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War of the Species: A Twilight RP

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Dec 23, 2008
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War of The Species: Twilight

One year has passed since Bellas turning and the birth of Renesmee. The story of the retreat of the Volturi in the meadow has spread through to the Vampires around the world, and knowing that a family could rise up against them, started to make their way towards Forks, Washington to meet with this great Family.

Many turned away when learnning that this "Family" didn't drink human Blood, and where in a steady friendship with "changelings as they were called. Others were willing to give this method of living a try, but refused to work with Changelings, and so secretely started to cause infighting between the two groups.

The Quiletes had gotten used to the peace and tranquility of not having to worry about the Cullens, and enjoyed the meetings with them, which also meant seeing Jacob. During one such meeting they heard from Carlisle that Vampires were coming to them wishing to join their family.
The idea of more Vampires joining caused a small arguement, in which both Sam, the Alpha Male snd Carlisle, the father of his Family to make a new rule in the treaty, stating that all new family members must be checked by the Quiletes and the Cullens to see if they're worthy of Joining.

With Vampires beginning to Arrive every few days, more Changelings started to arrive from all over the world. The Revelation that others had existed shocked the Quiletes, but with thier arrival, the trouble started. The Cullens and Quiletes tried keeping peace between the new Vampires and the New Changelings but they hadn't been together long enough to get used to it all, and were starting to tear the two families apart.


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May 20, 2007
In a house that's on a street that's in a town tha
The shadows of the night pressed against Vincents red fur as he stalked his prey. His Foresight catching one or two animals move, but his goal is much bigger. A mountain lion stalked forward into his line of sight cautiously, checking its surroundings as it crept along the ground. The mountain lions coat was dark brown a well defense to camouflage itself while on the hunt, its eyes glowed from the bright moon as it moved its head left to right searching for it's dinner. As it got close, Vincent let out a howl and sprung forward onto the forest creature aiming for it's throat he took a chunk out of it, letting it die quickly, Vincent moved onto the rest.

After thirty minutes of eating Vincent phased back into his human body. Wiping his bloody chin with his hand, he returned to the nearby stream where he left his belongings and his bag. He cleaned himself in the stream, letting the freezing water cleanse him of his hunts blood, Vincent removed himself from the water and pulled his clothes on, as he finished he began taking in a stench he hasn't known for years. He began to run, knowing that the immense smell came from vampires.

After an hours run, Vincent came upon the road the lead into the town called Forks and the one that lead towards the Indian Reservation, he choose to make his way towards the Indian reservation. He saw a sign that wrote five miles to the Quiletes reservation.

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Mar 8, 2009
Ester sat in the alley way crying. The tears blurred his vision and he could barely make out the woman who walked up to him.
"Hey, Hey little boy. Don't cry. Whats wrong?" She asked in a sweet voice.
Ester looked up at her. "I-I-I w-w-want my m-mom." He said as he choked on his sobs.
The woman cooed. "Aww poor dear. Here, hold my hand and we'll go find your mom." she said as she held out her hand.

Ester smiled and grabbed her hand. He stopped and looked back down the alleyway.
"What is it?" The woman asked.
Ester looked up at her." We need to bring my friend too. He's scared. Come out Dansi."
The woman looked down the alleyway." I don't see anyone. Is it your imaginary friend?*
Ester looked up at the woman and frowned."He doesn't like being call imaginary. and besides he's very real thank you very much."
He pointed at a shadow."See. There he is."

The woman looked at the shadow and them back at the little boy." I'm afraid whether or not he likes it, He's imaginary."
Ester glared up at the woman."No he's not he's real!"
"Ester. Why do you fret over this mortals words. She is of no Importance to you. hurry up and stop playing with your food." a voice called out from the shadows.

The woman gasped and pulled Ester behind her and put her hand up. "Don't come any closer. Who are you?"
The shadow slowly seemed to peel itself from the wall and became 3D." I am your death woman. Why aren't you running yet?"
The woman screamed and looked down at Ester. His eyes were pitch black. The woman couldn't take her eyes from the emptiness. He squeezed her hand and the sound of broken bones crunched out. The woman squealed in pain and tried to break his grip. She dislocated two of her finger trying to pull away from him.

Dansi melted into the shadows and popped back up in front of the woman. His arms shot out and grabbed her. She screamed and Ester chopped down on her neck and it broke instantly under his palm. She went still but he could still hear her heart beat so he knew she was still alive. He licked her neck and the warmth made him shiver with pleasure. She was quite the tasty meal.

He bit down on her throat and the blood exploded into his mouth. The flavor was exhilarating. It was the sweetest thing he ever had. He savored the flavor and listened as her heart slowed down more and more until it finally just stopped altogether. He kept drinking until there was nothing left. He dropped her body to the ground and stepped over it to go back to his hiding spot.

"Why do you always ruin my fun?" Ester asked Dansi.
The shadow followed behind like always."Because if I don't you would have played with he all night long." He said in a monotone voice. Ester smiled he couldn't deny that fact. He pulled up the manhole lid and crawled in, Dansi closed it and dissipated. Another successful meal.


Edmund sat still in the woods. He concentrated on the water and it floated up in the shape of an orb. as he breathed it vibrated and changed shape. It morphed into the shape of a disk now. He started spinning it faster and faster and soon it looked like an ball. He then shot it at a tree and it fell over as it was sliced in half. He was now satisfied with his exercise of the morning.

He stood up and walked over to the shore of the lake. Once he was clear of the water he relaxed and stretched his arms and back. He then Sniffed the air for a scent. He smelled a hunter close by so he quietly jumped into the trees and headed north. He soon came across the unknowing victim and dropped from the tree landing silently behind the man.

"Hello stranger." He said.
The man jumped and shot the gun."Good heavens boy! Just about gave me a heart attack there." He said as he put the safety on his gun.
'Sorry, wouldn't want that. Then your blood would stop flowing and you body would get cold."He said with a smile.

The man looked at him with confusion."Are you alright boy? Your talkin weird."
Edmund just laughed. "No, I'm fine... Or that is, I will be. I'm just hungry."
The man laughed. "Yeah I hear you brother, Hiking through the woods on an empty stomach does mess with you."
Edmund looked at the man's neck."Yeah so I'm just going to eat and run. You don't mind do you?"

The man shook his head."No you go ahead and eat. I don't mind. but I don't see and lunch you brought with you."
Edmund laughed even harder at this."Why my good sir, You are the lunch." Edmund turned and stared at the man. The man backed up and looked at Edmund like he was crazy."Boy, now I've just about had enough, Youd best leave now. And I mean now. Your ruining my hunting mood."

Edmund smiled at him."Why what a coincidence. You just put me into the hunting mood. Shall we begin?"
The man shook his head. "I told you to git. Now git!"

Edmund frowned."Now that's not nice. You've just put me in a violent mood now. You should run."
The man raised his gun and pointed it at Edmund."Leave now boy, if you know whats good for you."
Edmund just smiled again and grabbed the gun. As he moved the man shot and the bullet hit Edmund in the chest. He just smiled and grabbed the man by the neck.

The man kicked and struggled but Edmund held on nevertheless. He bit into the mans neck and he slowly stopped struggling. Edmund enjoyed his meal and laid the man down on the moss. He wiped his mouth and started walking. He hoped he found the Cullen's soon. He didn't want to walk around too long in the rain.

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Feb 24, 2008
Dusk shook out her white fur and began loping back toward home. Her patrol was over, and she hadn't seen any action. Not even the hint of the smell of a bloodsucker. She whimpered to herself. Her older brother, Kane, heard it of course.

What's wrong, pup? he asked her.

Don't call me pup, she replied, knowing full well that he knew why she was upset, and it wasn't about her lonesome patrol. Barely three days before, she had hurt a human while phasing, the boy she liked. She'd lost control and he'd nearly had his arm torn off. He was still in the hospital. When the EMTs had put him on the stretcher she had vowed never to love a human, no matter how long she lived.

Kane and his friend, Luke, were laughing at her and it was making her mad. She was still a mile and a half from where she'd left her clothes, but she didn't want to deal with them anymore. She phased into her human form and began running again. Father was not going to be happy about that.

As soon as Dusk reached home, her father was phasing back into his human form. He grabbed her by the shoulder and towed her into the house. Kane and her other brother, David, were already there. The spot at the foot of the table was empty in silent memory of their mother.

"We're leaving," Father said, without any sort of introduction. "There's a pack in Forks, Washington that's having some vampire problems. We're going to help them. I've already talked to Alpha Thomas and he's okayed it. We leave at dawn."

He pointed a finger at Dusk. "You are staying here."

"No I'm not," she replied fiercely. "I'm a member of the pack now, I am my own wolf. I'll go where my pack and my family needs me. Unless Alpha Thomas himself tells me to stay, I will not. And you and I both know he'll want me to stay with you."

"Fine," her father said curtly. "All three of you need to get some sleep. We've a long run ahead of us in the morning."


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Dec 29, 2007
Alyx stood on the edge of the forest, before her lay the town of Forks. She hadn't been there very long. To the townspeople it seemed normal, but it had its secrets. Dark secrets that consumed people...literally. This was the reason she fled to the forest hours ago, the thirst. Sometimes it became unbearable to be around them, the humans. So Alyx fought the urge and went to feed on animals in the forest. She wasn't always so lucky, every once in a while she slipped up and someone died. But she didn't want that to happen anymore.

As Alyx began walking back to town she caght an awful smell in her nose. "Changelings...." She followed the scent until she ended up at a small stream. The scent got wose. "Ugh, foul mutts." Someone had been here, but who? Before she could figure it out the scent became too much and she went running towards Forks. She got there in seconds. So the Changelings were coming bk she thought. Could more be coming into Forks? Alyx hoped not. No peace treaty could hold the tension that came from the two groups. It was too harsh, too primal to understand.

Soon the bonds would break and hell would be unleashed. Lives and friends would lost. But Ayx was ready for anything...ready to fight if needed. Being a Vampire made her obligated to fight, this was the only world she knew. A world devoid of of any true peace, an endless night that went on forever. If the Vampires and Changelings wanted peace or safety they needed to co-exist. If not one group would have to fall. Alyx remained quiet as she walked through the town.


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Jun 5, 2008
With a playful growl, a small black wolf pounced ontop of a larger version of itself. Small, happy giggles left the tiny version as she jumped back off her older brother, only to fall back over in laughter. The older black wolf simply watched as his sister almost died of laughter, which happened on a regular basis. She was to innocent for her own good.

"If only the baby learned to stay quiet during hunting and maybe, you could've caught me by surprise." He said, a smirk shaping his lips.

The "baby" halted to stop and looked towards her brother. "Shut up, Matthew! I'm more then capable to catch you by surprise." With a small puff, she stood up and started her way back to the Reservation. Her family had only just moved there last week, with more vampires showing up, the tribe need more assistance, and they were asked to help out.

Matthew followed behind protectively. "Bailey, I knew you were coming from miles away," he paused, shearching the area. "Besides, your not that strong. You wouldn't have been able to pin me down anyway." He laughed, expecting his sisters reaction.

"Yeah, right! When I get stronger, I'll kick your fury ass! Then lets see you preech then." Bailey's tiny, yet extremely angry voice shot out. Reaching the area where they left their belongings, training was over and they were both due back at the Reservation for Matthew to swap over for his partrol.

Matthew turned around to give Bailey her privacy to phase back and get dressed, Bailey did the same in return. Bailey has always been considered the "baby". However, she couldn't blame them. Although she could phase without a problem, most Changelings went through groth spurts before their first phase, unfortunately, Bailey's never came. Leaving her with average human streanght and the normal appearance of her true age.

Walking ahead of her brother, raven hair wipping her face, her advance sight picked up the opening of the forest, a few miles forward. Turning, with the same playful smile, Bailey challanged her brother. "I'll race ya back?"


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Mar 26, 2009
The World That Never Was
"So the rumors WERE true" thought Symon. He looked down at the grand house at the end of the mountain range where he stood. Symon Fuller Didn't know where to go. He heared the story of the great Cullen Family who joined forces with other vampires AND werewolves a year ago to fight against the Volturi.

Symon was friends with a Volturi Guard, Renata. They knew eachother in his first hundred years as a vampire. They wern't lovers, just good close friends.He was surprised by their downfall, she would send him letters about the Volturi's well being, she knew alot of things being one of the leaders personal bodyguard. Since the Cullen's defeated the Volturi, The Volturi wasn't a society any longer, they were crumbled, disbanded, and embarssed for what had happend.

Symon traved all the way from Scotland to see the famous Cullen house and their Changeling, a daughter of one of the son's and a newborn vampire who gave birth during her last days as a human. He also heared rumors about this so called "half-breeds" in which vampires would mate with humans leaving behind a child. He could only imagine the horror struck in people when they saw the Changeling only to be mistaken for as an Immortal Child. Symon heared a rumor that a vampire saw the Changeleing and thought it was an Immortal Child and reported it to the Volturi. Although he heared other rumors that the Volturi got involved due to the Changelings dangerous habits by feeding on the villages nearby, and another rumor that stated that the only reason the Volturi showed up to the Cullen's was becuase they had a grudge against them being so powerful and wanted to destroy them only to find a Changleing and an army of vampires waiting for them.

He knew the commotion about the new Changelings arriving everywhere, how this new race was roaming around undetected for so long, and now loads of them were coming out from hiding and arriving at the Cullen's house. This was also dangerous for the vampires and the werewolf pact of the Cullen's. More shady vampires were coming to the Cullens looking for a home, to be with the most powerful vampires they knew which replaced the Volturi. Some were
werewolf hunters, and on numerous occasions tried to attack the tribe that were friends with the Cullen's and tried to attack the Cullens themselves.

The only name of the Cullens Symon knew was Carlisle. He was one of the most famous vampires prior to the events last year. He seemed to know all of Symon's friends and he would hear stories about him. Lenora, one of Symon's closest friends, visted the Cullen house a few months ago. When she went back to Scotland she told Symon of Carlisle's plan. He wanted to set up a protection program of all the Changlings in exsistance. He wanted all the madness to stop of the discovery of the new race presented by the secret world of the mythical creatures humans didnt know about. He wanted to gather the Changlings, then place them in a secret society where they could live peacfully with other vampires who accepted them.

This is where Symon came in. Or at least this is where we thought he should come in, he didn't exactly have an invatation, though noone did that came to the Cullens house recentley. Symon wanted to help the Cullens with there new plan. Symon has been through alot, and seen alot more about the different races and there differences. He was born as a vampire in the 14th century and has kept under the radar of the Volturi and other vampires. Symon has been a nomad all his vampire life and has seen the hatrid surrounding every race species imaginable, and frankly it disgusts him. So the Cullens idea seems as though this is the best path for vampire kind since he was first made a vampire.

The only trouble is, is that Changelings are rare, very rare, and even though more and more are revealing themselves by arriving at the Cullens, there are more and more still out there, now waited to be hunted by Changling haters. Also anyone who HAS revealed themselves are in danger, now that their identity is revealed. If THAT isnt enough becuase Changelings can now be identified as certain traits (their smell, fluttering heart, and appearence) more and more will be murdured. This is where Symon thinks he can help.

As many vampire due, Symon Fuller has a special ability that came to him with his transition as a human to a vampire. His ability is known to be one of a kind, which means no other being on earth has the power that he possess. Unlike the many vampires who have telepathy, or invisability this power is confusing and bears a great burdon to the user. Symon can sence every creature, vampire, werewolf, human, or any creature, that lives on the earth.

Say one would need to know how many of a species of a race there were, for instance Changelings. He can set out an electro magnetic field which attracts to whatever he is searching for. Symon can know how many Changelings there are in the world as well as where they are. He believes this is the key to the new found problem that surrounds the vampire world.

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Aug 26, 2007
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Sylvya wiped her eyes dry from her long cry, got out of the pine tree she’d been sitting in, and started looking for prey. Yet again, she was upset about her boyfriend’s betrayal to her. She put her rage into hunting, and soon caught a buck. She broke it’s neck and drained it dry, then tossed the carcass into a bear’s den. That’d taken her extra energy and put it to a better use than destroying the forest, which she’d thought of several times. It’d been many years since she’d been changed, but the memory of that was more vivid in her mind than that of the burning agony of her change.

She sighed as her long, strawberry blond hair brushed her face. “God, I am so filthy.” She said to herself. She really was, her clothes had become ripped and stained by her habit of climbing trees to watch for prey and to cry when she needed to. Blood had dripped onto her shirt and skirt. She needed to wash these, which would only get the surface of the grime off, and replace them in the town. She looked at the map in her pocket and found that a town called Forks was near by. She decided on her course, then found a part of a close pond that was hidden from those who would seek to watch her, stripped down, and washed her clothing in the water. She hung them up on branches of a tree and lit a fire to speed the drying process. When they were decently dry and more comfortable to wear, she put them on and left, after putting out the fire.

She finally made it into town about a day later, walking slowly because she didn’t really like to run, and found a clothing shop. Unfortunately, she found nothing sold as a set that looked like it could be a sailor suit. This ticked her off, but she found some skirts and tops that she could make due with, with the aid of a pair of scissors, a needle, and some thread. After she was dressed, she found a small inn that had a vacancy and took advantage of it so she could collect her thoughts before moving on to the famed Cullen residence, which was supposed to be right outside of the town she was in.

“I hope I can find a place where I belong that will keep out my horrid memories.” She said as she sat down on the bed, spread her new clothes out, and started fixing them so they were decent in her opinion. She played Japanese music on her MP3 player while she worked for inspiration of her new, but sadly basic, designs.


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Mar 23, 2005
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Renesmee walked around the forest on her own which didn't happen very often especially with all of the new Vampires and Changelings arriving all over Forks, she didn't mind the extra people because it meant that neither kind was completely alone since many of the new vampires were vegetarians like her family. She was walking through the Quilete part of the orest since the Changelings gave her permission to come over whenever she wanted since Jacon imprinted on her, she often was here with Jacob but he was off bust with some Alpha thing so she was alone, her parents were off hunting and she wasn't hungry at the moment so she went for a walk instead; she was about to go back home when she saw something running towards her, she didn't think that it saw her but it looked like it was racing with the one behind it, as they came closer she saw that they were part of the Quilete cahngelings and that the one in front was Bailey, "Hey Bailey over here!" She called out to her frined glad that she wasn't going to be bored anymore.


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Jun 5, 2008
"Hey Bailey over here!" Bailey turned her head sharply towards her best friend Nessie. Sure, she was a vampire, but she was the greatest friend Bailey could have ever wished for.

"Hey, Nessie!" She called back, about to raise her hand to wave Bailey tripped over a large tree root, resulting in Bailey falling to the ground, rolling for a good distance. During it all, you could hear stray "Oh's!" and "Ouches".

This was something typical for Bailey, and as she came to a stop, Matthew was already at her side, watching and worring about his giggly sister. "That was fun!" She laughed. Bailey turned to look at her brother, the same large smile she always wore. "You dont have to worry about me, Matthew." Turning in the other direction, she called out to Nessie.
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