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Mar 15, 2023
Didn't think I would go from shipping nothing in this series to eventually shipping Roxas/Kairi but here we are. Also hello! I'm kinda new here lol. I normally make a lot of data greeting stuff, maybe y'all might come across those!
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Jul 13, 2020
I’m at work so I’ll just rant here out of sheer boredom about my opinions on the KH shippings that come to my head. Don’t hate me.

This game has very little textual romance in it whatsoever. It downright sucks at portraying it unless it was the Disney princesses, and even then we had like…two kisses in the entire series. Rory and Snow, I think. Plus Mickey and Minnie, I think I remember a kiss there.

In subtext however, it’s great! A sunset viewing with slightly childish flirting about sailing away together while ditching the other childhood friend, the most precious memory of the heart manifesting as an identical copy (minus the hair) of the person always on one’s mind, outright admitting that the journey began because of that person while having saved the World three times over. Can’t get any clearer subtext than that; it can even just be “text” at this point sans the three words and physical affection.

LTD 2.0, meh. The ship wars in the subreddit just disillusioned me. I’ll admit I was partial to one of those ships, but their arguments are now so…contradictory. One is trying to discredit the other and using the “they are their own person” which is valid, but the points boil right down to their raison d’être. Both girls have similar bases in parallel to Kairi and her connection to Sora, one is “the other half” of the original, the other was constructed from Sora’s most precious memory, which turned out to be, surprise, also the original. The length of time argument may tip the scale in Xion’s favour though.

I’m still waiting for the Tynar Rouge to make an appearance and someone forcing Riku to wear it, for the lulz.

I like how Nomura basically torpedoed Riku and Naminé to bits in the ultimania, mostly because it finally dispels the confusion on the play Riku Replica had to play and how it’s related to Riku.