Tristitia Owari ch.13 ~The End~

Oct 20, 2009
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Obliviónis Tredecim

Chapter I

Number XIII- Atra

The Will of the Forgotten

“Your time has come, Atra.”

The voice echoed in his head. Atra. He remembered that Atra was his name. As he remembered his name, the rest of his memories came flooding back.

“The Forgotten.” “The X-blade.”

“Darkness.” “Light.”

As his memories came back his eyes opened. He found himself standing inside a flower shaped pod. Then his oldest and most painful memories surfaced; along with a name.

He gripped his head in pain. The memories made him angry, guilty, and sad.

“Enough!” As he yelled a force came from his body and the pod around him shattered. He stood on the shattered remains of his former resting place, and the pain he felt subsided. He had pressed his painful memories back into the recesses of his mind; leaving him feeling somewhat better. After that he began to take in his surroundings. He was standing a chamber bathed in a dim light. Around him where twelve other pods; identical to the one he was in. He realized that the pods each housed one of his comrades.

After knowing where he was he turned his attention to himself. He noticed he was wearing a long black coat with the hood pulled up; the same coat he and the rest of his comrades wore. Along with his coat he noticed a mark on his left hand; the Roman numeral thirteen. It was then he noticed that the other pods were set up like a clock; with twelve being directly in front of him.

While he realized where he was, he began to think about how he and his comrades had been put to sleep. They each held a shard of the X-blade; a weapon that could open Kingdom Hearts and give its wielder whatever they wished. When the X-blade was broken and they received their shards, they had been imprisoned in The Realm of Darkness. He remembered that they could never leave the dark realm. Strangely, now he knew exactly why they couldn’t leave; a door to the Realm of Darkness could only be opened from the outside. As he tried to figure out where he had gained this knowledge, the pod in the ninth position began to open.

“That was some cat nap.” Atra saw a woman step out of the pod. She was wearing a similar black coat, but her face was hidden by a large hood. Glowing on her hand was the letters "IX" on her hand and remebered she was called Nix, The Frozen Fixen. “Did you wake us up?” She said while walking up to him. She was about six feet tall, and she had a curvy figure. Her walk was very feminine, and her voice was a little high, but not too high. Under her voice was a certian tone. Like, she was nice, but if one would make her mad she would mess them up.

“I didn't..." Atra paused, shocked by the sound of his voice; it was deep and raspy, "It wasn't me."

Nix bent down a little, and examined Atra's face. "What happened to you?”

“What?” Nix created a mirror of ice and held it Atra’s face, or lack thereof. All he could see was a swirling mass of darkness; with two yellow spheres where his eyes would be. “Maybe I woke up before my body was complete.” Seeing his new face made him think about his former appearance; along with his painful memories. When the memories began to surface again, he quickly pushed them down into the corners of his mind. Even thinking about his past momentarily brought up some feelings of self loathing. "I didn't like my face anyway. It was the face of a failure."

“Don’t say that. Just because you coulnd't get us out, that doesn't make you a failure." She said with an aw, then she quickly changed her tone. "And besides, you had such a handsome face.” She now spoke in a flirtasious manner.

Little did Nix know, Atra wasn't talking about his failed attempt at escaping the dark realm. But he had forgotten that she didn't know his about his past, and what he believed to be his "great failure".

"Don't patronize me, Frozen Vixen.” Nix was suprised that Atra would address her by her title, but she didn't think too much about it. Atra looked around at the other pods in the room. “The others should wake up soon.” He didn't know how he knew this, he just knew.

“Like it matters, we weren’t able to escape before. What makes you think we will this time?” Nix said while remembering their last attempt at excape. She remembered that they were put to sleep right after they tried to escape.

“We'll be able to escape.” Darkness began to swirl around Atra’s hand. The darkness then formed itself into a key shaped blade. The guard was in the shape of the kanji for darkness ().The blade was four feet long, and was in the shape of a double helix, with a black chain wrapped around it. The helix looped five times until coming to a point. The teeth were in the shape of a black demonic wing. The keychain was black, and the token at the end was black heart. Atra was glad to see his former weapon. He called it The Wish of Darkness.

“How is that gonna get us out? Even with all of our combined power we couldn't escape. How can you get us out on your own. ” Nix inquired. She wasn't doubting Atra's abilities, she just wondered what his plan was. Atra fired a beam of light from his blade infront of himself; the beam opened up a portal of light. “How did you do that?” Nix could sense that the portal lead to the Realm of Light. She wondered where he gained this ability.

“I said we'll be able to escape.” Like before, Ata didn't know how he knew this. This sudden gain of knowlege did bother him, but he knew there were more important things for him to do.

“What are you going to do?”

“I’m going to see what's happened since we've been asleep.” While Atra didn’t know where exactly the portal would take him, but he knew it would take him to the Realm of Light. He slowly walked into the portal, and disappeared.

Quick Synopsis

This story is kind of a theory turned fan fic. It takes place a year after Kingdom Hearts 3 ends. Sora defeated Xehanort and his organization. He was able to bring back Terra, Ven, Aqua, Roxas, and Namine (I'll explain how they brought Roxas and Namine back). Ansem the Wise is dead, I'll explain what happened to him later. The orginal apprentices of Ansem are alive (minus Braig and Xehanort of course), and so is Lea. Along with Sora, both Lea and Kairi have become Keyblade Masters. Sora and Kairi are living happily on Destiny Islands, while Riku is trying to figure out what to do next.

And "Oblivionis Tredecim" means The Forgotten Thirteen.
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Re: Obliviónis Tredecim (DDD Spoilers, Post KH3) Ch.1


The Long Awaited Day

Sora was scrambling to get ready. He knew if he was late Kairi would kill him. Getting his jacket and pants on were easy, but he was struggling to tie his tie.

“I hate this stupid thing.” Sora said aloud. “I don’tunderstand why we have to get dressed up anyway.”

“Because she said so.” Sora turned to see his best friend Riku standing in his doorway. He was dressed in a black suit with a blue tie, and his hair was now down to his shoulders. Riku had been away since the defeat of Xehanort.

Sora was overjoyed to see his friend again. He immediately hugged Riku. “Riku! It’s great to see you again.” Sora let go of the silver haired boy. “I thought you weren’t gonna make it.”

“C’mon Sora, I wouldn’t miss my best friend’s wedding.”

“I figured as much.” Sora then went back to tying his tie, or at least attempting to.

“Need some help?” Riku asked.

“Yeah.” Riku then tied Sora’s bright red tie.

“It’s amazing, you saved the worlds and you can’t tie a tie.”

Sora smiled at his friend. “I did have some help.”

“Well we better go. Kairi will kill us if we're late.”

“I was thinking the same thing.” Sora and Riku exited his house, and made their way to the beach.

Elsewhere Kairi was getting ready as well. She was wearing a white strapless gown with a pink flower shaped broach over her heart. She was fidgeting with her dress trying to make it as perfect as possible.

“Are you ready yet?” Kairi turned to see Naminé standing in the doorway. Naminé was wearing a white sun dress.

“Almost.” Kairi continued to mess with her dress. Naminé put her hand on Kairi’s shoulder.

“You look fine, and I’m sure Sora won’t care.”

“I know, I’m just nervous.”

“I’m sure Sora is feeling the same way.” Kairi began to laugh at Naminé. “What’s so funny?”

“Sora has never been nervous about anything. I don’t think he would change now.”

“You’re probably right. So are you ready?”


“Oh! You’ll need this.” Naminé handed Kairi a bouquet of pink flowers.

“Thanks Naminé.”

At the beach Sora was standing before the friends he had met on his journey. They were sitting in white chairs and dressed in suits and dresses. Standing beside Sora and Riku was Aqua. Her hair was a little longer, but besides that she hadn’t changed.

“What’s taking her so long?” Sora said.

“Be patient Sora.” Aqua said. No sooner than Aqua spoke Kairi began to walk down the aisle; with Naminé close behind. Riku noticed Sora now had a blank expression on his face.

“Hey Sora.” Riku said out the side of his mouth.

“What?” Sora replied.

“There’s still time if want to back out.” Riku was clearly joking.

“Are you kidding? Kairi would find me and drag me back.”

“Quiet you two.” Aqua hissed. Finally Kairi and Naminé arrived before Aqua and Sora. Kairi stood facing Sora, while Naminé stood beside her.

Then Aqua began to speak. “We are gathered here today to witness the union of Sora and Kairi. These two hearts will be joined as one, so that they may be together forever. If anyone has any reason why these two should not be joined; speak now or forever hold your peace.”

“I have a reason.” Suddenly all eyes were on Sora; then he started to laugh. “I was just kidding; you guys should see the looks on your faces.” Then everyone began to glare at Sora, including Kairi.

“This isn’t the time to be joking.” Riku whispered.

“Anyway, these two will now read the vows they have written.” Aqua said.

Although there was still a hint of anger in Kairi’s eyes, she was the first to speak. “Sora I/” Suddenly the wind began to howl, and the sky became filled with storm clouds. Then Atra fell from the sky and slammed his fist into the ground. This created a wave of dark energy; knocking the crowd outward.

“What luck; I figured it would take me a while to find a princess. Yet here you are.” Atra said menacingly.

Sora, Riku, Aqua, and Kairi summoned their Keyblades. Then every warrior in the crowd summoned their weapons. “Who are you!?” Sora cried. “Are you on of Xehanort’s copies!?”

“I know nothing of any Xehanort.” Then Atra’s left hand became coated in darkness. “But it seems you might know something.”

“I’m not telling you anything!”

“Who said I was asking?” Atra rushed Sora withb linding speed, and drove his hand into Sora’s heart. When he removed his hand he left behind a black X. Sora immediately dropped to the ground.

“What did you to him!?” Kairi yelled.

“I just wanted to see what he knew.” Atra then realized his voice had changed; it sounded just like Sora’s. He then began to fell his face. He could feel skin and hair. He removed hood and revealed his new face. It was identical to Sora’s, except he had black hair and his eyes were yellow.

“Who are you?” Riku asked.

“I’m what that pathetic Xehanort tired to duplicate. I am a shard of the X-blade. Soon we will take the seven hearts of light, and complete the X-blade.”

Sora slowly rose from the ground. “There’s no way you’re taking Kairi’s heart!” He then began sprinting toward Atra. Atra then summoned his blade. Sora began wildly swinging his Keyblade, but Atra was able to block every swing.

“What’s the matter Sora? You seem a little weak.” Sora furiously swung his Keyblade, but Atra continued to block the attacks. “You’re boring me.” Atra knocked Sora’s blade away, and kicked him in the chest. Sora flew back toward Riku and Kairi. “C’mon show me what the light can do.”

Then Roxas, Ven, Terra, Lea, and Mickey rushed to Sora’s side. “We’ll show you the power of the light!” Mickey cried. The eight capable wielders pointed their blades at Atra. Their blades then fired beams of light at Atra. The beams then combined into one massive attack. Atra smiled and took the blast, and was engulfed in light. When the light faded Atra was gone.

“We did it!” Kairi cried.

“Is that all the guardians can do?” They all turned around to see Atra completely unscathed.

“How did you…” Riku mumbled.

“I’ll be seeing you soon Kairi.” Atra then disappeared in a corridor of darkness.

Everyone then surrounded Sora. Kairi knelt down beside me. “Are you okay?” She asked.

Sora smiled at her. “I’ve been better.”

“Who do think that guy was?” Roxas asked.

“I don’t know, but he’s not alone.” Mickey replied.

“Huh?” Ven inquired.

“He said “we” were going to complete the X-blade.”Riku replied.

“Then what are we going to do.” Lea asked.

“I don’t know. But if the others are as strong as he is, we’re gonna need some help.”
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Re: Obliviónis Tredecim (DDD Spoilers, Post KH3) Ch.2

Chapter III

The Darkness Comes

Sora slowly got to his feet. As soon as he did so he felt the pain from the mark Atra had left on him. He gripped his just until the burning had subsided.

“So what’s the plan?” Sora asked.

“We should go see master Yen-Sid.” Mickey said.“He’ll probably know what’s going on.”

Sora then looked at the damage Atra had caused. “He sure did a number on the place.”

“I’ll take care of everything; the rest of you should go see Yen-Sid.” Kairi chimed in.

“I’ll stay too.” Aqua said.

“Okay then, just let me get these clothes off.” Sora ran to his house and changed into his normal attire. His dress consisted of a black short sleeved jacket with the collar popped up, red and white stripes around the sleeves, and an outline of a red heart on the back (the Kingdom Hearts Logo). The jacket was over a dark gray long sleeved shirt. His pants were black, and he had red belts that formed an X across his waist. And of course his yellow shoes, along with his crown shaped necklace.

Before Sora could leave his home, Riku had arrived. Riku had changed his clothes as well. His dress consisted of a white hooded long sleeved jacket with black tribal designs going up the left side. The jacket was over a black t-shirt, and he was wearing baggy blue jeans.

“Where’s everyone else?” Sora asked.

“They went on ahead. We should be going too.”

“Okay, but what about Kairi?”

“She’s taking care of your wedding guest.”

“That’s not what I meant.”

“Don’t worry about it, she understands.”

“Yeah, but she was so happy when I asked her. I know she was looking forward to it.”

“You’ll be together once this is all over.”

“I know but I have a bad feeling.”

Riku placed his hand Sora’s shoulder. “We’ll be fine; no matter how strong he is he can’t take all of us.”

Sora smiled at his friend. “That’s true, no let’s go. The sooner this is over, the sooner Kairi and I can get married.” Riku summoned a corridor of light, and the two were off.

The two appeared inside The Mysterious Tower. They were standing before Yen-Sid.

“Hello Sora, Hello Riku.” Yen-Sid said.

“Hello.” The two said in unison. They both found it odd that they were the only two present.

“Where’s everyone else?” Sora asked.

“They have already left. So I heard your wedding was interrupted.” Yen-Sid said while looking at Sora.

“Yeah, so what do you know about this guy?” Sora asked.

“From Mickey what has told me, he was created from a shard of the true X-blade.”

“What do you mean?”

“When the Keyblade war ended the X-blade was split into twenty shards; seven of light and thirteen of darkness. One year ago you and the other guardians used the seven shards to defeat Xehanort.”

“So that guy was one of the thirteen?”

“Yes, the very power Xehanort tried to duplicate. It is only logical to think that since the seven lights created gurardians, then the thirteen darknesses would do the same.”

“He hinted as much.” Riku said.

“So what’s the plan?” Sora asked.

“I sent the others to retrieve the princesses. Since the seven shards of the X-blade now rest within their hearts we will be hiding them until the thirteen are defeated.” Yen-Sid replied.

"Why don't we use the shards again, it worked last time?"

"I would rather we wait and see if their power is needed first. We came very close to starting another Keyblade War, I would prefer it if we wait and see the strength of our enemies."

“Okay I'll wait. So where are we going to hide the Princesses?”

Yen-Sid took a long pause. “It would be best if you did not know, Sora.”


Yen-Sid pointed at Sora’s chest. “He has marked you.”

“It’s the same thing Xehanort did.” Riku said.

“Correct, if they can track you then you would only be putting the Princesses in danger.”

Sora got a look of disappointment on his face. “Then what am I suppose to do?”

“I do have an important task for you.”


“I need you to find the strongest of warriors. If the thirteen darknesses have returned I believe our current strength will not suffice.”

“Okay, but can I ask you a favor?”

“Of course.”

“Can I see Kairi one more time? I don’t know how long we’ll be apart this time.”

“I do not see the harm.” Without a word Sora summoned a corridor of light, and left.

“Can they really track him?” Riku asked.

“We should not leave anything to chance.”

“I know, but I don’t know if Sora can stay away from her.”

“I think he understands.”

“What about Kairi?”

“I need you to retrieve her later tonight.” Riku went to say something, but then stopped himself. “What is it?”

“Why did he reveal himself? Wouldn’t it have been easier to take the Princesses in one fell swoop?”

“I do not know. But I feel that this may be a battle that we cannot win.”

Mean while Sora was searching the island for Kairi. He had searched most of the main island, but there was no sign of her. Eventually he ran into Aqua. She had changed out of her dress since Sora had left. She was wearing a black halter top under a dark blue sleeveless jacket. Along with a pair of tight blue shorts that came down to the top of her knees.

“Hey Aqua, have you seen Kairi anywhere?” Sora asked.

“She went to other island.”

“Okay, thanks Aqua.” Sora went to run away, but Aqua stopped him.

“Sora, make it count.”

“Huh?” Sora was left confused by the comment.

“Terra told me what Yen-Sid had said. Just make suret hat you say everything you need to. You don’t know when you’ll ever see her again.”

“I will.” Sora quickly ran to the dock and rowed to the other island. He then saw Kairi sitting on the paopu tree. Sora made his way to Kairi. He noticed that she was still wearing her wedding dress.

“Don’t you think you should take that off?” Sorasaid.

“Oh!” Kairi was suspired to Sora there. “I just haven’t gotten around to it.” Sora climbed on the tree and sat next to her. He tried to do what Aqua had told him but the words wouldn’t come. He thought that he would be able to be with Kairi since Xehanort was gone, but now they had to be apart again. The worst part was he didn’t know if he could protect her. “Hey Sora, will you still marry me?”

“Of course I will.” Sora didn’t know why she would ask such a question.

“Just making sure.” There was an awkward silence for a moment. “So what did Master Yen-Sid say?”

Sora wasn’t sure how to break it to her. “Have you told her yet?” Both Kairi and Sora turned around to see Riku.

“Told me what?” Kairi asked.

Sora let out a sigh. “We have to keep you hidden until this is all over.”

“Why, I fought alongside you last time?” Kairia sked.

“These guys are stronger than Xehanort was.”

Kairi smiled at him. “That’s okay; at least you can come visit me.”

“I can’t see you.”

“What, why not!?”

“They can track me; I would only be putting you in danger.”

“NO! I don’t care if I’m in danger; I want to be with you!”

Sora couldn’t even speak, luckily Riku interjected. “Kairi please understand. He’s only doing this to keep you safe.”

Kairi took a deep breath and calmed her nerves. “Okay then.” Kairi got down from the tree and walked to Riku’s side. Sora walked over to Riku as well.

Riku then summoned a corridor of light. Kairi handed Sora her wayfinder made of seashells, and kissed him on the cheek. “Come back to me.”

“I will.” Sora then looked at Riku. “Take care ofher.” Riku nodded and he and Kairi entered to corridor, leaving Sora alone. He was overwhelmed with sadness, but this sadness inspired him. He realized the sooner he defeated the thirteen darknesses the sooner he and Kairi could be together again.

“It’s sad that you’ll never see her again.” Sora turned around to see Atra.

Sora summoned his Keyblade. “Good, I thought I would have to track you down first.”

“I’m not here to fight.”

“Too bad!” Sora sprinted toward his look alike. Atra’s left hand became coated in darkness and Sora dropped to the ground. Sora felt an incredible pain coming from the mark on his chest. Atra slowly walked over to him.

“I said I’m not here to fight.”

“Then why are you here!?”

“To tell you more about us.”

“What, why would you do that!?”

“We know so much about you; it’s only fair that you know something about us.”

“I don’t need your help!”

“You’re going to need all the help you can get.”

“Fine then!”

“Okay then, first not all of them are as strong asme.” Atra bent down and revealed the mark on his left hand. “Our number is determined by our strength. I being number thirteen am strongest; but I assure you all of us are more than capable of defeating you. Second we have no intention of taking the seven hearts just yet. Finally you may call us The Forgotten.”

“Is that all!?”

“Yes.” Atra summoned a corridor of darkness. “Oh! I almost forgot.” Atra’s hand became coated in darkness once again. As before pain started radiating from Sora’s chest. “You will be there when I rip her heart out.” The black haired youth then entered the corridor.

Atra appeared inside the chamber where he had woken up. He noticed that all the other pods open.

“Where have you been?” Atra turned to see a young man in a black coat; he was no older than nineteen. He had shoulder length dark brown hair that was spiked up in the back, and he was wearing a black blindfold. He was Number II-Oculus: The Watcher.

“I went to see what had happen since we’ve been asleep.” Atra replied.

“And what did you find out?”

“You mean you don’t know? I thought your eyes could see everything we did?”

“Their power hasn’t returned yet.”

“I’m not surprised; my body wasn’t even completed when I woke up.”

“That doesn’t seem to be the case with the others. They’ve already left to test their powers.”

Atra then noticed a little girl sleeping in her pod. As with all the member of The Forgotten she wearing a black coat and she had white hair. She was Number I-Somnus: The Darkness of Sleep. “So she stills leeps.”

“She has never woken up before, why would she start now?”

“Fair enough.”

“You never answered my question.”

“They’re building an army.”

“Then what are we going to do?”

Atra put on an evil grin. “We’re going to build our own.”
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Re: Obliviónis Tredecim (DDD Spoilers, Post KH3) Ch.3

Chapter IV

The War Begins

“And what do plan to do with this army?” Oculus asked.

“It’s mainly to counter theirs.” Atra replied.

“Do you think our strength will not suffice?”

“No, I know we have more than enough strength to accomplish our goal.”

“Do as you please, but how are you going to break this to the others?”

“They’ll understand.” Atra left the chamber. When he got outside he stared out at the dark realm. The chamber was on the top of a large mountain looking over the vast plains. He then noticed the dark purple and black sky. In the distance he could see the light of a large fire. He summoned a corridor of darkness and went to the source of the fire. When he arrived he saw two of The Forgotten. There was Number X-Ignis: The Lord of Flames and Number VIII-Kaze: The Howling Wind.

They were both appeared to be in their mid twenties. Ignis had blood red hair with a few spikes on top, and he had yellow eyes. Kaze had slicked back blond hair and as with Ignis had yellow eyes.

The two men were practicing combing their respective elements. Ignis wielded two short swords. The blades were in the shape of red flames. Kaze wielded two simple silver rings. Ignis would cover the ground in flames while Kaze would use the wind to spread the flames.

“Ignis! Kaze!” Atra yelled. However the sound of Kaze’s wind made it impossible for them to hear him. Atra summoned his Keyblade and created a wave of darkness, snuffing out the flames. Ignis and Kaze then turned their attention to their leader.

“Hey Atra. Where have you been?” Ignis asked.

“I’ll tell you later.” Atra replied.

“Forget that, what happened to you face?” Kaze asked.

“I said I’ll tell you later.” Atra then began looking around. “Where are the others?”

“They’re testing their new bodies. Well with the exception Shinu and Tenshi.”

“Yeah, they can’t really test their powers here.” Kaze said.

“So do know where they are?” Atra asked.

“They’re over by the ocean.” Ignis said while pointing.

“Gather the others; I’ll get Shinu and Tenshi.” Atra said.

“So we get to hear your grand master plan?” Kaze said.

“That’s the idea.” Atra then left his comrades and began walking to the dark ocean. On the way he noticed several strange creatures. He recalled through Sora’s memories that they were now called Heartless. He figured they would prove useful to him. Finally he made his way to a beach. Sitting on the shore was Number XII-Shinu: The Herald of Death and Number XI-Tenshi: The False Angel. They had their hoods up so their faces were concealed. The two young women were wrapped up in their conversation so they didn’t notice Atra.

“It’s terrible that we can’t use our powers here.”Tenshi said.

“It doesn’t matter; we’ll probably be leaving soon anyway. We can test them then.” Shinu replied.

“Yeah, this will be the first time we can use our full power.”

“I was thinking the same thing.”

“To be honest I’m a little nervous, I’ve never left the dark realm before.”

“In all fairness none of us have. Well with the exception of Atra.”

“You ever wonder why he’s our leader?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean why does he get to be the leader? You’re just as strong as he is.”

“No he is far more powerful than me.”

Tenshi put her hand on Shinu’s shoulder. “Don’t put yourself down like that. You are as strong as him, maybe even stronger.”

“Like I said he is stronger than me. If he wasn’t thirteen would be my number.” Shinu then stared at the Roman numeral twelve on her left hand.

“At least you’re close; out of all of us you’re the only one who can fight on the same level as him.”

“That’s why I’m number twelve.”

Atra then decided to make his presence known. “If you want a shot at my number I will gladly humor you.” The boy said with a sly smile.

Tenshi stood up and rushed to her friend’s defense. “What do mean humor? I guarantee she could take you.”

“Fine then.” Atra summoned his blade. “I’m right here.”

Shinu stood up and walked to Atra’s side. “You can put that away; I have no intention of fighting a fellow comrade.”

Atra sent his blade away. “Now that that’s out of the way, I need you both to come with me.”

“What for?” Tenshi asked.

“It would be easier if I explained my plan to all of you at once.”

“Fine then.” Shinu and Tenshi followed Atra back to the chamber.

When they arrived the other nine were waiting. All exept Nix, Ignis, Kaze, and Oculus had their hoods up. This was the first time Atra noticed the age and height differences amongst his comrades. Their ages and heights ranged from old to young and tall to short. Nix was the first to notice the three arriving. She had long blue and white hair.

“Hey Atra, I love the new face. Who did you get it from?” Nix said with a smile.

“I’ll explain.” They all gathered around a circular table and Atra explained to them what had happened in their absence. He told them about Sora, Xehanort, and the Princesses. Finally he told them his plan to build an army. “So that’s the plan.”

Then one of The Forgotten slammed her hand on the table. She was Number VI-Tsuchi: The Raging Earth. Her title was quite fitting. “What’s with all this talk of building any army!? You know we can take the Princesses with ease!”

“I’d rather be safe than sorry.” Atra calmly replied.

“You were never one to question our power!”

Atra kept his composure. “And you were never one to question me.”

Tsuchi calmed her nerves. “Is there anything else our wise leader requests?”

“As a matter of fact yes.”

“And what would that be?”

“I need you each to find someone with a strong heart.”

“What for?” Shinu asked.

Back on Destiny Islands Sora contemplated what Atra had told him. He still had no idea why the enemy would give him information, but it didn’t matter. Anything that could help him defeat The Forgotten would bring him closer to being with Kairi again.

“What am I doing?” Sora said out loud. “I need to tell Master Yen-Sid.” Sora summoned a corridor and was off.

He arrived at The Mysterious Tower before Yen-Sid.

“What is it Sora?” Yen-Sid asked. Sora then told Yen-Sid what Atra had told him. “This is indeed troubling.”

“What do you mean? The more info the better right?”Sora said cheerfully.

“Yes, at least we know we have time to prepare for the upcoming battle. But something is still amiss.”

“I know. Why did he tell me his plan?”

“It seems he has great confidence in his abilities. He must believe telling us his plan will not affect him.”

“Yeah, but he must have another trick up his sleeve.”

“My thoughts exactly. Whatever they are planning, even I cannot foresee the outcome.”

“At lest we have time. Oh! I need to find strong warriors don’t I?”

“Yes I already sent some of the others.”

“Good, but what about the Princesses?”

“Riku has been given the task of protecting them along with Mickey.”

“That’s good to hear. So where do I start looking?”

Yen-Sid smiled at the boy. “You of all people should know where to look.”

Sora smiled at the elderly Master. “That’s true.” Sora summoned a corridor and left.

“Sora, keep your light burning bright. Hopefully it will shine through their darkness.”

Back in The Realm of Darkness, Atra finished explaining the need for strong hearts.

“Do you all understand?”Atra asked.

“Yes.” Shinu said answering for everyone.

“Then let’s leave this place.” Atra summoned his Keyblade and created a portal of light above them. “Oculus, you take care of Somnus while we’re gone.” Oculus nodded. Then the rest of The Forgotten jumped into the portal. They were headed straight for the Realm of Light.


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Re: Obliviónis Tredecim (DDD Spoilers, Post KH3) Ch.4

Why have I not read this before! 0.0 this is outstanding! I am really looking forward to reading the next chapter.
Oct 20, 2009
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Re: Obliviónis Tredecim (DDD Spoilers, Post KH3) Ch.4

Chapter V

The Wind of Destiny

The Forgotten arrived in the same place they had been born; The Keyblade Graveyard. They were all standing in the cross roads formed by the lifeless Keyblades.

“Now that we’re here I need you all to split into of teams of two.” Atra ordered.

“Who goes with whom?” Tenshi asked.

“You all can decide who you want to be partnered with.”

Tenshi threw her arm over Shinu’s shoulder. “I call Shinu.”

“I guess I’ll go with Ignis.” Kaze said. “With the two of us patterned together no one can take us.”

Ignis grinned at his friend. “You’re not getting ahead of yourself, but I would like to meet someone who could stand toe to toe with us.”

“Me too, hopefully the Princesses choose their champions soon.”

“Nix.” One of the forgotten said quietly.

“What is it Mizu?” Nixasked.

“Can I go with you?” Her voice was almost a whisper.

“What did you say? You got to speak up when you talk.”

“I said can I go with you.” She raised her voice, but not by much.

Nix let out a sigh.“Fine, I don’t see why not.”

“Thank you.”

“My lord.” The one of The Forgotten said.

“What is it?” Atraa sked.

“Is it okay if Tsuki and I go together?” He and his sister were the second youngest members of The Forgotten next to Somnus. There was Number III-Sol: The Setting Sun and Number IV-Tsuki: The Rising Moon.

“I said you could go with whoever you wanted, but I had a feeling you two would go together anyway.”

“I guess that leaves me and Tonitrus.” Tsuchi said. Tonitrus was a tall and slender man; he was around his late twenties. He was Number-VII: The Silent Thunder. Fitting with his title he nodded at Tsuchi.

“Now that that’s decided what do we do?” Ignis asked.

“We need to find the strongest beings of darkness, and of course strong hearts.” Atra answered.

“Where do we start?” Nix asked.

“Just look, you’re bound to find someone eventually.”

“Okay then.” Kaze replied. The teams summoned corridors of darkness. The each entered their corridor, but before Shinu entered hers Atra stopped her.

“What is it?” Shinu asked.

“I have special task for you; something only you can do.”

In The Land of Departure Ventus was rummaging through his room in search of something; while Roxas stood in the doorway. Ven was wearing a long sleeved white dress shirt with a red scarf wrapped around his neck, and a pair of blue jeans. Unlike Ven Roxas’ attire hadn’t changed. He still wore the same clothes he did back when he lived in the fake Twilight Town.

Since the defeat of Xehanort Aqua had changed Castle Oblivion back into The Land of Departure. Since then Ven and his friends had been living there.

“It’s gotta be around here somewhere.” Ven mumbled to himself.

“What are you looking for anyway?” Roxas asked. No sooner than Roxas spoke Vens face lit up.

“I found it!” Ven lifted up his green wayfinder that Aqua gave to him so long ago.

“That’s what you were looking for?”

“Yep, I couldn’t leave without it. Now I’m ready to go.”

“Well I’m not sure how the corridors of light work?”

“I think we just summon one and hope for the best.”

Roxas chuckled at his lookalike. “You sound just like Sora.”

“I spent ten year inside him, he was bound to rub off on me.”

“Fair enough, so let’s go.” Roxas summoned a corridor of light, and the two stepped through it.

The two arrived in a large field of grass. In the distance they could see a small castle town.

“I think we should start there.” Roxas said.

“Looks like as good of a place to start as any.” Ven replied. The two had a way to walk so Roxas decided to strike up a conversation.

“Why’s that charm so important to you anyway?” Roxas asked.

“It symbolizes the connection between Terra, Aqua, and me.” Ven answered

“I can see why it’s so important to you.”

“What about you Roxas, do you have something like that?”

“Sort of.” Roxas summoned the Oathkeeper Keyblade.“This symbolizes the promise I made to Sora.”

“What did you promise him?”

“I promised him if he ever needed his power back I would give it to him.” Roxas then sent his Keyblade away.

“Oh! I’ve been meaning to ask you, how did Sora bring you back?”

“He and Kairi recreated how Naminé and I were born.”

“Wasn’t that really dangerous?”

“Yeah, Sora and Kairi could have lost their hearts if something went wrong.”

“Well that’s Sora for you. He always puts others ahead of himself.”

“That he does. So what about you Ven, how did Sora save you?”

“Back when Xehanort was still around, Sora and his friends found Aqua. Then they brought her to Castle Oblivion and they transferred my heart back to my body.”

“Yeah, I could feel it when I was inside Sora. After you left we couldn’t use two Keyblade’s anymore.”

“I know. Then after Xehanort was defeated I made a promise to Sora too.”

“What was that?”

“That I would return to him if he ever needed my power again.” Roxas then smiled at Ven. “What’s so funny?”

“I think we’ll be fine.”

“How so?”

“C’mon would Sora ever ask us to give up our lives to make him stronger.”

Ven returned the smile to Roxas. “You’re right. Even if Sora was about to die he would never ask for us to return to him.”

“That’s what I’m saying.”

The two continued to talk until they arrived at the entrance to the wall enclosed town. They noticed that a guard was standing beside the gate. The two decided to ask where they were.

“Excuse me.” Ven said to the guard.

“What is it?” The guard asked.

“What is the name of this town?”

“This is the town of Fynn.”

Ven had never heard of the town. “Thank you.” The two went to walk into the town, but Ven stooped. “Oh! Are there are any strong warriors in this town?”

“Yeah, he’s usually in the tavern this time of day.”

Ven wondered who this “he” was. “Thanks for the help.” The two Keyblade wielders walked into town. The town was littered with quaint houses and shops, and looming over the town was a huge castle. They searched the town until they found the local tavern. Over the building was a sign that said “The Wild Rose”.

“You think this is it?” Ven asked.

“Only one way to find out.” Roxas replied. The two entered the tavern and went to the bar.

“Aren’t you two a little young to be here?” The bartender said.

“We’re just looking for someone.” Roxas said.

“I think I can help you, who are you looking for?”

“We heard there was a strong warrior here.” As soon as Roxas spoke a drunk threw his arm around him.

“If you’re looking for a strong warrior, look no further.” The drunk said through his slurs.

Roxas moved away from the drunk. “Okay then who?”

The drunk pointed to a silver haired man sitting in the corner. “That man over there, the man who saved the world. TO FIRION!”

The drunk raised his glass and the rest of the bar did the same. “TO FIRION!” The entire bar cried.

Standing in the field outside of Fynn was Ignis and Kaze.

“Can you feel it Kaze?” Ignis asked.

“Yeah, there are two Keyblade wielders in that town.”Kaze replied.

“What do you think we should do?”

“We might as well have a little fun. It isn’t fair that Atra is the only one you gets to fight the Keyblade wielders.”

“You just read my mind.”

“Who are you two?” Ignis and Kaze turned to see a man wearing purple armor, and had slicked back purple hair.

Thanks for the help KingdomKey :)
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Re: Obliviónis Tredecim (DDD Spoilers, Post KH3) Ch.5 part 1

I've just skimmed this and I'm so disappointed. Your writing is good, and I'd like to read, but I'm trying to avoid DDD spoilers. I guess I'll have this to look forward to in July as well...
Oct 20, 2009
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Re: Obliviónis Tredecim (DDD Spoilers, Post KH3) Ch.5 part 1

I've just skimmed this and I'm so disappointed. Your writing is good, and I'd like to read, but I'm trying to avoid DDD spoilers. I guess I'll have this to look forward to in July as well...
Thanks. Hopefully by the time DDD comes out I'll have the first part of the story done, so you won't miss too much.
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Re: Obliviónis Tredecim (DDD Spoilers, Post KH3) Ch.5 part 1

Some con-crit, hmm?

You have a solid story going on that's genuinely interesting (certainly more so from a Kingdom Hearts fan's perspective), and it's nice to see -- despite the simplicity -- how easy it is to follow events. However, you list actions that happen instead of really describing them. You should always nurse and cradle your story, give it many paths down which it can bloom but always keep it relevant. My issue here is that you use the word "then" as a conjunction without giving room for other motions, feelings, perspectives, etcetera.

This is a prime example:

The boy awoke inside a strange chamber. He was surrounded by twelve flower shaped pods. The chamber was dimly lit, but the boy was ablet o see a little. He saw he was wearing black coat, with the hood pulled up. He then began to access the situation. All he could remember was his name. He recalled that he was once called Atra. He then noticed a dark energy radiating from his left hand. He could see the Roman numeral thirteen glowing through his glove. As he stared at the mark, some of his memories began to surface. He remembered that he was once part of a group of thirteen people. They had been created from shards of the X-blade, along with seven shards of light. The shards of light were used to create The Realm of Light, while they were used toc reate The Realm of Darkness. He remembered that they had once tried to escape the dark realm, so they were put to sleep.

While it's good that you did get all his back story explained, it's a more clinching device to spread these things out over your chapters. Offer snippets and mysteries to create an air of doubt about your character; draw the reader in. Focus more on the here and now, how he sees things through his eyes, his perception of them, his feelings. How have things changed? Is he panicking? Is he assessing the situation? Put yourself behind your character's eyes and really try to create those scenes as realistically and as honestly as possible.
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Re: Obliviónis Tredecim (DDD Spoilers, Post KH3) Ch.5 part 1

Chapter V

The Wind of Destiny

Both Ignis and Kaze wondered who the mysterious knight was. “Who are you two?” The knight repeated. His voice lacked any senseof urgency, instead it sounded like he genuinely wanted to know who the two were.

Kaze didn’t see the harm in telling the man. Even if did know, Kaze was confident that he wouldn’t have the power to stop them. “We're here to find strong beings of darkness.”

“And I’d say we’re off to a good start.” Said Ignis said cracking a sly grin.

“What do you mean Ignis?” Kaze was confused by what Ignis had said. He figured it was one of the cons to having number ten as apartner.

“You were never good a tlooking into the hearts of others Kaze.” Ignis then raised his arm and pointed at the man’s heart. “There rests a powerful darkness in your heart.” Ignis then turned as hand as if to beckon the man. “How would you like to come with us? We could put your darkness to good use.”

The man began walkingup to Ignis. Ignis was a little surprised out how easy it was to get the man to join him. As Ignis began to smile at his accomplishment, the man slapped his hand back to his side. “I have no interest in joining you.” The man said. His voice was now devoid of any sense of emotion.

Kaze expected Ignis toattack the man for refusing his offer, but instead Ignis turned toward Kaze and smiled. “Well, I tried.”

“What!?” Kaze screamed. He didn’t think that Ignis would just give up so easily. “You mean you’re just going to let him go!?”

Ignis continued to smile at his partner. “Don’t get so worked up. I’m not going to force him come with us it he doesn’t want to.” Kaze took a deep breath and calmed down. He then chuckled at Ignis. “What’s so funny?”

Kaze found it funny that even though Ignis was as powerful as he was, he still respected the choices of others. “Nothing, but since you out rank me it’s your call.”

Ignis wrapped his arm around Kaze’s head, and placed him in a headlock. “Don’t talk like that Kaze. A number on our hands doesn’t mean anything.” Ignis then started to feel Kaze tapping n his shoulder. He looked down and noticed Kaze’s face had turned bright red. Ignis quickly let go of Kaze’s head. “Sorry about that.” Ignis was trying not to laugh at his friend.

Kaze backed away and caught his breath. He was about to say something to Ignis, but the mysterious man interrupted. “You two never answered my question.”

Kaze was the first toaddress the knight. “I almost forgot about you.” Kaze then turned to Ignis. “I think you should tell him.”

Ignis then told the man about The Forgotten and their goal. “So are you sure that you don’t want to join us?” Ignis figured the man would change his tune after hearing about them.

“I said I have no intention of joining you.” The man then started to walk away. Ignis respected the man’s conviction.

“Can you tell us your name?” Ignis wanted to at least learn something about the man.

The man cocked his head back at Ignis and Kaze. “My name is Leon.”

Back in the bar Ven and Roxas had sat across from the white haired man. The man’s white hair was pulled back into a long ponytail, and a blue, black, and orange bandana. He wore a set of blue and black sleeveless armor, and a light blue cape.

Firion presented his hand to Ven and Roxas. “Nice to meet you, I’m Firion.” Both Ven and Roxas shook his hand and introduced themselves. “So what brings you two to Fynn?” Ven then explained to Firion their need for strong warriors, and the threat of TheForgotten. “I’m sorry, but I can’t help you.”

Roxas noticed a look of disappointment on Firions face. “Do you mind telling us why?” Roxas asked.

Frion took a deep breath and explained to Ven and Roxas why he wouldn’t help them. He told them that one year ago Emperor Mateus had attacked Fynn and other kingdoms, in his efforts to conquer to the world. Luckily Firion and his friends were able to defeat the Emperor and bring peace to the world. Since then Firion was given the task of protecting Fynn until an official army was built. “And that’s why I can’t go with you.” Firion concluded. After hearing his story Roxas and Venwere left dumbstruck. “Is something the matter?”

Ven and Roxas jumped up when Firion spoke. They still hadn’t fully processed Firion’s story. Ven was first to speak, although his face had turned red from embarrassment. “Sorry about that.” Ven was now smiling ear to ear. “It was a good story.”

“Thank you.” Firion said.

“So what happened to Leon?” Roxas asked.

“He still hasn’t comeback yet.” Roxas could see hope in Firion’s eyes. It was the same kind of hope he had been carrying around for so long; the hope that a friend would one day return.

“Where’s Maria at?” Roxas’ thirst for knowledge still hadn’t been quenched.

“She..” Before Firion could finish a huge muscular man burst into the bar and ran up to Firion’s table. The man had short brown hair. He wore a green breast plate and purple pants, and a purple cape. “What is it Guy?” Frion knew Guy wouldn’t rush in unless there was something wrong.

Guy was sweating profusely, and breathing rapidly. “Firion…town…attack.” Guy was having trouble speaking through breaths. Finally exhaustion got the better of Guy and he passed out on the floor.

“What!?” Firion knew he was the only that could protect Fynn. He couldn’t stand the thought of the town being destroyed again. He jumped up from the table and sprinted toward the exit.“Take care of Guy for me.” Firion said to the bar tender. The bar tender nodded at him. Frion then exited the bar in a full on sprint.

“Roxas let’s go.” Ven said in a stern tone. Roxas nodded at Ven and the two followed Firion out into the town. As soon as they got out of the bar a black creature jumped at Roxas. Thinking quickly Ven summoned his Wayward Wind Keyblade and struck the creature down. “C’mon Roxas focus.” Ven cried.

“Thanks Ven.” Roxas thought he was lucky to have a partner with such fast reflexes. Roxas summoned his Keyblade and began assessing the situation. He saw that the town was full of Heartless. However this many Heartless was nothing new to him. In fact it was once his job to exterminate the Heartless. In the corner of his eye Roxas saw Firion battling five of the Heartless with his fists. Roxas ran over to Firion and dispatched the creatures with several swings of his blade.

“Thanks Roxas.” Firion knew he could have handled them on his own, but it was good to have some help.

“What’s the deal Firion, why are you fighting them with your fists?” Roxas wondered why Firion would attack with his fists, instead on a regular weapon.

“I need to get my weapons.” More Heartless began to swarm around Firion and Roxas, but Roxas kept fending them off.

“Then go get your weapons. Ven and I can handle this.” Roxas said. He was right, both he and Ven were no strangers to combat.

“Okay, I’ll be back as soon as can.” Frion then ran away from the group of Heartless. Roxas then saw Ven battling the Heartless. Ven used magic to surround his Keyblade with wind. Ven then threw his blade at the Heartless. His blade swirled through the air cutting any Heartless that had the misfortune to be in its path. Vens bladet hen returned to his hand and he continued to fight the Heartless. Little did Ven know that a Heartless was lurking behind him. The Heartless lunged at Ven, but as the time he noticed it he didn’t have enough time to react. Just as the creature was about to strike Ven it burst into flames and disappeared. Ven then saw Roxas pointing his blade toward him; fire was still on Roxas’ blade. Roxas ran over to Ven, and the two stood back to back.

“Thanks Roxas.” Ven was relieved that Roxas had his back. He always did like fighting alongside others, instead of by himself.

“I owed you one.” Roxas said. “Hey Ven? Something’s off about all of this.”

“I noticed it too.” They realized that the Heartless were only going after them, and the Heartless were just lowly shadows. Ven wondered if it was the work of The Forgotten. “At any rate, we have to get rid of them.” As Ven talked the remaining Heartless began slowly circling around them.

“Got any ideas?” Roxas asked.

“I say we take them out in one attack.” Ven then used his magic to cover his Keyblade in a pale bluelight.

“Good idea.” Roxas then mirrored Ven’s actions. “Ready?”

“Let’s do it.” Both of them raised their Keyblades and twelve pillars of light formed around them. The pillars then began to spin violently, and they shot off in every direction. The pillars ripped through all of the Heartless, till none remained.

“We did it.” Roxas cried. He learned to enjoy the small victories.

“I wouldn’t be too sure about that.” Ven knew if The Forgotten were involved their fight had only just begun, so he had to keep on his toes. Ven then noticed a silver ring flying toward Roxas. “Roxas!” Without thinking he pushed Roxas out of the way. Luckily the ring missed Ven completely. The ring flew back the direction it came back to its owner. That was then Ven and Roxas noticed Ignis and Kaze standing across from them. Ven then felt something wet on his face. He put his hand on his face and pulled it away; he recognized the liquid as his blood. Ven was shocked that he was bleeding, especially since the ring had missed him.

“In case you’re wondering, my ring didn’t hit you.” Kaze said menacingly.

“Then how…” Ven was curious about what kind of power Kaze possessed.

Kaze didn’t see the harm in telling Ven about his abilities. If anything it would only make their battle more enjoyable. “I can focus the wind around my ring into a blade. To help you guys, I’ll tell you that the blade of wind only goes out about one foot.”

“You must be prettyconfident.” Roxas said with a grin. “You do realize you just told us how to dodge your attack?”

Kaze grinned back at Roxas. “You two are going to need all the help you can get.” Wind then began to form around Kaze’s arm. The wind swirled down his arm and formed into his second ring. “So let’s get this battle started.”

“Roxas.” Ven whispered.

“What is it?” Roxas wondered what Ven wanted. It wasn’t the time to be talking since they were about to fight.

“We shouldn’t fight here.We would only be putting the town in danger.” Ven knew if Kaze and Ignis were as powerful as he thought, the town could be destroyed if they fought there.

“Okay.” Roxas understood Ven’s thinking. He too didn’t want to see anyone get hurt because of them.

“If you want to fight then come get us!” Roxas yelled. Both Roxas and Ven raced out of the town.

“Think we should follow them?” Kaze asked.

“Might as well.” Ignis replied. Ignis and Kaze followed Ven and Roxas out of the town, and into field.“Are you two done running?” Ignis didn’t like having to chase his opponents.

“We’re done, now let’s fight!” Roxas cried. Now that they were out of town they could let loose.

“Okay then.” Ignis backed away from Ven and Roxas. Both Ven and Roxas readied their weapons, and braced themselves. “You’re up Kaze, have fun.”

“Huh?” Roxas and Ven said unison. They didn’t understand why Ignis would let Kaze fight two on one.

“Oh! Before we start do you mind telling us your names?” Ignis asked.

“I’m Roxas.”

“I’m Ventus.”

“Nice to meet you. I’m Ignis, and that’s Kaze.” Ignis was very polite for a being of darkness.

“Now that the pleasantries are out of the way, are you two ready?” Kaze wanted to give the two all the help they could get. “Actually, I’ll let you two have the first strike.”

“What?” The Keyblade wielders said in unison. The two were surprised at Kaze’s over confidence.

Kaze held his arms out away from his body. “C’mon, anywhere you want.” Roxas and Ven nodded at each other. They thought if they attacked with all their strength they might be able to take him down with one hit. Both of their Keyblades became coated in the same blue light as earlier. They ran at Kaze and as they neared him they swung their Keyblades with all their strength. The two were paralyzed with fear when their blades made contact. When they hit there wasn’t as much as a scratch on Kaze. “I expected more.” Kaze grinned at Roxas and Ven menacingly. “My turn.” Kaze swung his rings at Ven and Roxas. Without thinking Roxas and Ven were able to dodge the attack. Roxas and Ven jumped back, to get some distance between them and Kaze.

“How can we beat him?” Roxas couldn’t think of any strategy that would work. Kaze was able to take his full power and not even flinch. It was times like this that Roxas wished Lea was there. Lea was always there to get Roxas out of a tight spot.

“C’mon Roxas we cantake him.” Ven tried to instill some hope in Roxas, but this was just a lie. He too was having the same doubts as Roxas. Like Roxas he wished that Terra was there to help him. In his eyes no one could beat Terra.

Kaze didn’t see the point in fighting the two if that was the power they had. “If that’s all your strength, I don’t see a reason to prolong this fight.” Kaze began to spin his rings violently, causing the wind to whip around him. The wind was so loud that all Ven and Roxas could hear was a high pitched whistling. Kaze then threw oneof his rings at Roxas. The ring flew with such force that the wind was tearing through the ground. Roxas was so astonished by Kaze’s power he was paralyzedwith fear. Ven saw this and pushed Roxas out of the way. “Gotcha.” Kaze then threw his second ring. Ven didn’t have time to react, so he closed his eyes and prepared for the worst. He thought about his life up to that point. He thought about his time with Terra and Aqua, and his time inside Sora. He realized he wouldn’t trade his memories for anything, even the painful ones. As Ven could feel the ring getting closer he heard the whistling sound stop. The sound was replaced by that of metal grinding against metal. He opened his eyes and was shocked by what he saw.

“Firion!” Firion was holding the ring back with a blood red sword.

Frion turned his head and smiled at Ven. “Sorry I’m late, but it looks like I got here just in time.”
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Re: Obliviónis Tredecim (DDD Spoilers, Post KH3) Ch.5 part 2

Chapter V

The Wind of Destiny

Firion stood his ground and held Kaze’s attack with all his strengths. Even though they were complete strangers, Firion still felt the need to protect Ven and Roxas. He knew what it was like to lose friends, and didn’t want anyone else to feel that pain. With all his strength Firion was able to push Kaze’s ring back at him. Kaze caught the ring, and called his other to return. Firion then noticed smoke coming of his blood red sword; as well as Kaze’s ring.

“Don’t you guys think three on one is a little unfair?” Kaze questioned.

Ignis then walked infront of Kaze. “Kaze, I’ll take this one you take the others.” Ignis summoned his two swords. He held the one in his right hand normally, and the one in his left hand using a reverse grip similar to Ven’s.

Kaze then turned his attention to Firion, and grinned. “Good luck, you’re gonna need it.”

“I don’t need luck. As long as I have a reason to fight I’ll never lose!” Firion cried. He then returned his sword to its sheath. This let him access his other weapons whenever he wanted. He carried his sword on his left hip, a bow on this left shoulder, a lance across his back, a small axe on his right hip, a small stave behind his back, two daggers on the side of his boots, and a shield on his left forearm.

Ignis bowed to his opponent. Frion found it strange that Ignis had a sense of honor. “We’ll see how strong your resolve really is.” Ignis sprinted toward Firion and went to slash his opponent. Firion blocked the attack with his shield. He then drew his sword and went to strike Ignis. Ignis used his other blade to block the attack; locking the two in a stalemate. Firion let go of his sword, but somehow it stayed in place. He grabbed his stave and blasted Ignis back with a blizzard spell. Ignis then noticed a large hole in his coat where Firion’s spell had hit. He was somewhat surprised that Frion was able to hurt him. “You’re stronger than I thought. To be honest I didn’t expect you to be able to harm me.”

“You shouldn’t underestimate your opponent.” Firion returned his staff to its resting place.

“I’ll be sure to remember that.” Ignis coated his blades in fire, and charged Firion once again. Firion predicted this and created a magic barrier. The barrier caused Ignis to stagger. Firion threw his daggers at Ignis and followed up with a powerful punch; launching Ignis into the air. Firion then dashed into the air, and sent Ignis to the ground with one swing of his sword. Firion landed on the ground andc alled his weapons back to him. He then noticed they were at least a half a mile from where they started. He found it strange that Kaze hadn’t followed them.

Ignis slowly rose from the ground. “In case you’re wondering, Kaze isn’t going to follow us. He knows I prefer to fight one on one.” Firion couldn’t help but admire Ignis’s sense ofhonor. “At any rate, we should continue out battle.”

“Then we shall continue.” Ignis was the first to strike. He created a huge fall of fire and sent it toward Firion. Firion used his staff to create a barrier of ice. The fire was able to melt the ice, but Firion remained unscathed. Firion then noticed Ignis was out of his sight. Ignis got behind Firion and pelted him with a barrage of slashes. At the end of his combo Ignis slammed his hand on the ground and engulfed Firion in a tower of flames. Suddenly Ignis saw a flash oflight come from Firion’s body. Firion burst out of the flames and knocked Ignis back with a punch.

“Is this your full power?” Ignis asked. Firions was now engulfed in bluish pinkish aura. The front of his armor was now gold in a few places, and his weapons were now orange red in color.

“I told you. As long as I have a reason to fight, I can’t lose!”

While Firon was fighting Ignis, Roxas and Ven continued to battle Kaze. Kaze sent his rings at Roxas and Ven, but the two were able to dodge them. Kaze then followed up witha tornado attack. Ven created his own tornado that canceled out Kaze’s. While they had an opening Roxas and Ven charged Kaze and slashed him with their blades, but as last time their attacks had no effect. Roxas and Ven quickly gots ome distance between them and their opponent.

“Do want to know why you attacks aren’t working?” Kaze asked.

“Why are you trying togive us advice!?” Ven still hadn’t quite figured out what Kaze’s angle was.

“Like I said, you two are going to need all the help you can get.” Kaze called his rings back, and prepared to tell the Keyblade wielders how to defeat him. “You can’t defeat me because you don’t want to.”

Roxas and Ven didn’t know what Kaze meant. Of course they wanted to defeat him; he was trying to destroy the worlds. “What do you mean!?” Roxas cried. “Of course want to defeat you!”

Kaze chuckled at the boy. “Adm it neither of you want to hurt anyone. You’re subconsciously holding your own power back.” Both Roxas and Ven wanted to deny it, but they knew he was right. Of course they had wanted to defeat Xehanort, but that was because he had tormented them and their friends. However Kaze and The Forgotten hadn’t done anything to them. “I was willing to give you two a chance, but if you’re not even going to try, I’ll end this.” Kaze made both of his rings spin around his body; createin a huge tornado around himself

In the distance Firion could see and feel the power of Kaze’s wind. He knew that he had to wrap things up quickly if he wanted to save Ven and Roxas.

“Looks like Kaze’s over doing it a bit. I keep telling him to show more restraint.” Ignis clearly didn’t care what fate befell the two Keyblade wielders.

“I don’t have time for this! I need to save them!” Firion cried.

Firion threw his axe, but Ignis was able to dodge it. However Ignis didn’t notice the axe going back to Firion and was hit in his back, and flew toward Firion. Firion grabbed his lance and swung it around him, launching Ignis into the air. He grabbed his bow and shot an arrow made of fire at The Lord of Flames. Ignis recovered in the air and launched several blades made of fire at Firion. Firion dodged the attacks and fired an arrow of light at Ignis. The arrow made contact and Ignis was engulfed in a blue and green light. Firion took the opportunity to go and help Roxas and Ven. He dashed over to them as fast as he could.

Luckily when he arrivedVen and Roxas were alright more or less. They had stabbed their blades into ground to keep themselves from being sucked into the tornado. Firion knew he didn’t have enough to time to think of a strategy, so he improvised. All his weapons became coated in a pale blue light. He called his weapons into a swirling vortex. The attack was strong enough to pierce Kaze’s wind and suck him into the swirling weapons. Firion then send all of weapons into Kaze at once. He then called all his weapons back; that were now covered in a dark red aura.

Firion started back attack with his lance. He then slashed Kaze with both of his daggers, and then sent his axe spinning at him. Then he fired several spheres of ice at Kaze and then slashed him with his sword with all of his strength; sending Kaze flying into the air. Finally, Firion called all of his weapons around his bow, and fired them at Kaze.

Before the attack could make contact Ignis pushed Kaze back to the ground, and took the full force of Firion’s attack. All of Firions weapons returned to him, and Ignis fell to the ground. Ignis slowly got up, that was when Firion noticed the man’s right arm was missing. Kaze quickly ran to Ignis’s side, and Roxas and Ven ran to Firion’s

“What did you do that for Ignis!? I could have taken that attack no problem!” Kaze was more concerned about his pride than his partner’s health.

Ignis brushed the dust of his shoulder. “Form where I was standing you looked like you were in serious trouble.”

“You know you don’t have to bail me out whenever I’m in trouble? I can take care of myself.”

Ignis cracked a slyg rin. “Now what would I do if I didn’t have you to worry about?”

“Whatever. So how’s the arm?” They all watched as darkness spread from Ignis’s body to where his arm use to be. The darkness swirled around till it formed a new arm. Roxas and Ven were left speechless by Ignis’s healing capabilities.

Firion quickly drew his sword. “I don’t care if you can regenerate, I will defeat you.” Firion then felt his body going numb, and his vision getting blurry. He then felt a sharp pain in his stomach, and puked up some kind of black liquid. “What did you do to me?” Firion was barely able to form a sentence.

“I could tell that you used blood weapons. It’s actually not a bad way to stay energized during battle. But on us it has the opposite effect. Normaly the blood weapons absorb one’s life force, and transfer it to the user. But when you attacked me you were absorbing my darkness, and you haven’t built up a tolerance to the darkness.”

“That’s why you kept letting me attack you.” Firion muttered. He could feel the darkness spreading throughout his body.

“Correct, I could have killed you whenever I wanted, but I want to fight you when I obtain my full power.” Ignis then summoned a corridor of darkness. Before he and Kaze entered the corridor, Ignis turned to Ven and Roxas. “Ven! Roxas! Keep him alive, I can’t fight him if he’s dead.” Ignis and Kaze then disappeared in the corridor.

Ven and Roxas quickly rushed to Firion’s side. “Firion, are you okay!” Ven cried.

Firion tried to walk. “I’m…fine…” Firion then fell to the ground. Ven and Roxas turned him over on his back and tried to figure out what to do. Neither of them had any medical skills. They then saw darkness start to seep out of Firion’s body.

“What do we do!?” Roxas cried.

“I don’t know?” Ven said quietly. However deep down he was panicking. He blamed himself for getting Firion involved in their battle, and now he couldn’t save him.

Roxas could tell Ven truly didn’t know what to do. So he tried to think of a way to save Firion. Then he thought of the perfect solution. “Let’s take him to Master Yen-Sid! He can probably save him!” Ven nodded at Roxas. Roxas summoned a corridor, and the two took Firion to the Mysterious Tower.

Elsewhere in the world Leon could feel Firion leaving the world. Initially he thought Firion had died,but he realized his friend wasn’t the type to die easy. He then saw a corridorof darkness appear in front of him; and out stepped Shinu and Tenshi. Leon figured they were with Ignis and Kaze. “Like I told your friends, I have no intention of joining you.”

“I’m not here to ask you to join us.” Shinu said coldly.

“Than what do you want?” Leon couldn’t figure out what else they could want from him.

Shinu raised her arm and darkness began swirling around her arm into a scythe. The handle of the weapon was dark purple, and there was black heart where the blade met the handle. The black blade was in the typical shape of a scythe blade, except the top of the blade resembled torn cloth. “I want the memories that rest in your heart.”

“I’m not giving you my memories.” Leon then drew his sword.

“It isn’t you decision.” Leon went to strike Shinu but she quickly disarmed him. She then drove the blade of her weapon into his heart. When she did so darkness began spewing out of his chest. She removed the blade and a sphere of darkness slowly floated out of his chest. Leon’s eyes rolled back in his head and he fell to the ground. Shinu slashed the sphere of darkness with her scythe, and the darkness formed into a man.

The man was wearing gold armor with a purple cape. His blonde hair was spiked up with two large spikes on each side of his head. He also wielded a long gold wand.

“Who has brought me back to world of the living?” The man asked.

“I did, Emperor Mateus.” Shinu answered.

“I assume that you want something for me.” Mateus assumed since Shinu revived him that she wanted him to be her servant.

“I need you to rebuild your empire.”

“Then I shall honor your request. Do you mind telling me why?” Mateus assumed there was some kind of rub.

“I will one day call upon you and your army, and you will answer.”

“And what if I refuse?”

Shinu pointed hers cythe at him. “I will send you back to where you came for.”

Mateus figured it was a fair trade. “Then I will do just that.” The Emperor then walked away from the two.

“Was that part of your orders?” Tenshi asked.

“Yes.” Shinu then recalled the orders Atra had given her at The Keyblade Graveyard.


“What is it Atra?” Shinu asked. She wondered what Atra wanted.

“You have the power to bring back the memory of the dead.” Atra assumed she could piece together the rest.

“Then I am to revive beings of darkness?” Shinu wanted an official order before carrying out Atra’s wishes.


“What about that Xehanort you mentioned? He sounded like the most powerful being of darkness in all the worlds, with the exception of us of course.”

“No. Xehanort had his chance and he failed. He as fool to think he could replicate our power.”

“Then I shall do what you ask.”

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Re: Obliviónis Tredecim (DDD Spoilers, Post KH3) Ch.5 part 3

Chapter VI

The Lingering Doubt

Ven and Roxas returned The Mysterious Tower as quickly as they could, with Firion in tow. They appeared in front of Yen-Sid, Terra, and Aqua. Terra hadn’t changed all that much since the defeat of Xehanort. Even though his body had aged thorough Xemnas, when he regained control of his body he looked like he did right before Xehanort possessed him. His hair retained the same shape, except it was now down to his shoulders. His eyes were now amber; the only trait of Xehanort that remained with him. His clothes also remained somewhat the same; except his pants were black and he wore a white coat that was similar to his former master’s.

“Master!” Both Ven and Roxas screamed.

“We need you to heal him!” Ven yelled. Ven saw that Firion didn’t have much time. The darkness began seeping out of Firion’s body, and the black liquid started dripping from his mouth. It was at this moment that Ven realized how powerful his enemies were. Even after pouring so much darkness into Firion Ignis was still able to regenerate his arm, and he didn’t seem to be otherwise phased by the battle. Ven couldn’t think of a way he and his friends could defeat opponents with such power.

Yen-Sid got up and knelt down by Firion. “Aqua I will need your assistance.” The man waved his hand beckoning Aqua toward him. Aqua walked over and knelt down beside Firion aswell. The two placed their hands over the warrior’s chest, and light began to radiate from their palms. The light grew brighter and brighter until everyone inthe room was blinded. When the light faded the darkness surrounding Firion had vanished. “It is done.” Yen-Sid then slowly walked back to his chair. “So what happened to this warrior?” The master said, while looking at Ven and Roxas. Roxas told him everything that happened while they were in Fynn.

“We’re sorry that we couldn’t defeat them master.” Ven said quietly. “We weren’t strong enough.”

The elderly man stroked his beard and thought about what the two Keyblade wielders had told him. “It is quite alright. The fact that you were able to survive an encounter with those two proves how capable you really are.” Ven and Roxas didn’t let the compliment affect them. In their eyes they had failed, and Firion had to suffer because of it.

Aqua saw the look of disappointment to the two young men’s faces. “Don’t worry about it you two.Next time we’ll be there to help.” However, like before the compliment didn’t reach them.

“Can I be excused?” Ven asked. He didn’t feel like being patronized.

“Of course.” Yen-Sid said. He knew the best thing for Ven was him to be alone and think about what had happened. Ven then quickly left the room.

“He’s taking it pretty hard.” Terra said.

“I know; he doesn’t like not being able to protect others.” Aqua replied. Then Roxas left the room without a word. Like Ven he too didn’t like thought of not being able to protect others.

“Ventus and Roxas. The two share more than just their appearance.” Yen-Sid said.

“Yeah, they act just like each other.” Terra replied.

“No, they act like Sora.”

Meanwhile Ven was sitting on the tower steps. He couldn’t believe the difference in strength between himself and The Forgotten. Then Kaze’s words slipped into his mind. At first he didn’t understand what he had been told, but after thinking about he realized they were true. He didn’t want to hurt anyone. He just wanted to be with his friends. He thought after Xehanort was gone he could be with them, but now he wasn’t sure.

“Mind if I join you?” Ven’s train of thought was broken by Roxas. He still wasn’t use to having a lookalike.

“Sure.” Ven answered. There was an awkward silence until Ven spoke. “He was right about me. I don’t want to hurt anyone.”

“I know. He was right about me too. I don’t think I have it in me take a life.” After having his own existence taken away, Roxas had gained a new found respect for the value oflife.

“But we had it once didn’t we? I remember when we were fighting Xehanort I was so determined to defeat him, but now I don’t have the same feeling anymore.”

Then something clicked Roxas’s mind. “You’re right. I remember when I went I was fighting against the Organization. I wasn’t fighting for myself I was fighting for my friends.”

Ven understood what Roxas was trying to say. In the past they had fought for the sake of their friends. “I know when I fought Vanitas, I wasn’t trying to kill him; I was trying to protect Aqua.”

“That’s what I’m saying.” Yen-Sid was right about the two; they had more in common than just their appearances.

“Then this time we will fight for our friends too. If we fight then they won’t have to.”

“You got it.” The two locked their pinky fingers together. “It’s a promise.”

Back in at the top of the tower Firion began to stir. “…I..?” Firion’s vision was still a little fuzzy.

Aqua knelt down beside him. “It’s okay, were friends of Ven and Roxas.”

It was then that Firion remembered the battle he had fought. All he remembered was passing out after he attacked Ignis. “Wait! What happened to Ven and Roxas!? Are they okay!?” He tried to get up but his body still hadn’t fully recovered.

“Don’t strain yourself, and don’t worry about Ven and Roxas, they’re fine.”

Firion laid back downand began accessing the situation. He didn’t think that others in room would harm him, but something was still bugging him. “Why did he let me live?” Firion said aloud.

“I don’t know?” The question had plagued Aqua’s mind as well. She was glad that her friend wasspared, but she didn’t understand why.

Then Firion rememberedwhat Ignis had told him. “He said he wanted to fight me when he was at his full strength.” Everyone in the room was shocked by the revelation. Even at less than their full power The Forgotten could easily defeat two Keyblade wielders and powerful warrior. “What are we going to do?” Firion asked.

“Does that mean you’re going to help us?” Aqua asked.

Firion smiled at her. “You saved my life; I owe you guys that much.” That was one thing he and Ignis had in common, they both had a sense of honor.

“If you are going to participate in this conflict you’re going to need a new set of weapons.” Yen-Sid said. He was glad that they had a new comrade to aid in their cause. “From what we were told they used your own weapons against you.”

“Yes, he figured out that I used blood weapons.” Firion was a little ashamed that he didn’t catch onto his enemy's plan.

“Then we shall craft you a set of light weapons. That should give you an advantage in your next battle.”

“Thank you. I promise that I won’t let you down.” Being with them reminded Firion of his own adventure; the memory of being part of a great cause. Then Ven and Roxas entered the room.

“Firion!” The two cried in unison. They were both overjoyed that their new friend was okay.

Firion smiled at the two boys. “Hey guys. Glad to see you’re both okay.” Like the two Keyblade wielders Firion was glad that they were alright.

Both Ven and Roxas rushed to Firion’s side. “Us? We thought you were a goner.” Ven said.

Firon sat up right and smiled at the two. “Like I said, as long as I have reason to fight no one can beat me.”

“I’m just glad you’re okay.” Roxas said. He was still disappointed himself for not being able to protect Firion.

Yen-Sid then cleared his throat, gaining the attention of everyone in the room. “While this is all well and good, there are still a few things to take care of before we engage The Forgotten directly.” The former master looked directly at Terra and Aqua. “Terra. Aqua. I need you both to go to The Enchanted Dominion and retrieve Princess Aurora.”

“What about us?” Ven asked. He wanted a chance to redeem himself.

“You two have been through enough. I would be best if you stayed here and rest.” Yen-Sid knew ifs omething would happen the two wouldn’t be able to do much in their current conditions.

“We shall leave immediately.”Aqua said while summoning a corridor. As she and Terra entered the corridor, she noticed a look of doubt on her friends face. She understood why he would be uneasy about going to The Enchanted Dominion. After all, for Terra there were a lot of dark memories attached to that world.

In The Enchanted Dominion Mizu was kneeling in field of lowers. She was perfectly content staring at the flowers; she didn’t even recall why she was in that world to begin with. As she starred at the flower she noticed the shadow of her partner loom over her.

She then noticed crushed flowers under Nix’s boot. “You’re stepping on the flowers Nix.” She was more concerned about the flowers than what her partnered wanted.

“Do we really have to go through this Mizu?”

“Go through what?” Mizu honestly didn’t know what Nix meant.

Nix didn’t feel like explaining it to her. “Whatever. Either way there is a Princess in this world.We should probably check it out. There may even be a few hotties around.”

“Can I look at the flowers some more?” Mizu saw no reason to investigate the world when she was content where she was.

Nix let out an irritated sigh. “Fiiiine. You can look at the flowers a little longer.”

“Thank you Nix.” Mizu continued to stare at the flowers. As she did so she heard a voice echo in her head.

“Will you stop looking at the stupid flowers!?”
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Re: Obliviónis Tredecim (DDD Spoilers, Post KH3) Ch.6 part 1

Chapter VI

The Lingering Doubt

Terra and Aqua arrived in The Enchanted Dominion on a long stone bridge. At the end of the bridge was a large castle. It had been a while since Aqua had been to the world. Surprising to her the world hadn’t changed at all; it was exactly the same as she remembered it. It was then that she noticed Terra lost in thought. She wondered what was going through his mind.

Being in that world brought up Terra’s memories of darkness. First he thought about Maleficent, then the darkness, and finally Xehanort. Not much time had passed since he was once on the side of darkness. Everyone had told him that it wasn’t his fault; that Xehanort was to blame. But none of their words reached him. He thought that if he would have been stronger things wouldn’t have escalated to what they did. As all of these memories surfaced he clenched his fist in rage, and his body began to shake. Except he wasn’t mad at Xehanort, he was mad at himself.

Aqua saw this and gently grabbed his hand and stared into his eyes. Terra’s body stopped shaking and he stared into her eyes. Neither said a word to the other. They knew each other long enough that they didn’t have to say anything. Terra gave her a look as if to say “I’m sorry”; he had told her countless times. She gave her own look as if to say “I forgive you”; it was the same answer she always gave.

Terra knew that she had forgiven him, but that wasn’t what had been bothering him. No matter how many times she had forgiven him, it wouldn’t mean anything until he forgave himself. Terra lightly smacked her hand away and started walking forward.

“Princess Aurora should be in the castle.” Terra said quietly. Aqua quickly followed suit. She wished that she could console him and make him feel better, but she knew that it was an impossible task.

The two walked along the bridge in an uncomfortable silence. Aqua didn’t like the silence so shed ecided to make a joke; it was something that she had learned from Sora. “HeyTerra, how does the ginger bread man make his bead?” Terra cocked his head back.“With cookie sheets.” She didn’t know any good jokes.

Terra smiled at her. “That’s pretty funny.” Of course he was lying, but he knew she just trying to make him feel better. “Hey Aqua?”


“Didn’t Master Yen-Sid send Lea to get Aurora?”

“He did, but Lea said that she wanted us to come get her.”

“Me too?”

“Yes. She personal requested you and I come and get her.”

“Oh.” Terra didn’t understand why Aurora would want him to come get her after all he had done.

The two continued to walk until they arrived inside the castles throne room. At the end of the room sat Princess Aurora and Prince Philip; actually they were queen and king now. Along with them were The Three Good Fairies; Flora, Fauna, and Marryweather. When Terra and Aqua arrived before the two, they both politely bowed.

“Hello Terra, hello Aqua.” Aurora said smiling. “Lea told me that you need me to come with you.”

“That is correct. We must keep you safe until the battle is over.” Aqua said.

Aurora got up and walked up to Terra. Terra’s face turned bright red; he wasn’t use to seeing someone so beautiful. “Terra I never got a chance to tell you. I don’t blame you for what happened to me. I know it was Maleficent and Xehanort that had taken my heart.”

Terra didn’t know what to say. Of course he knew that he wasn’t the one who had taken Aurora’s heart, but that’s not what had plagued him for all those years. What bothered him was that he let the darkness take hold of him. However it was still nice to hear her say it. “Thank you.” Terra said quietly.

“Do you mind if I go with you as well?” Everyone turned to Prince Philip. Aurora walked up to him and kissed him.

“No, you must stay here and protect the kingdom.” Aurora then turned to three fairies. “Do you three mind helping him?” The three fairies nodded. “Then we shall leave immediately.” Aurora then got a look of fear on her face. “Something’s comings.”

“I figured we would find you here princess. I could sense your shard the second we got here.” Everyone turned to see Nix and Mizu. Terra summoned his Ends of the Earth Keyblade, and Aqua summoned her Master Keeper Keyblade.

“You’re not getting anywhere near her.” Terra cried. He thought that this would be the perfect opportunity to prove that he could fight without the darkness.

Nix then got a good look at Terra. Then with blinding speed Nix appeared only a few inches fromTerra, and began rubbing her finger on his chest. “Hey you’re pretty hot. How about you and I ditch this place and find somewhere more privet.”

Terra felt his body become cold when Nix touched him. Then for some reason Aqua got angry. “Leave him alone, or you’ll have to deal with me!” She didn’t know why Nix’s actions bothered her so much.

Nix turned to Aqua and gave her a sly smile. “Sorry sweetheart, I didn’t know you two were together.” She then whispered in Terra’s ear. “That just makes it more fun.” As Nix spoke Terra could his feel his body growing colder. Aqua saw this and threw her Keyblade between Terra and Nix. Nix jumped back, but Terra’s body was still too numb to move.

Nix was a little mad that Aqua got between her and Terra. It had been so long since she had seen any new male faces. “Okay honey.” Nix raised her right hand, and ice formed around her fingers into claws. “If you want to fight, then we’ll fight.” The ice then formed claws on her left hand.

Aqua readied her Keyblade. From what Ven and Roxas had told her, she knew this wasn’t going to be an easy battle. Then she noticed something odd; Mizu had left. She assumed that Mizu was planning some sort of sneak attack.

Nix noticed this as well, and became very angry at her partner. “Where did she go!? She better not be off looking at flowers again!” Nix then turned her attention back to Aqua.“Whatever, I don’t need any help to take you down.”

Nix rushed Aqua and slashed at her with her left hand. Aqua was able to block the attack, and pushed Nix back. Aqua then countered with a firaga spell. Nix then grinned at the blue haired girl. “Is that it? I expected more from one of the lights chosen.”

Like before Aqua became very angry at Nix. She still didn’t know why Nix bothered her so much. “I’ll show you what the light can do!” Aqua raised her blade and around twenty spheres of light appeared throughout the room. Aqua teleported to one of spheres and launched at it a Nix. Nix was able to dodge the attack but failed to notice Aqua had teleported to another sphere. Aqua sent the sphere flying into her opponent's back. She then did this with the other spheres, and was able to hit Nix every time. Aqua returned to the ground and began to use Raging Storm. She knew that she needed to attack while she still had the opportunity. She flew at Nix while coated in the swirling flames. As she neared her opponent, Nix put her hand threw the flames and grabbed her throat; Nix was completely unharmed by the flames. The flames then slowly dissipated.

“If this is the strength of your light, then you might as well give us the shards.” Nix tightened her grip, and ice began to form at Aqua’s feet. The ice began to slowly work its way up Aqua’s body.

This reminded Terra of how he once tried to choke the life out of Aqua; something he never wanted to see again. He then felt the feeling return to his body, but something else returned as well. This new feeling made him feel at least ten times stronger. He sprinted at Nix and hit her with all of his strength. The attack was so strong that it sent Nix flying out of the castle. It was then Terra realized what the strange feeling was. It was the same feeling that had given him so much strength; the power of darkness. He felt a sense of shame. He had thought that he could fight without the darkness, but it seemed that the darkness wouldn’t let him. He then broke Aqua out of the ice. He knew he didn’t have time to think.

“Aqua, get Aurora out of here.” Terra then looked at hole Nix had left. “I’ll take care of The Forgotten.”

Aqua wanted to stay and fight with Terra, but Aurora’s safety came first. “Okay, I’ll be back as soon as I can.”

Terra saw that Aqua was hurt from Nix’s attack. “No, you’re hurt. I can handle her on my own.”

“But Terra…” Aqua knew shew ouldn’t be of much use in her current state, but she still wanted to help her friend.

“I said go!” Terra cried. He couldn’t stand the thought of loosing Aqua again.

“Alright.” Aqua summoned a corridor of light, and took Aurora to safety. As she left she felt a sense of worry. She knew that Terra was the type to do something reckless, and that he probably wouldn’t stop until he defeated Nix; even if it cost him his life.

Terra was relieved that Aqua was safe. She was headed to Radiant Garden. There she would have Riku and Mickey to keep her safe. He then brushed off his feelings and sprinted toward the hole Nix had left. He followed the trail of damage until he arrived at the long bridge that lead to the castle. There Nix was waiting.

“That kind of hurt.” Nix said. “I usually wait till the third date to get into the rough stuff. But for you I’ll make an exception.”

“Shut up!” Terra wasn’t keen on having his enemy talk to him. “Let’s end this.”

“If that’s what youwant.” Nix raised her arm and a blizzard surrounded them. “It’s a shame that I’ll have to mess up that pretty face of yours.”

Nix used the cover of the snow to get behind Terra and slashed him with her claws. Terra then began to swing his blade wildly. He hoped that he if he did so he would able to land a hit. However his attacks were un focused, and Nix was able to easily dodget hem. She kept slashing him, and with every slash the wound would freeze; this caused most of Terra’s body to go numb. It eventually got to the point the Terra was unable to move.

Nix saw this and made the blizzard dissipate. She didn’t see the point in having the advantage if her opponent couldn’t move. It was then Mizu appeared behind her partner holding a bouquet of flower.

Mizu presented theflowers to her partner. “Here Nix, I thought you might like them.”

Nix was still mad that Mizu had left her to fight alone. “You left to go get flowers!?”

Mizu lowered her hood revealing her shoulder length dark blue hair. “It’s a victory present. I knew you could take them on your own.”

Nix was flattered byt he gesture. She then tosseled the young girl’s hair. “Awww, I can’t stay mad at you when you’re so cute.”

“Who…’ve...won.” The two then noticed Terra trying to move, but Nix’s attacks had already done too much damage.

“What are were going to do with him?” Mizu asked. She assumed that there was a reason Nix had kept him alive.

Nix smiled at herpartner. “Atra said we need strong hearts, and he definitely fits the bill.” Nix raised her left hand her claw turned back with darkness. She rushed Terra and picked him up by his throat. “I hate to take the heart of someone as good looking as you.” She then drove her claw into Terra’s heart. “But orders are orders.”

Terra could feel Nix’s darkness take hold of his heart, but then he felt another darkness in his heart. Then a mass amount of darkness pushed Nix’s hand out of his heart. The darkness swirled around Terra, and through out the world. The darkness bent and twisted everything it touched; the trees bent and turned into lifeless husk, and sky turned black. The darkness continued to swirl until it returned to Terra, coating him in an aura of darkness. He could feel so much power flowing through him, it was almost over whelming. Terra slowly rose from the ground.

Nix grinned at the Keyblade wielder. “So you’re just like us?”

Terra channeled all of his power into his blade. “NO!” Terra swung his blade and sent a giant blade of darkness at his enemy. Nix was unable to dodge the attack, and took the full force of the blow. Nix then dropped to the ground. She was filled with fear from the power Terra had displayed. She had only felt that kind of fear one other time.

“Mizu…get…out of here...” Nix knew she couldn't fight Terra, and protect Mizu at the same time

Mizu feared for thelife of her partner. “You..hurt..Nix.” Mizu eyes then filled with the intent to kill. “I’LL KILL YOU!”


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Re: Obliviónis Tredecim (DDD Spoilers, Post KH3) Ch.6 part 1

Whoa, so many updates and boy are they good. There's never a dull moment in this, so full of action and adventure in it. I like how you brought Firion into the story. I look forward to seeing more final fantasy characters and more battles, with the Forgotten. Mizu was funny, with her obsession with flowers, though.
Oct 20, 2009
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Re: Obliviónis Tredecim (DDD Spoilers, Post KH3) Ch.6 part 2

Yep there are a lot more battles then I thought there would be, but oh well. The only thing I don't like is I can't put Noctis in this. He would make a good opponent for Atra. And Mizu isn't obsessed with just flowers. She's obsessed with anything that's pretty (depending if she's in the mood or not).
Oct 20, 2009
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Re: Obliviónis Tredecim (DDD Spoilers, Post KH3) Ch.6 part 2

Chapter VI

The Lingering Doubt

Mizu raised her arm and the water beneath the bridge rose to form two giant spheres. Then some water appeared in Mizu’s hand. The water swirled along with some darkness and formed into a dark blue trident. There were black jewels on the the handle of the weapon, and the outer prongs were curved inward while the center one was straight.

Mizu then began to hysterically laugh. “It’s good to be free. I was getting tired of dealing with flower loving wimp.”

Nix saw the obvious change in her partner’spersonality. She always knew that was why Mizu was Number V: The Shifting Tides.

“It’s good to have you back.” Nix then rose from theground, and her wounds were now completely healed. “Now I remember why I let you come with me.” She liked this Mizu. It wasn’t that she didn’t like the previous Mizu, but this personality was more suited for combat.

“I know, I guess I can thank him for letting me out.” Mizu then pointed her weapon at Terra. “So can I kill him?”

“You don’t need to kill him, just rough him up a bit. We still need his heart.” Actually Nix was hoping to keep Terra alive for her own reasons.

“Whatever, I was hoping to have a more fun before I’m locked away, but this will have to do.” Mizu swung her trident and sent a wave of water at Terra. The water completely swallowed him, creating a makeshift prison. “Do it Nix.” Nix fired a blizzard spell at Terra, freezing his prison.

Nix was surprised that Terra didn’t fight back a tall. “That was a little too easy.” Inside the sphere of ice Nix could see Terra’s dark aura.

Inside the prison Terra was full of rage. Except his rage wasn’t directed toward anyone in particular, he was just mad. He then summoned all of his darkness to his chest. He then released the darkness, causing the sphere to shatter. He rushed Mizu and attacked her with his blade. He was able to land several powerful hits, but Mizu was still standing. Finally Mizu countered by calling the water over to imprison Terra once again. Terra struggled to break free, but the water made it hard for him to move. As the water poured into his body, his darkness faded and he returned to his normal self. Before he could drown someone flew into sphere, grabbed him, and busted out the other side. All Nix and Mizu saw was a silver flash.

It was then Terra noticed who had saved him. “Riku!”

Riku smiled at his friend. “Aqua told me you could use some help.” Riku then summoned his Way to Dawn Keyblade and got into his battle stance. “And it looks like I got here just in time.”

“I have to be the luckiest person in the world!” Nix shrieked. “Not only do you have a great body, but that silver hair is to die for.”

Riku grinned at her.“Sorry, but you’re not my type.” He had matured enough to not let comments like Nix’s bother him.

Nix frowned at Riku.“Awwww, why did you have to go and say that? You hurt my feelings.” She was obviously joking with the boy.

Riku then lowered his weapon. “Sorry, you're very pretty it’s just…” Riku then snapped back to reality. “Wait a sec.” Riku then raised his weapon to where it was.“What am I saying!?”

Nix couldn’t help but laugh at him. “Don't feel bad, there isn’t a man alive who can resist my charms.”

“What about Atra? Hea lways saw right through you.” Mizu interjected.

“He’s the exception that proves the rule.” Nix didn’t like that her partner brought up Atra. Out of all of the male members of The Forgotten he was the only one who never gave her the time of day. She even got smile out of Tonitrus every now and again, but not Atra. “Anyway, what’s your name handsome?”

“It’s Riku.”

“Cute name. I’m Nix, and this is Mizu.”

“As much as I love small talk, how about we get this fight started.” Riku saw this as an opportunity to see how much his power had grown. He then noticed Terra start to get up. “Stay down Terra, I can take em on my own.”

Terra despised the thought of staying out of the fight. “No, let me fight with you!”

Riku knew Terra’s body was still being affected by the darkness. In his current state he wouldn’t be able to control his powers, let alone fight. “Just stay down, I’ll wrap this up.”

Before Terra could respond Riku had already engaged his enemies. Riku started by covering his body in a light purple aura. He then jumped on the rail of the bridge and began sliding over to his opponents. Mizu tried to attack him with her water, but when she did he vanished. He appeared behind Mizu and struck her with his blade. He followed up with point blank range dark firaga. The combo was strong enough to create hole in Mizu’s torso. Riku quickly jumped back on the rail and slid back to Terra. He figured a hit and run strategy would work the best.

Mizu called the darkness to her body, causing her wound to regenerate. “I’ll admit you’re stronger than I thought.” She then raised her trident and began to move it in a circular motion. “But that means I can’t hold back anymore!” Mizu called all of the water to the tip of her weapon. She then transformed all of her water into the shape of a dragon. She sent the dragon flying at Riku. The beast tried to swallow him, but he was able to hold it back with his blade. Mizu then saw that Riku was stopping her attack, so she called her dragon back. “Now Nix!” Mizu cried.

“You got it.” Nix fired a blizzard spell at the dragon, turning it into solid ice. Because of thisboth Mizu and Niz had to command the beast in unison. The dragon opened its mouth and sent spears of ice at Riku. Riku blocked the attacks then coated himself and his blade in orange flames. He jumped back onto the rail then leaped high into the air. He followed by slamming his blade on the dragon's head. He then immediately began to slice the beast with his fiery blade. At the end of his combo he sent his blade spinning around him. This created a wave of fire that melted the beast. However it still maintained its shape. He then coated himself in a light blue aura. He put his blade under his feet and slid down the dragon to Mizu. When he reached the end he became covered in light. He then began to attack both Mizu and Nix with a flurry of strikes. At the end of his combo he stabbed his weapon into the ground, creating a giant wave of light. When the light faded Mizu and Nix were lying on the ground.

Nix was the first to get up. “I didn’t expect someone so hot to be so strong.” She put Mizu on her back and summoned a corridor of darkness. “I can’t wait to see you when I’m at my full strength.” She then entered the corridor.

As Nix entered the corridor Mizu whispered something to her. “Nix…are the flowers okay?” The two then vanished.

Riku was told that The Forgotten weren’t fighting at their full power. He knew if wanted any chance of defeating them he would have to become stronger. However there were more pressing issues at the moment. He then made his way back to Terra.

The first thing Riku noticed was that Terra had an angry look on his face. “Are you alright?”

Terra then lashed out at the boy. “Do I look alright!? Just look around, look at what I did!”

Riku then noticed the damage Terra’s darkness had caused. The darkness still lingered in the air. The scent reminded him so much of Ansem’s darkness. “I know but it’s not your fault.”

Before Riku could say anything else, Terra lashed out at him again. “It is my fault! It’s because I couldn’t control my darkness!” Then several tears began to fall from Terra’s eyes. “I thought once Xehanort was gone I would be free from the darkness, but I’m not! It’s still there!”

Riku understood exactly what Terra was going through. Not that long ago he had to go through the same thing. “I know how you feel. You think that your darkness is a curse. Like a reminder of the mistakes that you’ve made. And whatever you do it will never go away.”

“Then what am I suppose to do? My darkness has hurt everyone close to me.”

“Your darkness belongs to you just as your light does. When you can control it, it will become your greatest weapon.”

“It’s just….” Terra knew that Riku was right, but he still felt uneasy.

“I know nothing I say will matter. After you’ve hurt the ones you care about even their forgiveness won’t make you feel better. The only way you can be free of your guilt is when you forgive yourself.”

Riku’s words truly impacted Terra. After all the time that had passed he still hated himself for being controlled by the darkness. But he knew if he wanted to protect his friends he had to forgive himself, and let the darkness in. “Riku, thank you.” Terra then summoned a corridor of light. “I’ll need some time.”

Riku smiled at his childhood hero. “Take all the time you need.”

Terra returned the smile. “Tell Aqua and Ven that I’ll be back soon.”

“I will.” Terra then vanished in corridor. Riku knew that Terra would be able to find peace. If he could do, then Terra would be able to do it too. Riku summoned his own corridor and returned to Radiant Garden.

Back in the Enchanted Dominion's throne room, The Three Good Fairies were wondering if Aurora was safe. Prince Philip had left to perform his royal duties.

“Do you think they go her to safety?” Fauna asked.

Marryweather did her best to console her friend. “I’m sure she’s fine. Master Yen-Sid promised us that she would be safe.” The two then noticed that Flora had a concerned look on her face.

“My dears, something’s coming.” The three watched as Shinu and Tenshi appeared through a dark corridor. “What business do beings of darkness have here?” The three then readied their wands. “If you’re looking for Princess Aurora she has already left.”

Shinu then summoned hers cythe. “I know we’re here for another reason.”

“Whatever your reason is, we will not allow you and your ilk to be here.” Flora yelled. The three then fired three spheres of light at Shinu. Tenshi raised her arm and the three spheres stopped. Then with a flick of her wrist she sent the three spheres flyingback at the fairies. Shinu then rushed the fairies and sliced them all with a single swing. Then three spheres of darkness floated out of the fairies’ chests and merged to form a single sphere. Shinu sliced the sphere and the darkness formed into a familiar evil fairy.

“Hello Maleficent.”

At Radiant Garden, Riku was at Ansem the Wise’s computer. He was searching for a way to increase his power in short amount of time. As he did so his thoughts drifted to Ansem. Although he didn’t know him very well, he still felt sad when he watched him die.

“Riku.” Riku’s train of thought was broken by the appearance of Even. Although he was now on his side, Riku still felt uncomfortable around the tall blonde.

“Hey Even, you need help with your research?” Riku knew Even wouldn’t talk to him unless he wanted something.

“Not exactly.”

“What do you mean?”

“I need you to bring Sora here.”

Riku wondered what Even would want with Sora. “What do want with Sora?”

“I think I’ve figured out how to bring Xion back.”
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Re: Obliviónis Tredecim (DDD Spoilers, Post KH3) Ch.6 part 3

Chapter VII

Crossroads of Fantasy

Riku was filled with emotions upon hearing Even’s breakthrough. Of course everyone’s memories of Xion had returned, but it felt odd that she wasn’t there with them. Although his time with her was short he still missed her. Even though she was doomed to return to Sora she gladly accepted her fate; something Riku respected her agreat deal for.

Then a thought entered Riku’s mind. “How do you plan to bring her back, and what is going to happen toSora?” He assumed Sora would suffer some side effects.

“I’ll tell you when you bring Sora here.”

Riku could tell that something bad would happen to Sora. Especially if Even wouldn’t even tell him. However the prospect of bring Xion coming back outweighed any possible risk. “Okay, I’ll go get him.”

In an unknown world Sora was walking through a forest alone. It felt strange to him to be on an adventure without his friends. Donald and Goofy were given the task of protecting Disney Castle while Mickey was gone, and he didn’t know how to bring the Dream Eaters out of The Realm of Sleep. However he hoped that he would meetsome new friends to travel with. He continued to walk until he saw a girl walking slowly along the same path he was.

She was wearing her long mint green hair down. She wore a sleeveless red dress with floral patterns, two long red gloves, several different sashes around her waist, and a pale pink cape. Her legs were covered by patterned white tights, and she wore pointed red and gold high-heeled boots. Sora wondered why this girl was walking alone in place like that.

He then briskly jogged up to her. “Excuse me, why are you out here all by yourself?”

The girl jumped a little when Sora approached her. She didn’t expect anyone to be out there.“ Oh! You startled me.”

Sora felt bad about scarring her. “Sorry about that.” He then put on his trademark smile. “I was just wondering what you were doing out here all alone.”

The girl was comforted by Sora’s smile. “Don’t be sorry, I didn’t expect anyone to be out here either. I was just taking a walk.”

“Well that’s nice. Do you mind if I walk with you?” Sora figured that he could ask her about the world he was in. “I’m Sora by the way.”

“I don’t mind, it’s better than walking alone. And I’m Terra.”

“What a coincidence, I have a friend named Terra.”

“I’ve never met anyone else named Terra. I’ve been told that it’s a good name for girls.” Sora then began to hysterically laugh, to the point that he had trouble breathing. “What’s the matter?” She didn’t know how her comment was funny.

Sora regained his composure, but it was obvious that he was still trying to hold in his laughter. “It’s just the Terra I know is a boy.”

Terra’s face turned bright red. “’s a good name for a boy too.”

Sora understood her confusion. Terra wasn’t exactly a common name for boys. “Don’t sweat it, anyway how about that walk?”

“Okay.” The two walked and Terra told Sora more about herself. She told the story of how she was the child of a human and an Esper. This granted her amazing magical abilities. However after her and her friends defeated the evil mage Kefka, shel ost her powers.

“Wow, that’s quite a story.” Sora was glad to hear such an amazing tale, but Terra left something unanswered. She didn’t tell him about the time between her birth and the start of her journey. However Sora didn’t think too much about it. Then he remembered his mission. “Oh! Are your friends still around?”

“Yes, but why do want to know?” Sora then explained his quest to find strong warriors. “I’m sure they would be glad to help you.”

“Then let’s go.” Sora loved the thought of having traveling companions once again. Then he felt something odd in the world. The fleeing was all too familiar to him; it was the presence of darkness. “Terra I want you to run far away from here.”

“I will.” Before she could run a corridor of darkness appeared, and out stepped Shinu andTenshi.

Sora quickly summoned his Kingdom Key and got into his battle stance. “What do you want!?”

Shinu then summoned her weapon. “We have orders to stay away from you. We’re here for her.”

Sora didn’t know what The Forgotten would want with Terra, but he knew he had to protect her. “You’re not getting anywhere near her!” Sora fired a sphere of light from his blade at Shinu. Tenshi raised her arm and sphere stopped. “What!?” Then with flick of her wrist Tenshi sent the sphere back at Sora. Sora deflected the attack and charged his enemies. He started with a horizontal swing, but Shinu was able to easily dodge the attack.

Shinu then pushed Sora aside and dashed toward Terra. She slashed Terra and sphere of darkness came out of the young girl’s chest. Shinu slashed the sphere and it formed into an insane looking clown, wearing strange colorful clothing.

“What gives? I thought I was dead?” As with all those Shinu revived, the clown was confused about his situation.

“I summoned you back to the world of the living Kefka.” Shinu said.

“Well thank ya toots, but what’s the rub?”

“I need you to do what you’ve always done, destroy.”

“So there isn’t any catch at all?” Kefka knew there had to be something else.

“Soon I will call upon you, and you will answer.”

“Okay missy I’ll be sure to destroy EVERYTHING!” The clown then flew into sky.

Sora didn’t know what to think of what he had seen. He didn’t understand how someone could be brought back to life. “I don’t know you brought him back, but he’ll be the last person you bring back!” Sora tried to attack her, but she dodged it and kicked him to the grown.

“I hate to go against Atra’s orders, but you leave me no choice.” Shinu then drove her scythe into Sora’s chest. Shinu could feel the memories of every enemy Sora had ever faced. “These will make a nice addition to our army.” Shinu removed her weapon and many spheres of darkness surrounded them. The spheres began to form into the villains Sora had fought.

Surprisingly Sora was till conscious after Shinu’s attack. He knew if she brought back his former enemies he and friends would lose their battle. He rose from the ground and summoned all of his strength. As he did so he became surrounded by a bright light. Sora stabbed his blade into the ground and released his light. The light combined with the dark figures and shot into the sky. The light and darkness opened up a hole in the sky, and two spheres darkness and two spheres of light shot into different directions. Then as soon as the hole appeared it vanished.

“What do you think that was Shinu?” Tenshi figured if anyone knew what they had seen it would be her.

“Tenshi, I honestly don’t know.” Shinu then summoned a corridor of darkness. “We should go see what it was.”

“What do we do with him?” Tenshi said while pointing at Sora. He was exhausted from the attack he preformed; he had to use his blade to keep himself from falling over.

Shinu wanted to resurrect Sora's fallen enemies, but she figured whatever she had summoned needed her current attention. “We’ll leave him be.”

“Your right, Atra would be mad if we did anything to harm him.” The two then entered the corridor and disappeared.

It was then Sora realized what had happened. At the same time he was filled with fear. He feared the power that The Forgotten wielded, and he had even met all of them. But he knew he didn’t have time to think about that. At the moment Terra needed him. He picked her up and disappeared in a corridor of light.

Elsewhere Shinu and Tenshi were walking along a mountain path. The two had found where one the spheres of darkness had landed.

“Do you think it was smart to just leave guy?” Tenshi asked.

“Do you mean Kefka, and if so why do you ask?” Shinu found it odd that Tenshi would question her.

“Yeah, he seemed wild and out of control. Do you think he will actually listen to you?”

Shinu understood why Tenshi would be concerned. Kefka was the type that would turn against them if the opportunity presented itself. “In his current condition he is more valuable to us.”

“I still don’tunderstand why you didn’t do what you did to that Maleficent?” Tenshi then recalled Maleficent’s revival.


“Who is it that has revived me?” Maleficent asked.

“I did.”Shinu answered.

“And why did you revive me?”

“I need you to build an army of Heartless.”

“And you expect me to take orders from you?”

“It’s a fair trade for your life.”

“I serve no one.”

“Yes you do.” Shinu snapped her fingers and Maleficent’s eyes turned white. “Will you build our army?”

“Yes Lady Shinu.”


“Kefka’s very nature is one of chaos. If I take that away he will become useless.” Shinu had hoped that Tenshi would final understand.

Tenshi felt a little bad about doubting her friend. “I get it, I shouldn’t have doubted you.” The two continued to walk until they saw Atra walking toward them. Tenshi wondered what their leader was doing there. “What are you doing here Atra?”

“I figured it would be best if I talked to him.” Atra replied.

“He?” Tenshi questioned.

“You will see.” The three walked until he was almost hit by a wave of darkness. Despite the danger they continued until they arrived at a huge crater. There they saw a strange looking man.

He had long purple hair adorned with feathers and tribal beads, and a long, purple and black headband. He wore form-fitting black and purple armor with dark boots lined with white fur. He also brandished a large sword with an eye on its hilt.

The man fired another blade of darkness at The Forgotten, but they were able to dodge it. The man then spoke with a hint of rage in his voice. “Where is Yuel?”


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Re: Obliviónis Tredecim (DDD Spoilers, Post KH3) Ch.7 part 1

Two updates that I didn't know about. Riku showing up to save Terra was awesome! I really like Mizu and Nix. There a fun pair to run into.

I'm extremely curious what those two spheres of darkness and light contain. Has the feeling I might know what was contained in one of the spheres of darkness. The spheres of light I have no idea what to expect to come out of them or if anything was inside them at all. Was good seeing Atra in this update too.
Oct 20, 2009
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Re: Obliviónis Tredecim (DDD Spoilers, Post KH3) Ch.7 part 1

Two updates that I didn't know about. Riku showing up to save Terra was awesome! I really like Mizu and Nix. There a fun pair to run into.

I'm extremely curious what those two spheres of darkness and light contain. Has the feeling I might know what was contained in one of the spheres of darkness. The spheres of light I have no idea what to expect to come out of them or if anything was inside them at all. Was good seeing Atra in this update too.
Thanks :). Yeah I'm planning on giving Riku more of a hero type role (kind of like how he is in 3D). Nix and Mizu were fun to write, but they won't show up for a while. But there are the other two teams that haven't been shown. And Atra will usually show up whenever Sora's around.

I don't think you'll be suprised when find out who the characters are, but where they came from.
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