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Fanfiction ► Thing's Aren't So Beautiful Now (PG-13)

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Jun 23, 2005
^XD Silver.



Dude, more. But you generally only have one crash cymbal.

And a ride.

And a hi-hat.






And more. :3

<33333 Drums.


Aug 13, 2005
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Be thankful you have a set, Pickle! My band director calls two low toms, the concert bass drum, and a broken snare a "drumset".

I call that bullcrap. Then he calls me "two laps around the field or you're out of marching band".


But anyways.

GERD, DUDE, UPDART MAN. I wanna play teh awesome slow song! :OOO


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Dec 24, 2004
Chapter Seventeen Part Two

~It's Showtime~

It was time for a slow song, or at least that's what Dad decided. He talked it over with Silver, Piku, and Hollow each giving him shrugs or whatevers. He walked next to me and whispered in my ear, "So Contagious. Change the lick on your guitar." I listened. I asked if he was singing, "Yep. Don't worry. After, we're going to play your song, sound good?" he asked. I was excited, but for now... A slow song. He walked up to the to the mic and took a deep breath. "Alright, guys and gals. We've had fun, but... Now here's a little something serious. I want you to be the grown up men and women you all are for the next song," he said chuckling a little bit. He counted four beats. Silver and I began strumming the beginning keys and then Hollow and Piku joined in. "Oh, no... This couldn't be more unexpected. And I can tell it, I've been moving in so slow," I sang the last part with Dad. "Don't let it throw you off too far, 'cause I'll be running right behind you..."

We stopped. Dad sang the next part in silence, and I could tell his eyes met with Rikku's. "Could this be out of line, could this be out of mind... To say you're the only one breaking me down like this," he sang. We came in pretty heavy once he started singing again. "You're the only one I would take a shot on, keep me hanging on so contagiously," he said. I looked to see Amy dancing with that Jun kid slowly. I saw Alex with that other girl too. I was going to tear him to shreds. Where the hell was Penelope!? "Oh, when I'm around you I'm predictable... Cause I believe in loving you at first sight... I know it's crazy but I'm hoping to... To take a hold of you," he sang. He was serious about this one. Everyone gently swayed to and fro on the dance floor, smiles on each face. Amme stood with Rath by the punch bowl, who was being controlled by Shinobu, who watched as everyone danced as well. I was going to pull her out for a dance, but if I was up here playing, that'd be kinda hard. Rikku and Amme then began looking around for couples who were dancing too close with rulers in hand.

Dad repeated the chorus again, and took a few deep breaths during the insturmentals. "Oh you're everything I'm wanting, come to think of it I'm aching... On account of my transgression, will you welcome this confession?" he asked. Then we were silent again, but Silver and I were plucking the same strings as we did in the beginning as he repeated the chorus. He kept repeating it until the song faded out and a loud clapping begun. He settled down the crowd. "Hey, good luck out there," Dad said putting his hand on my shoulder. "Can you do the screaming?"

"Sure," I said changing the licks. "Where are you going?"

"I'm going to help Rikku out with the chaperoning. I signed up too," he said. I gave a nod to the guys behind me and I took center stage for the second time. Eyes were all on me.

"Alright, let's bring it back up. This one's for the cheaters out there in the audience," I said, giving a passing glance to Alex. "One, two, three, four!" I yelled as Piku began the drumming. We played the song out, being careful about our stage tricks because I almost dropped my guitar, during the screaming, but boy it was fun. "Do you feel like a man, when you push her around. Do you feel better now, she falls to the ground. Well, I'll tell you my friend, this world's going to end," I sang. It was fun, but I think Alex got a hold of it. He wasn't as peppy as he was before, but he did enjoy the song. I stopped playing and let the crowd shower their applause. It was time for another dance song. I could tell because Dad came up on stage.

"Good stuff, kid. Good stuff. Alright, who's having fun out there?" he asked as he poured water over his head and shook it around, splashing it on the crowd. He tossed the rest of us bottles too. We were getting tired, but our morale was at an all time high. "Kiss me, you guys?" he asked. I knew it was the song he meant, not for us to kiss him. That'd be icky.

"Alright then, I'll take a break," Silver said. Dad nodded and watched him join the crowd. He also watched as Sanae followed. He began twitching nervously but I told him to start the song. He began fiddling with the keys and then Hollow came in with the bass and Piku with the drums. "I take a breath," he sang stepping on the pedal on the base of his mic. It made his voice sound like it was coming out of a synthesizer, which was pretty cool. "And look around to see you, seeing me, seeing you. You wear a dress, that I notice doesn't match your shoes," he sang. "Not yours honey," he said looking at Rikku who was laughing. "But you don't care, you're too busy dancing the night away," he sang and I echoed. "But you don't care, you're too busy laughing the night away," I echoed him again.

As he sang, I scanned the area again for Penelope. She... She wasn't there. But I couldn't let that affect my playing. Besides. I was having a lot of fun. "I don’t want you to leave without dancing with me, I don’t want you to leave, before you kiss me.So go and get your keys and get ready to leave I really hope he sees you leaving with me," he sang. The crowd cheered as they stopped dancing. "Alright you guys, you've been really great so far, but let's keep this going! Partner up!" he yelled as he began playing keys to No One's Watching. Silver got his guitar ready and began strumming as Dad sung. "Bada Bop Bop Ba. Dancing bossa nova. Our pulses left us long ago. And cadences are taking over. bSome day I hope to find that dress I though I knew she loved so much. But I can't help believing such a lie. The tempo stopped for both of us. Our paces quickly falling out of time," he sang.

Amy watched intently. Jun did too. I was worried about Dad. This was one of the last songs we practiced and we couldn't get him to play the keys just right. "Let's dance, like no one's watching! Forget about the fact you'll soon be standing alone. Be still, you hands are trembling, and take my keys 'cause I'm not taking you home," he sang with a smile. He gave the signal. I loved the signal, only because it was funny. Dad stretched his arm behind his head and spun around. He looked like an idiot, but Amy got the idea. She snuck onto the stage and Dad snuck off stage. "Amy, are you okay with playing for me?" he asked as Silver and I filled in the music as best as we could. Amy nodded and Gerard squeezed her tightly. Amy began keying the piano, not looking up at the surprised crowd. The spotlight turned to Dad as the instrumental began. First it started slow as he walked up to Rikku and took her to the front of the stage. She was nervous, but Dad whispered, "Y'know, this is my first dance with you." He forgot to take the minimic attatched to his jacket off. Everyone heard it, but I don't think he heard it. Amy began to play faster as Rikku replied, "Y'know, this is my first dance," she blushed.

Dad pulled her in and took her into a slow waltz. Neither of them knew what they were doing, but they were both having fun. As the last few piano notes were being played, Dad took her to the middle of the gym and closed in for a kiss. The whole crowd cheered and the two blushed. "Go Mr. Yasai!" was one of the cheers I heard from the crowd. I laughed into the mic as Amy softly finished playing the keys. Jun rushed up on stage to congratulate her. I pulled her back as she began to walk off.

"Great job, Amy,"

"Thanks, Kanynt," she blushed.

"I've got an idea. Wanna play Wine Red?"

"I dunno... It's stupid," she said shrugging. "And besides, I can't sing."

"Don't think I haven't heard you before," I said putting my hand on her shoulder. "C'mon. We'll make it cool. Everyone loves your playing!"

"But I don't wanna," she said biting her bottom lip.

"You sing beautifully. C'mon!"

"...You owe me, Kanynt," she said hugging me. I could tell she was nervous. Dad hasn't got up on stage yet, so it was up to me to take the reins. I walked over to Piku, telling her to improvise.

"Make it danceable," I told her. She got mad for always telling her what to do. I told Silver to keep with short plucks, no long riffs. For Hollow, easy bass. I got back to the mic, and I was going to help her sing the song. I've heard it plenty of times, and I saw her sheet music on the keyboard at her place. I put my hands together, gathering everyone in a clapping frenzy. Amy looked at me nervously and the clapping came to a halt.

"Umm... Everyone... I'm Amy Yasai... Freshmen. I um... This song's called Wine Red. It's... err... Not very good, but please, have fun," she said. She had such a little voice. She was always so quiet, but whenever we talked, she sounded fine. She was pretty loud sometimes, but seeing her like this was weird. She began hitting a few keys, and I began the clapping. Piku began punding her drums, bass drum at every 1/4 beat and every 1/8 beat, she'd hit the high hat with her drumsticks. Hollow played a simple bass and Silver waited for his time. We were improvising, so what. "Who shot that arrow through your throat, who missed that crimson apple? It hung heavy on the tree above you head," she said, holding notes sweetly. I walked over to Piku.

"You're hitting them too fast!"

"She's singing too slow!" she replied. I shook my head and signaled Amy to go faster. She complied.

"This chaos, this calamity, this garden once was perfect. Give your immortality to me' I'll set you up against the stars," she said as I began.

"Gloooria, we lied, we can't go on. This is the time and this is the place to be alive," I sang with a low voice.

"Who shot that arrow in your throat? Who missed the crimson apple? And there is discord in the garden tonight,"she sang as Piku's drumming came in. Silver's guitarring was quick and Hollow's bass infectious. I couldn't stop shaking. I saw Dad on the side of the stage holding up his tambourine. I laughed a little as Amy and I began singing.

"The sea is wine red," she smiled as we sang together. "This is the death of beauty, the doves have died, the lovers have lied," we crooned.

"I cut the arrow from your neck, stretched you beneath the tree. Among the roots and baby's breath, I covered us with silver leaves," Amy sang. With more people dancing and cheering, she began to be less afraid. She sang with a spark, an attitude.

"Gloooria, we lied. We can't go on. This is the time and this is the place to be... Alive," I repeated. We repeated the chorus and we brought the song into an instrumental. Dad came in shaking the tambourine in rhythm to the beats. We were all having fun with this song, but we mananged to keep order. Dad picked up Amy and sat her on his shoulders proudly as the song finished and the crowd was cheering loudly. I never thought it'd be this fun.

-End Chapter-

Song links:

So Contagious (The First Song)

Face Down (The Second Song)

No One's Watching (The Third Song)

Wine Red (The Fourth Song)


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Mar 19, 2005
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CONTAGIOUS, WHOO! Uber hearts for j00. <33

Silver's in black slacks with accentuating off-white pinstripes ... XD I find that really funny.

Although, I'm scared by what you made me say. xP AH BE TOO WHITE. I'm even too white to blush.

Beat that.

Not many can.

I could tell you to update again ... but teh updartness ... and teh ... non-updartness ... damn, just update soon. o.< Tever. Ignore me.


-waves Pickle drumming support banner-


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Dec 24, 2004
Time to updart more.

Chapter Eighteen

~Romance Lit by Candles~

Shinobu helped broom off the confetti thrown about the floor. The festive colors dulled in the lights in comparison to when they exploded off stage as Dad finished singing the final chorus of our last song. I was helping pack the equipment with Piku and Sanae who were quarreling over the proper storage of a drum set. Silver dragged the amps into the van with Megan slowly following him. Ketso, however, was also helping Rikku and Shinobu clean up. Amy was still talking to a group of people who crowded around her and Jun after she got off the stage. Dad was asleep on the staircase that led to the stage. "She didn't show up," Shinobu said as she bumped into me. I shrugged as I flipped my hair. "Don't play it off like you don't care. I know you do. If you want... I could give you her address..." she said with a smirk.

What the hell was I going to do with her address? Or maybe... She wanted me to find out? She nudged towards my acoustic guitar which I left behind the speakers. "Get it?" she asked. I shook my head. She took a deep breath and leaned on the broomstick. "Look. Take your guitar, climb up to her balcony, do some Mr. Romantical thing, and win what you should've won earlier," she said shoving my guitar into my hands. What the hell was I going to do with her address?!

"But I still have no idea how to get there. All the routes I know are from here to your place and then my place," I told her.

"I know how to get there," Amy smiled as she peeked from behind me. "I've been there a buncha times." Shinobu finished writing the address on my hand, but I couldn't see it. She pulled a small tube from her pocket and pushed Amy and I out in the dark. Shinobu told us that she'd cover for us while Amy took my hand and shone the blacklight on my hand. "Yep, let's go!" she said running towards my jetcycle swinging my guitar around like a ribbon. I hoped she wouldn't break it before I got to Penelope's house. She held on to my back as she always did whenever I drove her around places and we sped forward.

Twists and turns through the dark night. The city was like a dark maze, one that only Amy could guide me through. The towering buildings engulfed us as we sped through the entrails of the mighty beast that was Luca. The wind howled at us, urging us to continue forward. Amy held on to me tighter. I could feel her cold arms wrapped around my jacket. "Turn right," she said as she shivered. I parked in front of the address that Shinobu gave me. I hopped off the bike as I stepped onto the sidewalk. I handed Amy my jacket to wear. Didn't want her to catch a cold. "She's on the third second floor," she said.

"So, should I just go inside and knock on the door?"

"Are you an idiot? That's not romantic at all! You're supposed to show her that you're willing to do anything for her! Even if it means climbing up one floor up an apartment building," she said ending each word a little more quiet than the last. I laughed. I stood about a few yards away from the building and jumped up and down to get the blood running a bit. I ran straight towards the building and began to run up the wall. It worked, right until my third step where I fell backwards. Amy was trying hard to conceal a laugh by covering her mouth with her hands. I got that dirt off my shoulders and thought it out a bit more. "Y'know... The ladder's kinda right there..." she said pointing at the ladder. I slapped myself in the face with my palm.

I strapped my guitar around my back and began climbing up. I slid over to the balcony outside of her room and the ladder closed. Doesn't look like I'm getting down the same way I came up, I thought to myself. I walked towards the sliding door to see Penelope through a small open sliver of her curtain. I didn't know if she was asleep or not because she was facing the opposite way. I slid the door open a little bit and took a deep breath. "Penelope?" I asked. My heart beat began to race. I felt like a character out of a suspense novel who has just been caught by a killer and can't control his self, jerking nervously, making himself look even more pathetic than he already was. That's how I felt. Pathetic. This wasn't going to work... But, might as well try. Even if she is asleep.

I pulled my guitar in front of me and pulled a pick from my pocket and took a deep breath. My fingers trembled as I sat down and crossed my legs on the floor. this was it, and I had to show her. "I wanted to play this for you at the formal, but... I guess it's now or never... And... I love you," I said. My heart swelled along with my lungs as I took a deep breath. I began strumming my guitar slowly and I waited a few moments until I began singing. "When I see your smile, tears run down my face. I can't replace... And now that I'm stronger I have figured out, how this world turns cold and then breaks through my soul, and I know I'll find deep inside me I can be the one. I will never let you fall I'll stand up with you forever I'll be there for you through it all. Even if saving you sends me to heaven," I sang.

I began to pick at my guitar over and over again. The sweet melody was dropping from my heart into her room. The cold wind felt like an embrace. It's ok. It's ok. It's ok. Seasons are changing, and waves are crashing, and stars are falling all for us.
Days grow longer and nights grow shorter, I can show you I'll be the one. I will never let you fall, I'll stand up with you forever, I'll be there for you through it all
Even if saving you sends me to heaven!" I sang with a bit more confidence in my voice. I had to be a little more fierce for the upcoming parts, but... I didn't want to wake anyone up. The sliding door was opened enough already and I didn't want to wake up the doctor.

"Because you're my, you're my, my true love, my whole heart. Please don't throw that away. Because I'm here for you.Please don't walk away, please tell me you'll stay, stay!" I sang. I felt kinda lame, singing for someone who couldn't hear. My melodic cries fell upon her deaf ears. I finished the song slowly and waited for a bit for a response but... She didn't react. I felt like an idiot. She didn't like me anyway... "Good night, Penelope," I said standing up and sitting on the balcony.

"Wait!" Penelope said. This is where she would've stopped me and confessed that she loved me, but... I fell backwards. She really scared me coming out of her room like that. All I could remember was me falling down about ten or twenty feet and a loud thud.

The next morning I woke up to Dad's voice, who seemed to be kind of amazed. "Wait... So you're telling me... That soda and pop rocks doesn't work?" he asked.

"Nope. It's a myth," Dr. Pliskin answered. "There's not enough carbonation in soda and pop rocks to create any kind of explosion whatsoever. Although, you might get a tummy ache," he said.

"Wow," Dad said confused. "I feel smart just by listening to you,"

"I get that quite a lot," the doctor replied. I stood up and rubbed the back of my head. It was aching a bit, but what really surprised me was the sleeping figure next to me. Long black hair with shiny blonde tips. Her black pajamas laced with red on the cuffs. I was on the pull out bed in the couch in Dad's living room. I've slept on this a bunch of times when Mom and I got in fights, and Rikku opened up her home to me. "Huh. He's awake," he said pointing towards me. He walked towards me and sat on the chair in front of the couch. "How ya doin' kiddo?"

"Alright, I guess... Is this... Penelope?"

"I heard what you did last night, Mr. Romantic. Although, you did end up harming someone,"

"Who?" I asked in a stupor. I didn't remember hurting anyone.

"Amy," he said. My heart beat stopped. "You fell and she tried to catch you. Luckily, she ended up with a broken arm and a fractured collar bone. Although, she might be in pain for a little while. Some painkillers will get through though, so don't worry," he said.

"Where is she?" I asked. Dad pressed me gently back on the bed.

"Don't worry. She's in her room fast asleep. Just rest. It's still six in the morning," Dad calmed me down.

"Why're you here doctor?" I asked. He explained how Penelope felt a little guilty for having me come to her balcony and end up hurting Amy. After calling the hospital to take Amy, Penelope and Dr. Pliskin had brought me along. I hit my head on her arm and went unconcious, but I went to the hospital for some minor testing. Dad told me how worried Mom was and how scared she felt for me. Asuka was there too, along with Rikku and Sanae. I was asleep through the whole thing. Amy however, wasn't so lucky. I felt so bad for ruining a perfect night for her. "Just try to get back to sleep Kiddo. You'll be fine," he said. I turned to Penelope and saw her sleeping figure turn around and face me.

I guess I will be fine.

-End Chapter-

I'm sorry it's short.



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... Kanynt phails? o.o;

Kinda sucks fer Amy. She was only trying to help. -tentatively pats- Even if I may soopahly dislike her....

-coughs and hugs teh song- SOOPAH SAPPY LUFF SONG TIME! <333

Nice, Gerd.
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