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  • Eh its cool man.
    Also my skills. i'ds say im getting better as i go..but anyway thx for everything.
    Hey, i was just wondering, im a tagger too. And i was deciding on making a tidus tag.
    And i was thinking of a checkered theme with splattered colors with a mess of a colored balance..but theres one problem.
    I dont think there wouldnt be any flow. I got the depth done in my mind. Got any suggestions?
    Hey, if you havent started my Captain Justice sig yet...dont start, Jaxx popped into the shop and offered me one he had made previously. But if you have started I will wear yours once its done. Sorry for the inconvenience but Jaxx surprised me
    haha tbh I actually didn't know what I was making the whole time ;p

    it was only when I finished it that I saw this deeper meaning xD
    hmm well what if I explained the theme

    the whole theme is around smoking, I wanted a stock that had the appearance of someone smoking so I could place them on the right side and make a trail of smoke leading from their throat into my design. As for the effects I wanted to have something that resembled smoking, like some fire, brunt paper, brownish green colors, stuff like that.

    The infected text just means that the person is now infected with the addiction of cigarettes :3
    just did

    that one is better ;D I'm liking the addition of black

    hey what do you think of my entry? I haven't gotten a lot of feedback on it :x
    oh ha ha probably could do something like that

    I just need time to make something :x I'm not feel all that creative right now
    lol it might be pointless though since they'll already be competing in SotW xD
    Yeah, no problem.

    Oh yeah? Well yeah, you're pretty good. We should have a competition between the two of us sometime.
    Yeah, I was going to wait anyways because I have a request pending with Healing Vision right now, it will be probly in a week and a half
    Hey are you working in any shops or are you a single man sig maker? Cause sometime i would like to put in a request with you using the stock that you used in your tag competition vs jaxx..I liked the way you worked with it :)
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