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Fanfiction ► Thing's Aren't So Beautiful Now (PG-13)

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Dec 24, 2004
Chapter time.

Chapter Seven

~A White Smile With Black Lipstick~

Amy fell asleep on my shoulder. I guess I should've given her a heads up about my arrival. I felt a little guilty, I admit, but whatever. That'd go away soon too. The sun shone brighter and had woken her up. She rubbed her eyes and took another sip from her lemonade. "Are you okay?" I asked her. She nodded. She started walking towards the beach and I sat back and closed my eyes. Amy called out to me, it seemed she wanted me to see something. I took off my shoes and began walking barefoot towards her.

"Lookie! It's a crab!" she smiled. I rolled my eyes. "The word crab is a bit tossed around easily nowadays. It can be used to describe any hard shelled crustacean. But, this one's a small crab louse! It's an insect that resembles a crab, VERY closely!" she said. She seemed to know about it, but... I just didn't care. I nodded and smiled to make it look like I cared. I heard zooming coming from behind and I turned around to see three, maybe four, jetcycles zoom by. It was amazing. Those speeds were dangerous. They raced onto the water and the jetcycles hovered over the water.

"Amy..." I said. I watched as the jetcycles turned around and zoomed towards us. I took Amy's hand and began running. "RUN!" I yelled. I was pulling Amy along. I was afraid. I ran, but they got closer. Three of them swerved out of the way, but one of the drivers were heading straight for us. I pushed Amy aside to keep her safe from danger. I jumped up quickly to avoid the jetcycle. I landed on the hood and I crawled up and grabbed the handles. I couldn't take this jet though. Dr. Pliskin had modified my jetcycle from the steering wheel to handles. I tried the best I could, but I couldn't steer it. The driver of the jetcycle was struggling to get me off, but I overpowered him. I pulled his collar and pulled him off the jetcycle and watched the jet collide into the sand below.

Amy ran over to me, worried. The driver took of... Her helmet. Such the coincidence could only be found in fiction. It was Penelope. "Onii-chan, are you okay?" Amy asked. I nodded, but Penelope was angry.

"What the hell is wrong with you? The beach isn't open yet!" she yelled. I didn't mind that she was mad... I just... I was really happy she noticed me. But... How could you not notice the person you just drove your vehicle into? "You wrecked my jetcycle, Kanynt!" she yelled. She... She remembered my name... It felt... Funny. The feeling Amy described... It returned. I watched her run towards her jet cycle, but I just couldn't get her out of my head. I fell over in dizzyness and Amy came to my side.

"Onii-chan, are you okay?"

"I'm just great..." I said. I didn't know what it was, but my cheeks took control and... Just began to lift. Amy smiled and pulled out a camera. The bright flash didn't bother me.

"This is the first time I've seen you smile, Kanynt. It's nice," she said pulling me up and putting the camera back into her pocket. She dusted the sand off my back and I watched as the three remaining jetcycles park onto the beach. Their drivers got off and tended to the fourth jetcycle. Races... That could be fun. I left Amy behind and ran towards the group. Penelope held her helmet in one hand and looked over the checkboard another driver held. I was just going to cool off and apologize for my actions, but a familiar voice made me forget my motives.

"Minor damage to the paint really, honey. It's just sand. Luckily it landed upside down. If the jets were damaged, we'd be in trouble," a man said with a gruff voice. He took his helmet off and put on the sand. Doctor Pliskin. Without the mustache, the man looked sixteen year younger, or... Maybe it's because he IS sixteen years younger. None the less, I began to approach him when I nervously called out his name. He looked up at me and was confused. "Can I help you?"

"Dr. Pliskin! You're looking great,"

"Young man... I umm... I don't know what to say," he said.

"Can I show you something?" I asked. Before he could answer, I ran straight towards the crashed jetcycle with him following me. I flipped it to it's side and showed him the underside. I decided that if I could give him the changes earlier, he wouldn't be so slow with development in the future. I pointed out simple flaws that were fixed in my jetcycle. He showered me with comments, but I made sure that I didn't accept any of them. It was his genius that revealed them to me.

"Who do you think you are?" Penelope's voice asked from behind. I turned around and she pushed her helmet into my hands. "First you try to kill me, and now you think you're some kind of genius scientist? You are really something, Kanynt," she said. The sarcasm didn't matter. At least she said it. I tried to suppress a smile, but luckily she stomped off angrily when I did.

"Don't worry," Dr. Pliskin cut in. "Penny's a bit edgy. Tonight's her first race and she's getting pretty anxious,"



"You've said you hated the ocean,"

"Why would someone hate something so wonderful?" he smiled. He left me and began inspecting the jetcycle. Amy was tapping her foot impatiently behind me. She pointed out the blood dropping from my leg. I flip my hair around to gain a better view and she led me to the bench carefully. I sat down and she slowly knelt down and pulled some bandages out of her bag.

"Onii-chan, you really should be careful next time you decide to jump in front of moving vehicles," she said pulling one of my pant legs and wrapping my wound in the white cloth. I winced at the pain she induced with her fingers which were covered in salt water. She told me not to worry. "Saltwater is a natural disinfectant. At least I'm not using the alcohol," she said as she finished wrapping my leg. She inspected it a bit more. Blood was still coming out. "Here we go," she said as she pulled the ribbon out of her hair, letting it flow down her back and wrapping my bandages tightly with the ribbon. "Give it a day, you'll be fine," she smiled. She handed me my bottle of lemonade and I opened it and took a sip. I offered her some, but she denied. "Penelope!" she called out. I looked over and
watched as she came my way. "Just act natural, 'kay?"

"What is it Amy?" she asked as she folded her arms. The sun shone brightly on her black leather suit. She kept her hair in a bright pink ribbon which kinda looked good with the pink accessories on her suit. Shapes of broken hearts, lightning bolts, and sillhouettes of cupids all in bright pinks which contrasted her jet black suit. I looked up to her face to see a bright smile with black lipstick.

"Kanynt says he's sorry," Amy revealed. I really hoped she would begin to lighten up. I couldn't stand to see her angry.

"Is it true, Kanynt?" she smirked.

"I... Yeah," I said looking the other way. She sat down next to me and Amy sat on the opposite side of the bench. She leaned over just to get the best of my guilt. "How do you two know each other?"

"We have a big sibling program at school. The upperclassmen are assigned lowerclassmen they have to be nice to!" Amy smiled. "Penny's my Onee-Chan!"

"Is that so?" I asked rolling my eyes. Dr. Pliskin waved towards Penelope, with his shiny bald head glowing in the sunlight. Penelope laughed. It sounded beautiful. "I guess you have to go now," I said as I flipped my hair unintentionally. I swear.

"Hmph. I guess this was fun. I'll see you around... Kanynt," she said as she leaned in and... Pressed... Her... Her....

"Ooh," Amy teased. She took another picture. "Now you're cheeks are pink AND black, her two favorite colors," she said nudging me in the arm. I... I just had to smile I guess... I hugged Amy. Just for a little bit though. Just to show my appreciation.

-End Chapter-


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Dec 24, 2004
Chapter time.

Chapter Eight

~Dreams Of Speed And Romance~​

"Onii-chan! We're going too fast!" Amy yelled as I went faster and faster. It was kinda true. I didn't notice she was still holding on to me. My hair strewn about my face as I went faster and faster. I slowed down a bit before we reached Amy's place. As she jumped off the jetcycle her feet trembled as she walked. She was uneasy from the ride. I took her hand and led her inside. We stepped in the elevator and I hit the button for penthouse floor. I let Amy go and she leaned on the side. I offerred to hold her bag, but she decided to keep it. It WAS a bit wet, because she had her swimsuit in it. Her hair was dripping with saltwater her sandals were covered in sand. "Onii-chan, I really don't think you should get... Uppy about Penelope. She's in love with someone else, y'know," she said looking up at me. She wasn't lying. I forgot all about her boyfriend. I... I just really didn't care.

"Yeah, yeah. I know. Alex, right?" I asked. She nodded. We were silent after that. I was still a bit in shock of what happened, but Penelope having a boyfriend DID kinda... Well, dissappoint me. But, for now, I was... Pretty happy. Amy did tease me a bit, especially the way I acted. It was pretty funny. She said she's never seen me laugh, but... I don't think that's true. I must've laughed sometime before, right? I held my shoes in my fingers and I shook them together to get the sand off. My feet were pretty cold on the marble floor of the elevator. I remembered I still had the bandage on, same with Amy's ribbon. "You want your ribbon back, Amy?"

"Are you kidding? You're kidding, right?"

"... I guess I am, now." I said. A bit after that, the doors opened. Amy stepped in front of me and I followed her to the door. We opened it and the cool air blew into my face. Gerard greeted us with a smile and... I was.... I was kinda happy to see him. Nothing much though. I stepped inside and Rikku let me use their bathtub to wash the sand off my feet. I filled the tub and sat on the rim and let my feet sink in. Amy joined me, but left pretty quickly. Shinobu called over to Amy to remind her Kun-Kun was on. I dried my feet and drained the water. I took the towel hanging on the sink and dried my feet. I stepped onto the cold wooden paneling and stepped into the living room. Rikku and her daughters (and Ketso), were sitting on the couch in front of the television. Kun-kun, the puppet show of some dog who's a detective. I thought it was weird but... Gerard leaned on the couch with a blase look on his face. He really had to lay off the eyeliner. Really. His black hair was more frizzy than usual. He had his hand on his cheek as he watched in boredom. "Pass the cherries," I asked Sanae.

"Get your own cherries," Sanae said. Whatever. Rikku looked up at me and her mouth gaped. She smiled and turned my cheek. "What is it?"

"I think someone had a little fun today," she smiled. Penelope's lipstick. Amy forgot to remind me I still had it on my cheek. I blushed and Shinobu and Sanae turned around. "Gee Kanyn-"

"Mom! Kun-kun is on!" Amy said as she stole cherries out of Sanae's bowl. The theme song was annoying. It really did look like a kids show, but the first episode was...

"Detective Kun-kun, a mild mannered dog, only three dog years old, has solved many crimes. He's known worldwide for his debonaire, charm, and his detective...ity...ness..." the narrator explained. The scene opened to show him studying at his desk. He flipped his paws through files, but the phone rang. He placed his paw, which supposedly had the magical power to attract telephones (I guess) and picked up the phone.

"Hello? No! When? The fountain? I'll be there," Kun-kun said.

"I'm... I'm just not enjoying this as much I thought I would," Gerard said.

"Well, you didn't like Rent that much either," Sanae retorted throwing a cherry seed at him. Gerard rolled his eyes. The show cut to commercials. Gerard said he'd be out. Supposedly, for a walk.

"Umm... Kanynt, can I talk to you in private?" Rikku asked. I shrugged and I followed her into the kitchen, outside of earshot of the girls. Amy pulled out her camera and began showing her sisters and they began laughing. "I know... I know this sounds kinda bad... But... You mind following Gerard? I'm... I'm still a little... Y'know, about.... The walks, right?" she said mumbling almost. She was blushing, but her face was full of concern. I really didn't care too much for Kun-kun, so it wouldn't give me any trouble. The first place he'd go is Mother's, so I might as well stay when I get there. I took my shoes and Auntie Rikku hugged me before I left.

"Buh-bye, lover boy!" Shinobu teased. I gave them a sarcastic laugh as I walked through the door. It was quiet going down the elevator. I slipped my shoes on while I slowly when down. The doors opened and I caught a bit of Gerard going walking out the door. I hopped on my bike and slowly began following. I kept my distance though, I didn't want to get caught watching him. He'd look around corners though. He must've been suspicious. This was the way I used to get home. He WAS going to Yuna's house. My house. He and Mother... But if I stop him, and this might be the day I'm conceived... I wouldn't be living... Time travel has to be one of the worst enemies I have. Next to my pulse. He began creeping up the stairs and I followed a few flights below. I watched as he entered my door. My door. To MY house. As far as I know, this was trespassing.

"Oh, I didn't know you'd be so early," Mother said with a wide smile on her face. I watched in the window as he sat on the couch and Mother set down some tea for him. Yuna sat in front of him on the loveseat and she leaned forward. Gerard sipped the tea. Every movement made my heart beat faster and faster. Stopping them would end my life. But that's what I've wanted all along... "So? What did you learn?"

"Well," Gerard started after putting the tea down. He lifted his leg and crossed it so that his foot rested on his knee. "He's in love,"

"You told me that last night on the computer. Anything new?"

"Well, he wasn't too... Unhappy today. He took Amy to the beach this morning,"

"Those two are surprisingly close. I thought he wouldn't like having siblings, especially looking at the way he treats Ketso. Although, he has been a bit cheery lately. Not to me of course... But I don't mind... It's really nice having him around, even if... Well, he's angry all the time," she muttered. Gerard sipped his tea and put the tea cup down. "Would you like some more?" she asked. Gerard declined and told her he'd get it himself. He stood up and Yuna laughed. "Are those Rikku's pants?" she joked. Gerard let out a bit of a laugh. The words bootcut nearly escaped my mouth, but someone interrupted.

"Kanynt?" Asuka asked. She wore her long brown corduroy overcoat on top of a white blouse and black pants. Her red scarf was a bit out of place, seeing as to how hot it was outside, but whatever. Whatever floats her boat. She held a large brown bag filled with groceries. I hated her... But... Only because she was friends with Mother. I really had no reason to hate her. She was always trying to get on my good side but... I never gave her the chance. She and Mother were very close. They were room mates, but at a time, bedmates with Father. That stopped a bit suddenly. The court trial must've gotten a message through to Gerard. Or did it? I'm still here. I guess not. I swallowed my pride. I offered to hold the groceries and she was thankful. She rubbed me on the head as a thank you. I told her to wait. "What?" she asked. I pointed at the window and she saw Gerard and Yuna talking.

About me. This wasn't a secret rendevous. They were... concerned. Like... Like real parents. Gerard looked at the window and saw me and Asuka looking through. He smiled and Yuna waved too. I was... I was surprised really. They... They were.. They weren't even insinuating the slightest sexual... I was... I was feeling pretty stupid. Gerard stood up and went up to open the door. "Hm, there he is again, wearing Rikku pants," Asuka joked. I laughed too. She laughed and told me how much she liked my laugh. I guess... I liked it to. Gerard opened the door and Asuka gave him a gentle hug and went inside. He took the grocery bag from me and helped bring them in. I closed the door and Yuna set some tea for me, Asuka, and herself. I never really told her, but when she prepares tea, it's... Kinda... Sorta... Good.

Gerard said he wanted to take me somewhere. That was odd. What was even more odd was the fact I wanted to go with him. Yuna said I would only be allowed to go if I finished my tea and was back by dinner. Gerard said that dinner might not be a good time because the event starts at night. I was confused as to what he meant by "event." Yuna said that she'd leave a key under the doormat for me. She... She wasn't even mad about last night anymore. Why haven't I ever seen this side of Mother before? Why haven't I let... Mom in?

She smiled and waved towards me and... Dad walked out. He seemed very hyped for this "event." He turned around made sure he was following me down the stairs. "Alright. Dude, there's this race tonight. There are jetcycles in development and they're racing them tonight,"

"I've heard. Penelope's in one of them," I said as I looked up him.

"Wanna go and cheer her on?"

"I was actually thinking of being a racer,"

"Well... I dunno. We might wanna see someone before we see to that,"

"Have anyone in mind?"

"Oh, yeah," he said. I took him to my jetcycle and sat in the driver's seat. "Dude, no. Let me drive,"

"You're not touching Angel's Tear,"

"Huh. Emo," he laughed. I shook my head. He sat on and made sure that he didn't hold on to my waist. Whatever. I think he needed to grow up at times. Was funny though. We steered through Luca and we saw cones being set up and crosswalks being closed off. "It'll be hard to get to the garage from here," he said. I kept driving in the directions he dictated. And there we were. A pile of metal scraps were scattered about the ground. Bright lights shone inside the building. The large doors were open and I saw someone in blue overralls covered in oil in the hood of a large vehicle. "Kat!" Dad yelled.

The figure looked up and gave us the deer in the headlights look. Her long hair was covered by a bandana. She jumped down from the vehicle and walked towards Gerard and I. She wiped her hand on her overrals, and shook Dad's hand. "Yozorz, Gerd," she said. She looked at me like a deer in the headlights. Where the hell is this analogy coming from?

"Kat, this is Kanynt. We need you to help us win some races," Dad said.

"Hm. The Great Kit Kat shall help!" she said. She better not hurt my jetcycle.

-End Chapter-


May 1, 2005
Wonderland. We're all mad here! :D
Teh Great Kit Kat! :D

Yesh. She shall help j00 win your pitiful jetcycle race. I'll laugh when you slide off a cliff.

Like in that one Batman movie-


Yeah. Nice update. ._. It seemed slightly less emo.


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Dec 24, 2004
Time to update.

Chapter Nine

~Speed, Glory, and A Kiss~​

Gerard sat on the tired, sun beaten couch underneath the canopy next to the building and picked up the magazine and began reading it. Kat and I, however, were moving motor pieces around the garage. I guess I began thinking of him highly a the wrong time. "Hey, lazyass. Why don't you come down here and help us?" I yelled while dropping the pistons on my Kat's foot.

"Don't worry," he yelled over. "I shall assist you by using my psychic abilities to make whatever object you carry three pounds lighter!" he said with his face buried deep in the magazine. I walked over to him, pulled the magazine out of his hands, and pulled him off the couch. "Dude, chill out. I'll help, I'll help!" he said. He put his hand in his hair and flipped it out of the way. We went back to carrying the pistons and dragged them into the garage.

Then we began work on the jetcycle. Kat introduced me to gummi blocks, something we'd utilize in order to enhance the capabilities and peformance of my jetcycle. She showed me a few sample blueprints of several gummi 'ships,' like Slicer, Dicer, and Kooey. The last one I made sure I wasn't going to use any of my dignity saying out loud. Gerard scoffed at Kat's drawings and took a sheet of paper. He began designing his own ship. It had a cockpit, one wing, and one engine. He called it the gimpy. I guess I received my intellect from Mom.

Now, we began to take my jetcycle apart piece by piece, just enough so we can make exterior changes. I didn't want the inside tinkered with because it would disturb the fragile plasma fueled engine. Really was something, and I had to thank Dr. Pliskin for showing me the anatomy of the jetcycle. It was a bit confusing and I don't think Dad would still be living if it weren't for me. Irony. I love every bit.

The ship was done, but I couldn't believe the changes. Kat clapped her hands at a job well done, but I was still... Unwilling to drive. It was pink. Every gummi block she put on was pink. My jetcycle was now some kind of black and pink speed demon of doomy doomy doom, or at least that's what Dad said. The color choices came up when Kat asked Dad why I wanted the ship. Apparently, Kat was in the same Band class with Penelope. Penelope played the xylophone, but Kat said in her free time, she also plays some 'hardcore violin.' It still kept it's original shape. My fear was that the ship would look blocky, but it was even more fluid and aerodynamic as it was before. Just a lot more... Pink-er.

It was sundown by the time we finished. Kat and Dad watched the first test run as I hopped on the jetcycle and moved forward a bit. It felt a little different, but in a good way. Smooth ride, I must say. I liked it a lot. I had to hand it to Kat. Maybe she wasn't as... Well, she she was a lot different than Piku. Dad and Kat helped me towards the starting line. We weren't registered and it seemed a bit too late. We couldn't enter the race. It was a shame, and I was really dissapointed. I could see Penelope there just holding her helmet and... Well, anyway. Dad came up with the idea in which we would hide in the alleyway a block in front of the starting line and once the race starts, I'd go and catch up with the other racers.

I had the track memorized but only by monuments, so it wasn't going to help very much. We'd begin from the street where the lemonade vendor Amy and I visit sets up his stand. I'd follow the road and then make a left at Amy's school. I'd follow that until I reached the plaza before the stairway to the Mi'ihen Highroad and then I'd go down to the beach. From the beach, back to the location of the lemonade stand. I'd think that'd take about three minutes for me. Shouldn't take that long, really. Especially with the souped up jetcycle.

So it began. The racers took their places as the lights lit up the race track. The crowds were made of the oddly dressed younger adults, wearing odd clothing with varying colors, sizes, and patterns. It was mostly males, but there was still a large group of females too. But when speaking about the racers, there was Penelope and three other girls. Three guys, but if you include me, it makes an even playing field. But the race track didn't discriminate by what sex we were. It was a test of our will.

There they were. The seven racers. I could tell which one was Penelope by the helmet colored with a neon pink contrasting with black. I knew I had to get past her. Kat handed me a helmet and I put it on. Dad pulled a marker and pulled my head closer. Kat laughed at what he was writing. I demanded they tell me what it said, but Dad told me not to worry. It wouldn't be seen anyway. The racers set off and that's when I did. My hair was kept under control thanks to the helmet, but I was still curious as to what it said. Anyway, after making the first time, I caught sight of the racers.

My strategy was just to go faster. No thinking really, I just kept going. My hair blew back in the wind, and I could feel the wind from behind me grab my shirt and pull it backwards. The helmet felt almost weightless. I looked ahead to see the lights pass me quickly, two by two, side by side. It was a rush. I revved up the engine and went faster. I sped by two drivers who looked back at me while I was behind them. I jumped to sixth place. Penelope was still unseen.

I immediately reached the school and I turned left. I passed another three racers and now I was in third place. As I sped by, I could see Kat in front of me and I passed her as she watched me and the other racers go by. I wondered where Dad hid, but even without worrying about that, the jetcycle began to warm up a bit. I was extremely worried, but at least I kept going. I saw Penelope in second place so I set my sights on the racer in first place. I turned one last time on to the road next to the beach. The street lights shone a bright orange. I went faster and faster until I passed by Penelope. I was straight in front of her and I heard her jetcycle accelerate until she was next to me. I looked at her and time slowed down. I watched as her hair flowed into the wind and I... I just stopped thinking. I looked ahead and I saw the turn. I turned as hard and sharply as I could to see racer ahead. It was the home stretch. And downhill.

I kicked my jetcycle into the last gear, risking any damage to myself. I could feel the engine shake harder than it ever did. I was worried, but as soon as I passed the last racer, I went back to the previous gear. The finish line tape was right in front of me. I pushed my arm out and grabbed it. I drove forward, holding it proudly in my hand. Dad was the first one to give me a high five and the lights were shining brightly now. I pulled off my helmet and saw Penelope walk towards me. This was it. She was mine. I was so sure.

"Onii-chan, I really don't think you should get... Uppy about Penelope. She's in love with someone else, y'know,"

Amy's words shook in my head and pounded in my heart. Penelope was in front of me and Dad stepped backwards. He began whistling to get through this awkward moment. "This was my race," she uttered. I... I smiled a bit, but she slapped me straight across the face. I stepped back and leaned on my jetcycle. I felt tears form at my eyes, but I kept them back. I opened my eyes to see the image of her walking away...

Dad put his hand on my shoulder. He told me it'd be fine. We just have to get the message through with the concert at Amy's school. I turned around a man handed me a cash prize. I wasn't going to accept it, but... With a little convincing from Dad... Well, a thousand gil sounded pretty nice. After the pictures were taken, and congratulations were given, Kat, Gerard, and I walked back to the garage. Kat left and Piku greeted her with an angry hello. Dad and I decided not to listen. Dad took me to up to Mom and Asuka's apartment. Yuna and Asuka were wide awake, sitting in the living room drinking tea when we arrived. I went in and Yuna offered Dad tea. He denied and I watched him leave. I quickly hid the cash in my pockets and went straight to my room.

On my desk was a nice steaming cup of tea.

-End Chapter-


A Chagrined Fool.
Aug 3, 2005
People's Fragile Dreams, Relinquished from Anixiet
The story is pretty good!=^_^= I like how you delve into more of Kanynt's personality in this understanding since, as far as I know, I think I've read Abandoned Hearts, can't remember... Anyway, it's nice to delve into his mind, more or less, and I find it funny how his father seems to act a little more like a teenager than him.

The descriptions also nice, more or less. And the writing style is quite attractive. It's interesting seeing him change, thouggh, too bad he fell in love with that girl, then again, I guess I can see her problem... o.o Or not. Well, I shall wait for an update!=^_^=

It's also nice to see him seeing Yuna and Gerald in almost a different perspective. Too bad he more or less changed back to normal by her death! =D Of whoim we can assume is Penelope... I would say something about the name, but I recline of doing so...o.o


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Jun 23, 2005
^I don't like the name, myself. It's growing on me, though. But I call her Pen. Which is better than Penny.

._. But I do like fic-style drumming.

Now. :D


Hooray! Hooray!
Dec 24, 2004

Update time.

Chapter Ten

~Band Practice Pt. 1~​

I woke up in a daze. I yawned and moved the hair out of my face. The morning was bright and it was unbearably hot this early in the morning. I sat up and pulled my guitar up from the floor again and looked at my notebook. I played the tab again, but this time I added a bit more to it. It sounded alright. I didn't think it was anything special just yet. I had to keep playing it in different keys to make it sound just right, but I think I had it down.



I wanted to add lyrics, but... The song seemed a bit short. Unless I repeated the tab over and over, but I'd need to think about that later. Mom knocked on my door telling me that Dad called and he wanted me over at the garage where we fixed up my jetcycle last night. With my guitar. The guitar was special to me. Not a gift from Mom or Dad, but a gift from where I used to live. And not so much a gift, but an item. I stole the guitar. I looked at the scratches on the paint which came from accidentally dragging it in the chase. I had no idea the shopkeeper lived there. Even at night. The night after me and my friends went to go and get the amp too. It was one of the things I liked about living in that epoch, but the number of memories here seem to be growing more and more.

I ate breakfast with Asuka and Yuna. And that was my first time. I never really had the time, patience, nor the concern to find out about yesterday's Kun-Kun episode, or whatever else they did, but I guess I enjoyed talking because they wanted to know I felt or what I wanted. And mom did... make... eggs...goodly. Whatever. I sipped the last of the lemonade Asuka made and I left. I had my guitar with me and I assumed Dad would have an amp wherever we were practicing. I sat down on my jetcycle and I felt the tug of my pants. I still had the prize money from last night. I smirked at the amount and put it in the compartment which opened from the side of the bike.

On the way to Dad's place I had a lot of time to think of what I could've done with the money. Many things came to mind, like... A sword, a new guitar, maybe some more boot cuts, lemonade, a slinky.... YES. A SLINKY. Maybe something for Shinobu and her sisters. They are helping.... And they didn't do anything wrong to me... Or anyone... I guess. Maybe something for Rikku too. Bah, the list was a bit long. I arrived at Dad's place and saw him, Silver, and Piku hanging out with Dad in front of the entrance. Piku sat behind her drum set with her brown hair kept in a neat ponytail. Silver was sitting on his amp, feeding Hoomhaha, his hamster, with a... little... thing that... hamsters eat... y'know? Dad was practicing his guitar poses, but he already told me the guitar was only for show. I looked over to the canopy and Sanae, Amy, and Shinobu were sitting on the same sunbeaten couch Dad did yesterday. Reading magazines of such and such.

"Alright, let's begin," Dad said putting down Silver's guitar and handing it to him. I pulled my guitar off my jetcycle and plugged it into the amp. Piku began a simple drum beat and Dad began clearing his throat. Silver began plucking at random strings and I decided to shake off my hands a bit, giving them a little blood in them. The way I played was kinda different. I was never really in any need of picks at any time because I played with my thumb. I just held it out a bit and plucked the strings with my thumb like a pick. I never had a problem with it so... Yeah. I went ahead when Kat yelled for us to stop. She held her trumpet in her hands proudly.

"WAIT!" she yelled. "I wanna play too!" she said playing a few quick notes. Dad put his hand on his waist and looked at her.

"Kat... No offfense... But this is a post hardcore/indie/emo/screamo/experimental/garage/punk band. Not a post hardcore/indie/emo/screamo/experimental/garage/punk/ ska band. If it was, I promise I'd totally let you in, but..." Dad said. He was being... Kinda tactful about it.

"Fine," Kat said walking back. "I'LL START MY OWN BAND! AND WE WILL WIN. WE ARE STRONG! HA HA HA HA HA HA!" I heard her laugh evilly until she went inside and slammed the door closed. Sanae yelled at Dad about how harsh he was, but his apology was a little bit less than... Tactful. He said that it was true and it wasn't his fault but... They went inside with Kat.

"AND WE'LL JOIN HER BAND," Sanae yelled.


"YEAH, AND YOU'LL STOP CHEATING ON MOM," Sanae yelled. Gerard scratched his head at that one. He blushed with a smile, but I guess he was kinda embarassed. I wasn't mad really. I laughed. It was kinda true.

"...She has a point," Piku said throwing a drumstick at Dad. He shrugged a bit with his face pretty red.

"Don't worry, Hoomhaha," I heard Silver whisper as he fed the hamster on his shoulder. "We're not going to fight. We can just sit here and watch the chicks go at it!" he smiled. I put my palm on my face.

"Alright, we need to think of a name," Dad said. We all brainstormed and a couple names came out. Mastadon, Helmet, Every Time I Die, or The Monkeys, all of which were terrible names. Dad said we needed something meaningful, but without hearing the story behind the name, it sounds silly. Pickle mentioned The Aquabats but it just felt like we weren't worthy of such a name. Silver mentioned The Gutter, which didn't sound all too great. "Alright. How about something that... Something that has to do with pain... Something that makes pain go away, by bringing pain..."

"We are NOT naming our band The Razors," Pickle snapped. Dad rolled his eyes and began thinking of other names. Amy helped me out with this one. Saltwater. It sounded great. I liked it and I told them the name.

"Saltwater?" I asked.

"...It's... GENIOUS," Dad said rubbing his hands together evilly.

"It's weird, dude," Silver said looking confused.

"It's... Very stupid. I say no," Pickle said folding her arms.

"ALRIGHT! It's settled. WE ARE SALTWATER!" Dad said forcing everyone to give him high fives. From that point on, the little group of people gathered in front of the garage was... Saltwater.

-End Chapter-

Sorry for the ubar shortness.



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Jun 23, 2005

Kat stinks.



"It's... Very stupid. I say no," Pickle said folding her arms.

:3 That was mah favourite. Other than the LONG category of Band we are. XDDD


Saltwater. It is very stupid.
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