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Fanfiction ► Ever Lasting Love

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Jan 6, 2006
Im So Sorry Its took so long!

Chapter 3 ~Awkward

Everyone stopped Cheering, They all stared at the Couple, shocked Namine and Roxas couldn’t do anything except Stare.

Soon enough Kairi Pulled away, Sora looked down at the girl, her make up was smudged but she still looked beautiful from Sora’s Point of View. Kairi looked up at him her face was a Bright Red sort of Colour.

At First they just stood there embracing, Kairi Embarrassed, and Sora had no emotion at all, Everyone knew that If Sora let go and walked away, it meant he never wanted to see her again, But If he………

Sora Smiled, he never smiled………Soon after everyone was cheering………For the new School couple.

Soon everything was back to normal, Riku and Sora made up, Roxas was shy around Namine, Kairi and Namine called each other Chicken and Nugget.

Nothing New Really.

You no, apart from the hole “Sora and Kairi” Thing.

Well that was going to change, Seifer Heard about what had happened with Sora and Kairi, and wasn’t that Happy about it.

Seifer Sighed “I mean How could she go out with a Loser like Sora?” he said waving his hands around, He, Fuu, Ria and Vivi were sitting on a bench by the school Gates “And If that Namine girl starts going out with Roxas then…….Then I think the worlds gone Crazy! I mean Two Pretty girls should NOT be hanging out with Losers like them!” Seifer should…..Ok. So he was Jealous. He couldn’t help it!

Fuu Nodded, she didn’t talk much, so no one knew much about her, “Yeah how could they? There like Losers Y’know?” Ria said, he was pretty weird he always seemed to say Y’know at the end of every sentence he said. Vivi just stared at him….Not saying a word…….it Kinda scared Seifer.

“Hmm……I’ve been thinking, How about we……How can I put it?” Seifer thought for a moment “Play a game?”

“Huh?” Ria said a confused look on his face. “Lets Play a game, and Namine, Roxas, Kairi and Sora can join us………”

They all looked at him, waiting for him to tell them the details…

*^*^*^With The gang^*^*^*

Sora and Kairi walked down the Hallway, Hand in Hand.

Ok. So when Sora went out with a girl he didn’t do this kind of thing, he was a “Kiss and Brake up” Sorta guy.

But Kairi was different, he couldn’t do something like that to her, when he was around her he couldn’t help but smile. Roxas and Namine were getting on well, most people could see they were going to be a Couple soon as well.

They were sitting on a hill under a willow tree, It was the best spot to eat your lunch or just hang out, and the Foursome just happened to have it this lunch, They had just had Science and P.E, thing was, in PE Boys and Girls were separate from each other.

Too Bad.

Well the Four sat on the grass, It was a hot day so It was good they had got the spot before anyone else because the Willow tree gave off loads of shade.

“This school is so lush……” Kairi said as she lay down on the grassy hill, “Ha! Wait till later on in the year! You’ll hate it!” Sora said with a cheesy smile, Kairi burst out laughing “Well Ill just have to enjoy the time left till then, then.”

“Hey Kairi?” Namine said sitting up and looking over to Kairi. “Yeah?” She answered closing her eyes “Y’know we were going to go to the beach tonight? How about Roxas and Sora come with us!” Namine said with a Grin.

Kairi sat up, “That’s a really good Idea! So would you guys?” Kairi said looking over at Sora and Roxas. The Twins looked at each other “Sure!” they shouted at the same time.

“I would never pass out the opportunity to see a hot chick In a Swimsuit” Sora thought with a Grin.


Yeah I no Its short but I had to do I do it pretty quick cuz my sister wanted to go on the Computer! But My Grammar's Got better because my Word works now!


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Jan 6, 2006
Ill Post a chapter up soon but first I have to do a chapter on my other fanfic........But no ones posted on it and I dont want to double post so youll have to wait till someone posts on my other fanfic, ok?


i love this story,i cant wait for the next chapter....


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Nov 18, 2006
i love this fan fic! i can't wait for the next chapter! At first i thought it sounded like IBW's "lets go to school" but now i think its totally different but in a good way! Keep up the good work!

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May 13, 2006
I love this fanfic too ^^

and yes from your other fanfic your grammer has really improved

And If you don't finish "You Promised...." or this one.

I will go to England (I live In the Usa. so Im reading some of this and I'm like what does Posh mean?!LoL - I kno now. I figured it out!!!!Mawhahahahahahahaha)And I will make u write it. I will find out where you live!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It took me 5 minutes to figure out what loo was and then I was like OHHH.
Bathroom. I get it. LoL
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