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Fanfiction ► The War of Time and Space

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Nov 18, 2004
This fan fiction plays off of the idea that there are many more worlds in the Kingdom Hearts Universe other than KH, FF, and Disney ones. It includes a few original characters and new worlds/characters from numerous other game series.
This is just for fun, so no flaming. To back up why I wrote this, I'll leave you with two things:

1. The stars are the worlds, but there are too many worlds for them to only be Disney, KH, and Final Fantasy related.

2. "There are many worlds out there, but they all share the same sky, one sky, one destiny." ~KH1

Please comment and feel free to PM me with questions or further comments beyond a post in this thread.

Anyway, here is the Prolouge:

The War of Time and Space:

A Fan-Fiction Novel

Game Series I May Include:

Kingdom Hearts
The Legend of Zelda
Final Fantasy
Animal Crossing
Viewtiful Joe
Donkey Kong
Harvest Moon
Soul Calibur
Golden Sun
Beyond Good & Evil
Crash Bandicoot
Wario Ware Inc.
Jak & Daxter
Ratchet & Clank
Fire Emblem

Prologue: Deeds Not Done

“What do you mean you won’t do it?” Maleficent shrieked at the boy that was standing before her in the tiny red walled room.
“I’m not going to risk my skin on a promise from you,” the boy replied defiantly, “I don’t trust many people, and I love even fewer, so don’t think I’m going to be your servant simply because you say that you can help me find her if I can find this man for you. I have heard that your word is very conditional, so don’t think for a second I’m going to do this for you just like that. I can probably find her on my own, I don’t need you, but you need me.”
“How dare you Joshua,” Maleficent chastised the boy, “I saved you in your time of plight.”
“Yes, witch, you did, and for that I thank you, but I’m through with you and your empty promises.” Joshua declared.
Joshua was nearly sixteen, and had long dark brown hair that trailed down to his upper back in a tangled mess. It was pushed back with a crudely cut strip of green cloth that was a headband of sorts. He wore a matching green sleeveless shirt with darker green buttons, the top two of which were undone, revealing the thin white shirt that was underneath his green one. His pants were large and baggy, and equally green as the rest of his garb. Their fabric spilled over onto his large black shoes which were laced up snuggly. His naturally tanned face was currently wearing an expression of great seriousness.
“I see,” Maleficent said, “well, I don’t need you either, so go if you must.”
“I will,” Joshua said, “perhaps we will meet again.”
“Yes, perhaps we will…” Maleficent said with a sinister tone in her voice, “perhaps we will.”
Joshua opened the heavy mahogany door behind him with ease and scrambled into the stone walled hallway of Maleficent’s underground castle. A long red carpet with a thin golden trim on both sides of it covered the length of the corridor. The carpet did not cover the whole width however, leaving about six inches of bare stone flanking the rug on each side.
Joshua saw his destination. At the end of the hallway was a ladder leading, he hoped, topside. Joshua ran the rest of the way uneventfully. He swung the other strap of his light yellow rucksack onto his left shoulder. It had been resting single strapped on his right shoulder, but Joshua knew it might slip as he was climbing, so he readied himself for the ascent.
The ladder was made of a wood like that of the door of the room Joshua had exited only moments before. He saw it was quite splintery, so he grabbed his green gloves out of his pocket, and put them on. They were made of a material similar to garden gloves, and were dark green on the fingers and wrists while the palm and back of hand areas were a lighter shade of emerald. There were small openings that exposed Joshua’s knuckles so that he could bend his hands without wearing the gloves out.
Joshua made the climb up the ladder which was summarily a long and dark trip.
When Joshua reached the top he found himself standing on a small round landing made of packed soil. The gray stones of the subterranean castle walled the cylindrical crawl space and supported it. A second tiny ladder was on the wall about a foot in front of Joshua’s face, and this ladder itself was only five feet tall, and went from floor to ceiling of the little alcove. Joshua, being six foot, two inches tall, was by necessity stooping down slightly to fit in the tiny space.
Directly above him, Joshua could hear the muted hubbub of an unsuspecting and sober locale. He clambered onto the new ladder and pushed on the ceiling of the niche which, as Joshua had suspected it might, gave way. The sewer grate that had been concealing Maleficent’s secret castle flipped over and Joshua hoisted himself up into what was obviously the back alley of a town of some sort. He wasn’t sure if he knew the town or not, he had been to so many places he couldn’t be sure yet. He’d have to see a little more to be certain. After all, Maleficent had given Joshua no clues as to where she had transported them after she found him. He could in essence be anywhere.
As Joshua rounded the corner he found that he was not at all surprised to find himself where he was now certain he was. It only took one look at a twisted lamppost to know that he was in Traverse Town. Why exactly did Maleficent want him to find that guy so badly? Yes, they were both devious individuals, but what could she possibly want with him of all people? After all, he was from another time and world altogether, a place and time very far from the darkened allies of Traverse Town.
What could Maleficent possibly want with the leader of a Gerudo thief troupe? Joshua was worried that he knew the answer all too well.
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Nov 18, 2004
Thanks alot, I'll give people a chance to read this some more, and then I'll post the First real chapter. I already have it finished, but I'm gonna wait a day to post it, so check back tomorrow and it should be up!

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Nov 18, 2004
Feedback from anyone else on the Prologue would be appreciated. Don't worry, Ch. 1 is much longer, so don't make the length the focus of your compliments or criticisms.

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Nov 18, 2004
Thanks so much RikusGurlkh and Winged Mirage. I appreciate your support. I wasn't sure if people would like this or not, but I guess you do. That's great.

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Nov 18, 2004
Winged Mirage said:
No problem.

BTW, I have a fic called Mystic Wind. it's gonna be really long, but it's kinda base on FF:TA. I think you might like it.

And if you don't like me advertising in your thread, please tell me and I'll shut up ;D

Its okay since you comented on mine first. I probably would, and there are other FFTA fans, like flary26 and BlueMage.
Anybody else have any feedback?

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Nov 18, 2004
Chapter One: Joshua In Traverse Town

“You never know who you will run into next.”

Joshua found himself in the First District of Traverse Town. The quaint world had been a sanctuary for refugees in the first inter-world appearance of the Heartless. Joshua had come here shortly before that first influx of the dark beings. Back then there were very few people living there, but now the place was once again flooded with refugees, because the third invasion had begun already, only a matter of months after the second. Thus far, Traverse Town was doing pretty well. Once again, it seemed, the First District had managed to stay heartless free. As for the others Joshua guessed they were probably infested, just as before.
Joshua walked past a girl about his age who was wearing a white blouse and orange dress with a pattern of closed red buds on the bottom left corner. Her light brown hair was tied up in a neat bun on the back of her head. She was sitting on a partially smashed crate next to the accessory shop. Joshua stopped and walked back to the girl who was now gazing dreamily at the eternally starry sky of Traverse Town.
“Excuse me lady,” Joshua said respectfully, taking a slight bow, “but could you tell me if a man by the name of Cid works in this shop still? My name’s Joshua by the way.”
“Hello, Joshua, my name’s Clarissa, and yes the man you speak of is here in this shop. I’m a friend of his, and I’ll accompany you to go see him if you don’t mind.”
“Certainly not Clarissa,” Joshua replied, “I would be honored.”
Joshua and Clarissa briskly walked the short distance to the actual shop. Joshua held the door open for Clarissa on their way in.
“Why, thank you.” Clarissa said thankfully when Joshua did so.
“No problem.”
The surroundings of the accessory shop were quite familiar to Joshua. Everything was recognizable, from the strange crystals, jewelry, and ores lining the inside of the large glass case to the red brick fireplace crackling modestly as if not to disturb anyone.
“Hi there Cid.” Clarissa said to the middle-aged man with a shock of blonde hair.
“Hello Clarissa, how have you been? It’s been a while, and is that Joshua I see? Have you two been acquainted?”
“Yes,” Joshua replied, “we have, thank you.”
“When did you meet?”
“Just a moment ago. I was about to come in, but I got lost in the stars.” Clarissa smiled, her eyes glistening like those very stars.
“I see…” Cid said, “So what brings you here Joshua?”
“I was hoping…” Joshua trailed off.
“Go on boy.”
“I was wondering if you could help me find a girl who was my inter-world travel companion. Her name is Kaethe.”
“I’ve heard of that girl, she can be quite the mystery at times, or so I’ve heard. Anyway, rumor has it that several girls have been kidnapped, most from other worlds far away from this one.”
“Where have they been taken?”
“There have been rumors saying that the majority of them have been taken to a secret base in Twilight Town, but despite investigation by many, no such base of operations has been found, and no apparent changes have taken place in Twilight Town.”
“Really, and you think she could be there?”
“Yes, with a past as unsure as hers, I wouldn’t be surprised,” Cid said firmly, “but there may be sinister hands at work here.”
“….Maleficent….” Joshua whispered.
“The witch?”
“Yes, she found me in Hollow Bastion where I was searching for Kaethe. A group of heartless attacked me, and I had lost my weapons, but she saved me and took me to what I later found out to be her underground base here in town. I just made it out of there now. She told me to find a man in a world I have been to only once in a time far in the past.”
“What sort of world?” Cid questioned.
“One far from here, in the present day it is covered mostly by water and a small string of islands. In the past, centuries ago, which is the time in which I visited it; it was a thriving land of various peoples and sub regions and parallel worlds to the main one of Hyrule.”
“What do you know of this man?” Cid asked.
“His name is Ganondorf. The princess of that time consulted me in her courtyard because she knew that I was from a different time and world. She warned me that she was not sure that this man’s allegiances truly lay with her father, the king. She said that she had prophetic dreams and that I had been in them for about a week prior to my arrival. At the time I was thirteen. She told me that one day I might help that world in some way, or that her information might help me. She gave me one of three copies of the special instruments that her family kept safe. One was hers, one had been given to the true hero of that world, and the last as I said was given to me.”
“What did she call it?” Clarissa asked.
“The Ocarina of Time.” Joshua replied.
“I’m also an inter-world traveler as you might have guessed.” Clarissa said.
“I did guess so.”
“You must know it is not uncommon for special items to have duplicates for heroes and inter-worlders like ourselves, but that is truly extraordinary to receive so valuable an item, and from such a prestigious figure as Princess Zelda.”
“Then you’ve been there?” Joshua asked.
“Yes, but little of my time was spent in the actual main region of Hyrule. I spent most of my time in the region of Holodrum where I got a duplicate of the Rod of Seasons.”
“What’s the Rod of Seasons?” Joshua asked.
Just then a rod with a large ball on top appeared in Clarissa’s hands. It was a powerful looking thing. It looked to be made of glass, but Joshua guessed it was impervious to shattering. It was mostly blue and orange with the top ball being almost entirely white.
“It changes the seasons with one downward stroke, but one must be on a high point, preferably a tree stump. It’s also quite the weapon.” Clarissa added.
“Who gave it to you?” Joshua asked.
“The goddess of Power and Seasons: Din. She told me she had made three of them just as the Zelda of centuries previous had made three Ocarinas. She said I was the inter-worlder she felt would get the most use out of it. You know the people who safeguard holy items like these have the judgment to know whether the item will be used for good or evil because they are generally prophets or goddesses. I think she knew I would use it for at least some small good. Besides, she probably wanted the burden off of her before someone evil got a hold of it.” Clarissa explained.
“You inter-worlders are quite the elite group aren’t you? You certainly know your stuff.” Cid said.
“Yes, and thank you.” Joshua replied.
“I’m going to stay a little while, but then I have to go back to Hollow Bastion to get the Grand Emerald, my gummi ship. Could we go together and pick up my gummi ship with yours Clarissa?” Joshua asked.
“Sure can, but would you like to go walk around town a little first?”
“I’d like that Clarissa. By the way, Cid, don’t worry about Maleficent for now. She probably thinks I won’t tell anyone, so if you don’t act at all alerted then she probably won’t cause any problems for the time being.”
“Sure, makes sense.” Cid replied.
“I don’t know much of her other then that she’s caused some problems for King Mickey and Sora in the past.” Joshua said.
“Have you met the keybearer and the king?” Cid inquired.
“Yes, a few times for the king. As for Sora, I met him and Riku several times when we were young, and a few times during the first invasion when he was with his companions Donald and Goofy.”
“I see.”
“Ready to go now?” Clarissa asked Joshua.
“Sure am.”
Joshua and Clarissa bade Cid farewell and walked out of the accessory shop and into the first district. They strolled out into the square and turned to their left walking past a moogle who was pacing up and down nervously near some of the trademark twisted lampposts. Joshua and Clarissa paused and stood on a small grassy circle where one of the lampposts stood watch.
“Do you want to go to the café?” Joshua asked.
“That would be lovely.” Clarissa replied.
Thus the two sauntered over to the little outdoor restaurant which had been closed during the first invasion. Now that Traverse Town was used to the Heartless invasions it was able to remain open during this one. The café had four dark wooden circular tables and per table, two decorative painted black chairs made of wood with burnt orange cushions waiting for dinner guests. One table was already occupied by a young Goron and a girl with long black hair streaming down to the ground. Joshua could tell only the Goron was from Hyrule, and that they were simply eating together for comfort’s sake. Joshua knew it must be hard for a Goron to adjust to eating normal food since their diet usually consisted of rocks.
Joshua and Clarissa took the nearest table in the lower left section of the restaurant. They chatted idly and star gazed for about five minutes until a girl who looked to be seventeen approached the table to wait on them. She was wearing a somber yet not unhappy expression and was clad in a pale pink waitress’s outfit with a small white apron on the skirt. She had a somewhat pale face which was framed in a curtain of chestnut hair.
“Hello, how are you this evening?” the waitress asked.
“Just fine thank you.” Clarissa replied.
“Fine thanks.” Joshua added.
“That’s good to hear, my name is Opal, and I’ll be your server today. Would you like to see a menu?”
“Yes, thank you.” Joshua and Clarissa replied simultaneously.
Opal placed two large black menu books down gingerly on the table.
“Take your time.” she said.
“Thank you.” Clarissa replied.
The two cracked open their menus and began to examine the inside pages carefully.
“So Joshua, how did you become an inter-worlder?” Clarissa asked.
“Well, like any of the others I had a great desire to be on the move and to do good things with my life to better many places. I was born in a small town in a fairly large world called Rothet. The town was called Juna. It was a small merchant town. My parents hoped one day I’d grow up to become a craftsperson like they were, but it wasn’t meant to be. They were killed when our town was sacked during a fierce civil war in our country of Romedo. Our house burned down, but I escaped both fire and soldier to make it to a neutral town called Yolinar. There I was raised by a woman ten years older than my parents. Her name was Ofelia. When I reached the age of twelve I set out on my inter-world travels after training rigorously to become an inter-worlder for my five years in Yolinar with a holy warrior named Terrence. He taught me the combat skills and strength of mind, body, and spirit necessary to survive anywhere. Then he used magic to transport me to this world where I met Cid. He built my gummi ship and taught me how to fly it. While here I met Kaethe who was one year younger then I. We left together a few days later, which was three months after my arrival. We departed before seeing Cid again, so they never directly met. I’ve been an inter-worlder ever since.”
“Impressive, Joshua, my story echoes yours in a lot of ways. I lost my parents in war too at a very young age. I was also trained by a sensei to become an inter-worlder because he believed I had a strong heart. He said it was the greatest weapon I had against evil. The first world my sensei transported me to at the age of twelve also was Disney Castle Town. I was taken in by the King who built my gummi ship and taught me how to fly it as well s some combat moves my sensei had overlooked in my training.” Clarissa replied.
“Wow, we do have a lot in common. What are you going to have?” Joshua asked.
“Hmmm….I know, I’m going to have a cheeseburger and fries with a soda, you.”
“Sounds good to me.” Joshua agreed.
“Excuse me, Opal, we are ready to order if you’re ready for us.” Clarissa told the waitress who was standing a few feet away tending to some dishes at the table where the Goron and black haired girl were sitting.
“Actually, Clarissa, I already overheard you two, two cheeseburgers with fries and cola right?” Opal said in a joking manner.
“Oh…well done is fine for me.”
“Same here for me.” Joshua added.
“Coming right up folks.” Opal said dutifully.
“So, this Kaethe, she means a lot to you?”
“Yeah, we’ve spent three years together, so when we got separated in Hollow Bastion I was so very worried, because I knew right away that someone must’ve taken her. I just have that kind of connection with her you know?”
“Yes, but I haven’t felt a connection of friendship as strong as that with anybody since my sensei and the king, but I suppose he has a connection to everybody.”
“Yeah, he has his ways of making himself known.”
“He certainly does.”
A few more minutes passed and Opal arrived back with the food. Joshua and Clarissa thanked her and invited her to eat with them since her shift was over. She decided to do so, and the three ate hungrily.
“Thanks so much Opal, the food was great.” Clarissa thanked her.
“Yeah, thanks so much.” Joshua said.
“You were great to talk to, come back sometime.” Opal replied.
“Oh, here are your tip and the bill, I almost forgot. Do you take inter-world currencies?” Clarissa asked.
“We certainly do, otherwise we wouldn’t make a bit of money.” Opal said.
“Yeah, right, since you are an accidental tourist hotspot.”
“You could say that.”
“Clarissa, that’s okay, I’ll pay.” Joshua piped up before Clarissa could remove any currency from her light blue rucksack.
“Oh…if you insist. Thank you.” Clarissa replied.
Joshua fished around in his light yellow rucksack and produced a purple rupee and a red one.
“Purple for the meal and red for you.” Joshua told Opal.
“This is quite a big tip, thank you though, both of you. Bye now.”
Joshua and Clarissa walked leisurely toward the shortcut to the third district. When they got there Joshua turned to Clarissa.
“Do you want to go in there? There will be some Heartless most likely.”
“Its okay, we’ll fight them off. If we don’t go in there, then we are just letting them win by stopping us from enjoying this world.” Clarissa said bravely.
“You’re absolutely right, so let’s go.” Joshua said.
The two pushed open the huge wooden doors leading to the third district and entered into the plaza made of gray stone. As they walked in further Joshua saw something out of the corner of his eye and then as expected Heartless began to emerge from the shadows of the world taking form and solidifying into the beings of pure darkness that they were. Fifteen Shadows and ten Neo Shadows had appeared. There bright yellow eyes shining eerily at them as they fidgeted strangely, waiting to attack.
“Let’s get them.” Joshua said as a Diamond Dust keyblade appeared in his hands.
“Yeah, let’s go.” Clarissa shouted as the Rod of Seasons appeared in her hands.
The Heartless seemed to sense the battle had begun for the Shadows leapt forth through the air scratching at the pair while the Neo Shadows held back for the time being. Clarissa jumped into the air timing it so that she flew just over the Shadows thus allowing her to slam he weapon down into the soft black flesh of one of the Neo Shadows. The Rod of Seasons delivered a deafening blow, and the unsuspecting Neo Shadow went up in a wisp of darkness dropping precious green life orbs on the cold gray stone below.
While Clarissa swiped at the Neo Shadows with her rod, Joshua was taking out the shadows with ease. He performed many air combos, jumping into the air and slamming the blue keyblade down into the shadows and then spinning around with a forceful stroke taking out several more until all of them were no more than a memory.
When Joshua had finished with the Shadows, he rushed over to Clarissa who was locked in combat with a Neo Shadow. It swiped its dark claws in her direction, and caught her on her blouse, tearing off a small piece of the sleeve’s delicate fabric. This was the last one. Joshua rushed it and delivered a shocking blow to its head followed by its abdomen when he spun around in the air with his Diamond Dust outstretched. The last Neo Shadow was no more.
“That was a close one.” Joshua said.
“Yeah, too close for my comfort.” Clarissa said.
The two caught their breath and walked in the direction of the stairs leading to the small safe house where Joshua expected to find Squall and the rest. As they neared the stairs, the ground began to tremble and the square stone panels in front of them shot up into the air revealing themselves as square stone pillars blocking their escape.
“Oh, no.” Clarissa said.
“Not again. It must be the head heartless in town.” Joshua said.
“Guard Armor.” Clarissa said.
Just then as if to answer Clarissa’s call, six pieces of shiny purple armor fell from the sky and assembled themselves as the leader of the Heartless in Traverse Town; Guard Armor.
Before they could think, Clarissa and Joshua had their weapons appear in their hands, and they were plunged into battle once more. The thing began whirring its arms around in an attempt to catch Clarissa or Joshua off guard. It would occasionally float into the sky, and bring itself down with a formidable force. Joshua and Clarissa would leap toward it delivering several punishing blows on the way back down. Next they would bash the feet for a few moments until the armor rose into the air. At this point the two would back up and watch to see where the armor was going to land so they could avoid it. Once it landed directly behind Joshua, missing him by inches and seconds. The sound of metal and glass against metal rang out across the third district. Joshua and Clarissa had, by a point taken out both feet and one arm so that only the body and one spinning hand remained. Joshua and Clarissa were weary from battle despite all the curagas and elixirs they could muster. As Joshua approached the monstrous thing to deliver another blow with his weapon, a black clad figure appeared before him with a long silver blade at the ready. It was Squall or Leon as he preferred to be called lately. He jumped spryly upward smashing his famed Gunblade into the weakened metallic being. On impact the sound of bullets could be heard ringing out against the hard shell of the Guard Armor. With that, its last hand went up in a shower of life orbs and magic power orbs. Clarissa and Joshua charged forward, and with Squall, they did what they all knew they could do to finish this off more quickly. The three weapons, Diamond Dust, Gunblade, and Rod of Seasons, drove in on the same point of purple Heartless’ body. An audible cracking sound began to emanate from that point growing louder by the second. The three watched as the tower of metal split almost perfectly in two and came crashing down in a deluge of health orbs and MP orbs. A strange hissing noise came from the Heartless as it fell to pieces, and it gave up a pink heart which ascended into the starry sky and disappeared into nothingness. The Guard Armor was defeated.
“Thank you for your help Leon.” Joshua said after the creature was gone.
“Yes, thank you so much.” Clarissa beamed.
“Its what I do, but you’re welcome.” Leon replied.
“Could we rest in the safe house for a while?” Clarissa asked.
“Of course you can, anytime.” Leon said without smiling, as most people would have when saying this.
“Thanks Leon, we appreciate it.” Clarissa said.
The three walked toward the safe house and a well deserved break.

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Nov 18, 2004
Here's the second chapter. Sorry for double post.

Chapter Two: The Letter and the keyhole

When Joshua, Clarissa and Leon reached the small safe house that was at the top of the third district, they found Aerith, Yuffie, and Cloud waiting for them. There was a small table that had been placed in the center of the room. It was painted red and had a coat of lacquer on it. On top of the shiny table were six glasses of iced green tea and two dozen shortbread cookies Aerith had made in her spare time.
“Welcome Joshua and Clarissa, would you like some tea and cookies to get your strength back up?” Aerith asked them with a small smile upon her face.
“That would be lovely, thank you, Aerith. It’s so wonderful to see all of you again, but it seems that things are not all too well are they?”
“No, they aren’t you see, we have received a letter….” Aerith began.
“This letter…” Yuffie said, holding up a piece of beige parchment-like paper.
“A letter from the king.” Leon said leaning against the wall and speaking in his usual no-nonsense tone of voice.
“What does it say?” Joshua asked.
“Here, read it for yourselves.” Cloud said handing them the letter matter-of-factly.
“Read it with me.” Joshua said to Clarissa who had a glass of iced tea in hand by now. She sauntered over and they read the typed message eagerly.

Dear Leon,

We have a bit of a problem beginning. According to Merlin, it seems that Maleficent has somehow conjured a subterranean castle to Traverse Town without anyone noticing. We always knew her powers were great, but not this great. That’s only part of the problem. She is planning something, but we can’t let her know, what we know, for the time being. I’m almost certain Maleficent is working with other evil forces from various worlds. It seems similar strange occurrences are happening throughout the universe according to my loyal sources. This links Maleficent to a larger scheme. I’m not sure yet, but I believe that this may be some kind of war plot. I’m going to check into it because the stars are blinking out faster than ever before this time around. If you find anything out, tell Merlin and he’ll relay the message to me. In addition, I want you to be on the lookout for an inter-worlder named Joshua. I think he may be of help to this situation.

Mickey Mouse

“So, what exactly does this mean?” Joshua asked.
“It means that the King was right, there is a war about to start, and we are going to have to ready.” Leon replied.
“So, than Cid told you about Maleficent asking me to look for that man?”
“He did.”
“So how can we be of help? What does Mickey mean by I might be able to help the situation?”
“For now, helping means sealing the keyhole of this world which is possible now that you have defeated Guard Armor, and going to Twilight Town to find Kaethe as planned.” Aerith explained.
“The king believes that you can help Sora because after all he is only one keybearer, and there are too many worlds blinking out far too fast for him to get to all of them by himself. You can help him to secure some worlds for this upcoming conflict as could any keybearer I suppose. However, it seems the king sees something in you that made him request that you help. As the queen once said; ‘We’re just going to have to trust the king.’” Yuffie added.
“I see,” Joshua said, “so the king believes I’m supposed to help the legendary Sora. Alright, I do trust the king, and I will help. After all that’s an inter-worlder’s job, to help the heroes of worlds and take on their destinies. So, I will.”
“Glad to hear it. The king will be too.” Yuffie said.
“I’ll continue to help as well.” Clarissa pledged.
“Good, well than let’s get going Clarissa, we have work to do.” Joshua said.
“Right,” Clarissa said, “well thank you all for your hospitality.”
“I’ll take you to the place,” Leon said, “Have you ever sealed one before Joshua?”
“Yes, I’ve sealed a few worlds before.” Joshua replied confidently.
“Good,” Leon said, “then I’ll go ring the bell above the Gizmo Shop and you wait by the fountain.”
The three walked out of the small safe-house and headed toward the Second District. When they reached the middle of the district they wordlessly split up. Joshua and Clarissa waited by the fountain with the little stone bells around it. About two minute later they heard the din of the bell echoing across the town. Before their eyes the fountain’s art panel turned once and then again until it revealed a new image of pale butterflies flitting through the air.
Joshua approached the fountain knowing what to expect next. A tiny keyhole appeared in the middle of the panel and let off little glowing wisps of light. Joshua stepped forward and put his Diamond Dust keyblade straight out in the direction of the newly revealed keyhole. A soft white beam of light shot precisely into the center of the opening and a soft click could be heard moments later. Directly following the barely audible noise the missing bit of the decorative panel sealed the keyhole which was the heart of Traverse Town. Now Traverse Town would be safe from total annihilation during this imminent war. The forces of good would have at least one haven to go to and Joshua planned on making many more sanctuary worlds in the near future or so he hoped.

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Nov 18, 2004
Thanks Winged Mirage. I see many people have viewed this, but only WM and one other person have replied. Anybody else have anything to say at all?

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Nov 18, 2004
Chapter Three: Finding Kaethe

“Walking this road, without you,
to remake forgotten promises and meet you at roads end.”

Clarissa and Joshua had returned to the safe-house after sealing Traverse Town’s keyhole. They were now enjoying the refreshments and talking with the group.
“Thank you......for everything.” Leon said.
“No problem,” Joshua replied, “happy to help.”
“It’s been hard with the keyblade master Sora not here to help us,” Aerith said, “but you two have made things right here.”
“If you ever need help you can always come back here to catch a break.” Yuffie said.
“We’ll keep that in mind.” Clarissa smiled at the ninja.
“I suppose we should get going. I guess we can just leave my gummi ship in Hollow Bastion for now. It’s more important that we find Kaethe first.” Joshua said.
“That’s right, so let’s get going.” Clarissa replied.
“We’ll see you all again sometime I hope.” Joshua said.
“We we’ll.” Aerith said assuredly.
The two friends rushed back to the First District without a further word or further Heartless to speak of. The two paused and looked around that section of the town one more time and then walked out of town through the world exit.
“Here’s my gummi ship.” Clarissa said pointing to a large light red ship with twin white stripes streaking across either side of it horizontally.
“It’s really cool. What do you call it?”
“I call it the Red Bud.” Clarissa replied.
“Like the red buds on your dress?” Joshua asked.
“Precisely,” Clarissa said.
The two boarded the spacious craft which had cream fabric covered seats inside. In addition it had two beds, a bathroom and even a kitchenette. The ship was even carpeted with a mock Oriental rug fabric. Joshua took his place on one of the four long couch-like seats lining the front window near the control panel. In all the craft could seat sixteen persons comfortably not counting the driver. Joshua sat on the front couch and waited for Clarissa who was getting something from the kitchenette.
“Would you like some water?” Clarissa asked him when she emerged from the back section of the ship with two bottles of spring water.
“That’d be nice.” Joshua said.
“The buckle will strap you in in a moment.” Clarissa announced as she took the lone seat directly in front of the controls. A mechanical purr could be heard a few moments later as the ship’s automated buckling system opened up the side of the couch and strapped Joshua snuggly to the cream colored seat with the red seatbelt that emerged.
“Here we go!” Clarissa exclaimed as the Red Bud blasted out of the entrance to the tiny world of Traverse Town and into the void of outer space.
“We are going to travel by warp mode is that alright?” Clarissa questioned.
“Yeah, sure.” Joshua replied.
The Red Bud rocked for a moment as if it was hitting some turbulence and then with a flash of light it surged forward and disappeared from the section of space where Traverse Town was. Two minutes later it reappeared stably just outside the beautiful world of Twilight Town.
“We have arrived.” Clarissa said to Joshua as they landed swiftly and gently just outside the Twilight Town train station. The two quickly disembarked and Joshua found himself standing in a place he’d not been for many years. The huge red topped overhang that read “STATION” in large maroon letters loomed overhead and above it the beauty and majesty of the Twilight Town clock tower with its four dark golden bells and intricate faces judging them from on high.
Joshua reached into his rucksack and pulled out a belt covered with six small half red half white balls. They were the pokéballs containing six of Joshua’s pokémon. Joshua pulled out the first one and slightly compressed the tiny metallic circle in the center causing the ball to make a booping sound and grow larger. Joshua then thrust the ball to the ground in front of the train station and a little creature emerged from the ball which now lay on the yellowish stone path before him. The creature was of course a pokémon. This one had a tiny bulb on its back and was named Bulbasaur. Bulbasaur announced the last syllable of its name and turned to Joshua for instruction.
“Bulbasaur use vine whip to reach the top of the train station’s overhang and pull me up.”
“Bulba!” the creature exclaimed as it extended its twin vines out to the desired location. After Bulbasaur secured his vines to the roof Joshua kneeled lightly on the pokémon’s back and requested that he retract his vines. As he did so the pair rose up to the top of the overhang much like a hookshot would’ve worked. Joshua and Bulbasaur reached the top of the train station in a matter of moments. Joshua jumped just before they reached the top to relieve Bulbasaur of his weight. Then he gratefully pulled the obedient pokémon onto the roof with him.
Moments later Joshua heard the din of a bird and saw Clarissa glide past him on a Fearow. The noisy bird made an elliptical shaped turn and landed safely on the roof next to Bulbasaur. Clarissa had jumped off moments before and landed gracefully on her feet before her ride did.
“A little move my sensei taught me.” Clarissa said confidently.
“Most impressive,” Joshua said.
“Yes well, two can play at that game as they say.” Clarissa replied.
“So, you have some too I see.” Joshua said.
“Yes, I have six as well and more in their world.”
“Same with me, I actually became somewhat famous there.”
“It’s a nice place isn’t it?” Joshua asked.
“Yes, I think so too.” Clarissa replied.
Just then Joshua and Clarissa heard a noise behind them that sounded like someone running along the path. Joshua saw a white haired woman dashing in their direction who strangely enough appeared to be in her thirties and who wearing a purple leather outfit that exposed much of her pale skin. She was carrying a short, yet decent sized purple blade at her side. She looked up at Joshua menacingly as she continued in the direction of the station’s roof.
“I think that woman means us harm.” Joshua said to Clarissa.
“Well, if it’s a fight she wants its fight she’ll get.”
“Absolutely,” Joshua cried, “we won’t let her get in our way.”
A clanking sound could be heard as the woman’s blade extended into a whip and latched onto the roof as Bulbasaur’s vine whip had moments previous. The woman jumped up to top of the red roof below the clock tower acrobatically and landed standing before the duo as if it were a simple feat.
“What’s your name?” Joshua demanded.
“My name is Isabella Valentine, but I go by Ivy. Here’s why boy!” The strange and murderous women stepped forward and swung her whip-like blade downward in Joshua’s direction striking him across the chest ripping open his green and white shirts and cutting him slightly.
“Joshua!” Clarissa cried.
The Rod of Seasons appeared in her hands, and the Diamond Dust appeared in Joshua’s hands. Bulbasaur and Fearow readied themselves for the fight. Ivy struck downward in Joshua’s direction again. This time her whip was met with Bulbasaur’s and his twin vines blocked her assault. Fearow let out a shrill cry and dove in Ivy’s direction, beak forward. Fearow grazed the top of Ivy’s head as she passed by.
“Blasted bird!” Ivy cried.
Fearow made a quick turn and darted through the air back in Ivy’s direction. She was locked in battle with Joshua, Clarissa and Bulbasaur. Due to her weapons vast range she was able to keep them at bay. To Fearow’s surprise however, as she passed above Ivy the second time, despite her being fully occupied, Ivy managed to thrust her blade into the air and wrap it around Fearow’s delicate neck. Ivy pulled down on the whip and the spines dug into the unprotected flesh of Fearow’s brown feathered neck. The valiant bird let out a cry of despair as she was pulled down to the red rooftop. Ivy unwrapped the whip from Fearow’s neck. Then she thrust it down at Fearow’s back only to be blocked by Clarissa’s Rod of Seasons. Ivy was tired of this battle going nowhere. She spun rapidly in a circle with her blade, the valentine, rotating with her. The multiple sharp sections of her weapon were like tiny daggers flying about. Joshua grabbed a second pokéball and let out another of his pokémon. This time the ball revealed a Vaporeon. Clarissa followed suit releasing her Flareon. The two newly introduced pokémon stretched and prepared to fight.
“Vaporeon, hydro pump!”
“Flareon, flamethrower!”
The two pokémon followed their instructions. Vaporeon loosed a jet of water in Ivy’s direction knocking her off the roof. Ivy caught onto the roof and pulled herself back up before further harm could come to her. However, as she got to her feet Clarissa instructed Flareon to deliver her unperformed attack. Ivy was met with a stream of fire that burned her shoulder somewhat before she could put out the resulting flame. However, it mainly burned off the left shoulder section of her purple outfit. This minute burn didn’t faze Ivy for a moment. She simply stepped forward attempting to deliver a blow to Clarissa when Joshua leapt through the air at her and came crashing into her with the Diamond Dust. Ivy flew into the air and waggled about like a wet rag. Fearow took this opportunity to fly at Ivy again and drive into her with a reckoning force. The woman had been gouged by Fearow’s beak. Her side was dripping crimson, but she did not seem to be fatally wounded by any means, nor did it appear that Fearow had hit any organs. Ivy just came right back at Fearow slashing with the valentine. Fearow let out a cry of pain as Ivy caught her in the back with a few of the valentine’s numerous points. Fearow turned on her angrily and with a great swiftness. The large bird flew at Ivy and used drill peck. Ivy collapsed in a heap on the roof. She was cringing and attempted to get up, but it was a laborious task for her now. Bulbasaur’s vines wavered through the air warningly, waiting for Ivy to get up. When she did right herself, Joshua smashed her back down with the Diamond Dust and Clarissa pummeled her with her rod. Bulbasaur used stun spore and paralyzed Ivy. Next Vaporeon and Flareon used tackle in tandem and knocked Ivy closer to the edge. Ivy fought the paralysis and managed to begin swinging the valentine from a sitting position. It caught Clarissa on the shoulder and left her with a three inch long cut on her right shoulder. The valentine next hit Bulbasaur across the forehead knocking him back and leaving him with only a long scratch.
“Ice beam!” Joshua shouted to Vaporeon. A light blue energy ball appeared in the azure pokémon’s mouth. It grew larger by the moment and after about thirty seconds of charge time the energy ball loosed its ice energy out on Ivy in the from of a beam of blue ice. The woman grunted a shrill cry and in that moment the lower half of her body was frozen solid from the wrath of Vaporeon’s ice beam.
“Why,” Ivy said, “why must it end like this?”
“Because,” said a voice, “you’re evil and evil gets no mercy from me!”
A girl a year younger than Joshua and Clarissa had appeared behind them riding on the back of a Pidgeot. She was wearing a white one piece dress with lacy decorative holes lining the fringe of it. She wore white laceless leather shoes with four holes on each one similar to those on the fringe of her dress. She was tall for her age, five feet eight inches compared to Clarissa’s five feet ten inches. She had lacy white stockings on that looked like those worn by ballerinas because they had an almost identical criss-cross pattern of fabric. In her hand she held a short thick silver blade that gradually curled up and back into a thin point that mimicked the shape of an elephant’s trunk. Capped on the tip of the blade was a golden spike. This blade was called the Elephant Blade. She also held a simple round silver shield in her other hand. She was currently about seven feet above the scene on her Pidgeot’s back.
“You,” Ivy cried, “Kaethe you meddlesome girl!”
“I may be meddlesome, but you are truly evil.” Kaethe said to the woman from her perch. Following this she tapped Pidgeot slightly on his tail feathers with her shield. The pokémon responded by flying upward and then swiftly down at Ivy. Kaethe jumped when she was eight feet from the roof. She put her blade forward and jolted down at Ivy with it pointed down and out at her. Ivy closed her eyes in expectation. Kaethe brought the blade home hitting her mark through the torso. Isabella Valentine, a truly evil woman, was no more.
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