Is it wrong of me to feel this way?


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Mar 31, 2008
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I usually don't come here to vent out feelings or whatever(I use facebook for that), but this kind of situation I'm in is delicate and yeah.

So here it is. My aunt died earlier today, and while some of my family members are crying their eyes out, others are shedding little amounts of tears. Then you have me. I'm not shedding even so much as a little drop. Now, I'm not saying I'm completely devoid of emotion, but I'm not even shedding one fucking tear. Now granted the aunt of my that died wasn't one I would call my favorite aunt. Like, the relationship I had with her wasn't the best but it wasn't bad either.

What I come to you, KH Insider is that if is it bad of me to not feel sad, teary-eyed, or whatever? Am I horrible to not feel uber-sad? I'm not saying that I feel nothing. I feel bad for my cousins and other aunts, but I myself am not feeling uber-sad.

So, I guess I'm posting this just for some self-clarification that I'm not horrible in feeling this way...or should I say not feeling a certain way.


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May 12, 2007
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nope that's never a bad thing. you don't have to fall into an emotional stereotype just because someone semi-close to you died.

everyone experiences grief at differnet times in different ways; i wouldn't say any of those ways are particularly "wrong".


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Jun 8, 2013
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People express sadness in different ways. Some cry. Some clam up. Some don't do either. There's nothing wrong with not crying.


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Sep 25, 2010
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No. It's not wrong to feel that way. If you weren't close to her, you might not feel much from the loss. Yes, it's a sad moment when a relative passes away. So long as you give your condolences then you're fine.

I've had a similar experience with my uncle that I wasn't close to. I felt bad for my aunt losing her husband but, I wasn't close to them enough to shed tears. There are times I wished that I got to know my uncle better but, things happen that are out of our control.

I hope that helps, King Sora X.

As everyone above me stated; we all experience grief differently. No one expects you to cry.