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  • *sigh* I give up dude, let the RP die for all I care, it's not my problem anymore, I have better things to do then sit around waiting for someone who can't take this seriously.
    Come on man I don't know what it is that you have planned!!! If you want me to take over or something that's fine but you have to tell me! the others are wondering where you are and if it's going to continue at all, I need to tell them something, also if it is continuing then the Sign-up thread needs to be re-posted in the new section before it can continue so if you want me to do that you have to tell me!!!

    I understand that you are in college but if you can log in every once in a while only then you have to assign people to take over your characters temporarily as well as maintain the RP itself and you have done neither, let me know what you want to have happen I'm not leaving you along till you do so dude you wanted my help with this RP and I'm trying to help but you aren't giving me anything to work with here.
    Come on man you need to either answer the questions or tell me to decide for myself because if you don't tell me what I should have them do in the RP then it will die, if you don't post something in there or respond I'll be forced to wing it and have them do something because they want to post and Rogue already made her speech as you asked.
    I need to know if you want something special to happen with Kurt and if you wanted me to introduce Virus some special way, since he wasn't on the list I figured that I could have him walk in and say something about getting this letter form the Institute saying that he would be in Rogue's class and that a few students had told him to come to the Danger Room. ANy objections?
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