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Sep 6, 2015
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Sep 6, 2015
Genre: Fanfiction (Mystic Knights)
Challenge: Retelling/HISHE[Since their is no real mainstory after episode 9/10, I'm retelling how the story should have countined with their dragon.]

It is war between the two kingdoms of Temra and Kels, on an island near ireland (I guess.) Queen Mave of Temra wants to conquer Kels and take her rightful place as their leader. Together with her horseloving friend Tork and the evil fairy Mider, Mave tries everything to get what she wants. One day, King Conchobar of Kels sended out Rohan, the appreantice of his suspicious druid Cathbad, and the thief Angus to find the village of the small people to get some help. The magical village Tir Na Nog. On their way they meet the King's daughter Deirdre, who wanted to help for some reason, and Ivar who is a king from a distant land, but stays in Kels later. Together with the help of the small people, these four became the Mystic Knights and Rohan found out that he is the legendary Knight Draganta (actually doesn't change anything in the story). After several travels, led by Rohan, to the cave of the dragon Pyre, they were able to get this mighty monster as their new opponent. Now that Kels got everything set up to defend theirselves, it is time for them to face their biggest challenge yet:

Queen Mave's ultimate plan

[Listen before continuing reading. It's important for the atmossphere.]

At this morning, Cathbad was working on some new magic tricks when suddenly Rohan walked into his room.
"Cathbad, you must see this!"
"Did the king die?"
"Nothing, go ahead."
"Here, I found something.", he said and showed him a strange flower with spikes.
"Rohan, where did you find this?"
"It was in the dragon's cave."
"Of course it was...well, this flower is extremly dangerous and can be even deadly if it got into the wrong hands." Rohan looked at it and took a deep breathe.
"Wow, good that I found it."
"Yes. Now give me that flower, I will....take good care of it." Without any doubt, Rohan handed the flower over to Cathbad who's eyes were starting to glow happily.
"Good job, Rohan."
"Oh that was nothing."
"Now that I got this flower, I can finally take over the throne and...", before he could finish his sentence, a rock flew through his closed window and snatched the flower out of Cathbad's hands.
"Whoops, sorry Cathbad.", Angus said and climped through the broken window. The druid sighed sadly and looked at the thief.
"What did you say?", Rohan asked his teacher.
"Oh nothing......Angus, how many times did I tell you that..."
"Yeah yeah. Hey Rohan, the king wants to see us."
"Alright, we better hurry. See you later, Cathbad!", Rohan said and ran with Angus out of the room. Cathbad looked sadly at the crushed flowers on the ground and lost a tear.
"No...I don't want to see you..."

In the king's throne room, Deirdre and Ivar were already waiting for the other mystic knights.
"Rohan, there you are. I have great news.", the king said proudly.
"What is it?"
"Mave wants peace and is about to arrive here with her entire army to sign the peace treaty."
"That sounds like we actually ended the war!", Rohan said excited and saw the king nodding.
"Yes, you did. I'm just waiting for her and looking forward to a bright future with Kels and Temra working together." Everyone was nodding, when a knight came in.
"King Conchobar, queen Mave is here."
"Amazing, let her in!", the king said. The knight moved aside and a women with black hair walked pass him. Right behind her was a horse with Tork on it and several soldiers behind him.
"My thanks for the invite, King Conchobar.", Mave said and smiled.
"My thanks to you that we can finally have peace."
"Did I say peace? I'm really sorry, I think I said...doom." Suddenly every soldier pointed his weapon at the king of Kels.
" tricked us!"
"No, you tricked me. Your crown belongs to me and you know that."
"Hey, I think you got forgot something!", Rohan said and raised his sword.
"Fire within me!", he said and started to get his magical armor. Deirdre raised her crossbow and said:"Air above me!" Suddenly her armor appeared, too. Angus smiled and also said his phrase:"Earth beneath me!" His armor appeared, too. Ivar put his tridant in both hands and said:"Water around me!" Nothing happened.
"Hey! Where is my armor?!"
"There is no water around here, Ivar.", Rohan said.
"But...the air is a little bit wet and..."
"Maybe it works if you keep crying.", Angus said and laughed about his own joke like always.
"It is over mystic knights. We outnumbered you. Nothing can save you now.", Mave said and looked at Rohan.
"Oh, do you think so? What about...this!", Rohan shouted and pulled his dagger.
"Pyre! Come!"
"Rohan, no!", the king screamed. A few moments later, a big dragon claw broke through the roof. The soldiers of Temra instantly ran away and didn't try to fight.
"My queen, we have to go! My horse is afraid of dragons and I don't want to traumatize it again!", Tork said and tapped his horse.
" win this time! But I'll come back!", Mave said and teleported herself back into her own castle. Tork remembered that he can't teleport and ride away as fast as possible. Pyre screamed and threw some flames though the throne room after them.
"Rohan, stop that!", the king screamed angrily.
"Okay, Pyre! You can stop now! Thanks for your help!" Pyre nodded and broke with his tail through another wall when he turned himself to fly off.
"We saved Kels once again.", Rohan said and looked at the king who was obviously not happy.
"Rohan...Pyre destroyed the half of my throne room! I almost lost my crown!"
"Who lost his crown?", Cathbad asked and came out of nowhere.
"I said almost, Cathbad."
"Your appreantice destroyed half of my castle! Do something!"
"We went from half of the throne room pretty fast to half of my castle.", Rohan mentioned.
"Hm...looks like he can't control Pyre."
"That's what I just said!"
"Yes...I think...first of all you need to go to the dragon's cave. And then....where is he?"
"I think he's off to the cave.", Deirdre said and pointed at the dustcloud that levitated where he stood.
"Good god....I need to go there, too. Angus, come and carry me."
"Why me?!"
"Less asking, more carrying.", Cathbad said angrily and walked towards Angus.
"Alright, Deirdre and Ivar stay here for the worst case that Mave comes back. Let's hope for the best..."

At the same time, Mave was talking to Mider in her kingdom.
" want something against dragons?", Mider asked curious.
"Yes. Without Pyre....I would be queen by now! As long as they have him, I can't win."
"Hmm...did you think about something...specific?"
"I thought about a spell. Chains. Brainwashing him to...."
"Oh think way to complicated about this."
"What do you mean?"
"Do you know what is very effictive against a dragon? Another dragon." The sound of hoofs resounded through the throne room and Tork ride next to his queen.
"Our own dragon?", Tork asked sceptically.
"Of course. And I can make him look like whatever you want. He will be the official image for your kingdom."
"Temra's personal dragon...that doesn't sound so bad.", Mave said and walked slowly in circles.
"Can the dragon be brown?", Tork asked."
"Oh yes."
"Can he has a mane on his backhead?"
"Hm...I guess."
"And a tall hairy tail with..."
"Queen Mave, I don't think this is a good idea!", Tork said angrily and turned himself away from Mider.
"We can trust Mider, Tork. His ideas were always really useful for us."
"But what if the dragon will scare my horse?!"
"Oh, don't worry. The dragon will look a lot like a human.", Mider said. Mave raised an eyebrow and walked towards the fairy.
"Like a human?"
"Yeees, he will have a human body and a dragon head."
"I thought he will look like I want him to."
"Of course you choose colors and other unimportant things all by yourself."
"But I don't understand how you're not possible to...."
"DON'T QUESTION MY DARK MAGIC!", Mider screamed and began to cast a spell.
"And now you don't get to choose anything!" Mave and Tork's horse took a few steps back and were watching him. A few moments later, Mider shot his dark magic in the middle of the room and green mist covered the whole area. Mave tried to see something, when she suddenly saw a tall silhouette. After a short time, everyone got a clear look on the creature that Mider summoned.
"He's perfect.", Mider laughed. A tall humanbody with both arms behind his back and a huge dragon head stood in front of them. When Mave walked towards him, he suddenly opened his eyes and starred at her. She swallowed and stood still.
" queen Mave. And you are summoned to serve me.", she said and tried to act as tough as possible. The dragon smiled and slowly opened his mouth.
"Hello queen Mave! My name is Joshua. Joshua Huffington the third.", he said in a british accent and bowed to her.
"Oh great, Mider fooled you! He summoned nothing but a joke.", Tork said. Joshua looked to him and laughed.
"How interesting. I never saw a horse having his dick on the back."
"How dare yo...."
"Would you like to climb down from your horse and settle this with me like gentlemen?" Tork thought for a moment about it, but he prefered sitting on his horse and just made an angry face. Joshua turned himself back to Mave and asked:"So...what is your plan?"
"We will...conquer Kels. Once and for all!", Mave said and laughed crazy.
"Oh, what a well thought plan."

Meanwhile did Angus arrive with Cathbad on his back at Pyre's cave.
" we are.....please....go off me."
"Stop complaining all the time.", Cathbad said and climbed down really slow.
"Let's hope he is here.", Angus said and walked slowly inside.
"Don't worry, there is nowhere else he would go." When both of them were halfway in the cave, they already heared Rohan screaming. They started running instantly and saw the sleeping Pyre on the ground. And Rohan attacking him.
"Why.Can't you.Be.Nice to people?!", he yelled and hit him with the sword.
"Rohan! Rohan!", Cathbad yelled and ran to him.
"Cathbad, there you are! Pyre ignor...."
"First things first. Where did you find the deadly flower again?"
"Flower? Oh, yes there is one last flower in here." Cathbad smiled and looked excited around.
"Where is it?!"
"It's right there at the entr....wait, it should be right there where Angus stays.", Rohan says and made Angus look on the ground.
"Me?", Angus asked and raised his right foot.
"Aaah, there it is.", he said again and looked at the crushed flower in his footstep. Cathbad fell down on his knees and lost another tear.
"Oh, Angus. Well, atleast can't Mave get these powers now.", Rohan said smiling. Cathbad started shaking his head really slowly without saying anything.
"Back to business, Pyre is ignoring me. What can I do?" Cathbad stood up slowly and wiped his tears off.
"Rohan, first of all you should stop attacking Pyre when he didn't attack first."
"Why do you attack him in the first place?!", Cathbad says and saw a rock flying over his head in Pyren's nose.
"Angus, stop that!"
"But master Cathbad, Pyrenwas bad. He needs to be punished."
"It was not him beeing bad. It was you not beeing able to control him."
"But...I am Draganta."
"That doesn't change a thing! It never did! This is not how to train your dragon!" Suddenly Pyre woke up and yawned obviously.
"He is about to attack!", Angus shouted and threw several rocks with his weapon.
"Right behind you!", Rohan yelled and shot fire out of his sword. Cathbad hold his head with both hands and walked away from the fight.

At the castle were Deirdre and Ivar waiting for something to happen.
"Do you think some people from the village could give me a waterbucket? Just to have it around."
"Stop it, Ivar. This is going really fast extremly sad."
"I'm sorry Mrs.-Air-above-me. If we ever end up in space, we'll talk again."
"Temra!", a soldier yelled from the wall and pointed at an army coming towards them.
"Ivar, come!", the princess said and ran with him in front of the castle. Mave stopped with her horse and looked at the two mystic knights.
"Where are Rohan and Angus?", she asked.
"Why is Tork staring at your horse?"
"What...? Tork! Focus!" Tork got shocked and almost fell down, but magically couldn't.
"And this is your army? You are still no match for the mystic knights!", Ivar said and pointed his tridant at them.
"Maybe we aren't. But he is." Ivar and Deirdre were looking around, but couldn't see anyone.
"Excuse me! Excuse me! Could you move aside, please?", a voice said out of the army. After a whole minute, Joshua was able to get in front of the army and saw his opponents.
"Ah! Finally. Hello guys! My name is Joshua. Joshua Huffington the th....actually you don't need to remember this since you die here."
"What the...", Deirdre was about to say, but got interrupted.
"But I was almost finished anway. Joshua Huffington the third. That's my name.", the dragon said and smiled.
"Okay, that's enough! Water around me!"
"Give it up already and call my father!", Deirdre said and pointed her crossbow at Joshua.
"A crossbow?! Oh no....range attacks are my only weakness...", the dragon thought and swallowed. Suddenly the princess ran towards him and tried to hit him with her weapon. Joshua dodged her easily and started to wonder.
"Wait...what is she doing?", he thought and swiped her with his tail to the ground. Mave raised her sword and yelled: "Attack!" Every soldier ran with ladders to the walls and tried to conquer Kels. But then king Conchobar appeared! And threw every enemy inside of his castle. Ivar came back to Deirdre with a bottle of water.
"I'm back! Your father is here and is doing his best!"
"Good...but that monster is way to strong."
"Monster? I can hear you my dear.", Joshua said sadly.
"Don't worry, princess. I got a plan!", Ivar said and showered the water out of his bottle on the ground.
"Water around me!" His boots appeared.
"That's it?!"
"It wasn't that much.", Deirdre said embarrased.

In the dragon cave, Rohan slowly got a bad feeling.
"I think we need to go back as soon as possible. Mave is attacking the castle."
"How do you know that?", Cathbad asked.
"It's three o'clock."
"But you didn't become friends with Pyre yet."
"I think I get it now. With a dragon....I can't be friends with. That's why he needs to obey!", Rohan shouted and started hitting the dragon again. Pyre roared and spreaded his wings.
"He's about to fly! Come, Angus!", Rohan yelled and jumped on the dragon's back.
"I'm coming!" Angus ran towards them and stepped on Cathbad's foot, before landing on the dragon. The druid jumped on one leg and held his foot. When the thief landed on his back, Pyre ran out of the cave and flew away.
Angrily looked Cathbad after them and then one the crushed flower in his hand.
"This....was the last time, Angus. That might be not as strong as it could be...but strong enough!", he said to himself and casted a deadly spell that aims at dragons.
"This is did so much to me!", Cathbad shouted and shot his magic that now followed Pyre.

On the battlefield, Joshua was playing around with the two mystic knights. Tork sat on his horse and laughed.
"This getting boring. I think I will just end this. Should I, James?"
"My name is Tork!"
"Fare well.", Joshua said and was about to attack. Suddenly Pyren arrive and the other two mystic knights jumped from his back.
"Here we are!"
"Rohan! Finally!"
"Yes, princess. Let's beat these Temra soldiers. Pyre! Attack!" But Pyre already flew far away in a completly other direction. Joshua laughed.
"And these are the four mystic knights? I would not even consider tipping my bowler hat for you."
"We can't beat him! He's to strong!", Ivar said. The four knights were thinking about how to beat Joshua, when suddenly a magical kind of mist came out of the sky, aiming at him.
"Hm? What in the name of the big be..aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!", Joshua wanted to say, but got hit by the magic and disappeared.
"My creature!"
"Queen Mave, we must head back!"
"Fine! ....But next time, Kels will be mine!", Mave shouted and ran away with all of her soldiers.

Back in the throne room, the king thanked all of the mystic knights once again.
"You saved us once again!"
"To be honest, I'm not really sure.", Rohan said.
"Yeah, there was that magic spell that made this dragon disappear. We didn't cast it.", Ivar told the king and thought about possible explanations. Suddenly Cathbad came out of nowhere.
"Oh, King Conchobar I'm so sorry about......Angus! Rohan! You are alive!"
"Of course we are! Did you really think an old dragon could beat us?", Angus said and poked the druid.
"Dragon? What in the name of gaga..."
"Trust me, Cathbad. We won't die so easily. Don't worry.", Angus said and laughed together with everyone in the room. For a long time.


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This was hilarious. I couldn't stop laughing because, I felt bad for Cathbad for losing the spiked flower to kill the King. Then Queen Mave not getting what she wanted. Oh boy, I was cracking up because, she wanted a horse instead of an actual dragon. This was done outstandingly well with all of the jokes, Venx. Poor Deirde, you just can't catch a break when it comes to summoning water armor, can you? I greatly enjoyed this story, Venx. Well done. ;3