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Silent Avera

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Apr 22, 2006
Somewhere only we know~
Oh, thank-yall so much! ^_^ One day I would like to be a writer, and write novels and whatnot ^_^

The next chapter won't nearly be so long, nope!
But I can't post it until Monday - wah! I'm away from my computer, and I forgot to transfer the files...
Anywho, that really does mean alot to me saying this could be like a book ^_^


Mar 27, 2007
Yeah I agree with Angelsinflight you have some major potential in becoming a great writer one day xD.

Silent Avera

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Apr 22, 2006
Somewhere only we know~
Ah, thank-you, thank-you! ^-^ That means alot!
Okay, here's the next chapter, it's not as long as chapter two, but it is a decent length >_< Curses for being a compulsive writer!

(Oh? No disclaimers? Won't see that too much...Oh no wait, I do have credits)

CREDS: Any references in here *cough* the title *cough* are based off the actual things, and I do not take any credit in claiming any part of them as my own: Back to the Future; Into the Ocean by Blue October

Ch. - Back to the Future

“I’ve been having these weird thoughts lately… Like is any of this for real, or not?” – Sora, Kingdom Hearts

As Sora slept in his room that night, the borders of dream and reality merged. And the winged boy, made a third visit.

Who’s to say events in life are like a tide upon the sand? So much can change with the rise and fall of the water, and yet so much can stay the same as the rise and fall of the water.

Is the water where we all began? Is it where we all will end?

Into the ocean,

End it all,

Into the ocean,


It was all like before, half unconscious, half awake, falling into water, falling through air, falling down deep into darkness, farther, and farther, and farther still. No need to move, no intention to move. The wind felt so good, so smooth; the water was really calm too. The sensation of wind and water blended into one, sustaining a strong anesthetic throughout Sora’s body.

“I really hate to wake you, especially after what you’ve just been through.” Sora gave an unconscious nudge in his sleep. “But it can’t be helped; I hope you’ll forgive me; again.”

The anesthetic was being siphoned away–layer, by layer, cut by cut, Sora could feel his skin start to freeze, his clothes tickle his body, his hair blowing erratically - no, no, no, now he was really falling! The wind was whipping his clothes and face - his eyes snapped open and were pressured by the whistling wind around him –“Ahh! –” instinctively, Sora tried to glide, but, once again he was robbed of strength, *I’m gonna hit the ground - !* But then the pressure of falling drastically ceased, and Sora felt himself lightly tumble head over feet without any stir from his stomach then, “Oof!”, his legs wobbled a bit on hard unforeseen ground. …..*This place; where? ...No, I’ve been here before, this is where I had that dream. My dream before, everything, happened…*

Welcome. It’s good to see you again.

Before, that strange…voice, emotion, feeling, came from all around Sora, now, it felt like it was coming from in front of Sora. *Hello?* Sora walked over, his footstep echoing on a glass surface, crack. *Huh?* Sora stepped back, crack. *Uh-oh!* - Cre-crack-crack-crshk-chk-CRE-SHK- *Oh great!*

Be forewarned, you’re standing on hollow memories, or, ground with no form.

“Huh?” CRSK! “AHHHHhhhhhhhhh!” The unseen floor gave way, and Sora was once again falling into the vast darkness, CRASH! CRASH!–CRASH! He was crashing through other unseen glass grounds–*Ow! Ow–OW! Stop it! Let me land!*–BUOMP. “Owwwuuuch.” Sora didn’t even bother to get up; he could feel the glass underneath him starting to give way as well…but, it didn’t. Sora felt the glass’ breaking edges beneath him…Well, the platform felt steady enough, maybe…*Don’t break on me okay? I’m getting tired of falling through the vast emptiness of Fallingdom,* Sora grumbled as he felt his strength seep back into him. He pushed himself up, the glass bending with his shift in body weight, *(Moan).*

You won’t fall anymore. She maybe tired, but she can carry you.”

Sora squinted at the ground, and it began to outline itself in light many intricate geometric shapes as the whole plain that Sora was in, opened up in light from directly overhead, revealing a column that infinitely rose out of the darkness; perched upon it, was a beautiful rose* stained glass motif of which was what Sora had landed upon.

The sketchy figure of the stained glass showed the upper torso of a young beautiful woman, eyes closed, her head slightly tilted down allowing her white-greyish hair to flare all around her. Her hands were cupped in front of her, and in the middle of her empty hold, was where Sora had landed, the breaks of his impact etching outward. Her skin tone was a pale, pale grey, and as far as Sora could tell…well…(Her hand and arms covered her chest, as did some of her hair). At the bottom of her stomach, which was as far as the stained glass showed, there seemed to be some sort of reddish alien growth stagnantly snaking its way up her middle. In the background, was an elegant background of space with stars, galaxies, and novas of every shade of color imaginable. *Whoa,* breathed Sora.

Older Sister, was a figure of strength and integrity, and the antiquity of her Designs has kept life in balance, and secured a future with many possible ends, do you wish to accept her as your guide?

*My guide? Um…uh…Wait a tick–‘Older Sister?!’* Sora took a good look at the stained glass, and remembered what Nefero had said, *’If you really want to know why we ‘interrupted’ your miniscule daily lives sweetie–you can ask Older Sister.’…If I accept her as my guide, then maybe I can finally get some answers for all this!* But in the back of his head, an unnerving feeling bubbled up, *Wait, what if she’s the cause of all this?* Ick, ugh, Sora would absolutely, positively, want nothing to do with anyone who could cause such misery!

From the back of Sora’s neck, he felt an icy hand begin to wrap itself around it!

“Do you fear me?”

*EEK!* Sora’s spine was charged with ice, and he blatantly stated, *Thanks, but no thanks!* as his hands went to - Cre-crack-crack-crshk-chk-CRE-SHK–*On second thought–!,* CRASH!

Sora fell through a platform yet again, and landed upon another. This one, being somewhat…intrusive.

Sora had landed dead square in the middle of two great, big, round, wide blue eyes, *Eeek!*, the rest of the stained glass was intricate patterns of white flowing all around, but - those unseeing eyes looked right through Sora!–They looked real! *Eeek!*

If you are so unnerved, Seritouge is not for you–CRASH!

*This dream needs a better way of getting from place to place!*–WUMP.

Sora had now landed on the heart of another young woman, and like the other, only her upper torso was shown. She was in a graceful three-quarters view position as if being lifted upwards on a sheer breeze. Eyes closed, her hair shocking pink hair with shades of blonde silently whipped about behind her. Her bright peach skin shied underneath a pink veil that covered, her *cough*, her chest. In the background, various displays of the ever lasting symbol of the heart danced all around.

Sister’s design beats within all of us, sowing our emotions, she is the figure of bravery and compassion; do you wish to accept her as your guide?

Sora could easily tell that, *Sister*, dealt in some way with the heart, and out of what he has seen so far, she would be the natural choice, but, Sora felt a kind of repel in the air, and in his heart, sadly, felt she was due for another…for someone else. *No thank-you,* said Sora, and let himself fall limply through the glass once again, only this time, he felt a shard of glass cut his face as he fell–WUMP.

Sora touched his face and felt a warm thin trail of blood; he smudged it away. Now he had landed on the lower neck (that meets the chest) of a young green girl who, like the two before her, the platform showed only her upper torso. She was directly facing forward like, *What was it?...* Older Sister from the start. Her eyes were closed like the others. Her arms were spread out to her side as if getting ready to gather something big; her palms facing outward. Her long flowing olive hair, radiant in every strand, was flared out like Older Sister, however in a much more wispy design, but unlike Older Sister, she was wearing a spring green cloth-like blanket that covered as far down as the stained glass allowed. Her background consisted of many animals, in all sorts of different arrays, most Sora had never seen before, all flowing elegantly in a sea of green that streaked itself all around the glass.

Little Sister’s design has brought form to existence, and shows it numberless paths, she is the figure of hope and impulsiveness; do you wish to accept her as your guide?

Partly afraid he was going to keep bumping his way down into oblivion, and partly afraid that he felt a note of agitation in the speaker’s voice, Sora studied the stained glass carefully looking for aspects that would make him like her. *Well, she’s wearing clothes,* said Sora, *and she…*

“Pick me; you’re the one I’ve been waiting for!”

*Oh...Yes,* said Sora, *I would like to accept Little Sister as my guide.* A shower of light poured in from over head, and Sora felt a jerk up above his lower back.

When the light tapered off, Sora unshielded his eyes, and discovered he was on a stained glass floor which had etched into it every keyblade Sora had ever seen, all in a graceful circle directly pointing at him in the middle with beams of light.

Draw your keyblade.

…(*Gulp*)…Sora extended his arm, and called forth his blade, relieved to see it in his hands, whole, and complete–Cre-crack-crack-crshk-chk-CRE-SHK–*Wait, that was it?!* The glass shattered, but Sora did not fall, and light poured out from within. Sora blinked the dots out of eyes, and as the light settled, found he was on another stained glass floor decorated with a rearing, noble horse with a background of a decorated kaleidoscope. *Okay, what now?*

The places you will visit will contain many faithful and powerful creatures at your command, and the command of others. For those who show a strong assertive self, they will follow without question.

As the voice spoke, shadows beyond the light of the stained glass began to move with subtle eyes, and the shadow form of a large four legged creature stepped out. Sora couldn’t make out too many details, but the creature looked to have a long wavy mane, and large crystal upon its head. Its body was lean and slender, and made its movements with careful steps. Sora took a step backwards into a sudden large shadow and looked up–*WHOA!*–A huge massive dragon-like shadowy figure looked down from overhead and opened two mouths of sharp teeth, one on top, and one on bottom letting out a loud roar! *Ahh!* Other shadowy figures of creatures walked out of the darkness, *Uh, good, kitty, er doggy, what ever yall are, I don’t have any food on me!–Whoa–ACK!* Sora unknowingly backed himself all the way to the edge and fell off the column– *Great!–Unf!* Sora felt the back scruff of his clothes jerk up, and he was flown, then thrown onto another stained glass platform.

You’re not ready for flying yet; be careful.

*Will do,* Sora replied. The stained glass upon which he landed represented four parts. In the upper left was a dazzling display of Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights), in the upper right was a strange smoky mist, in the bottom left was rushing crystal, and in the bottom right was rushing water.

The precursors of magic exists within the four Deities, from them unto you, you still have all your magic from you previous endeavors for your calling. Should you meet the Deities in your journey, do not be shy to grasp their power, they may help you immensely, (from the four sections, the elements of the glass arose into material forms) so long as you are able to control their will. The Deities burst with their own ancient magic around Sora morphing into dangerous forms as light showered in from below.
Sora unshielded his eyes yet again, and found himself on a stained glass representing a form of yin and yang. There was a heavenly light swirl leading into a freighting malicious looking swirl, and from these, all sorts of detailed forms, and figures, and symbols looked to be caught up in the swirls heading toward the inevitable center.

You know the source of all your strengths and weakness, but you are not fully decided on where you stand. One side you are destined for, the other, you chose to seek, but now you must either break your current path, or allow it to govern you, are you of the light, or the dark?

*Of the light or dark?....Oh boy, um*….It was all summed up in one memory of Riku. Sora decided, *To be honest, I don’t think I’m complete without the other. The King told me that everything is made up of both light and darkness, so, I’m going to say I’m of both.* The center where the two swirls met began to break.

Dawn and twilight are mysterious paths.

Something was trying to punch its way though!

However, which ever path you walk will eventually lead to the light, or to the darkness.

Sora heard an unearthly roar resonate out from under him, he grasped his keyblade, ready for what ever came out –

Are you ready to accept the consequence of governing two natures of the heart?

CRASH! The whole platform broke into many dazzling pieces! Sora had no choice but to jump straight up, *Eeek!* He felt himself get caught in the wind–no, he was hovering! *I-I’m flying!* From behind, a large ugly face, a mouth on top, and a mouth on bottom with one large red eye in the center surged up to meet Sora–a monster–a mix of a Darkside and Twilight Thorn!

*Holy–* The monster opened both its mouths, and sucked in hordes of air–*Ah, no way you’re gonna eat me!–Take this!* Sora flung his blade to the side for a slash of Ragnarok*–but the wind caught his blade–and sucked it in! *OH NOOOOOOooooooo!* and Sora was dragged, then finally shoved in by the wind through the red eye into the depths of the monster.

He wasn’t falling, but sinking, sinking into darkness, the roar of the monster fading away in the hollow distance. *Am I still here?* asked Sora, *Was–was that it? Did that creature, did, did it kill me, just like that?*

If you think you are dead, then so be it, your journey ends here –

*No! I don’t want to die! Let me out! I can still feel myself!*–Sora called his keyblade to his hand–*I’m not dead!* From the end of his blade shot a bright burst of light which blew through a fleshy wall, making an odd hole–Sora kicked off of something and flew out into fresh breathing air, realizing just how dank the dark air was. The monster mix roared, bending over and clutching it’s stomach. It slowly picked up its huge head, it was so close, and the red eye began to glow–*Eat this!*

Enough, you’ve shown me what was needed to be seen.

*Wait! I’m gonna knock this monster’s block off!*

A jet of light, like a laser, shot from above, and dissinigrated the monster in half, knocking Sora ways away back–completely numbing his entire body. He heard the movement of enormous wings and felt himself tumble onto the back of something soft, something with fine hair and ticklish feathers.

Through the glowing darkness, he felt the creature’s movements as it turned this way and that, Sora praying that he wouldn’t fall off as each turn threatened to toss him into the abyss; he tangled his fingers into the creatures hair, and not a moment to soon as an invisible loop-de-loop sent him air-born; his hands acting as anchors. Sora was too nerve stricken to utter a single sound as the creature felt like it was going in for a landing, making the sharpest of turns, and just as Sora thought for sure he would be thrown to the mercy of the darkness, he felt his weight lighten, the mass of the creature dissipate underneath him–promptly replaced by something grabbing the scruff behind his neck, which gently, dropped Sora down onto unseen ground.

Sora took a moment to catch his breath. He was bent on all fours quietly on the floor except for the sound of his uneven breathing. *Eh, heh, that wasss–s–scary…*

“I would never let you fall...” Sora got the shivers, and looked up to the strong voice. He saw slits of shadows immediately form a vast, many winged creature flying off into a bright source of light…“Master.”

Sora felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand up–he whipped around, and beheld the sight of five glorious doors hovering in unequal heights and distances.

Wherever you decide to go, just remember that in order to get there, you must walk through that sacred door…

Sora turned back around…“Kingdom Hearts.”

Kingdom Hearts opened and Sora was enveloped in light under the darkness of his closed eyes; hearing the flap of wings.

Yes, you will have to walk through that sacred door…alone.

Clop, clop. Equos and the other steeds stopped in front of Kingdom Hearts with their respective riders. The blue wildebeest sniffed the ground and moaned, the red bull shifted with agitation, and the green stag annoyingly pawed the ground. The Black Rider quickly drew his onyx sword and, “Argh!,” slashed the Door in anger unsettling Equos a bit. A long, ugly scratch was left on Kingdom Hearts; the Door looked like it silently held it’s breath in pain. “They’re near, they’re right under our noses,” the Black Rider growled, “And that abomination is protecting them!” The four steeds roared and galloped away through borders beyond.

Kingdom Hearts exhaled, and the scratch disappeared.…..Good riddance.

“There, back inside your bed,” said Avera kindly as he laid down a transparent sleeping Sora into his body. “I’m sorry things have to be done this way, but the pathways through the Doors are being monitored by the Riders.”

Sora began to stir, his subconscious recognized Avera’s voice, “Ri…Riku…Kairi…ah…are?”

“Yes, they are safe,” smiled Avera, and he disappeared in subtle light.

Ein woke up from Ed’s side, sniffed the air, then settled back down and fell asleep.

Okay, ugh, yes long again, but I'm working up on breaking up the others, so please forgive me!
Comment and rate please! ^-^

Silent Avera

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Apr 22, 2006
Somewhere only we know~
Thanks Angels ^-^ and thanks for everyone's comments, sooooo, here's the next chapter! I didn't number the previous one because it was supposed to be some inbetween thing... Anywho, this chapter may look long, but it's really because of all the dialoge and space separations, it'll go quickly and smoothly, hopefully. Oh yeah, in this chapter also are more of the participating animes! Squee! But it's really not all that impressive, it's subtle.

Disclaimer: Cursing. Only the "d" and "h" words are said. Others are edited (one) like so -> ****

Ch. 3.2 Intervention and the Radical Edward

" A spoonfull of sugar helps the medicine go down." - Mary Poppins "Mary Poppins"

Sora slowly awoke to a little patch of fur by his head, filling his nose with dog smell; Ein flicked his ear in his sleep. Sora sat up and noticed Ed had slipped down and was curled up, like a dog, by his side. A little laugh escaped Sora as Ed stretched and woke up too. "Aaaaahhhh, good morning Keyblade Master,” Ed yawned. Ein sat up and barked at Sora, making his ears ring, and shocked his memory into place…
*Oh yeah, last night really happened.* Sora did a mental check of himself and felt his keyblade and magic in check; he then looked up at the window to the stars which slowly moved by. "I wonder where we're going," said Sora, "Or, what exactly what I'm supposed to be doing for that matter."

"That’s right; I remember you said you’re on a mission," piped Ed, "to blast those bad guys into oblivion!"

"Yeah, but, I've never been up against an enemy like this before. I've fought villains, heartless, and nobodies, but these guys, each of them look to be in a league of thier own."

"Wow, so you’re like a super warrior, huh?"

Sora blushed and put his hand on the back of his head, "Well, uh, I guess you could say that, heh," Sora got up off the bed and stood firmly, happy with his powers back, "Wanna see what I can do?"


"Bark bark!"

"Okay," Sora called out his keyblade, whole and firm, to which Ed enthusiastically clapped as Ein barked. Sora began practicing his strokes, and parries, stabs, and stances, all the while Ed gaggled as Ein barked. Sora finished up with a round-house slash coming to a finished stance upon one knee, (oh yes he was showing off) with his blade in the air; Ed clapped and hollered,

"That was so cool! More! More!"

"Bark! Bark!"

"Alright, how about, some magic?"

"Like card ticks and stuff?"

"Not exactly," Sora used Fire* and made flames appear from the end of his keyblade, and then from his palm; Ed sat in amazement. Then Sora used Blizzard* and sent a flurry of snowflakes dancing around Ed who giggled with joy, and Ein, who tried to bite them. "Okay I'm gonna need to step back for this one 'cause I don't want to shock you." Ed stood at the ready on Sora's bed to be amazed–Sora used Thunder* (really subtly) and little bolts zapped about him.

"Wow!" Ed yelled.

A little bolt traveled, and zapped a radio in the corner which brought it to life–

"Testing, testing, one, two, three, one, two, three -”

"Huh?" Sora, Ed, and Ein looked at the old radio.

"Hello? Is this thing working–?”

"Yes it is Serena, the little light is on."

"Wait a second, it's on broadcast, not record– "

"Hold up, so you mean–I'm live?!"

"Looks like it meatball head, so don't screw up–"

"You mean like your eyeballs–?"

Sora, Ed, and Ein listened to the hissing and spitting of a cat fight that sounded like it was going to come through the radio any minuet; Ein cocked his head–

"Raye! Serena! Please–!”

“(Horrible cat hissing)!”

"Aw let 'em go Amy," came a tough feminine voice in the background, "Let 'em get it out of thier system."

"Yeah, lets just broadcast this thing already, we'll just record what we say this time and edit out the kittens over there," said a higher sweet voice (which was very much annoyed) that sounded like it was at a distance at first, but became louder at the end like she walked up to the mike or whatever it was as she spoke. She cleared her voice with the sound of a paper being held up, "Aw shoot, this is the wrong paper."

"Ad-lib, come on you used to be star right?"

The girl cleared her voice again, "This is a message concerning the Searchers of Tumble-Stop, we've lost the porting transmission from Tokieo Town,(mumble) for the billionth time (end mumble), so we won't be able to transport the survivors yall find for a while, but, we still have contact so we can relay word to whoever has been found to the, uh, founded."

"Blonde moment–"


"I'll edit that out..."

"Anywhooo," the girl continued, "keep a heads up for the Emotionless like always, oh, and one more thing–ASH, ***HOLE, KETCHUM, YOU BRING BACK ONE MORE FREAKY POKEMAN THINGY–I SWEAR TO GOD–" Sora, Ed, and Ein quickly covered thier ears with thier hands–"I’M GONNA FEED EACH AND EVERY ONE TO THAT GORGIRA THING YUGI HAS! I PROMISE YOU, IF YOUR WORLD GETS MERGED, THEY WILL ALL BE FINE!"

"Not all of them–”

"I don't care! It's frikin' Noah's ark now where I stay! They can all go, and get merged into another, and I'm sure, BIGGER, environment!"

"This concludes our broadcast day–"

"I MEAN IT ASH! ONE MORE–!" The transmission was cut.

"Tumble-Stop," Sora said to himself; well if the name didn't say it, intuition sure did; that's where they should be heading.

"I’ll look up this place through Tomato."


"Yeah, Tomato!" Ed ran out the room then came back hauling her computer with wires snaking in behind her, "Okay," Ed booted up her computer, put on her green goggles, and began her maniacal clicking and typing, Sora barley able to keep up with the flashing, switching screen, and racing dialogue and numbers, "Lets see, lets see, ooh! Ed has found something, not there, but there now, ooh, what’s this little thingy? No, no, Tumble-Stop, Tumble-Stop, Tumbly-Pop, ooh, hello there little database, what do you hold?" Click.

But a ring of fire poped up around the little icon -

"Oh no you don't, let me take a peek peek," chirped Ed as her typing and clicking increased.

More fire rings and a pink barrier popped up to protect the icon and then came fish, Sora rubbed his eyes, little virtual fish to attack and eat the rings and fire away -

Ed laughed, "This is fun! But now you go to sleep!" And with the tap of a key, somewhere in a database far beyond, a giant goofy smilng face appeared on every monitor in a white clean office.

"Ah, now let me seeeeeeeee.....Here we go! Ewww, this file is damaged, let me clean it up–ping!"

"What'd you find?"

"Looks like Tumble-Stop, is a small universal world for the A-n-i-m-e System, kind of like a satellite to the main universal world, Tokieo Town, maybe we should go there?"

"Naw, I think we're closer to Tumble-Stop since we were able to pick up a transmission from there."

"Yeah," replied Edward as she scrolled down the data, "Ooh, here it says where Tumble-Stop is located, pretty strange coordinates."

"I know those, it's in gummi ship directions!"

"Gummi ship?" asked Ed moving her goggles to her forehead.

"Hold on let me get something to write that down–"

"Ed will just save the file," she put her goggles back down, clicked, saved it, and minimized its screen, "Okay done."
Sora sat back down, "Now we just need to figure out where we are in the Anime System."

"Anime System?"

"Yeah, that’s where we are."

"Okay, Ed will link up coordination codes and satellites…"

It couldn't be heard with human ears, but across the worlds of the Anime System, many of pride in computer defense had thier "goldfish drowned."

“(*Sigh*),” Ed minimized her present screen as her little digital fish gave up trying to hack into a database symbolized a leaf cut diagonally. "Ooh, hello here, these databases look like they already have a map of the system, so we’ll just -"

"One hippopotamus, two hippopotamus, three hippopotamus," Ed swayed as the loading screen began to fill.

"What are you loading?" Sora asked.

"Ed originally made a map bouncing off all signals and satellites, through out this Anime System we're in, by cutting and pasting a current map as background from that database I dug up earlier, and I put in that map I found from another database as an update, so we should a map of the entire system soon."

"Wow, your amazing with this computer stuff," said Sora.

"Thank-you," piped Ed as she swayed.

If there’s one common thing that all computers share, it’s the reboot, retry, or ignore commands; however one by one, and the other thing that all computers have the capability of, being hacked, ensued as military satellites and super secret databases opened up their digital doors and hooked up to Ed's symphony of keystrokes.

"Taa daa! Lookity, lets see how this map turned out!" Ed made a few adjustments and the map came up on screen, "Wow."

"Holy cow Ed, nice job!" *Hey, this is a pretty big system...* The map was laid out in true gummi ship fashion; what Sora was used to. It looked like the icon slightly off center was a universal world with its resemblance to Traverse Town, except it had lighted buildings, tiny cute houses, and searchlights. Ed hovered her mouse over it, and the subtitle read Tokieo Town. "Guess that’s the universal world." He easily could tell where they were with Bebop's tiny icon, it was pointing southeast from a top left (partly engulfed) swirl of stars to another icon. Ed began to move the mouse around on the swirls of stars that looked like miniature galaxies,

"The Kitzserubie Star", was on the right side of the map, and two icons slide out into thier original places, but one was so blotched with darkness it was hard to tell what it was, and the other was an outline; Ed clicked on the swirl and the icons went back. "The Car-runitwau Star" was where the mouse moved next on the south part of the map, and several icons popped out, of which, some were outlined, others where blotched, but one was totally normal; it looked like an old forest with a strange leaf like symbol. There was one swirl that looked a little larger than the others, "The Solstrom Star,” it was up top on the map, and a whole bunch of icons slide out–


"Wow." All the icons displayed every condition, except the outline. The swirl that was partly engulfed by a giant black splotch in the upper left corner of the map, "The Atzulrim Star," had many icons slide out. One went way far away, some went in the black splotch, and disappeared, and others just hovered around. "Let's see what that far one is real quick," Ed moved her mouse over the icon and it read Futile Era/ Modern Tokyo. There was an icon that was a little ways below the Atzulrim Star, almost toward the center left; it looked like a seaport with shops and barbed wire, and the subtitle underneath read: Tumble-Stop. "There it is!"

"Awesome, were not that far from it!" said Sora.

"Ed will just set the Bebop to go there," and one, two, three, it was done.

"Are you sure it's okay with the others?"

"Why wouldn't it be? There's nothing left for them now, Mars was Spike and Jet's home, and I forgot what Faye's was, but she really wouldn't care anyhow."

"Gee, I'm sorry, where are you from?"

"Earth, but oh well, I am on Bebop now, and with the Keyblade Master Sora!"

(*Sigh*) All that dialoge and spacing made this one to be another monster huh? Sorry -_- In the upcoming chapters these animes, and others, will be thoroughly introduced, so far, Cowboy Bebop is the only one that's fully integrated, and in case you'e wondering, this chapter is shorter than what it originally was!... That proves it, I write too much >_<

Comment and rate please ^-^
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Sorry! 0_o I knew this chapter would be a headache! >-< (Squeaks) Oh my gosh, I posted before Haku read it! NOOOOO! >_< I'm going to go punish myself now -_-
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Mar 27, 2007
Awesome chapter there was a bit of humor in this one but I still enjoyed it, keep up the excellent work.


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The End of Time
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this is a great story. i can literally see everything going on as if i was playing the game it was so discriptive. it took me awhile though, because i started at intro one, and boy this baby is long. but i love it. cant wait till next chappie:) (if you can silent, pm me when you post it. thanks)

Silent Avera

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Apr 22, 2006
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Thanks you guys for the comments, Haku, Angels, Max, Lectori, and of course Acen12 who started this whole endeavor off - yall rock! and sorry again about chapter 3 - it was confusin' in some places no?>>;
Anywho here is a snippet of an update - kind of like a part of chapter 4, okay so, are updates like these fine? The chapters are pretty much broken up now, so let me know! ^-^

Ch. 4.1 The People They Are
“You are, who you chose to be” – Dean, The Iron Giant

Darkness: Golgotha – the third level of Hollow Castle

“Lollie-pop, lollie-pop – ooh, lollie – lollie – lollie – lollie-pop! Ba da dum, dum” –

“Gimme one.”

“Get your own Keychain.”

“Nefero, give her one.”

Nefero made a face and began to pull from his mouth a Keychain, “(*Sluuuuuuurrrrrrrrrp*).”

“Ah, milady! – He’s sucking out all the memories!”


Nefero picked up a fresh Keychain from the stash and handed it to his unseen peer who took it and began to suck on it like an infant.

The Lady of Red went back to analyzing her set of Keychains, and slowly rocked on an old dark wooden chair, “When yall are done with your break, I want yall to find out what became of the Masters of the Disney System.”

“Yes madam.”


A tingle ran down Avera’s spine, his ability, Memory Link*, gave an inkling that Nefero and his peer, South Light, were on the move, “It’s not safe for them to be released yet,” Avera said to himself as he looked onto Kairi and Riku who slept peacefully in simple beds within a plain of infinite white all around; a parallel to the Realm of Darkness. “At least the Riders are currently not in this system anymore. My detour for them should have them chasing themselves all the way back to the Natakschoule System.” Avera then motioned his hand swiftly, a feathery portal of light opened up, and he walked through it…………..Simultaneously–a Dark and a Light portal opened up–Avera hoping out of the one of Light, both his keyblades in hand, while from the other– “You,” Avera whispered to himself in subtle surprise; he put away his keyblades.

“You’re jumpy now. Before you were so calm, and now, I see why.” From the figure’s shadow on the floor, he turned to look at the sleeping Masters. “You know now that your involvement with them will only complicate things further.”

Avera looked to the side, “I am aware of that,” he said subtly, “But I couldn’t help myself after all, ‘tis my duty,” Avera finished with a smile.

“So long as you think that.” The figure stretched his one, black wing; it’s shadow crossing over Riku, and Kairi who began to struggle in their sleep–

“Please stop.”

The shadow shied away, and Riku and Kairi settled. “I’m warning you Avera on behalf of Her, do not waste the gift she so knowingly gave you.”

“How can I waste what I have no control over?” Avera smiled.

The figure stoically turned to leave when–

“By the way Sephiroth, how is She doing?”

Sephiroth did not answer and left in his fiery Dark Portal.

“I guess pretty good then.”


The Black Rider pulled so hard on Equos’ reins, they cut a bit into his mouth as he skidded to a complete and utter stop upon his Rider’s random whim leaving the other steeds and Riders to stop to equally hasty pauses in an in-between realm. “Did you all feel that?” asked the Black Rider coldly, happily. The red bull gave a moan along with the blue wildebeest who kicked back its head with excitement; Equos coughed up soot.

“She is calling to us,” said the Blue Rider nervously, “If we do not answer her now then we will never answer her; She knows this.”

“Let her know what she thinks of us,” the Red Rider spat, “She is but a shell of a corpse–nothing compared to her older self.”

“Tsk, you would never say such in her presence,” said the Green Rider slyly.

“Of course! Back then, she was the flame that caught the gleam in hell-fire, the emblem of night that constantly chased day, the–”

“The obsolete Spirit, Older Sister,” said the Black Rider lamely. “Come, we are no longer, of Her now, we are, what we choose to be.” Equos reared, and gave a cry mixed of longing and dread as the Black Rider urged him forward with the other Riders following close behind; all on their way to the Natakschoule System.

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