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Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts: This is our story (Remake.)

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Lanydx reborn

The Superior Lanydx
Jun 14, 2009
Kingdom Hearts: This is our story.
By Lanydx reborn

Chapter 1. Reconnect​

Legend has it, there was once only one world. The people were blessed with the light of Kingdom Hearts, however sin had taken form. It turned some people into agents of the Fallen Angel, a being who wanted Kingdom Hearts for himself. So God and his Composer of Angels had made the X-blade to protect it. The humans of God had been given magic; even man made copies of the X-blade, also known as the Keyblade. They used this weapon to protect their home from the forces of the Fallen Angel. He in turned corrupted the darkness to do his bidding, making keyblades of his own. With light and dark keyblades in hand, the two sides clashed together and threw the world into chaos; setting off The Keyblade War. And making the worlds into what they are today: King, Walt Disney of Disney Castle.

On the sunny and tropical world of Destiny Islands, three young teenagers lives were about to get insane again. Our story starts off in a single mother's home. The Branford home. A young, thin, and red dressed cladded, green haired woman opened a closed door. Her name was Terra "Tina" Branford. The woman tip-toed on a messy floor full of clothes, books and a few game controllers. And she had a smile on her face as her blue eyes locked onto someone who was fast asleep. That someone was her son; a brown, spiky haired goof ball who was sawing logs. However, this lazy good for nothing was no ordinary teenager. No, this was Sora, a hero to the worlds, and a wielder of the Keyblade.

"Sora, Sora, it's time to get up. Wake up, sleepy head!" The woman said, poking her son's face.

"Five more minutes." Sora mumbled, while turning his head into his pillow, so his mother couldn't poke it anymore.

Terra rolled her eyes, while smiling down at him.

"Oh well. I guess since Sora's not getting up, it means more french toast for the rest of us!" She said playfully into one of Sora's ears.

That caused Sora to jump right out of his bed. His blue eyeballs looking right at his mother's grinning face.

"There is no french toast, is there?" Sora asked.

Terra patted his spiky hair.

"I'll make you some, after you clean up this room." Terra stated.

"Okay... Wait! I have to help Kairi train with the keyblade with Riku." Sora said suddenly, remembering his prior engagement.

Terra then gave Sora a small peck on his forehead.

"Then clean fast. Don't want to keep your girlfriend waiting, do you?" She whispered, as she left Sora's room.

"Mom, not cool!" Sora yelled, now feeling embarrassed and hearing her laugh.

Sora then picked up some clothes off the floor to find underneath was a five pointed sea shell with a crayon drawing of a red headed girl. It was the lucky charm of one of his best friends. Kairi, one of the seven Princesses of Pure Heart. She was someone he cared for deeply.

"What was I thinking, putting this anywhere? She gave this to me! I had better keep it safe, and her too. No one's going to kidnap Kairi ever again, not on my watch. Never again." He swore to himself.

As he finished cleaning up his room and started to shower, he thought to himself. "I wonder what Kairi's doing right now? I bet she's still in bed. All nice, warm and hot! Or maybe she's in the shower too. All naked and... NO! Bad Sora! No thinking naughty thoughts about sexy Kairi… Okay, maybe one, but that's it!" Sora thought to himself as he blushed. After his shower, he donned on his black outfit from his last adventure.

Terra sat down at the one of the wooden chairs near their wooden table, she felt the breeze from the ceiling fan cool her off. However it did very little to calm her down.

"Okay… Be calm, Terra. Even if my little boy was given a giant key weapon, and was forced to fight the armies of evil to save us all…He's here. I won't forget about him. Still, maybe it's time I give him the talk." Terra said out loud.

"Talk about what, Mom?" Sora asked.

"Eekk!" Terra yelled while jumping out of her chair.

"Having writer's block again?" He asked.

"Err… Well Sora, Honey…" His mother started.

Sora just looked at her, while she started to get her words.

"You know one of my books, The War of Magic...? Well that wasn't a made up story. That story was like your… adventures. It was…. my adventure." Terra admitted.

Sora just stood there.

"What?" He asked.

"I know you need to be somewhere, but it's still early, and… I need to tell you my story, before I came to the islands." Terra admitted.

"Okay, hold it! You mean to tell me that my own mother, the writer, isn't from the islands and you had some epic adventure before me?" Sora asked.

"Well yes, I'll get your breakfast before we talk." Terra said, while pulling a chair out for Sora.

The two then heard a couple of knocks on their door.

"Who could that be?" Terra asked as she walked out of the kitchen to answer the door.

"Maybe it's Riku or Kairi?" Sora thought to himself.

Terra opened the front door to find a familiar red headed girl at her doorstep. Her ocean, blue colored eyes glowed with a pure light, which was complimented by her warm smile. She was wearing a light, purple sleeveless top, and a white skirt. Which was covered by a ring belt. Her feet were in a pair of sandals, which has some sand stuck between them. Terra looked at her fondly.

"Good Morning, Ms. Branford. Is the lazy bum up yet?" She asked with a smile.

Terra nodded her head.

"Kairi, how many times do I have to tell you? Call me Tina, and yes, your boyfriend is about to eat his breakfast, care to join him?" She teased, watching the teenager blush, while inviting her into her house.

Kairi took off her sandals, and placed them into a small basket. The two then walked into the dinning room, where Sora was waiting, wearing the same expression as Kairi with a blush coating his cheeks. The Princess of Heart pulled up a chair, while Terra went to feed her son, and his friend.

"You heard what she said?" Kairi asked.

"Heard what she said?" Sora repeated.

After some awkward silence, the spiky haired Hero said,

"Kairi, I can't wait for Riku, and me to start teaching you stuff. It's gonna be hard, but it'll be so worth it! Magic is so handy, you don't even know." Sora said, while he was starting to get pumped up.

Kairi just giggled.

"Well, I'm glad I have a seasoned hero to teach me. Oh and Riku too." Kairi joked.

Sora snickered.

"I see what you did there. So have you seen him around, he's been hibernating in his house ever since-" Sora started to talk but he kept on laughing, while banging his hand on the table.

"Since he tried to cut his own hair?! Oh my gosh, do you remember seeing that? He looked so weird! Hahaha!" She laughed.

"I know, right?" Sora said, as the two kept laughing at the expense of their best friend Riku.

The two stopped laughing.

"So, do you remember how to summon your Keyblade?" He asked.

Kairi nodded her head, then she shook it.

"I um, could use a reminder." She admitted.

Sora's eyebrows arched.

"Weren't you practicing?" Sora asked.

"Well I was busy!" Kairi protested.

"Busy, with what?" Sora asked.

Kairi looked at Sora with a small grin.

"Well if you must know, while the Organization held me hostage, some hot shots thought they were kings of the race track. So I had to put them in their place, and show them who the real Sugar Rush Queen was." Kairi admitted proudly.

Sora just smiled.

"If a keyblade were a video game Kairi, you'd have mastered it in five seconds." Sora said.

"Flattery will get you everywhere with a girl, Sora. Now stop being a lazy bum and remind me how to summon this thing!" Kairi said.

The spiky haired teen thought for a bit.

"Well it's like the keyblade is in your heart, and all you have to do really, is just grab it in your mind, and it'll show up in your hand." Sora explained, as his sliver and gold keyblade, known as the Kingdom Key was summoned into his hand in a whisk of light.

Kairi's eyes widened, then she placed her hands out; focusing on summoning the keyblade. Soon in the same flash of light, did her flowery keyblade appear in her hands.

"Alright, you got it!" Sora cheered.

"Wow, I just had to get Namine out of my head, and I got it… Not that I want to get rid of Namine, or anything!" Kairi said, panicking.

Sora rubbed his head.

"So how is Namine?" He asked, talking about her nobody.

"Well... She's happy, or at least that's what she's been telling me." Kairi said.

"Same with Roxas, he says he's cool with how things went down, but It doesn't seem fair! I mean, he's his own person like Namine is,and well, I feel like we both forgot someone… like someone really important." Sora admitted, frowning.

Kairi put her hand on his hand. The two looked at each other smiling, and blushing. While in their eyes, a dirty blond haired boy was looking at a blond haired, more shy, and innocent girl Kairi. They were Roxas and Namine, former members and prisoners of the terrorist group know as Organization XIII.

As the two were about to take in a tender moment, two plates of french toast were put on the table. Terra was smiling.

"Here you go guys, eat up." Terra ordered.

"Thank you ,Tina. It looks really good." Kairi stated.

"FOOD!" Sora yelled, at the same time as Roxas did inside of his mind, as he started to inhale his breakfast right in front of the two girls. While Kairi slowly started to eat and enjoy her own meal.

"You'd think I'd get used to this." Kairi muttered.

"You should see him with Sea Salt Ice Cream. I didn't even know he liked it." Terra muttered.

Meanwhile on a far away world. A world that was once known as the shining City of Light. Ten years ago, however a madman had dethroned the world's leader and unleashed a few unspeakable evils, including a few of his illegal and immoral experiments.

After the exodus of the people, who hadn't fallen to the horrors of darkness known as the Heartless. It had been under the power of an evil witch, who claimed to be "The Mistress Of All Evil." That is until Sora, with the help of the Disney King's Court Mage, Donald Duck, and Captain of the Guard, Goody had put her out of everyone's misery. Now after ten years, the survivors were busy remaking their homes.

Outside of the slowly rebuilt city was a tall, black leather jacket wearing man black pants and a scar on his face. In his gloved hands was a large metal sword with the lower half turned into a gun barrel. To his side was a short black haired girl. She had on a black headband, a gray top with matching black shorts and knee high boots. Unlike the scowl on the man's face, the girl was grinning from ear to ear. They were Leon and Yuffie of the Radiant Garden Restoration Movement. The two were looking at two womanly figures made out of blue crystal. However, unlike most of the blue mountain side, this crystal was glowing.

"I think our new girl is gonna be happy about this, huh Leon?" The girl said, while looking at the scowling Leon.

Leon looked at the girl then at the statues.

"Lightning did say, there were two survivors of Grand Pulse, and Aerith did find heartbeats between those two crystals. So yeah, some good luck may finally be headed our way, Yuffie." Leon muttered.

Yuffie jumped up and down.

"Finally! Things are going our way, even without our good luck charms Sora, Donald, and Goofy! Granted, I hope they show up soon." the great ninja Yuffie said.

Leon started to hear something in his pants pocket beeping. He dug around and found a small cell phone. He put it to his ear.

"Talk to me, Cid." He muttered.

Yuffie could only look at her older friend while his face went from stern to shock as a beam of light was fired at the two crystals. They both watched the two crystals slowly begin to change from gemstone to flesh and blood women. One was tall and tan with wolfish black hair, and she was cladded with a mostly blue hunting two piece dress. While the other woman looked like a young girl. She had orange hair and much paler skin. While the tan woman was mostly covered, the younger girl showed more skin with a pink top and yellow skirt with matching yellow fur boots.

The ninja went to the now crystal turned humans to comfort them as Leon looked to find a figure in a familiar black coat; only his face was covered by a yellow cat mask. The figure however vanished right before his very eyes. Leon picked up the phone again.

"Cid, make sure that program of yours is working. And get me Lightning. Tell her to meet me at the Great Maw."

"Wait, Tron picked up how many people in Ansem's study? I'm only my way." Leon muttered.

"Yuffie, get Aerith for a cure spell, I've got to check on something at the old castle." He said.

"Hey, you aren't gonna leave me out here, are you?! What if Heartless pop out?" She asked, clearly annoyed.

"You brag about how your the "Great Ninja Yuffie!" I'm sure you'll be able to handle it." Leon muttered, while smirking as he left with the girl scowling at his retreating back.

"Oh, I'm so getting you back for this!' Yuffie warned.

As Leon walked, he looked up at the approaching castle; once home to the royal family of Ansem the Wise.

Now it is a mossy, remembered place, where unspeakable horrors where made by his apprentice Xehanort, and his traitorous associates. And one of those associates was dashing about the place. A few security cameras of the city's computer were being shot down by a few purple arrows. A man in a black coat was typing on the controls in a hurry. He looked over to find a set of stairs descending downwards. The man quickly went down them, notching a few orbs of darkness, which were taking the shape of human silhouettes. The hooded man dashed down the stairs, ignoring the empty cells between the empty hallway. The man now wore a smug grin on his face as he watched a human take form out of the energy ball he created, that had shown up on the floor.

"Like a kid could keep you down, Master? As if!" The hooded man stated, as he picked up the tan, sliver haired man, who also wore a similar back coat.

The two men had vanished in a swirling portal of purple and black shadows. They had walked into nothing but pitch black. The tan man slowly opened his demonic looking yellow eyes.

"Braig?" He asked.

The man known as Braig removed his hood to show long black colored hair, but slightly graying ponytail with an eye patch over his right eye. The other working eye was a similar yellow just like his 'Master's are." On the lower part of his face was a few scars. This man was Braig, former member of the Radiant Garden Army, and rank number two of Organization XIII.

"Welcome back Master Xehanort, or are you Terra?" He asked with a joking grin.

That was quickly shut down by Xehanort's hunting scowl.

"Never mind, your in control of the body." He muttered in a panic.

As the two kept walking Xehanort had summoned a gun metal gray keyblade.

"Now I assume that my new base is ready?" He asked.

"Yeah, I was gonna use the castle from The World That Never Was but some old hag nabbed it. I did find another one. " He reported.

The Fallen Keyblade Master grinned.

"Excellent, now we must snuff out the only person left that is a threat to my plans. Someone I should have ended years ago… Master Aqua." He muttered.

As the two walked to their new lair, the same masked figure was behind them.

"So it's finally time. However, they might need my help. Don't worry guys... I'm coming... Just hold on." The masked figure thought to himself.

Back on the Islands.

Sora and Kairi were sitting on a bent palm tree. Both were tired, however Kairi looked more tired than Sora. The two looked up to see a young, strong looking older teenager with short, sliver hair. His green eyes were locked onto two of his best friends. He wore a sleeveless yellow and white jacket with a black belt that was holding up a pair of jeans. He had his purple and red dragon wing like keyblade in the sand along with the other two keyblades.

"Well Riku, how do you and Sora do this?" Kairi asked, while panting.

"Well, it helps with all of the Heartless, Nobodies and other bad guys we had to fight." Sora said.

"Do you remember most of the spells?" Riku asked.

Kairi nodded.

"Let's see... Fire, Blizzard, Thunder, Cure, Areo and Protect, right?" Kairi asked.

"Yeah, you got it!" Sora cheered.

"Actually you missed a few, but we can work on that. Now come on, lets get back to work." Riku encouraged.

"Oh come on, we just got a break!" Kairi protested.

"Hey, your the one who wanted to learn!" Riku reminded her.

"Yeah, and I think she's good for the day. She got a lot better." Sora interrupted, coming to Kairi's defense.

Riku shook his head.

"Yeah, I know Sora's not the only lazy bum around here. In fact you two could make the cutest up couple of lazy bums there is!" Riku joked, while having some hidden meaning with his words.

He watched his two best friends blush.

"W-what do you mean by that Riku?" Kairi whimpered, while feeling rather hot.

"Riku!" Sora muttered.

"Oh come on! I know it, Mickey knows it, and you both know it but, neither of you won't admit it! Sora, I saw you get on your hands and knees begging for Kairi's freedom with Saix." Riku stated.

The red head now looked at her red faced, spiky haired friend.

"You did that?" She asked.

"Oh while I'm at it, maybe I should talk about the drawing you two both made in the cave? Sora started it, then Kairi added to it." Riku said, finally wanting to have them break the ice.

Sora now looked at Kairi.

"You saw my drawing, and you added to it?" Sora asked.

"Well I felt like this Kairi shouldn't have been the only one to have a Paupu Fruit." Kairi giggled.

"Well..I was thinking that… Riku, could you go away? This is awkward!" Sora whined.

Riku grinned.

"Oh no, I've been waiting for this for a while, and I'm not messing out." He said.

"What did you want to do Sora?" Kairi asked.

"Come on Sora!" Was what Namine, Roxas, and He, himself was saying in his own head.

"Kairi, there's been something I've been wanting to say, it's just everything gets so crazy." Sora started.

"So what do you want to tell me?" Kairi asked, as she got closer.

The two teenagers were now very close. Sora then out of replies and after many years of wanting Kairi, took Kairi into his arms and kissed her; on the lips! Both started to enjoy it, however they needed air.

"Kairi I'm in lov-

Sora was quickly whacked across the head with a sliver metal keyblade that looked like an old skeleton key, which forced him to be away from Kairi. In the boy's mind he started seeing a Roxas look alike with armor, a black haired, yellow eyed version of himself. One last vision was a giant cage with glowing red eyes.

Riku and Kairi quickly picked up their fallen friend up.

"Sora, speak to me buddy!" Riku said.

"Sora, open your eyes!" Kairi yelled down at him, while shaking him.

Unknown to the three of them, they were being watched by two people hidden in the dark.

"Honey bunch, I think you gave him brain damage!" The small woman yelled.

"Well that accursed keyblade was burning my hands! What was I to do?" The much more taller man protested.

"Oh well, I think we'll send them somewhere fun to make up for it." The small woman snapped her fingers.

"What the?" Riku yelled, as he saw all three of them being dragged down into a pool of darkness. The three fought their hardest, except soon they were inevitably sucked in.

In the deepest and darkest parts of the Realm of Darkness, a woman was walking, feeling tired, beaten, and almost wanting death brought down upon herself.

"It's been so long… Ven, Terra… This Sora, person… No I need to keep going…on! AHHH!"

The woman was now at the bottom of a dog pile. Riku slowly looked around to see where they were. Sora's keyblade had oddly changed into a long large sword that looked like a chainsaw. Riku could then see the little yellow eyed monsters known as Heartless surrounding them all.

"This day's just gonna get worse and worse before it gets better." Riku thought to himself as he got up, picking Kairi, Sora, and the older woman up off the ground. He summoned his keyblade. Kairi and Sora did the same. The blue haired woman was shocked to see this.

"Other keyblade wielders? Tell me... Is one of you guys named Sora?" The Woman asked weakly.

"That's me!" Sora said cheerfully.

He then healed her fully with a cure spell.

"Thank you, thank you very much." She said.

"You can thank us later when we get outta here." Riku said, really not happy about being back in the darkness.

"Guys, I think there's more." Kairi pointed out.

Soon the Heartless grew in numbers, and another one was about to join the fray. The masked hooded figure jumped in front of them all.

"Who are you?" Sora asked.

"A friend." He said, while he ran at the Heartless, throwing tiny ninja stars at the weaker ones.

The four Keyblade wielders charged, following their friend's lead as Braig watched from afar.

End of Chapter 1.​
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Lanydx reborn

The Superior Lanydx
Jun 14, 2009
Chapter 2. Master and Apprentices!

Sora, Riku, Kairi, and their new allies, were busily facing against the heartless. Sora, however, was a bit taken aback at his keyblade's new form. Rather than bash the heartless on the head, it cut them in half, as though it were a chainsaw. Aqua looked at it as well. Her blue eyes examined the young, familiar looking boy from head to toe.

"He looks so much like Ven, and yet…I can't help but feel, there is something else about him." Aqua said to herself.

Her thought was quickly cut off, thanks to some flying armless red, blue, and yellow heartless.

"Kairi," Riku said as he shot out a Firega at a few of the blue ones. "Now might be a good time for your magic review!"

Kairi nodded as she fired a blizzard spell, but it was aimed at one of the blue ones, healing a few that Riku nearly wiped out. Riku glared at her.

"Nice shot, but ya go the wrong kind of heartless!" Riku said.

"Hey, first time in the dark, mister blindfold!" Kairi snapped.

"This isn't the time for bickering, we need to move!" Aqua cut in, while Sora and the masked man were taking care of the rest of the heartless.

Seeing they had a clear path, they followed the masked figure.

"Hey mask guy, do you know where we are going?" Sora asked.

He nodded, but didn't say a word.

"He's not of much of a talker, I take it," Aqua commented.

"Um... Miss, we never caught your name," Kairi interjected. "I'm Kairi, and that's Riku, and I think Sora already said who he was."

Aqua stopped dead in her tracks, looking at all three of them. Memories from her past rushed into her brain. She then recognized the red headed teenager.

"Oh my goodness! Kairi?! You've grown up so much since I last saw you! Why... you're almost Ven's age," Aqua said with dismay. "How is this possible? You were such a tiny thing when we last met."

The three teenagers stared at her in confusion.

"You've met Kairi before?" Sora asked.

"My name is Master Aqua, and yes, I've met Kairi,..." Aqua answered. "In fact, I think I've met all three of you, when you were younger."

"You're a Keyblade Master? That's so cool." Kairi said.

"Wait, you're a Keyblade Master, but I haven't seen you use yours." Riku stated.

Aqua looked away as if ashamed.

"I have been away from the light for so long, and I gave up my keyblade to save a friend." She admitted.

Sora then got an idea.

"Oh, you can borrow the one that hit me across the face today!" He said, summoning the new keyblade, although, to Aqua, it was a familiar sight.

With a grin, Sora handed Aqua her previous master's keyblade. The boy, his best friend, and his girlfriend were all wrapped in a hug. Riku could understand what she was feeling. The masked figure, however, tapped them on their shoulders.

"Time to go; the light realm awaits." He said.

They all looked at him. Sora, Riku, and Aqua could see a familiar looking beach.

"So how are you getting us out of here? I'm guessing you don't have a letter in a bottle, do ya?" Kairi joked, making their masked friend chuckle.

However, more heartless started to appear. Some were large bodies, others were knights, and even a few darksides were in the mix. Sora, Aqua, Riku and Kairi summoned their keyblades, while their unknown companion pulled out two long, sharp blades.

"Aw, ya kids wanna leave so soon? I was just about to throw a welcome party, and it'll be a never going back party for ya," A voice said.

Braig appeared before them, sliding out of the darkness that had hid him from view, and grinning arrogantly, while he pulled out his two arrow guns.

"Didn't I kill you?" Sora asked in shock, as he returned to his fighting stance.

"As if, just my Nobody. I got orders from Xehanort himself to take out the hot, blue haired babe, and your emo friend. As for you, Sora," He muttered. "You and your little girlfriend are coming with me." He started to fire his purple arrows at the five of them.

"Xehanort's alive?" Riku thought.

"Oh no…Terra." Aqua thought, even more worried.

The five hastily dodged the arrows and the heartless attacks. Sora threw his keyblade like a boomerang, slashing the large bodies away. Aqua was trying to use her command deck, but nothing was working, forcing her to simply to hack away at the knights. Riku cast protect on Sora and Kairi, since Sora was still waiting for his keyblade to come back.

Sora's mind wasn't on the battle at the moment, though, since he noticed two large, glowing, red eyes staring at him. He snapped back to focus thanks to a tap on the shoulder from his soon-to-be-girlfriend. Kairi then shot out a few thunder spells at the Darkside heartless.

Braig prepared to shoot Aqua, but his gun was cut in half by one of the masked man's blades. As the one-eyed, former organization member was about to pull out another one, he felt a sharp and painful stab in his side. He looked to find another masked man behind him.

"Clever little sneak," He said, amused in spite of the pain he was in.

Braig was going to use his teleportation powers to slip away. However, some quick hand signs by the two silhouettes with cat masks on, made lightning come out of their blades, shocking and paralyzing Braig.

"I've been waiting so long for the chance you kill you, but I can wait... They need me more. Subspace!" The cat mask wearer said.

He had dropped a leather covered book, which blasted a beam of light that blinded everyone. Some pages flew out, and in a flash, Sora, Riku, Kairi, and Aqua were sent into a wormhole. The masked man grinned, seeing the anger on Braig's face as his targets got away. The man smiled while grabbing his book as he too soon vanished.

The five landed in a place familiar to Aqua and Sora, but entirely new to Kairi and Riku. Riku, however, was able to get a clearer view of Aqua now that they weren't in the dark. She wore a navy blue top with a pink x on her back. Her arms were covered in white sleeves. Aqua's lower half was covered by black short pants, and long black stockings.

Riku and Kairi looked up to see Sora, the Masked Figure, and Aqua bowing to someone. Kairi saw an elderly, yet powerful man. He wore a blue robe, but what Kairi was looking at was his tall, long, cone-like hat adorned with moons and stars The elder looking wizard had a look of surprise on his face.

"Master Aqua, welcome back to the Realm of the Light. It's been a long time," The wizard stated.

Aqua stood up.

"Master Yen-Sid, forgive me if I sound rude, but have you gotten older?" She asked.

The wizard gave a small smile.

"Well… It has been ten years since we've seen one another," He replied.

The three young keyblade wielders and their masked friend watched as Aqua's face went pale..

"Ten years? …I'VE BEEN GONE TEN YEARS?!" She screamed in shock.

Sora, Riku, and Kairi were a bit confused as well.

"Indeed, you have." Yen-Sid offered a small smile as he continued. "We have much to speak of, regarding your new apprentices, Master Aqua."

"I've been gone for ten years,... ten long, whole years... Ten years? Ten years. I still look like me, but ten!" Aqua muttered, still in shock as the three worried teenagers watched.

Yen-Sid looked at the masked figure.

"Young man, if you would," he asked.

The figure nodded, and to Sora, Kairi, Riku, and Aqua's surprise, he slapped Aqua in the back of the head. Aqua's mind then started to come back to her.

"Better?" He asked.

Aqua nodded.

"Thank you, and who might you be?" Yen-Sid asked.

"Yeah, we gotta know the name of the guy who helped us out." Sora said with a grin.

The masked man looked at the three teenagers, then at Aqua.

"My name is…L Haruno."

"L's not a name. It's a letter." Riku whispered.

"Maybe his parents were big Death Note fans?" Kairi whispered.

"Now, you four, I have much to discuss with you all..." Yen-Sid stated.

Everyone listened intently to the retired Keyblade Master.

"Now, it seems fate is on our side for the moment. I was going to have Riku and Sora take the Mark of Mastery test, but with Aqua here, you two and the Princess of Heart will have a proper education of the keyblade, for what's to come." Yen-Sid stated.

"Hey, I think we've been doing alright!" Sora protested.

"Indeed, you and Riku have fought remarkably well for self taught wielders; however, only a true master of the Keyblade can defeat Xehanort!" He stated, humbling Sora considerably.

Aqua looked at Master Yen-Sid.

"Master Yen-Sid, is it true? Has Xehanort returned?" She asked.

"How can that be?" Riku asked. "Sora and I took care of Xehanort's Heartless and Xemnas!"

Yen-Sid closed his eyes. On his desk were holograms of two figures that the three younger keyblade wielders knew all too well: A shadow Heartless, and a Nobody dusk. Aqua, however, looked puzzled at the dusk.

"When a heartless is made, a nobody may be formed as well. However, if you were to destroy both, the person they originated from will return," The older man explained.

Aqua nodded, understanding it.

"Aw crap!" Riku thought to himself.

"Oh no." Kairi and Namine thought, remembering Xemnas, Braig, Saix, Larxene and Marluxia. Actually, Namine was whimpering in the corner of Kairi's heart, while Kairi tried to comfort her.

"Oh no, I have to fight The Organization again!" Sora thought.

"Hey, good news! Axel's gonna be back!" Roxas thought.

"Since Xehanort has returned, I'm going to have to train all three of you. However, I'll need my own keyblade and armor. Which would be in Radiant Garden… I hope." Aqua said.

"You get armor?" Sora, Kairi, and Riku asked excitedly.

Aqua gave them an amused look.

"You didn't even know about that. Boy, you three really do need a master," She joked.

Kairi then thought of something. She quickly raised her hand.

"Um, Master Yen-Sid sir, I was wondering something. Do you know of a spell that could give Namine and Roxas their own bodies. I mean, they aren't just a part of us. They are themselves." Kairi stated.

"I've been thinking that too. They have the right to be their own people." Sora agreed.

Aqua didn't understand, but Yen-Sid gave a small smile.

"I can help with that." L admitted.

They all looked at him.

"I need to get some things first. To Radiant Garden we go." He ordered, as he walked out of the room.

Aqua smiled.

"So how are we getting there?" Aqua asked.

Her spiky haired soon-to-be-apprentice just grinned.

"Gummi ship!" He said.

Twenty minutes later, the five of them were blasting around the cosmos to Kairi's former homeward. Riku was grinning as he looked at the back to find two of his best friends finally sharing a passionate kiss. Aqua blushed, but let them have their moment. As for L, he was laughing a bit.

None of them were aware of what Xehanort was plotting.

End of Chapter 2.​

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Chapter 3: A Gathering of Good and Evil.​

The Gummi ship had finally landed onto the blue, hard earth of Radiant Garden. Aqua was the first one to exit the ship. She had looked at the once beautiful world, which now looked like it was slowly recovering. She heard some of the details from Sora and Riku; however seeing it with her own eyes made her feel, a tad bit responsible for what had happened to the world.

"Terra, please tell me you were able to get that monster out of your body!" She begged.

Her thoughts were interrupted by L, who quickly ran out of the ship. Aqua's eyes grew bigger as she could have sworn she saw drops of blood coming out from one of his arms.

"L, are you alright?" She asked, feeling concerned for her ally.

His only response to her was the sound of his vomiting near a far away rock. She couldn't see him, but the violent sounds told her everything she needed to hear. Riku quickly got out of the ship.

"Oh boy, it's been a while since I've been here. Okay, as long as no one remembers what you did, there won't be an angry mob after you. Think positive! Oh great, Sora's rubbing off on me." Riku thought, a small chuckle coming from his mouth.

Speaking of Sora. Riku looked toward the ship.

"Hey, love birds! You're going to have to stop and come up for air, sometime!" Riku yelled.

Aqua looked at him.

"Riku, you don't have to tease them." His soon to be master muttered, while shaking her head.

Riku looked at her and gave a small grin.

"Master Aqua, as their best friend, I have a God given right to tease them. But I see what you mean." He muttered.

Sora and Kairi came out of the ship. Both were holding hands, looking at each other. The two were glowing. They both smiled while looking at their best friend, and soon to be master. Sora then gave Kairi a large smile.

"Kairi, welcome to Radiant Garden!" He said, sounding like a tour guide.

However they could only see the blue barren mountain land. The only other thing they could see was a tumble weed, casually rolling past them.

"Nice first date you got there with your girlfriend, Sora." Riku teased.

Kairi then socked him in the arm.

"Hush, it's just fine!" Kairi said.

"Alright, lets get going. Oh Sora, Kairi... I don't mind you two dating. Hugging, holding hands, and kissing, that's fine. However, I don't want to catch you two doing anything naughty. Are we clear?" Aqua asked in a firm manner.

"Crystal ma'am." Both said, while blushing.

L had rejoined the keyblade wielders, while wiping some blood off his mask with one of his sleeves. Everyone was a bit creep out by it.

"I'm not gonna even ask." Riku muttered.

"Good." L said.

They started to walk to the town, which was close by. However, they were greeted by large amount of Heartless.

"At least it's not a thousand." Sora thought to himself as he summoned his keyblade. It was now in its normal form as the Kingdom Key. However, Sora felt something was wrong with his body. He just stood there, his eyes no longer focusing on the battle, or even on his friends. Roxas was in pain, his heart felt like it was beating faster than normal. He could even hear a girl screaming. Still all Sora could look at were those two large, crimson and angry eyes.

Riku, Kairi and Aqua quickly caught on to Sora's problem. Kairi and Riku grabbed a hold of him, while Aqua started to attack the heartless that were trying to come near her students. L quickly pulled something from his sleeves. He threw six small kunai blades with tags tied to the bottom at the heartless. When they made contact with the heartless, they were blown to bits.

"Whoa!" Everyone thought.

"Sora, are you okay? What's wrong?" Kairi asked.

"Argh!" Sora muttered.

L quickly tapped Sora's stomach harshly, causing a disruption in his magic network. He then yanked out a headband. Before anyone could react, it was tightly placed on Sora's head. Sora was now breathing much better.

"Sora!" Kairi shouted, holding on to her sweetheart.

"What happened to him?! What did you do?" Riku asked L.

"Sora's body had a hard time in the Realm of Darkness. You and Aqua have built an immunity to the darkness, while Kairi... is a Princess of Heart. Do the math." L explained.

"Oh well, at least I got a free headband out of it." Sora muttered, as he was about to touch it.

"Just don't touch it!" L warned, as he smacked Sora's hand away from his head.

The five kept walking, however, L was keeping a faster pace ahead of them.

"Sora, you're sure you don't feel off?" Kairi asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine." Sora protested.

"You sure?" Riku questioned.

"Yes Riku, we gotta focus on getting Aqua's keyblade. By the way, how are we gonna do that?" He asked.

Everyone stopped walking, since all of them, expect for L; were now wondering the same thing. They all turned to Aqua. She was thinking on her feet.

"Well hopefully, once I am in range, I can try to summon my own keyblade, and it will return to me." Aqua theorized.

"We should have thought this through, a bit better." Riku admitted.

"Oh for crying out loud!" L thought.

With a few hand signs the keyblade wielders were sent into another wormhole.

"That'll get them to town. Now I need to get those two out of Sora, or he's a ticking bomb." The masked man thought.

He then felt around his coat pockets, to find a DVD disc. Which was then taken by a bird.

"Ah no! Oh wait, she made a copy." L said out loud, as he pulled out another disc.

That copy, however, was taken oddly enough by another bird.


"AAAHHH!" Everyone yelled, as they landed on the cold hard ground. Each on top of each other.

"Ow, my head." Sora yelled.

"That was rough to say the least." Aqua mumbled.

"Hey guys, I think we are in town." Kairi said cheerfully.

"GET OFF!" Riku yelled.

"Aw, can I get in on the dog pile too?" A familiar voice to Sora asked.

Sora looked up to find one grinning Yuffie.

"Yuffie, hey, how ya doing?" Sora said, as everyone got off of Riku.

"Guys, this is Yuffie. Yuffie, this is my best buddy Riku, my soon to be keyblade master, Aqua, and my girlfriend, Kairi." Sora introduced.

"Nice to meet ya, and by the way, it's the Great Ninja Yuffie to you all! Even you, Miss Master." Yuffie declared.

"I'll keep that in mind." Aqua said.

"So what brings you here?" The Ninja asked.

"We are looking for our master's keyblade." Kairi stated.

"I'm guessing you haven't seen a lonesome keyblade, or a suit of armor?" Sora asked.

"Nope." Yuffie said.

"Well, what did you expect Sora?" Riku said sarcastically.

"Would anyone happen to know how to cast a tracking spell?" Aqua asked.

"Oh, Merlin can totally do that! I'll show him to you. Better then getting yelled at by the new girl. She should be called 'Thunder' than Lightning." Yuffie muttered.

"Huh?" Everyone asked.

"Never mind. You'll meet her as soon as she's done getting info out of those Organization XIII guys, we found." Yuffie explained.

"Axel!" Both Namine and Roxas thought together.

"Wait, Yuffie could you take us to them first? We also might need to get some info on their boss. If that's alright with you, Master Aqua?" Riku asked, not wanting to overstep his bounds.

Aqua thought about this for a bit.

"I still need my keyblade. However, since these Organization XIII people were ,or still are with Xehanort, finding out what he's planning would be beneficial to us." She thought.

"Sora and Kairi, go with Yuffie. Just tell Riku, and myself, where Merlin is and we will find him." Aqua said.

Yuffie then grinned at them all. She did a few hand signs, and in a puff of smoke, another Yuffie was formed.

"Whoa cool!" Both Sora and Roxas yelled.

"Huh?" Aqua, Namine and Kairi said.

"Two of them?" Riku thought.

"Like my shadow clone spell? This way, I can totally help you out!" One Yuffie stated to Riku and Aqua.

"While the other can escort the Princess and her dim knight." The second Yuffie said, poking fun at her friend.

"Hey!" Sora snapped, while Kairi giggled.

"Actually, I'd like to follow Sora and Kairi, if that's okay with you, Master." Riku said.

Aqua smiled and nodded.

"It's fine, I wouldn't want to split you three up. Yuffie can show me where you guys are, after I have the spell. By the way, Yuffie, did someone teach you this?" Aqua asked, wanting to know.

"Oh yeah, some guy in a yellow cat mask. Nice dude, I bought him lunch and he taught me this new spell." The first Yuffie explained.

"Does this guy just show up everywhere?" Riku thought.


Deep within the old and nearly broken castle, a castle that was once used by Maleficent, the proclaimed Mistress of all Evil. A tall man in a ragged black coat was running his left gloved hand through his long blue hair. The other was touching the X shaped scar right between his eyes. This man was the former seventh member of Organization XIII, Isa.

"Lea, I must find him. I have to warn him,... What he was planning." The blue haired man thought to himself.

As he slowly kept walking, the man suddenly felt a tingling chill down his spine. He felt an icy cold hand on his shoulder. He slowly turned his head to find a tan, gray haired, yellow eyed man in a black coat, who was grinning like the devil. In a flash of light, the man had summoned a gun metal keyblade.

"No! Lea… forgive me." He thought.

The wicked looking man whispered in Isa's ear.

"Welcome back, Saix." Xehanort said.

All of the castle's hallways and inner chambers were filled with the noise of Isa's screams. Screams of pure terror and agony.


Aqua sneezed, she had been sitting by the blue robbed, white bearded wizard. Sadly his cluttered home was a bit dusty for her sensitive nose. He had blasted a spell on her keyblade, and Aqua could now see, a small arrow pointing west.

"Now Master Aqua, that should do the trick. And in all my years of magic, I must say I have never used a hunting spell on a keyblade, so I hope this will work properly." Merlin stated.

Aqua stood up while Yuffie was playing with something in the background.

"Merlin, sir, you have been very helpful, and I truly am thankful for your help." She said, mid-bowed.

"Think nothing of it, Master Aqua, I'm just doing my duty. OH CONFOUND IT, YUFFIE, WHAT DID YOU BREAK?!" The old wizard snapped, hearing something break.

"Nothing, but we better run fast!" The ninja yelled, as she grabbed both of them and ran out the door as fast as she could.

The old wizard's house was set on fire, as the second clone took hold of the dismayed Aqua. Where the first Yuffie, was following along with her students.

Speaking of her students; Sora, Kairi, Riku, and the first Yuffie were in a newly made building, one that reminded Sora of an army base.

"Leon thought it would be better if we had some more muscle, after that big invasion. Luckily we managed to rope in some old army members. Cid's in there too." Yuffie said, as she opened the door.

Following the ninja girl, they walked past a few rooms. Kairi wanted to ask so many questions, but she held her tongue. They walked by a dimly lit hallway. A door with a small window showed the six full cells, and one empty cell. Sora and Riku recognized them, having fought one of them in combat.

Roxas was looking around through Sora's eyes, scanning for his best friend. He could only see a man with dreadlocks, an older looking man who was freaking out. A tall, short brown haired man with a deep scowl on his face, and finally a teenager with his gray hair covering most of his face.

"You three, what are you doing here?!" A woman's voice barked, making all three jump.

They looked to find a tall pink haired woman; her eyes were cold as ice. She wore a light white jacket, underneath a mostly black, and red battle suit. She was pointing a gunblade to their heads; however, unlike Leon's she had a more slim and sleeker looking model. Kairi couldn't take her eyes off this woman. Namine, had been trying to find her in her memories. Riku and Sora; were a bit freaked out by her presence, Yuffie on the other hand was grinning from ear to ear.

"Jeez Lightning, ya really know how to make a girl feel welcome." Yuffie said, making the woman lower her weapon.

"She looks very familiar." Riku noted.

"Lightning, she looks a lot like mom." Kairi thought.

"Does your mom have a sister?" Namine asked.

"Yuffie, why have you brought children, civilians here?" Lightning growled.

"Uh, those children happen to be keyblade wielders. Show her guys." Yuffie stated.

Sora, Riku, and Kairi summoned their keyblades, making Lighting's eyes slightly widen a bit.

"Well now, this is different." Lightning said coolly.

"Miss Lighting, we heard that a few members of Organization XIII were here. Their leader is alive and we need to figure out what they know." Riku stated.

Lightning then gave a half smile.

"I'm ahead of you on that. I've been interrogating them since we found them. However, they are all lacking in memory; most of them I'd classify as insane. However, there is one who I was about to interrogate.

"Does this person have red spiky hair and can shoot fire out of his hands?" Sora asked.

Lighting then raised an eyebrow.

"Yes… do you know him?" The woman asked.

The three could hear someone banging around the walls, and soon they could see smoke filling the hallway from a fire being started. Yuffie, Riku and Kairi were slightly freaking out, while Lighting's scowl just grew.

"Oh yeah, we know him. He's a friend." Both Sora and Roxas stated.

Lightning's eyebrow raised up further.

"I mean, I know him. He was a bad guy, but he got better, so could you let him out?" Sora asked.

"He's committed arson, aided a traitor of the state, and if I read the man's record, you stated he kidnapped the Princess of Heart. So letting him go would be out of the question." Lightning dryly stated.

Roxas smacked himself on the forehead in Sora's heart. While Kairi slowly raised her hand up.

"I'd like to drop those kidnapping charges, since he did help Sora in kinda saving me." Kairi interjected.

Lightning looked at her, she had walked towards the girl for a better look.

"You're the Princess of Heart, and a keyblade wielder?" She asked.

"Yeah, that's me." Kairi stated.

"What's your name, your full name?" Lightning, asked wanting to know more.

"Kairi Villiers." She stated, as Lighting's face went pale as a sheet.

",… Villiers, do you happen to related to a Snow Villiers?" Lightning asked, as her heart was skipping a few beats.

"Oh yeah, he's my dad." Kairi stated with a smile.

"Serah is alive?! No, she can't be, then again if that idiot is alive..." Lightning thought to herself.

"What's your mother's first name?" Lightning asked.

"Um, this is getting a bit personal..." Kairi mumbled.

"Answer my question, and I might let your friend walk." Lightning ordered.

"Hey, I don't think you can do that!" Yuffie pointed out.

"Can it, Yuffie!" Roxas yelled, despite no one being able to hear him.

"Her name's Serah… Why are you asking me this?" Kairi asked.

"'Cause she's your aunt Kai, same pink hair, just a tad taller, oh and she has the same look your mom gave me, when someone didn't do their homework. We were in her class at grade school." Riku said putting two and two together.

"Oh man, NOW I see it!" Sora thought shivering.

"Oh, what a plot twist!" Yuffie thought.

Lightning couldn't believe what she had just heard. For ten years, she had thought that her beloved little sister, and her idiot fiance were gone, since the world's fall. Now suddenly, three teenagers from who knows where, claimed she was alive and one of them happened to be her daughter. This had to be a sick joke. Yet Lightning couldn't shake the feeling, that they were right.

"Could… Could this girl be… my niece?" Lightning thought to herself.

"If what your saying is true,... Can you travel to other worlds? Will you take me to her?" Lightning whispered.

Kairi just smiled.

"Oh course... Aunt Lightning." Kairi muttered. Namine felt all warm inside of Kairi's heart.

Sora, Riku, and Yuffie couldn't help but smile.

"Then I'll show you to your friend. And to clear him of his kidnapping charges." Lightning stated, as the five started to walk to another door.

"Well, I'll go tell Leon what's up. Later." Yuffie stated, while vanishing in smoke.

The five walked in to find an angry looking man, strapped to chair. His green eyes shot daggers at Lightning, who in turn did the same. His red spiky hair looked like it was about to catch fire. He then looked at Sora, and slightly smiled.

"Sora, hey kid, surprised to see me?" He asked.

"Axel!" Sora and Roxas exclaimed.

"No, it's Lea. Got it memorized? I'm human again, heart and everything." He stated.

He then looked at Riku and Kairi.

"Hey Kairi… Sorry about the whole kidnapping thing, I'd make it up to you, but Pinky here, has me all tied up." Lea muttered.

Lightning smacked him upside the head.

"You wouldn't have had be detained, if you had just cooperated." Lightning dryly stated.

"Hey! I didn't do anything wrong! You and your hot girlfriend's just me pinned to the wall!" Lea yelled.

The four could see sparks were about to fly. Kairi got Lightning away from Lea, while Sora and Riku unstrapped him. Lea felt his sore rists and shook them. He then looked at Sora, Riku, and Kairi.

"Guys, Xehanort's back. I mean everyone from the organization is back, and Xehanort's stronger than ever." Lea stated.

"We know. We have a teacher who's gonna help us out with that." Riku stated.

"Wait, wait, you know!?" Lea asked.

"That Xigbar guy, Master Yen-Sid, and some weirdo in a cat mask has been making that fact very clear." Riku said.

"Oh and L, the guy in the mask found a way to give Roxas and Namine their own bodies!"

Lea's eye's widened a bit.

"Really? That's great!" Lea said, holding back the urge to jump for joy.

"Oh, speaking that, they are both at the door." Yuffie said, as she approached them, while she was eating a muffin.

"Where did you get that?" Sora asked, being rather hungry.

"Muffin spell." Yuffie said.


Outside of a new magic shop, L had a few bags in his hand.

"Okay, I have all that I need for the spell. Now I just need to find them. " L thought to himself.

"Huh... they are in Ansem's computer room. Well that speeds things up." L said, as he vanished.

Unknown to him, a few shadowy figures had been watching him.

"So, should we introduce ourselves now?" The smaller woman asked.

"Not yet love, it seems Father and the Old Hag are gathering forces… Let's put a wrench in their works." The taller man said.

"After we mess with the man in the mask, Honey?" She asked.

"Of course." The man said.

The couple vanished while laughing.

End of Chapter 3.​

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Chapter 4: The Oath of the Keyblade, and The Return of Xion.​

Sora, Riku, Kairi, Lea, Lightning, and Yuffie opened the door to find three teenager's blue haired Keyblade Master. Lightning looked a bit confused about the two ninja girls grinning from ear to ear. Yuffie quickly made her clones vanish with a few hand signs.

"Well everyone, I have the tracking spell, and who are they?" Aqua asked, looking at Lightning and Lea, who looked like he had hearts in his eyes.

"Hello Nurse!" Lea thought to himself.

The Ex-Organization member approached Aqua, at what Sora and Roxas could guess was super fast speed, while shoving Lightning into a wall.

"Oh, don't worry about her, Sweetness. I'm Lea. Got it memorized? I know, I'll memorize that beautiful face of your's." Lea said, grinning from ear to ear as he gently kissed her hand, trying to charm her.

"I um, well, what?" She asked, immediately blushing, the poor woman was ill prepared to be hit on by this stranger.

"Oh my god, is he hitting on our Master?!" Riku asked.

"Hey, you were thinking of doing it too." Sora said grinning, knowing he was right.

"Shut up!" Riku snapped, as his face turned a shade of pink.

Yuffie, Sora, and Roxas chuckled a bit, while Kairi rolled her eyes. Lightning got up, and punched him in the face, making Yuffie and Riku laugh, while Sora, and Kairi picked him up. Lightning saluted Aqua as she came out of her daze.

"Major Lightning Farron, pleased to meet you, Keyblade Master Aqua." Lightning stated respectfully.

"Oh likewise." Aqua responded with a smile.

"I understand you are looking for your main keyblade and armor, I would be more than willing to aid you in your search." Lightning stated.

Aqua smiled again, looking at her previous master's keyblade, seeing the tiny arrow tracking spell moving and pointing outside of town.

"Well, having more allies to take care of any rouge Heartless, or Unversed-I mean Nobodies, would be be helpful, so thank you." Aqua said, bowing her head in respect.

Aqua then looked at her students, Yuffie and Lea, who was still rubbing his head.

"Now the tracking spell is telling me that my keyblade is outside of the city." Aqua stated, nodding them to follow her.

Sora, Riku, Kairi, Lea, Lightning, and oddly Yuffie followed her.

The Radiant Garden soldier eyed Yuffie and Lea.

"Why are you coming with us?" Lightning asked the two, scowling at Lea.

"Sora is my friend, and I owe Kairi." Lea growled.

"Meh, I'm just bored, and I want to see what Sora's teacher can do." Yuffie admitted, as they walked outside the city's gates.

Kairi couldn't help but look around as they walked out of the city; mostly just people watching, and looking at land marks. She tried very hard to get her memories of her previous life to come back. Namine, however, was advising her not to strain the two of them. So Kairi just focused on the road ahead.

They walked to find a newly made gate, where the bailey used to stand. Two armored guards, clad in what looked like a mix of Leon's jacket, and Lightning's glowing shoulder pads, stood at the gate. Both had large swords on the ground.

"New guys, in case heartless start popping up." Yuffie explained to Riku, Kairi and Aqua.

"What happened to Tron's program?" Sora asked.

"Leon has requested that he update his software in case of a virus." Lightning answered.

"ID cards please, no civilians past this point." One guard requested.

Lightning pulled out a Radiant Garden Restoration Committee card, and showed it to the two of them, and they let her pass. Yuffie pulled her card, smiling. Sora, after fidgeting to find his wallet, pulled out his own card. The guards looked at it, then at Sora who was grinning. The first handed Sora his card back, while the second pulled a lever to open the gate.

"You might want to get your card updated " The second guard muttered.

"I'll make sure he does that." Lightning muttered, seeing them go.

The two guards were about to close the gate on Riku, Aqua, Kairi, and Lea, when they summoned their keyblades.

"Our mistake, so sorry." They both said, taken aback.

"It's all good." Kairi said, as Lea swiftly got away, not wanting to be pulled back for some past crime.

They finally got out and started following Aqua, who was looking at Merlin's tracking spell. Kairi gazed at the blue, barren mountain landscape. After walking for what seemed like a half hour, she was bored. She knocked on Sora's spiky head playfully.

"Next date, you're taking me to an arcade, or a cooler world, alright?" Kairi asked, while poking him.

Sora smiled, and held her hand.

"Sure, we'll play Sugar Rush, all day if you want?" He promised, knowing that was her favorite game to play. She'd play it any chance they got, and would normally turn Sora and Riku into road kill.

Kairi with stars in her eyes,got very close to Sora, giving him a peck on the cheek.

"Aw, thanks Sora, now let me give you some sugar." She whispered.

The two were about to play a game of tongue hockey, when tons and tons of Neo Shadow heartless surrounded them all.

"Well, at least you won't be bored right now." Namine giggled, inside Kairi's head.

"Yep, just think of this as Soul Caliber." Kairi thought, while summoning her keyblade, along with her fellow keyblade wielders.

Lightning had pulled out her gunblade, and started to give the demons all thunder bullet hell. Lea with a sick grin summoned his chakrams, threw the spinning discs and set the few Heartless ablaze, as they cut their foes in two like buzz saws. Yuffie was throwing ninja stars in a very Lea like fashion, only without the fire. Aqua held her ground, still getting used to her handicap, not being able to cast spells, which was where she truly shined.

"No, I must not show weakness in front of my new students. I just wish Master Erauqs's key would work for-" Aqua's thought process was broken, seeing a Knight heartless about to stab Kairi in the back.

"Kairi, behind you!" Aqua yelled.

Kairi turned around after facing off against a Neo Shadow. She was almost stabbed by the armored knight heartless's blade, if not for Aqua's warning, and a quick dodge roll she had learned from Sora. Speaking of Sora, he had cast'd Reflectaga on his red haired lass, while bashing the heartless into a rock.

"Don't worry, Kai, I got your back." Sora proclaimed cheerfully.

Kairi shot out a blizzard spell, freezing to what Kairi saw, was a giant, green spike ball looking Heartless.

"And I've got your back. I'm Pepper Pots and you're Tony Stark," Kairi said, while she winked cutely.

"He had better not be Tony Stark!" Lightning growled, as she shot a few heartless and at Sora's feet to keep the boy on his toes.

"Man, she's got anger issues." Riku thought to himself, as he used a Thundga spell to wipe out the remaining heartless.

"Everyone alright?" Aqua asked.

Everyone nodded. Seeing everyone looking fine, Lightning took charge.

"Lets move out then." She ordered.

Lea was mocking her order with blah, blah, hand gestures as they walked, which made Yuffie laugh a tad bit. They kept on walking, following Aqua, who in turn was following the tracking spell. Aqua had frowned about the changing landscape.. She was mentally kicking herself for it.

"I don't regret saving Terra, but being stuck in the Realm of Darkness for so long,... allowed Xehanort, The Heartless, and that Witch, to cause all this suffering and more." She thought.

Sora looked at his frowning teacher.

"Hey Aqua, don't worry about it. We are gonna find your Keyblade, become Masters of the Keyblade and beat Xehanort for good. We got this, just stay upbeat." He stated, grinning with confidence.

Aqua couldn't help, but follow Sora's positive attitude. She could tell he was trying to cheer her up.

"You could swear, Ven and Sora were related." Aqua thought to herself.

"Yes, you're right Sora. I'll have to set a positive example as your Master. " Aqua admitted.

"Yeah, you just got to keep upbeat, upbeat, upbeat!" He sang.

"Or you'll be deadbeat, deadbeat, deadbeat!" Kairi chimed in.

"Oh brother." Riku thought, as he rolled his eyes, smiling.

The little song reminded Lightning of something Serah would sing. Aqua looked at the arrow again, and finally found a new place.

Sora, Lea, Yuffie, and Lightning looked at the building remembering where they were. They looked to see a slowly rebuilt, brazen steam looking castle. As Kairi looked at it, she and Namine both, started to get a splitting headache.

"Huh, old man Ansem's castle. I was just here." Lea said out loud.

"Well, my keyblade is here, so just follow me, guys." Aqua stated.

Everyone followed, but Kairi was starting to fall back. Riku and Sora looked at The Princess of Heart, who was shaking like a leaf.

"Kairi, you alright?" Sora asked, having all his red lights go off.

Riku looked at Kairi, seeing the twitching and shaking was more of a Namine form of mannerism.

"Hey!" He yelled, while putting his hand on her shoulder, he watched Kairi come back into focus. It was like she was in a daze

"What?!" She yelled.

The two boys looked at each other, then at her.

"Kairi, this place bugging you?" Sora asked.

"Huh, what no. I just have a headache is all." Kairi muttered.

Riku's eyebrow was raised.

"You're sure, cause Sora's been acting weird, and I don't want you going off the deep end altogether." Riku stated.

"I'm fine, I promise." Kairi insisted.

Lightning was gazing at the three as well, scanning her niece. The two boys were satisfied with Kairi's answer and kept on going. The group had looked to find their masked ally already waiting for them by the stairway. However, he looked a bit more ragged than the last time they saw him. He was muttering something under his breath before turning his head to them.

"Ah you're here, sorry I'm late, but my… portals wouldn't work. Anyways, I know where your Keyblade is, Master Aqua. Follow me." He stated.

"You know where it is, and you didn't bother telling us?" Riku asked, feeling annoyed.

"No, I just found out when I teleported here, and there, and all over the place, actually." He admitted.

"Who the hell is this?" Both Lea and Lightning asked, then scowled at each other for having the same thought.

"Oh that's just L, don't worry, he's cool." The ninja girl vouched for her friend.

Following the tracking spell, and L, they made their way to Tron's computer. The golden device's screen said it was updating. Two young women stood around it. One was a tall, lean looking woman. Her eyes matched her dark hair. Her firm and strong, tanned body showed the tattoos clearly on her right arm, and she was cladded in a mostly blue, black, and golden toga-style dress, which had a long metal poll along her back, and it was like a red metal spear.

The other lady looked more about Sora, Riku, Yuffie, and Kairi's age. Her curly hair was bright orange. Her skin was a lot lighter compared to the other woman's in the room. She donned a pink top covered in a crystal necklace, a fur like short skirt, and yellow boots. On a belt from her her skirt, an odd deer horn like rod was on her side.

Yuffie waved.

"Hey Fang, Vanille! Guess you got computer watch?" The ninja said, running to them.

"Better than being stuck in a hospital bed, Love." Fang stated.

"Oh kay crew, Fang and Vanille. Fang and Vanille, Sora, Riku, Kairi, and Master Aqua." Yuffie introduced.

"So your Sora, eh? You seem like a squirt, but everyone tells me your good. Nice to meet you, Spiky." Fang said, giving Sora a fist bump.

"Gee thanks." Sora said cheerfully.

Vanille bowed before Kairi, while doing a curtsy.

"It's an honer to meet you, your Highness." Vanille politely said, making Kairi blush a bit.

However, the girl did something no one else saw coming. Vanille kissed Kairi right on the lips. Kairi was too stunned to do anything. Sora, Lightning and Aqua looked rather angry, while Riku looked rather baffled.

"This is wrong!" Sora thought.

"Yet, it's so right!" Both Riku and Roxas thought.

Sora broke the kiss by grabbing Kairi away from the other girl. However, as soon as he did she kissed Sora on the lips. Riku was going do the same as Sora did to Kairi, but he too shared the same fate. She got a hold of Yuffie, who really didn't put up much of a fight.

Kairi looked at Vanille.

"Please don't ever do that again." Kairi requested.

"Did I do something wrong?" The girl asked innocently.

"I got no problems." Riku gasped.

"What in the worlds was that?" Aqua yelled.

"Oh, that's how we say hello." Fang explained.

"Then why don't we say hello, over, and over, and over?" Lea asked, grabbing a hold of Fang's hand, and getting very close to her.

"Ya know how we say goodbye?" Fang asked.

"If it's anything like hello, then yes." Lea said smirking.

Fang then whacked him over the head, then the stomach, while kissing him on the cheek. Lightning couldn't help but be amused.

"I... huff...I think I like hello better." Lea gasped.

L wasn't even paying attention to what was going on, he was humming a tune, while bypassing Tron's update. He typed in a few passwords, causing a part of the floor to open up, showing a staircase.

"Master Aqua, your keyblade and armor is down there." L muttered.

Aqua looked down, nodded, and slowly went down the stairs. Sora, Riku, and Kairi were about to join their teacher.

"Yo, you three, movie time! L stated, putting in the DVD that he had to fight a flock of birds to reclaim.

"How did he get past Tron's update?" Lightning asked.

"Secret." L muttered, as the movie started. Everyone looked at the young, black and short haired, blue eyed girl, who donned Lea and Roxas's familiar black coat.

Sora and Roxas didn't understand why, but she seemed very familiar.

"Is it on?" The girl asked.

"Yes, it's on." L's voice came from the back of the camera, giving the masked man a look from everyone.

"Um, hello… My name is Xion." Xion started to say.

"Hello Xion." Sora, and Roxas said, waving to the computer screen until Riku punched his arm.

"Hello Sora, Hi Roxas, and Riku, please don't hit Sora or Roxas if they say hi back." The video recording of the girl requested. Now everyone was a bit stunned.

"Are you sure, they are going to see this?" Xion asked the camera man.

"I'll make sure to give it to them myself." L's recorded voice promised.

"I always keep my word." L muttered.

The young girl who oddly looked like like a short, dark hair Kairi was playing with a sea salt ice cream stick.

"Um well, I guess I should start from the the beginning. My name is Xion… I may look fourteen years old , but I'm really only one year old. I'm a memory clone of Sora… I have the looks of Kairi,... or was it his memories of her? That was the most powerful one, and I think he's missing it." Xion started.

"Memory clone?" Yuffie asked.

"Oh crap," Lea, and Riku thought, starting to piece things together.

"I can use the Keyblade like Sora can, along with my best friend… and in a way, like my brother Roxas. We hang out with our best friend Axel on the clock tower of Twilight Town, eating Sea Salt Ice Cream."

"WHAT?!" Both Lea and Sora, or more of Roxas yelled, not believing this.

"We work for beings called Nobodies… They are called Organization XIII. I'm the fourteenth member, but I'm more of a puppet, or a lab rat to most of them. They use Roxas and I to get hearts from Heartless monsters to make Kingdom Hearts. They aren't nice people… as my friend Riku told me: They are bastards." Xion recalled.

"Well for the most part, she's right." Lea muttered.

"Yep, but I don't remember meeting her." Riku said.

"Please know, I made this video as my will. Cause I'm going to die soon. I have a bit of Sora's memories, and if he doesn't get them back, he can't wake up from his coma." She stated.

Namine, Riku, Lea, and Sora knew all too well what she was talking about.

"Also, I'm slowly making Roxas weaker… and... I really don't wanna hurt him anymore. I mean, I've made him worry so much, and I've been taking his energy... and, and-" The girl kept repeating, looking like she was going to break down.

The girl on the screen was starting to cry, and it really was effecting Sora and Lea.

"Why the bloody hell are you making us watch this?!" Fang yelled.

"Yeah, this is really sad." Vanille sniffed.

"It's her last will and testament. Wait until the end." L calmly urged.

Xion then summoned her own Kingdom Key, taking many of them off guard.

"It's not fair, it's not fair at all! Roxas and I never asked to be a part of any of this! That jerk Xemnas, or Xehanort, wants Kingdom Hearts all to himself, and we have to pay the price! I only got one year out of life, and it wasn't even that much of one!" Xion yelled, angrily swinging her keyblade around.

Lightning growled at the man's name. It seems no matter where he went, misery and suffering would follow. The soldier pitied the child.

"I'm sorry, it's just… I don't wanna die… but I have to, for everyone's sake. The worlds need Sora, more than they need me. Still, even though I wish I could have met Sora, and maybe he, Roxas and I could be… a family. I'm glad to have Roxas and Axel as my best friends, and that's the truth. Even if you won't remember anything about me when I die. That's the problem, being part of a memory. Um… Oh Riku… I liked your blindfold. Anyways, thank you for this… bye." Xion finally said, waving to the camera, with a slight blush on her face.

It soon shut off, showing a blank screen. L ejected the disk, and put it into Sora's hands.

"So what was the point of all that?" Fang asked.

"How did you remember her? She said when she died everyone forgot her?" Vanille asked.

"I watched the DVD again." L admitted.

"I think I get it, don't you, Sora?" Yuffie asked, grinning.

Everyone looked at Sora, who had his eyes closed. Suddenly something clicked in Namine's, Riku's, and Lea's mind.

"I found her memories!" Namine thought, scanning them all.

Riku remembered Xion as well, however his face went bright red.

Lea looked rather annoyed, then his face went to a smirk.

"Heh, I'm always saying I got it memorized, yet I end up forgetting one of my best friends." He said sadly.

"Part one complete. He really is the key that connects everything." L thought.

"Sora?" Kairi asked, looking at her boyfriend. However, Sora was now deep inside his own heart.

Aqua stepped down, to see a long, thin, black and white colored hallway. She could see that they looked like formerly used jail cells. The key word was used. Everything had been slashed to bits, like some wild animal had been unleashed upon this place. Aqua walked to the end of the hallway, she found a room, and walked in it. She found her armor and keyblade resting on a white throne. Her Keyblade Rainfall summoned itself in her hand. Aqua now felt all the power, and magic she had been missing for so long. The armor on the throne vanished, it reappeared as a small, bronze, and golden armor plate. With a smile, Aqua returned to her students and her new friends. However, she noticed Sora was in a meditative state.

"Did something happen?" Aqua asked.

"We just found out Xemnas, Xehanort's nobody, made a girl clone of Sora. She's stuck in his body like Roxas, and Namine, and he's trying to reach her." Riku explained.

Aqua looked at tad confused, however, she understood. Sora then woke up, smiling. Roxas appeared in a ghost like vapor.

"Hey Axel, er I mean, Lea." He said, grinning.

"Hey Kid." Lea said smiling

"Hey Xion, you wanna come out?" Sora asked.

Like Roxas, Xion had come out of Sora's body in a ghost like form.

"Hello everyone." Xion said weakly, waving to the people.

"Hello Roxas, and Xion. I am Master Aqua, I'll be teaching you two along with Kairi, Riku, and your 'Brothers.'" Aqua stated.

She then summoned her Keyblade Rainfall. Riku, and Kairi kneel down, and after looking at Sora, he did the same.

"Do you Sora, Riku, Kairi, Roxas, and Xion, promise to honor your Master's teachings of the keyblade? To defend the worlds, and to fight off the wicked? To right wrongs, and face injustice in all forms? To protect the six other Princesses of Heart, and Kingdom Hearts?" Aqua asked firmly, reciting the oath she, herself, Terra and Ven had to say to their Master.

"We do." The five teenagers spoke.

Aqua then used her keyblade's tip to tap on Sora's shoulders, three times. Then she did the same for Kairi and Riku.

"Then I now happily, and finally declare to you all, my keyblade apprentices. Now rise." Aqua said joyfully, as three bronze shoulder pads appeared out of a stroke of light.

As Sora got up, Lea patted him on the back.

"Way to go, you guys. If I were your dad, I'd be pretty proud." The pyro admitted.

"How touching." A cold and familiar voice stated.

"Isa-?" Lea thought.

Sadly his thought was cut short by his blue haired, now, yellow eyed, best friend bashing him into a wall with his over sized claymore. Lightning pulled out her gunblade, as everyone else picked up their weapon.

Yuffie and L had another idea. A few smoke bombs were thrown on the ground, making it so everyone couldn't see. L quickly used his subspace spell and warped everyone back to the islands. Their attacker on the other hand was met with an angry looking lion. The two clashed.

End of Chapter 4.​
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Chapter 5. Home Coming pt.1​

Sand, they all felt sand. Heck even some of them had it in their mouths. Everyone opened their eyes to blue skies and a sandy beach. Riku had to kick a few people off him, namely Lea, and Sora, and soon the dog pile was broken up.

"Yay, we're home!" Kairi said joyfully.

"Ah Destiny Island, we missed ya." Sora said.

Lea looked around grinning.

"Alright, babe central!" The red head yelled, only to be smacked in the face by Lightning.

" This is where we live?" Xion asked, her eyes sparkling in ghost form.

"Yep. Hey, when we get our human bodies, we should all have a beach party… You too, Namine!" Roxas said, looking at the Princess of Heart's nobody.

" Oh um... I can come too?" Namine asked, blushing a bit.

"He said "we all." You need to work on your tan, girl!" Xion stated.

"Wow, this is your world, it's gorgeous." Vanille complimented.

"Serah, Snow… you two had me worried for ten years… and you've been hiding in a paradise. Well at least they're safe here."Lightning thought, seeing Aqua healing Lea's nearly broken face.

L quickly got up, however, he noticed Riku was still sitting in the sand. He was looking at his phone in horror. Fang looked at him as well.

"Oi you two, I think your friend is broken." Fang said, getting Sora and Kairi's attention.

They came over, as L was trying to keep Riku calm.

"Riku, buddy what's up?" Sora asked.

Riku showed the two his cell phone, and they went white as a sheet like Riku was.

"What's wrong?" Aqua asked.

"……My dad is going to kill me." Riku mumbled in sheer terror, and this was from the kid who fought off the darkness for a year.

Everyone looked confused, expect for L, because you couldn't see his face.

"His dad has been very, very, very, very strict with Riku since he came back to the islands. He doesn't check in with him... Well lets just say, Riku's in some very hot water." Kairi explained.

"Yikes, wouldn't want to be him right now." The ninja muttered. Vanille nodded in agreement.

"Doesn't that seem a bit harsh?" Fang asked.

"While that may sound harsh, I did the same with Kairi's mother, and she turned out well… Then again, it might have been what lead her to that idiot- I mean her father." Lightning said, sensing Kairi nearly glaring at her aunt for nearly bad mouthing her father.

"Well it can't be that bad." Aqua said, trying to make Riku feel better.

"I missed fifty calls." Riku deadpanned.

Lea laughed seeing Aqua's face change.

"Shit kid, you're not screwed... your mega screwed!" Knowing the hell he was going to face.

"I had better subspace you lot to your folks… Lightning wanting to see her sister and all. Plus Aqua and I shall have to speak with them."

"How did you know I wanted to see my sister? Lightning asked, having her suspicions being raised.

The cat mask didn't answer her, but used his subspace spell again. However, Fang, Vanille and Yuffie were still left on the beach.

"Oh well, little fun in the sun won't hurt." Vanille said out loud, as the other two girls agreed. They started to sun tan.

L had gotten the three teenagers, and the three other adults to each other's respectable homes. Sora, with Lea and L. Kairi with Lightning, and Riku with Aqua.

Kairi couldn't help but notice, Lighting's expression was a rather nervous looking one. She gazed at the mostly white door. The sand on the wooden floor, and a welcome mat beneath the soldier's feet. Kairi tapped on Lightning's shoulder, making the woman jump.

"Aunt Lightning... are you aright?" The Princess of Heart asked.

Her question snapped Lightning out of her funk.

"Yes, yes, I'm alright... it's just, it's been so long." Lightning spoke.

"What do I say?" Lightning asked.

"How about hello."Kairi suggested, as she knocked on the door.

" Mom, Dad are you home? I forgot my key." Kairi yelled.

She could hear the door creaking open, and Lightning looked at a tall, large, and blond haired man. He wore a light, white jacket over a black, sleeveless shirt with a police badge around his neck, along with a chain necklace. On the lower half of his legs, he wore black, baggy pants and sandals for footwear. His eyes were wide open with shock, as he saw who his daughter was with.

"Hey Dad, look who I found!" Kairi said smiling.

The man's jaw dropped. He was gazing at a woman he and his wife thought to be dead. He tried to pull himself together

"L-Lightning…" He stuttered, but got a second look at her." Sis... is that you?" He asked, trying assure it was her.

Lightning allowed herself a small smile.

"Been a long while, Snow, have your kept your word to me? You kept Serah happy, right? I assume so with your daughter." Lightning spoke in a half mocking, half serous tone.

"How did you-" Snow was about to say.

"Dad, I'll tell you later. Call Mom." Kairi said.

Snow returned to the inside of the house.

"Honey, you might want to come and see this!" He yelled.

They could hear footsteps. Soon Kairi looked at her mother, a much softer and younger looking Lighting, who was wearing a simple white and pink dress. Her hands now covered her mouth, when she gazed at her older sister.

"Hello Serah." Was all Lightning could say, smiling with actual tears coming out of her eyes.

The older and younger siblings hugged one another. Kairi and Snow soon joined in on the hug. Kairi and Namine were happy for the pure look of joy on their mother's face. It was priceless.

Sora had opened the door to his home with his keyblade. Lea slowly went inside, scanning the living room, L on the other hand had stood outside. The former Organization XIII member took notice.

"Yo, kitty cat, you coming in or what?" He asked, not hearing extra foot steps

The masked figure did not hear him, or was simply ignoring Lea. He had dropped a case, and started to walk the other way. Lea turned around, finding L vanishing .

"Hey, don't walk away from me!" He yelled. The man went back outside to find the case.

"What's your problem?" Lea asked no one.

"To bring Roxas, Namine, and Xion back." He read, leaning on the case's label. Lea had spotted a small puddle of blood on the spot where their mysterious ally was last standing. He picked up the case, and went back inside of Sora's house, freaked out a bit by it.

"This is where you live?" Xion asked inside of Sora's heart.

"It's nice. Your house is cozy." Xion complimented.

"Hey, it's your house too." Sora thought to his 'Sister.'

"Same with you, Roxas." He thought, not wanting to forget his 'Brother.'

"Mom, you home? I brought guests… and other things." Sora said out loud, but whispered at the last part. He checked upstairs, looking around, and checking every room. The teenager was up to eight rooms.

"Sora, yo-I mean our mom is a writer… How could she afford a big house like this?" Xion asked.

"Oh yeah, Tina- er... Mom got huge deal on the place because it's haunted by a ghost." Roxas explained.

Xion looked at her two brothers, blinking.

"Wait, WE HAVE A GHOST IN THE HOUSE!?" Xion nearly screamed, freaking out a bit.

"Yeah." Sora nodded. "Don't worry, Vincent's cool. Just don't tell Riku… he's not a fan of ghosts." Sora explained.

"Okay." Xion said gulping.

"Sora?" A voice asked.

The spiky haired dude turned to his mother's writing room, which was an avalanche of paper.

"Again, Mom?" Sora asked, both the nobody and clone were confused.

"Sora, be a dear and get out the shovel." Terra requested.

Sora summoned his keyblade, and started to dig his mother out. He kept digging until he found a hand. Sora grabbed it and pulled his mother out of her papers.

"Thank you, Sweetie, so... where have you been?" She asked.

"I've got a lot to tell you about." Sora said smiling.

As Sora brought his mother downstairs, the woman's hand was quickly held by a grinning Lea.

"Why Sora, I didn't know you were a demigod, cause your mother must be a goddess!" He flirted.

The woman's face was as crimson as the dress she wore.

"Sora, is this that 'Axel' person you told me about…? He is quite a charmer."

"Axel, I prefer Lea, madam, got it memorized?" He asked, seeing Terra giggle.

"I'd love to memorize your beautiful name, maybe over coffee?" He asked, turning on the charm to the author.

His efforts rewarded him with harsh whack on the head by Sora's keyblade.

"Bad Lea, no!" He yelled.

"No hitting on my mother!" The boy said, drawing the line.

"Sora!" Terra gasped, she yanked on Sora's ear.

"You do not attack our guests! Apologize right now!" She ordered sternly.

Her grip on Sora was forcing him to make his keyblade vanish. Lea couldn't help but snicker.

"Sorry Lea." Sora muttered.

"It's alright, just keep that temper in check. Same with you, Roxas and Xion." Lea muttered, while wagging his finger in a playful like manner.

"Huh?" Terra asked, not understanding what he was saying.

"Right, I've got to tell you about Roxas and Xion." Sora said.

"Roxas and who?' Terra blinked.

The two men smiled at her question.

"Xion, you wanna say hi to our mom?" Sora asked out loud.

Soon Xion came slowly out of Sora in her ghost form, along with Roxas for support. She was looking down at the floor, and her entire being was shaking like a leaf.

" H-H... HELLO… Mother." Xion barely gasped.

After a few minutes the girl finally looked up and into the woman's eyes, expecting a cold harsh judgement. However, she could only see a confused, yet warm and loving smile, as she saw her child multiply. In a flash, the woman embraced her son in a near death-lock hug.


Lea couldn't help but laugh as Sora was gasping for air.

"Huh, I thought she would be be mad, since I'm the reason Sora was in coma for a year." Xion thought, feeling like a large weight of guilt lifted itself away from her.

"Our mom is a weirdo, but in a good way." Roxas laughed.

Aqua was waiting outside for Riku to be done settling the matter with his father. Seeing Riku's father was a bit surprising for the young Keyblade Master, however he seemed like a kind man. Aqua could hear a lot of yelling, shouting and screaming. After the fighting died down, Riku came back with oddly no signs of distress, so his Master looked rather worried. Oddly enough, the boy was smiling.

"He went easy on me." He muttered.

"Also, he said it's cool that you're training me." Riku added.

"Well that's good to know." Aqua thought.

The door opened to reveal someone Aqua hadn't met before. The first thing she saw was the man's large afro. She looked to hand then to his face to be rugged and handsome. He wore a light, long sleeved green coat, and tan pants. Sandals were strapped onto his feet

"Hey Riku, you gonna let your new teacher in for a drink? Sazh, be the name, Miss Aqua, and I thank you for keeping my boy out of trouble." He said with a small smile, as he pulled Riku in with a hug.

"It's my duty to protect my students, and I would enjoy a drink. So thank you." Aqua said.

Aqua followed the two into their home, however the three could hear a large explosion coming from the island's shore.

Sazh gave Riku a worried look as he noticed Riku's Way to Dawn appear.

"Go on, do what ya gotta do, but be safe alight?" He requested.

Riku nodded as the two ran off. The older dark skinned man gave a heavy sigh.

"That kid of mine is gonna cost me my afro… Be safe Riku, I'm not going to lose you to darkness again." He thought.

In the heart of The Land of Dragons, everything was ablaze and under green fire. L was busying cutting down heartless in his path, the masked man's coat was nearly ripped to bits. His right metallic looking arm was carrying a sleeping woman.

"Damn witch, she'll pay for this! Crap, I gotta get back to the islands. Hang on, Mulan!" He muttered.

The pair were then surrounded by many, many, many Neo Shadows.

"Crap, I need to save my magic for the kids… Grrr... Any help here, Holy Spirit." L thought.

As if God was answering his prayers, a flash of light appeared in Mulan's right hand. She was given a red and orange keyblade, looking like a dragon shooting out a breath of fire. It shot out a beam of light, driving the many heartless away, and making a portal of light.

"Thank you, God. Hang on." He thought as the man and woman went into the portal.

End of Chapter 5. pt.1​
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I'm glad you enjoyed this. Lea's lame pick up lines are from my own. As for Dajh...he kinda is and kinda isn't. As for L, and who he..you have to keep reading my work to find out.

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Chapter 5. Home Coming pt.2

Tidus didn't want to be home right now, especially after his father had given him a bloody nose, thanks to one his drunken rambling. The boy was covering his nose with his hands; trying to make the bleeding stop. He walked to the beach, since he didn't want any of his friends to see him like this. The boy's eyes were closed as tears came out. Then Tidus was blindly knocked down to the ground with a thud. His eyes opened wide, hearing a few girls screaming.

"Oh Yunie, you're covered in blood!" He heard a high pitched and somewhat sexy voice yelled.

"I think you might have killed the kid, Yuna." Another voice calmly stated.

"Oh my goodness, are you alright? I'm so sorry!" This one was a gentler voice, almost the tone of a mother to a child who had just skinned his knee.

Tidus slowly opened his eyes. He was staring at what looked like three pixie girls. Three pairs of eyes were staring back at him; one blue and green, one set a swirling green, and another red. The one in the middle had light brown hair with a long hair braid coming out of the back of her head. She wore, what he could make out was a white top, and a mix of blue and pink feathers, looking an awfully lot like a dress. The swirling green eyed one had bright blond hair in the shape of many dreadlocks. This girl's sunny disposition matched her bright yellow bikini top, and short pants. Around her neck was a red scarf. The last one was covered in what Tidus could tell, a black leather outfit, and lots of belts. The boy had never, ever seen something like this before.

"AAHH!" The boy yelled, as he tired to move, however his head was beginning to hurt. Tears were streaming from his eyes from the pain in his nose.

"No, don't scream. I can fix this." She promised.

"Huh?" Tidus asked.

The brown haired one, covered in a bit of Tidus's blood cast a cure spell on Tidus's nose, the magic healed him and stopped the bleeding. Even his headache was gone.

"Better?" The pixie girl asked sweetly.

"Your eyes are different colors." He noticed. "One's green, and the other one's blue. Pretty." Tidus stated, his head still hazy.

The one called Yuna gave a playful and thought pose. "Oh really, I didn't notice, and thank you." Yuna said giggling.

"Oh yeah, I'm Yuna, and these are my friends, Rikku and Paine." Yuna greeted, as she flew up and down, looking at him in the same way Tidus was looking at her.

"Tidus." Was all he could offer, following the dancing of their flight before him.

"Your not scared anymore?" Paine asked, one of her eyebrows raised slightly.

"Nah, you three are too cute to be evil." Tidus said getting up.

"Well your quite handsome yourself, now that your nose isn't bleeding." Yuna complimented.

"Speaking of blood." The yellow pixie noticed, "Yunie, we better get that stuff off you." Rikku said, as she tried wiping Yuna off.

Tidus dashed to the sea at this. Quickly cupping his hands, he flung salt water at Yuna, enough of it hitting her clothes to wash away the evidence of his clumsiness.

"Hey!" Rikku whined, as she flew out of the way, not wanting to get water on her.

"Ah much better, thank you for the shower." Yuna thanked, smiling, and making Tidus smile in turn.

"Yuna, Riku, we need to go." Paine said, grabbing a hold of her two friends.

"Oh right, gotta find that Sora guy before that creepy blue guy shows up." Rikku pipped up, as they started to fly away.

Yuna looked down at the young boy. "Goodbye, please take care." She said, bowing briefly to Tidus. After that, she flew away, trying to catch up with her fellow pixies.

"Hey wait!" Tidus yelled. The blond chased after the three pixies. His curiosity and interest was growing more and more. He kept running after the three. "Wait, you said you know 'Sora'?" Tidus yelled.

That made the three of them stop flying. They turned around and looked at him. "Do you know Sora?" Rikku asked.

"Spiky brown hair, kinda dim, and waving around a big key?" Tidus asked.

"Bingo." Paine stated with a slight smirk on her face.

"Yeah I know that crazy dude. Turns out he saved the world twice. So what do you need him for?" Tidus asked.

Out of nowhere, a dark, purple and black portal appeared. It opened up with green fire, making glass out of the nearby sand. Out of the dark depths came out a tall and sinister looking man, who wore a dark blue kimono, that did not cover his chest with a green sash wrapped around it. His chest had the heartless tattoo pressed onto it, and Yuna couldn't help but shiver as those icy blue eyes gazed at her.

"Him!" Rikku yelped, pointing at this newcomer.

All the warning bells in Tidus's head were ringing. He would have run from this guy, but his legs wouldn't move.

"Hello again, Little Pixies. You've been very naughty for Mistress Maleficent… Now are you going to come quietly?" He asked as the blue haired man pulled out a staff with a floating chain around it, "Or shall I drag you kicking and screaming?" He asked in a soft, snake-like hiss, the chain swinging menacingly.

Yuna, Rikku, and Paine backed quickly out of range, circling around Tidus in quiet panic.

"W-We.., told her that we would no longer work for her." Yuna said firmly, getting her voice back. "So, like we asked you before, please leave us be!"

"Yeah, you tell em, Yunie!" Rikku cheered.

The man only scoffed at their stand. "You are in no position to give me orders, your magic is weaker to mine." He stated.

"Well, there goes our attack plan." Paine grumbled.

Knowing he was right, Yuna's heart started to quiver. The boy looked at her with a worried face. Tidus then scowled at the man. "Hey jerk, the lady said to get lost! So go back in your portal thing, or else." Tidus threatened, having no idea where that came from.

The man smirked at the boy. With a snap of his talon like fingers, the four were coiled into tight, black iron chains. He leaned toward Tidus. "Or else what, you sniveling little crybaby?" He sneered.

As they tried to get out of their binds, Yuna couldn't help but notice something had changed in Tidus. "What…did you..call me?" The blonde asked in a low growl.

Not seeing the boy as a problem, the man said. "To me, little boy, you are nothing but a worthless cry-" He started to say, until Tidus flipped around and kicked the man into the sand as hard as he could.

The chains vanished and the pixie trio flew back a few more feet. Tidus, however, cracked his knuckles, as their attacker was stunned from the shock of the attack.

"THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS TO SOMEONE WHO STALKS CUTE GIRLS, AND CALLS ME A CRY BABY! YA BLUE HAIRED FREAK!" Tidus roared. The boy delivered a kick that could shatter bones against his attacker. His boot firmly planted against the heartless symbol on the other man's chest, and he flew back with a cry, plowing through a tree and hitting a large boulder with a meaty thud.

"Oh my." Yuna said, very impressed.

"That was pretty cool." Rikku spoke out loud. Paine slightly nodded her head.

Tidus was about to run after the freak, but Yuna grabbed a hold of his ear. "No, we need to get to Sora." Yuna said, caring for their safety.

"Don't worry, I'll protect you." He boldly stated, gaining some confidence.

Their eyes widened as many bursts of fire streaked towards them. Without thinking, Tidus moved, shielding the three with his body. The blasts hit, but not at any of them. In Tidus's hands was a deep red keyblade. The key chain looked like a blue glass sphere. The handle's top was an odd and yet, familiar symbol to the four, and in Tidus's mind there was a man wearing dark glasses with a red jacket, holding a sword.

"Take it, this is your story." He muttered. The man in red vanished.

Tidus looked at his newly acquired weapon in amazement. "Wow!" Was all the boy could say.

The attacker was taken aback by this. He had heard rumors of the keyblade, the power for good and evil, thanks to Sora, and Xehanort respectfully. The man, however, hadn't planned for this weak child to gain one. 'He's just a novice… No need to get worried. I should be able to slay a keyblade wielder and get The Mistress's little slaves back.' He thought to himself.

"So that's what that explosion was!" They all heard.

At this, Riku, Sora, Lea and Aqua came out summoning their own keyblades, and a pair of chakrams , causing the man to sweat drop.

"Who the heck's this weirdo?" Sora asked.

"His hair is an eyesore. You pull off blue much better Aqua, baby." Lea snickered.

"Please don't call me that." Aqua requested in an irritated tone.

Riku then noticed Tidus's keyblade seconds before the others did as well.

"What the?" Everyone yelled.

"Hey guys, I know it's cool and all, but we gotta take care of this guy, he's been stalking these girls." Tidus said.

Rikku quickly flirted at Lea. "It's true, he was gonna touch us in bad places." She said, trying to sound even cuter.

Lea's face turned to loathing as he glared at the man. Riku, Sora and Aqua were behind him, giving the man sickened scowls.

The fiery dancer of flames shot out a barrage of fireballs and chakrams at the blue haired man. They were deflected by blizzard spells, steam filling the air as Sora, Riku, Aqua and Tidus joined in.

"Oh, your gonna get it now, buddy!" Rikku sassed, sticking her tongue out.

"Wow, they are really kicking his ass." Paine mussed.

"We really hit the jackpot with bodyguards, right Yunie?" The blond pixie asked.

Yuna just watched, she had a dream like state on her face.

Aqua broke the man's staff, snapping it half with Rainfall before he could cast a single spell. Lea just kept setting him on fire, Sora and Riku cracked his jaw with swift whacks from their keyblades. Tidus dealt the final blow, as the attacker tired to swipe at him with his claws. He flipped into the air, and slashed the Man across the face with Guardian Soul.

The man was glaring daggers at them as he grabbed his face, blood dripping past his fingers. "You fools shall all pay for this! You'll rue the day you laid a finger on the dark Summoner Seymour Guido!" He screeched, as he vanished into a dark portal.

"Well your name is stupid." Tidus muttered.

Lea patted the kid on the head. "Leave the quips to the professionals, kid." He snickered.

"So, welcome the the keyblade club?" Sora offered to Tidus with a grin.

"Yes, how did you get that?" Aqua asked the blond.

"Err… I was trying to help out Yuna, Rikku, and Paine here, and it kinda just came to me." Tidus explained, not really understanding anything.

The three pixies flew to him. Sora smiled at them, and Rikku waved, while Yuna smiled. Rikku then winked cutely at Lea, while gave her a grin right back at her.

"Well, did you touch someone else's Keyblade?" Aqua asked, curiously.

"I touched Sora's, if that counts?" Tidus offered.

Riku looked at his spiky haired. "You let everyone touch your keyblade?" Riku asked.

Sora smiled, shrugging. "No, just those who asked." He childishly offered. Behind him, there was the loud slap of Riku planting a hand over his forehead at the sheer idiocy of his best friend, sometimes. The pixies could hear him muttering under his breath about how Sora would just ignore important information like that, from people who might be gaining keyblades or even potential worlds he may have gone to.

"Well Sora isn't a master yet, so you couldn't have done it by the Ceremony of Exchange." Aqua muttered lowly.

"The what now?" Both Sora and Riku asked, making Aqua question what Master Yen-Sid had taught them.

Lea frowned, and shook his head. "So, how'd he get it? I mean keyblades don't just pop of thin-" Lea muttered, as he snapped his fingers, and in a blaze of light, the man was given what looked to Sora the Bond of Flames.

-air." Lea he finished, his eye wide in shock.

Everyone else looked at Lea, mouths wide open. No one had the words.

"HE'S JESUS!" Rikku cried out, while pointing her finger. The awesome Tara Strong pixie bowing her head at Lea.

"HOLY CRAP, I'M JESUS!" Lea repeated what Rikku said. His body was shaking and shivering.

"Um… So why was that Seymour guy, after you three?" Riku asked.

Yuna blushed, and turned around. "Well… it's a kind of a long story." Yuna started.

"We've got some time." Sora offered.

Before Yuna could speak a portal of light appeared in front of everyone. The group had temporally been blinded.

"I'm sorry to say we have very little time." A familiar voice warned them.

As their sight returned they found their masked ally, only this time, rather then a black coat he wore a long sleeved shirt and pants with a black and orange color scheme. His hair was a wavy brown, but a few tiny bits of gray could be seen at the tips. What part of his skin that was showing was sickly pale. Sora was more focused on the young woman, who L was carrying and the keyblade in her hand.

"Mulan!" Sora yelped in surprise.

"Yeah, can one of you carry her? She's heavier then she looks." L asked, as he started to sink into the sand. Lea and Sora nodded, jumping forward to take the woman from the Land of Dragons off his hands. "To answer any questions, Xehanort used his keyblade to unlock the heart of this girls world. Then that bitch with green skin drowned it in darkness, turning most of the people into BBQ or heartless." He told Aqua, who now had a look of panic.

He then turned to Sora. "Don't worry your spiky little head, she's alive, I made sure of that. The girl just needs some rest." L said. "Yes, she has a keyblade and… oddly enough, so does Lea and this kid." L said, pointing at Lea and Tidus in a confused manner. He shook his head after a moment. "Anyway, we need to find Kairi, and get you two more pupils, and one for Namine to teach. The heartless are on the island again too." L muttered.

"What!?" Riku, Sora, and Tidus yelled.

"Don't worry, Fang, Vanille, and Yuffie are taking care of them." He explained.

'So that's why he brought them here.' Riku thought.

"Now where is Kairi? We gotta get these three out of here, and into another world." L muttered, as Sora and his friends quickly followed Riku to Kairi's place.

"Do you have any idea what's going on?" Rikku asked Tidus.

"Nope." Tidus admitted, as he marched for it.

Everyone did stop, they all paused as their masked ally's body started to twitch and shake, a twisted fashion. His shoulders, arms, and hands had been pierced by nothing. However his right arm was shooting blood from the holes. His left arm oddly gave out a blue fog like smoke. Aqua, and the three pixies noticed that it was filled with magic. The man's body dropped into the sand as he tried to cover the wounds. He was shaking as if Death was knocking at his door. Behind the mask's slanted eyes were eyes of fear and worry.

"Sash… Lucy, get to him! Quick," He whispered, as he finally passed out.

"Hey!" Riku yelled, as he tried to pick up the weakening Man. Aqua bent down and pulled out her keyblade to cast a cure spell on the Man. Yuna had followed her example, trying to help. Aqua had pulled him up, and his book dropped to the ground. What caught them off guard was L's book started opening up on its own. The pages flew, the words on the pages started to glow.

'This day is getting weirder and weirder.' Tidus thought, as he watched the pages cover and stick to the masked man's body. Soon he was covered in a cocoon, in spite of the others trying to prevent it. It hardened into what they could tell was a crystal like form.

Half an hour later, the group was at Sora's house. Terra had placed Mulan in the guest bedroom while Kairi met up with Sora, Riku, and the others. Lea was studying his new keyblade with Aqua, while L was still stuck in his cocoon. Tidus and the three pixie girls plopped down next to Sora and the others.

"Keyblades shouldn't just be coming to people in thin air. Yet one was given to Lea, this Mulan girl, Sora knows, and this Tidus, boy. Oh course, I'll have to take them all on as students, granted it might get a bit crazier. Still it could really help fighting against Xehanort. I'll have to speak with Master Yen-Sid about this." Aqua muttered to herself, standing up to pace as she thought this to herself.

"….So, why was that guy after you three? I'm all ears at least." Tidus said to Yuna. The three other teenagers listened in, wanting to find out why. Especially Kairi, after she found out about the battle.

Yuna looked at her new friend. "Oh no, I don't want to burden you with our problems..it was my mistake, and I don't want to bore you." Yuna muttered, trying to make herself unimportant.

"No, tell us!" Sora requested.

"Please, we'd really like to know." Kairi added on.

"Yuna, he and his friends are already in on this, and it wasn't just you. We all played a part with that deal with that damn witch made with us." Paine muttered.

"Yeah, and you are far from boring." Tidus complimented.

Yuna smiled, as she looked at them all. "Thank you. Now where to start, oh yes!" Yuna said, as she was flying around, trying to find her train of thought. "Well, we weren't always pixies. You see, we were once human. However while treasure hunting, to feed ourselves... we came across a spell that turned us into pixies." Yuna started.

"No way!" Tidus and Sora blurted out loud. Riku and Kairi's eyebrows arced.

"Rikku just had to open that chest," Paine muttered.

"Hey, I didn't know!" Rikku snapped.

"Anyways, we looked around whatever world we could find and found ourselves in, and tired to get some wizard to remove the spell or hex, or whatever it was," Yuna explained.

"But they were all jerks, and kept turning us away." Rikku added on. Tidus scowled at this news. The others frowned, feeling bad for their new friends.

"We were getting pretty desperate to find a way back to our normal selves." Yuna explained.

"That's when we met, 'the b-word with green skin,' As the mask guy put it." Rikku said.

"Maleficent." Riku growled, as he tightened one of his fists in anger.

Yuna nodded. "We were tempted by her offer, and most of the work she gave us was spying… However when we found out what she was doing with the information, we quit." Yuna stated.

"Only she didn't like that, and sent that goon after us." Rikku cried out.

"So is that why you were on the hush hush, the last time I saw you?" Sora asked.

The pixie girl nodded again.

"Well don't worry, I'll make sure that witch doesn't get her wrinkly old hands on any of you." Tidus promised.

"You mean, we will make sure she doesn't get you." Kairi said.

"Huh?" Tidus asked confused.

"Your one of us now, buddy." Sora said, laughing a bit at this and summoning his keyblade with a twirl.

"No I in team right?" Roxas thought out loud.

"Are you sure that's how it's said?" Xion asked Roxas.

"That makes you a part of our team, blitz ball boy." Kairi giggled.

"That is, if the coach will put you on the team." Riku reminded them.

Lea and Aqua had heard everything they were saying. So Aqua smiled as she walked over to them. "I'll have you know, Riku, that you're right, and I will teach Tidus, along with Lea, and this Mulan how to wield the keyblade." The blue haired Master stated.

Tidus looked at her grinning. "Right on Coach! I'll be your star player! " He said, pumping his fists in the air. "That is, if I can help out my friends." Tidus amended, pointing at Yuna, Rikku, and Paine.

Aqua smiled. "Oh of course, in fact, you've got lesson one done. A keyblade wielder is to aid those in need." The older woman then looked at the three girls. "You can all count on us, to protect you." She confirmed.

Rikku then zipped to Lea. "Thanks, I'm just glad we are in such, big, strong, capable, and warm hands." Rikku whispered in Lea's ears.

Lea just gave Rikku a slight grin, hearing her flirting with him.

'Oh great, another Lea.' Riku thought rolling his eyes.

Terra was writing something down, unknowingly to all of them, giggling, while doing it.

Riku looked around, seeing L's crystal cocoon. "So what about him?" Riku asked.

Lea looked at the case the Masked Man was formerly carrying. "Well, without the guy, Roxas, Xion, and Namine are stuck inside of Sora and Kairi. Since I can't make heads or tails about what he's got." The red head said.

"NO!" Both Roxas and Xion yelled, Namine frowning behind them.

Unknown to them, he'd heard their cries, and a fist punched open the cocoon from the inside, which cause Rikku to hide behind Lea. The man pulled himself out. The others looked a bit alarmed.

"Sorry about that. Now it's time for me to bring these three awesome kids into the world." L said.

End of Chapter 5. pt.2​

Alright, not one, not two, but three, count them, three new keyblade users! I wanted to add a few extra people from Disney and FF to make KH, even more of a crossover. Also, it's not because Mulan is one of my favorite Disney girls, and I'm a total FFX fan boy! Roxas, Xion and Namine are going to star next chapter.

See you later. Read, review, and post.
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Lanydx reborn said:
Read, review, and post.
That's quite a lot you've managed to post over the last three months. If you'd like an in-depth review, you might check out this thread and specify one chapter you'd especially like reviewed. It's difficult to take on a multi-chapter work like this all at once.


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Well I mean that for all my chapters.
Of course! But for someone coming into the story rather late, it's hard to sit down and give anything but a superficial review over multiple chapters. I just meant that, if you wanted something more in depth, you could suggest a particular chapter that you thought was especially good or represented the story as a whole. But I'm sure people would be glad to read and give their thoughts over the story as a whole. I'll give it a go myself later, when I have more time and energy.


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I just finished the first chapter. I find it interesting how you turned the Keyblade War into a religious allegory (or not even an allegory, but rather a straightforward mythology). The description and interaction between Sora and his mother at the beginning is very nice; I like her character. Going on from there, your writing style tends to spell things out very explicitly--what Sora is thinking at the moment, what his mother is thinking, what both of them are wearing, what Sora's background with the keyblade is, what his relationship with Kairi is and what his mother and Riku and everyone else thinks of it, etc, etc. After awhile, I find it becomes a bit exhausting, especially with the length of your chapters. You might consider leaving a few things unstated or implicit, and allow the reader to fill in the details as he reads the story.

The only other note is that, as the chapter goes on, spelling mistakes and typos become more common. If you haven’t already, it’s a good idea to read the entire chapter after you’ve finished writing it, to allow yourself to catch these errors that inevitably come up in any long piece of writing.

It looks like it’s shaping up to be an interesting story, and I haven’t even gone past the first chapter! Hope you can continue it.
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Good chapter. Didn't expect three Keyblade wielders to show up. But Xehanot's probably finding even stronger baddies to fight them. Can't wait to see what L's motives are, but I have a feeling that's a long ways away.

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Chapter 5. Home Coming pt.3​

In a darkened room, Xehanort was scanning a dusty old text book. He was sitting on a pure white marble chair that had been modeled after the ones he had built for The World That Never Was base. He looked up see Braig popping out of a portal of darkness.

"Hey boss, look I have good news and bad news." He started to say, as Xehanort gave him a dull look of annoyance.

"You see… bad news is… well I wasn't able to get Sora, or Kairi, and that Aqua chick is… alive and kicking. Now I know what you're thinking, but before you deep six me, Isa and the new guy are on their tail, and while you were off unlocking the keyholes... I managed to get some new members for our project." Braig stated in a quick fashion.

"Oh really, and who have you recruited for our cause?" Xehanort asked slightly interested.

"Do you remember ten years ago, when we made a project called Sephiroth? Also, Commander Garland is looking mighty addicted to war and darkness." Braig said, naming a few, seeing his boss more than pleased.

"Oh, and I managed to track down and detain Number 11 and 12. They were traitors, but they had some skill. The first two are in the other room, while the traitors are in our new dungeon." He said.

Xehanort gave a small smirk.

"Very good, Braig… to think I almost found you incompetent." The Fallen Keyblade Wielder said, as he came down by teleporting.

"Now, I want you to gain us a Princess of Heart, in case Saix and the Nightmare fail. I don't want that pathetic witch to gain the upper hand. I will be taking a look at our new allies, before sending them into the field." Xehanort ordered.

In turn the Free Shooter nodded and grinned.

"Don't worry, boss, I've got just the right hand beauty in mind." He muttered, while vanishing.

Back with our Heroes.

"Dude… this looks evil." Tidus deadpanned.

L was ignoring what the blonde was saying, as he finished creating a large, black chalk circle in Tina's living room. Sora and Kairi were bound to two mats in the middle of it, and around them were seven multi-colored orbs, with odd looking crests.

"L, I have to agree with Tidus on this one, what is all this? " Aqua asked, feeling concerned.

Tina nodding her head along in agreement with what the other two were saying.

The masked hooded man looked at everyone in the room: Aqua, Riku, Lea, Tina, Tidus, Lightning, Sazh, Serah, Snow, Yuffie, Vanille, Fang, and the three pixie girls that were holding onto three small crystals. Sora and Kairi were in the middle of this circle, and the others inside them were wondering what they had gotten into.

"Oh don't worry, this is just a little alchemy circle, and some Yuke magic orbs to keep things in balance, and finally those Clavat and Selkie crystals are keeping Roxas, Namine, and Xion's bodies stable." L explained, as he put down a plate, with one of Kairi's hairs, and two hairs from Sora.

"What's alchemy, and who magic? Speak english, L." Yuffie demanded, never hearing those terms before.

"Oh… just good people." L muttered. Aqua could hear a form of homesickness in his words.

"They aren't going to turn into heartless, right?" Riku asked as Snow, Lightning, Searh, Tina, and Aqua gave some very worried looks.

Sora and Kairi even gulped.

"Don't worry, I made sure that will not happen. However it will be painful for the two." The cat masked stated.

The spiky haired teen and the red headed Princess of Heart looked at one another.

"Sora, I won't leave your side no matter what. I promise." Kairi boldly stated, as she held his hand, while gently kissed him.

"I know you won't." He said, while kissing her back.

"Ew gross." Xion muttered.

Roxas and Namine could only blush as they turned from one another.

L then pulled out his two long daggers out of his sleeves. The carvings on the blades started to glow as he pulled out his book, and opened it.

"Lord, oh Father who is in Kingdom Hearts, Savior Son who walked with us, paid out debt and rose again, Holy Spirit in us all, I humbly plead for three souls who's lives were taken by the Devil's aid. Give them flesh and blood of their own, and let them live again! AMEN, AMEN!" The masked man prayed.

"Have you done something like this before?" Aqua asked.

"First time, don't worry... I'm mostly sure that this won't kill them." L admitted.

"WHAT!?" Everyone in the room yelled, but before anyone could do anything it started.

Soon like before, the pages in his book flew out and floated around like a tornado, then around Sora and Kairi. Soon the circle started to glow, along with the orbs and crystals. Everyone had become blinded by the light.

Kairi and Namine could feel their thoughts separate. Kairi was moving around in pain. She felt like her body had been lit on fire. Namine's entire being was leaving her heart, and her body. She screamed in pain, as well as Namine. Sora let her squeeze his hand, and she was nearly crushing it.

The plate with Kairi's hair started to spark and the crystal that Yuna was holding shot out a beam of light at the plate, causing it to float. It suddenly started to quickly create cells, and those cells made organs and a full skeleton. Soon eyes, skin, a pair of breasts, and a full head of oddly sun bleached hair was formed. They were looking at a fifteen year old Namine. Kairi, and Namine could see her new body. However, the bond they previously shared had been cut in half. As Kairi yelled a blood curdling scream, Namine's thoughts, memories, soul, and a newly made heart were blasted out of Kairi and into the newly formed Namine, who was crying out like a newly born baby. The circle had stopped glowing. Everyone, Sora, and Kairi included were baffled at what they just saw.

With a wave of his hand, L had magically set Namine down. Serah and Snow who had adjusted to the light first, quickly picked the girl up; who was now asleep. Tina, quickly got the girl a blanket to cover her with.

The man in the mask was about to remove Kairi from the circle, however she gave him a glare, causing him to stop.

"Sora, huff... always…kept his promise... pant, so…it's my turn to keep mine to... him." The Princess of Heart weakly mumbled, tired and out of breath. L nodded in understanding, because for her, it was a sign of love. And who was he to disrespect that?

Snow, Serah, Aqua, and Lightning were about to protest, when the circle started to glow again.

"SORA!" His mother cried out, as the exact same process had started.

Rikku and Paine held the crystals close, which were now starting to glow. The plate with Sora's two hairs started to form two bodies for Roxas and Xion. Sora, Roxas, Xion, and something else were shifting inside his body. Sora was screaming in agony, remembering his time as a heartless. He could see Xion dying. He watched Roxas fight to be himself. Then he gazed upon those glowing red eyes. All three of them were freaked out, having no idea what this damn thing was.

Sora screamed out as Xion left his body. Soon she was given the same type of body Namine was given. After her, Roxas was next, and Sora's heart was racing. He oddly felt, not only his own heart beating, but the beating of a second heart.

"What?" He thought, as he screamed in pain once again.

Roxas and Xion were born, and two Kingdom Key keyblades formed in their hands. L lifted them down, and in a blur, their green haired mother, and with Lea's help got a hold of the two of them. Thankfully they were covered.

"So are we done here? You know, with the holy hocus pocus?" The man with the afro asked, while expressing Riku's thoughts as well.

The masked man nodded his head.

"Yes, I just have to rework Sora's magic network, and-what up guys?" He asked, seeing everyone who was freaking out.

"What in Grand Pulse is that!?" Fang yelled out, as she pulled out her lance. Every keyblade wielder summoned their blade as L slowly turned around, and shrieked in horror.

They all looked to find a massive demonic looking fox head with glowing red eyes hovering over Sora. No one looked at the small dash of black light leaving Sora's body and vanishing.

"Oh no you don't, Old man Naruto would hunt me down if anything happened to his great grand… children... Yeah that's the word." The man thought. He made many hand signs until he threw his daggers at the fox monster. They cut the head cleanly into three parts. One went back into Sora, and the other two went into Roxas and Xion, even going through Lea and Tina.

The masked man made a few more hand signs, and soon the circle had vanished, turning into tiny white crystal particles.

"It… is… done." L mumbled, before dropping to the ground, tired and drained of any energy.

Aqua, Snow, and Riku went to Sora and Kairi, checking their vitals. Riku felt Kairi's heartbeat and pulse, which were normal. Her father picked her up and brought her with Namine and Serah. Aqua felt Sora's heartbeat and pulse. The pulse was normal, however, when she checked his heartbeat, she felt two heartbeats. Aqua then checked the other side of his chest and felt it, another actual heartbeat.

"What in the worlds? Did Sora always have this?" Aqua thought. The Keyblade Master made a mental note to ask his mother about this in private.

"Don't worry everyone, they are fine." Aqua said, feeling relieved, and seeing both of them fast asleep.

Everyone took a breath, Lea then grabbed a hold of L by his shirt collar.

"Hey buddy, mind filling us all in on what the heck that thing was!?" He asked with a growl, and pointing his keyblade at him.

"Hey man, just calm down, and give the guy a chance to talk. Before you go pointing that thing at him." Snow said, trying to keep the peace.

"Magic... network… spell has a random factor… Didn't take it into account… Sorry." He mumbled through his teeth before passing out.

"Okay Tina, looks like your home is become a resting bay." Snow joked, as Tina started to worry again.

"I have three kids instead of one… I'm... I'm... I'm so happy!" Tina said as she cried tears of joy, making everyone have a tiny sweat drop behind their heads.

An hour later, Sora had been resting in his own bed with Roxas and Xion, since it was a very large bed.

Kairi and Namine were now home with Serah, Lightning and Snow.

Tidus had gone reluctantly home with Yuna, Rikku and Paine.

Sazh and Riku went home, which took Riku some reassuring that Sora, Kairi, and the rest would be fine.

Lea was in the kitchen, putting an ice pack over one of his eyes.

"Ya know, you really shouldn't have said what ya said to Riku-mate." Vanille said cutely.

He could only groan as he looked at her.

"I didn't even know what an albino was, and how was I to know? They don't even look the same!" He ranted.

He then looked at her again.

"What are you still doing here anyway?" He asked.

"Oh, I'm healing Kitty Hood and the Trio, while Yuffie and Fang are out looking for heartless, while Master Aqua is away."

"Can you heal my eye?" Lea asked, showing a swollen black eye.

Vanille cast a cure spell on Lea's eye, healing it.

"You're lucky, that was the last of my magic. Used it on that… um, what was her name… she was kinda cute, older girl?" Vanille started to say.

"Mulan?" Lea offered, trying to help her out.

"Bingo, that's it!" The girl said happily.

"Think she's single?" Lea asked with a grin on his face.

"I hope so, maybe we can share her with Fang. Vanille offered with a cheeky smile.

"I think I like this girl." Lea admitted to himself.

The two heard a loud noise coming from upstairs. They checked the room where Mulan had been left to rest. She was wide awake and swinging her keyblade at a scared Tina. Lea quickly summoned his keyblade, blocking Mulan's keyblade with his own.

"Hey, Hey, Hey! Calm down, you're alright, got it memorized?" He yelled.

Mulan then took a look at where she was, after setting down her keyblade. The woman then dropped her keyblade in shock.

"What the? Where am I? What happened?! Who are you people!?" Mulan asked frantically.

"You're a friend of Sora's, right?" Tina asked her, seeing the war hero of her home world nod.

"Okay, well you're in his house, and his island, and the green haired lady you tired to swing at with your new keyblade is his mother." Lea explained.

Mulan looked back and forth between Lea and Terra.

She then bowed her head multiple times, blushing out of embarrassment and shame.

"I deeply apologize for my dishonor of you, Ma'am. Please forgive me. " Mulan asked.

"Um, it's fine, it's fine. Just relax, and tell us what happened to you." Terra requested.

Mulan thought about what she was going to say, and after a while the woman spoke.

"My home world was invaded, our armies, our civilians, and even our Emperor, were murdered, or turned into those heartless things. All thanks to this witch." Mulan said hollowly.

Lea and Vanille looked down. They knew how it felt to lose their home. Unknown to the three of them, Terra had felt the same way.

"I don't know how I'm here or, why I have Sora's weapon. The last thing I remember was fighting alongside... someone important. " Mulan said.

Lea shook his head.

"Er yeah, we don't really know why you have the keyblade either... I mean, it chooses the wielder. As for how you got here… We got someone who likes to help out." Lea explained.

"Help out, help out? That crazy fool shot us halfway across the cosmos!" A deep Eddy Murphy sounding voice coming out of Mulan's robes.

What came out of it was a small lizard looking red dragon.

"Mushu!" Mulan yelled out in a surprised fashion.

"AH TALKING LIZARD!" Everyone but Mulan yelled. Vanile had pulled out a fishing rod style whip and whacked the dragon against the wall with it.

In Yen-Sid's Tower, Aqua had removed her armor's helmet as she walked into the man's study room. She bowed her head upon seeing the bearded and retired Master .

"Master Yen-Sid, I wish to speak with you on an important matter." Aqua spoke out.

"It seems you have gained more students, and will be gaining more." The man cryptically said.

Aqua raised an eyebrow after hearing this.

"Come again?" She asked, getting closer to the old man.

"The stars have shown me that there have been new keyblade wielders chosen, and you are going to need them in order to face not only against Xehanort and his allies, but Maleficent and her growing army."

Aqua had a lump in her throat, but nodded her head.

"Then please tell me who they are, so we can find them." She requested. The young woman had Ven and Terra on her mind, but the new keyblade wielders would have to come first.

Yen-Sid made a crystal ball out of thin air, and the Master gazed at.

"One is a prince that was once a monster, currently in love with a Princess of Heart." He started, showing a beast like figure in fog.

"Another, being a man of the sea, cunning and wily." The crystal showed Aqua a skull and cross bones.

"Finally, and this one is the hardest to foresee… two hearts beating as one, who have played the Angel's game and lived." Yen-Sid stated as the ball vanished.

"Thank you for the help, Master Yen-Sid, but um... I'm getting a whole classroom, not that I'm complaining, mind you. Just wondering if Mickey could give me a hand?" Aqua said, feeling somewhat overwhelmed.

"Normally he would, however The King has fallen ill as of late." The wizard stated, seeing Aqua frown.

"Ah, yes, I have a gift I wish to give to that Namine, child." The wizard stated, as he pulled out an old looking paint brush.

"She may not be a wielder of the Keyblade, but this magic brush should be of some use to her." He muttered, as Aqua was given the brush.

"Thank you very much, Master Yen-Sid, I won't let you down, or any world down." The blue haired woman said as she left the room with a small smile on her face.

The man closed his eyes, and went deep into thought. He felt a dark portal being opened to his side, but he didn't look.

"Ah you have returned, your Superior Seeker of Darkness, I see you have brought along Miss Mushroom as well." Yen-Sid muttered.

He turned to find what looked like Xehanort's Heartless, only his outfit's color scheme was black and blue, and on his shoulder was what looked like a Red Mushroom Heartless.

"Bad news, old man. The Unversed have resurfaced, and my father is unlocking world keyholes." The Human Heartless warned.

End of Chapter 5 pt.3​

Okay, wow! This took me a while, but it was so worth it.

Last time in the old fic, I didn't have a grand thing worked out till later on in the story. This time, however, I got it all planned out, and I plan on using every ounce of my cast. Also, I really wanna mix in Disney and FF together like the games ought to. Anyways, please review and enjoy. I'll be seeing you next time.
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Chapter 6: Say it one more time, I dare you!​

Aqua was standing on the shores of Destiny Island at dawn. She allowed her students, who had family, to say their goodbyes. She could see one of her students, who no longer had family, Mulan, come running towards her.

The blue haired master turned, and faced the woman from the Land of Dragons.

"Master Aqua, good morning, ma'am." Mulan said, bowing her head in respect.

"Good morning, Mulan." Aqua replied, returning the bow.

"I was hoping we could get started on a keybalde...lesson, since compared to Sora... I'm clearly lacking." Mulan muttered, shamefully.

"Hey now, give yourself a break. You saved the world! You got skills." Said the little, red dragon who had popped out of her robe's sleeve to try and cheer her up.

Aqua looked curiously down at the dragon.

"Now, who are you?" She asked.

Mushu then shot out a bit of fire.

"Who am I? Who am I? I am the dependable, the respectable, the powerful Mushu!" He boasted for dramatics.

"He is my family protecter, and it won't be too hard of a job anymore..." Mulan said, a tad solemnly.

Aqua placed her hand on Mulan's hand.

"Mulan, I'm so sorry for what happened to your world, and as your master, you have my word of honor that I will do everything to restore your world. Sora seemed to have done it before, so it shall be done again!" Aqua promised.

Mulan gave her a small smile.

"Then you have my word of honor that I shall do my best as your student… even if I'm not the best at it." The former war hero said.

"Hey, we all have to start somewhere. Don't worry, the basics will go by very fast. You seem like a quick learner." Aqua assured her.

Mulan smiled again as Mushu came up to Aqua.

"Alright, some early morning training! So blue haired lady, what ya gonna teach my baby girl, and it had better be something good!" The Dragon asked smiling, while showing his white, shiny teeth.

Mulan rolled her eyes, as she played with her hair.

"Forgive him, Master Aqua, I'll be more than happy to learn whatever you have to teach me." Mulan stated.

"Well, can you summon your keyblade?" Aqua asked.

Mulan gave her a sheepish smile.

"I'm not sure how I did it the first time. Mine came out when I panicked, then it just vanished into thin air." She admitted.

Aqua pondered how she was going to explain summoning the keyblade.

"Well, the keyblade is in the space of your heart. What you do is find your center and it will come to your hand." Aqua stated, as she summoned her own keyblade.

"What kinda fortune cookie junk is that?" Mushu asked, rudely.

"Mushu, it's a form of meditation. " Mulan explained to the dragon, who was slowly be surely catching on to the lesson.

Mulan closed her eyes and focused on the keyblade. She listened to her own heart beating, and in a flash of fire, her keyblade appeared into her hand.

She smiled, while looking at her keyblade, with Aqua nodding in approval.

"Alright, now that you have mastered lesson number one, we can get started on some magic." Aqua said.

"Um...ladies does this island have freaky looking frog and wolf things?" Mushu asked.

The two women looked where the dragon was pointing. A pack of otherworldly looking wolves clouded in tv static were coming for them. On top of them were what looked like green frogs. But what was really odd about the beasts was that their limbs were multi colored and reminded Aqua of graffiti.

"Maybe they are friendly?" Mulan asked.

The wolves roared and lunged at them.

"Lesson number two!" Aqua said.


"Big Brother, Sora, Sora, Sora, Sora, wake up!" Xion, cried out, while poking Sora's face and jumping on his bed. She was still in her borrowed pajamas and Roxas was now dressed in a white t-shirt and black pants. All three of them were wearing silver crown necklaces. Roxas got an idea on how to rouse their brother.

"Hey, Xion…let's draw on his face." He said.

"I'm up!" Sora yelled, jumping out of bed.

"D'aw, that would have been fun." Xion whined.

"Hey don't worry, we have tons of bad guys we can mess with." Sora said.

Xion quickly got changed. She picked a yellow t-shirt and a pair of red shorts.

"So, do you guys remember everything?" He asked.

Roxas and Xion looked at each other, and then at their elder brother.

"Well... Roxas remembers a bit more than I do, but we remember Axel, and Sea Salt Ice Cream." Xion said.

"We also remember the keyblade, and the Heartless, and Nobodies…and the jerks in black coats." Roxas said, causing both of them to shiver.

"They used us, lied to us, and …I think…I think...I think they made us try and kill each other." Xion said sadly, trying to remember more.

"Xemnas, you are a jerkface!" Sora thought angrily, in his head.

He was happy that no one else was reading his thoughts anymore... that he knew of.

"Hey don't worry, you guys are yourselves. No one's a puppet, and you’re my brother and sister." He stated, while drawing them in for a big group hug. They hugged him back.

"Aw, group hugging without me?" Lea asked, as he walked into Sora's room.

"Hey Axel,” Both Roxas and Xion said, causing a small groan to leave Lea's lips.

"No… my name is Lea-whatever, Axel is fine. " Lea muttered, while waving his hand around, while shaking his head. "Anyway, your mom wanted me to tell you breakfast was-"

"FOOD!" The three keyblade wielder's yelled, as they nearly trampled on Lea as they ran down the stairs.

Riku was at the shore of the play island. He smiled when he spotted Sora, Roxas, Xion, and Lea who had a few kisses on his face, rowing a boat. Kairi, Namine, and Lightning were on another boat.

"Hey guys." Riku said, as he high five Sora and Kairi. He then noticed his two best friends kissing.

"Hey Riku." Sora said, while patting him on the back

"S’up buddy." Kairi said, while holding Sora's hand.

"So, how are you doing Namine, Roxas, and Xion?" Riku asked.

Namine was blushing while hiding behind Kairi with her notebook covering her mouth.

"Namine's a tad bit shy still." Kairi said, causing Riku to frown.

"Hey don't worry, we will knock that out of her." Xion said with a wide smile on her face. Roxas did the same, which made Namine's face look even redder.

Xion, however, started to stare at Riku's eyes, making him blush.

"What?" He asked.

"Oh, I'm just not used to seeing you without your blindfold. Your eyes are really nice." She said, while giving another smile.

"So let’s find our Master and Mulan… Hey where's Lea?" Sora asked.

"Over there." Roxas said, looking at Lea and Lighting who were attacking each other and swearing at one another. Kairi was freaking out.

"Ahh! Aunt Lightning, don't hurt him!" She cried out.

They all heard a large explosion from nearby. Everyone turned their head to find Aqua in the sand and a very dizzy Mulan. Their teammates pulled them both out of the sand.

"Right… Mulan, I think you have the magic down, even if all you can do is fire." Aqua said.

"So what was all that about?" Riku asked.

“Well, we were ambushed by some strange wild animals, but it isn't very important right now… let’s move on to armor and KeyRider lessons.” Aqua said dismissively, while dusting herself off.

Aqua was counting the heads of her students.

"Is Tidus here, or those fairy girls?" She asked.

Everyone looked around, including Lea and Lighting.

They could hear gasping and dripping. They found Tidus who was coming out of the water with Yuna, Rikku, and Paine looking wiped out.

"I'm here, I'm here, I'm here." Tidus said getting up, while dripping wet.

"We are very sorry for being later Master Aqua, it was our fault." Yuna said.

"More like his drunk jerk dad's fault." Paine muttered with Rikku nodding.

"Well now that everyone is here. Let's start with today's lesson." Aqua said with a smile.

For the next few hours everyone worked on the KeyRider. Most of them got their armor rather quickly, and before long the Destiny Islands shores had quite a few KeyRiders coming out of it. Sora, Xion, and Roxas to Aqua's surprise had KeyRiders that reminded her of Ven's skate broad. Their armors were different colors. Sora's was a mix between gold and light brown. His crown symbol was encrusted onto the torso. His helmet gave Aqua a Vanitas impression, with a few spikes on top.

Roxas's armor was almost in the shape of Ven's, however the color scheme was black and white. He also had a crown on his torso, and an X across it. Xion had a mix of pink, white and black. Her armor looked more like a spiked version of her old hooded coat. Kairi's armor had a more of a red and pink hue. Her helmet was heart shaped, and the armor itself was slender and lighter. Riku had red and purple coloring that reminded him sadly of his old darkness uniform, but he didn't complain since Lea's was just ridiculous. He looked a lot like a metal fire ball with a garish yellow and bright red color scheme. Mulan donned a green set of armor from her homeward, while Tidus had a blue samurai suit of armor.

Namine had no armor, but she was riding on Kairi's KeyRider which she nick-named the Arwing. Riku's KeyRider looked more like Aqua's motor bike. Mulan's reminded her of a parade dragon she'd see at festivals. Tidus had a longer sleeker looking bike design.

"Now Sora, I’m counting on you to lead us to the world of the Princess of Heart called Belle." Aqua said.

Sora nodded his head.

"You can count on me, Master Aqua… Weee!" Sora said, while spinning around on his board.

Everyone was entranced with the beauty and wonder of space. However, to the passengers with short attention spans, space was epic boring.

"Are we there yet? "Rikku asked, buzzing around Lea.

"Don't think so, Sweetheart." He said.

"Are we there yet?" Tidus asked.

"No." Sora said.

"Are we there yet?" Roxas said, trying to be irritating.

"No." Riku said, getting a little annoyed.

Seeing how their plan was working, Xion went next.

"Hey Kairi, are we there yet?" Xion asked.

"Ask your brother." Kairi said, while she was playing a 3DS game. Namine was using her new brush to draw on her notepad.

Mushu spoke up.

"Are we there yet?" He asked.

"Yes." Lea said sarcastically .

"Really?" Mushu asked hopefully.

"NO!" Both Riku and Lea yelled.

"Are we there yet?" Sora asked.

“WHAT DO YOU MEAN? YOU’RE LEADING US!?" Both guys yelled.

"Oh right, my bad." Sora said smiling.

Aqua felt a headache coming on.

"Think peaceful thoughts… Do not harm my comrades... No matter how much I want to right now." Mulan meditated.

After an excruciatingly long time, made longer by the pestilent pals, they landed near the massive castle of the Beast. They didn't know it yet, but they were being watched. A young woman in the shadows was showing off her black wings, fondly eyeing a small, strange looking green frog on her lap. The woman took another look at them all by using a sniper scope.

"That Keyblade Master and her little fire girl might have beaten my froggies and wolves… But let’s see how they, and their little buddies do against a BEAST? Yeah, let’s make some noise!" This new woman cackled with an insane grin.

End of Chapter 6.
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Kingdom Hearts: This is our story

Chapter 7. Tale as old as Time pt.1​

The Keygang had landed near a large, now white marble looking castle. Everyone got on their modes of transportation. Sora with bright eyes, spun around with his hands in the air.

"Welcome everyone to what I like to call 'The Beast's Castle!' Nice trees, gray skies, and dear LORD IS IT COLD!" Sora yelled, now shivering in his armor and realizing it was snowing. He, Riku, Kairi, Tidus, the twins, and the three fairies were not used to the cold.

Aqua was shivering as well, not nearly as bad as her island students and tiny charges. Lea and Mushu were the only ones not effected. Lea in question, quickly huddled with Mulan.

"Don't worry sweet dumpling, I'll keep you warm." He said slyly while making a small fireball.

Mulan just smiled and showed him a small fire on the tip of her keyblade.

"Thank you all the same, but I think I'm good." She said playfully, as Mushu blew him a quick raspberry.

Rikku on the other hand zipped to his chest.

"Keep me warm then, pretty please?" She begged, acting as cute as possible.

Lea smiled, as he pressed the button on his armor, making it vanish. He still wore his black coat, unzipping it and allowing the fairy to enter and warm up.

"Yunie, Paine, come in! It's nice and warm in here!" She yelled from Lea's chest.

"I would rather die!" Paine hissed.

"I..I'll just keep warm with Tidus. You have fun Rikku." Yuna said, while hugging Tidus's face.

"This is getting weird." Riku muttered.

"Can we we just please go to the castle...? I'm just wearing this short dress." Namine begged, shivering the most out of any of them. Kairi picked her up while lighting a fire spell to keep her warm.

"Thank you." Namine said cutely.

"Anytime, Namine." Kairi said with a smile.

They all started to walk in the snow. Roxas and Xion playfully picked up few snow balls and started throwing them at one another, and soon Sora got in on the act. He tossed one at Roxas but missed and hit a tree instead. Suddenly that tree started to move, revealing itself to be a gray bear. The creature roared and was joined by two more of its kind along with a pack of wolves, which Mulan and Aqua recognized by the graffiti arms.

"It's the freaky-looking wolf things!" Mushu yelled.

"I guess they aren't a part of your islands after all." Mulan said as she got into her fighting stance.

"Everyone get ready for battle." Aqua ordered.

Everyone, including Namine with her paint brush got ready for a fight.

Past the trees was the black winged woman. She tugged at her spiked collar while slightly playing with her long and light grayish brown hair. She then tapped on her black microphone.

"Hello, backwards world! This is Reaper DJ, and its Noise smack down night. We have for the home team the wolves and bears! Now who are they gonna crush?" The woman now known as DJ said with crooked smile." Why some people the UG have been going nuts over; The keyblade wielders! Oh and it's looks like beary has taken a swipe at the the red headed girl with the blonde in the cute white dress. Oh and the two spiky idiots are gonna play hero! Oh wait, they seem to have brain cells, no wait, that was a lie. Chew up the ragdolls puppies! The fire guy is melting the snow with, big surprise, his fire, and now-Oh no folks it looks like the blond with the fairy is attacking with water! What is up with that?!" DJ cried out, annoyed.

Her eyes then grew.

"Oh HO! It looks like the silver kid, the black shrimp girl and the blonde girl are gonna get wrecked by a bear, and HEY no using darkness that's cheating! Oh Oh looks like Master Blue is gonna go down for the count! Yes, Yes! No, No, NO! What was that blast thing she shot?! What was that?! Oh no folks, the keyblade wielders are pushing our boys back and crap, the bears are down thanks to the hot heads. Oh forget it." She muttered while smacking her forehead.

"Come back babies. Come back to Mama!" She cried with her mic. The woman vanished into TV static, followed by her menagerie of monsters.

Soon, everyone slowly came to the castle gates. They looked rather beaten and annoyed.

"Wolves, bears, and heartless… Next time we land right next to the castles!" Kairi muttered, Namine nodding in agreement.

"It's good training for all of you." Aqua said.

"Girl you be outta yo mind!" Mushu said.

"Mushu, hush!" Mulan hissed.

"No, I agree with Kairi and the dragon on this this one." Lea said, now missing half of his spikes.

"Can we just get in I'm f-freezing!" Namine said while shivering.

Sora, Roxas, Xion, Riku, and Tidus opened the castle gates, only to be greeted by several various forms of heartless. Aqua looked to Kairi.

"Get Namine inside, before she gets frost bite. Riku, Sora, cover her. The rest of us will handle them." She stated.

The teens nodded, and ran for the main doors. Lea shot out his spinning chakrams at the head of the Large Bodies when he was slashed by a Knight Heartless, only to be healed by Rikku's pixie magic. He then summoned his keyblade. Mulan was keeping the Soldiers and Shadows at bay, shooting Mushu and her keyblade like a rocket. The attack slashed and blasted many heartless back that were foolish enough to get in the way. Finally, Mushu shot out a fireball and blasted the heartless back into the darkness, and the hero of China caught both the dragon and keyblade in her arms.

Tidus, Yuna, and Paine were having a tough time with the Neo Shadows. Unlike the smaller shadows, they were quicker and Tidus wasn't used to fighting on land. Play fighting, sure he was alright but not to the death. Yuna fired small light beams, keeping them away from Tidus, who was stumbling in the snow. Aqua came to his aid and blasted a few out of the way.

Sora and Riku were letting Kairi and Namine run faster while they were busy dealing with the lower leveled heartless. Roxas and Xion were helping as well. Sora changed his keyblade from Kingdom Key to the newly found chainsaw form and was about to cut the door open as he and Kairi saw Namine looked quite ill. However the door was opened wide by a large man in a lavish blue and yellow suit, with white pants and boots and one heck of a face... With an iron sword he lunged into the battle as Kairi and the others ran into the warm castle.

"Damn, that's The Beast? He is hot, and I mean smoking hot! Then again… I think I would have like him better as a beast, might have made a good rug." The Reaper snickered, while petting a green frog.

Soon the heartless were destroyed. As the man reentered his home, he turned to the other keyblade wielders and motioned for them to come in. They took the invite and walked into the castle. Lea gave a low whistle as they gazed at the large, lavish looking castle hall. Aqua looked up seeing a beautiful young woman, wearing a blue dress and a white apron descending down the stairway. Lea and oddly little Rikku's eyes were now hearts as they gazed at her.

"Adam, what was going on outside?" She asked, meeting the man.

"It seems our old friend Sora has come for a visit, Belle, and he brought along a few new guests." He stated giving her a loving look, thus showing Aqua that these two were an item.

"I assumed that was his voice along with some extras. It's nice to meet friends of Sora, I am Belle." The woman introduced, while slightly curtsying.

Lea quickly, grabbed kissed her hand.

"Ah madam, your greeting and kind smile has warmed my body and soul. Is there anyway, I can return the favor? Maybe in the ways of your people's love." He asked while winking at her.

Aqua frowned, while Belle rolled her eyes and gave a half smile. However before the two women could say anything, the man of the castle grabbed him by his hood and threw him back out into the snow, shutting the door. He could hearing banging and yelling, from both Lea and Rikku. He gave a satisfied smirk only to have it drop after seeing Belle disapproving gaze.

"Adam.." Belle said, waiting for him to do the right thing. Not wanting to disappoint her, the man opened the door and yanked Lea back in by his collar.

"You make any more remarks like that to her, and you're out, got it?!" He growled at Lea, who was sweating bullets.

"Yep, sure, no problem." He muttered, before he was dropped on the floor.

"Ow, you big meanie!" Rikku cried out, coming out of Lea's coat. She joined Yuna, Paine and Tidus.

"Now who might you all be?" Belle asked.

"I am Master Aqua of the Keyblade, and these including Sora, Riku, and Kairi are my apprentices, Mulan, Lea, and Tidus. And our three pixie friends are Yuna, Rikku, and Paine, your Highness." Aqua stated.

Belle smiled while she blushed.

"Well it's nice to meet you all, however you don't need to call me your highness... Belle is just fine." She said.

Mulan bowed her head, Tidus smiled and waved along with Yuna, Rikku, and Paine who bowed. Lea smiled too, but only slightly with Adam glaring at him.

"AH! TOO HOT!" They heard Sora yell across the west hall. Mushu rolled his eyes remembering when he was in the army and he would always burn his tongue on soup. He spotted Mulan laughing at the memory.

"Mulan, could you and the others make sure Namine, Sora, and the others are fine... I need to talk with Prince Adam, and Belle on what's going on." Aqua ordered.

"Cogsworth, my butler shall take you to them. Cogsworth!" He called.

In a flash, a small man in brown suit with a curly mustache came in.

"Yes Master?" He asked in an English accent.

"If you've seen Sora, and I take it that you have, bring Master Aqua's apprentices to him and the others." He ordered.

"Of course sir. Come along honored guests, we shall find Master Sora, and the other young masters and madams." Cogsworth said.

They followed the clocking looking man, however out of the corner of Lea's eye he took notice of some sexy french maid girls. He licked his gloves to smooth his hair and gave chase, but then he remembered he was supposed to check on his friends.

"Later." He muttered, rejoining the rest.

Meanwhile, Braig and another hooded figure with purple fire symbols on the sleeves of his robe made their way into the castle.

"When do I get to kill Sora?" He asked.

"Easy small fry, you've been out of the game for ten years. First we gotta nab not one, but two Princesses of Heart, and we need to nab Sora. His little buddies however are fair game. So let's just leave the castle to Saix... As for the village west from here... doesn't it seem too quiet?" Braig asked the younger hooded man, who gave him a child-like psychotic smirk.

End of Chapter 7.​
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You update a lot and the story has a nice set of pace. All of the cast of characters you've shown have had good amounts of screen time. You pull this off extremely well. I'll admit, I'm quite out of touch on the Disney villains, so I probably won't comment much on them. On the other hand, I was taken by surprise to see so many keyblade wielders. Master Aqua sure does have her hands full. Will we learn later on, why so many have been given the keyblade? Or does Sora's connection to them play a bigger part in it? Moving along, I loved the humor between Lightning and Axel/Lea. That never gets old. I'm quite pleased to see some final fantasy related villains will be in this too, besides Sephiroth for a change. Also, was that Auron or Jecht who told Tidus "This is your story."? And I agree with Spirit, the pickup lines were highly amusing.

I hope to see more chapters soon.

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Chapter 7. Tale as old as Time pt.2​

Deep within the happy and bright Disney Castle, a young mouse looking woman was wearing a large, pink dress with a necklace and crown sitting atop of her head, who was pacing the marble floors of her castle.

"Gawrsh Queen Minnie, you’re gonna make a hole in the floor. The King wouldn't want ya all tuckered out." The humanoid dog in armor said in a concerned tone. With his familiar round shield, and comically buck teeth, the Worlds knew him as Goofy.

"I can't help it, Goofy. Mickey just isn't getting better. My magic, and Donald's healing magic isn't helping." Queen Minnie softly panicked.

"Come on Minnie, you need to rest yourself." Said Daisy Duck, her friend and adviser.

"Wait, Wait, Wait!" Minnie yelled, as she was being pulled away.

"Gawrsh." Goofy said before going back to his post. He kept on marching until he was knocked back by one Donald Duck, who was looking at an old looking leather bound book.

"Goofy, Goofy, I found something! I found something that could heal the King!" Donald squawked.

Goofy looked confused as the court mage showed him a picture of a golden flower with a sun under it.

"That's a pretty picture Donald, but how's it gonna heal the king?" Goofy asked.

The duck rolled his eyes at his friend's dimwitted nature.

"The picture isn't gonna help you dolt! The flower has super magic healing powers when you sing to it!" Donald snapped.

"Oh… well then let’s go find it with Sora!" Goofy said happily.

"I'll go get the ship." Donald said.

"…I gotta go tell the Queen and Max." Goofy said, running the other way.

Meanwhile at the former Beast's castle…

"Master Aqua… is this true?" Belle asked a tad surprised, and nervous. Adam on the other hand was giving a grim scowl.

"Yes, I'm sad to say the leader of the Organization XIII that harassed you before, has returned and will be coming after the both of you again." Aqua said calmly, seeing Adam was giving her a dark glare.

"Let him come, I'll make sure he doesn't set foot within an inch of Belle or anyone else ever again!" He boasted while pulling out his sword.

"Adam, I don't think that would be wise. You, Sora, Goofy, and Donald may have beaten Xaldin, but it nearly cost you your life, and now you’re only human." Belle warned him.

"Well I need to do something to keep you safe!" Adam nearly yelled, while trying to keep himself under control.

"Actually there is something, you can do." Aqua informed them.

The prince and the Princess of Heart looked at the blue haired woman.

"Well Master Yen-Sid told me that you could become a wielder and I could train you… if you wish." Aqua said with a smile.

"A wielder of the keyblade… like you and Sora?" Adam asked.

After thinking about it for a bit he made up his mind.

"I'll do whatever it takes to protect Belle, and my castle." Adam promised.

Aqua then summoned her keyblade in front of the both of them.

"Touch my keyblade, and we shall begin." She ordered as he did so.

"Hot, Hot, Hot!" Sora whined, fanning his tongue while making Kairi, Xion and Mulan laugh.

"Dude, when are you gonna learn to wait?" Tidus asked, while smirking a bit at his friends pain, while Mushu smacked his forehead.

"I wouldn't be talking, Mister Curry." Kairi pipped up laughing as she drank her tea.

"Mr. Curry?" Yuna asked, seeing Tidus blush from embarrassment.

"Let’s just say Tidus bit off way more than he could chew… and it was hilarious."Riku added.

"Oooh you have gotta tell us the story." The tiny Rikku asked, wanting to dig into the tale.

"Please don't!" Tidus mumbled, however Riku didn't hear him.

"Well it all started-" Riku was about to proceed with the story, when a plump looking old English woman wearing a light purple dress and white apron came in with a sliver tray of drinks.

"Anyone care for a spot of tea?" The woman asked.

Mulan was the first to ask, as she was given a cup

"Thank you very much Miss…?" The war hero asked, while taking the teacup and trying to find out her name.

"Just call me Mrs. Potts, dear." The woman nodded with a smile.

"Thanks Mrs. Potts." Tidus said. Yuna, Rikku and Paine went to the blond's cup to warm up.

"Oh my wee, fairy girls!" Mrs. Potts said surprised.

"We won't harm you, don't be alarmed!" Yuna said in a worried tone.

"Oh I trust you luv, we have quite a few books on fairies in the castle library. " She explained.

That caught the three fairies’ attention.

"…Would it be alright if we were to take a look?" Yuna asked.

"I don't see why not. I’ll take you there myself." Mrs. Potts said.

"Thank you very much! Come Tidus!" Yuna said happily, while yanking the blonde Blitzball ace player to follow her, along with Rikku and Paine.

"Kairi, can I go with them? I might find some art books, and I want to know how to use my new brush." Namine said, while Roxas would have rather had her stay.

"Sure, just follow Miss Potts." Kairi said, as she helped her up. Roxas also made sure Namine didn't lose her balance.

"I’ll just make sure Namine gets there okay, and maybe find her something more warmer to wear." He offered.

"Well… thank you very much." Namine said, blushing.

"Have fun on your date, you two." Lea snickered.

"Don't get cooties from kissing, Roxas." Xion warned.

"S-SHUT UP, YOU TWO!" Roxas yelled, while Namine just blushed as they left, following Tidus and the others.

Kairi elbowed Lea in the gut.

"What was that for?" He hissed.

"You earned it." Mulan said, looking annoyed at her fellow fire user.

"You don't get to tease Namine." Kairi stated in a matter of fact tone.

"So why didn't you hurt Xion?" Lea asked, while rubbing his stomach.

"That will be Sora's job." Kairi said eyeing Sora, while Xion panicked.

"Princess of Heart, my butt! I thought they had to be pure or somethin’?” The tiny dragon muttered.

"Hey I am pure, pure awesome!" Kairi bragged, making Sora smile.

"Sure, whatever you say." Lea muttered.

"I wonder how our master is going to make Adam into a keyblade wielder?" Mulan thought aloud.

"She said something about a ceremony." Riku said.

"That would be the ceremony of succession, but you will learn about that later." Aqua stated, entering the room.

"Master Aqua, where is Belle and the Prince?" Mulan asked.

"Oh, I'm starting his training downstairs, and Belle is watching us." Aqua explained.

Everyone looked at her, a bit confused.

"How?" Everyone asked.

Aqua made a few familiar hand signs and in a puff of smoke, another Aqua appeared before them all. Her students gave her impressed and awed looks.

"Yuffie's spell. That looks like it'll come in handy." Riku noted.

Aqua nodded.

"Oh it will, since I might be having a bigger class than I thought. One clone will help Adam, another shall train Lea, Mulan, Tidus, and Namine…speaking of which, where are Namine and Roxas?" Aqua asked, noticing Roxas, Namine, Tidus, and the pixie trio were gone.

"Oh they're in the library." Kairi told her teacher.

"I see. Well Sora, Riku, Kairi, and Xion I have a job for the four of you." Aqua stated.

"Master Aqua?" Riku asked, unsure of what was about to happen.

"Xion, go get Roxas. Sora, Riku, Kairi go back outside. I'll meet you there.”

Sora, Riku, and Kairi slowly got up and left the fireplace to go outside. They quickly put on their armor and lit a tiny fire as they said their goodbyes to everyone and Mrs. Potts.

As they were leaving though, they could hear yelling and screaming from the former Beast, and arguing from both Aqua and Belle.

"Is he normally like this?" Kairi asked.

They heard a chair break.

"He's getting better. He only broke one chair that time." Sora said with a small smile. Kairi and Riku gave him an odd look.

Meanwhile the youngest Branford felt like she was getting lost in the large castle.

"Roxas? Roxas, Tidus, fairy girls? Anyone?" Xion yelled at no one.

"….Maybe I should have clarified where the library was first." Xion said to herself.

"Hi." A small child's voice cried out, which made Xion jump and point her Keyblade at him.

"Whoa, you’re like Sora and the other new guys! I’m Chip, who are you?" The servant boy known as Chip asked.

Xion tried to regain her composure.

"I'm Xion, nice to meet you Chip. Say have you seen a guy with spiky blonde hair, a girl in a dress, three cute pixies and another blonde guy?" Xion asked.

"Oh sure. They went into the library, I can take you." Chip offered.

Xion smiled. "Thanks you’re a lifesaver."

Xion and Chip entered a room lined from top to bottom with bookshelves. They found Namine painting and using her new brush. Roxas and Tidus however were busy taking out book after book after book as Yuna, Rikku and Paine were checking the paper tomes.

Namine was so focused on her art, she didn't even hear Xion or Chip come in. Xion tip-toed, and snuck behind her to see what her friend was doing, who was now wearing a fur coat and drawing.

However Roxas spotted her. "Hey Xion!" He called out, unknowingly foiling her plan.

"Hey Bro, Master wants you with me, Sora, Riku, and Kairi." Xion stated.

Roxas smiled, however he looked a tiny bit worried at Namine.

"Roxas don't worry, I'm fine. Go on." Namine urged him.

"Daw, don't worry Roxas. You'll get to make out with your girlfriend soon." Xion said, while making kissing noises. Roxas growled and Namine hid her face with her notepad. Roxas chased after his laughing sister.

There was a loud CLANG as the siblings ran right into a suit of armor.

"I hope they are alright." Yuna said while smiling a bit.

"They're fine… I think." Tidus muttered.

Soon Sora, Riku, Kairi, Xion, Roxas, and another Aqua shadow clone were out in the snow once again with their KeyRiders hovering nearby. Belle was on horseback and wearing a heavy cloak.

"So we're taking Belle to go see her dad until the heats off?" Kairi asked.

"Better to be safe than sorry."" Aqua said.

"Let's not take any chances. Xehanort or Maleficent could use her father as bait to lure her out." Riku muttered.

"I’m sure Papa is fine, I hope." Belle muttered.

"Dashing through the snow." Sora sang as he zipped past the rest.

"O’er the fields we go!" Roxas sang along catching up to Sora.

"Laughing all the way!" Xion finished as the trio started to race. Kairi laughed out loud, while Riku started to feel a vain about to pop out.


"Huh?" All three Brandfords asked as they crashed into three snowmen all at once, causing Kairi and Belle to burst out laughing. Riku smacked his forehead.

"At least they know how to be entertaining." Belle admitted.

“Look out!”

The Aqua clone had noticed a pack of wolves, along with a few heartless. The Keyblade Master shot out a flare that blinded the beasts, and Roxas, Sora and Xion started hacking away at them. Riku and Kairi were using fire magic to keep the creatures away from Belle. After a few more beatings the wolves ran away while the heartless were blasted back into the darkness.

Sora, Roxas, and Xion got back on their KeyRiders, and continued the journey to the town.

"Ah it will be so good to see Papa again." Belle said to herself, her face nearly glowing.

"Sounds like you haven't been home in a long time." Kairi said.

"No, I admit, I haven't... I just hope…" Belle started to say when she grew quiet.

"Something up Belle?" Sora asked.

"Oh no, it's fine. I might be worrying over nothing. I don't want to keep everyone out in the cold." She said, her eyes still so bright. It still amazed Aqua, Riku and even Sora, that there were seven girls so full of love and light.

They kept going until the town came into view. However, both Kairi and Belle felt something evil was coming from the village and the mountains. Sora and Riku gave Kairi a worried look.

The six keyblade wielders and the Princess of Heart got off their various modes of transportation just outside the small village, which looked like something out of seventeenth century France with the wooden houses, cobble stone streets, and hanging street lamps, the whole place covered in glittering white snow. The only thing missing was the people.

"Where is everyone?" Belle asked.

Sora, Riku, Kairi, Aqua, Roxas, and Xion also noticed that it was eerily quiet. Almost as if the place was a ghost town.

"Anyone here?!" Sora yelled out loud.

Soon more heartless came out of the wood works. Armors, Knights, a few large green spike balls, Large Bodies, Neo-Shadows, and one flying cage like heartless that had a red colored mushroom heartless. It looked like it was trying to get out as it banged on the bone like bars.

Sora blocked the oncoming attacks from the sword the Knight heartless swung around for Belle. He quickly cast Protect on her, making a force field and continued hacking and slashing away. One Knight heartless slashed away him until he was against a lamp post. Sora managed to use his Keyblade to make himself spin around like a buzz saw, and surprised the attackers by ripping them apart like a drill. Belle grabbed the boy, making sure he didn't fall to the ground.

Kairi remembered what Sora and Riku told her about larger heartless before they left the island, and dashed around the Large Bodies to launch an all-out assault on their weak spot; the back. One turned around, whacking her to the side. She quickly dodged rolled to avoid the next few attacks, trying to think about what type of spell to use. She didn't realize that she was storing a lot of concentrated magic.

Aqua saw she was about to perform a Shock Lock command.

"Kairi, fire now!" Aqua ordered.

Kairi's Keyblade blasted a laser beam of pure light that wiped out the Large Bodies and the cage heartless. However the Mushroom heartless was spared as she ran out of magic, clinging to Kairi's leg in gratitude.

Roxas and Xion went after the Neo-Shadows. They were fast, so the two cast Stop to freeze them in time. Then the two took a page out of Lea's book and started spamming the Fire spell. Soon the Neo-Shadows vanished, but new ones took their places. The yellow-eyed overgrown shadows kept coming, which reminded Roxas of a time he had to fight what felt like a hundred of them in The World That Never Was. Out of nowhere, Roxas and Xion's keyblades burst into flames, and they themselves were set on fire. In a panic they threw their keyblades in a Strike Raid manner and it made a whirlwind of fire that wiped out the rest of the Neo-Shadows.

Riku and Aqua were the ones left to deal with the green spike heartless. The Aqua clone did a cartwheel to dodge out of the way. Wanting to end this quickly she used her Duel Link with Ven, not realizing it was effecting Sora. Gaining her friend's speed and many Thundaga spells, the master sent the heartless flying into the air. Riku, eyeing an opportunity, jumped into the air and finished the job with an old attack called Dark Break. He slashed and bashed into the Heartless as they vanished into the void.

Aqua was about to say something to Riku when Kairi spoke up.

"Oh hello there." Kairi said in a friendly manner as the Mushroom heartless kept hugging her.

"Don't worry Kairi! I'll get rid of it!" Her Master declared.

"Wait Master Aqua, stop! Don't hurt it! That's a good one." Sora cried out. That got her to stop as the Mushroom heartless hid behind Kairi.

"Come again, Sora?" Aqua asked with a bit of disbelief.

"Don't worry. That one is harmless. They can actually help out." Sora stated.

"Are you sure?" Aqua asked, still not willing to let her guard down.

"I just wanted to play in the snow with my boyfriend. I won't cause you trouble, I swear. Oh, I’m Molly Mushroom by the way." The mushroom heartless spoke in a female voice.

Everyone just stood there. They had never heard a heartless speak, or even say it had a name before. After an uncomfortably long pause, Belle and Kairi got on their knees and shook the mushroom heartless's hand.

"It is nice to meet you, Miss Mushroom, I am Belle." The older Princess of Heart introduced.

“I'm Kairi. Those guys over there are: my boyfriend Sora, his brother and sister, Roxas and Xion, my best friend Riku, and my teacher, Aqua." Kairi said smiling.

"Charmed. It’s nice to meet you. Thanks for sticking up for me, Sora." Molly said as her yellow eyes shined a bit brighter.

"It’s fine, you guys helped me out on my first adventure. Just returning the favor." Sora said, scratching his nose casually.

"How can you talk?" Riku asked, very curious.

"I'd like to know this as well." Aqua said, finally putting her keyblade down.

"Oh well that's a long story. I’m sure you’re very busy, and I need to find my Cutie Pie. It was nice meeting you all. Till we meet again." Molly said.

"Wait!" Aqua cried out, but sadly her plea fell on deaf ears as the heartless vanished into thin air.

"Well that was... random." Riku spoke up.

"I liked her." Xion said smiling.

"Well let’s move on, and find Belle's father." Aqua ordered, as they walked into the village and headed a bit further into the village.

Everyone was on the lookout for more heartless, or those strange new attackers. Just then they heard some commotion at what looked like a pub. The door was flung open by a burly, large chinned man in a red tunic and hunting gear. With him was a much shorter man with greasy black hair and buck teeth, who was knocked out cold and hanging by his shirt on the door.

"Lefou! Gaston!" Belle called out, wanting to help them. She didn't care for either of them, but Belle didn't want to see them hurt.

Suddenly a very drunk and angry looking DJ stumbled outside. They Keyblade wielders and the Princess of Heart were taken aback by her black, skeleton like wings on her back and mic-stand scythe. Sora thought she was someone out of Halloween Town.

"Where are you, you one eyed d#%@! I'LL TEACH YOU TO HURT MY BABIES!" The reaper woman yelled in a drunken rant.

Belle saw something flicker in the corner of her eye and moved out of the way as Braig appeared out of nowhere. Aqua attacked the man, however her shadow clone vanished into a puff of smoke. Riku and Sora got Belle and Kairi out of his reach.

Roxas and Xion got one look at the dude and something happened. In a burst of rage a fiery form of energy started to flow out of their bodies, and for a split second their eyes went from blue to a blood red hue. Their keyblades shot out an unknown spell that blasted the man into a building. DJ dodged the attack, causing her to double over and vomit. Kairi had Belle take the lead as Sora grabbed his two siblings as they came back to their senses followed by Riku.

"What happened?" Xion asked feeling hazy.

"Talk later, keep running, and keep Belle safe!" Riku ordered, taking charge.

However they didn't see another enemy hiding in the shadows that was slowly following them.

Near Prince Adam's castle, a sinister figure gazed at it. The horned green skinned woman grasped her long black stuff, the green orb on top glowing with a sickly green flame. She grinned in a sinister manner, gazing at the nearby trees. The witch summoned many heartless, singing under her breath.

"I know you, I walked you once a dream. I know you, the gleam in your eyes is so familiar a gleam." She sang in a hollow, eerie, and wicked tone.

The heartless around her could feel her evil magic. Their eyes started to change from yellow to green.

"Yet I know it's true that visions are seldom all they seem." Maleficent sang as the forest itself was starting to bend to her will. The ground started to shake, bringing to the surface what looked like four coffins.

"But if I know you, I know what you'll do. You'll love me at once, the way you did once upon a dream." The Mistress of all Evil finished her spell in a mocking tone of Princess Aurora's song.

The trees wrapped around the heartless causing them to scream and change into large tree demon soldiers, spewing green flames. They had the heartless symbols on their chests and the witch's horns sprouting from their heads. The coffins opened as well. The unchanged heartless went into them, and turned into humanoid undead Land of Dragon soldiers. She pointed at the castle, and the newly made army made its way toward the sanctuary.

Aqua was already having issues back at the castle. Tidus, Mulan, Lea, Namine, and even Adam were making progress on their training, but losing the clone worried her greatly. The blue haired woman allowed a short break, giving her time to get her magic back. While resting she found the fairy Rikku in a panic, along with Yuna who was being comforted by Tidus.

"What's the matter?" Adam asked, concerned for the young girl. Lea was busy with his young maids.

"Maleficent's here! S-She found us! We can feel her… ugh evil." Rikku cried out.

The Prince gave a large scowl and summoned his keyblade, which was known the Divine Rose Keyblade.

"Perfect." Aqua thought sarcastically.

End of Chapter 7. pt.2​
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That was definitely worth the read. From Lea's constant hitting on every girl in sight, to Kairi's pure awesome line. Didn't expect Sora to be Naruto's decedent, or have the Kyubi inside him (now inside Xion and Roxas). It was cool to see the Reapers show up, and from Yen-Sid said I'm guessing Neku and Shiku are going to show up. And if they do end up going to Shibuya, I can already see the laughs coming. Anyone keep up the good work.


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Another enjoyable chapter to read. Xion amuses me to no end as she teases Roxas and Namine. Those two make quite the cute couple. Gosh, brandford children can be quite the goofballs, but to see Mulan stick up for Namine, when Lea joined in on the teasing was quite surprising. You've definitely given her more of a personality. I can't wait to see how things go, when Donald and Goofy start searching for the golden flower with healing properties. (Tangled was an excellent movie.) Adam sure does have a ways to go on controlling his temper, and I hope he can fight in a short amount of time with his keyblade. It feels so weird seeing Aqua use the clone jutsu, and yet it comes in handy. Out of curiosity, can Aqua harm Sora/Ven through the D-link, since it mentions effecting Sora? Maleficent showing up out of the blue makes things even crazier and exciting. Gosh, so much going on, but it makes me want to read more of it. :D

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