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Nov 18, 2004
Chapter Four: An Explanation
“You have so very much to learn.”

“Kaethe, are you alright?” Joshua asked his friend.
“I’m fine now that she’s gone.” Kaethe said firmly her blue eyes still shimmering with some built up rage. At this time Joshua, Kaethe and Clarissa returned all of their pokémon to their balls.
“I’m just glad you are alright.” Joshua said.
“Who’s the new girl?” Kaethe asked.
“Oh, right. That’s my new partner Clarissa.”
“Welcome to the team Clarissa, as you must know, my name is Kaethe.” Kaethe said offering Clarissa her right hand in a greeting.
“Yes, Kaethe I’ve heard only good things about you. It’s nice to meet you at last.”
“Thank you, I feel likewise.” Kaethe replied.
“So, what’s been going on with you, and how did you get here?” Joshua asked Kaethe.
“Well, as you know we were separated in Hollow Bastion. You were looking for me I assume, and probably ended up someplace else where you met Clarissa. Is that right Joshua?”
“Exactly, I ended up in Traverse Town where met Clarissa. We defeated Guard Armor with Leon’s help and sealed the keyhole.”
“We got a tip from Cid too. He told us that many girls were being taken here to some secret base. We thought we might find you here, and we were right I guess. The king said that the base was not easily found is that true?” Clarissa asked.
“Well, I was taken from Joshua when we were exploring Hollow Bastion, and yes I was taken to the base, but I escaped. Ivy was one of the many evil individuals down there. She and a man with tan skin and fire red hair were in charge. His name was Ganondorf, and yes, the base is underground believe it or not.” Kaethe said.
“Just like Maleficent’s base in Traverse Town. That’s why the king’s letter said that no apparent changes had taken place in Twilight Town. The base is underground here too.” Joshua said.
“What did they want with you?” Clarissa asked.
“They were searching for girls with a special power. They were looking for all the princesses of heart they could find. There were seven before, Alice, Aurora, Jasmine, Snow White, Cinderella, Belle and Kairi, but there were more beyond them and now there are even more who have awakened to that destiny. They want as many pure hearted girls as they can find. I don’t know why, they only needed seven for Hollow Bastion’s keyhole, but they want as many as they can find now. They already have ten other girls down there.”
“That’s terrible, what could it possibly be for? Does it have anything to do with the war plot the king was suspecting?”
“It might, I do know they are plotting a war of united evil against good.” Kaethe said.
“That’s why Maleficent wanted Joshua to find Ganondorf. She was testing him.” Clarissa said.
“Probably so,” Kaethe agreed.
“That also explains that Ganondorf, Maleficent and presumably others are all working together for some common goal through the war. We don’t know yet what they are trying to accomplish, but we’ll find out eventually.” Joshua added.
“We will, but for the time being, we must free the other girls and then deal with the witch and the king of evil.” Kaethe said.
“Sounds like a plan.” Joshua said.
“Yes, sounds like quite the plan.” Clarissa interjected.
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Nov 18, 2004
I'm so glad you knew her. They'll be more Soul Calibur Characters included, and don't worry people this may include some things that were originally kiddie, but they are finally growing up. Hope you'll all continue to read and support my fan fic. Thanks so much! I'm truly flattered.


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Nov 18, 2004
Thanks so much WM for all your support. Its appreciated. Thanks to everybody else too, now WM isn't the only one who likes this.

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Nov 18, 2004
Chapter Five: Twilight Base

Joshua, Clarissa and Kaethe ran down the sunny colored pathways of Twilight Town. The illuminated pathways begged them to continue further; deeper into the mysterious town that they were immersed in.
“This way,” Kaethe beckoned, “just a little farther.”
Joshua and Clarissa were running quickly after Kaethe. She was leading them to the place where the secret Twilight Base was located. As Joshua and Clarissa neared an intersection with a coffee shop, they noticed Kaethe ahead of them stopped with her back to them. The blaring red and yellow sign depicting a simpering mug glowed against the wooden exterior of the shop.
“Right here,” Kaethe announced in a half-whisper, “these five lights, they have to be stepped on in a specific order.” Kaethe was referring to the five lights surrounding her that were illuminating the pathway. There were numerous others on the path, but Kaethe seemed sure these were the ones.
“Let’s see,” she said to herself, “how did it go again?” Kaethe suddenly broke out in a detailed flourish of movements. She darted and flipped about hitting them in a counter-clockwise order then clockwise then the middle one. The middle light emitted a click and then Kaethe ran up to it and flipped up the tiny light which had popped up out of the ground shortly after the click. When Kaethe pulled it back it revealed a small metal handle which she promptly tugged. A circular piece of the street came up with it. It had been sealed under the light. A darkened opening was left in place of the middle light and handle.
“Come on you guys.” Kaethe requested. She ran to the hole and disappeared into it. A glimpse of her long white-blonde hair trailing behind was the last thing they saw of her.
“I guess we’d better follow.” Joshua said.
“Absolutely,” Clarissa agreed.
The two followed behind Kaethe and dropped down the newly revealed opening. Joshua and Clarissa felt the air streaming past them as they descended. They felt themselves going faster and farther, however, they did not feel in danger. After twenty seconds they saw a tint of bluish light below. Ten seconds later, they found themselves slowing and descending onto a blue glass bubble of light protruding slightly from the ground. Somehow this was protecting their fall, and it seemed to also be healing their wounds. As they approached the soft embrace of the blue light Clarissa and Joshua could feel their cuts and clothes healing and mending themselves. By the time they stepped from the air onto the raised glass bubble, they were completely healed in every way.
“Guys, over here,” Kaethe said. The blonde haired girl was standing against a dark stone wall ten feet away.
“There are only three rooms in here,” Kaethe said, “this is the foyer, there is also a conference room directly down the right branch and a large jail cell where they keep the girls. We have to take the left branch to reach them, but it will be guarded most likely. You’ll need to be ready to take out a few guards as quietly as possible.” Joshua and Clarissa followed Kaethe down the left corridor. The narrow stone passage wound tightly through the tiny Twilight Base. As the trio rounded the second turn they several Soldier Heartless pop up out of the ground. There were six of them.
Kaethe leapt forward and landed in front of two of them. She took the Elephant Blade and swiped the golden spike across them. Then she jumped in the air and brought the thick part of the blade directly down on them. Thirdly Kaethe swiped the heavy blade with unbelievable ease across the soldiers multiple times. The two she had been fighting ceased to exist and let out a pool of health, MP, and drive orbs which Kaethe quickly collected.
“You’re stronger than I remember,” Joshua said to Kaethe as he rushed forward and thrust the Diamond Dust into the armor of the soldier before him. He jumped up and smashed down on the soldier and knocked it on the ground. The moment it hit the floor Joshua slashed it horizontally and vertically alternating ten times. His soldier too showered him with health and MP orbs. That’s when it hit him.
“Kaethe you can use drive now?”
“Yes, she replied. You can learn it too. I created an item that can allow anybody to learn it instantly. Here, Joshua and Clarissa take one each. Kaethe threw a small bright yellow square pendant at each of them.
“Do we just wear it around our necks?” Clarissa asked as she finished up her first Soldier.
“Yes, just like a necklace. They can be a sign of the friendship we all share.” Kaethe said.
“Okay, sounds good.” Clarissa said as she began smashing her second Soldier about the head with her Rod of Seasons.
All three of them rushed the last Heartless. The Elephant Blade, Rod of Seasons and Diamond Dust hit at the same time shoving the last heartless into the wall. Kaethe jumped at it, Clarissa went to the left and Joshua scurried to the right. The three blades all hit simultaneously again. The soldier gave up and dropped all three varieties of orbs which the trio of friends split fairly amongst themselves.
“I don’t think they ever really expected anyone to get down here except themselves. That’s why there are barely any guards. They were meant to keep the girls in, not keep their rescuers out. They never expected for me to make it back here. They figured Ivy would kill us.” Kaethe said.
“Then they knew we were here?” Clarissa asked.
“Only Ivy knew you were here. I think she must’ve figured you were here to save me or someone else. We’ll never know though.” Kaethe said.
“Let’s go get the girls. How much farther are they?” Joshua asked.
“Not much farther.” Kaethe replied.
“Good,” he replied. The group continued for twenty-five feet until they saw a massive and brightly lit jail cell shining just ten feet ahead. They ran those last feet to the barred cell and looked inside. Joshua and Clarissa, to their dismay saw only five girls inside the cell. One they recognized as the girl with long black hair from the restaurant in Traverse Town. The second was clad in a blue dress and had long red hair she appeared to be about ten. The third had olive skin and long brown hair she was wearing a red skirt and white blouse. The fourth wore a teal dress and had short blonde hair and bright green eyes. The fifth was the most interesting of them all. She had upper back length hair that was a loud shade of pink. She wore an intricate outfit and held a bow in her hands, with no arrows.
“What are your names?” Joshua asked them. They answered in order.
“Jenny,” said the girl from the restaurant.
“Abbey,” said the red-haired girl.
“Monica,” said the olive skinned girl.
“Cathy,” said the green eyed girl.
“Ritz,” said the pink haired girl with the wooden bow.
“Okay, Ritz, tell me what happened.” Joshua requested.
“Ganondorf came, we were all sacred. He did some kind of test on us. It didn’t hurt, but when it was done he took away half of us. He took away those two twins with purple hair, and three others whose names I know: Talim, Jenna, and Sheba.”
“Thank you for telling me that Ritz, we’ll get you all out now.” Joshua said.
“Thank you, oh, thank you.” She said. The lock on the door to the cell was tiny, but Joshua knew he could do the job. He stood back and placed the Diamond Dust straight forward. A tiny beam of light shot out at it for only a moment and it fell off the door. Ritz kicked the door open and walked out of the confinement of the cell with her sisters in captivity lagging behind her in disbelief. Joshua guessed they may not have seen so many strange things in their native worlds.
“We’ll get you all out of here, don’t worry.” Kaethe said.
“Thank you for coming back for us.” Ritz said.
“Thank you.” The other girls murmured echoing Ritz’s thanks.
“Heh, you’re welcome.” Kaethe said placing one hand behind her head in embarrassment.
“Did you say Sheba?” Clarissa asked Ritz.
“Yes, why?”
“I wonder if she’s the Sheba I knew from my home in Lalivero.”
“Yes, I’m afraid she is that Sheba.”
“Well, we’ll have to find her.” Clarissa said.
“Yes, we’ll find them all.”
The group quickly ran to the glass bubble and the soft blue light embraced all eight of them. The seven girls and one boy rose to the surface and were soon all standing around the hole together.
Kaethe quickly closed it by reversing the steps. Clarissa, Joshua and Kaethe all shared the same desire now. To take these girls somewhere safe, and to uncover the mystery of this war plot that seemed to become more confusing the more they found out. However, Clarissa had one thought very different from the others. What had happened to Sheba, the holy girl of Lalivero, Weyard who had fallen from the sky and blessed them with her presence?

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Nov 18, 2004
Chapter Six: Sanctuary
“Regardless of warnings, the future doesn’t scare me at all"

“It won’t be long before they figure out that we’ve released the girls.” Kaethe said.
“Yes, we’ve got to get them to a place of sanctuary.” Joshua said.
“Where can we take them?” Clarissa asked.
“I know, how about Disney Castle?” Joshua suggested.
“Perfect, the castle is the safest of all worlds.” Clarissa asked.
“You’re taking us to Disney Castle?” asked Ritz.
“That’s right,” Kaethe said, “where the king resides.” The eight ran down the streets of Twilight Town towards the huge clock tower. When they reached it they saw the Red Bud only feet away. The group ran to it and quickly boarded. Joshua, Ritz, and Kaethe sat in the front row while Monica, Cathy, Jenny, and Abbey sat in the second row. Clarissa piloted once again. She set the coordinates to Disney Castle. The automated buckling system strapped everyone in.
“We’ll be experiencing a little turbulence before we enter warp mode.” Clarissa announced in her more serious pilot tone.
“Warp mode?” several of the girls questioned.
“It allows us to go faster,” Clarissa explained.
“That way, we can you to safety quicker.” Kaethe added. Getting to safety quicker seemed to calm the girls, and they settled in for the ride. The Red Bud once again shook slightly and then surged forward in a flourish of light. It reappeared outside of Disney Castle. The gummi ship landed in front of the huge blue turreted castle with a tiny bump as it hit ground. The group of eight disembarked quickly and ran in through the entrance. They made their way to the room with the gray stone spiral staircase. They sauntered up the tightly swirled stairs and found themselves in a long white hallway. Brooms were walking past them carrying buckets. They found the throne room at the end of the hallway. The huge door loomed overhead. Joshua approached and knocked. A small portion of the door opened up and the group walked inside the equally white room. At the end was the throne which was of course not occupied by the king since he was out looking into the goings on in the universe. Rather, the queen, Minnie was sitting in the throne in her husband’s stead. Joshua and his seven female companions bowed and curtsied.
“Your majesty, good afternoon.” Joshua said.
“Rise, brave Joshua and may your companions rise with you.” Queen Minnie replied.
“Queen Minnie, these girls were being held captive by the vile Ganondorf and Isabella Valentine in Twilight Town. There were ten of them, and Kaethe, Clarissa, and I have freed five of them. The remaining girls who we believe to be additional Princesses of Heart have been spirited away by Ganondorf to parts unknown. Pray, your majesty will grant these maiden’s asylum whilst we collect the remaining ones.”
“Yes, dear Joshua, I shall, and you don’t need to attempt to speak in so opulent a tone. I will not speak this way anymore either.”
“Oh, thank you Queen Minnie, thank you. I know these girls will not be a great burden.”
“I don’t think they will be either. Now, as far as this one, with the pink hair, step forward lady.” The Queen requested.
“Yes your majesty?” Ritz said stepping forward with her head lowered.
“I would request that you stay with Kaethe, Joshua and Clarissa if that would be alright with you.”
“Certainly, but could your majesty supply me with replacement arrows seeing as I was stripped of my means of defense by the King of Evil?”
“Certainly brave Ritz.” Minnie replied. Two of the brooms brought forth a pack of arrows which Ritz quickly accepted and slung over her shoulder.
“Thank you your majesty.”
“Do not mention the deed, they are self-replenishing you know, work of the court magician Donald.”
“Thank you even more Queen.”
“You are most welcome Ritz. Cathy, Jenny, Monica, and Abbey, please, come this way. I’ll take great care of you. You will be treated royally.” Minnie told the girls to their great delight. The four girls left smiling. They waved to Joshua and the others and thanked them for all their help. Joshua was happy to know that at least these four would be safe from any harm.
“Thank you, for saving them.” Minnie thanked Joshua.
“Thank you too, for protecting them.”
“Goodbye, young Joshua, you are doing great good for the universe. I hope we will meet again under more pleasant circumstances.”
“As do I your majesty, as do I.”
The four companions left the throne room and passed through the long white hall and down the spiral stairs and out to the early evening of Disney Castle Town. The four friends boarded the Red Bud and set their coordinates for Traverse Town once again. They would stay the night in the Traverse Town Hotel and dream of the new adventures they would wake to the next day.

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Nov 18, 2004
Sorry, with mother's day weekend and history project, i haven't had time to update. It looks like nobody has read chapter 6 yet. That should hold you over until I get chapter 7 up tonight or tomorrow the 12th.


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Hey it looks great. I read all of the chapters today within the last little while, and I think the rest will be really great. Keep it up!

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(Thanks so much, here's another chapter for everyone. ZeldaFan, I'm adding you to my Buddy/Readers List.)

Chapter Seven: Back in Traverse Town
“Whatever lies beyond this morning is a little later on.”

Joshua awoke in the Green Room of Traverse Town’s Second District Hotel. He rolled over in the soft plushy bed still wearing his full green garb minus his shoes which he had placed neatly on the floor with his gloves inside them. He promptly put on his shoes and gloves and walked to the door connecting his room to the Red Room where the girls were staying. He wrapped his gloved hands lightly against the door.
“Come on in Joshua,” Clarissa said from within. Joshua opened the door gently and found Clarissa sitting on the edge of the huge four-post bed where Kaethe was still resting, murmuring as she fully awoke. Ritz was standing against the wall in front of Joshua when he came through the door. She looked a little sleepy.
“How are you Joshua? Did you sleep well?” Kaethe asked through a yawn.
“I slept fine, how about you three?” Joshua questioned his female companions.
“I don’t think Ritz slept as well as Clarissa and I, but we had a pretty good sleep over anyway.” Kaethe giggled.
“We did, we stayed up for a couple of hours telling stories about places we’ve been and people we’ve met.” Ritz added sleepily.
“You still seem a little tired Ritz. Will you be okay?” Joshua asked.
“Oh, me, I’m always sleepy when I wake up. I’ll be fine after a good breakfast though.”
“Me too,” Kaethe agreed cheerily now standing against one of the bed posts.
“How about we go to that café again?” Clarissa asked.
“That sounds good to me.” Joshua replied. The four departed from the hotel leaving 160 gil for the owner on their way out. The second district was as ebony and starlit as ever before. The hat shop sparkled in the eternal night as they crossed the area into the First District. They walked past Gepetto’s now vacant home and crossed the First District plaza to the Café.
When they arrived there Joshua and Clarissa noticed the young Goron they had seen sitting with the black haired girl Jenny last time. He was sitting at the far table looking quite upset with Opal across the table from him comforting him.
“Hey you two,” Opal said, looking up when Joshua and the others approached, “who are the new ones?”
“This is our new friend Ritz and this is our friend we were looking for, Kaethe.” Joshua explained.
“Ah, I see, well Gergo is quite upset about a friend of his who went missing.” Opal told Joshua.
“It wouldn’t happen to be that girl who was here last time with the long black hair would it?” Joshua asked.
“Yes, that’s her, Jenny, do you know if she’s alright?” Gergo asked.
“Yes, she’s fine we saved her from the Twilight Base and she is now safe with Queen Minnie in Disney Castle.” Joshua replied.
“See,” Opal said, “I told you it would work out alright in the end.”
“Oh, thank you friend, thank you. I just hope I can see her again when all this is over.”
“I’m sure you will.” Joshua smiled.
“Please, friends, stay and dine with us.” Gergo pleaded.
“We’d be happy to.” Clarissa interjected. The quartet pulled four chairs up to the small table where the waitress and the Goron were currently seated. Opal wordlessly got up and went into the café’s interior to prepare breakfast. Joshua and the others waited patiently talking idly for several minutes until Opal returned with two huge platters of eggs, bacon and bagels with cream cheese. Everyone ate hungrily and discussed many things. When the meal was finished the group of four said their goodbyes and left Opal and Gergo for the safe house paying Opal generously in rupees again.
When they reached the Third District they stumbled almost immediately upon a group of Neo Shadows as Joshua and Clarissa had previously. This time there were only six Neo Shadows. All three thought this was quite strange that there were only six.
Regardless, the battle commenced. Joshua charged at the closest Neo Shadow, side stepping its assault and crashing into it with the Diamond Dust. Kaethe jumped into the air and spun into the same Neo Shadow with her Elephant Blade outstretched. She rotated speedily, piercing the Heartless’s spongy ebony flesh multiple times.
Clarissa started on a different one. She bludgeoned it on the head going between downward and straight strokes and dodging its onslaught between strikes. She performed a dodge roll to get behind the Heartless and smashed it across the back. The creature went up in a implosion of blackness and dribbled out orbs of every variety. Clarissa felt the air fly past her right cheek as she narrowly avoided the attack of another Neo Shadow behind her. She turned in time to deflect its second assail with the Rod of Seasons which she had placed horizontally between her hands. Clarissa shuddered with the powerful blow from the monster. She was forced back a few feet, but that didn’t shake her resolve. Not in the least, for she thrust her arm back and threw it forward releasing her rod in the Heartless’s direction. The rod struck the Neo Shadow in the abdomen. It penetrated into the dark being and it collapsed just as its brethren had in a showing of orbs tumbling to the ground like confetti.
The first Neo Shadow slashed at Kaethe, tearing out several dozen blonde strands of hair, but otherwise leaving her unharmed. She spun the Elephant Blade upside down and flipped over the Neo Shadow which was rushing her now. She smashed the golden spike into the nape of its neck while in mid-air. As Kaethe landed on the stone paved ground of the Third district, the Heartless gave in to its demise showering her turned back with health and drive orbs.
Ritz shot a barrage of arrows at a fourth Neo Shadow. Of the two dozen arrows she loosed, twenty-two stuck into the Heartless and after a few pained steps it collapsed to the ground in a puff of surrendered darkness.
Kaethe grabbed a pokéball out of her pink rucksack, and released her Jolteon who cried her name and charged into battle. Jolteon needed no instruction, the pokémon ran up to the remaining two heartless and once she was close to them she released a powerful blitz of electrical energy in the form of thunderbolt. The two black creatures sizzled when hit by Jolteon’s attack. They burst and went up in a plume of dark smoke. Sparks ran along the stone and Jolteon seemed a little surprised at her own strength.
“That was great everybody.” Kaethe cried.
“Jolt!” Jolteon agreed in her harsh tone.
“I wonder why there are so few Heartless. Normally there’d be many more after this, but it seems as if this is it.” Clarissa added in a concerned tone.
“Huh,” Kaethe said, her smile fading to an annoyed frown.
“I just mean, it’s a little strange.” Clarissa added.
“Okay, whatever, but we defeated them didn’t we?” Kaethe replied, trying to not let Clarissa’s speculation bother her.
“You did, but she’s right.” A voice interjected.
“Leon.” Kaethe said turning around to see the familiar face who’d stepped from the shadows with his Gunblade at his side.
“I see you made it safely out of Twilight Town. Who’s this knew girl with the pink hair and skirt?” Leon asked.
“My name is Ritz.”
“So, were you captive there as well?” Leon asked.
“Yes, I was, but the Queen requested I stay with these three, so here I am.”
“Well, we need you four to come right away and read the newest letter we received form the king since you were last here.”
“A new letter?” Joshua asked.
“Yes, it explains a lot more of what might be going on. You’ll see how Clarissa is right about what she said, it is strange, and strange things tend to have some kind of explanation. That’s some of what the king explains, so let’s go read it.” Leon said turning back to the tiny safe house.
The five friends strode to the little house and let themselves inside. Aerith, Yuffie, and Cloud were again waiting for them.
“Here’s the letter.” Aerith said, handing them the message. The four gathered around and read together.

Dear Leon,

There’s some major trouble brewing. I believe that Ganondorf and Maleficent have begun putting their plot into motion. Sora, Donald, Goofy, and Riku have discovered many worlds stricken by girls that have been spirited away. Obviously they are trying to find as many of the princesses of heart as possible. I don’t yet know what they are planning to use these girls for, but it may be some kind of weapon. Have you noticed how the number of heartless has greatly diminished? I think it must have to do with the oncoming war. Maleficent and Ganondorf must be conserving the Heartless until the war so they’ll have more power to exploit. I’ve caught word from the underground that Maleficent is forming an army called the Dark Coalition. I have yet to find out more, but be on the lookout for evildoers being recruited to the coalition. I just hope Sora and Joshua can stop some of these atrocities before it’s too late. I want Joshua and his companions to go to Destiny Islands. There they’ll meet Kairi. I need Joshua to take Kairi with him to make sure she stays safe. I’ve sent word of my plans to Sora, so just let Joshua know, and give him my letter as proof of his allegiances since Joshua and Kairi have not seen one another in a few years. Good luck to all of you.

Mickey Mouse

“We’d better be going then,” Joshua said.
“We’ll see you again Joshua.” Leon replied with a tone of understanding in his voice.
“I’m sorry we must leave so soon, but you know we must.”
“It’s okay,” Aerith said. “We weren’t expecting you to stay long after reading that.”
“Alright, well thank you, and goodbye.” Joshua replied.
“Goodbye.” Aerith replied. The group walked briskly out of the safe house and left Traverse Town aboard the Red Bud once again, with the king’s letter in hand.

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Nov 18, 2004
Thanks so much for that feedback, I'm actually spicing up the next chapter with some more personality. Thanks again for your feedback. The next chapter will probably be up today or tomorrow.
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