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Fanfiction ► Night of the Decendents

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May 9, 2007
The End of Time
There are so many things in this world to experience, how could we possibly experience all of them. The good, the bad. The happy, the sad. It isn’t the experience of something itself to remember, but who we experience that something with, as we all look above at those beautiful cerulean skies.

Night of the Decendents

Part 1: Soaring High

A beautiful day, as usual. Its Autumn right now, so the beautifully colored red and orange leaves are blowing about in that warm, gentle wind.

“Hey Max!”

I turned to see my best friend Krista smiling as she sat down next to me.

“Oh, hey Krista, good to see you today,” I replied, as I smiled right back at her.

We did this everyday. I would sit in the shade by this huge, broad tree that’s apparently been in this town for more than 100 years, and this tree sat next to the river that flowed right through the west side of town. I don’t really know why I sat next to this tree. Maybe it was calming, or relaxing. I don’t know if I just liked to stay and reflect for a while. Or maybe I sat here everyday because I knew if I waited, Krista would show up soon after.

“So, did you do anything fun today?” She asked me as she began picking at a nearby flower.

“Hmm... Well, after I woke up, I came outside and sat down right here. And now you’re here.”

“Hahaha, and when exactly did you get up?”

“About an hour ago.” We both started laughing, and then we laughed some more.

It was fall break, so everyday we did a whole bunch of nothing together to put it bluntly. Krista was a year older than me, so she always liked to act like she was in charge, and I let her be.

We lived in a small village at the edge of the Kingdom of Waltz. Nothing ever really happened here, which was good, it was a very peaceful nation with no enemies.

The day went on, and we walked around town, got some ice cream from our favorite shop, and walked along the river for a bit.

“So, you wanna hit the that town festival tomorrow? You were pretty sick last year, and I ended up going alone,” Krista said.

“Actually, I have to work on that book report some more, I’ve almost finished it. Then I planned on cleaning my attic finally, or else that would never get done.”

As we approached Krista’s house, she turned to me. “Well, can I come help you clean your attic then?”

“Haha, now why would you want to do that? I’m almost positive you would have more fun at the festival.”

“Well, I would rather hang out with you than go to the festival alone again anyway. And besides, maybe if I help you tomorrow, we’ll have some time left over to go to the end of it.”


“Oh come on!” she yelled as she began shaking me back and forth.

“Ok, ok! Hahaha! Just quit that already!”

“Good, then I’ll see you tomorrow,” she said as she smiled and walked inside.


I usually don’t fall asleep until I lay in bed for a while. I just sit there in the dark, and think about my day or something. I put my bed right next to my window, so I can look out at the many layers of this place I live in. First, there’s the town, with many houses and autumn colored trees all over. If I look a little higher, there is the castle, where our king and his daughter the princess reside, as well as their knights. Then, just a little bit higher, there’s the infinite sky, and all of those stars. How could I possibly close my eyes with all of this stuff to look at?

(So tomorrow I’ll finally get that damn attic cleaned out, what a pain... It shouldn’t be so bad with Krista there to help though, then maybe I can go to the festival with her after and see what that’s like.)


“Hey! Open up already!”

“I’m coming, just chill out already!”

I opened the door to see Krista standing there, and she marched in furiously.

“What took you so long Max?! I was waiting for like, twenty minutes!”

“I’m sorry, I was in the attic and I couldn’t hear that well from up there.”

“You started without me?” She asked.

“Not exactly, a cat ran in the house when I checked my mailbox, and I chased it all the way up there,” I explained to her as we began to head upstairs.

“Did you catch it?”

“No, I chased it around up there for about an hour, and then it scurried down the stairs and out my bedroom window. When I went to close the window, I heard you yelling outside, so I came to let you in.”

“Well you’re lucky that cat made it in, or you never would have heard me beating your door down. I was about ready to just leave and chew you out tomorrow.”

“Haha, sorry about that. I should’ve paid attention to the time, I knew you were coming,” I said as I opened the attic door.

“Oh my-“

“AH! It wasn’t nearly this bad when I first came in!”

“Its probably because you were chasing that freaking cat around the entire time not paying attention to what you stepped on or knocked over. Just like you Max, hehehe.” She proceeded to mess my hair up with both of hands, shaking them back and forth real fast all over my head. “Lets get started then, we’ve got a lot of work ahead of us,” She said as she smiled, like she always did.

We shuffled through my stuff forever, old cloths, books, letters, the whole shebang. Things I had gathered up over the years.

“Do you plan on getting rid of any of this? Because you have waayyy to much stuff up here,” she asked as she popped up from under a pile of cloths.

“Yeah, I’m gonna try to get rid of most of it, but I want to make sure I don’t get rid of anything important.”

“Like this ugly purple shirt?” She smirked as she held it up, it was pretty ugly.

“Hahaha, I don’t even remember getting that, toss it in the ‘get rid of’ pile.”

“Which is where?” She asked.

I looked around, I really didn’t know. I saw nothing but a big pile of everything.

“Just put it in that corner over there I guess, and that will start the pile...” I pointed over to a corner on the far side of the attic next to a window. I saw us doing this for a while...

“Oh man!” I heard Krista yell as she walked over all of the junk.

“What is it?”

“I stepped on something, and I heard it break. I think it was glass..... Huh?”

“What was it?” I asked as I walked over toward her.

“It’s a picture of some people. The glass in the frame broke, but the picture still looks okay...”

“What? You recognize any of them?”

“Just you, you’re in it. There’s seven of you... Were these your friends from before you moved here?” She asked as she studied the picture.

When I finally made it over to her, I looked over her shoulder at the picture.

“Wow.....” She handed me the picture, and I just looked over it.

“What is it?” she asked with a serious expression.

“I just totally forgot all about this. I mean, its only been two years ago, and already it began to fade from my memory... It seems like ages ago,” I told her as I continued to look at the picture.

“So, this was just before you moved here? You know, you never really told me about the old town you lived in, or about any of your old friends before,” she said in a gentle voice.

“Yeah, its just.... Back when it all first happened, I didn’t really want to talk about it, and then it just began to kind of go away.”

“Did something happen?”

I looked over the picture once more before I looked up at her. “Krista, do you want to hear my story, about before I came here to Waltz?”

“Of course I do,” she said as she began to continue cleaning, “If you don’t mind, I’d like to hear all about it.”

“Well, okay then. I’ll tell you while we clean,” I said as I placed the picture on the only clean shelf in the attic. “You know, I’ve never told anyone about this before...”

“Then I should feel pretty special then, shouldn’t I?” She said as she threw some old study books into our new discard pile.

“Haha, well, where to start then.....”


2 and a half years ago......


“Alright, the new sign is finally up!” Jared said as he came down from the step-ladder and looked above at what he had worked so hard on.

“It looks crooked...” F.K. said as she grinned and looked at the sign.

Jared glaneced at her, then back at the sign. “What, no way, it looks perfect! Max-“

“Haha, it looks fine. I’m just glad its finally up. Did you finish putting the flyers up around town F.K.?” I asked as I looked over to see she was still teasing Jared.

“Yup, every one of them,” she said with that usual excited voice.

“Then we’ve finally done it!” I said as I wrapped my arms around both of their shoulders and pulled them towards me tightly. “Starting today, this is the official headquarters of Ryvieria Kingdom’s newest independent warrior guild, ‘The Decendents of Fianna!’”

“Hehe, Max, not so hard,” F.K. said as she loosened my grip.

“Hey F.K., is it really crooked, because-“

This was our dream. The three of us had been inseparable since we were all young children who went and caught fireflies together. We looked up to the knights of the kingdom. Many thought that the royalty was all that sat in that castle, but we knew that the royals like the king and queen were nothing without their knights. The kingdom took a mighty blow when trade disputes weren’t going so well, and the kingdom over the mountains attacked. Many of our knights were killed in battle, many could never fight again. Those that were left were only the absolute strongest, and they barely managed to fend off the opposing kingdom's troops that were left.

Over the passing years from that incident, more knights were formed, but the tests to get in were brutal as ever. You would think the king would let more join than he did do to the incident, but apparently he was only letting the strongest in. Some of those who couldn’t make it in formed clans, which eventually became guilds. They took jobs from the people, and as their popularity grew, the kingdom itself may ask something of them in times of need, and that was when they could prove themselves. We all started training our skills in fighting and strategy at a young age, because our plans were to protect our kingdom with all of our might. Though each of us were still in school, we trained in our spare time.

We all applied to the knights, but the only one of us they felt was good enough was Jared. When he found out F.K. and I didn’t make the cut, he told them he had changed his mind, and he started ‘The Decendents of Fianna’ with us.

Even at the time we opened our guild, we were all still in school. If we had an important job to do, the job came first. Most people found it a bit strange three students were doing such a thing, but we knew this was what we wanted to do. We had pretty good skill levels, and the building was abandoned, so we took it and fixed it up, making it our own.

“How long until you think we’ll get work?” Jared asked.

“I’m more concerned about getting more members before the work piles up...” F.K. said sitting in her new chair.

“I’m sure it’ll be fine,” I assured them both. “Don’t worry, now that everything is set up, it will all fall into place soon, I know it.”

I felt like I was on top of the world.


The Characters

Max- Max/souleater: One of the founders of the clan "The Decendents of Fiana" back in the days of the old khi rpg inferno. The protagonist of the story, he retells the story as he recalls the events from his memory.

Krista- Traskix: One of Max's friends on khi, and best friend in the story.

Jared- TheLastKnight(originally Shadowknight47): One of the founders of the clan "The Decendents of Fiana" back in the days of the old khi rpg inferno.

F.K.- Ultima Star (originally foreverkingdom): One of the founders of the clan "The Decendents of Fiana" back in the days of the old khi rpg inferno.

I dedicate this story to all of those formerly in my old clan, "The Decendents of Fiana". I will include some of the former members in this fictional tale based on the time we spent together in the forums, and I hope everyone enjoys it.


"There's always money in the banana stand."
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May 9, 2007
The End of Time
lol, thanks kristaXD

and dont worry khfreak, I plan on finishing this top priority

also, to any of my readers from my riku fanfic, i didnt drop it, but it is on hold until this is done


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Jul 3, 2009
Krista was a year older than me, so she always liked to act like she was in charge, and I let her be.

Oh and just to let you know ^that made me laugh right there lol


"There's always money in the banana stand."
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May 9, 2007
The End of Time
So work was kinda slow at first, but that wasn’t unexpected. We got a few jobs, but not many were all that exciting. We had some transportation jobs, some jobs just helping out around town, nothing that big, but still helpful. The reason for this was simple. We were new. Why give an important job to a newly formed guild with no reputation, when you could give that same job to a guild with a high rep for good work. Though sad, it was understandable.

As far as new members went, we got two more recruits. The first was Zelfar. He tended to fight with a light, swift blade, and had minimal field experience. Although his experience in real battles were low, he showed much promise in skill level with the sword when tested by Jared, and he showed promise. So, he was accepted, and we had sent him on a few of the city missions in which he returned successful.

The other recruits name was En. En was very strong, the strongest in the group so far as a matter of fact. When Jared went to test him, it was a good match. En won in the end, and I didn’t waste any breath accepting him. He fought very light on his feet, and he seemed to favor fighting with twin daggers. Jared was kind of embarrassed at the loss, but he welcomed En in personally with open arms.

“Any more jobs today?” Jared asked as he came into the headquarters setting his schoolbooks down.

“We’ve got three,” F.K. answered sitting at our front desk. “I sent En and Zelfar out on one to hunt down and exterminate a white wolf killing chickens on a couple of the farms outside of town. The other two are... A delivery to the castle, and an escort to Aeria, over the mountains.”

“Why couldn’t the postal service deliver the package?” Jared asked.

“The postal service won’t deliver to the castle,” I answered. “If someone wants something delivered to the castle, they must either have inside connections, or gain assistance from one of the guilds.”

“Oh, well I’ll take the castle one,” Jared answered.

“Actually, I’d prefer if you take the escort Jared. The package could wait a few days if need be, but the journey over the mountains may take a couple days. We would want that one done so you can make it back as soon as possible,” F.K. said as she handed him the papers with the details of the mission.

“Eh, alright I guess... What a way to spend a weekend...”

“Haha, why the long face Jared? Someone has to do it, right?” I said to him as I smiled.

“I didn’t see you rushing to go over the mountains, did I?” Jared said as he gave me a smirk and started toward the door.

“We received a letter from someone wishing to meet with one of us, a possible future recruit. I responded and told him to meet up with me today in the plaza if he was really interested.”

“Yeah, yeah, just don’t pick up some lame-o, alright?”

“Haha, alright, I’ll make sure he’s top-notch just for you.”

Jared had left for his job, and then it was just me and F.K. for a while.

“So, when are you leaving to meet with our possible recruit?” she asked me as she continued to scribble on the papers at the desk.

“Around sundown, not that long from now,” I answered her. “I guess I’ll head out now, make sure I’m not late.”

“Ok, be careful,” she said as I walked out the door.

The city of Ryvieria was huge. As I left the D.o.F. Headquarters, I walked down the long brick road to the right. There were buildings on either side of the street, places to eat, smithy’s, all kinds of places that always seemed to be busy.

The plaza was a huge circle-shaped area with houses all around it, and a gigantic fountain in the middle. There was a big opening on one side of the plaza. It was kind of like a cliff, looking over the ocean. People would sometimes sit on the edge of the fountain facing the opening, and just look at the ocean and the sky. It was gorgeous during sunset.

I sat at that spot on the fountain, and watched the ocean while I waited. As it soon became nightfall, the many people of Ryvieria had gone home, and I was the only one there.

I looked up above at the stars, and then I heard footsteps.

“Are you Max? From The Decendents of Fianna?” A man asked me as he approached. He wore a black trenchcoat, and he had long silver hair.

“Yes I am, so I take it you’re the new recruit?” I asked the man as I stood up to shake his hand.

“Yes I am. So, do we need to do an interview or anything?” He asked me.

“Well... (This was my first time ever doing this. Jared met with the other recruits, and the only thing I saw was their initiation battle...) Hmm...”

“Something wrong?”

“No, no, nothings wrong. So, why did you choose our guild?”

“Well, I found one of your flyers, and saw you were newer. So in my attempt to help the town, I decided to start by maybe helping out the new guild by joining them. Two birds with one stone. Also, in the short time you have been open, word of your guys’ work has spread around. You’ve done quite a few jobs for a wide majority of people, and haven’t failed to complete one yet!” He said all of this, gaining a little more excitement in his voice as he went on.

“Yeah, well we haven’t really had any really rough work yet, but we’ll take any job given to us, so long as it isn’t really shady or anything. So, are you trained in any styles of fighting?”

“I fight using two silver pistols. Not many people seem to favor my weapon these days, but I feel really comfortable with them,” he said as he handed one to me to look at.

“Wow, its really light...” I responded as I held the gun out and aimed it toward the moon.

“The way you hold that gun...”

“Yeah, I use a silver pistol myself, yet it seems yours is a lot easier to handle than mine,” I said as I handed the pistol back. “I’m also trained in the martial art known as ‘kempo.’”

“Wow, a martial artist, I thought kempo had died out a while back.”

“Yeah, with all of the weapons these days, not many seem to use martial arts anymore. I tend to favor them before I use my gun,” I told him. “Well then, shall we test your skills?”

“You want to fight?” He asked me.

“Yeah, one on one, no weapons, whaddya say?”

“Alright then, lets go,” he said as we both laid our guns down on the ground, and put our fists up.

“Ready... Go!”

We both ran at each other fast. As I got close to him, I threw a kick up at him towards his face, and he swiftly ducked and sweeped my other leg.

As I fell, I arched my back and did a backwards roll to get back on my feet quickly. “So, you’re trained in more than just gunplay I take it,” I said as I smirked at him.

“Well, I haven’t been trained in kempo, but I have studied the essentials in hand to hand combat, and checked out a couple things here and there in other styles.”

I ran at him again and threw a right punch. He caught my fist and began to throw a kick of his own, but I jumped up over it and kicked him in the stomach.

“Gah,” He started gasping for air, then he quickly grabbed my leg before I had the chance to put it back down, and he spun it in a way that twisted my whole body in midair and landed me on my stomach.

He began to try to put my leg in a lock so I couldn’t move, but I had already began wriggling out of his grip when I hit the ground, and I managed to stand straight up. Soon after we were facing each other again.

“You’re pretty good,” I told him as I got back in my fighting stance.

“I could tell you the same thing.”

We did that for hours. Just exchanging blows, complementing each other here and there, making sure we were okay. We had totally lost track of time, and forgot why we were even fighting each other. Before we knew it, it was morning.

“Sunrise?” He asked as we looked over between the buildings.

“Haha, F.K. will have my head for sure for not going back last night.”

“Hahaha, F.K.’s in D.o.F. I take it?”

“Yeah, she’s one of my friends I started it with... Um... You pass by the way... Congratulations!”

“Oh, I completely forgot about the test! Well then, I guess we’re heading back together, huh?”

“Yeah, you can meet the other members, and feel the wrath of F.K. with me,” I said laughing as we gathered up our stuff, and started heading toward the guild as we talked about all kinds of different things.

“So, how many members are there?” he asked.

“You make number six, so we’re slowly growing.”

“Hahahaha! It seems so.”

“So, what’s your name?” I asked him.

“Just call me The Watchman,” he said as we came to the steps of the guild.

I had never fought anyone like that before in my life, and I never had a fight like that again. It was... A pure fight in the simplest of words. Neither of us in a fury. Neither of us out to hurt each other. No intentions of coming out of the fight with anything more than we went in with.
It was a beautiful thing, and I would never forget it.

New Characters
Zelfar- PKKZelfar: The first member to join the decendents of fiana, he always liked to write, and one of his favorite things ever was the .hack series.

En- N0thing: The fifth member of D.o.F. back in the day, making the clan official. He always had the highest level out of everybody, and was one of the more active members.

The Watchman- The Watchman: Member of khi that was looked up to by many and hated by none. He always kept everyone's spirits up, and helped out with just about anything whenever he could.
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"There's always money in the banana stand."
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May 9, 2007
The End of Time
haha, thanks guys, i'm glad you two like it^^

Silent Avera

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Apr 22, 2006
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I've never read an rpg-based fic before, but I liking what I'm seeing :)

EDIT: Yes I do realize the stupidity of what I just said above, but I'll leave it up so others can chuckle at it.

This is really good max, me likey the action~ :D


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Nov 6, 2007
I have no idea XD
Lol I remember the decendents of fiana I did a few item jobs for a lot of rpg clubs back then when I was with the The white sword alliance.

Its nice to see a fanfic about the first version of the rpg of khi.

I dont think you will remember But I ran the Mistril item Shop with sephiroth2 and Mike. Mostly sold shards and old weapons, spells stuff like that under the name Lightkey.

Awsome fanfic keep it up.

(Sorry about my random old days chatter)


"There's always money in the banana stand."
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May 9, 2007
The End of Time
Lol I remember the decendents of fiana I did a few item jobs for a lot of rpg clubs back then when I was with the The white sword alliance.

Its nice to see a fanfic about the first version of the rpg of khi.

I dont think you will remember But I ran the Mistril item Shop with sephiroth2 and Mike. Mostly sold shards and old weapons, spells stuff like that under the name Lightkey.

Awsome fanfic keep it up.

(Sorry about my random old days chatter)

No, its cool to talk about the old days^^ if you want, pm me a template and I can include the Mistril Item Shop in the story somewhere^^ I planned on putting WSA in there too, so vwala, lol


"There's always money in the banana stand."
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May 9, 2007
The End of Time
A month or so went by, and work started picking up. Not only were we getting more jobs, but we were getting harder ones. People that hired us thought we did good work, and hired us again. People also began spreading our name around and recommending us to their friends that lived in the kingdom. We had a few hard jobs before, like that escort through the mountains to our enemy kingdom that Jared took, but now we were beginning to get a wider variety of jobs like that. There was even a job where The Watchman and En and I all had to go protect a wounded knight in the woods from a band a thieves. That was one to get the adrenaline going, to have another man’s life in your own hands.

We also got another member in D.o.F. That made our seventh, and it really felt like a group after that.

“C’mon, just let me in! I promise I’ll do good work!”

“Just settle down and stop yelling! I told you there was a possibilty, but you must be tested before I can just give you a room and let you live here!”

I could hear them screaming before I even entered the door. Some voice I had never heard before having a screaming contest with F.K. I knew it was going to happen, so I gave it a second before I opened the door.

“You little...” I could barely hear F.K. say right before I heard breaking glass and a moaning voice.

“Ah, this is what I like to come home to,” I said as I entered the guild smiling, and looked over to see some guy curled up by a broken vase.

“Take care of that Max!” F.K. yelled as if it was all my fault he did or said whatever to her. “I’ve had enough of his attitude, and I don’t want either of you back in here until he apologizes!”

“What, why can’t I come back in?...” I asked her as I helped the guy up and began out the door.

“Because you need to take responsibility for the kind of people that walk through that door!”

“Jeez whatever...”

So, we left the guild right after I had got back, and I now had a new mission for the day: Test the new recruit and get him to apologize to F.K. so I could go back home.

“Man, she had some nerve talking to me that way, if she were a man...” the guy was muttering.

“Listen, she’s one of the heads of The Decendents of Fianna, you have to listen to her.”

“If she’s one of the heads then why wouldn’t she let me join?!”

“Haha, well, that isn’t exactly her department. I mean, she could if she wanted to, but Jared and I are the ones that initiate new recruits.”

“Oh... Well she could’ve said that...” He said looking down toward the ground as we walked down the brick street of the marketplace.

(For some reason, I have a feeling she may have tried to tell him that...) “So, what’s you’re name, and why do you want to join D.o.F.?”

“Just call me K.B.” he said as he struck this... weird pose with one hand on his hip, and another pointing toward the sky as he made this goofy, goofy expression on his face. “My father was a knight of honor in the Kingdom of Ryvieria, but he was killed in battle back during the fight between Ryvieria and Aeria, when the trade disputed were going on. I wanted to join the knights, but they said name alone couldn’t get me in and my skills weren’t good enough. So I decided to join a guild and make a name for myself as a fierce warrior!”

“Wow... So you’re father was a knight of honor, that’s a pretty high title right there. Anyway, why our guild? Any specific reason?”

“Well, people are talking about you guys left and right. I mean, I haven’t heard any major stories about you guys like you hear about The White Sword Alliance or anything, but apparently you guys are top-notch when it comes to getting the job done,” he explained.

“Well, I suppose I can give you a shot... How are you’re skills when it comes to fighting?”

“I think I’m pretty good at swordplay. Why?” He asked me as he purchased a piece of pie from a nearby shop...

“Well, we usually need to test our members for skills, make sure they are fully capable.”

“Soooo, you wanna fight me?” He said, already halfway done with the pie.

“Yeah, that’s basically what I want to do. We can’t do it in town though, too many people are out right now, lets head to the outside edge of town.”

We headed there, but it took us a while... After his pie, he needed doughnuts, then we saw ducks... he just had to feed them... After he fed them, he thought they might be thirsty and got them some soda... I mean, they live in a pond for crying out loud, when do they get thirsty. We finally made it, and just as we had stepped outside the town gates, I could see En and Zelfar training together.

“No, with that one you may want to swing at more of a vertical-“ En stopped in mid sentence when he saw us walking towards them. “Oh hey captain, what’re you doing here?”

“We’ve got a possible new recruit, I brought him out here to test him. Haha, you guys are hard at work I see,” I said seeing both of them were sweating.

“Yeah, En’s been teaching me lots of things!” Zelfar said with a look of excitement on his face.

“Well that’s good you guys, keep working together and getting better.” I told them as I directed K.B. to come with me.

“Alright, show me what you’ve got,” I said to him as I put my gun on the ground and started stretching.

“No stop, use it,” I said to him as he began to put his sword on the ground.

“What, but I don’t want to-“

“Don’t worry about it K.B., just control your attacks so that they aren’t fatal and we’ll be fine, I want to see how your swordplay is.

“Okay then...” He said as he began to draw a long thin sword from the sheath.

“Ok then, when you’re ready.”

He took a stance holding the sword with two hands up above the waist, and he charged at me. He swung the sword, and I dodged to the side and kicked his hip lightly.

“Don’t be so-“ I was cut off as he made a quick horizontal swing at me and I had to dodge again.

“Come on, don’t take me lightly!” He demanded taking a new stance with the sword in front of him.

“Hmm, actually...”

“What? What is it?” He asked looking confused.

“Hey! En, Zelfar, get over here!” I yelled at them. They halted their training where they were, and made their way over to us.

“You need something Captain?” En asked me as he put his twin blades away.

“I thought of something interesting... K.B., you have a new opponent now. Zelfar, draw your sword.”

“What?” Zelfar asked as he slowly drew his sword.

“Why are we doing this?” K.B. asked as he gave me a kind of angered look.

“You want in, you and Zelfar are going to fight, am I clear,” I said looking at each of them. “Well, get to it, we don’t have all day.”

They faced each other, both looking a little nervous. Zelfar held his sword with one hand directly in front of him, with his other hand checking at his side. K.B. on the other hand, took yet another fighting stance. Zelfar made the first move, swinging directly into K.B.’s sword.

“Why would you?...” K.B. muttered blocking Zelfar’s blade, as Zelfar jumped up, keeping his sword right against K.B.’s, flipping over him, then turning for a quick draw to the back. K.B. Seemed to anticipate this though, parrying and swinging toward Zelfar as Zelfar jumped back and regained himself, K.B. just missing. K.B. also took a step back, and adopted a fourth fighting stance.

“What do you think of this EN?” I asked En without looking away from the fight.

“The way this K.B. takes up a new fighting stance frequently means he must have studied many sword techniques, and it would almost never allow the enemy to find a pattern in your strikes. Yet, even with these many different stances and attack patterns, Zelfar is holding his own nicely, leaving no openings and watching K.B.’s moves closely...”

“I was thinking about the exact same thing...” I said to En as I continued watching the battle.

“Hraaaahh!” Zelfar screamed, sweat dripping down his face as he dodged another swing to the side and thrusted forward, nicking K.B.’s leg barely enough to draw blood. K.B. also continued, in a series of dodges and swings, neither of them ever letting up, both heaving for breath until both of them were laying on the ground, not moving, just breathing, and muttering nonsense to each other that I couldn’t understand.

“Hahahahahaha! Nice work you two!” I said as I walked over to them. “Zelfar, you have really improved a lot, I’ll be sure to let F.K. know you can take harder missions now. En, help Zelfar back to the guild, and get him up to his room to rest, he’ll need it.”

“Haha, alright, gotcha. Come on Zelfar, don’t think I’m not going to work you hard tomorrow just because of this...” En said as he wrapped Zelfar’s arm around his shoulder and headed back through the town gates.

“Did I... Make it?” K.B. asked as he looked over at me, huffing and puffing.

“Well, you still have one more test...”



“Damn right you’re sorry! If you plan on staying here with all of us, you’re gonna watch you’re tongue and listen to me, got it!”

“Yes ma’am...” K.B. mumbled as he sat on his knees, head bent down while F.K. screamed and ranted at him.

“Yes ma’am! That all you have to say?! You’re lucky I don’t beat your ass right now! I’m telling you-“

I couldn’t help but laugh as F.K. reamed him a new one for the disrespect earlier, but he was now our official seventh member of the group.


“Whoa! Hey guys, check it out!” Jared yelled excitedly as he came inside the next morning.

“Haha, I’ve never seen you so excited to get mail before,” The Watchman said as he wrapped his arm around Jared smiling.

“No, dude, check it out, its from the castle!” Jared said running over to me and handing me the letter. “Look, it has the official seal on it!”

“I’ll take that,” F.K. said snatching it from my hands the moment I got it, and she bagan reading aloud:

“ To The Decendents of Fianna,
I, King Vincent III and the Queen Cornelia, notice the deeds done by your clan and see seven members have risen. I hereby recognize you as an official guild of the Kingdom of Ryvieria, and announce you may officially be assigned work from the castle itself when need be, and will call on you to show yourselves at meetings addressing the kingdoms defense, trade state, or in times to discuss war.

-King Vincent III of the Ryvieria Royal Family-“

“Holy shit!!!” Jared screamed grabbing me and En in his arms, “We’re in! We are freaking in! We! Are! So! AWSOME!!!!!”

“Wow, officially recognized by the kingdom... This is amazing!” I said excitedly.

“This is great you guys, but don’t get your panties in bunch just yet,” F.K. said, “This doesn’t necessarily mean we’re just going to get work from the castle tomorrow and here-on-out, remember we still have to do our work from the townsfolk too.”

“Yeah, but we can at least be a little excited, right?” Zelfar said as he stood up from his chair at the table.

“Yeah, come on F.K.,” Jared said running up and giving her a big old hug.

“Yeah, yeah, alright, just get off,” she answered laughing.

“Well, even though I havn’t done much, I’m gonna celebrate too!” K.B. threw in.

Jared ran up and hugged him too. “If it wasn’t for you joining, this wouldn’t have happened!!!” Jared screamed.


“Come on, everyone quit moving and stand right!” F,K yelled positioning all of us in front of the camera.

“F.K., come on its fine,” I said as she moved me over a quarter of a centimeter. “Its just a picture, right?”

“No! This is an important picture! We’re going to take a picture of all seven of us together to celebrate, and we’re going to take it now before our new uniforms are all messed up!” She said moving watchman over some more, and starting to nag K.B. to get his hands out of his pockets.
“Okay, you guys ready?”

F.K. pressed the button on the camera, and ran over to get in the picture really fast. Watchman was standing to my left, and En to my right. In front of us, K.B. was on his knees giving the peace symbol to the camera with his fingers, to the left him Zelfar had his hands wrapped around his knees as he smiled. Then next was Jared, siting with one of his arms resting on his knee, and then F.K. trying to get in position to sit down before the camera went off. Watchman, Me, and En standing in the back, then K.B., Zelfar, Jared, and F.K. all sitting up front. After a few seconds, the camera flashed.

Everyone started laughing, and goofing off with each other, just having a good time. We had a bunch of food made to eat, and we were going to celebrate the night away. It all felt like it was going in slow motion, and now, we were all one big family.


“Aww,” Krista said as she looked over at me. “You guys all seemed so close, what happened? Why aren’t you guys still together?”

“Well, things didn’t stay all perfect and happy forever,” I told her as I folded some shirts in my attic.


“Well what?”

“You can’t just stop the story their, tell me what happened!” Krista yelled as she ran across the room and jumped on top of me.

“Hahaha, but look,” I said as I pointed behind her.

“What? The attics all done...”

“Yeah, see, that story really killed a lot of time.”

Still sitting on top of me, she reached in my pocket and took my pocket- watch out to check the time. “Festivals over... So much for that...” She said looking disappointed and standing up.

“Well, we can go next year,” I said to her, also getting up.

“So, you’re going to make it up to me tomorrow,” She said smiling as she pointed her finger at me.

“I am? How so?”

“Well, you’re going to meet me at the tree like usual. After that, you’re going to buy us both ice cream and tell me more of the story.”

“Oh, and you decided all of this without asking me first did you?” I asked her laughing.

“Yes I did, and you’re gonna do it,” She said laughing.

“Oh? Well if you say so,” I said.

We went downstairs, and she put her shoes on.

“It’s dark out, wanna walk me home?” she asked.

“Yeah, sure.” I answered.

We didn’t talk much on the way over. After we got right in front of her house, we both stopped.

“So, thanks for helping with the attic today,” I told her.

“No problem. Well, I’ll see you tomorrow,” She said as she walked inside.

It had been so long since I thought about all of them. I talked about so much of it with Krista, and now she wanted to hear the rest. There were some good times back when I lived in Ryvieria with them. But sometimes, good things must come to an end.

Part 1: Soaring High- End

New Characters
K.B.- Keyblader110: Another former meber of The Decendents of Fianna. Part of the reason this fanfic was thought up by bringing up memories in a conversation the other day. His many sword stances allow him many techniques to choose from, and although a goofball at times, he is serious when it comes to battle and living up to his father's name.

King Vincent III: King of Ryvieria, his people love him and he acknowledges each guild in the kingdom as a helping hand toward keeping the peace.

Queen Cornelia: Loving wife of Vincent III and Queen of Ryvieria, she deals with many of the political matters, and wishes for nothing more than the happiness of her kingdom. After the war with Aeria, she felt responsible for not being able to protect her people.


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