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Silent Avera

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Apr 22, 2006
Somewhere only we know~
Thank-yall sooo much again for the comments! I'm so glad yall enjoy my fic, and I'll do my best to keep these installments nice and neat ^-^
(Squee! New Reader ^-^)

Okay, here we go, the conclusion of the Intro!

Discliamer: There is cursing here, but it is not said, it is edited like so -> **** the only cursing I'll type are the "d" word and the "h" word and nothing else!
Disclaimer 2: There are scary images, but are only implied, and certain words are left out as not to impose any graphic images (hopefully your imagination won't get carried away), basically I'm gonna dance around it.

Intro: Part 8 – End of the Innocence

Sora dropped his keyblade (turning back to its humble state of a keychain), and fell to his knees. All the strength derived from him of shock. His mind played over and over the reaction, refusing to accept…

Kairi wobbled back and forth trying to stand as if her motor skills had been depleted. Her hands came up to her face to cover the upcoming scream, but none came.

Riku took two steps forward, his legs then refused to move any more. If he got too close, the image may become real. His misty eyes blurred the vision into something even more horrible and he shut his eyes, they do not lie...

They were in the throne room; no other room in the castle was this big. The tattered Royal drapes were dripping. It was splattered all over the high chairs, and the decor, and wall. The roll of carpet leading to the thrones was choking it. The mess expanded out like thick veins easily snaking thier way around on the white marble floor. Sora's feelings were merging with his realization, and upon all fours, bracing this sudden impact–like a child discovering the murder of his parents–screamed, enough so that his outburst seemed to cover Riku and Kairi's grief and horror; his cry turning into uneven sobs. Kairi sank by Sora, and Riku dropped down by his side. Together, even though leaning upon each other, thier strength paled to shoulder an emotion so heavy…The darkness outside produced the sound of rain; the world had joined them in crying.

"Rain? Not very many people can coax the will of a world to feel. So then, that means yall are the denizens of light that protect this system, the one of Change -"

Riku slowly looked up -

" - the one of Security -"

Kairi slowly looked up -

" - and the one of Balance."

Sora slowly looked up at the thrones, and in the left Royal chair, sitting in the liquid, was not this Lady of Red, but a beast, it’s sharp, incisive yellow eyes a piercing contrast to its black body. This creature was large; he sat like a dog upon the throne; however his butt barely fit, so he wobbled playfully.

*I am thee that waits in your home - *

At first glance, he looked like a simple evil cross between a dog, cat, and...rabbit? (His nose, along two wispy long parted ‘things’ that resembled rabbit ears, were the only rabbit characteristics). The creature walked down off the throne on all fours, the liquid dripping from his fur, then stood up to his full height -

*When you think you’re safe, and all alone*…

- it looked like he was built to walk on two and four legs; his long haired wolfish tail flicked about with play. His front arms looked a little long and ended in big paws, his back legs were strong, and athletically built, ending in large three toed paws with very sharp claws. His whole body was limber, but his neck was bent like a hyena. He had a moderate head like a mane-less lion along with those wispy ear-like things, and, freckles up front by his nose, (the bunny nose). On his chin it looked like he had a small goatee. His chest had a puff of black fur, while the rest of his body was all light black with short fur (except for the reddish black that dripped off); his smooth continuity broken by ruffs of fur along the back of his seemingly long bent neck.

*I can’t wait till you fall asleep -*

The creature bent down and gave a kind, menacing toothy grin showing his sharp teeth, and out of all of the creature’s features, Sora, Riku, and Kairi were fixated on his big eyes that were outlined in heavy jet black eyeliner; his bushy brows pressing them into a slanted diamond shape.

The white of his eyes contrasted with his yellow cat-iris’, and his black slit pupils.

-*and bound your soul in my teeth.*

The creature nodded his head up, “‘Bring forth the three that can calm the tide, wake the light, and seal thier guise. They who have seen both light and dark, who have ended a malicious start, and followed the path of a noble heart….And let me add on my behalf, that this By-Law is complete trash. T’was created on a noted wind, to give the ignorant, something, to believe in.” The creature shook the liquid off him, flicking his tail last to make a red period in his poetic statement. “Yes, a most pathetic By-Law, one writ in verse to purposely have its meaning twisted, but in that context, I guess you can say all the By-Laws are rather stupid. I think they do more harm than good really, but they totally screwed over this system, the only ‘Keyblade Master’ my missus and I had the fortune of meeting wasn’t even a Master at all.” The beast gave a giggle from his sly maniacal voice–

*King Mickey.*… Feeling was coming back into Sora's hand.

“The phony Master sent his court away to save them from the assault of my missus, the Lady of Red–”

*So they got away,* Sora breathed internally, *But then–*

“But then, my colleague caught them as they traveled through the Dark Portal, she has such a way of detouring people from their paths, it wasn’t troubling for her at all, and she tore them apart from thier hearts, bodies, and souls, here, looky.” Nefero pointed a claw at them, its tip glowed a weird blue, and an image flashed into their minds - Kairi grabbed her stomach. “By the nauseating looks you have on your faces, you can’t possibly picture such pure, clean, un-soiled beings at their dripping end, and I don’t blame you, this system was always a beacon of uncontaminated light, but now, there is an unmistakenable red smudge over it, as you can see.”

…“You’re lying.” Sora’s felt the feel of his fingers around his blade.

“I would never,” the monster replied in false repulsion, “What reason would I have to lie? This is the truth of the trap this system fell into when it sacrificed its Astral Order in exchange for Protection, mh, not that there was much gall left anyway, you see, from some mousie’s witchy point of view, had some certain people, with a certain weapon, been here to defend the Royalty, they might all still be alive.” – Something inside the three snapped – the beast threw itself into a drama pose, “And alas, what comes to oppose the evil that murdered its Royalty is still not the Keyblade Masters, but some hero thrown jerks” – the beast felt a sting by his neck as Sora’s blade buried itself in the wall behind the thrones, chipping the throne where the beast once sat, nailing the drapery behind it. The Keyblade returned to Sora’s hand, and the beast, was now being stared down by three, very upset –“Keyblade Masters,” he breathed, “Sora, Riku, and Kairi.” All three were on thier feet in fighting stance, shaking with anger from within, each gripping their blades tightly.

"You, are going to pay for this," Sora's voice shook.

“That rat’s wish disguised your entities from me–Oh crap so he was able to make Yahena honor his wish–damnit–my missus will not be happy about this,” Nefero spoke to himself, “She wanted–”

“Listen to me you monster–tell us what you really did with our friends!” Riku yelled.

“I did, they’re dead, they’re gone, their lives came to an end, get that through your heads, or were yall hoping for that rhetorical miracle which will send everyone skipping off into the sunset hand in hand, (*Sigh*), since I can’t really do much worth a flyin’ flip, sit down here children, and let me explain how deep the shelter you have been living under.” Nefero snapped his paw and invisible hands pushed Sora, Riku, and Kairi down. “Believe it or not children, beyond the world borders, beyond this system’s borders, are other worlds and other systems – foreign places native to only the skies themselves. Tell me, yall know of your sister system right?”

The three Masters looked back empty.

“Oh my god, we are not that ignorant on Astral Order one-o-one,” said Nefero quickly -

“That wasn’t rhetorically meant, I want you to answer me–”

“Listen we were never aware of anything beyond this system until today!” blurted Kairi, “Then all this starts happening and you tear our world and our friends out from under us! Why are you doing this?!”

Nefero gave an annoyed smile. “You know I’m starting to like your sister systems’ Keyblade Masters much more than yall – at least they knew that the universe didn’t end at their systems’ border! Speaking of endings, if you want really want to know why we ‘interrupted’ your miniscule daily lives sweetie – you can ask Older Sister.” Nefero flicked his paw again, and Sora, Riku, and Kairi’s suppressors became visible along with a dazzling new array of heartless–


"You can call heartless?!"

The dragon like heartless punctured their claws into their shoulders, “Ahh!”

“Well, as the demon of Heigh-ouri-sokto–the monster of tide and comings–the beast of darkness and ruin, or Nefero, my real name (*wink*), yes I can, ‘cause that’s who I am, not that I’d expect you pathetic ****s to even know any of that - no - Keyblade Masters clueless to their Astral Order? Yall aren’t even worth a ****.”


"I'll show you whose worth a ****!," yelled Sora as he ripped himself out of his captor’s grasp and slashed his blade sideways sending a streak of light forward – skeene! – Nefero simply knocked it aside.

“Unbelievable. I’ve seen dogs with more intrepidness than you; have fun picking your comrades out of the Morgos’ teeth,” and in a crack of thunder, Nefero disappeared–

“Sora!” – Sora turned back around to see Riku slice his blade through the open mouth of the Morgos to pull Kairi out of the grip of her captor – WACK! – both were hit by the tail of another Morgos into Sora’s arms. The new and amazing heartless surrounded them, each one looking more vicious and deadlier than the next, but the ones that caught their attention forcing their attention up (while these two heartless looked down) rivaled Darksides in height, and looked like four legged creatures with a giant cloth covering them attached to the ground, which, to make matters worse, was now swamped in darkness. The creatures swayed airily, thier circle yellow eyes looking right through Sora, Riku, and Kairi.

"I've never seen any of these heartless before!" yelled Sora as they positioned themselves back to back in defense of the horde.

"They must come from what, a-another system, or something?" stumbled Kairi. A wolf-like heartless leaped forward chomping the end of Kairi’s blade, trying to wrestle it out of her grip, but Sora and Riku slashed it back; it shook it’s head as if hardly taking any damage.

The heartless crept closer like water upon the sand, the Master’s Keyblades trembling in their hands from the intense pulse of darkness radiating off of the heartless.

Would it all end right here for you?

*What?* - The heartless leapt, rushed, and descended down like a mortician’s cloth.

Are you to die so worthlessly?

All of a sudden, Sora and Riku's keyblades shook, "Huh?" Kairi's blade disappeared from her grasp in a burst of light–


The room suddenly became dark all around and everything was slowing. Sora suddenly became very dizzy, he stepped forward trying to catch his balance, but his legs gave out underneath him, and he fell backwards as the heartless (now only their eyes visible) swarmed around him. He called for Riku and Kairi but his own voice was a blur to his ears. His limp arms were thrown in front from his own weight, and then, he saw the light of his keyblade flicker along with his bracelet from Kairi – and like her blade, his also disappeared from him in a crack of light! Sora's gasp echoed throughout the darkness, the heartless dissolved away, thier remnants getting smaller and smaller as Sora fell through the vast darkness; the wind, and speed, the freedom…Sora lost consciousness as he heard the flap of wings......

Intro: Part 9 – Till We Meet Again

A heart. A heart was beating; each beat, pronounced and clear, like the beat of a drum to soothe. Sora no longer felt like he was falling, he had no feeling at all, but slowly and surely, that lost sense came back to him. The heartbeat faded away as his sense of touch returned. He was lying on a floor, not any floor of matter, shape, or texture, just a floor, pressure on his body told him he was laying on his front, his head to his side, and on a flat surface. He was barely able to open his eyes, and in the tiny sliver of light that gave him vision, he could see Riku, and Kairi, lying on this floor of darkness; some kind of spotlight was on them allowing Sora to see...."Riku ...Kairi...." Sora's voice said, but was not heard. His energy was drained from his body, but that didn't stop Sora from reaching with his closest arm out to them, the one with his bracelet, "...Riku...Kairi, answer me..." again Sora's voice was not audible. He stretched his arm out to them, surely he was so close, but...

Footsteps, like bare feet on soft tile, came pronounced and clear towards Sora, however, his mind was still set on reaching Riku and Kairi. The folding of wings was heard, and Sora felt himself being moved on his back and picked up as gently as if wind were given a mother's arms to cradle. Sora, all the while with his blurred vision, was fixed on Riku and Kairi now at an angle as he sleepishly rolled his head around to keep them in view; he was being walked away. "No, no, take me back, take me to them, please don't take me away from them, please." But there was no sound, so there was no plea. His arm with his bracelet was still stretched out for them, and Riku and Kairi only got smaller and smaller. Sora had no strength to struggle, much less any strength in the first place, leaving his arm to sink, "Please, let us go together, together, wherever your taking me, take them too!" As Sora's eyes whelped up in tears of the sharp sadness rising within, a soft hand placed itself over Sora's face, and closed his eyelids; Sora then felt so sleepy. The hand gently corrected Sora’s head position, and situated him so he could be carried correctly as well. *Who, is this?*…Sora managed that same sliver opening, but his vision was so watery, it didn’t make much difference. He felt himself in a sudden warmer embrace, like a mother embracing her infant, and then a light, strong...sweet, melodious voice, began to hum, setting the tune for a lullaby,

La La Luu

"La - la luu, la - la luu,
oh my little star sweeper, I’ll sweep the stardust, for you
la – la luu, la – la luu,
little soft, fluffy sleeper, here comes a pink cloud, for you,
la – la – luu, la – la luu,
little wandering angel; fold up your wings, close your eyes,
la – la luu, la – la luu,
and may love be your keeper,
la – la luu… la – la luu… la, la, luuu”…
Sora fell sleep, all emotion melted away in the arms of an.....

Author: Wanna hear it?
YouTube - Lady and the Tramp-What is a Baby/La La Lu(Spanish 1997)

"(Sigh) The ways are all finally open, and such is an event that will touch across the stars to worlds, and places, and people who never thought that the heavens above them held such a beauty, and imagination far beyond thier wildest dreams." The skies in this world far off had a shooting star fly by above its neon signs and lighted buildings, "So you finally made it to a new system Sora," smiled the green girl, draped in cloth of the same color tone. Her dazzling yellow-almond eyes smiled, "Welcome, and don't be a stranger, you are the one who opened the door to the light after all."

Ragiel, recite for them your creed.​

*Light intertwines,
And breaks -
Then darkness tastes the ruin's wake,
But hark,
The keyblade's shinning parry -
For we all stand as the burden it must carry*​

NOTE: The lullaby La La Luu is from Lady and the Tramp; in no way do I take credit for any portion of the song, I just watched the scene over and over, and quickly typed the words!

Here is the ending pic for the Intro, take a good look, 'cause this is the last time Sora, Riku, and Kairi will be together for a good while (*sniff*).

Sora, Riku, and Kairi by ~Silent-Avera on deviantART

And I hope the Spanish version of La La Lu is okay, I couldn't find the english one! But at least you can get the melody...

Halelluia! The Intro is finished! Now, the New Journey begins on the next installment! *collapses on ground*

Comment and rate please! ^-^
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Mar 27, 2007
Awesome chapter, finally the introduction is finished and the true story begins can't wait xD.

Silent Avera

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Apr 22, 2006
Somewhere only we know~
Domo arigato! I'm gonna check out the first arc for a bit, but there will be a new installment tomorrow, however the other installments won't come for perhaps two days later, maybe longer, but I'll try to make it worth the wait for each piece! ^-^

and thanks again! Glad you enjoyed it ^-^


Mar 27, 2007
Yeah the next chapter would probably be really long, but thats a good thing because it shows that you have lots of ideas to work with xD.

Silent Avera

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Apr 22, 2006
Somewhere only we know~
Oh my, I'm so glad yall liked the ending to the intro, though (*sniff*) they are separated again...
Anywho, here we go! The start of Kingdom Hearts Anime! Yay!
Tee-hee! Thanks for the comments!
Oh, and sorry that it's kinda short, but chapter two is a doozy, so hopefully that will make up for it -_-

Disclaimer: There is cursing here, but before, it is edited properly, and only the "d" and "h" words are typed.

RECAP: After the defeat of Organization 13, and the return of Sora, Riku, and Kairi to their home world, the Royalty of the Disney system was alerted of merges imposing themselves upon their worlds. Such tidings brought forth two Evil Beyonds which desecrated the castle and all those within. Sora, Riku, and Kairi were also displaced from their world with a message from a boy with wings, and the intrusion of the Riders. They arrived in Disney Castle only to find more sorrow. I feared that their fate would end in those walls, but thankfully it didn’t. Something saved them. However now, I feel their fate in the hands of something with a pulsing red eye, and even redder hands. That sucks. – Euphoria

Ch.1 Dive into Destination
“Where is this? Why am I crying? Hey…why is it so sad here?”- Sara, Angel Sanctuary

Across the system, a shooting star traveled without friction from time.

"(Yaaawwwwwwn)." A burly man started up a stove with a small flame. One of his arms was of machine sinew, the other was normal. “Let’s see what we’ve got here.” He was bald, but had thick brushy side burns that poked in under his eyes and ran down into a short pointy black beard. “Mh, I thought we had more than that.” He also had a ‘C’ shaped scar on the side of his right eye, and was dressed in tight black attire.

"(Yaaawwwwwwn)." A loosely built man lay on a couch with his arms behind his head, legs crossed, wearing a simple blue suit which set the perfect accent to his comfort.

"(Yaaawwwwwwn), a bath never seem so relaxing," moaned a young woman with green eyes and short purple hair as she sank into the tub, "(Sigh) why is it though, that I am so relaxed, when there isn't even soap to take a bath in! Aargh!" Her yells resonated down the halls of the Bebop spaceship.

"And the witching begins," said the burly man as he threw some mushrooms on the stove.


The gangly man moaned, as did a little light tan and white stout dog; he covered his big ears with his paws and pushed himself further under the couch.


"As are bullets," said the loose man. The fan above lazily spun, and the light from the ceiling lit the living room of the ship harboring the decor and drawl of a bachelor's pad-

"WHERE IS THE JUSTICE IN LIFE FOR THIS?!" with the faint touch of a woman.

Thump - thump - thump - thump - thump - thump - thump - a shadow suddenly obscured the light through the loose man's eyelid's, "Spiiiiiiike!" – WUMP–

"Ack!" A limber young girl wearing a small loose white shirt and tight black shorts with red wild hair jumped on Spike's stomach; her bright yellow eyes were smiling. "What is it Ed?” Spike moaned.

"Ed's Tomato sees a shooting star heading directly for us,” she piped.

"Okay, when it goes by, make a wish that we get some leads on a bounty,” said Spike assuming his position before.

The little tan dog began to whine and shoved itself even more under the couch. “What’s wrong Ein?" asked Ed slipping down onto the ground, looking at the dog crumpled underneath, “Come here puppy." Ed scooped up Ein in her arms, “Come on Ein, let’s go watch the star!" Ed scuttled off into an adjacent room as Spike gave another yawn and began to doze off. So what if they haven't had a decent bounty in a while? The peace -


-and quiet did wonders for the senses…..The light above flickered, *I thought that bulb was just changed,* thought Spike through closed eyes. The ship suddenly began to shake - "What the hell?!" Spike shot up -

"WHAT'S GOING ON?!" yelled the lady as she was tossed around in the tub -

"Spike! Faye -! " The burly man tried to settle the kitchen pots and dishes as they crinkled and cracked -

"Whooooooooooo! Here comes the star!," yelled Ed -


"Three, two, one - IMPACT!" Spike dove into the protective fetal position, as did the big burly man, and the lady in the tub - the lights gave a simple flicker......and that was it, the ship stopped shaking, the engines gave a kick and a spit, but kept right on running. Ed with Ein, the burly man, and Faye wrapped in a towel, all ran into the room where Spike was as he sat up,

"What the hell was that?!" said the burly man.

"Were we hit by a comet?" asked Faye.

"If we were hit by a comet Faye, we would not be here right now," said the burly man," Something probably did a jump close to us."

"Ed, didn't you say it was shooting star?" asked Spike.

"Yeah," Ed moaned, "but my feed got cut before I got a good look at it."

"Let’s go take our ships out and check for damage."

"Sure thing Jet."

Spike took up his Swordfish II, a nifty little red cruiser, Jet took up his Hammer-head, a long and stocky cruiser, and Faye (after quickly getting dressed) took up her Redtail, a bulky cruiser that faintly resembled a crab, and checked for damage all about Bebop’s enormous exterior. Ed and Ein went exploring the interior of the ship to the spot where her calculations lead her to believe the star had made impact. "Ed is right where the thingy made impact and...Ed sees no damage," she radioed through a modified walkie-talkie.

"Neither do I," radioed Faye.

"You’re under the ship," Spike snickered.

Ed started to rock on her heels looking about the gritty hall, “I wonder where that star went; maybe it turned at the last second.”
Ein suddenly began to sniff out a scent.

"Hey Ed, hold down the fort while we're gone," called Jet.

"Eh? Where are yall going?"

"I just got a link from an ol' buddy on a bounty."

"Finally," expelled Faye.

"Okay, bye, bye yall," waved Ed at the walkie-talkie.

"Later Ed."

Ein started to bark from another room, "What’s the matter Ein?" Ed called as she scuttled over to a small room with the door slightly cracked, opened it, and gasped. Ein was licking the face of a young boy dressed in strange colorful black clothes. Ed slowly tip-toed up to him and observed his brown spiky hair, and big dark shoes. The boy was lying on his side, and not moving…even from Ein's coaxing. Ed then noticed that there were feathers all around him, white sparkling feathers that made the boy a soft bed. "Wow," she breathed, "an alien."


Amongst the worlds of this system, two other lone shooting stars made thier way across the skies, holding within their flaming cores, hearts barely able to sustain a beat....

Several travelers walked a forest path at night.

"Look Inuyasha, make a wish."


A young light brown wolf took notice of one of the shooting star's trail -

"Hey, keep up with us runt!"

"Respond Deities, what are you carrying?,” demanded an elder voice.

“We each bear the pieces of a life. We gathered them together from the South Light’s false heaven. They must come in contact with a stable world or they will lose their forms.”

“Drop them now in the world’s you are passing, attention is needed elsewhere.”

“There are other pieces in South Light’s keep–”

“Forsake them. Both of you know the Laws, now return to your Watch immediately!”

“Understood,” they replied.

The Deities swooped down into the worlds and their guise as stars dissolved away; one burst into the Northern Lights, the other, a cloudy black plume, and from their terrain forms, dropped the pieces to re-form into the beings they once were…

"Rrrrrgh, rrrrgh, come on Ein, push!" Ed was dragging Sora by the hood of his jacket all the way to living room.

Light. Dark. Light. Dark. Light. Dark. Subconsciously, Sora noticed the passing of the lights overhead, and became aware of someone pulling him by the scruff of his clothes, however he was too tired to do anything; his mind was mush, so he was dragged without any struggle. Ed stopped for a quick break dropping Sora's head - thunk.

*Ow!* The jolt sent some energy through Sora, but it was only a spark, and he barley moved to touch his head. Ein barked at Sora's animation. *A dog? Pluto? No, Pluto's voice is softer.* Ed picked up Sora by the scruff again, and continued her way dragging Sora at a higher degree over wires, door ridges, up a ladder (in which she almost suffocated him), over junk that consisted of every pointed, scratching tool of *OWWWW!* ever collected, and finally over some more tortuous objects into the home stretch. Sora, now battered, bruised, and scratched (badly) atop his mysterious exhaustion, thought with annoyed intensity, *Oooooh, when I find out whose dragging me...* Sora, dying to open his eyes, managed that sliver of light again –

Ploop. “Ugh, Ein why is this boy so heavy?” moaned Ed taking another quick sit -



"Damn suicidal *******."

"Should've of stunned him."

"10 million woo-longs down the drain." Spike, Jet and Faye slumped down from thier ships in the hanger and slopped to the living room coming across some glitter-like substance,

"What the hell....?"

“Tsk, someone should have stayed behind to keep an eye on Ed,” said Faye.

The three of them noticed a trail of sparkling feathers leading to the living room. "Ed?" Spike called. No reply.

“She’s probably asleep, I’m gonna finish cooking,” – WHOOSH! – A strong wind blew in from behind rustling up the feathers, and fluttering up the glitter – all three froze in place from the deep chill of the wind, and upon closer inspection, as the feathers fluttered down, they were covered in specks of red; Spike drew out his gun, as did Faye, and Jet.


"Answer us now,” called Jet.
Thumping footsteps came running down the crossing hall ahead and Ed flashed by carrying blankets and pillows. Spike huffed and put his gun away going after her.

"Hey those are mine!" yelled Faye. The plop of linen could be heard with the muffle of a second voice.

Spike, Jet, and Faye ran to the living room and found the mound of blankets dumped on the couch, and moving. They stood, awkwardly, as they turned to Ed, who was standing like a dog that had completed her master's command.

"Ed found the alien up where the shooting star made contact and dragged it all the way back here!" she piped.

"Alien?" The mound was still struggling with its muffled voice.

"Yeah! It was lying on a big pile of feathers, but he felt so cold, so Ed got a bunch of blankets, so now he's warm!" All four turned to the struggling mound....

"It sounds like a human Ed," stated Spike.

"Like a boy -"

"Like a stow-away."

"He's an alien!"

*Wha -? Who are those voices? Ugh, it's so hot!* Sora grunted internally.

"Get these blankets off of him, before he suffocates," said Spike as he went over and began to chuck the blankets off -

"Be gentle, it might really be an alien,” Faye tossed.

Sora felt the weight being lifted from him, but he also felt hands brushing by–*No! I don't want anything else touching me!*–The last blanket was removed flooding Sora with light and he flung his arms out–both his wrists were grabbed and jerked him up to where he was limply on his feet–he blinked his eyes open, his body still from shock of the strong hold about his wrists.
The light blinded his eyes, but he was determined to keep them open; they watered into four blurs, then melted into silhouettes which focused into four individual people as the light subsided to normal. Sora's eyes were watering so much that when he blinked from his stupor, two tears came down his face. His breath was left hard and uneven from the excitement subsiding in his body.

Faye took a curious look at Sora, especially at that pretty, pretty bracelet around his wrist, whereas Jet was a little more annoyed, *How the heck did he get aboard my ship?* he pondered.

"Its okay,” said Spike who held him up so strong, "you’re alright." Sora's mind went on slow and was focused on the man who held him up. He had dark eyes and wavy dark, dark green hair. He wore a blue thin jacket with a faded yellow shirt underneath, and he also wore dark blue pants. He was loosely built, but obviously there was muscle under his simple attire. Sora began to shake; the energy within him left a sudden gap of strength. "It's all right," the man casually smiled, "Your a real fighter aren't you? You almost bopped me in my face." Sora's mind settled, but was still a blank slate on what to make of all this. "I'm gonna set you down now." Spike slowly let Sora down on his rear with his body wobbling unstably. "Can you understand what I'm saying?" It was as if Sora's mind was on reset, his memory kicked on and went to an insane fast forward trying to get up to speed–his friends–the eyes–Avera–the horsemen–the castle–the Throne Room–Nefero-heartless–darkness–They're gone!–They're gone!–Don't take me away–!

"Catch him Spike!"–KLONK. Darkness.

Above the others, in an invisible form, Avera watched as Spike settled Sora on the couch. It was no wind with a mother’s arms, but Spike made sure Sora was totally on the couch. Avera’s eyes suddenly became misty; he clutched his chest, and then vanished.


*Sora? Where’d you go? Are you close by? Sora?...No, please, don’t let his voice leave me a second time!*

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Well I still really enjoyed the last chapter, and I can't wait to hear what happens soon.

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Disclaimer: Ah it cursing again, blah, blah, Edited like so -> **** blah, blah, only the"d" and "h" words are said, blah, blah

Ch. 2 Misfortune misses its target

"Is this the real life? Or is this just fantasy? Caught in a landslide–no escape from reality." - Queen "Bohemian Rhapsody”

“Why did he forget what he just went through? Was there a wrinkle when he crossed over?”

“No, something as traumatic as what he went through, he’d want those memories to be unlinked to him, however when he remembers them in his sleep, they will become a permanent part of him.”

“Poor kid. The other two, have they surfaced yet?”

“No, but the Deities have discovered that they are in an in-between realm.”

“And the Protection that their King managed to place, how long will its effect last?”

“I’m not sure, under the circumstances that he performed the Wish, a time limit was not given, so it is up to Deos’ design to sort it out.”

“Well, the important thing is that they’re safe-”

“Safe from what? That Protection saves them from Nefero, South Light, and Lady of Red, but it does nothing for the other dangers or the Riders for that matter.”

“This system is huge Seritouge, they will not be alone, they’re strong, and if the Riders rear their ugly heads, hiding them won’t be a problem, they can’t sense entities.”

“But Nefero can, and when the Protection wears off then they will be up against four adversaries that want them anything but alive.”


Memory, by memory, Sora remembered it all in his sustained sleep. The voices outside his head were only blurs as he internally recalled his ordeal.

"You found him where again?" asked Jet rubbing his eyes.

"(Sigh) Ed found him by the spot where the shooting star supposedly hit, in a small room, on a bed of sparkly feathers,” she repeated.

"That explains the twinkle trail," said Spike.

"You don't actually believe this boy rode in on a shooting star do you?" said Faye giving a ‘duh’ look.

"Well, lets look at the facts," said Spike sitting up, "Bebop has not docked in about a month, no way this boy could survive on this ship that long, without being seen, living on the scraps we throw away, if any, or the trash that’s in the ice hangers. Number two, no way he held onto any of our ships as we flew home from our recent escapade, and number three, he just so happened to appear after the shooting star came by."

Jet was still rubbing his eyes, "Well he can't have appeared from thin air," he mumbled.

"I still thinks he's an alien,” Ed grumbled.

"Hell, with that get-up he may be," said Faye peeking at Sora's top, "That kind of wardrobe comes from a galaxy far, far away."

"Well what are we gonna do with him?" Spike tossed.

Sora’s bracelet caught Faye’s attention and she held up his limp arm to read it -

"I bet you could get your Lovshiel soap with that," Spike huffed.

"Shut it, I’m not gonna steal it, (*tug*) it won’t come off any way, ooh, we have a name -"


-"looks like this kid's name is Sora," said Faye setting down his arm, "With jewelry like this he probably comes from a high rise place, perhaps he's a missing child; people offer big rewards for kids."

"Ed, do a search on missing kids named Sora," said Jet.

"Okay search programs, workity the work works!"

"I dunno, looks more like a run-a-way to me," said Spike, he noticed a tear run down the side of Sora's face. "Look at all these cuts and scrapes on his arms and legs, obviously this kid was trying to get away from something." Ed stayed silent of the dragging ordeal, and typed away hiding her guilty look.

"Either way, if he has a price, he's going back," said Faye.


"What do you have?" Everyone crowded around as Ed scrolled down with none of the pictures matching Sora's face.

"Mmmmh, do a search on bounties for people named Sora." Again the search turned up empty.

"Well at least he's clean as a bell," said Jet.

"So, what should we do with him?" asked Faye.

Ed jumped up, "Can we keep him?!"

"Keep him?"

"He's not a pet Ed," said Spike.

"But wait a minute, we still don't know how he got on board," said Jet rubbing his eyes, then he chuckled, "and I'm not the type for adopting aliens."

"Whelp, he's here now, whose know and who cares how he got on board," said Spike, "but that’s still somethin' though, Ed finding him on a blanket of feathers..." The silence was broken by Sora waking up. "Hey there.”

Sora's memory was caught up to speed and he absorbed all around him, *Have I been sent to another place like Traverse Town?* Sora rubbed his eyes....."Where am I?"

"You are aboard the S.S. Bebop, one of finest ships sailing through out the wide intervals of space," said Jet.

"I'm sure 'the Bebop' would have sufficed Jet," Spike muttered lazily.

"Where are you from little one?" said Faye all motherly; Spike turned away his head away in silent laughter.

"I'm from Destiny Islands," said Sora as he forced himself up, "Have yall ever heard of them?"

Spike, Jet, Faye, and Ed looked at one another,

“Is that some sort of beach resort?” asked Faye.

"What planet is that from exactly?" asked Jet.


"What world are you from? Mars, Venus, Earth?"

"I'm from Destiny Islands; that is my world."…

First Impression complete: Sheltered.

Jet looked Sora right in the eye and asked slowly, "How did you get here?”

"I, I'm not sure, the last thing I remember is being carried away from -," Sora's voice faded a little, "from my friends, who were lying on the ground." He looked down. Jet and Faye narrowed their train of thought as Spike took a more open position. Ed scooted up by Sora and laid her head in his lap like a puppy,

"Are your friends okay?" she asked.

"I don't know," Sora's voice broke, "I couldn’t, no matter how hard I tried, call out to them, they were just lying so still.”

"Maybe they were sleeping,” said Ed, “When I dragged you here, you were very, very tired.”

*So it was you.*

“Um, you have any relatives or something we can contact from your home?” asked Jet.

“My home’s gone too,” said Sora.

"What happened to it?"

Sora swallowed, "It was swallowed up, by darkness. It was completely engulfed in flames...from these guys on wild steeds, a black horse, a red bull, a blue wildebeest, and a green stag."

"…So, you’re saying your whole neighborhood got trashed by four people on horseback?” asked Jet.

“Only one was a horse,” said Sora, “And it was my whole world that got destroyed.”

“The entire planet?” blurted Faye.

“So you indefinitely have no home to return to,” stated Spike. Sora nodded,

“Just like before –”

“Wait, so this has happened more than once?” asked Jet, “Your home, world, getting destroyed, by the same people?”

“No the first time it was by the heartless, (“heartless?”) this time it was like it was sucked from the inside out by a giant vortex of fire that these, riders, burst out of –”

- “Say what?” -

- “then the fire intensified as they galloped across it, and then it vanished without a trace!” Ooh, Sora got his temper back, “Whenever I find them–all of them that’s responsible for this–(Sora held out his hand to call his blade)–I’m gonna–”

"Slow down there tiger, you can barely stand,” said Jet, “I’m gonna go see if we have any thing for those cuts of yours, and possibly that bump on your head.”

Sora felt his head, “I don’t have a bump.”…

Putting all other details aside, "These guys wouldn't happen to have a bounty on thier heads would they?" Faye asked.

"A bounty?"-

"YEEEE HAAAAAW! It's time for another episode of Big Shot with Punch and Judy!"

"Nyeah, just watch this," said Spike, and he pointed Sora to their television screen.

"Welcome yall to the Big Shot all you muscle miscreants!" said a very pretty cowgirl (Sora gulped), "Hope yall are ready for a doozy this week, 'cause we have our highest bounty yet on Big Shot!"

"That's right!” said cowboy, “These next few blokes have just made breaking news–they are all wanted dead for their crimes imposed by completely destroying the metropolis of Venus, yes, you heard me correctly, completely destroying it, it is gone–take a look at these live pictures!"

"My god," Faye breathed at the desolate images of the metropolis of Venus. What were once tall firm structures were now but the crumble of sand in a child's palm…–a bright fiery light suddenly burst out of no-where, and the feed to the shot was cut–

"What? Hey, we lost our feed?" asked Punch to off-screen personnel, "Huh? What?! It's gone? What do you mean Venus is gone? The whole damn planet?!"

"Just like my world," Sora whispered. Spike's hand went to the side of his face as he watched.

"Anywhoooo," said Judy as Punch went into a panic–

-" I gots cousins in the rural -!

“We interrupt this program to bring you a special report from CBC News Live.”

“Wow, Big Shot actually got the jump on the news for once,” said Spike, but Faye shushed him, “Don’t shush me.”

“Breaking news today of a terrible tragedy befallen the planet of Venus; what can only be described as several seismic explosions erupting from the heart of the world itself.”


“What in the world could’ve caused that?” asked Faye.

“We are now going to our affiliate in Alva city with CBC’s Chris Riley.”

A female reporter appeared on screen. “Mark, as you can now see in the sky, that bright flashing star is all that remains of the planet once known as Venus. So far as now, we can only speculate on what could’ve caused such destruction.”

“Are there rumors Chris of people saying that before Venus exploded, there was a strange flash of light?”

“Yes, spectators here from Alva City say that they actually noticed several faint flashed of light before noticing Venus’ explosion in the sky. Given that we, here in Alva City on the planet of Mars could see such a spectacle all the way from Venus can only imply on how atrocious the true explosion was.”

Sora’s eyes widened as the reporters talked their speculation back and forth.

“Sad news day to report from your Cosmic Broadcasting Community,” stated Mark. “Is there any word from the government of Mars about a possible search and rescue operation?”

“Pssh, nothing could’ve survived that!” blurted Faye.

“I did,” said Sora weakly. Spike, Faye, and Ed turned to him.

“Hold on, Chris, I’m getting word in on images that are just now being received from our affiliates in Venus, these are quite possibly the last images of Venus we will ever see.” What flashed on the screen were still shots of a person dressed in a black velvet robe riding a raging black horse–

"Hey! That’s one of the riders that destroyed my world!" yelled Sora. The screen shots flashed stills of the horse with its rider running with fire all around it, stagnantly followed by a green stag with its rider dressed in a green hooded robe, then a blue wildebeest, and finally a red bull with their riders wearing the same color robes; the riders hoods covered their eyes, but not their maniacal smiles… The male reporter Mark, cleared his throat,

“Once again, we can only speculate what any of these images mean.”

“Ooooooooh,” cooed Ed forebodingly (she had turned to her computer as the others were fixed on the television), “Looky!” Everyone turned to her monitor which displayed a biblical picture of four skeletons riding raging skeletal horses with fire for flesh, “Look at the similarities,” said Ed, “Those scary guys on the t.v. are like the four horsemen of the apocalypse no?”

“The Mars government has just issued a reward for any information leading to the conclusion of today’s tragedy,” said Mark. “They have also issued a reward along with collaboration from several local planetary governments for the capture of those that we have just displayed on screen, one billion -"

"Holy ****!" -


“Why did they issue a reward for them?” asked Sora, “Are there people that can stop them here?”

“I doubt it,” said Spike, “If those people can detonate an entire planet, ****, the militaries probably already know that they can’t do much, and that’s why they stuck up such a reward for anyone else who could risk their lives to try and catch these guys until they figure out a plan.”

“Can they?”

“Wow, you really aren’t from around here are ya?”

Jet walked in the room with a box of band aids, “Here let’s see if we can patch up some of those cuts…Hey, what’s that?”

“The four horsemen of the apocalypse that made Sora’s world go bye-bye!” piped Ed.


“Jet,” said Spike in a dead tone, and he and Faye gave Jet a quick rundown of what they knew backed by the continuing coverage of the disaster.

“So, Venus is gone,” stated Jet in a hollow tone.

“The end is coming! All our sins will be washed away in the fires of hell!” screamed a freaked person as he ran by Chris, nearly knocking her down.

“Again,” Chris stated as she recovered herself, “The authorities have stated for the public to not panic–” but no sooner had she said that, a bright light began to flash all around her!

“Chris, what’s going on?”

“Mark! It appears–AHH!” Chris shielded herself from the light as the camera man became unstable, his camera focusing in and out as people began to run from a tide of fire–!

The feed was cut. Mark was shown as speechless; then the television, Ed’s computer, everything electronic, died, leaving everyone to begin to float with the ship’s gravity generators dead….

A low rumbling sound started to shake the ship which grew exponentially–!

“Oh god!” screamed Faye, “We’re by–!”

“How close are we to Mars?!” yelled Spike.

“Close enough!” Jet yelled back.

The metallic hold of the ship moaned and bellowed as an unknown force slammed it with blow after blow after blow–Ein barked frantically and Sora felt Ed grope and latch on to him in the suspended darkness–“HANG ON!”

It stopped. The rumble subsided, the engines spit, the lights flickered back on and everyone dropped (“OW!”) in the mess of the living room with the gravity generators humming back to normalcy.

“Ouchies,” Ed moaned rolling over Sora.

Faye luckily landed on her blankets, while Spike landed partially on a stool.
Jet tumbled over on his back, “Hot, damn,” he cursed as he pushed himself up.

“Did anything break?” asked Faye.

*My back,* Sora wanted to say.

Ed gave a wail as she saw her computer lopsided (but amazingly in one piece) and scrambled over Sora to turn it on.

“Alright, let’s look at the positives,” announced Spike dusting himself, “number one, we didn’t die, ah…that’s about it.”

“The ship did not succumb to any major injuries, I hope,” muttered Jet as he stood up, “Okay, I’m putting’

Bebop on a course as far away from this mess as possible, I don’t know what’s going on, but it won’t catch up to us,” and Jet walked off. The stillness in his wake was like ringing silence.

Sora felt so close, and so far from thier silence.

Ed revived her computer which spit out an international emergency broadcast warning that over-ran her internet connection. The monotone signal synchronized with the silence, and Ed turned off her computer. “Sora, what’s going on?” asked Ed turning around.

“I-I’m not sure Ed.”……..

Spike turned to Sora, "Looks like we've met at a good time.” He stood up, "You’ll be traveling with us now; welcome to the crew Sora," Spike stretched, "I'm sure Ed can hook you up with a place to sleep." Spike left the room.

"One billion woo-longs, and it's on the ‘four horsemen of the apocalypse’," mumbled Faye in a quiet tone, "That would be the billion dollar bounty," She left the room too. It was just Sora, Ed, and Ein now.

That feeling of misplacement that tingled Sora’s insides gave one last surge, then subsided, now, he felt a kind of connection, one he wished he had under different measures. Ed rubbed her eyes, "This day sucks," she spat and got up, "Come on Sora, lets go find you a spot."

"Okay," Sora got up and followed Ed and Ein down the ship's corridors as Ed peeked into different rooms for a cozy spot.

Despite all the misfortune, all the terror, and bad luck, and ill will Sora had been through in a twenty-four hour time frame, he struck up a conversation with Ed on what Bebop could do, a little bit of its history, a little about Spike, Jet, and Faye, Ed's hobbies and favorite things to do, what Ein could do, and what he likes to eat, and lick, and then the tables turned to Sora who explained just exactly where he was from, his hobbies, what he liked to do, and he talked about Riku and Kairi as well. He showed Ed his bracelet, and, remembered what it meant, what Avera had said to him about–


Sora looked to Ed, "Oh, huh?"

"What does it say on the inside again?"

"Sora, Riku, Kairi; together." Ein barked. Ed cocked her head, and swung open a wooden door to a moderate room,

"Huh, it looks like this room was made out to someone already," said Ed as she stepped inside, Sora followed behind. The room...no way, it couldn't have been...the room looked almost exactly like his old room...from two years ago on Destiny Islands...there was a window to the stars and everything...On the bed, lay a single solitary feather. "Okay this will be your room," declared Ed, "Ed will be right back," and she dashed out the room with Ein. Sora slowly walked around his room, really his room...On a little table, he picked up a picture frame and his throat caught; it was a picture of him, Riku, and Kairi, from way back…Sora felt at peace, * 'In this moment, I want yall to think of something very special' *...... Hopefully, wherever his friends are right now, Sora prayed with all his might that they were safe. Ed came back with a bunch of pillows and blankets, "Can Ed stay with you tonight?"

"Sure, you can take the bed; I'll make another bed with those pillows and blankets." Ed bounced up on Sora's bed, Ein leapt up as well, and Sora made his bed down below, but with all the pillows and blankets, he was almost level with his bed. Sora was reminiscing on all that had happened when–

"Sora?" came Ed's voice, "Are you an alien?"

Sora smiled, "No Ed, I'm not an alien."

"Okay then, when I found you, you had a lot of feathers around you, are you an angel?"

Sora thought of Avera, "Nope, I'm not an angel."

"Okay then what are you?"

Sora sat up, and Ed watched, as Sora extended his arm with the keyblade appearing in his hand…but something was wrong–i-it was see-through!


"Huh? W-what’s, wrong with my keyblade?!” Sora said flabbergasted, but despite Sora’s plight, Ein gave a happy bark and licked Sora's face.

“You call it a keyblade?” asked Ed all excited, “That’s so cool! Are you like a secret fifth horseman of the–?”

“No, uh, Ein! Down boy, this, keyblade, my–keyblade which is not, supposed to look like this, s-signifies that I’m a Keyblade Master.”

….Doesn’t it?

"Wow," Ed sighed as she put her hand through the blade. Sora desperately searched within himself on why his keyblade was as it was. “Don’t worry,” piped Ed; Sora looked at her, “You’re pretty tired aren’t you? Maybe when you get some sleep, it’ll be, um, solid.” Ed gave her hand another wave through the blade; then she plopped right down, "Okay, now I can go to sleep."

"Why?" asked Sora recalling his transparent blade.

"Because (yawwwwwn) you’re here," and Ed was sound asleep. Sora scratched his head,

*Does she know about the Keyblade Masters? Well, I guess, some people should in this system…Wherever that maybe.* Ein gave Sora one last lick, then curled up besides Ed. Sora wiped his face, then laid himself down…However, that unsettling feeling made a violent return, and refused Sora to sleep for a good while… His keyblade, was sleep all he really needed?

Spike walked down the corridor where Sora's room was, shirt off, towel over his shoulder, back from a hard workout of practicing his martial arts, the Jeet Kune Do style. He stretched his back as he walked and noticed, a wooden door, was open down the hall. Curious to know if he hadn’t worked himself into a delusion, he walked up to the door, and in that fleeting moment as he entered the dull light through the window, he stumbled across a ray of light on the floor, and caught himself on the door which creaked on its hinges. Spike moved it back and forth, yes, it was attached. He looked inside the room and rubbed his eyes. Since when was the gritty ship Bebop home to a child's room with wooden floors, and walls? And a window?

He spotted Ed asleep on Sora's bed and Sora asleep on the blankets and pillows with Ein in between them.*The kid's a gentleman.*...."Oh boy," he stretched," I think I'm gonna go to bed too now," and he continued down the hall. Spike was not a man to let the strange hold him down for too long–so what if a strange boy appeared on thier ship and is now sleeping in a room with Ed that can't possibly have been part of Bebop's original blueprints? So what if there are wild riders running about? Well what did leave a thorn in Spike's side was that Mars was more than likely nothing but a crater in the sky now, and–bonk. Spike had walked into a wall, *Where the hell did this come from?!* He scratched his head, looked behind him, yes; the wooden door was still there. Spike huffed and turned the corner down to a hub of a room to sleep.

Jet had turned to his little pet bonsai trees, and began to trim them, just a wee little bit too much. In the end really, where could they run?

Faye had gone to bed, or so she told herself over and over and over. She threw her pillow over her head, “I feel like I’ve been up for like a day, but I still can’t fall asleep.” Faye fidgeted. “I wonder, what’s going on out there.” Faye rolled on her back. *I feel so strange…* “Go to sleep me, everything will be fine. I will wake up in my bed. Nothing’s gonna happen when I’m asleep, good night.”

“Good night!” Spike singed back from the other room.

“Ugh, jack***,” Faye spat for having been listened upon. The tension within her died, she pulled up her blanket, and was finally able to lull off to sleep.


“(*Sigh*) I wanna go seep, seep.”

“I wanna go seep seep too – but you don’t see me complaining!”

“You don’t need sleep, you’re the guise of an Upper Conscience, you exist without fatigue, the form of a purpose. I, on the other hand, something alive, needs sleep.”

“Oh yeah? How can something be alive that doesn’t bleed? How can something be alive with only half a–”

“Okay that’s hitting below the belt you bleach witch.”

“Limp liver!”

“Corpse sucker!”

“Quiet! Both of you get back to your missions–yall can sleep when we’ve collected some more Masters.”

“Yes madam.”


On a plain of unseen ground, the riders and thier steeds stood watching the last light of Mars dissapear. Equos, the Black Horse, huffed an agitated flame... They felt thier quarry had escaped somehow.

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