KHII: Tale of Two Keyblades-Chapter One



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DoI live in a fantasy realm? Or is there another world for me? Everything is sostill unclear…I know I’ll find the answers I’m looking for. Through my dreamsand imagination-Ryon

Ascattered dream like a far off memory. A far off memory is like a scattereddream. I want to line the pieces up-yours and mine ~Sora

The dream had been like that of a scattered film froma movie unable to follow what was happening. Jumping from one scene to the nextand to the next. Characters that seemed recognizable yet weren’t all the same.

Sora, his white haired friend, another young man andKai-racing behind trying to keep up.
“Giving up already?” Their white haired friend hadasked.


The sunset hitsthe ocean’s surface sparkling under its warm glow. Sora, Aryon, their whitehaired friend and Kai-all sitting on the beach together. "If there are anyother worlds out there, why did we end up on this one?" asked his whitehaired friend. Sora and Aryon glance at him.

“I’m not-.” Aryon begins but it skips to the nextscene.


They’re in a cave now with chalk drawings. Of them andtheir friend Kai- and other artwork drawn on the grey rocks around. Aryonplaces his hand on one when he jumps back with Sora out of fright at a strange,hooded figure.

"This world has been connected.”
“Who’re you?”Aryon demands boldly. Clenching his fist tight at his side.
"Tied tothe darkness..." said the figure.


The sky is abright orange and yellow when Ryon opens his eyes, a soft smile on his facesitting on one of the many rooftops in Twilight Town early that morning. Thetrain station bells ringing about through the morning air his legs lazily swingingover the edge. His light blue hair ruffles in the breeze.

“Ryon? You up there?!”


Looking downhis eyes brighten almost instantly at the sight of his childhood friend Roxassmiling up at him. That’s right. How could he forget? “Oh! Roxas: Yeah hang ona sec alright? I’ll be right down.” He called to the brown haired boy quicklymaking no haste getting into his bedroom through the window.

A few hours later.

At the Usual Place that was just under the traintracks Hayner, Olette, Pence and Ryon were talking among each other. Olettelooks over to where Roxas is seeming to be deep in thought. Even Ryon, astalkative as the guy could be seemed quiet today.

"Man, doesn't that tick you off?" Haynerquestioned looking at his gang with his fists clenched.

"Yeah,that's just wrong.” Pence agreed.

“Seifer’s gone too far this time.” Olette nodded kicking her foot.

The trio glanceover at Ryon and Roxas who merely nod. Looking down at their shoes. “…You had that dream again. Didn’t you?” Ryon mouthed as the other male nods lowlymouthing back a ‘Yeah’ in response. This had been going on for as long aseither could remember. When they thought they had it figured out it seemed theywould only run into another brick wall.

"I mean, it's true that stuff's been stolenaround town. And we've got a score to settle with Seifer and everything. So if he wants to think we did it, I can't really blame him. See...that's not whatreally bugs me. What really bugs me is that he's goin' around tellin' everybody we're the thieves!
Now the whole town and their mothers are treating uslike the Klepto Club! Have you ever been this ticked off before in your life?'Cause I haven't. Nuh-uh, never. Now...what to do?" Hayner asked.

Olette, not sure what she should say when Roxas speaksup. "Uh...well... We could find the real thieves. That would set therecord straight.”

“Hey that sounds like fun!” Pence said with eyeslighting up running off to get something.

Ryon crossed his arms over his chest. “To be honest I wouldn’t mind giving the guy a goodslug in the face.”

"What about Seifer?" asked Hayner his armsacross his chest.

Roxas standsand explains "First, we gotta clear our names. Once we find the realculprit, everyone will get off our backs."

Hayner growled in response and Ryon rolls his eyes athis friend’s temper. "Oh no! They're gone!" yelled Pence alarmed.

Everyone looked over to see him staring at his camerawith a worried expression. “What is it Pence?” Ryon asked walking over with theothers.

“Our ----! They’re gone.” He exclaimed, having a handover his throat with the inability to speak the word aloud.

"All our -, gone? Huh?" said Hayner as hedoes the same.

"Huh? You can't say -? Why not?" Olette said with a gasp.

"But you do understand what I'm saying, right? Our - are gone!" Pence exclaimed.

"Stolen...And not just the -. The word -! They stole it too!" said Roxas.

Ryon shook hishead in disbelief. Not even someone like Seifer could pull this one off. “I don’t like this. Not one bit.”

"All right, time for some recon!"


The teenagers ran off yet the minute they try Roxasand Ryon are overcome with a dizzy feeling falling to their knees. “Roxas? What’s-?” Ryon tries but darkness soon becomes his vision after he collapsesbeside an already knocked out Roxas.

“Hisheart is returning. Doubtless he will wake soon.”

Roxas is the first of the two to awake, standing upand brushing himself off glancing back at the doorway. “Huh? Ah! Ryon!”
He gasped watching the other male pick himself back on his feet rubbing his headtenderly looking at his friend with a wide-eyed expression. “Are you alright?”

“Think so…This has been happening way too much for myliking though.” Ryon declared with a wince.

“Roxas? Ryon?”

They looked upto see Pence and Olette still waiting for them. “Are you guys coming?” Oletteasked as the boys give a nod assuring her that they were.

After they talked tonumerous shop owners around the area, the group ran towards the Sandlot. Vivi,Rai and Fuu were talking with their backs turned. Vivi notices them putting hishat in his hands looking at Ryon with a narrow of his yellow eyes making himwince.

“Vivi…Let us explain-.”

“Thieves!” Fuu declared.

"That was low, y'know!" said Rai holding his fist up.

Vivi put hishat in his hands wringing it in his hands.

"Ohyeah?" said Hayner getting in a fighting stance.

“Nice come back Blondie.” Olette has to hold Hayner back from jumping at Seifer now in thefront of his group. "You can give us back the - now" commanded Sefier.

"Yeah! You're the only ones who would take it,y'know?" Rai says with his hands on his waist.

"That was undeniable proof that we totally owned you lamers. So what did you do? Burn it? Ha, not that we need some - to prove that you're losers.” Seifer did a little circle around the group, smirking at Ryon who wants nothing more than to punchhis jaw and break it but holds himself back.


Seifer laughs after Fuu calls it out. “Now you’re talking!” He, Vivi, Fuu and Rai soon get into position as do Roxas, Ryon and Hayner. "I guess if you get on your knees and beg, maybe I'll let itslide.” Roxas makes a move forward only to be stopped by Ryon.

“Ryon don’t.” Hayner hisses.

“You can’t be serious.” Roxas tries but their wordsare deaf to his ears.

The blue haired male gets down on both of his knees, pursing his lips in a thin line as hehears Seifer and his group laugh before the slyest of smirks graces his face. He grabs a Struggle bat preparing to duel with their old ‘enemy’ tossing another to Roxas who quickly joins his friend as back up.

“You ready to take this lamer down Rox?” Ryonquestioned.

“Oh yeah.”

Seifer gritted his teeth of having his nickname for them used against him, going in for theattack first. “Kneel losers!” He’d forgotten what a great team Roxas and Ryonwere-in duo Struggle Battles they always came out on top. It were as if theywere in perfect sync with one another. "Come on... quit playin' around andfight!" Seifer demanded as they begin to feel dizzy again.

“Oh you better believe we-whoa!” Ryon almost stumblesforward, holding his head tenderly. His vision was becoming disoriented.

It’shappening again. But why?

Roxas is the first to snap out of the ‘dizzy spell’,going after Seifer with all he’s got seeing as Ryon’s down for the count. Muchto their rival’s annoyance Seifer eventually has to admit defeat. “Tournament decides!” Fuu calls out.

Pence had taken out his camera ready to take a pictureof Roxas and Ryon when a bizarre white thing snatches the photo just as itsnapped out moving through the air. The thief flees toward the Market Street:Tram Common.

“The thief?” Pence asked.

“C’mon!” Ryon called.

Roxas and Ryon had to go through the wooded area that lead to an old mansion out in the woodsfar ahead of the others. The strange white creature was dancing around thetrees looking over its shoulder at them. “Weird. Almost like it wants us to follow it.” Roxas muttered loud enough for Ryon to hear.

The other gave a nod of agreement, hopping over a tree root. “Exactly what I was thinking.”

The creature had been waiting for them at the mansion gates. Seeming to grin-although Ryonknew that was impossible for the thing didn’t have a mouth/lips on its face.Words soon flashed in Roxas’s head.

“Wehave come for you, my liege.”

“Huh?” Wondered Roxas.

“Yo Roxas! Icould use a little help here!”

Blue eyes widenin shock seeing Ryon struggle against the white zipper mouthed creature, not atall phased by Ryon’s barrage of attacks with his Struggle Bat. Despite Roxasteaming up they were still no match much to their frustration. “It’s no use…”Roxas began.

“Rox…Your bat.”

The other teen looked down as his bat swirls with data before turning into that of a key. Ryon’seyes widen at the sight of it, looking down to see that his two appeared to besome type of key as well. “What…What is this?” Roxas could feel the key pullhim towards the creature as Ryon’s had with him.

This time using the mysterious keys do they take thecreature down.

Ryon covered his ears from its scream before itvanished into nothing along with his and Roxas’s keys.

“….What was that all about?” Ryon questioned, helpingRoxas in gathering the photos the creature left. “? Roxas!”

The last thing Roxas saw was Ryon racing towards his fallen form before his vision blackens.


Restoration at 12%

Roxas did not know how long he was out for until hiseyes blink open, sitting up on the couch inside the Usual Spot with hisconcerned friends around. Ryon practically tackled him in a hug-before quickly pulling away hearing Olette giggle due to his flushed face and seeing Hayner grin deviously.

“Just uh…glad you’re alright. You are alright. Right?”

“Yeah I’m fine.” Roxas assures him with a grin of his own.

“So tell us about the Picture thief.” Hayner questioned them.

In all honesty neither of them were sure what to say. It was bizarre that much they knew. Not what you would see on as an everyday occurrence. “Not much to say,” Roxas finally spoke. “The photos were just laying there.”

Hayner picked up one photo and chuckled. It was of Roxas, Ryon and the shop keeper Shen.“It’s a girl.”

“You look happy Roxas…Ryon.”

“Olette.” Ryon warned.

“We do not.”Roxas rolled his eyes.

Pence went through the photos with a tilt of his head. “Have you noticed that these photosare mostly of Roxas, Ryon or both of them together?” When Hayner asked if he was serious Pence showed him the proof. “You see? Every single one! Wouldn’t it be weird if someone wanted to steal the real Roxas or Ryon?”

“C’mon get serious. Who’d wanna steal a bone head like Roxas?”

“Gee thanks Hayner. What about Ryon?”

Ryon grinned and flipped his hair like a famous celebrity would for a photo shoot. His chest puffed out. “Well who wouldn’t want to steal me? I’m just that amazing.”

The group shared a laugh at his statement. Yet as they walk out Hayner’s eyes widen seeing a rather ‘offending’ photo of Ryon with Seifer. “Hang on…What the heck were you doing with Seifer?!”

Oh crap! Ryon how are you going to get yourself outta this one?
Helaughed sheepishly as his friends crowded around demanding to know. “You guys really! It was nothing…He uh, well he…this girl was kinda harassing me to dateher so he uh, he stepped in and told her the reason why I couldn’t date her wasdue to the fact I was…with…him.”

His four other friends looked as if he had grown two heads.

“…Seifer saved you then?” Pence arched a brow.

Ryon nodded vigorously. Shifting his feet in anawkward manner.

“…This day is getting weirder and weirder.” Hayner muttered, scratching the back of his head with the group walking out.

Aryn looked at the three before him with an equally confused expression on his facemirroring their exact ones. “What?! I thought I was the only Keyblade wielder!”Sora exclaimed.

“Well looks like you’re not.” Aryn tells him bluntly.

He made his move to leave when the dog called out to him. “Hey wait! Why don’t ya come with us?”

A dark haired man nods at the blue haired boy. “You should go with them, Aryn.”

“Huh?But Leo-.”

The scene changes again.

“I’m Donald.”

“Name’s Goofy.”

“I’m Sora.”

“And…my name’s Aryon.” Aryon says with a littlegrin beaming over his face.

Ryon falls from his bedthe next morning, holding onto his head after it hits the end of his tablegritting his teeth from the impact hoping he didn’t get a concussion. “That boy…looks almost like me. And he had the Keyblade to…”

A/n: Taken from my Ao3 account. This is just a KH fanfic I've been working on for a few months or so. I apologize if you spot any errors such as commas *Been writing for years and I still forget where to put them on occasion*. Basically follows the storyline of Kingdom Hearts II but with changes of course. And since I did not write a first part featuring Aryon here's a bit of bio on him to get a gist of what he was like


Ratings: Pg-13 at the most or PG


Name: Aryon
Age: Seventeen
Gender: Male
Birth Date: October 31'st
Death Date: None
Race: Human
Affiliation(s): Hollow Bastion Restoration Committee, King Mickey

The Character’s Appearance
Aryon is a teenager of regular build. Not too skinny nor too overweight, spike light blue hair and dark brown eyes. His skin color is of a semi dark shade and his eyes are of an almond or round shape. Wear's a black trench like coat with short shirt that reveals some of his stomach and dark blue pants.
Height: 5"9
Weight: 129 lbs

About the Character

Fear(s): Darkness, Losing his friends, the future and being taken over by the Darkness

Likes: Strawberries, being around Sora and Leon, Dogs and Sea Otters, training/studying spells

Dislikes: Sea Salt ice cream, Seifer, being called 'cute' due to considering himself a warrior and that warriors are not 'cute', being tricked, anything too salty or sweet

Habit(s): Talking out of turn, muttering when in thought, sleep walking, not apologizing if he runs into someone

Flaw(s): Aryon can be quite of a complicated character. He's not your typical hero that's all 'goodie goodie' and can do no wrong: Quite easily fooled actually which really ticks him off when he finds out he's been tricked.

Like Donald he can also fall into temptation such as with the gold they found in the Cave of Wonders. Although it's not a chapter in my story, there was supposed to be a scene where Aryon sneaks a treasure from the cave into his coat pocket unbeknownst to Sora until Goofy and Aladdin spotted him and Donald quietly talking about splitting it among themselves.
His other negative traits include: A bit on the bossy side, not always thinking before he leeps, boastful when he's in the right mood and easily annoyed or angered

The Character’s Relationship With Others
For the most part Aryon has a decent reputation-although there have been moments where he had almost betrayed Sora in the past for his own reasons not thinking about the outcome of his almost disasterous choice.

Love Interest(s):
First/Last Name: Sora-They had a beautiful relationship starting off as friends some cases 'frenemies' but seems to have grown into something much more.

[Repeat if needed]
Friend(s): Leon, Yuffie, Tifa, Belle, Will Turner, Sora, Levi *another OC* and Syao *also another OC*
Enemy(ies): Xemnas, Xaldin, Xigbar, Luxord, Pete, Maleficiant, Hades

The Character’s Abilities
Weapon(s): Keyblade and magic mostly

Weapon(s) Appearance(s): His keyblade is black and white with a white striped rose on the end unleashing a flowery scent when using it in combat. It increases his magic and holds great defense.

(On a scale of 1 - 10; 1 being terrible and 10 being the best)
Agility: 8/10
Weapon Handling: 6/10
Hand-to-Hand Combat: 4/10
Elemental Control: 7/10
Defense: 9/10
Offense: 5/10
People Skills: 7/10

The Character’s Familial/Biographical Information
Birthplace: Destiny Islands
Mother-Name: Saura-Status: Alive
Father-Name: Hiroko-Status: Alive
Cousin-Name: Naeun-Status: Alive

Character Background: Aryon was a childhood friend of Sora, Riku and two other boys living on Destiny Islands-getting to know Kairi as well when she came floating up the beach one day. When Darkness first came to the island Aryon had seperated from his friends finding himself in Traverse Town, discovering that he as well was a Keybarer like Sora being trained in combat by Leon until Sora arrived.

Although Aryon was greatly hesitant of journeying with Sora at first. Believing he could handle finding Kairi and their other lost friends himself when Leon strongly urged him to go with Sora and fight together.
After the defeat of Ansem the Wise, he had gone into a deep slumber with Sora, Donald and Goofy only to now re awaken with his companions again.

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Welcome to the forum, EchoRose! :D

Is Ryon the nobody of Aryon? I really liked reading this story and it was refreshing to see your spin on KHII with your own OC's. The only thing I noticed is some words are merged together. I could fix that for you if you want, or you could hit the edit button. xD I really can't wait to see what Roxas and Ryon do together with all this crazy stuff happening to them. Furthermore, I noticed Riku has been dubbed 'white hair guy' so wondering if something happened to Riku in particular? Either way, I was really excited to read this and I hope for more!


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Oh thank you for commenting! And yes Aryon is the Nobody of Ryon like Sora with Roxas. Probably a bit of a cliché but the thought was too tempting to not do you know? And apologizes for the merging X'3 It was all bunched up when it was posted but it would seem I forgot to fix some merges .///.

Believe me when I say it doesn't get any better.

If you thought Roxas's story was depressing...yeah. I'll just leave it at that.
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I like it so far. The mirror between Aryon and Ryon to Sora and Roxas is, neat, I'm curious to see what a new group of characters will do for the story of KHII. As for your writing, it could use a few more details. Oh, and if you're having trouble with it bunching up your words when you post, before you paste it in the comment box click the 'switch editor to source mode' in the top left corner (it's the box that says A/A) then paste your chapter, then go into advance settings and fix the spacing and font. It's a little bit of work but it's easier than looking for every single mistake. Anyway, I look forward to seeing where it goes from here.


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Oh thank you *^* I didn't see the source mode button when I first posted this: I hope in the upcoming chapters they will have a bit more detail to them-going over I was fairly pleased with the end results. Thank you all for commenting! I've never written a KH fic before: A nervous wreck before I shared it online ha


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Tale of Two Keyblades: The Strange Girl

Early that morning Ryon walks out towards the Usual Spot where he hears Roxas talking aloud about the Keyblade. “What was that about?” He asked his blue haired friend, tossing the stick he swung around like it was the key weapon.

Ryon bites the inside of his cheek. Feeling that maybe now would be a decent time to ask about the weird dreams. “Hey…Uh. Have you been having any dreams? About a boy named Sora? Or Aryon?”

Roxas gaped at him. Tilting his head to the side. “You to huh? I think we should keep it to ourselves though. Wouldn’t want the guys to think we’re crazy…”

They share a weak laugh walking out of the area together. Secretly pondering if they actually were flat out nuts with all the things happening to them.

What would YOU do if you were in our shoes?

“Sora…Aryon…Who are you?” Ryon whispered to no one.

Restoration at 28 %



The other day the two arrive at Market Place where they spotted Pence and Olette. Ryon gave them the usual greeting. “Yo.”


Olette opened her mouth only for her and Pence to freeze on the spot. Roxas and Ryon can’t help but look at one another with mystified expressions. A girl had stopped them from moving any closer. Blond haired. Almost peroxide with ocean blue eyes wearing a white sleeveless dress and white shoes.

“Hello Roxas, Ryon.” She greeted.

“Who…Are you?” Roxas asked.

The girl holds up her hand to quiet him. “I wanted to meet you two at least once.”

“Both of us?” Ryon raised an eyebrow.

“Yes you.”

Roxas was floored as the girl walked away with Pence and Olette un frozen and walking towards them again. "Olette dragged me along to go shopping," Pence said.

“You guys wanna come with us?” Olette asked.

"Um, uhh, wait... did you just see that…?" Roxas asked them looking around for any sighting of the girl.

Pence rolled his eyes. “He’s stalling.”

Although when Olette looks at Ryon she frowns thoughtfully seeing how pale he looks now. As if, as clichéd she knew it sounded he had seen a ghost. “Uh…Well we’ll see you guys later then. Rest up alright? You look really sick now…”

“Yeah. Will do…”

As soon as they’re gone, Ryon can’t explain it but he feels as if she had just went to the Haunted Mansion in the woods. Dark clouds gather in front and they’re soon faced with those strange creatures once again. “Let’s go!” Roxas commands. Successfully evading the creatures the two found themselves in the Sandlot area skidding to a halt, Ryon looking over his shoulder constantly.

"Look. It's chicken wuss and his little boyfriend.” Seifer’s mocking tone sounds from up ahead. Ryon scowled at the comment, about to retort when those creatures are back again.

"Who's that?" asked Fuu. Vivi was long gone running away from the on-coming battle.

"I dunno, but they've already crossed the line. Find a weapon!" ordered Seifer.

The Struggle Bats proved to be once again un-useful. “Darn it!” Ryon spat out, panting heavily as one creature makes an attempt to slice his side but he somehow evades it.

“Use the keyblade!”

Seifer and his gang were frozen just as Pence and Olette were. Roxas and Ryon look around to find the source of the familiar girl’s voice. Once again as the creature makes a lunge Ryon blacks out.

He soon awakes on a stained glass platform. Showing the face of another blue haired boy. Aryon… A sword, a shield and a mage staff appear before him. Ryon chooses the sword and the mage staff giving up on the shield. A black and white keyblade appears in his hand. Not understanding where he’s getting these ability’s from, Ryon finds himself taking out each of the creatures who he dubs as Dusks. Taking a small sip from a Potion that he receives after defeating them, the young warrior proceeds up the stairs.

Be careful. Beyond that door lies a completely different world. But don't be afraid
Ryon steps closer.

Don’t stop walking


This creature was not like the others. It was big for one thing…really big. Tall enough to reach the Clock Tower back home. He called this monster the Twilight Thorn. It slammed down its fists onto the platform causing it to shatter. Ryon jumps onto each fallen platform-not as gracefully as he liked mind you-launching himself towards the creature. “Take this!” He hollered, flinging his Keyblade at the Twilight Thorn after having almost been grabbed by its tentacle like thorns.

The creature exploded into blasts of massive grey sparks, spiraling Ryon into the darkness below. A hand reaches out. He takes it.

The same girl with blond hair is in a white room. Sitting across from him.

“My name is Namine…Ryon. Do you remember your true name?”

“Huh?” He can’t help but arch an eyebrow. True…name? I’ve always been Ryon though. My mother named me after my great-great something grandfather

A strange man wearing a black cloak enters the room grabbing the girl’s arm. "Stop. You can't say anything else."

“But he must know. I know you want him to.”

“He cannot. Just as with Roxas this one cannot know either.”

The man holds out his hand and a dark portal appears behind a startled Ryon. “Hey what’re you-?!” He says no more for the man pushes him with force inside. “Namine! Namine!?”

"Seifer, strike a pose, y'know?" said Rai.

Ryon woke with a splitting headache beside Roxas in the Sandlot. Looking around, they saw everything was back to normal. The Dusks were nowhere in sight…nor Namine or the man in the black cloak.

"How's this?" asked Seifer.

“That’s perfect! Y’know?”

Rai and Vivi were standing next to Fuu who was taking the photos with Pence’s camera. Roxas helped Ryon back to his feet. “Those freaks in the white jumpsuits are gone y’know?” Rai explained.

“Cakewalk.” Fuu stated.

“What the heck were those things?” Ryon muttered.

"And if they don't wise up to the rules around here, I might have to take 'disciplinary measure'.” Seifer warned.

"Oh yeah, Seifer's always lookin' after the town, y'know?"

Roxas looked over to see Olette, Hayner and Pence had arrived at the Sandlot. Ryon flinches as their friend gives them a filthy expression, feeling a tinge of guilt as he and Roxas try to keep up with them.

"Hey! No chickening out of the tournament tomorrow!" Seifer yelled out.

Ryon skids to a halt at the Usual Spot’s entrance when he sees their other three friends already having their traditional Sea Salt ice cream. A heavy atmosphere took over as Roxas and Ryon share a concerned look before looking back at them.

" hung out with Seifer's gang today?" Pence muttered. His eyes downcast.

"N-no... It's not like that... Oh yeah! How was the beach? Wasn't that today?" Roxas tried.

“We didn’t go. It wouldn’t be the same without you guys.” Olette answered.

Ryon’s eyes brightened as he came up with another solution to lighten the mood. “There’s still time though. We could go tomorrow and get those pretzels.” The only response given was Hayner grumbling he had to be somewhere much to Ryon’s chagrin. He hated tension and always made an attempt to defuse it much as he possibly could.

“One of us has to make it to the finals. That way, no matter who wins the five of us can split the prize!” Hayner had said that day the gang were looking at the Struggle Battle poster.

Ryon bit the inside of his cheek following after Hayner. He knew his friend had every right to be angry, guilt was beginning to eat away at him. “Hayner…I’m sorry.”

“You’re always sorry.” Hayner’s sharp words cut him deep. Seeing his hands clench into tight fists refusing to look at Ryon.

“If you would just let us-.”

“Forget it!” Hayner interrupted. But Ryon wasn’t going to let up. He snatched the other by the wrist before he could take off again keeping a firm hold on Hayner. “You have three minutes to let go of me.” The blond haired teen hissed.

“Just let me explain. Roxas and I were chased after by this…Zipper Mouthed creature. Roxas and I ran into the Sandlot then somehow transported to this, well I don’t know what world it was but it wasn’t ours. One minute I was there and the next I’m talking with this girl named Namine. We asked Seifer what happened when you guys showed up.”

He took a deep breath after finally letting it all out, eventually releasing his hold on his friend who all but sneers at him. “Like I’m supposed to believe that? The girl I can believe but the rest? Bogus! Do you really think I’m stupid?”

Before Ryon could say any more Hayner had already ran off.

A frustrated growl sounded from Ryon as he leans against a nearby wall, putting his head in his hands. His heart was aching. He didn’t want his friendship with Hayner to be ruined over something so ridiculous.


DiZ had been watching the entire scene play itself out through his computer. The young man now in his room hours later, staring unblinkingly out at the darkened night sky looking at the full moon.

“What’s so important about him anyway?” The hooded figure behind DiZ asks.

“He is the key of returning our Aryon’s memories back. He is bringing them closer to awaken. Roxas is not the only one whom was not meant to be.”

A/N: Sorry if you spot any mistakes again: I'm not used to posting stories via forum. But anyway here's the next chapter. I was actually going to give up on this but I'm so glad I didn't: The end result was satisfying to say the least. More chapters are up on my AO3 account also.


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That's great you didn't give up on it, because I really enjoyed the next chapter! :D You just want to post your chapters in the same thread, since they're kept together instead of separate. In any case, I like how Ryon tried to explain things to Hayner before he ran off. Of course, seeing Ryon fight against the Twilight Thorn was pretty cool too. In any case, happy you updated and you'll have to link me to your AO3 account sometime, so I can read it there too. :D


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Oh gotcha! I wasn't sure if we posted in separate forums or the same one X'3 And thank you I'm glad I didn't either: I really wanted Ryon to have an interaction with the gang besides Roxas so I added that little bit with him and Hayner. I'm typically shy about sharing my accounts but I'll be glad to inbox it to you or something


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Oh gotcha! I wasn't sure if we posted in separate forums or the same one X'3 And thank you I'm glad I didn't either: I really wanted Ryon to have an interaction with the gang besides Roxas so I added that little bit with him and Hayner. I'm typically shy about sharing my accounts but I'll be glad to inbox it to you or something
Nope, just in the same thread. You're good and no worries! And your welcome! :D It was nice seeing Ryon interact with Hayner, because they seem to have good chemistry together as buds. Aw, in that case, don't worry bout it. I wouldn't want you to do something that made you uncomfortable. :3 <3


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Chapter Three: Flame

It was the morning of the Struggle Battle tournament. Ryon looked around to find the Usual Spot had been empty aside from Roxas and he in which they both agreed to head for the Sandlot. He wished Hayner had been around-Ryon hated it if they got in a fight. It always left him with a nasty taste in his mouth afterwards.

"C'mon! We're gonna be late!" said Roxas clapping a hand on Ryon’s shoulder.

“Huh? Ah! I almost forgot. Thanks Rox.”

The Sandlot was packed with on lookers for the up-coming duels. Pence and Olette were among the excited crowd.

"Who you gonna root for?" Pence asked Olette.

“All of them silly.” Olette replies with a smile.

As soon as the fireworks lit up into the sky the announcer, a slightly pudgy man with a moustache smiles wide into the crowd. "Ladies and gentlemen, Struggle fiends of Twilight Town! It's time for summer's most sizzling clash! That's right! Today is the day for the Struggle and title match! Who will be the one to break through the ranks and take on our champion, Setzer!?"

The females in the crowd sighed with dreamy expressions at a rather well dressed, good looking man with long white hair waving at the crowd. "And who will leave today as our new Struggle Champion!?"

“Hayner! Roxas! Ryon!” Pence and Olette called out above the roar of the crowd. Ryon flashes them a grin.

"Yes, the crowd is fired up, so you know what comes next: Let's…,STRUGGLE!”

“ Regular finalist and head of the Twilight Disciplinary Committee: Seifer! Completely out of nowhere-who knew he'd make it so far this year? Vivi! An underground favorite and local attitude problem: Hayner! It's his first trip to the finals!

The charming and handsome young man…Nickolas! A boy full of wisdom and big dreams…Lucas! A vivacious young lady with wicked strength and can do attitude…Vorona! Don’t let his calm exterior fool you. This guy is in it to win it…Ryon! And Struggler number 8, who happens to be one of my absolute favorite customer: Roxas!" said the announcer, giving them each a little intro.

Hayner looks over at Roxas but doesn’t pay any heed to Ryon who sighs wearily. Roxas looks back and forth rubbing the back of his neck in awkward fashion.

"So-who will win this sweltering summer Struggle!? Who will take home the grand prize? The summa cum laude of Struggle- the Five Crystal Trophy! AND...a chance to take on our defending champion, Setzer!" Setzer holds up the Champion Belt, a gold thing with five gems dazzling bright in the sun; four in the corners, and one in the center on the hand that held the Struggle Bat.

"It won't be long now, folks. I suggest our challengers go over the official Struggle Rules before we begin!"

After the rules had been explained Roxas and Hayner were up first. “Hey Ryon!”

The blue haired teen lifted his head hearing Hayner call out to him, a sheepish grin having crossed his face. That was enough for Ryon to know that everything was okay as he gives one in return.

“…It’s alright Hayner. No worries.”

“Okay can someone tell me what’s going on here?” Roxas crossed his arms with a tilt of his head.

“Sure. After I kick your butt.” Hayner replied getting into position with Roxas rolling his eyes.

Xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo "I lost. Awww, I can't believe it!" said Hayner, standing up. "I guess I taught you well."

"I had a lot of fun fighting you," Roxas told him.

“Outta the way.” Seifer pushed through them. His eyes glaring dangerously at Vivi walking casually beside him looking up at Roxas giggling. Ryon and Nickolas took the stage opposite with Lucas telling Ryon to be careful fighting the dashing young man.
When Ryon got into position their battle began.

Nickolas’s eyes widened as he gritted his teeth, becoming frustrated with Ryon’s constant ducking and dodging technique. “Darn you! Stop hopping around like a monkey and fight me!”

“You asked for it…” He slides underneath Nickolas’s legs, jumping up from behind and striking him in the back collecting multiple orbs.
The battle had ended.

Ignoring Nickolas cursing him under his breath, Ryon couldn’t help but beam hearing some in the crowd chant his name. "It looks like Seifer's withdrawn from the Struggle for seventh place," the announcer said-snapping out of his daydream as his jaw dropped at the news.

“Whoa what?! Seifer you’re serious?” He called out as the ‘Disciplinarian’ turned giving him a glowering look.

“I am. …Thrash ‘im.”

"So I'm in seventh now? Aw, baby!" said Hayner.

During the semi- final match an un eventful battle between Roxas and Vorona began. She really was a power house alright, but no match for Roxas.

In the second part Ryon was up against Vivi.

Guess it’s true what they say about watching out for the quiet ones He couldn’t help but wince as Vivi strikes him in the side. The blue haired teen lost in a matter of seconds against Seifer’s companion. Ryon joins Hayner, Pence and Olette in the crowd.
As Roxas went in for the final strike something had stopped him. “Rox! Time stopped again!” Ryon called out, waving his hand quick in front of his friends just to be sure. “Damn.” He cursed out, seeing the Dusks arrive like last time.

Exhausted and weary they collapsed to their knees, Ryon holding a hand to his head just as he hears clapping behind him.

“Roxas, Ryon alright. Fight, fight, fight.” A man in a black coat similar to Roxas’s pick pocket said advancing towards them. "You really don't remember? It's me. You know, Axel.” He pulls off his hood revealing a head of flaming red hair and brilliant green eyes.

“…Axel?” The teens both asked.

"Talk about blank with a capital 'B'. Man oh man, even the Dusks aren't gonna crack these. I thought you'd at least remember the beating you gave me," he says to a puzzled Ryon. His weapons, flamed chakrams appeared in both of his hands.

“Hang on! Tell us what’s going on first!” Roxas demanded.

"This town is his creation, right? Which means we don't have time for a Q & A. You two are coming with me, conscious or not. Then you'll hear the story.”

“Then you’ll have to take us by force.” Ryon growled out. The Keyblade appears in his and Roxas’s hands.
Why can’t we have a normal summer vacation? They both think with weary. Even Axel seemed to be cut off guard at the sight of the blades, watching as Roxas throws his in frustration. "What's going ON!?"

"Number 13. Roxas. Number 14: Ryon. The Keyblade's chosen ones," Axel spoke, grinning wide as he gets into another stance.

"Okay, fine! You asked for it!" Roxas shouted getting ready for the battle.

“Not without me!” Ryon chimed, clenching his fist around the end of his blade.

"That's more like it! Let's see if I should still be worried about you.”

Ryon and Axel circled one another. Ryon lands a blow, Axel blocks it with ease. His arm begins to burn resulting a pained gasp to escape the teen’s mouth, realizing one of his charkram’s was spinning close to his skin. The blue haired teen pulls himself back instantly, biting his lower lip at the burning sensation trying to ignore it. A faint burn mark on his arm could be seen. Now that ticked Roxas off-charging in to deliver Axel one of his combos. Distracting him while Ryon uses the opportune to strike him in the back after gathering himself.

“Not bad Roxas. Ryon…You’re slacking.” Axel chastised him.

Just before he could make another move a strange man appears before them. His face is bandaged and he was tall with an intimidating aura about him.

“So it was you…” Axel spoke.

"This man speaks nonsense!" said the man in red.

“Don’t let him deceive you! Roxas! Ryon!”

The teenagers sunk to their knees clutching their pained heads. “Hayner! Pence! Olette!” Roxas suddenly calls out.

Just like that everything soon goes back to normal. "What? What just happened?" questioned the announcer.

"Huh? ...How did I get here?" asked Vivi.

Hayner, Pence and Olette rushed towards the stage dragging a shaken Ryon with him. Axel’s burn could still be seen on his arm making Olette gasp. “Ryon you’re arm! Did you get that from Vivi?”

“Uh…” he begins, unsure what to say when Roxas fortunately ‘saves’ him.

“He…He did yeah. I saw it.”

Ryon smiled gratefully but it quickly turned into a frown. Still distraught over their encounter with Axel and that other strange man. An unsettling emotion pooled in his stomach all throughout until the end of the tournament when Roxas defeats the handsome Setzer.

Setzer looks to be disappointed at first, before he smiles wide and points in acknowledgement towards the victorious Roxas causing the crowd to chant the other’s name.

"That was awesome, Roxas!" shouted Pence.

“Nice!” Ryon high fived but was surprised as the other gives him a hug earning an ‘awwww’ from the crowd.

The five friends could be seen atop of the Clock Tower, eating Sea Salt ice cream enjoying a perfect view of the sunset. Roxas’s trophy glows brilliantly. He takes off each of the crystal’s that don the trophy tossing one to each of his friends and himself. "As promised," Roxas said holding his out towards the sun.

"Thanks a ton, Roxas!" Pence exclaims, holding his out as well.

"One more treasure for us to share," said Hayner.

“We’ll always be reminded of this moment. Forever.” Ryon smiled staring into his.

"I've got a present, too...for all of us," Olette said, revealing five bars of sea salt ice cream.

Roxas reached to grab his but the unthinkable had happened. He slips off the tower and falls with Ryon trying to catch him only to suffer the same fate.

On Destiny Islands, Kairi and a boy named Syao walk towards the beach seeming to move in sync with the other.
“Kairi! Syao wait up!” Another girl named Selphie called out, dressed in the same school uniform as her female friend. "Hey, do you feel like going out to the island? Tidus and Wakka are all wrapped up in their ballgame and they won't go with me.”

“Not today.” Kairi shook her head.

“Maybe some other time Selph.” Syao says in a soft tone.

“Awww how come?” Selphie’s shoulders slumped with a pout on her lips.

"Do you remember those boys who used to hang out with us?" said Kairi.

“Riku…and Levi? I wonder what happened. I sure do miss them…”

Syao kicked the sand with his shoe. Watching the ocean waves lap against the shoreline. His eyes down casted until Kairi spoke. “And the two other boys besides them.”

Selphie blinked, tilting her head to the side. “…What other boys?”

"The boy was with Riku and me all the time-we played together on that island. His voice always used to be there...but now it's gone. I can't think of his face, or his name. I feel awful about it. So I told myself-I'm not going to the island until I remember everything about him.”

“And the other boy. He played with Levi and I all the time: We’d go and eat ice cream together…he’d crack the stupidest jokes that always made us laugh even if they didn’t make sense half the darn time. He and that other boy seemed pretty close to. The one Kairi knew.”

"Are you sure you didn't make them up?" Selphie asked.


Kairi and Syao sunk to the ground feeling an ache in their heads. Syao was beginning to see double. “Namine…what’s happening?” Syao whispered.

“Huh? My name isn’t Namine…”

“Then who are you? Tell me!”

“I’m Ryon.”

“That’s wonderful and all…but what’s HIS name?”

“Gee thanks for not remembering us you guys: But I'll take over from here. Mine starts with an 'S' and HIS starts with an 'A'."


When they had awakened Kairi and Syao were standing along the shoreline after putting a bottle with a letter inside in the ocean. Watching as it moved along with the current.

“Starts with an “S”.” Kairi whispered.

“The other with an ‘A’.”

“…..right, Sora?”

“….Am I right? Aryon?”

Restoration at 78 %

"Their progress is astounding," said DiZ in front of his array of computers. The man in the black cloak was behind juggling the trophy crystals of Roxas and Ryon in his hand. "Naminé's encounter with Roxas put his heart in contact with Kairi's. She was also able to do the same for Ryon and Syao. This in turn has affected Sora and Aryon. You see?” DiZ says with obvious fascination.

“Namine…She really is something.”

“She is not like that of other Nobody’s. She can interfere and change the hearts and memories of Sora and Aryon including those that are allinged with them. A remarkable young lady.”

“But who was she originally?”

"I could tell you...But first, perhaps you could tell me your true name?" suggested DiZ.

The man reveals himself. "It's Ansem," he said.

“Well, it’s truly an honor Ansem!” DiZ says with a good natured bout of laughter.


He was falling. Falling all about through space and time. Thoughts that were not his entering his mind. Ryon awakens with a surprise jolt-groaning in annoyance and pain after he slams his head against the end of his dresser falling on the floor as per morning routine unfortunately.

“…What part of that was the dream?” He whispers, touching the faded burn mark on his arm.

A/n: And we have a little RoxasxOC moment here heh. I actually never made it clear what they were: Whether they were friends or something else. I am leaving that for you (the reader(s) to decide in the end result. There is no prequel to this story by the way although I have a fic up called 'Chains of Fate' involving Ryon to get a gist of his character before Kingdom Hearts II takes place. Anyway: Until next chapter!


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Nice to see Ryon and Roxas kicking butt during the Struggle Tournament. Looks like we see somebody other than Kairi who's missing her companion. I'm good either way if it's platonic or not as far as relationships go with OC's. This was a good chapter and well put together. :D I'll definitely have to read Chain of Fate eventually.


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Thank you! With this particular story I really didn't want to focus too much on romantic relationships more so on the friendship aspect that the series shows very strongly or however you'd put that. Next chapter should be up soon I just need to get off my butt and update more XP And scratch that bit in the author's note about not having a prequel: I've actually gathered some ideas for it like I originally planned *Not sure if I'll post it here though* but it will be worked on after all


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Chapter Four: The Seven Wonders of Twilight Town

The sound of the train passing over the Usual Spot could be heard. Olette stood in front of Ryon, Pence and Hayner. Arms crossed and very distraught over the upcoming project for school. "Only three days left of summer vacation-so don't even mention that assignment!" Hayner exclaimed.

“But we agreed to finish it today!”

Roxas had been quiet all the while. His mind still focused on he and Ryon falling from the Clock Tower. “Yesterday…we fell off the tower didn’t we?”

"You guys wouldn't be here if you did!" Hayner responded leaning in close.

Ryon shoots Roxas a concerned look. Wishing he knew more as to why all these bizarre events were happening as of late. “Stop changing the subject!” Olette shouted, her hands on her hips.

"Okay, already! You win. We'll do the homework. Stupid independent study. So, anybody got any bright ideas for a topic?" Hayner grumbled.

“Yeah,” Ryon began leaning back in his chair in lazy fashion. “How about we find out the weird things that’ve been happening to Roxas and I lately.”

The strange, white creatures that appear to be fixated on them. Axel. The guy with the bandages on his face. Namine. And that equally weird other voice Ryon heard in his head last night…after Roxas told him about his experience with the voices it made him a little bit better knowing perhaps he wasn’t as crazy like he assumed he was prior.

“Forget it.”

“Why?” Roxas asked. “This isn’t…normal. What’s been going on.”

"You know, things have been weird with you and the town since the photos were stolen, right?" Hayner responded.

"Well, tomorrow, we're all gonna search the town and find out what's been going on.” Pence added.

"Lots of people are helping out.” Olette finished with a smile of assurance.

“All that for us?”

It’s official: We really do have the best friends in the world Ryon and Roxas both smiled in return. Roxas slipping his hand into his. “I’ll go get some ice cream!” With that he got up and left the Usual Spot only to find Ryon being ‘badgered’ by Olette and the guys about his relationship with Roxas.

“So what’s the deal with you guys?” Olette asked, sitting on his right with Hayner on his left. A playful grin etched over her face resting her hand on her chin.

“Yeah you’ve been making googly eyes for each other since…you first met.”

“We have not!” Ryon rolled his eyes with a huff. Crossing his arms over his chest in a very Roxas like manner. “I’ve just been concerned for Roxas lately. That’s all.”

Pence grinned, resting his hands on his knees. “You know. Call me weird but I think you and Roxas were destined to meet. I mean, you guys clicked like that when you first met. Normally that stuff takes time. Years even.”

“…You think so?”

Destiny related things were typically what Ryon tried to avoid not believing in such. But he was beginning to take Pence’s words into some thought at the least he realized, when Roxas returned with their traditional Sea Salt ice cream. Pence…Maybe you aren’t so far off after all Ryon thought with a grin.

"There's this strange rumor going around. Wanna hear it? You know the stone steps at Sunset Station? We use 'em all the time, without even thinking about it. But-and this is the weird part-the steps count different going up and down!" Pence exclaimed some moments later.

“Seriously?!” Hayner asked with curious eyes.

"And there are six other weird stories like that. It's like...the seven wonders of Twilight Town.” Pence continued attempting to make his voice creepy.

Ryon shook his head. “Or it could be all bogus.”

"We should investigate those for our school project! Pence, you're a genius!" Hayner stood up along with Roxas and Olette. Ryon hung his head.

Why do I even bother?

"There might be other rumors going around, too. Let's split up! I'm gonna look for the seven wonders..."

“Olette and I will look for new rumors!” Hayner stated.

“That leaves you and Ryon, Roxas.”

"Let's try the train first. To the station!"


Ryon and Roxas met up with Pence moments later at the ‘mysterious steps’ that had led to the train station. “So are those the steps you were talking about? The ones that count differently?” Roxas questioned Pence.
Pence rubbed the back of his neck. "Umm...actually, it's the stupidest thing ever, but..."

“But what?”

"Rai's the one who counted. He's like, "Every time I count, it's different, Y'KNOW?" Ha ha ha ha!"

Ryon and Roxas smiled. Rai wasn’t the brightest of bulbs around that much they all knew. After Pence shows them a map of the Seven Wonder areas, Ryon nodded looking it over. “I’ll check out Friend From Beyond the Wall and the Animated Bag. I’ll meet with you guys to watch for the Ghost Train.”

He arrived at a dead end wall which a ball comes forth from. “Whoa!” He exclaims as one white ball barely strikes him in the face ducking just in time. More balls soon appear taking out his struggle sword, dodging any that appear. Yet when he places a hand on the brick wall there is nothing.

No hole. No magic. No apparition.

“That…wasn’t weird at all.” Ryon muttered, making his way out of the alley slightly disappointed.
Pence saw the ball flying out as his friend walks out of the area. “Oh, it’s just you Ryon. Were you throwing a ball? That ball flew out of nowhere and totally startled me. Hey, I know! This explains one of those seven wonders!"

Sunset Hill was his next area. Just as Pence claimed a bag began moving around on its own. Ryon climbed on it quick grabbing hold until it stopped revealing a brown and white dog. “Well that’s another mystery solved.” He said in between laughs as the dog licks his face before walking off.

"This explains one of those seven wonders!" Pence exclaimed skidding to a halt with Roxas-a white creature vanishing without them noticing.

"You know...that last wonder wasn't exactly wonderful.” Roxas replied helping Ryon back on his feet.

"I understand, say no more. But this next one's gonna be really great! Wonder number Six!”


"If the rumors are true, it'll be here any minute..."

The five friends were looking out over Sunset Hill waiting the arrival of the mysterious Ghost Train known throughout Twilight Town. "For they say the train is empty. No driver, no conductor, no passengers... NO RETURN.” Olette rolled her eyes knowing Pence was only trying to scare her.

“Please. I’ve heard scarier stories than that.”

“Name one.”

Ryon grinned, resting his head on his arms. Eyes glinting with delight as they all stare at him with curiosity. “You guys ever hear of Kuchisake Onna? “It’s about a woman who’s face was mutilated by her husband. Because of what he had done she returned as a malicious spirit. If you run into her she’ll ask you ‘Am I Pretty’? If you say yes, she’ll take her mask off asking ‘How about now’? Revealing her mutilated face. If you respond with ‘no’ you’re dead. If you say yes again she’ll make your mouth to be just like yours.”

“So….You’re screwed either way?” Hayner gulped, although on the outside he was feigning fear.

“There’s a twist. If you say ‘You’re average’ or ‘I’m not sure’ she’ll be confused and that’ll give you enough time to get the heck outta there. Another route is to say you have an engagement or you’ve already had one. She’ll apologize and leave you be. In some other tales fruit or candles can be served as distractions.”

Roxas cringed. “That’s…not disturbing at all.”

“It’s just a story. Although she has been sighted in some places but those are just rumors.”

“Good afternoon slackers.”

The group mentally groans hearing Seifer’s familiar voice. "What are you doing out here?"

“Why do you care?” Grumbled Hayner.

"I don't. Tell me anyway.”

“We’re waiting for the Ghost Train.” Pence answered.

Seifer let out a laugh that caused a low growl to rumble in Ryon’s throat. "Waiting for the ghost train!" Roxas stood up with an annoyed aura about him staring Seifer down. "Why does looking at you always tick me off?"

“I dunno. Maybe it’s destiny.” Roxas answered with a glare.

"Destiny... In that case, let's be friends. I don't feel like cooperating with destiny.” Seifer turned his back looking towards the sunset.

Ryon shook his head when he finally left when Roxas called out. “Look!” A mysterious blue and gold train with a magician’s hat decorated on top goes through the under pass. Ryon’s eyes light up as he and Roxas take the lead going back towards the station. The train is still there when they skid to a halt.

"Let's go in!" said Roxas. Ryon nods in agreement but before they do Hayner grabs his arm. “What?”

"'ll get hurt" explained Hayner letting go of Roxas.


An original train soon pulls up to the station. Roxas and Ryon share a disappointed expression as Hayner pushes them onto the other train.


With the train having since vanished Roxas and Ryon found new hope of the last Seventh Wonder-the mansion in the woods. "Well, they say there's a girl who appears at the second floor window even though no one's lived here for years.” Pence explained after Hayner asked him.

Ryon looked in the window like Roxas had. A strange feeling surfaced as everything began to shift. He soon finds himself in a white room with a bed and a few drawings.

“Hello Ryon.”

Namine was standing by the window, turning around fully to face him. “Hello….What am I doing here?”

“Don’t you wish to know of your real identity?”

“How could anyone know more about me then me?”

The girl all but smiles at his response nodding to a picture on the wall beside him. Four figures were on it. “You know who they are?”

“Sora, Aryon, Donald and Goofy. They’ve been in my dreams like with Roxas.”

Namine began her story seating herself at the end of the bed. Blue eyes unblinking as she speaks. “About a year ago, some things…happened so I had to ‘re write’ Aryon’s heart. I’m fixing it now though like Sora’s but the process is taking longer than expected. Due to this, it has been affecting you and Roxas.”

“So those dreams then…”

“Precisely. They are connected. You and Aryon…In order for him to be full again he needs you, Ryon.”


Namine nodded. “Yes you. You are half of Aryon. An important piece to his heart.”

Ryon sat himself on the floor feeling dizzy suddenly. "Naminé...who are you?"

“I’m a witch. Although that’s what DiZ calls me: But I don't know why I have this power...I just do. I'm not even sure there's a right way for me to use it.” She gave a weary sigh.

“I don’t get this. I feel like I don’t even exist.”

“You and Roxas…You weren’t supposed to.”

“How can you say that?”


Ansem found DiZ sitting in the old room looking out the window at the teenagers whom had now just left. “Why did you show them the train?”

“Because they missed their trip to the beach.”

"Hmph...That's almost kind of you."

DiZ chuckles softly before looking over his shoulder. "Now...what about you? Are the holes in your memory starting to fill in?" asked Diz.

“Yes. The haze is clearing.”

"The same thing is happening to everyone who had ties to Sora and Aryon. Very soon, to them they will be like good friends to you who’ve gone away for a year.”

Ansem sits in an opposite chair, "I've waited, and now I want to know. What is it that you want?" asked Ansem.



"Now, for the finishing touches. First, we must dispose of Naminé. She did a splendid job with Sora and Aryon, but it's high time she disappeared. Roxas wasn’t the only one who was not meant to be…”

A/N: The Kuchisake Onna tale does not belong to me obviously. I have a real love for urban legends so I'll try to find ways to incorporate one into a story somehow or mention it


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The Kuchisake Onna tale took me by surprise. Goodness, that is quite a scary urban legend. Poor Roxas and Ryon seeing a train that doesn't exist and being told they don't exist by Namine. Sure is quite the weight to take on their shoulders like that. I wonder if we'll see Ansem aka Riku get rid of Namine by handing her off to Axel or not? Overall, great chapter, and I like how Hayner mentions how close Roxas and Ryon are with each other in such a short amount of time. :D