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Fanfiction ► Sora's House Party

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The Midnight Channel

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Jan 18, 2006
Chapter 1

All at Sora's house for a party....

Riku: Good party.
Sora: Thanks.
Cloud: Personally, I find that it sux.
Sora and Riku: Why?
Cloud: Cause Aerith and Tifa mistook Sephy for me again.... their upstairs having...... well you now.
Sora: What??
Riku: Your 15 and you dont know?? Man, I cant hang with you no more....
Sora then walks away to wallow in depression....
Kairi, Leon and Yuffie see Sora walk outside.
Kairi: Awwww... poor Sora.
Leon: What Happened?
Yuffie: Riku and Cloud....
Leon: Ohhh... makes sense... They did the same thing to me at the last party...
Yufie and Kairi: What??
Leon: They made me feel bad and I got depressed then got really Drunk and started hallucinating....
Yuffie and Kairi: Ohhhh....
Leon: lets go comfort him and stop him from getting drunk....
Yuffie and Kairi: alright...
Meanwhile, Sora goes outside and doesnt drink anything but sees Roxas again.
Sora: Roxas!!! How did you get here??
Roxas: I came to make sure your alright.
Sora: Ohh...
Leon, Yuffie, and Kairi look outside and see Sora talking to himself.
Leon: Crap.
Yuffie: Its to late!
Kairi: He already is drunk and hallucinating.....
All 3: poor Sora....

Chapter 2

Cid, Merlin and Ansem the Wise are in a corner in the room talkin quitly

Cid: Do you think he will fall for it??
Ansem: Of course he will. We must do this for Sora!
Merlin: And Kairi.
All 3: For Sora and Kairi!

Yuffie, Leon, and Kairi go to confront Sora.

Kairi: Sora, how much did you have to drink??
Sora: I didnt have anything to drink!
Leon: Then who are you talking to??
Sora: Roxas.
Yuffie: Who??
Kairi: Ohh him! Lets leave him alone then.
Leon and Yuffie look at Kairi strangely.
Kairi: Just follow me.
Leon, Yuffie, and Kairi into the Kitchen.
Leon: Okay explain.
Kairi: Roxas is Sora's imagenary friend that he has always had...
Yuffie: Awww.. thats so cute! I want hug Sora now!!
Yuffie: NO HE IS MINE!!!
Yuffie and Kairi stare at Leon. Then they all pull out their weapons and fight for Sora.

Back with Cid, Merlin and, Ansem.
Merlin: Hey, there's Sora.
The 3 stare at Sora.
Merlin: Cid, Ansem. Do you guys have the ray??
Cid: Yes.
Ansem: I shall now freeze him.

Chapter 3
Riku and Cloud are searching for Sora to apoligize to him.

Riku: Were could he be??
Cloud: The only place we havent looked is in the basement....

They go down there and find Ansem, Merlin and Cid standing around a frozen Sora.

Riku: what did you do to him??!!!
Ansem: We're pulling a prank on Sora and Kairi.
Cloud: What kind of prank?
Cid: A prank that we could use your help in.
Riku: We'll help. What do we have to do?

Merlin hands Riku and Cloud a list.

Merlin: Just get all these items. We'll get Kairi.

Mickey, Donald, and Goofy walk in.

Donald: Its cool to be fashonibly late right??
Mickey: Of course! We do so cause we were the only Disney characters invited!!
Goofy: Mickey, what are "Disney Characters"??
Mickey: You will know eventually.

Donald and Goofy look at each other then shrug their shoulders.

Back in the Kitchen.

Yuffie: I'LL GET YOU KAIRI!!!!
Leon: NOT IF I GET HER FIRST..... Hey were did she go??
Yuffie: I don't know.... She dissapered!!
Leon: We must find her!!!

Leon and Yuffie then star searching the house for Kairi....

Roxas still stands on the back poorch.

Roxas: Im bored.

He then sees a heart floating in air.

Roxas: Hey a heart!!

Roxas gains a temporary heart and people can see him. He then walks inside and sees Mickey and his gang.

Roxas: Hi. Im Roxas who are you??
Donald: Ohhh no!! Sora thinks he is "Roxas" again...
Goofy: What should we do?
Mickey: Drug him.

They drug him then throw him in the basement. Merlin, Riku, Cloud ,and Cid wpnder why this new body was thrown down the stairs.

Cid: Is that sora??
Merlin: No we already got Sora.

Now we switch to Kairi who left the fight to get bandades from the hall closet but then hears a voice...

Deep Voice: Kairi!!
Kairi: Who is there??!!??
Deep Voice: You know me...
Kairi: I do?? Umm are you Sephy??
Deep voice: No
Kairi: Are you Merlin?
Deep Voice: no but yor getting close.
Kairi: I dont know... I give up
Deep Voice: It is I, Ansem!!! Kairi Im shall now have to freeze you!!!

Cid, Merlin, Riku and Cloud stand there compairing how the bodys are simaler...

Cid: *pointing to Roxas* I think thats Sora.
Riku: I agree with Cid
Merlin: No that *pointing to Sora* is Sora.
Cloud: Thats not Sora.. Cid and Riku are right...
Merlin: no they arent!!

tell me what you think of it... I hope you like it... cause i do!

Me and my friends Sacred Sora and Tsora are the owners of this fanfic... They deserve as much credit as i do in writing this Fanfic.
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The Midnight Channel

My Photoshop Just Died TT_TT
Jan 18, 2006
we plan to.... but it might be a couple of days... but of course i have 4 days off soo.... it might be finished on monday or next weekend....
and merlin is not evil... just smarter than the rest.... and then there is homo leon....

Riku's Dawn

The next party should be in TWTNW and Xemnas as the host of it all!


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Apr 4, 2005
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Well...You should have send this in a PM to #22 first, since we got idea for Chapter 4 too, and then he would edit it all, so it becomes the best possible Chapter...But that is great stuff too^, but I really think that you should write something like: Chapter 4 - Coming Soon in that post instead for now, and send that^ in a PM to #22, so he can look at it...:D...
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