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Fanfiction ► Without The Heartless (AGAIN)

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Mar 6, 2004
Theres going to be a three as soon as KH 2 comes out. *rubs hands together* Maybe even a four. >=D

Tyra: reads beer bottle) "Drink Responsibly" ...Kiss my ***.
She pours the beer in the toilet and then drops the bottle in, laying her head on her arms and sighing.
The guys are sitting at the cove the next day.
Sora: Where'd Wakka go?
Tidus: I have no idea.
Riku: I think its good he left. He's the one causing all this ***.
Riku is massaging his feet.
Tidus: It’s not ALL his fault.
Riku: Yes it is! If he thinks that running away is gonna make it better, he’s wrong!
Sora: nods head)Riku: I’m kicking his *** when he comes back.
Sora: I’m sure Tyra will beat you to it. She's a vampire.
Riku: Yeah.
Tidus: I like Tyra.
Riku: You like a women who could knock you into a coma?
Tidus: Well she's gotta be good in bed.
Sora: So you’re saying Selphie isn’t?
Tidus: I’m just saying it would be cool to see her like...in control.
Riku: She would crush your small genitals, Tidus.
Tidus: What?!
Riku: I said-
Tidus: I don’t have small genitals!
Riku: Yah you do.
Sora: Cough...
Tidus: I don’t!
Riku: Whatever you say, "Lil man"
Tidus: I’m not little!
Riku: You’re shorter than Kairi! You and Selphie are like the island midgets.
Tidus: I like being short. So, what? You’re Mr.Perfect?
Riku: I’m the only with a kid.
Sora: What’s THAT supposed to mean?
Riku: You know what I mean-
Sora: That’s not funny.
Riku: Am I laughing?
Sora: Anyway you forgot Wakka.
Riku: Wakka's a fag!
Tidus: What?!
Riku: Wakka is GAY.
Sora: Damn.
Tidus: No he isn’t!
Riku: Yes he is!
Tidus: How do you know?!
Riku: He pulls my hair when we fight. Only girls do that!
Tidus: Well...You have alot of hair.
Riku: He was grabbing my balls too!
Sora: Damn!
Tidus: He did?!
Riku: Yes. One minute were scrapping and the next, he’s frisking me!
Tidus: You’re lying!
Riku: You calling me a liar?
Tidus: Yeah.
Riku: I’m not lying, Tidus.
Tidus: Then why are you lying on Wakka?
Sora: He really did that to you?
Riku: I’m not lying on Wakka.
Tidus: Look, I know my best friend-
Sora: I thought I was your best friend.
Riku: Your best friend is gay!
Sora: I’m not gay!
Tidus: You’re not my best friend, Sora-
Sora: What?!
Riku: He's gay.
Tidus: He's not gay!
Riku: Are you yelling at me?
Tidus: I’m telling you that Wakka isn’t gay!!!
Riku: You know I don’t like being yelled at, Tidus.
Sora: So, I’m not your best friend, huh?!
Riku: How much of an *** whooping do I have to give you to shut you up?!
Riku stands over Tidus.
Riku: I feel like slapping you right now! Face it, Wakka is gay and you of all people should know it!
Tidus: What’s THAT supposed to mean?
Sora: Then forget you!
Sora gets up and walks off. Riku kicks sand at Tidus and follows Sora.
Tidus: ...Well now I got all the juice and sandwiches for myself!
Tidus grabs the lunch bag and looks at the goodies inside of it.
At Riku's house-
Akira: See? (plays with legos)
Caesar: ....What is it
Rin: ears wiggle) ?????????
Akira: stacks legos)
Caesar frowns...and then smiles.
Caesar: stacks legos)
The two stack the legos very high- so high that the tower breaks and falls on Akira’s head.
Akira: Oww! (cries)!!!
Caesar: Don’t cry!
Caesar kisses Akira’s forehead.
Akira: sniffles) ...
Rin: ?!!!
Akira: Haha! (kisses Caesar on the cheek)
Caesar blushes. Rin turns purple.
Rin: Arg! (charges into Ceasar and knocks him down)
Caesar: Ow! Rin! I don’t wanna play right now!
Akira: Rin! What are you doing?!
Rin gets something he synthesized from under the bed and pours it on Ceasar's arm.
Caesar: AAAGGH! (cries)
It burns Caesar’s arm.
Akira: Akea'!
Akira stuns Rin.
Rin: ?! (falls off and bounces around shaking) ????????!
Caesar: cries) Sniff! WAAAAAAAAAAA! (runs to kitchen)
Myra: gets up) What- happened to your arm?!
Myra kneels down by Caesar and takes his arm.
His whole forearm is different colors.
Caesar: Rin attacked me!
Akira runs in-
Akira: runs into fridge) ...Caesar! (runs over to Caesar)
Caesar: ...
Akira: heals Caesar) All better.
Ceasar: How-
Akira: hugs him)
Caesar: ...
Rin: ...Grrr...
Rin turns red...He clenches his fist and walks right out the door.
Myra: Why’d he attack you?!
Caesar: I dunno! He just lost it.
Tyra: drinks sea water) ...(sighs) ...I miss Wakka!!!!
About three hours later...
Tyra: knocks on door)
Myra opens the door and loses her smile.
Myra: Tyra-
Tyra: hugs Myra)
Myra: ...
Tyra: I know you probably hate me for what I did, but I’m sorry! I’m trying to get you to forgive me but you keep being so stubborn!
Myra: Wha-
Tyra: -And now Im starting to miss Wakka and everybody hates me! I didn’t mean to shoot Akira! She jumped in the way! You should’ve been holding her! I’m sorry I was drunk! Can we stop hating each other? We’re sisters! I won’t drink anymore, I promise!
Tyra squeezes Myra.
Myra: Okay okay okay! I forgive you! I can’t breathe!
Tyra: That’s great!(puts Myra in a headlock) (walks down hallway) So, can I stay here? I’m really lonely at my place. I’m sure I could take the parents’ bedroom.
Myra: Actually me and Riku and in that bedroom-
Tyra: I’m thirsty, what do you have to drink?
She keeps talking and walking, still with Myra in a headlock.
Riku is working his push ups.
Riku: 301, 302, 303, 304, 305, 306, 307, 308-
Caesar is sitting on his back.
Riku: 309, 310, 311, 312-
Tyra: Work those muscles, Santa!
Riku: ...I lost count!
Akira crawls under Riku.
Akira: Daddy, Rin is gone!
Riku: I’m gonna squish you!
Akira: DADDY! I’m serious!
Riku: Okay! When did you last see him?
Akira: He attacked Ceasar and now he's gone!
Riku: ...He probably just ran away. I’m sure he’ll be hack soon, baby.
Tyra: jumps on bed) This is great!
Myra: What have you been drinking lately, Tyra?
Tyra: I drank some sea water. (plops on bed
) (giggles)
Ever heard Tyra giggle? Ever? In this story? Ever?


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Jan 14, 2006
Hiding from the people at Subway
Tyra+Giggle=End of the World!
I thought you had removed her giggle box!I used to think she looked like Proffeser Moganigal from Harry Potter.Then when you showed us the images i was like no way.Now i can imagine her lookin like wat you should us cuase' of that giggle.Rin is jealous.I think i smell some competition.Oh,wait...its that levftover lasgna from yesterday.
We have to wait til March 28th!!??aww....Oh well!I can wait!!*2 days later*
Me;AHHH!ME Mental!*runs in circles*
Me;*eats lasgna*


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Dec 25, 2005
well......tyra's drinking took place of pirates drinking......so if shes done with the drinking stage.......we need pirate back......i mean come on theres always got to be at least one drunk through out the story

Fullmetal blader

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Jan 30, 2006
Off somewhere obsessing over FMA
Whoa, yeah...We need Pirate back. There can only be one drunk uhh, person/parrot in the story! Tyra should go back to Olympus and live with Wakka! Then we will be free from her evilness! *insert maniacal laughter here* Bwahh, hah, hah! Let us us begin our plotting...


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Sep 10, 2005
Actually, I think the game either comes out on the 29 or the 30. Awesome chapter. I think we're getting to the part where Wakka _________________ this messaged has been censored we will now return you to this idiot. Now i will say a message, silly kids, Trix are for rabbits. So hyper today, must be thaat pizza I ate and yes, I get hyper off of pizza, strange isn't it.


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Dec 25, 2005
Actually, I think the game either comes out on the 29 or the 30. Awesome chapter. I think we're getting to the part where Wakka _________________ this messaged has been censored we will now return you to this idiot. Now i will say a message, silly kids, Trix are for rabbits. So hyper today, must be thaat pizza I ate and yes, I get hyper off of pizza, strange isn't it.

One word of advice.......never eat shrooms b4 you eat pizza......i swear you will never touch it again.....u will b so messed up u will think the pizza is talking to you........this is probably wat u will hear

You- (gets ready to bite pizza)
Pizza- NNNNNNOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! DONT EAT ME!!!!!!!!!!


Just Surviving
Mar 6, 2004
Bob: What if they don’t like me!
Wakka: carries bags) I’ll make-a them like you, yah. (Climbs in chariot)
Bob: climbs in chariot)
Looks like Wakka’s bringing his boy toy home.
Meanwhile...Tidus and Selphie are smooching...
Tidus: kisses Selphie)
Selphie:kisses him back) This seems like to perfect time to tell-
Tidus: pulls jeans off)
Selphie: Uh Tidus-
Tidus: Yeah, baby? (pulls Selphie’s shirt off)
Selphie: I didn’t take any pills-
Tidus: Why?
Selphie: Because I’ve been meaning to talk to you.
Tidus: Now?! About what?!
Selphie: About kids...Babies.
Tidus: What about those things?
Selphie: Maybe we should try it-
Tidus: Owwww! Now that I think about it, I just remembered!
Selphie: What?!
Tidus: I hurt myself today...I was making a sand castle and a crab came and grabbed my stuff and it really hurt-
Selphie: What?! I was with you the whole day, Tidus!
Tidus: Ow! Ow! Ow! It’s hurting again! I’m sorry! (pulls pants up)
Selphie: Tidus!!!
Tidus: Oww! I’m really sore, Selphie. (zips and buttons pants up)
Selphie: We can’t even talk about it?!
Tidus: Just talking about it makes me hurt!
Tidus stands up and then grabs himself as if he aches.
Tidus: It burns!
Selphie: Where are you going?!
Tidus: To get some ice!
Tidus looks at Selphie and then walks out.
Selphie: Fine!
Selphie puts her reading glasses on and gets some ingredients for some make up. She gets to work.
Tidus runs to Riku's house.In the secret place-
Bob: opens door) Agh!-
Wakka: Agh! What?!
Bob: I broke a nail. (sucks finger)
Wakka kisses Bob. The two twinks start smooching, and then touching, and pretty soon, Wakka is undressing Bob and...let’s see what else is going on.
Tyra: What do you see?
Riku: A gigantic head blocking the sunset.
Tyra: No! I mean when you’re breaking mirrors and stuff. What do you see that scares you so much?
Riku: Oh. That.
Tyra: Why do you do it?
Riku: Every time I look, I see my father. I don’t think it’s what I see...I think there’s just something wrong with me.
Tyra: But you’re not like your dad. You’re better than that.
Riku: Honest?
Tyra: Yes...And really cute.
Riku: You think I’m cute?!
Tyra: Yeah.
Riku: Oh well, you’re cute too. But your boobs don’t look real.
Tyra: sighs) You’re such an idiot, Riku. Cheers. (holds cup up)
Riku: Cheers. (puts cup to hers and takes a big gulp from it)-
Tyra: chugs it down) Mm-
Riku: spits it out) Ugh! What the hell is this?!
Tyra: It’s sea water, duh.
Riku: That’s where we put the poeple when they die!!!
Tyra: spits out water)
Riku: And me and the guys were seeing who could pee the longest after two days, and we pissed in the ocean.
Tyra: pukes)
Riku: holds her hair back) Tidus won, by the way.
Tyra: chokes)
Riku pours his cup of water on Tyra’s face.
Riku: snickers)
Tyra: Riku, you bastard! (Coughs) I’m gonna-
Riku: runs to shore) You can’t catch me with that big *** head! It’s gonna weigh you down-
Tyra gets up and sprints after Riku.
Riku: Big -Oh ****! (runs)
Tyra: jumps on his back)
Riku: falls ) Agh!
Tyra sits on Riku’s back.
Tyra: What now, Santa?
She pushes his head into the sand. Riku gets angry.
Riku: pushes her off)
Tyra: falls on butt) Ugh!
Riku’s face is covered in sand.
Tyra: ...
Riku: ...
Tyra: You look so stupid!
They both burst out laughing.


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Sep 10, 2005
Lmao she drank that sick *** sea water. I told me friend to read it (I'm at his house) but he said it might be nasty. Greatly awesome chapter.


Just Surviving
Mar 6, 2004
Actually, RIku and Tyra weren't flirting. They just seem like it cause they were actually being nice. Riku is faithful...but Tyra...

In the house...
Myra: Shouldn’t you be talking to Selphie about this?
Tidus: I can’t! I need to talk to someone with experience.
Myra: Don’t you wanna talk to Riku-
Tidus: Can you tell Selphie how much it hurt when you had Akira so she'll change her mind-
Myra: What?!
Tidus: I don’t wanna have kids! I hate kids-
Akira: Look, Uncle Tidus. I drew a picture of you.
Akira hands him a sheet of paper.
Tidus: ...Who’s this?
Akira: It’s daddy kicking your-
Myra: Akira!
Akira: I’m just talkin’ bout daddy!
Tidus: ..It’s very nice. (puts it in pocket) Like I was saying-
Myra: Don’t you think Selphie knows about the pain? You should be happy that she even wants to have your baby!
Tidus: Right, did YOU wanna have Riku's baby?
Myra: It was the only reason I slept with him.
Tidus: ...-
Akira gets a pan and bangs on it with a spoon.
Myra: Speechless?
Tidus: Look at that! How can you take all that noise?!
Akira: bangs on pots) Ahahaha!
Myra: What noise?
Tidus: ...
Myra: I think you should at least talk to her about it!
Tidus: I don’t wanna!!!
Myra: ...Get out of my house, Tidus.
Tidus: Huh?
Akira: bangs on pot) La la laaaaaaaa!
Myra: Go talk to Selphie
Tidus: Awww-
Akira: sings) I got all the dollars in the worrrrrrrlld! (bangs)
Myra: Go!
Tidus: pokes lip out)
Myra: Get out, you big baby!
Akira: sings) You big baby!!!
Tidus: slowly walks to door)
Myra: You better go talk to her too!
Akira: bangs on pots) Mommy likes hotdogs!
Tidus: I’m leaving! (leaves)
Akira: sings) And daddy likes bunnnnnnns! Yeah! (bangs on pot)
Myra: ...
Akira: puts pot away) I want orange juice! (runs into fridge) ...(cries)
Myra: Why do you keep doing that?! (picks Akira up and sets her on the table)
Akira: rubs forehead)
Myra: gets orange juice)
She puts it in Akira’s favorite mug.
Myra: Here. (Gives it to Akira)
Akira: Never mind, mommy, I forgot me and Caesar are playing hide and seek.
Akira climbs off the table and runs to the back to find Caesar.
Myra: ...Stop running!
Akira: OW!!!!
Caesar: OW!!!!

Bob: zips pants up) That was great, honeybee.
Wakka: ... (picks up bags) Stay here for a while. I need-a go do-a something.
Bob: smacks on bubble gum)
Wakka goes out and looks around . Tyra is sitting on Riku.
Riku: Are u gonna get your fat *** off of me? Your head is crushing my-
Tyra: Shhhh.
Riku: I just noticed you have a big mouth too-
Tyra softly kisses Riku. Riku sits up-
Riku: TYRA-
Tyra pushes Riku back down and kisses him again.
Riku: tosses her off) You dirty hoe!
Riku holds Tyra down. She bites her lip.
Tyra: What are you going to do? Hit me? Go ahead. It would only turn me on-
Riku: What the hell is your problem?Tyra: You know you want me-
Wakka tries to sneak in Riku's house but-
Tyra: Wakka?!
Riku: Hey! Why are you going in my house?!
Riku gets up and runs after Wakka. Tyra hops up.
Tyra: MOVE!
Tyra pushes Riku out of the way and runs over to Wakka. She jumps on him and hugs him.
Riku: Damn it, Tyra!
Wakka: Hey! What the-
Tyra: I missed you so much! I wanted to let you know that I don’t wanna fight anymore!
Wakka: Uh. Okay?
Tyra: I know I hurt you but I still love you.
Wakka: Ugh!
Tidus is sitting in a tree. He’s supposed to be talking to Selphie though.
Tidus: Wakka!!!
Tidus jumps down and runs to Wakka.
Wakka: Get-a off me, yah!!! (pushes Tyra off)
Tyra: What’s wrong?!
Selphie: looks out window) Wakka?! (climbs down window)
Soon everyone is out and talking to Wakka but-
Bob: squeals) AAAGGH!
Bob runs out of the secret place, screaming.
Tyra: Who's that?
Myra: holds Akira)
Akira: scans Bob)
Akira goes off like an alarm-
Akira: Faggot! Faggot! Faggot-
Myra: covers Akira's mouth)
Caesar: Ahahahaha!
Bob: roll eyes at Akira) Hmph.
Akira tries to talk.
Everyone starts yackking until-
Wakka: I’M GAY, MAN!
Complete silence.
Tidus’s jaw drops and then puke falls from his mouth.
Bob: Ewwwwww! (steps away from Tidus)
Tyra: WHAT?!
Riku: I told you, Tidus!
Myra: Um, welcome to our island?
Akira: licks Myra's hand)
Myra: Ugh!
Akira: Faggot! Faggot! Faggot!-
Bob: LOOK, little girl! I suggest you shut your mouth before I knock a tooth out of it-
Riku: Hey! (pushes Bob) Bitch! That’s MY little girl you’re talking to!
Bob falls.
Riku: Now, FAGGOT, I suggest you shut YOUR mouth before you’re standing over here, looking for your jaw!
Wakka; Hey! (pushes Riku)
Riku: You still haven’t had enough, Wakka?!
Riku steps up to Wakka.
Wakka: Come on then-
Tyra: You came here to tell us that you’re gay?!
Wakka: I came here to be welcomed back and accepted!
Riku: Ha! You still don’t got it.
Tyra: You’ve been gay all this time a and you never told us?!
Wakka: ...Yeah.
Tyra: Then what does that make ME?!
Bob: I believe that makes you either a lesbian or a hoe-
Tyra attacks Bob, body slamming him.
Bob: Agh! I think you broke my ribs!!!
Tyra: chokes Bob)
Bob: Ack! Honeybee!
Wakka: tackles Tyra)
Soon all the guys join in.
Kairi: Kick somebody's ass, Sora!
Selphie: Tidus, get out of there! You’ll lose your wedding band!
Myra :Tyra's gonna get hurt! Akira, stop them.
Akira: De'sha!
Akira casts a powerful force field, repelling the gang from each other. They all scatter upon the sand.
Caesar throws down his juice box and stomps it.
Wakka: ... (stands up) Well-a it looks like-a even my friends don’t-a even support me!
Riku: Get this in your head, Wakka! You lost your friends the day you decided to be a jerk!
Riku tosses sand at Wakka.
Wakka: I don’t need you!
Wakka picks Bob up and holds him over his shoulders.
Wakka: Fine!
Riku: Fine!
Wakka: Fine!
Wakka tosses sand at Riku and storms off back to the secret place.
Tidus: I can’t believe this!!! (runs in house and slams door)
Selphie: Sweetie, wait!
Selphie runs after Tidus.
Akira: coughs) ...
Myra takes Akira into the house.
Myra: Where did you learn that word?!
Caesar: I accidentally spilled my juice, Myra.
Everyone goes back in their house, but Tyra just sits in the sand imagining Wakka and Bob...
Tyra: Son of a *****!
She gets up and walks into the house, shaking her head. Tyra’s sorta invited herself to stay in Riku’s house.
Myra: Are you okay, Tyra?
Tyra: Sure.
Tyra puts Myra in a headlock and noogies her.
Tyra: What do you have to eat around here?
Myra: I could get Riku to make something. He’s the only one around here who really knows how to cook.
Tyra: noogies Myra) That would be great.
Myra: I hate it when you do that, Tyra.
Aren’t they just the cutest of sisters?
About two hours later...
Myra: Where are you going?
Tyra: To invite the newbie.
Tyra winks at Myra and leaves the house. Wakka and Bob are making out by the shore.
Tyra: Hey Bob! Could you come here for a while?
Bob: Um...
Tyra: I don’t bite! Geeze! I just want to show you around to welcome you to the island!
Wakka: Don’t go-
Bob: Um, okay.
Bob follows Tyra into Wakka’s house, into Wakka’s bedroom and-
Tyra: Cut the act, I know you’re not gay.
Bob: What are you talking about?! Of course I’m gay!
Tyra: You don’t remember me, do you?
Bob: No?Tyra: We went to highschool together, Bob!
Bob: What do you want from me?!
Tyra pulls her dress off, exposing her naked body. TYRA’S GOT A SIX-PACK! WOOOO! HOT!
Tyra: Maybe you’re the one who wants something from me.
Bob: Still as pretty as you used to be.
Tyra: That’s what I thought.
Tyra immediately starts to undress Bob.
Wakka: GRRRRR. (Taps foot)
Bob is already ****ing Tyra-
Wakka: What’s taking so long?!
Wakka walks in on the two.
Wakka: BOB!
Bob: jumps off Tyra) What?!! ...Oops.
Tyra: Geeze! No wonder you decided to be gay, Bob!
Wakka: What are you doing?!
Bob: I WAS doing Tyra but not anymore-
Tyra: Attempting to do Tyra...
Wakka: WHY?!
Bob: Being gay sucks. I’m going to go find some hookers-
Tyra: Pay them well-
Wakka: BOB!!! Tyra, why do you always have to ruin things?!
Wakka kicks the door and runs out of the room.
Tyra: ...It’s not like he was any good anyway. (Sighs) Step two...
Tyra leaves and goes back to Riku's place.
Wakka passes by the window and peaks in at Myra.
Akira and Myra are making popcorn chains together.
Myra: puts popcorn in Akira’s mouth)
Akira: giggles)
In the back room...
Riku: does push ups) 20, 21, Keep going!
Caesar: does push ups) 22, 23-
Wakka: ...
During the rest of the week, no one has had any contact with Wakka. Bob has gone back to Olympus... Early Sunday morning-
Wakka has just awaken and sits on his bed. He stretches and then looks at a picture of himself standing behind Tyra, making bunny ears behind her head.
Wakka: Ughhh...
Wakka gets up and walks into the kitchen. He stops and looks at the hunting knife on the counter. He reaches for it and then pulls his hand back. Wakka sighs, grabbing the knife and looks for a sheet of paper. He tears out a piece from some of Tyra’s sketches and writes on the back. He writes “Dear Tyra. I’m sorry for being so stupid. I still love you too, I really do...But I think I’ve broken your heart enough, and I don’t even want to try and figure out how to fix my own. Goodbye.” and signs it.
Wakka: picks up the knife) ...
Wakka shoves the knife deep into his chest, piercing his heart.
Tyra is outside trying to climb a tree to get a poupu.
Tyra: Damn it! (Jumps) I can’t get one!
Riku: Tyra!
Riku tosses Tyra a poupu fruit.
Riku: Tyra! (Tosses poupu) You wanted one, didn’t-
The poupu smacks Tyra in the face.
Tyra: OW RIKU!
Riku: ...Geeze, your head is so big you can’t even dodge a little fruit!
Riku hops down from the tree he was mounting and walks into his house.
Tyra picks up the fruit and takes it to Wakka’s house. She stands at his bedroom door.
Tyra: ...Wakka, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry for everything I did. I’m sorry for accusing you of things, I’m sorry for bossing and hitting you, and I’m sorry for cursing at you, I’m sorry for making you adopt Caesar with me, I’m sorry for giving you black eyes, I’m sorry for all the times I probably hurt your feelings, and I’m sorry for what happened with Bob...I got this poupu fruit so that we could start over maybe and we could go back to the way things were when we first got together. I feel really bad...and really open, you know? ...Wakka?
She opens the door. The poupu drops from her hand.
Tyra: ...You just couldn’t take it anymore, huh?
Tyra picks up the note and reads it...
Tyra: ...
Her eyes instantly pour tears.
...A week later...
Tyra decided that they should have a funeral for Wakka in Olympus...
Myra and Akira are putting flowers at Wakka’s casket.
Caesar: digs in nose) ...
Tyra is just standing at the casket, looking at Wakka.
Tyra: You always were such an idiot, Wakka. But I still loved you.
She sets the poupu at his casket.
Akira: ...I know I already asked...But I could heal him for you.
Tyra: No...I will be fine.
A guy walks up behind Tyra.
Jonah: Hey, you’re Tyra right?
Tyra: I wish I wasn’t...
Jonah: Well, are you okay, you know, about all of this?
Tyra: Part of me is kinda glad.
Jonah: I’m so sorry about what happened.
Tyra: ...
Jonah: If you don’t mind...I’d like to buy you dinner.
Tyra: ...
Tyra tries not to smile.
Tyra: Whatever you want.
Jonah takes Tyra’s hand.
Jonah: I’m Jonah.
Tyra: That’s a nice name.
Jonah takes Tyra down the block to a fancy diner.
Riku: puts arm around Myra) Tyra’s got a fresh new victim...
Myra: I hope it goes better for her.
Caesar: puts bugar on Akira)
Akira: CAESAR!
Akira chases Caesar around the building.
Caesar: AGH! (Runs under the table)
....Four months later...Sora and Kairi are living happily ever after with their puppy, Ringo. Tidus finally decided to be a man; Selphie is three months pregnant. Riku, Myra, and Akira are better than ever and still taking care of Caesar. Tyra and Jonah are going steady now. Tyra still hasn’t taken Caesar back but she makes a good babysitter when Riku and Myra wanna be alone. And yes, Wakka went to hell for killing himself, but he’s kinda liking it there.

The End.

...Its like the ending of a beautiful song that described your life with the first three notes.


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Sep 10, 2005
Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo It's Freakin' Oveeeeeeeeeerrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! * Cries* Now We Have To Wait A Long Time Until March!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So Sad. Awesome Ending Chapter.
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