is eating me! EEEEEEH! (hides behind the TV) My heart stopped! (runs into the bedroom) Sora ate all the grapes! I’m gonna…..die. (lays under the bed and hides) …
Kairi falls asleep under the bed and then she gets back up and starts complaining about stuff that isn’t even happening. Maybe she had some of the champagne before Sora threw it out. By the time Sora comes back home, Kairi is hiding inside of a box.
Sora: Kairi?
Kairi: Sora! Quick, hide!
Sora: From what?
Kairi: From danger! (comes out of the box)
Sora: What danger?
Kairi frowns and points to the sink with a leaky faucet.
Sora: You see, this is why I changed my mind about getting the job. I knew you would be lonely, but I didn’t think you’d go nuts.
Kairi: This place is a death sentence! Death, Sora!
Sora: Okay, Kairi. Calm down!
Kairi: I need air! (runs down the hall and knocks on a door)
S-dad: opens door) Hi Kairi!
Kairi: Momma!
K-mom: gets off couch) Yes, sweetie? Is everything okay?
Kairi: No, I just-
K-mom: Is something wrong?
Kairi: No, I-
K-mom: You’re pregnant, aren’t you?
Kairi: No! It’s just that the place is a death sentence!
K-mom: What? You were there for a whole month and you never complained, only that you weren’t seeing Sora.
Kairi: Momma-
Sora: Kairi?
Kairi: Uh, I’ll be sleeping with my mom tonight, Sora. I’m just not ready to leave.
Sora: …Okay, Kairi…Geeze, what about me?
Kairi: Um, you won’t have to be alone.
Sora: I’d rather be. (walks away)
Kairi: …
Sora: sits on couch eating grapes) Sigh. (looks at his watch)
Sora keeps constantly checking his watch and suddenly gets a bright idea.
Sora: Whoa! I’ll get me a pet! Yeah, that’s it!
Sora skips to a local pet shop. His dad told him not to do that. The store keeper gives Sora all the info.
S.K: The only things she can say are “Shut up” “cracker” “Yes” “No” and “Hahahahaha!” Enjoy.
Sora: holds bird) I’ll name you Pirate!
Pirate: Yes.
Sora: I think it’s a good name too.
Pirate: Hahahahaaha!
Sora: So, what kind of crackers do you like?
Pirate: Crackers.
Sora talks to Pirate as he walks back to the hotel.
NOTE: New character added to story; Pirate, Sora's parrot.


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YAY! i got caught up! (i was banned from the computer for 1 day ...got caught using it at 3:00 am ....he he he) i luv this fic.! did i mention that i luv this fan fic.. i don't think i did..so i'll say it! ..I LUV THIS FAN FIC. ! AND U KNOW WHAT! I'M GONNA SAY IT AGAIN! I LUV THIS FANFIC! write more please!!!!!!!! :D :) :D(wow...i'm hyper!)


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Mar 6, 2004
(plays clarinet) :)

Sora: This is your new home.
Pirate: No.
Sora: You don’t like it?
Pirate: Cracker!
Sora: Oh! (gets a cracker)
The store keeper gave Sora special crackers because Pirate is a young birdie.
Sora: Say please.
Pirate: Yes.
Sora: gives her the cracker) …
Pirate: Hahahahahaha! (eats it)
Sora: You’re a weirdo.
Pirate: …(scratches head)
Sora: Let’s watch TV. (holds arm out)
Pirate: No. (climbs onto his arm)
Sora: sits on couch and turns TV on)
Pirate: Shut up. Shut up…. Shut up. (nibbles on foot)
Sora: Well, excuse me.
Pirate: craps on Sora’s shoulder) Yes.
Sora: Oh Geeze, thanks.
Sora gets a paper towel and cleans the bird crap off his clothes.
Pirate: Gee thanks. No.
Sora: Pirate is stupid.
Pirate: You is stupid.
Sora: …I like big butts.
Pirate: Butts. Yes.
Sora: Ha ha! You pervert.
Pirate: No.
As a result of Sora’s boredom, he teaches Pirate how to talk…Well, kinda.
Pirate: Are you asleep?
Sora: No…(mumbles) Why don’t you shut up and see if I fall asleep?
Pirate: Are you asleep?
Sora: Grrr. No. (presses face against pillow)
About 12 in the morning…
Sora: Please stop talking.
Pirate: Shut up, cracker.
Sora: You hurt my feelings.
Pirate: Yo- Ho! Yo- Ho! It’s a pirate’s life for me!
Sora: GOD!
Pirate: Sing along me.
Sora: … Yo-Ho. Yo-Ho.
Pirate: Shut up.
Sora: Grrr. (sticks some grapes in ears) Peace and quiet.
All night, Pirate’s mouth has been going.
Sora: sleeps) Mm-zzo. Mm-zzo. Mm-zzo.
In the morning, Sora goes to the grocery store.
Sora: What kind? Trail mix or Mixed Peanuts?
Pirate: Grail nix!
Sora: chuckles and puts it in the basket) Do you want mixed berries, or raisins?
Pirate: Verries.
Sora: gets box of mixed berries) What kind of toys do you like?
Sora lets Pirate walk on the shelf and she picks out a parrot toy and drops it on the floor.
Pirate: No.
Sora: picks it up and puts it in basket)
Pirate: climbs on Sora’s shoulder) Cracker.
Sora: Are litter boxes for cats or birds?
Pirate: No.
Sora shrugs and puts the litter box in the basket.
Sora: Now for me.
Sora goes down another isle and gets some underwear for himself.
Pirate: climbs on Sora’s head) Ahahahahahahaah! …Aha!
Sora: What? (gets some socks)
Pirate: Feet.
Sora: smiles and goes to counter)
Pirate: Yo-Ho! Yo-Ho! I’ll drink the rum and I’ll bite your bum, it’s a sailor’s life for meeeeeeeee!
Sora: How much do I owe you?
Pirate: 300 doll hairs.
Cashier: 31.36 Sir.
Sora: Okay. (gets out wallet and pays then leaves)
Meanwhile…Kairi gets a call from the cops, they need to ask her some questions. She leaves down to the TTPD ( Traverse Town Police Department)
Sora and Pirate get to the hotel room.
Sora: So where do you want these toys?
Pirate: Everywhere! (flies around in circles)
Sora puts the toys in different places. Then he puts the litter box in the bathroom and Sora takes a shower.
Pirate: Hahahaha! (flushes the toilet)
Sora: Pirate!!! (runs out of the shower) You’re despicable!
Sora puts his clothes on and takes Pirate to see Kairi.
S-mom: answers the door) Hey, Sora, looking for Kairi?
Sora: If she’s here.
K-mom: She’s not here now. Can I take a message?
Sora: No, just tell her I love her.
K-mom: Okay, what’s with the bird.
Pirate: Sora likes big butts! (flies into the room)
S-mom: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh a wild animal!!! (swats at Pirate with a spoon)
Pirate: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh!
Sora: Momma, stop trying to kill my bird!
S-mom: This is your bird?
Sora: Yeah! I bought her! Her name is Pirate.
S-dad: hey, Sora! (grabs Sora and noogies him)
Sora: Look at my new best friend!
Pirate: Hello. No. Hello.(lands on Sora’s shoulder)
S-dad: Hi.
S-mom: She’s a pretty bird.
Sora: I know, the only pretty one they had.
Pirate: nibbles on Sora’s ear) You need hair cut. Yes.
Sora: I gotta get. I just wanted to say hi.
S-dad: Nonsense! Stay for a bite to eat!
Sora: You spoil me, dad. (sits down)
Sora’s mom cooks Sora a quick snack and Sora eats most of it and then goes around town just to…look around town.
Sora: eats snack).( walks on rail) Ack! (falls off rail and lands on knees). (gets up and keeps eating.
Pirate: Ahahahahaha. (flies around)
Sora: Hey come back!
Sora chases Pirate all the way infront of the TTPD.
Police: You sure were lucky, ma’am. That boyfriend of yours is a smart one. One of the brightest I’ve seen. How did he get through that brick? Strong and determined.
Sora crashes into the window of the police department building.
Kairi: …I wouldn’t say the brightest.


Just Surviving
Mar 6, 2004
Sora: gets up) …Hey Kairi!!!
Kairi: What?
Sora: comes inside) Hey Kairi!
Kairi: What were you doing?
Sora: I was chasing my bird.
Kairi: Your…bird?
Pirate: flies into the building and lands on his shoulder) See?
Kairi: What’s his name?
Pirate: His name is Pirate. Yes.
Sora: It’s a girl.
Kairi: You named her Pirate?
Pirate: gets on Kairi’s head) Hello.
Kairi: Hello, you have pretty feathers.
Pirate: runs feet on Kairi’s head) So do you.
Kairi: You can speak?!
Sora: Yep. So, how have you been? I was looking for you.
Kairi: I’m okay. I think I’ve recovered from last night. I was called down here for some reason.
Sora: Are they going to arrest me if I say hi?
Kairi: No, come on.
Sora: Hey dudes, what’s up?
Officer: We were just discussing certain matters about the Serial Rapist and all. We were about to dismiss Kairi when he started chatting about you.
Sora: I always knew she talked about me behind my back!
Officer: Only good things, son. You two have a nice day and be safe.
Kairi: Okay, you too.
Pirate: Goodnight.
They go up to the hotel room…At night…
Sora: Yo-Ho!
Kairi: Yo-Ho!
Pirate: It’s a pirate’s life for me!
All: I’ll drink the rum and I’ll bite your bum. It’s a pirate’s life for me!
Then around 12…
Pirate: Are you asleep?
Sora and Kairi are sleeping soundly with grapes shoved in their ears.
Sora: Mm-zzo. Mm-zzo. Mm-zzo. Mm-zzo.
Kairi: sleeps quietly) ….
The next morning…Sora, Kairi, and Pirate go and swim in the hotel’s swimming pool.
Pirate: floats on the surface) I’m drowning! Mommy!
Sora: Whoa! (picks her up) Are you okay?
Pirate: What’s your problem? I was swimming!
Sora: Oh… (puts her back down in the water)
Pirate: I’m drowning! Mommy!
Sora: rolls eyes)
Kairi: This water is cold. (shivers)
Sora: It feels better under water.
Sora goes under and motions for Kairi to come under too.
Kairi: goes under)
Sora and Kairi play with each other under the water.
Pirate: I’m drowning! Mommy!
Sora: comes up for air) Gasp. (goes back under)
About 4 minutes later…Kairi still hasn’t come up for air.
Sora: comes up again) …Kairi?! (pulls Kairi up)
Kairi: What?
Sora: …How long can you hold your breath?
Kairi: I don’t know. Let’s see.
She goes back under and stays for about one minute and hops back up from being startled by a fat kid belly flopping into the pool.
Kairi: Damn, let’s try again. (goes back under)
Sora: waits)…
Some time around 10 PM…it’s really dark, Pirate is asleep while floating on the water, Sora and Kairi are in the pool just playing kissey face, and everyone who is left is just making outside of the pool.
Pirate: snores)
When they go in…Sora cooks them some food.
Pirate: CRACKER! (ruffles feathers)
Sora: gives Pirate a cracker)
Kairi: finishes eating) That was good Sora.
Sora: It’s the only thing they taught me how to cook.
Kairi: You should have stayed.
Sora: But you were going ballistic.
Kairi: I guess so. (sits back)
Sora: gets the dishes and washes them)
Pirate: drops cracker) Shut up!!!
Kairi: sighs)
Pirate: looks down at cracker) …
Kairi: gives Pirate the cracker and goes to bedroom)
Sora: dries the dishes)
Pirate: flies to the couch with the cracker and eats it)
Sora goes into the bedroom with Kairi and Pirate drags the cracker box on the couch and sits there with it, watching TV.
In the morning…Sora gets up and goes into the den and sees Pirate asleep on the couch, covered in crackers and Kairi comes out and sits by Pirate.
Sora: My leg is still cramped… (sits on floor and stretches leg)
Pirate: Butt! Yeah. No. (opens beak and shivers)
Kairi: What a bird.
Pirate: gets on top of Kairi’s head) Good claw. (whistles)
Sora: watches TV)
Pirate: flies to litter box and uses it).(whistles) What I say?! (plays with toys)
Kairi: What are we going to do today?
Pirate: Let’s go shopping! Shopping!!! (chews on Trail Mix box) Let’s get drunk and have a bachelor party! You two can bite each other and I’ll eat all these good stuffs! (looks in fridge)
There’s a bottle of Vodka in the fridge. Pirate gets it and pops open the cork.
Pirate: Orange juice! (starts drinking it)
Sora: What have you got there, Pirate?
Pirate: Orange juice!
Sora: Oh okay.


Just Surviving
Mar 6, 2004

10 minutes later, Sora and Kairi are just blankly staring at the TV, totally ignoring Pirate.
Pirate: Orange juice rocks! (flies around in circles and then crashes into the wall) Oh yeah! Bacon Bits!
Kairi: wipes nose and looks at TV)…
Pirate: Hit me, baby, one more time! (looks at mirror) Hey, who are you?
Sora: winks at the lady on the TV)
Pirate: pecks the mirror) Come on, put up your gats! Come on!!!
Kairi: scratches head)
Pirate: Romeo and Juliet! The world map makers! (spreads feathers)
Sora: Look at that guy. (points on TV)
Pirate: Cry me a river! Oh, oh! (squirms around on back)
Kairi: I see.
Pirate: hops up and down)
As a result of some major boredom, Sora and Kairi take a bath together in the hotel bath tub.
Kairi: This water is so hot.
Sora: I’m sweating.
Pirate is sitting on the couch, blowing kisses at birds she sees on the Discovery Channel.
Sora: Don’t use that soap. It stinks.
Kairi: Your hair stinks too, Sora. (gets soap and starts washing his hair)
Sora: That feels good, my head itches all the time.
Kairi: Because you have flees.
Pirate: whistles).(makes kissing sounds at TV) Mwah! Mwah! Mwah! Call me. Me and you tonight at 12! Hey baby!
Kairi: rubs shampoo in his hair) I bet it makes you sleepy.
Sora: sighs)
Kairi rinses the shampoo out and Sora finishes washing up and they get out of the tub.
If you couldn’t tell, Pirate is drunk.
Pirate: You a chicken head! Yeah! (falls off the couch)
Later…when Sora and Kairi are trying to take a nap…
Sora: rolls over)
Kairi: holds eye) Sora, your hair just poked me in the eye!!!
Sora: What?
Kairi: You need a hair cut, badly.
Sora: But I love my hair.
Kairi: You’re going to put somebody’s eye out with it!
Sora: …What do you want me to do? I can’t cut it.
Kairi: I could.
Sora: I’d rather it be done by somebody who knows what they’re doing.
Kairi: Then go out and get it cut, it’s too big!
Sora: I don’t want to. I’m lazy, I’m tired!
Kairi: Sora!
Sora: …Okay. (gets up and puts shoes on) Only because you’re bitching about it.
Kairi: Excuse me?!
Sora: Goodnight. (gets up and leaves room)
Kairi: … (sighs and plops on bed)
Pirate: Where ya going?! Can I come? Can I go with you?! I wanna go!
Sora: Come on. (opens door)
Pirate: lands on his shoulder) Wee! I can go!
Sora walks around asking directions to the nearest Barber Shop. Interesting, the only person who would tell him was a woman with a big f**ked up afro.
At the Barber Shop…
Dude: So, little man. How do you like the tree tops?
Sora: I don’t want it too short, and don’t lose the style, I like it spiked.
Dude: Aright, I can do that. (reaches in bag)
Sora: sits on chair and looks at mirror)
Dude: You washed it first, right? (gets scissors)
Sora: Yeah, my girl friend did it.
Dude: Aren’t you a little too young for a girl friend? (combs and cuts his hair)
Sora: No. I’m 15 and a half.
Dude: Whatever, kid.
Kairi: looks in fridge) … What…is…this?!
She picks up a bottle of half drank vodka from the fridge.
Kairi: Who drank this stuff?! …Gasp! Sora’s an alcoholic!
Kairi sits around for about a half hour and then goes to visit Selphie.
In Selphie’s bedroom…..
Selphie: So, what’s up, Kairi?
Kairi: Nothing really, I’m just seriously bored.
Selphie: Well, what’s new?
Kairi: I sent Sora to get a hair cut…
Selphie: Oh really? Why? I liked his hair.
Kairi: It poked me in the eye!!!
Selphie: What?!
Kairi: His hair poked me in the eye.
Selphie: …Atleast his doesn’t chip off.
Kairi: I went to the police department today.
Selphie: Oh, sorry about your dad-
Kairi: Don’t be! Don’t even mention it.
Selphie: Oh.
Kairi: Sora came to t he station with a big parrot!
Selphie: He did?
Kairi: Yes, he named her “Pirate”.
Selphie: …What kind of name is that?
Kairi: I don’t know, but it fits her. She’s always drunk!
Selphie: Birds can’t get drunk, Kairi.
Kairi: Pirate can! And she gets drunk from drinking orange juice!
Selphie: …But you drink orange juice all the time!
Kairi: I know, but she was drinking something and we asked her what it was and she said it was orange juice!
Selphie: It can speak?
Kairi: Perfectly!
Selphie: Maybe it wasn’t orange juice.
Kairi: …Well there was a bottle of Vodka in the fridge…half drank too!
Selphie: Birds can’t open bottles of Vodka!
Kairi: It was already open!
Selphie: …That’s strange…
Kairi: Yeah.
Selphie: Hey let me show you this nail polish I got from town! (reaches over bed and gets nail polish off dresser) See?
Kairi: What does it look like?
Selphie: Look, I did my toes with it! Ya like?
Kairi: Mm-hm, that’s cute!
Selphie: Come on! Let me do yours!
Kairi: Okay! (kicks shoes off)


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Dec 4, 2004
its not bad...not bad at all... i like it. but the first 'chapter' seema a lil brutal. what with kairi stabbing the girl. but over all i like it, but there is one downfall. its WAY to long...lol...but keep them comming. and try to make them a lil shorter


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It's better than the original. Of course, cuz the useless parts and the WTF?! parts were taken out. The descriptions better too.
Just keep on postin em Gabriel
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