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Fanfiction ► The War of Time and Space

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Twilight Town

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Nov 18, 2004
Chapter Eight: Destiny Islands
“The closer you get to the light, the greater your shadow becomes.”

The Red Bud emitted a soft hum as it descended into the crystal blue waters of the Destiny Islands. The metal ramp lowered from the stylish ship and the group waded into the two foot deep water. They made there way to the white sanded beach where they dumped the water out of their shoes and continued onward. As they neared the seaside shack, the crudely made door was thrust open, and a girl about Joshua’s age ran out. She was wearing a school uniform consisting of a blue checkered skirt and white blouse. Pursuing her was a boy with orange hair who also seemed to be around Joshua’s age, but older than the girl. He was wearing a male version of the girl’s school uniform and a headband pushing up his bright hair. Thirdly was a blonde boy the girl’s age that was also wearing a school uniform, and was carrying a red stick. Joshua, of course knew these three from his last visit to the islands. They were Selphie, Wakka and Tidus.
“Hey, you guys, look who it is.” Selphie remarked stopping where she stood.
“Whoa!” Wakka cried as he nearly smashed into Selphie from behind due to her sudden halt.
“Hi Joshua, hi Kaethe,” Tidus said, “how have you two been?”
“We’ve been alright, how have you three been holding out?” Kaethe replied.
“Well, despite the destruction of our world in the first invasion, we’ve been okay otherwise. Besides I think we should be happier now because we got our world back. I don’t know how I would’ve lived if we had never been able to come back here. By the way, who are the two new girls?” Selphie replied.
“Oh, this is Clarissa, and this is Ritz.” Joshua introduced his new companions.
“Hey, you guys!” A voice shouted from somewhere.
“Oh, we left Kairi behind.” Selphie said in a concerned tone.
“Kairi, come quick and see who’s here.” Tidus shouted. Kairi appeared running under the bridge from the direction of the cove. Her hair had darkened from the bright magenta it had once been. It was now more had a lot of brownish-black in it and it was longer. It now reached her upper back, and was bouncing in the sea breeze.
“Hi Joshua. How have you been Kaethe?” Kairi asked as she approached. This sparked a flurry of introductions and chatter amongst the eight teens. When they were done chatting it was almost sun set. The eight sat side by side at the water’s edge wriggling their bare feet in the water. Tidus got up and began skipping tiny pebbles across the water’s surface. Kaethe, Joshua and Clarissa had long ago released their pokémon, many of whom were playing in the surf. They were all there, Kaethe’s Jolteon and Cleffa stumbling in the shallows as well as her Pidgeot and Clarissa’s Fearow soaring through the air. Joshua’s Bulbasaur and Roselia were chasing one another in and out of the secret place and back into the ocean. His Flygon was sitting next to him and Kaethe, while his three water types, Vaporeon, Politoed, and Mudkip frolicked in the frothy waters. Clarissa’s Flareon and Espeon were sun bathing in the paopu tree on the tiny island connected by the splintered wooden bridge while her Wigglytuff, Blaziken and Hitmonlee sat peacefully on the dock.
“So, where do you come from?” Kairi asked Ritz.
“Well, if you must know, I come from Ivalice. It’s a very magical place. And, although it’s not as beautiful as this island, it’s far more interesting.” Ritz replied haughtily.
“Well…excuse me.” Kairi said sarcastically.
“What is that supposed to mean?” Ritz demanded.
“Oh nothing, you just seem a tiny bit full of yourself.”
“Full of myself!” Ritz yelled, “I’ll have you know that I’m Ritz Malheur. I saved Ivalice with the help of Marche Radiuju; I didn’t need any keyblade master to save me.”
“Whoa, cool it sister. What’s your deal anyway?”
“Oh never mind.” Ritz sulked.
“Well, your world wouldn’t be around today if not for the sacrifices of Sora, Riku and the king, so I suggest you think before you speak. Don’t be so headstrong.”
“Okay, you know everything; I’m wrong, let’s leave it at that.”
“I didn’t say…”
“Oh no, no need, no need.”
“Is she like this all the time?” Kairi whispered to Joshua.
“It’s her way of testing you out, to see what kind of girl you are. She seems like a very territorial girl from what Kaethe has told me. After all, they were together in a jail cell for a few days. She should know.”
“Gosh, I don’t think I could last a few days in a jail cell like that.” Kairi said aloud.
“I know what you mean.” Joshua laughed.
“Are you laughing at me?” Ritz asked.
“No,” Kairi giggled, “with you, we’re laughing with you.”
“Sure you are…ha…ha…ha.” Ritz said through half-smile and suppressed giggle.
“See, Ritz, you know that wasn’t that serious.” Joshua said.
“Yeah, I know…” Ritz smiled again.
“I’m sorry for that exchange Ritz.” Kairi apologized.
“I am too, let’s begin again shall we.”
“Absolutely,” Kairi agreed. By this time it had gotten dark. It seemed to actually be a little too dark for the time of evening. The group hadn’t noticed it because they had been enthralled in the argument between Kairi and Ritz and in their own conversation. However, it now seemed to be much more apparent.
“Why is it so dark?” Kaethe asked.
“Does this remind you of that night?” Kairi asked as if to everyone and no one at the same time.
“Yes,” Selphie replied worriedly, “It does.”
“Something is coming. I sense a presence.” Clarissa said in her prophetic tone. Joshua had noticed that Clarissa seemed to be very in tune with goings on. He was beginning to think she had quite a knack for it. He hoped that this time she was wrong though.
“Who is it? What is it?” Selphie asked in an annoying tone.
“How should I know?” Ritz snapped.
“Maybe,” Kaethe said, “it’s that.” Kaethe was pointing to a place above the waterfall. There was a shadowy figure hovering above them with a huge black blade and a helmet.
“That’s a shadow of the king of evil.” Clarissa said.
“Shadow Ganon!” Ritz exclaimed.
“All pokémon, get over here.” Joshua shouted. Perhaps because of the situation, or perhaps because of his great command over pokémon, they all obeyed Joshua. The fifteen pokémon ran to the group of humans and all twenty-three beings all stared equally transfixed by the shadow of the King of Evil that was suspended above them. Just then Shadow Ganon shot a bluish ball of energy in their direction. Many of the pokémon as well as Selphie and Tidus scattered. When the ball of energy was close, Clarissa smacked it back at the villain. He returned fire. She followed suit. This continued until Shadow Ganon was struck by the energy ball and plummeted into the pool below the waterfall. Then everyone rushed in and attacked him. Jolteon was first. Taking advantage of Shadow Ganon’s position, she used thunder. A huge bolt of lightning was called out of the storm clouds above and it electrified the pool as well as Shadow Ganon. As soon as this threat had cleared, Kaethe ran in and smashed his helmet in. Then she swiftly pried it off by using the Elephant Blade’s spike to hook onto it. Fearow swooped in and delivered a drill peck. By this time however, Shadow Ganon had righted himself and swung the massive shadow blade in a circle. It caught Fearow on the wing. The pokémon was promptly unable to fly and after plunging into the pool of water, Clarissa returned her to her ball. Blaziken approached and jumped high into the air delivering a blaze kick to Shadow Ganon’s face. Hitmonlee used high jump kick after Blaziken’s attack, and the shadowy version of the King of Evil fell into the pool again.
He quickly stood again however, and rose back into the air. This time, Kaethe batted the energy ball back to Shadow Ganon repeatedly until he fell into the pool once again. This time, Bulbasaur and Roselia used magical leaf and hit Shadow Ganon a flood of dagger-like leaves. He swiped at Bulbasaur and Roselia with his sword knocking Roselia out and injuring Bulbasaur. Flareon attempted loosing a stream of fire attacks on the shadow man, but his lengthy blade blocked them. Shadow Ganon was very weak by this point, but no one could seem to finish him off. Joshua was blocked almost every time he struck with the Diamond Dust, and, most of the pokémon’s attacks were now too predictable and preventable. As Kaethe was darting in to strike with the Elephant Blade, a figure rushed ahead of her and in a flash of motion Shadow Ganon had exploded in plume of darkness. The storm clouds cleared away, and revealed the sun almost completely gone over the horizon. It had been Kairi who had so easily finished off Shadow Ganon. She was standing in the pool of water with the waterfall embracing her body. She was heaving with nervous breaths that now seemed to calm, and she turned to her companions holding the weapon that she had so easily dispatched the shadow of the King of Evil with. In fact, it was not one weapon, but two. She was holding two keyblades, the Divine Rose and Lady Luck. The two pink blades fell to her sides and disappeared with a soft tinkle of noise and two small flashes of white light.
“Come on,” Kairi said, “I should’ve done this a long time ago, but I was waiting for him to do it.” Clarissa, Ritz, Tidus, Wakka, Kaethe, Joshua, Selphie and a few of the pokémon followed Kairi into the secret place. They immediately saw the white cave drawings spanning over many years, and the mysterious wooden golden framed door that had started Sora’s journey a few years previous. The keyhole of Destiny Islands which was visible at the time stood as if in defiance framed in the brightest of yellows. Kairi stood in front of it with the newly reappeared Divine Rose in her hands. She placed it forward and a soft and precise beam of light left it sealing the keyhole with a barely audible click. With that, the keyhole of Destiny Island’s was sealed.
“We should be going.” Kairi said to Selphie, Tidus and Wakka.
“Hey girl, what ya talkin’ about? Wakka questioned.
“I’m not dumb; I know the king must’ve sent you to find me right?” Kairi questioned Joshua,
“Yes, he did.” Joshua replied in a regretful tone, “He needs you to come with us.”
“That’s what I mean Wakka I have to go with them.”
“Okay, if you gotta.”
“I must,” Kairi said, a tear finding its way down her cheek. “For everyone’s sakes.” She fought back her sobs stoically and walked out of the secret place to the Red Bud. Everyone boarded except for Selphie, Tidus and Wakka who stayed on the glowing white dusk time beach finding their own tears trickling down their cheeks to kiss the sand. As their dear friend rose into the air leaving them behind, they cried for the peaceful life they’d once shared with her before the Heartless came.

Twilight Town

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Nov 18, 2004
Chapter Nine: Outset Island

“Hey, look at this!” Joshua cried.
“What?” Kaethe replied.
“It’s a message from the king.” Joshua replied looking at his green PDA.
“What does it say?” Kairi asked.
“Yeah, come on, I want to know!” Ritz yelled.
“Calm down, here, everyone come here and read it.”

Dear Joshua and companions,

I hope all is well. As soon as you have retrieved Kairi I want you to go to the world that was once Hyrule. I know that before you traveled there to the past with Merlin’s help, but I need you to go to the present day of that world. The war has already begun there and in many other worlds. The Heartless, Ganondorf, and the forces of other villains are ransacking the worlds. Sora has so far sealed the keyholes of Wonderland, Halloween Town, Twilight Town, and a few others, but it’s not enough. I now know what the Dark Coalition is planning. One part of it has already begun. The other has yet to happen. The first part is that they are using the already existent troublemakers of the worlds to cause more death and destruction in tandem with the Heartless. The second part is what their purpose for the girls is. They are planning to open the Door of Time and Space by gathering hundreds of princesses to the place. This would allow Ganondorf, the Heartless and others to wreak havoc throughout time and dimensions with ease. The good news is, they don’t yet know where that place is, so for now they are holding the girls in locations such as the Forsaken Fortress in Hyrule and the Mercury Lighthouse in the world of Weyard. For now, I need you to go to the Great Sea and retrieve a girl named Tetra who is really the newest Zelda, Medli the Rito Earth Sage, and Aryll the sister of the Hero of Winds. Why these three? Because they will be in the greatest danger due to whom they are. Go now, do not delay. Begin your search at Outset Island. Good luck heroes. By the way, I still think it’s so strange that Ganondorf has been revived so soon after his defeat by Link. Unless, he’s the Ganondorf of the past. Could this be? I’ll look into it. Again, good luck to you.

Mickey Mouse

“Well, I guess that’s where we are headed.” Clarissa said.
“Guess so.” Kairi said. The Red Bud strapped everyone in. Kaethe drank some water and Kairi, lemonade. Joshua ate some pretzels and Clarissa and Ritz drank there fill of fruit punch. Then the group set their coordinates for the planet where Hyrule had one existed splendidly, now beneath the waves of a vast and strange sea.
The Red Bud landed next to long wooden docks that lead to an island with a few houses scattered like pebbles across it. A girl in a long pink dress was walking along the path carrying a light blue pot on her head. When she saw the Red Bud saddled up next the dock she dropped it shattering it across the dusty trail. The five disembarked and walked up to the girl who was now collecting the shards of the pot. They could see she had dark purple hair and her equally dark eyes had a look of concern. As Ritz, who was running ahead, her pink skirt blowing in the wind, approached, the girl stood up in fright.
“Whoa re you people?” she demanded.
“My name is Ritz, that boy is Joshua, the girl with the magenta hair is Kairi, and those two are Kaethe and Clarissa.”
“Where are you from?” the young woman asked seeming to calm a little.
“We are fro other worlds. We are here in the name of the king. We are her to see four individuals named Link, Aryll Tetra and Medli. Do you know where any or all of them may be?” Ritz asked.
“They are in that little house behind the row of white bamboo.”
“Thank you…”
“Sue Belle.” the girl interjected.
“Thank you Sue Belle, we’ll go see them then.” Ritz said.
“I’ll come with you.” Sue Belle stated.
“Oh…okay.” Ritz said with a forced smile. Sue Belle led the five friends to the tiny wooden house and knocked gently on the door with her petite fist. A shuffle of movement could be heard from inside, and a few moments later, a small round faced old woman, presumably the Grandmother, answered the door with a confused smile on her tan visage.
“Hello, Sue Belle, who are these folks?” the woman asked. At this, Sue Belle introduced the group.
“Oh, the king sent you, then please come right in.” the Grandma said. She retreated slowly from the door with her hand knitted together behind her back. Ritz, who was walking behind Sue Belle and the old woman, began imitating her humorous gait. Kairi stifled back a laugh and tucked her magenta hair behind her right ear. Her sapphire eyes glistened with the happiness of forbidden joking. As she finished her near explosion of laughter she found herself plunged into the stimuli of a small warm kitchen. There were a set of bunk beds against the wall, and a fireplace-stove with yellow soup bubbling richly in the heat of it.
“Would anyone like some of my famous strength giving stew?” the Grandmother asked.
“That sounds nice.” Clarissa said.
“Yeah, I love a good bowl of warm soup.” Kaethe added with an excited smile.
“That’s Kaethe for you, always excited around meal time.” Joshua said.
“Clarissa and the others chuckled heartily.”
“Yeah, I guess that is true.” Kaethe said admittedly. Four chairs were pulled up around the fireplace, and sitting in them were two blonde haired girls, a blonde haired boy wearing a green tunic, and a Rito girl with her hands folded in her lap.
“These are the people you’ve been looking for.” Sue Belle said.
“Well, I can see that you must be Tetra, or should I say Princess Zelda?” Joshua said to the older of the two blonde girls.
“Tetra is fine thank you, but that’s me.” Tetra said.
“And is this not the hero of the winds and his sister Aryll.” Joshua said.
“We are.” Link said with his blonde sister standing next to him.
“And, are you not the Earth Sage Medli?” Joshua asked the Rito girl.
“I am she.” The bird-like girl said.
“Well, I have a message from the king for you.”
“King Mickey?” Link asked.
“Yes, here read it, all of you.” Joshua said. The group gathered round and read the message from the PDA.
“We should stay for dinner at least, and then we’ll get going.” Link said.
“Agreed.” Joshua said.
“Yes, otherwise we will be in real danger if we stay much longer.” Tetra added. Everyone gathered around the big wooden table that Joshua, Sue Belle, and Clarissa moved from upstairs. They ate many bowls of the delectable soup and rolls as well as drinking their fill of milk. They talked and ate rapidly and when the meal was finished they cleaned up the dishes for Link and Aryll’s grandma. Then Link and Aryll hugged their grandmother before walking out to the Red Bud leaving her on the porch with Sue Belle, waving worriedly as any good grandmother would. As they rose into the air, the old woman found a tear running down her cheek like a river through the riverbeds of her wrinkles. She wished the world were more forgiving. She wished she could spend every moment of the rest of her life with her beloved grandchildren and their friends, but she knew that they had duties beyond her capacity beyond this world beyond any reasoning, and she felt that she could not attempt to stop them without feeling that she was toying with fate. And toying with fate she felt, was a very dangerous thing indeed.


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Apr 29, 2005
Hey! It's going great. Keep it up. It would be really cool if the Hero of Winds could meet up with the Hero of Time. Anyways, you probably know what you're going to do for a little while on in the story. So, it is a really great story. Good job!

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Nov 18, 2004
Hey guys, sorry, but the next chapter won't be up 'til this weekend, possibly Friday. By the way, I have the whole plot workedout, so don't give up on reading, because I won't give up on writing. I know its bee n a few days, but I'm doing my best with the end of year school work cram (stupid teachers. lol.).

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Nov 18, 2004
Hey, Joshua, Clarissa and Kaethe are original. Don't use them. That's not okay, that's stealing ya know. I guess you weren't sure though. Anyway, I'm already planning a sequal. I'm gonna have the next couple chapters up this weekend if I can. I have Finals next week and a Lit. paper, so I'll do what I can. Expect regular updates again after the 6th of June. sorry for the delay.
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