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    Here's how it will work :

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    Social Media Advertisement Content :​

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Introducing the TM Art Help Database project!



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So as you all might have noticed that we're all about the community now and whatnot with all the projects we've been bringing up recently. Some of these have been dedicated towards inspiring activity in otherwise inactive sections. I think TM is probably the most inactive section of this entire forum. So what I'm planning here probably won't go a long way since I imagine I'm probably the only one who really cares anyway, but it doesn't hurt to try.

You may have found that while searching for information that will help make you a better artist, a lot of it doesn't focus on particularly good or relevant things that every artist *should* know. I started digging a lot recently looking for good information, and I actually run into a lot of it every day now. Tumblr, for whatever else that's poop about it, has a lot of helpful artsy-fartsies posting good stuff. So I figured it might be cool to compile a useful database for aspiring artists to learn from.

I don't expect people to contribute too much since TM is pretty much dead atm and it would require too much effort from a random person, so I'll be doing most of it myself and updating this op regularly with files, links, and lists as i find cool stuff.

I urge you all to contribute with whatever helpful things you find. Tutorials, book recommendations, videos, are all fair game as long as they pertain to art and don't suck. I'll start us off by posting what I've compiled so far, in a neat little rar file.

The Rar File

Free File Hosting - Online Storage; Upload Mp3, Videos, Music. Backup Files


Drawing Books - Open books for Creative Minds! (art books in the public domain, i can personally recommend george bridgman's books, the guy's a beast)
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