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Aug 2, 2005
in my room, where else?
Chapter 7: Enemies

As I drove to an unknown world of my mind, I sang along with the songs I listened to on the radio, or changed the station to find another song I liked that had a guitar in the background. Anything but hip hop or rap will make me happy.

I found myself driving into a dirt road, finding two different paths to explore. One side was a regular hiking road and the other was a road that led to a thick wall of trees, the path to it hasn't been worn by any travelers, or at least less travelers than the regular dirt trail. I gout of the car, the rain dripping on my face. A few drops of rain were trapped on top of my eye lashes, but I didn't really care. I wanted to forget that Conner wasn't going to be with me for the weekend.

I looked at the unworn path in a gaze. It was tempting to get lost in a world that no human being has explored. I took a step toward the dark forest, I wasn't thinking of what I was doing, but I did it anyways. As I took a step under the trees, the rain began to calm down. I heard the heavy down pour over me, a few drops have escaped, but it was dry enough for people to be happy about.

As I walked through the wet grass and past the ferns, I listened carefully to my surrounding. I liked how the rain sounded over the trees, the smell of the grass and moist air, and calming feeling and aroma of the trees.

I walked what seemed like forever. My mind wandered, leading me to think about how fast time would be if Conner was with me. I slapped my head and listened to the sound of my feet mushing in the mud and grass. I had the feeling that something was around me, something evil. The aura around me was telling me that I was in that trail at the wrong time.

As I walked down the path for two hours, the rain began to die away. The sun was peaking out from the trees, only a few drops that were trapped in the leaves were leaking off the tips. It wasn't too sunny, but it was sunny enough that it could last a few minutes. I took another few steps before I realized there was a light peaking through the thick trees from the distance.

I quickened my pace, barely jogging to the light. The light got bigger as I paced closer. I got there in the matter of minutes. Once I reached close enough that I could see clearly, I was in awe. Intrigued and happy inside.

As I took a step closer, everything I thought of a moment ago have past away. The light sun rayed on the small and perfectly round meadow The wildflowers of the brightest colors shined beautifully in the sun's solar light. I knew this place was somewhat special. Beautiful, peaceful, mysterious, quiet, and sometimes . . . lonely.

I walk to the middle of this peaceful place, without disturbing the holy silence. I listened carefully, nothing.
I then heard something that made the grass sway from behind me. I snapped my head to the sound that broke the silence. There was nothing. I heard another sound that made the grass move, I repeated what I did before.


I heard a snarl all around me, surrounding me, I was trapped. I stared where I was, frozen to the spot I stood in the entire time. My heart was throbbing, forcing it's way out of my chest, cold sweat running down from the side of my face. “Con . . . Constantine,” I thought to myself. Fear was taking over me, the shock glued me to the wildflowers and becoming visible in the sun.

I heard the grassing swaying towards me from every direction. It sounded like something big was coming to me. I swallowed out of fear, a frog caught in my throat. As the steps became louder, my heart would beat faster.

It was close. From the shadows the trees made from the sun, four large creatures walked into the sunlight, bearing their teeth at me, and snarling me. I looked behind myself, finding five more of the same specie. I looked back at the biggest one, which was right in front of me. The large bear-like creature came up to me and sniffed me from head to toe. Whenever it inhaled my scent, my hair would be sucked towards his nose and the hair on the back of my neck would stand up.

The beast shook it's head and then snarled at me. It had confusion and anger in it's eyes. There was a snarl from behind me. The beasts began roaring at each other, like they were having a conversation that I couldn't understand. The growling then stopped, all of them turned to one spot just behind me and bared their teeth viciously at whatever was behind me. One of the beasts jumped over me, I then heard roaring and growling, like a coyote was fighting over a rabbit.

As I stood there, listening to the snarls and growling, a hand touched my shoulder that made me squeal and fall over to the ground. “Woah don't die from a heart attack,” a unfamiliar voice told me.

I looked up to the being that scared me half to death. “Who are you?” my voice trembled.

“Why are you here?” he asked me.

“I was just here to walk around and get out of the house,” I answered him, he helped me get off the ground.

His hair was a brownish red color and messy. He had the most beautiful God like face that I have ever seen. It was hard to believe that he was real or maybe even human. But he didn't seem human like everyone else . . . except for Conner and his family. The boy seemed at least a year older than me, but in his topaz colored eyes seemed to have some wisdom in them. He was pale and lean like Conner. I couldn't imagine who was more gorgeous, either Conner who I love dearly or this boy before me.

He stayed quiet, looking at me seriously. He then looked over at the beasts that were snarling at each other. I followed to where his eye sight went to and thought of what was going through his mind. I didn't notice, but human looking beings were fighting the beasts as furiously as they could. Their strength seemed to match perfectly against one another. Nothing came to me for a while. I didn't understand anything of what the hell was going on. I knew that the human and beautiful creatures weren't human, but the beasts confused me. “You should leave this place. Since one of those things knows your scent, you're not going to be as safe as before,” he told me, pushing me towards where I entered. “Go before they realize you're gone.”

I looked at the fighting monsters for a while before running away. I ran as fast as I could, hoping that the terrible beasts of the darkness wouldn't notice I had left. I tripped a lot from running over logs and large rocks. I even cut myself as I fell. I didn't know where I was going, but I didn't care, as long as I was away from those things, I' ll be safe for at least a little while.

I got to my car, cuts and bruises decorated me all over. I started the car without giving myself a breather and drove away as fast as my car could go. I took deep breathes as I drove through the maze of trees, I turned the radio onto a station of calming music. It turned to an unfamiliar song, but it was soothing enough that my heart began to slow down from the heart attack moment I had in the beautiful spot I discovered.

I was thinking of that boy that got my butt out of that situation. I wanted to know why that boy bothered to save me when he didn't even know me. “Tori, whats wrong?” the familiar soft voice hummed in my mind in concern.

“Yes,” I answered back to him. “I'm ok. There's nothing you need to worry about,” I tried to calm him.

“I've felt your fear for a while, and I —”

“You knew I was in danger and you said nothing about it!?” I interrupted and screamed at him.

“I didn't know whether you were watching a movie and got scared about it or if it was real fear for your life,” Conner told me. “When your heart was beating far too long, I knew something was wrong.”

“I called your name and you said nothing,” I teared up.

“I thought it was a way to talk to me again since we didn't speak last night, so how would I know if you really needed me?” Conner's voice made my mind go blank, it was nice and soothing.

“Would I use your real name if I wanted to talk to you? I use your name if I actually felt fear, or if I wanted to think of something nice before I died,” I said to him as I wiped my tears. I forgot to use my mind to communicate with him, but wither way he could still hear me.

“I'm just glad you're okay. Screw eating more than I should, I'm coming back,” he said, in anger and excitement.

“No, don't. You need to eat more. If my scent is too tempting for you, then you should eat more if you really want to keep me alive. I'm not afraid of you drinking my blood, but I'm saying what you'd tell me in your words,” I lectured him.

“Tori . . . I love you. And I do want to keep you safe, I can last a few months without hunting. I want to secure you both ways,” Conner mumbled as if he was whispering in my ear.

I kept quiet, I knew he loved me, but it still bothered me that he didn't help me out of how to escape if the boy with the messy brownish red hair didn't save my butt. “What's going on in your mind now?” Conner wondered.

“I was thinking . . . did you send a group of vampires to save me? Since luck is never on my side and things like that would never happen.” I told him as I took a turn to my road.

“What? You didn't get out of there on your own?” he sounded confused.

Thoughts began to swim in my mind. “You didn't send a clan of vampires to get me? They just came naturally?” I asked him.

“I didn't send anybody. Can you describe one of them?” Conner asked me.

“I was only focusing on one of them. He had messy brown and red hair, he was pale as you, topaz colored eyes, I think he was at least your height or shorter, I couldn't tell. And he was as beautiful as you are,” I described.

“Oh! That was Edward Cullen. He's an old friend of mine. I haven't seen him in years,” Conner said.

“So he's safe to be around?” I asked him out of curiosity.

“Yea he is. His entire family are vegetarians like me. I follow their way of life. Thats who inspired me to give up on human blood,” Conner confessed.

“Oh wow. So you like them a lot,” I smiled. I was beginning to feel a lot better.

“I do. If it weren't for them to break my habit, you wouldn't be here,” I heard the smile in his voice.

My face formed a smile as well. I drove in silence until I said “I love you,” to him.

“I love you too,” I replied back. He stay quiet again. I could tell that he felt uncomfortable, just from the feeling.

He and I have spoken to one another in our minds for weeks, I could feel the emotions he was feeling.

“Yea. Something is on your mind. Would you like to talk about it?” Conner asked with patience.

“I think I know what's bothering you. I had a dream last night that kind of made me jump.”

“What is it about?”

“Its a couple. But it wasn't a normal human couple. It was too dark for me to see, but I could tell that one of them is a vampire. And the woman disappeared. In her place was a huge beast . . .” I stopped there. Thinking of the clan of beasts that nearly killed me back at that spot. “She was a werewolf . . . they were in love with one another. But once the man bit her neck, she became a werewolf and killed him,” I told him, my voice was so quiet that I couldn't even hear myself.

“Thats a dream that doesn't happen often. There's probably a sign. Like a prophecy of some sort that will happen later on,” he told me.

“It's probably not even possible. Werewolves don't exist . . . do they? I mean, there's vampires, so are there other creatures of the darkness?” I asked him. I was already at the front of the house, so once I parked in the lot, I walked to the front and locked the door behind me.

“There are werewolves. They're the natural born enemies of the vampire. A treaty was made between them years ago. La Push is where vampires are not allowed to go. I broke the treaty, but surprisingly no one of the werewolves caught us. But if those beasts were there, I would have started a war, they'd also try to kill you too since they'd find a human with someone like me,” Conner explained when I reached my room.

“I thought vampires didn't have enemies . . . besides humans. But werewolves, I thought they'd be in a different story line,” I told him.

“Nope . . .” he stopped there. I heard the door behind me open then arms was wrapped around me. “We have enemies,” he whispered in my ear.

I looked back at him, he had a smile on his face. His eyes were the dark blue I remembered. I grinned back at him. I turned my torso towards him and gave him a hug. “I missed you,” I mumbled under my breath.

“I missed you too. There were a lot of animals around, so I got the chance to hunt more so I could see you earlier,” Conner smirked before kissing my head.

“So you're not going to be a crank box right?” I let go and looked up.

He rolled his eyes. “ “I won't be a crank box”,” he repeated before chuckling.

I laughed with him and hugged him.

“Do you want to do anything today?” Conner asked.

“After what happened to me!?” I yelled.

Conner stared at me. I could tell he was wondering my mind to find something. And I knew what he was looking for. I shrugged and answered, “Ok,” before laughing.

He smiled and laughed with me. He took my hand and walked me down the stairs. The front door open, and in came bronze colored hair.

“Edward!” I heard Conner yell. Before I knew it, Conner was in front of the boy and shook hands with him.
“It's great to see you Constantine,” Edward's voice hummed around the walls. Edward's eyes shifted to me, his eyes looked kind and wise. But his eyes didn't seem to have enough wisdom like Conner. Conner looks over at me then to Edward.

“Right. Edward, this is my―”

“Girlfriend . . . I see that,” Edward interrupted him.

Conner hesitated for a moment. Conner looked into my eyes, he was walking through my mind again. He was searching for why Edward and I seemed comfortable around one another.

“There's nothing between us Conner. I promise,” I told him.

“You don't have to worry. You already know that I have Bella,” I heard a voice in my mind, but it wasn't Conner's.

“Wtf!” I screamed in my mind. I then heard Edward laughing. I looked over at him, who was trying to catch his breath from laughing. “That was you!?” I yelled at him.

“Maybe,” he chuckled.

“Bastard!” I yelled before punching his arm.

“You know that's not going to hurt me . . .” Edward said teasingly, enjoying my reaction and how I was playing around with him.

“It won't hurt me but at least I'm feeling better,” I told before giving him one last punch.

Conner was laughing most of that time, when he stopped he said “I should of got you two together a long time ago. You guys are fun to watch.”

Edward smiles at Conner. “She is fun to tease,” he chuckled before smiling at me. I looked away seriously and crossed my arms. “So I heard you guys are going out to do something?” Edward asked.

“Yea. You wanna join?” Conner offered.

“Am I allowed to bring Bella?”

“Yea. She's welcomed to come,” Conner answered in enthusiasm.

“I'll see you guys later then. It was nice seeing you Constantine,” Edward looks over at me. He nodded to me. “It was nice meeting you Tori,” he said before disappearing.

“He definitely changed when he found Bella,” Conner shook his head with a smile.

“He was never like that?” I asked.

“Well, he's still the same. But there was loneliness in his eyes before Bella came along. And when he left her a year ago, he became emo. He traveled a lot, but I could feel that he was depressed inside. He wanted to go back to her. When he heard that Bella killed herself, he went to Italy to go and get himself killed by the Volturi. Even though he said he didn't love her anymore, he was willing to go to them to join her in hell, or wherever he thought she may be. But when he was convinced the Bella was alive, he didn't die. But the Volturi were after Bella,” Conner explained.

“Well, they seem fine now. Since he's here and he asked if he could bring Bella along. And how come they wanted her? She's human isn't she?” I asked.

“Yes, she is. But she's different compared to other humans. Edward is a mind-reader, but he can't seem to read her mind. Any power that has to do with the mind doesn't work with Bella. If Edward decides to change her, she'll be stronger than any of us.”

“She's that unique?” I asked.

“Yea,” he was then interrupted by a knock on the door.

I walked over to the door, and there stood Edward and I guessed, Bella. “You're Bella right?” I asked.

“Yea. Are you the new vampire lover?” Bella asked.

She and laughed. “Yea, I guess you can call me that.”

“Are we all ready?” Edward asked us.

“Yea. Car, or should we just run there?” Conner asked.

“Excuse me . . . but girls like us can't run as fast as you guys,” I told them sarcastically.

“You already know that you're riding on our backs,” Conner pretended to glare at me.

I stuck my tongue out playfully. “Yes, I know that.”

Edward wrapped his arm around Bella's waist. He was staring at me until his neck couldn't turn any further. We all walked to the car in silence.


Aug 2, 2005
in my room, where else?
Chapter 8: The Dream

“I'm driving,” I heard Bella.

“But your reflexes are slower than ours,” Conner complained.

“Yes. But I'm afraid that someone might get in your way and kill the humans. Besides, I'm more concerned about Tori,” Bella told Conner.

“Stop treating me like a kid guys. I'm not that young compared to you guys,” I said grimly.

“Lets see . . . you're sixteen, Bella's eighteen, Edward's nearly one hundred and ten, and I'm two hundred and seventy-three. Yea, you're younger than all of us,” Conner teased.

I heard Edward chuckling, I glared at him. “For one thing, I'm sixteen and a half, I'll be turning seventeen soon. So I'm catching up,” I said seriously.

“To my human age, but you're still younger than all of us,” Conner teased, placing his hand on my head. I then swiftly slapped his hands multiple times. Bella and Edward were laughing.

“I'm not sure it's me and Tori. I think it's just Tori that makes the day brighter with her personality,” Edward wiped a tear.

“She wasn't always like this you know,” Conner said, wrapping his arm around my neck gently.

“I can already see that in her mind,” Edward smirked before opening the front seat for Bella.

“Stop reading my mind!” I screamed, placing both hands on my head. “Is privacy even a word in my world now?” I asked sarcastically. Conner opened the back seat for me, I slide onto the seat with Conner following after me.

“Oh yea, guys get ready. Tori's gonna fall asleep any minute now,” Conner badly acted like the end of the world was coming.

“Huh? Why would she fall asleep?” Bella asked.

“She gets sleeping during a drive. It's been a habit of hers since she was born,” Conner told her.

“Thanks a lot Conner. You're a very nice person to embarrass me,” I growled at him.

I heard Edward trying to hold a snicker while Conner chuckled. I sighed and crossed my arms as I sank into the seat. Conner looks at me, but I ignored him. “Tori?” Conner purred.


Conner comes closer and kisses me on the lips. “I love you,” he said.

I couldn't help but blush, or feel my heart trying to jump out of my throat. I looked away while biting my lip.

He snickered. “You know you can't deny me for loving you. And you can't lie to yourself that you love me too.”
I glare at him. “What if I can?” I played.

“Liar. I know what you're thinking. And you're playing hard to get,” Conner's eyes became serious.

We looked at each other seriously, until my lips became a smile and began laughing. “Ok, so I failed at that,” I giggled.

He smiles. “Yea, you really do . . . so tell me something that I like to hear,” he said.

I gently smiled at him. “You mean . . . “I love you,” right?” I asked.

He crookedly smiled at me. “Yea, that one,” he mumbled under his breath before kissing me again.

“Are we bothering you guys?” I asked Bella and Edward.

“Oh, not at all. Just pretend we don't exist,” Bella said sarcastically.

Conner and I laughed. I then yawned. “Oh, she's gonna cash soon!” Conner boomed.

“Shut up Conner!” I yelled, pushing him before closing my eyes. My vision became blurry, all the colors that were visible became darkness.

I opened my eyes again and found myself in La Push. I walked around the cliffs as I watched the waves crashing onto the dark sand. At the distance, right at the scene of the sunset, there was a being standing at the edge of the cliffs. I walked to it, slowly though. As I approached it, it became more clear to see that it was a girl. Once I was at least six feet away from her, I stood at the spot and watched her.

The wind became stronger, the wind blew from behind me, flowing to the girl. The girl twitched and turned to me . . . it was me. I looked at myself like I was looking at a mirror. There was something different about myself. I looked . . . terrifyingly different, I don't know if I looked vicious, or if that face I saw before me was just tragically beautiful. “Come . . .” my other self told me. She raised her hand to me, she smiled to me, showing my pure white teeth. “Join me, you'll feel better,” she told me.

“I don't understand though,” I said. Once I blinked, the background changed again. I was in the same scene as last night.

I turned around, and there lied a bloody body. I held my mouth to keep the screaming. I heard rustling in the bushes, I turned to the sound, and there the girl that disappeared was in front of me. I still couldn't see her face, but she looked familiar, but also a stranger to me. She had tears in her eyes, she was holding her stomach. I just looked at her, wondering if she was sad that someone she loved was dead. “Please . . .” she gave out a breath.

“What should I do?” she asked me. She then disappeared.

“Ugh . . .” I heard a voice from behind. I turned, the man from the night before was before me. All healed. I could see his face clearly. Seeing his face was what made me wake up from disbelief.

“Tori? Are you ok? Are you among the living?” I heard Conner's voice from the depths of the darkness. I opened my eyes, his gloriously beautiful face was all I wanted to see. “Tori?” he repeated.

“I'm ok. Just a scary dream,” I told him.

Conner took me out of the car, Edward and Bella waiting. We began walking in silence. I rubbed my eyes, I could feel the eyes on me, it kind of bothered me.

“If you guys have to say something, say it,” I snapped sleepily.

“No it's nothing. It's just that you look so tired that it kind of worries us,” Bella said.

“Ok, then.”

“So are we shopping?” Conner asked.

“Got a problem with that?” Bella said seriously.

“Well, its almost the Winter Formal, so of course the girls are going to drag us to the mall to help us choose a dress or whatever,” Edward said.

“Is Winter Formal close already?” I asked when I finished rubbing my eyes.

“Yea. Guess you were too busy to realize it,” Edward answered me.

“That or I'm too oblivious of the world,” I said negatively.

“So are you going?” Bella asked. I heard the excitement in her voice.

“Why? You're not in high school anymore, so how come your shopping?” I asked.

“Oh, I'm not shopping for me. I'm shopping for you. And the guys are helping me drag you into it,” Bella said.
I froze at my spot. “Wait what? No, I'm not going to Winter Formal. Conner didn't even—”

“Just did!” Conner interrupted, showing me the tickets for the dance. My eyes shot wide open and then I glared at him.

“You . . .” I hissed.

Conner laughed. “Yep, you're going. You're going to go and we're picking out a dress for you,” Conner said.
“Conner how could you!?” I yelled at him.

“I did it because you never had a date in a dance back at home,” Conner smiled.

I kept my glare at him. “Come on you “Odd Couple.” We're going to go shopping to find a dress,” Edward said, taking my arm and pulling me.

“Edward!” I yelled.

After a few hours of shopping

It was finally over. Bella chose a lot of dresses that it wasn't even funny. Conner warned Bella about my liking black dresses, so she found dresses like she found it out of a skittles bag. None of them caught my attention, until Conner found a white dress for me. It looked more like a wedding/prom dress than a formal dress at all. I was guessing that he remembered that time when I broke my leg and that he complemented me about be looking prettier in a white dress when I would get married. I chose that dress. And Conner already bought white shoes with a lace to go with it.

“Did you have fun?” Edward asked me.

“It was ok. It was long . . .” I answered as I fell onto the car seats.

“Lie . . . you enjoyed yourself,” he said.

“Shut up . . .” I said in a daze.

Conner laughed. “Stop flirting you two, or I'm taking you out of the car.”

“We're not flirting Conner. Relax,” I said to him. I was falling asleep again, and the car didn't even start.
It was just the same. La Push was the background, it was night, but it looked different for some reason.

I looked to the side and saw the woman looking at the horizon of the sea, she was older, and holding something in her arms. I walked to her, but stopped midway behind a tree. I felt another presence next to me. I looked to my left and saw the man again. I looked at the woman and then the man next to me. “I'll always love you,” he mumbled.

I looked to the woman, there was another man with her. He kissed her cheek and then he looked to what she was holding. I made a guess that it was a child. A new born. I walked to the woman and the man with her to see the child, but I woke up once I was about to take the blanket off the child's face.

I opened my eyes and saw Bella and Edward out of the car then disappeared. “I always wake up at the wrong time to realize what I was about to see,” I mumbled.

“Oh you're awake. Time to get out of the car,” Conner said. I shook my head and got out of the car. “Am I allowed to come inside?” Conner asked me.

“Yea, sure. As long as the girls won't see you,” I said.

Conner laughed. “They won't see me. I'm too fast for their eyes to see,” he said proudly.

“I'll meet you inside then,” I said to him before going inside.

“Tori!” I heard them scream.

“Nothing happened. We just went shopping,” I told them, locking the door behind me.

“The entire day?” Kelly asked.

“I went on a hike in the morning and then shopped the rest of the day,” I corrected.

“Why were you hiking?” Tammy asked.

“I just felt like it. Then I ran into a pack of bears,” I said as I walked up the stairs.

“What!? Bears attacked you?” Chloe screamed.

“No, I ran away when mountain lions attacked. I'm ok,” I said before locking the door to my room.

“They get worried about you easily,” Conner said to me. I looked to my bed and saw him reading a magazine.

I shrugged and fell on my face on the bed. ”Well I am younger than them by a year, so I'm a little sister to them,” I mumbled.

“Am I allowed to spend the night?” he hugged me.

“You're allowed. Just be sure to bail later,” I said.

His body language changed. He was pretending to think, the playful way. “Hmm . . . don't wanna. I think I'll stay so I could see their reaction when they see me hugging you in your bed while you're asleep,” he laughed.

I cracked a smile and then laughed with him. “I guess seeing their reaction will start our day,” I chuckled.

“Thats why I thought I could stay with you. One . . . because I like being with you, and two . . . it's fun teasing people,” he poked my back, to watch my reaction. Nothing happened, he tried again. Nothing. He then slid his finger down my spin, forming goosebumps and then I jumped away from him with a scream.

He laughed and hugged me. “I'm sorry. And I do like being this close so I could see your reaction. I love your reaction, but I'm not doing it to kill you,” he said.

I stayed quiet for a moment. “You should go. How about you get along with Jesse again. You two haven't spoken since I kept your secret,” I said to him.

“Aww . . . do I have to?” Conner asked.

“Yes, you have to. I'm not that important that you should shun them away. You don't always have to make me happy. But what would make me happy is for you to be friends with Jesse again. So go. I'll be okay,” I told Conner.

He stared at me for a while. He kissed me hands and then my lips. “Okay . . . if thats the way that'll make you happy for now, then I'll be friends with Jesse for both of us,” he smiled.

“I'll see you later,” I whispered.

“Yea . . . I'll see you later,” he smiled before running out the window.

I went under the sheets and closed my eyes, I didn't bother to turn the lights off, but it didn't bother me. I thought that I should have so that the girls won't complain about the electricity bill. So I got out of bed and turned the switch. I then heard a growl. I quickly turned my head to the window. There was nothing . . . nothing but darkness.
I slowly walked to the window. I was frightened to know what was waiting outside. I got on top of the desk and stuck my head out of the window. There was nothing out there. I was praying that it was just my stomach that I heard and not an actual growl from something vicious.

I heard the growl again. It wasn't my stomach that was for sure. I looked to the trees, I did see something. I saw red eyes, a few pairs of them, but it was visible. They were all staring at my direction. I decided to get my head out of the window, and lock the door. All the red eyes began running to me. The whole pack had come, why are they after me again?

I stepped away from the window, I locked it, hopefully they won't be stupid enough to break through it. If they unlocked it, then I'm doomed. I thought of running now, but the thought of endangering the girls concerned me. There was no way to escape.

I stepped away from the window and froze a few feet away from the window. I waited for those . . . werewolves patiently. Waiting for those monsters to come and kill me for no reason that I know of.

I heard furious growling on the first floor outside. Why were they coming for me? Why? I was thinking through of what I ever did to get werewolves to kill me.

My eyes widened when I remembered. “Werewolves are natural born enemies of the vampires” was the sentence that made me realize. I'm an enemy of the werewolves for loving vampires. They've come to kill me because I'm around the vampires.


Aug 2, 2005
in my room, where else?
Chapter 9: War and a Secret
My gaze was broken when I saw something appear at my window. When I looked up, there was a huge beast staring at me, its teeth full of saliva, its nose wrinkled up, staring at a future bloody victim. Its talons were nailed to the walls of the house. It raised a huge arm and was picking at the outside lock of the window.

I heard the growl from its throat. I was in shock of fear, all I could do was stare at the beast. I waited for it to open the lock, ripping me to shreds. The lock clicked. It slide the window open and climbed into my room. It came up to me, staring down as I looked up at it. It came closer to me as I stepped away from it.

I finally hit my door, I had nowhere to go. The werewolf came to me, its teeth were showing to me. I bet he could see the terror in my eyes. I didn't notice that the rest of the pack came into my room until I was in a room full of thick, dark fur. “Constantine,” I said under my breath.

I couldn't feel his presence in my mind. My mind was locked, he can't read my mind and know that I'm in trouble.
The growling wouldn't stop. I closed my eyes shut, prepared for nails going through my chest and a whole lot of pain. Goodbye Conner, I guess I'm not going to be okay. I love you.

I then felt someone shaking my shoulder. I opened my eyes, and there stood a human, not a werewolf. Everyone around me was human again.

“You broke the treaty vampire girl,” the man in front of me said.

“I . . . I'm sorry. It never occurred to me that there was a treaty. Where exactly did I break it?” I asked. I didn't want to endanger Conner as well. I might as well take the punishment.

“You broke it at the cliffs of La Push, the same place where the treaty was made. You just made war with your clan,” he said.

What? My clan? I don't have one. What are they talking about?

“Sam . . . she smells different compared to those blood-suckers. She doesn't smell human, but she doesn't smell like the cold ones or us. Her scent is confusing,” someone said.

“Her scent is different . . . but she sided with those beasts. She broke the treaty, she gets the punishment.”

“She doesn't smell like a pure blood-sucker though. If the being is a pure blood-sucker and broke the treaty, theres war. She doesn't look like any of them or smell like them,” another one of the boys said.

“May I interrupt?” I asked. I finally found my voice when the fear was gone. “What's going on? All I know is that I smell weird and that I broke the treaty. Can anyone point out what the conversation is about?”

They all stared at me in confusion. They all then stared at one another and then to me again. “Wait . . . you're completely oblivious of whats happening?” Sam asked.

“Well yea. I just know that you guys are arguing about me either being a human or a “blood-sucker,” and one of the guys thinks I kinda smell like you guys. So what am I actually? If I don't smell human, then what am I?” I asked. “And will I be the cause of the war between werewolves and vampires?”

“You could be . . . you might be the cause of the war between us. We need to find out what you are though. One of the men here in the pack saw you with one of the blood-suckers. We can't find him since none of us knows what he smells like. But I know what you smelled like. That time at the meadow . . . that's why it was so easy finding you,” Sam said seriously.

“So what are you going to do? Kill me?” my voice cracked.

He cracked a smile and then laughed. “I guess you might say that. Since I don't want you running to your blood-sucking lover, warning him that there's going to be a fight between us and those monsters,” he said. He raised an arm and swiftly jabs at my head. Next thing I knew, I was already on the ground, unscratched. I then crawled away as fast as I could to the window. I jumped out the window, forgetting that I was on the second floor. But when my feet landed and hit the ground, there was no pain.

I ran away to the trees, hoping that I'd lose them in there. But I remembered that Sam knows my scent. He'll find me. “Constantine! Constantine! Help!” I screamed in my mind. I heard the tall ferns moving behind me, they were getting closer. When I looked back, something grabbed me, taking me away from the forest and into a large white room.

I looked around, confused of what just happened. “What the?” I moved my head around and saw Edward next to me.

“Are you ok?” Edward asked me.

“Oh . . . yea, I'm fine. How did you? I called for Constantine though. How did you know I was in trouble?” I asked him swiftly. I didn't catch my breath until I finished the last question.

“Constantine asked me to watch over you. If things got out of hand then I would come and get you. Besides, his mind is a part of my mind, I'm in tune with you when I really don't want to,” Edward explained to me.

“Oh . . .” I took a deep breath, getting all of the fear out of my system.

“Constantine will be here in a second. I just told him that you were in trouble. Your mind wasn't in tune with him when he left you. So he couldn't hear you calling him,” Edward said.

“Tori!” I heard the familiar voice call me.

I looked to my other side and saw Constantine holding my hand tightly. “Tori, I'm sorry. Edward just told me what happened, I'm so sorry that I didn't save you,” he apologized over and over.

“Conner calm down!” I screamed to him in concern. I sounded concern because I was worried that he'd pass out from apologizing. “I'm not dead. At least that's the fact. Besides, it was my fault that I locked my mind away from you. If I didn't, then you would of come for me. They didn't hurt me. Well . . . at least one of them tried,” I stopped.

“One of them tried to hurt you!” that angered Conner.

“Well . . . I could tell in his eyes that he didn't want to. He had confusion in his eyes. All I know is that they were all confused about how I smelled,” I said to Conner.

“They're all high. You smell lovely,” Conner said.

I looked over at Edward. Edward looked away from me. “Is there something you're not telling me?” I asked them.

“They said that we broke the treaty. I'm the cause of the war. And why would they keep me alive, arguing about how I smelled? Is there something wrong with my blood?”

“We're not quit sure. When I first smelled your scent . . . you smelled a little like Bella, but different. If you didn't smell like . . . wet dog, then you'd smell better than Bella,” Edward mumbled.

“So I smell funny to you guys, but also smell good too?” I asked them.

“You'd smell a lot better than Bella, actually. But mostly smell like lily's and roses,” Conner said. “Tell us what happened?”

“First things first, we need to see why the werewolves were confused about her scent,” a voice hummed through the room. We all turned, and there stood a tall, young looking man. I guessed him to be Edward's father that I heard from Conner.

“So you're thinking tasting her blood to observe?” Conner asked.

“That's what I was planning,” Carlisle walked closer to us. He came up to me and knelt next to me. “Do you mind if I prick your finger?” he asked me.

“Won't that bother you?” I asked him.

“No, unless do you want to do it?” he answered then asked.

“I can prick it myself,” I told him. I raised my index finger and jabbed my finger onto one of my teeth. A little bit of blood flowed to the surface of my finger. Carlisle took my finger and lightly sucked my finger. After five seconds of drinking, he licked his lips. I was wondering if he was thinking while he was tasting the after-taste.

After an hour of patience, Carlisle finally called us into his office on to second floor, but he wanted me to wait outside his office.

“It'd very interesting,” Carlisle mumbled to them

“What is it?” Conner asked him anxiously.

“Tori is a new kind of breed. She has mixed blood. It's surprising how her power hasn't awoken,” Carlisle answered Conner.

“I still don't understand,” Conner said. His tone was full of worry, I could hear it clearly.

They seemed to talk loud enough for me to hear, it was hard to believe they wanted to keep this conversation a secret. Footsteps were heard around the corner from where I was. The steps were human, thats all I could tell. I looked over at Bella, who was coming down the stairs.


“Hey Bella,” I smiled at her.

“Is something wrong?” she asked, running up to.

“No, just a bunch of werewolves trying to kill me. Also, Carlisle, Edward, and Conner are having a conversation about what kind of blood I have,” I told her.

“Werewolves tried to kill you!? And I don't hear anything. Are they in that room?” Bella pointed.

“Yea, they're in this one.”

Bella lightly pressed her ear on the door, she had a confused look on her face, it confused me that she couldn't hear them when they're loud enough for me to hear, like they were talking to me right now. “I don't hear anything,” Bella told me.

I raised an eyebrow. “are you sure? Cause they're loud enough for me to hear,” I said to her.

She looked at me confusingly. “What's your family like?” she asked me.

“They're normal. They divorced and treated me like their child. What's there to say?” I asked.

“No . . . I mean, what are they?” she repeated seriously.

She lost me there. “Um . . . they're human. If they weren't, I would have notice ages ago,” I said.

“What I'm trying to say, is that she's not exactly human. At least . . . she wont be as human as she used to be before today,” Carlisle explained to Conner. “She told you that one of them tried to kill her right?”

“Well, yea. She told me one of them tried to hurt her, but she didn't tell me how,” Conner answered.

There was silence at that moment. “It was Sam,” Edward's voice rang out. He was reading my mind, I could tell. “He was about to stab Tori through her head. And Tori swiftly dodged it,” Edward told them.

“It's not normal for a human to dodge a werewolve's attack, that probably caught them off guard,” Carlisle said.

“She jumped out of her window, and she didn't feel any sort of pain that anyone of Bella's kind could feel. She ran through the forest, it wasn't fast, but pretty fast if you're a human,” Edward said.

“So . . . if she's not human anymore, then what is she?” Conner asked.

“I tasted mostly blood that belongs to a vampire's, and . . . there's a hint of werewolf too,” Carlisle said.

There was silent. The aura of shock was consuming Conner. I was also in shock, there was footsteps coming to the door. The door opened and there stood Edward, staring at me with an unemotional look.

“I'm guessing you heard us Tori?” Edward coldly asked.

I couldn't help but feel like a traitor and feel shame. I was a half breed, I finally learned that I wasn't human. My parents were something else.

“Yea . . . I heard,” my voice cracked. I sounded like I was about to cry. I felt self-loathing was consuming my heart. I sadly glared at Edward before walking away.

“What just happened?” Bella asked Edward.

Edward looked at her. “I'll tell you later,” Edward answered her.

“Tori?” Conner's voice rang around the walls. I heard it, but I ignored it. I walked through the front door and slammed it behind me.

Tears fell down my cheek and onto my red Rolling Stones t-shirt. The black eyeliner was running down my cheek with the tears, but I didn't bother to clean it up. I was a freak. I was stuck between the enemies of the different race. If I went to either of them, they'd shun me away because I had mixed blood that wouldn't be allowed in their world. I was alone.

“Tori!” Conner called to me.

I ignored him again. He was far away, but I could hear him. Soon he'd appear in front of me and try to calm me down.

“Tori,” he called again.

I couldn't help but run. Run away from everything. Run away from everything I learned to love about this stupid place. Run away from the only being I love now and forever.

“Tori,” Conner's voice was calm, he appeared in front of me like he always did. I stopped to my spot so I could run into him. “Tori, let's talk this through,” he told me, taking his hands and grabbing onto the side of my arms.

“You can't do anything about it!” I yelled at him, pushing his arms away from me. “I'm not normal . . . I have the blood of the enemy. I'm not as human as I was, just like Carlisle said. How can you just act like we had an argument and ignore the fact that I'm not a pure-blood?” I asked him. The tears fell and wouldn't stop. I wanted to kill myself for letting him see me cry.

“I don't care. I don't care that you're not human. I don't even care that you have their blood. If you were a gnome, I'd still love you,” Conner said.

“But I'm not a gnome! I'm part werewolf. I have the blood of the enemy!” I yelled.

“Tori!” he screamed. He took my head in between his hands and looked at me in the eyes. “I don't care. So you're part werewolf, that doesn't bother me. It doesn't bother me anymore. So we're natural born enemies, so what? If you are the cause of the war, then I'll fight for you. I love you, and I always will,” he told me calmly.

I stared into his eyes a bit longer then looked down to the ground. “Constantine . . .” I said, gently pushing his hands away from me. “We can't be together. It's not right to any of the vampires and it won't be right to the werewolves,” I said as I walked away.

Conner grabbed my wrist and pulled me to him. “I won't let you go! Even if you think it's wrong, and it is, but I'm gonna not going to pretend that you were never mine and that we never had what we made memories of. I'm not going to act like I never met you and I will not act like your enemy!” Conner scolded.

“I know you won't. I'm not sure which is right though. I don't want to pretend that we were never together either,” I said to him, I couldn't look at him.

“Tori, you're making this too much of a big deal more than it should be. It's not that major, just live life like you did and don't make your blood ruin it. You're just fine, so just go with what we had . . .” Conner said calmly. He gently pulled me and hugged me from behind.

Live life. Just live it all like there's no tomorrow. That's what my mom told me many years ago. Conner was saying that same thing, just not exactly. I don't want to ruin what I have, but the urge to make things right was what was bothering me. I couldn't think of what to. Another drop of my tears fell, I pulled away and hug him back.

“Help me then . . . help me realize that I can live life without making a big deal out of something so little,” I pleaded to him. Conner hugged me lovingly back. He pat my head and then kissed it.

“I'll help you . . . for starters. Just call me Conner like you did before,” his calm voice had laughter in it.

I smiled as my face was buried in his chest. “I can do that.”

“And you won't be a crank box after tonight?” he looked down at me with his crooked smile.

I laughed just from him using my word “crank box,” whenever he used any of my words it just made me smile. “I won't be a crank box,” I said sarcastically as I rolled my eyes.

He chuckled and placed his forehead on mine. “So don't worry. If anyone of any clan gives you a hard time, then I'll help you cheer up if they make you sad,” Conner said to me quietly.

“Don't kill them if they do make me sad or cry,” I told him, pretending to be serious.

“Aww . . . pleeeease?” he playfully pleaded.

I giggled from his mood swing. “No, you're not allowed to kill anyone.”

“You're in a better mood,” he whispered to me.

I grinned at him. “You're the reason why I always smile . . . you make me happy for being who are and doing a perfect job at it,” I flashed my teeth at him as I smiled.

Just live life. Ignore the bad things and look forward to the light that is happiness. Nothing evil matters, just do whatever you want as a meteor comes to end the life of the earth. Be free as a bird and go with the wind. Cause trouble, do whatever it takes to be happy and to forget the negative things of this planet. Learn to breath, learn to fly, and you always have to learn to love before you die. Love the one you wish to be happy with for eternity.


Aug 2, 2005
in my room, where else?
Chapter 10

A week after everyone's discovery of my blood in the Cullen House, things have been different between Edward, Bella, and me. Conner still treated me the same as he always have, the only difference with Conner and I was that he would ask if I was feeling angry or thirsty for anything. He was worried about my power awakening while I was out in public, but my answer was always no. I didn't feel any different, I still felt human.

“It's still odd though,” Alice whispered to Jasper. Conner was invited to come to the Cullen House, I was invited too, but not as warmly as they were to Conner. Well . . . they didn't really invite me, but Conner refused to come by if they didn't allow me to come. “Why is Constantine still with her? Even if she has our blood, how can he still be so attached to her when she has their blood,” her voice was cold.

There was little difference with my body and how I worked. I have been a little faster in running and whenever Edward and his family spoke to one another as fast as they should in their vampire speed, I could hear every word. It bothered me of how I could hear them when Bella couldn't and that their lips seemed to go at the same speed to me, but it looked like their lips vibrated to Bella. It was like I had nothing in common with her anymore. Bella still treated me the same way she always have.

Bella and I were sitting on the plank of the stairs on the second floor, looking down at the white floor at the bottom, flailing our feet.

“Why are you still being so nice to me?” I asked Bella.

“Well . . . even if Edward hates it, you're still human. At least you still have your human senses. It's also because I have a friend thats a werewolf, so I'm kind of caught between the two as well. What I'm trying to say is that I'm still going to be your friend, even if it bugs Edward a lot,” Bella answered.

I slightly smiled. “At least thats two people so far. Edward and I seemed like brother and sister when we first met. But since that night, he treats me like I don't exist,” I spoke sadly to her.

“Yea . . . he can get like that. You still have Constantine though. That's important to you right?” she asked, placing a hand on my shoulder.

“Yea, I still have Conner, and thats more than enough of importance to me,” I smiled. “By the way, is Newton still bothering you?” I teased.

“Yea . . .” she said grimly. “He'd come visit the campus and he'd always wonder if I'm doing anything around lunch or after classes,” she said.

I laughed. “You poor child. I mean, you are pretty. So can you blame him? It's not a crime,” I teased.

“It's a crime in my world,” she said seriously.

I looked at my watch and jumped off the plank I was sitting on, falling to the first floor steps of the stairs. I then landed on the steps with grace and looked up with a teasing smile and gave her the peace sign.

“Show off!” she yelled to me. I laughed at her reaction.

“Sorry, I just wanted to see your reaction when I'd do that,” I chuckled.

“Show off!” she screamed again.

I then turned around, smelling Conner's scent. “Hey Conner,” I said with enthusiasm.

“You seem to be get better at the impossible things that Bella couldn't survive through,” Conner smiled and placed his hand on my waist.

“I have to keep reminding myself that I'm not human. I'm slowly changing, so it's best to get used to things now,” I shrugged.

“Well, I just discussed with Carlisle. He said that there is a way to rid the werewolf blood,” he said seriously when we walked out the front door.

“Really!?” I said excitingly. “There's really a way?” I asked.

“Don't get too excited, you'll give yourself a heart-attack,” he laughed. “Yes, there is a way. You already know about vampires being able to transform the people they bite. Well, if any of us bites you, the venom will spread through your body to your heart. It will then replace the wolf blood and become all vampire blood,” he answered me.

“What are you waiting for then? Bite me!” I said and lifted my sleeve from my favorite black jacket.

“Well . . . I really don't want to. Besides, I have transformed a few people, but I really don't want to,” he hesitated. “Besides . . . transforming is a painful experience in a human life,” he said.

“I'm become less and less human each day, whats there to fear of?” I asked.

“Hurting you. Watching you feel the agonizing pain for three days. I would never dream of seeing you feel that pain for so long,” his voice sound sad.

“Hun . . . you don't sleep,” I said sarcastically so I could brighten up the mood.

“That's not the point. If I could dream, I would never dream of seeing you in pain,” he said. “If I ever saw anything like that, I'd go mad,” Conner took my face.

I placed my hands over his cold hands. “Stay with me then . . . if I was transforming and experiencing that pain, stay with me, and I'll feel better. Love prevents and pain, the pain would be forgettable,” I said.

“Even if it is . . . what if I left for an emergency, the pain would come back,” he said. “I don't want you to become like me. Even if you are a little like me, you still have the rights to live life and to see your last sunset when you depart,” Conner looked me into my eyes.

“I . . . don't want to live without you. You've become a reason why I should live. I want to live eternally with you. Watch the stars, see the twilight and the moon pass by with you,” I told him.

“Tori . . .” he took my arms and stared into my eyes. “As much as I want to be with you for eternity, I don't want you to go through what I went through,” he said. “Now lets go. Lunch is going to end soon, so we should get back to class,” Conner told me, as he slid his hand down to my hands. He took my hand and began running through the trees. His speed became faster and so did mine. His speed was a little slower than it normally was though.

“You know you can go faster. I won't mind,” I told him.

“I know that. I'm just afraid that I might go too fast for you. And that I might rip your arm off if I go at normal speed,” Conner told me.

“Just go for it. Try to go at your regular speed,” I said.

He made a sigh of worry, but did as I requested. He increased his speed, his speed was just a tad slower, but it was fast to human eyes.

I took my hand from his grasp and ran at his speed. I could see from the corner of my eye that he was watching me, he had a smile on his face. Just knowing he was smiling made me smile as well.

We reached the school in time, in fact we had a lot of time on our hands. He took my hand again and gave it a squeeze. “Be sure to check your feet,” Conner whispered to me.


“You might feel a little pain in a few minutes. Your human reactions will come to you soon,” he told me.

“Oh ok,” I responded. “Thank you.”

He then hugged me. “Just need to check up on you every now and then,” he told me.

“I'm not a sick puppy, I can care for myself,” I told him as we began walking to Biology.

“Yea, I know. But I do want to care for you. I mean . . . you don't always have to care for yourself. Let other people handle you too,” Conner teased me.

I rolled my eyes. “Yes, but if someone begins taking care of me, I get lazy and begin depending on people too much,” I said. “So I'm gonna be a hard worker and do a lot of work.”

Conner was silent and then took my hand and kissed the side of my head. “You're so cute,” he chuckled to me.

I sighed and looked around, searching for something to distract me from Conner's playful personality. I then saw Dustin with Shawn and Nathan. They saw me too. I waved at them, Shawn waves back, Nathan nods, and Dustin turns the other way, like he didn't see me at all. My heart sank when he turned away. “What did I do to upset him?” I said under my breath.

“Tori?” Conner asked.

I look up to him. “It's just Dustin. He hasn't spoken to me in a week now, it's like he's avoiding me and I'm trying to remember what I did to make him this upset,” I answered to Conner. Conner looked over to Dustin's direction and glared at him. “Don't go over and scold him. I'll talk to him later when I get the chance in Chem,” I stopped Conner from walking over to Dustin.

Conner looked down at me. “You shouldn't let something like that upset you. And you know that I'd go over to the person that would hurt you,” Conner snarled.

“I already know that!” I yelled at him. “Let me deal with it without your help for once please . . . I can fend for myself as well,” I told him.

The bell rang a minute later. “Lets go,” he said and took my hand, pulling me to the Chem lab.

Conner and I took our seats and waited patiently for the rest of the class.

Dustin and the rest of the boys came walking in a while later. I turned my head to look over at him, I haven't realized until when he passed by me that he smelled different compared to all the other humans around Conner and I. I looked over at Conner and saw that his brow was wrinkling, just ready to snarl. “Down boy,” I told him.

Conner looked over at me, his shoulder slowly relaxed and lowered slightly, but his face was still in defense-attack mode. “He definitely smells different compared to the last time I saw him. I'm not sure if the Dustin you became friends with is a part of this world anymore,” Conner whispered under his breath.

“He does smell different,” I agreed. I got off my seat and walked over to Dustin's lab table. “Dustin, is there something that I did to piss you off? We haven't spoken in a week, what's up?” I asked Dustin calmly. Dustin looked at me for a slight second from the corner of his eye and then to the front of the room, completely ignoring me. He was slightly pissing me off, but I didn't want to show that to him. “Dustin did you hear me?” I asked him. Ignored.

“Poke!” Shawn yelled out of random and poked my side. I turned my head fast enough for a human but slow to vampires and gave Shawn frightening glare.

“Do that again and I'll kick your ass!” I screamed at him.

“What do you want Tori?” Dustin finally spoke, his voice sounded angry. I looked over at him and saw that he was staring at me from the corner of his eyes. He did look angry and he seemed to have a craving to break my neck.

“To answer my questions. Why are you avoiding me like I embarrassed you in front of the school. What did I do to piss you off?” I asked him calmly.

“Shut up and get to your seats now!” the professor scolded us. I looked up and then back at Dustin before walking back to my seat next to Conner.

“Anything from your beastly friend?” Conner asked me once I took my seat.

“Nothing,” I responded to him as I looked over at Dustin up in the front. “Wait, why call him beastly?” I asked.

“You're smelling scenes aren't that strong yet and you already know that he's most likely not human. I'm not sure how long he's been this way, but he hasn't been human for a while. Maybe since before we found out about your blood,” Conner answered.

“What does he smell like then, since I'm still trying to figure it out,” I asked. Dustin's scent does smell familiar to me, but I couldn't put a finger on it.

“You'll have to figure that out for yourself, love,” Conner said.

“Aww come' on!” I screamed in my mind.

After an hour and a half of class, I was mostly doodling on my folders and notebooks.

I really didn't have to know anything, the reason why I was the youngest in my junior's class was that I skipped a grade because of my straight A's in middle school. I really didn't even have to be in high school anymore, just a few days ago a professor from Princeton came over to the house and accepted me into the college to become a student there. I declined it though, I didn't feel ready to leave high school just yet, I had the rights to live through a normal life really. The other reason was because I was afraid of leaving Conner. Even though he's smarter than I am, he also declined many colleges just to stay with me, so I did the same for him.

The bell rang a lot slower than usually, maybe because I seemed to be in vampire time and wasn't getting used to my human times anymore. Conner waited for me as I shoved all my books into my backpack. Dustin was the last one in the class besides us, he then passed by and his shoulder shoved Conner's. Conner then glared at him and growled at him. “Conner, heel!” I yelled.

Dustin looked coldly at us before walking out of the door. I sighed and walked out the door with him. “Am I allowed to kill him after you talk to him?” Conner asked me.
“No, you're not. Wait for me at the parking lot if you want to. I'll catch up with you if I cam or if you decide to stay and wait for me,” I said before running after Dustin.

I caught up with Dustin a little sooner than I thought, hoping that no one saw me going as fast as I was just not even a second ago. I was going as fast as vampires would again.

I wasn't used to my powers yet, but I was getting more and more in tune with it. “Dustin,” I called. “Can we talk now?” I asked him.

He slowly turned to me and looked at me coldly. “We can talk for a little while, we still have another class left,” Dustin said.

“It doesn't matter. I don't need to go to school, so I can skip if I want to. Why are you avoiding me?” I asked.

He kept his silence and then said “Lets just say that we shouldn't be friends.”

“But I want to know why,” I demanded.

“I can't tell you. I was there . . .” he said under his breath. “I was there when everyone in those crowds found out about you,” Dustin told me.

“About me . . .” I repeated. My eyes then widened and I then realized what his message was and why he smelled familiar to me. “You're one of them . . . you're a,” I stopped.

“I am one of them. I was with the pack that wanted to kill you. Thats why I can't be around you. You and I are natural born enemies if you've taken sides with those blood-suckers,” he said.

“It's not my fault that I'm one of them. I'd still be a friend if I wasn't what I am. I'm sorry that I have the blood of both sides. I've chosen the side I'm in because I've known them longer and that I didn't know that werewolves would come to kill me, or that you're on their side,” I told him.

“It might be one of those. But it's also because you're afraid of leaving the blood-suckers and that your mate will hate you if you sided with us,” Dustin said to me coldly. “I have to go now. Unlike people like you and your blood-sucking lover, I need to learn more and not skip school because I'm so smart and full of knowledge of the world.” He then walked away from me.

I felt despair inside me. I lost a friend because I sided with the people I love and people who hate me at the same time. I wasn't going to leave the vampires for the werewolves just to earn Dustin's friendship back, but I do want him by my side again. My life kept getting worst and worst each day passes.


Aug 2, 2005
in my room, where else?
Chapter 11

On a Saturday, about a week after my declaration of enemies with Dustin, things got a tad better. The men side of the Cullen family were being nicer to me, finally accepting my freakish blood mixture. The only male that wasn't on my side was just Edward. Rosalie and Alice still weren't taking my side, but whatever. I'm getting along with the men, why should the girls bother me?

My human abilities and appearance were slowly dying away. I became as fast as Edward, my eyes were becoming darker, I've become feverishly warm, my skin became 1 darker, and my strength has multiplied that I actually beat Emmett in arm wrestling. I was still able to walk in sunlight without getting much attention, but I do get people saying that I seem to glow when I'm in the sun.

Jasper's been helping me try to awaken my special ability, but no luck at all. He'd take me outside the Cullen house and try everything that would awaken a power or try anything that would make my senses a little vulnerable. “Anything?” Jasper asked.

“Nothing,” I answered.

“Maybe you don't have a power . . . did you have anger management when you were young?”

“I did a long time ago, I think I had the classes sense I was able to talk.”

“Do you get angry often?”

“Not as much as I used to. I get angry, but it's just a flicker of anger and annoyance.”

“Maybe anger is what awakens it.”

“If I get angry then something might happen?”

“Most likely. Is there anything you don't like that pisses you off?” Jasper asked.

“That's not fair though. You're able to calm a room full of angry lions, I can't get angry when you're around,” I complained.

Jasper shrugged and walked towards me, flinging his arm over my shoulder. “We'll try something.”

Jasper and I walked into the Cullen House. I took my seat on the sofa next to Emmett, whom was reading a magazine on embarrassing moments. “Haha, sucks for them,” his booming laugh erupted. Emmett put the magazine down and smiled at me. “So how was breaking stuff with Jasper?”

“Nothing really happened. We were going at it for a while and nothing happened out of the ordinary.” I answered.

“Ordinary? Have you seen this family? There's nothing ordinary about us?”

“Fair enough,” I grinned. “Have you seen Edward and Bella?”

“Haven't seen them in ages,” Jasper answered.

“It's been a while. Has Alice said anything?”

“Didn't say much to me,” Emmett shrugged.

“Same here,” Jasper sighed.

“She didn't tell you!?” I yelled at Jasper in surprise and shock.

“No, is there something wrong with that?”

“Well . . . it's just that . . . you guys are a lot closer. I'd expect she told you before any of us.”

“All I know is that she definitely won't tell you anything,” Emmett laughed.

“THANK YOU, Emmett,” I said acidly.

Emmett chuckled and stared at a corner. I heard the door open and there Edward walked into the room. “And there he is,” Emmett said.

“Hey,” Edward spoke out, greeting everyone except me.

“Hey,” Jasper called out to Edward.

“What?” Edward stared at Jasper.

“Aren't you going to say hello to Tori?”

Edward looked towards me. “The creature in the jeans? I'll call the exterminator,” Edward said, walking away.

I rolled my eyes and rest my back on the sofa. “Come on Edward. Give her a chance. She hasn't sided with the mongrels so there's nothing to hate her for,” Jasper spoke to Edward.

“She could join them if she wanted to. She's not welcomed in this house. Once an enemy, always an enemy.”

“Dude, come on!” I complained. “I was your friend before you even found out. Even if my scent smelt disgusting to you, you still treated me like a human. A weird one that is.”

Conner then appeared next to me. “Did I miss anything?”

I turned my head towards him. “Oh nothing. Just Edward being an ass to me like normal. Nothing out of the ordinary,” I said sarcastically.

Edward kept his glare at me and I just stared back casually. I knew Jasper was trying to keep his power out my emotional system. He knows that I could control myself mentally. “Why don't you just leave?” Edward spat.

“Because I don't feel like it and that the men side of your family finally accepted me. They're treating me like how they treat Bella. Why can't you at least do the same and grow up?”

“I'm older than you, you have no rights to tell me if I'm immature or not.”

“Immature little brat” I mocked, sticking my tongue out.

Edward bared his teeth to me. I glared at him and kept my stance steady. Edward ran towards me and pushed me to the wall, either trying to choke me or break my neck. “You have no rights mongrel.”

“Hey Edward! Calm down already. Ease your temper a bit, you might kill Tori,” Conner cried.

“One death won't hurt the world.” he snarled. I kicked Edward's stomach, released me before the kick forced him back across the room and hitting the wall. I landed on my feet soundlessly and massaged the mark Edward left on my neck. I kept my anger bottled up inside and kept my blank stare at Edward. Edward lunged forwards, towards me at vampire speed. I then found myself, holding his fists in front of my face and stomach. No pain was inflicted from holding his hard fists.

Edward took his hands away from me, glaring his light golden eyes at me. “Piss off, mutt,” he spoke acidly.

I kept my glare at him, a flicker of anger raging inside me. An earthquake began to shake the house, I then heard the glass window break next to me. Everyone turned their heads toward the sound except me. My anger wouldn't go away, the piano's legs then snapped in half. The trees outside were breaking apart and the walls were forming cracks. Conner was next to me and held me close. My heart calmed down and the rumbling earthquake stopped.

Everyone was looking around the broken looking room, confused and then all turned their heads towards me. “Was all that her?” Edward asked.

Everyone gazed at me, I wasn't paying attention to the stairs I was getting, thinking why my anger suddenly appeared and why everything was breaking around me. “All that could be from her. She's never been angry before, maybe her sleeping emotion was the cause of her ability from appearing. Anger is her power. We all know she won't morph into them,” Conner said. Conner leaded his mouth to my ear and whispered, “We should go.”

I only nodded and Conner led me out the door. I took a deep breath, still zoning out of reality. I woke up a second later, shook my head, and looked up at Conner. “so we ready to go?” I asked enthusiastically, hiding my fear of my anger.

“How about . . . you take the day off from the Cullens' and me today. And go hang out with friends.”

“What? How come?”

“You haven't seen your friends in forever. How about you go do something,” Conner said to me, holding my shoulders and looking me in the eye.

“Are you sure about that?” I asked him, keeping my hold on his eyes.

“I'm quite sure. Now go have fun,” Conner smiled at me. I smiled back and he kissed me on the lips. “Do you want me to carry you home?”

“I think I'll run,” I winked. I turned around and ran as fast as I could, faster than the wind. It took me less than five seconds to get to the front yard of my house. The girls were upstairs, probably braiding each other's hair and doing their nails. I opened the door and walked up the stairs.

“Tori?” Chloe called.

“Yea it's me,” I answered, opening, Chloe's bedroom door.

“I didn't hear you come upstairs. Did you try to walk silently just to scare us?” Tammy smiled.

“I guess you can say something like that,” I smiled back. “Hey, do you guys feel like doing something? Like go out and hang?”

“Really? Constantine won't mind?” Kelsey asked me.

“He's the one that offered me to go and hang out with you guys. I've been with the Cullens and the Burns a lot lately, why can't I just hang out with my best friends?” I stuck out my tongue playfully.

“Thats great. We were all planning on going to La Push today. You up for the beach?” Kelsey asked.

“A day of cloudy beach?” I asked sarcastically and playfully. The girls giggled from my energy being so high I could be hyper. I was thinking if it was a good idea to go to La Push . . . the only area full of werewolves. I was thinking of werewolves coming to the reservations just to come and try to make me go alone with them for them to get the chance to kill me. I was thinking that they might not get too angry at me, I'm not a full Cullen or Burns. And I don't drink blood . . . at least not yet, so what the hell? I'll go. I then looked at them, “yea, I can go for it.”

It took us fifteen minutes to get to the reservation. When Tammy parked her 1977 Camero, I had a good view of the people who were already there. Nearly everyone in my classes of the entire senior year was there. Even if I was sixteen and a half, I skipped a year to join the upperclassmen.

I spoke to few people that were friendly to me, a lot of girls who envied me for hanging out with the Cullens and Conner's family. They all asked me what they were all like, I lied with a few things and told the truth about their personality and their hobbies.

The green fire crackled around the round circle of rocks, like the fire was contained in a barrier to stay inside the circle. I stared at the fire, imagining figures dancing in the fire like fairies. After I stared at the fire for a moment, I looked up and noticed the sky has gotten darker and the group became bigger. When I saw Dustin and Sam in the group, I realized the werewolf pack has joined the pack. They haven't sniffed me out yet, obviously with this many people around me, it must be confusing.

I kept myself hidden from them all. I walked under a large tree, into another group, hiding myself. I looked at the entire pack in front of me and breathed with relief that the pack hasn't seen me yet.

I then smelt something that made my nose wrinkle up a bit. I realized something was behind me and I didn't even know it until then. “Who are you hiding from?” a husky voice asked me.

I turned my head towards the voice and found my eyes locked to black eyes and kind face. “Um uh?” was all I could get out of my throat. I couldn't find my voice once my eyes were locked into his.

He laughed out how I was speechless and asked, “whats the matter? Cat got your tongue? Or did a wolf get it first?” he joked.

I swallowed and answered, “neither. You just caught me off guard.” I looked back at the rest of the pack and then back to him. “Won't the pack care that you're talking to someone like me?” I wondered.

“They can't smell you yet. If you stay with the group then they'll wont know,” he smiled. He raised his hand in front of me. “I'm Jacob.”

I slightly smiled back. “I'm Tori if you didn't know. So anything interesting happen to you?” I asked him, trying to start a conversation and trying to force the thought that I was siding with the vampires while a werewolf was right in front of me.

“Well, the party right now and someone of your race being here.”

“I'm not fully like them. I haven't tasted a drop of it yet.”

“Are you at least a little thirsty?” Jacob asked in curiosity, his head level to me and his face inches from mine.

“No. I'm thirsty for a Coke though,” I teased.

He smiled and chuckled a little. “No sudden cravings?”

“I have a craving to just throw a confetti egg at your head, does that count?”

He laughed a little louder. “Well, I guess your not that dangerous, theres nothing to be mad at you for though . . . even if you are the cause.”

I rolled my eyes and sighed. “Yes, I know that. I didn't know then. Can you blame me for not knowing what the hell was going on and then get a huge group of guys in my room telling me what I did?” He opened his mouth, just stared at me and then closed his mouth again. “Thats what I thought.”

“Do you wanna go out for a walk?” he asked me.

I turned around, checking the pack and my house mates. All three of them smiled and gave me thumbs up. I only know that they had a little crush on someone named Jacob, I guessed they mean the one next to me I just shrugged and they mouthed for me to just go for it, not sure what they meant, but whatever. I turned to Jacob and shrugged. “Sure, I guess.”

Jacob smiled and gestured to me to start ahead. I walked past him, feeling nervous and stupid at the same time. I was thinking to myself what I got myself into. What if he was just trying to be friendly and then trick me, taking me to my death spot. “You're not like them,” he started.


“Your not like the Cullens I mean. You still have your human side and thoughts. You think like Bella from what I've seen. You even act like her,” he said to me, looking at the sand of the beach as we walked next to one another. I probably looked like a dwarf next to him.

“I guess. I haven't completely forgotten the human in me. I don't want to be completely like something else and give in to instincts,” I answered honestly, staring up at him.

“I understand that . . . it's already happened to me,” he said, finally looking down at me.

“You didn't want to be like this . . .,” I just said, tried to make it like a question and failed.

“No, you probably didn't want to be like the way you are either, right?” he asked.

“Well . . . I was shocked to find out and at first I didn't want to be caught in between. Confused of what to do and fearing that both sides would hate me. I was right about that, but I learned to get over and accept the person I was born as.”

He shrugged and looked at the crashing ocean. “It's kinda cool how you accept the person you've become, while I loath myself.”

“Self-loathing is bad for your health, try to live it,” I said calmly.

He looked down at me again with a smile. “You're such a child it's funny.”

I blushed in anger and confusion. “How am I a child?”

“Well, one . . . your younger and me and, two . . . you're trying to show me the positive road thats impossible for me to see,” he laughed. I groaned and stamped away from him as fast as I could. He caught up with me and chuckled. “Sorry, I just wanted to see your reaction. I heard you had a funny reaction to nearly everything.”

It then began to rain on us. I looked up and the rain fell on my face and hard as someone hitting a pillow at my head. Jacob took my wrist and pulled me towards the hills at the reservation. He was laughing on the way there and joined him in laughed too. I did have a little fun and I got to get along with a werewolf, at least I was happy about it.

When Jacob and I got up to the reservation, everyone ran to their cars and drove off, except for Tammy's Camero, everyone was waiting for me. I laughed and turned to Jacob. “That was fun,” I chuckled.

“Sure sure,” he sighed happily. The rain fell to his hair and the droplets fell from the tips of his hair.

“I'll see ya later,” I waved at him goodbye as I began walking to the car.

Jacob then hugged me from behind softly and kissed me on the head. “I'll see you soon,” he whispered to me. He let go and walked away from me. The kiss took me by surprise and I was also confused at the same time. What just happened? Did I miss something while I was hanging out with him?

I was just hoping Conner didn't see what just happened, I was a little scared about what would happen the next day. And what did Jacob mean about soon? It was like he was planning on seeing me like tomorrow or some other day. I shivered at the thought of Jacob and Conner glaring at each other. Conner for seeing the kiss I imagined from Jacob and Jacob just glaring because he hates vampires.


after this chapter, I'm stuck. I haven't thought of what to write next. So you'll have to wait much longer now


Aug 2, 2005
in my room, where else?
Chapter 12

Conner drove me to school the next Monday after going to La Push with the girls on that Saturday. He drove to school silently, not saying a word when I came into the car. My heart was beating so fast that I couldn't breath. I was frightened to even think that he knows of what happened with Jacob and me at La Push. Is that why he's quiet? Because Jacob kissed me on the head?

“Um . . . Conner?”

He didn't answer.

I bit my lip and looked at the road. Maybe he knows. Maybe that's why he isn't being as social.

We reached the school in the matter of five minutes, with Conner's reckless driving; we would have been there within twenty minutes if you were driving like a human. He took a sharp turn into a parking space and hit the brakes really hard that we nearly jumped out of our seats. Thank God for seat belts.

Conner just stared ahead at the school while I stared at him silently. “Conner . . . what has gotten you in an anger management moment?” I asked, finally breaking the silence.

Conner took a deep breath and sighed. He crossed his arms, still staring ahead. His eyes were hard and his eyes were scrunched together with a stern look. He sighed through his nose before taking another deep breath. “What exactly did you do on Saturday?”

I looked at him confusingly. “Is that what it’s all about? Because I kept my mind closed up all day? Is that why you’re mad?”

“What did you do?” he repeated, his voice sounding furious.

I didn’t flinch from him chewing my head off, if I was human I would have. But since I’ve been with him since the middle of August, I’ve become used to him getting angry at him for his reasons. But I didn’t know his reasons now, so what did I do to make him angry.

“I just went to the beach . . . and I hung out with friends. You wanted me to hang out with my human friends, I did that, and now you’re angry at me for doing what you wanted me to do what you said?” I asked, my tone becoming more angry-like.

“Was the party that much a secret that you locked up your mind for three days?” he was staring at me, but I looked ahead now, trying to avoid his angry eyes.

“What if I wanted to treat you like a human for a little while, instead of cheating your way to know me better?” I asked. That was cruel to say. He was protective of me; he always wants to know if I’m okay, he wants to know whether I’m upset about what I did or if he wanted to know if I was having a fun time. He was beginning to remind me like super protective parents.

I could feel it. His eyes became harder. He sighed, and pinched the bridge of his nose. I closed my eyes and my hands became a fist. “I’m sorry. That was mean to say.”

I then felt a hand on my head. I opened my eyes and saw Conner slightly smiling, but his eyes were still hard. He didn’t say anything; he just kissed me on the top of my head and then left the car. I was about to open my door, but Conner opened it before I did.

We were about an hour early, which meant that we had free time to catch up on reading Macbeth for English. Since I can’t read with people around me, I went the other way towards a bench, it was lightly sprinkling, and I wasn’t too worried about the book getting ruined. As I read the book silently, I felt a pair of eyes on me. The pair of eyes became closer and my nose began to wrinkle, the scent became worst but also it smelt familiar.

I turned around once I realized whose scent it was. I looked up at the tall monstrous looking boy behind me and stared into his black eyes. “Why are you here?” I asked him.

“I thought I’d come visit a friend,” Jacob answered.

“I won’t become much a friend if Conner sees you with me. I might turn on you saying I don’t know you, you know?” I asked.

“But you won’t will you?” Jacob smiled.

I glared at him. “What if I will though? What I decided to do so even if it kind of kicks me in the gut?”

Jacob smiled and knelt down to my eye level. Knowing he’s like 6’5 or taller, I definitely look like a child to him. “You know I can read your thoughts too. Even if you don’t have a beast form like I do, I can read your thoughts somehow,” he smirked.

I rolled my eyes and sighed. “I swear, my mind seems super easy for people to read. There is no such thing as privacy in my world now,” I said.

He only smiled. “It’s what you get for being who you are.”

“Are you going to be at this school now?”

“Nah, I can’t. Gotta stay at the current one I’m at.” He looks at his watch then back to me. “I’ll have to go now. It was nice seeing you,” he smiled.

I smiled back. “Yea, it was nice.”

His smile became bigger and then flashed his white teeth at me. It was hard to believe that his teeth were so pure and clean against his copper colored skin. Looking at my skin compared to his, I have mostly the werewolves’ skin color, but it was pale like the vampire’s.

He looked behind himself, finding the student body has multiplied since the last time I checked. “See ya.”


I was about to turn around to finish reading Macbeth, but then I felt a hand grab my chin, turning my head towards him, and then felt lips against my own. Did I miss the memo? Am I missing something that was obvious to everyone else and not to me? My hands traveled up his chest and then I pushed him away from me.

I took a breath and glared at Jacob. “What the hell was that about!?” I screamed.

He only smiled at me. He then kissed me on the head before running off. I was paralyzed to the bench when I saw Conner stand about ten feet away from Jacob with a horrified look on his face.

My eyes widened. There was a lump on caught in my throat. I couldn’t call out to him. I couldn’t scream to him, to tell him that it was Jacob that kissed me. “Con—”

But he walked away. He turned his back on me and walked slowly away from me. I got off the bench and ran to him, once I was about to reach my vampire speed, he was faster. He disappeared before my very eyes. I stopped at the spot . . . alone. He hates my guts, all because of a misunderstanding kiss from a guy I only met three days ago.

That moment, when I stood in the middle of a crowd of the student body, that moment reminded me of a poem I wrote a while ago.

Don’t run away.
I only want you to understand what happened.
Don’t let your eyes deceive you from the truth, when what you saw was a lie.
I want you to know that I love only you and no one else.
It’s only you that makes me want to live longer in this stupid life.
The angels want you to come back to me,
to take you back to me so I can explain myself.
Come back and everything will be alright.
Come back
come back!
I love you.

The school day went by slowly, all because Conner wasn’t around and that I know that I’m going to have to deal with his anger when I go back home. Thinking of him screaming at me only made me more upset than I was already. I don’t want to go home if I was going to see him with his eyes full of anger, his arms crossed across his chest, and him glaring his frightening stare at me.

No . . . I’ll just go on a hike for a while. I’ll make him worried while I’m gone a few hours too late. Yea, I’ll do that. If I’m late getting home, he’ll get worried and then I’ll forget his anger and come look for me. If he’s angry with me longer, I’ll stay out much longer. And I’ll lock up my mind while I’m at it. Just think bank thoughts.

School ended after planning out my way to make Conner forget about his anger. I walked past the parking lot and saw my Mustang in the same spot Conner parked his car. I just stared at my car for a while, walked towards it and found my keys in the ignition. I took my seat and found a sticky note on the rearview mirror. It was written elegantly but also had a touch of anger written on it. It read:

“You have explaining to do. I’ll be waiting on your bed.”

I sighed and crumbled up the little note. I turned the key and drove in reverse without even looking over my shoulder. I drove out of the parking lot and drove the opposite way from my house. I drove as fast as I could. Away from the school and house and away from Constantine.

I was infuriated. Mainly at Jacob though. Because of that beast, I’m practically enemies with the only man I love. That stupid kiss is the reason I’m running away, plotting to make Conner worried about me to forget what happened. As time went by, the sky becomes darker. Twilight, the safest place for a vampire and possibly a vampire’s lover. The only time when the light and the darkness are together in harmony.

It’s become dark and my legs became lazier. I parker my car to the side and found a dirt trail a few feet from my car. I wasn’t thinking, but I walked down the dirt trail. When I took my first step on the dirt, I couldn’t hear the dirt or rocks crumbling under my feet. I was completely silent, just like the vampires.
The stars were peaking out from the clouds. I was silently walking through the trail. I could hear wild animals walking through, watching me stroll down the trial as silent as the wind. I looked at the dark trees, smelling the clean air, and smelling blood.

Come to think of it, I didn’t drink anything today. I took out a bottle of water out of my backpack and took a swig. It didn’t satisfy me. I then saw a deer staring at me. My throat was closing in and I could feel something burning my tongue. Is it what I was told it could be? Venom?

I shook my head and walked down the trail again. My throat was still dry; the venom was filling up my mouth. I can’t take it! I need to drink something!

A heard a roar behind me. I looked behind myself and saw a grizzly bear growling at me. I took a step back from it, but I was thirsty. What could just one less bear kill the environment. I bared my teeth in front of him and leapt. I then dug my teeth down its throat and began drinking. It was sweet . . . bitter, but sweet somehow. I think I sucked down the bear dry when I was finished.

I wiped the blood off my lips and took a deep breath. My throat was finally opening up and I was satisfied with the taste.

As the night went on, I was hunting for the first time. I had a grizzly bear, a few mountain lions, and two deer. The taste was getting better, I was still getting used to the new life style I have taken. When I finished my last mountain lion, I smelt a familiar scent. I turned around slowly and faced him.

“Having fun?” he asked me with a gentle smile.

I turned my head at the now dead mountain lion and smiled a little. “Yea, I had fun. The taste could have been better.”

“You are the messiest eater I have ever seen,” he chuckled.

“How long?”

“I found you on you fifth mountain lion. I got a little worried,” Conner told me as he took a few steps toward me.

I kept my gaze at the ground. “He kissed me. I didn’t kiss me back. I think he only did that just so you could hate me,” I said to him.

He kept silent. He then chuckled and shook his head. “Tori, Tori, Tori . . . when will it take you for the thought to seep into your brain? I’ll never hate you. There will never be any room for me to hate you. I’m only on this earth to live through life so I can find you. And you know that I’ll always love you, nothing else will change that.”

I finally looked up at him and made eye contact. He was right in front of me, his chest so close to me that I if I just lifted my pinky finger, I could touch his thigh. His hair seemed messy. How long has he been searching for me?

“How long have you been searching for me?”

“Long enough that I need to go and clean my clothes. And you know I have never cleaned my clothes before,” he smiled and then chuckled.

I cracked a smile and laughed with him. “True enough. I’m sorry for worrying you.”

“It’s no problem. I can read your thoughts now, and you did a good job worrying me,” he smiled.

I laughed. “I do my best to try and get you to forgive me,” I said, rubbing my eyes. I tasted something bitter from the aftertaste. “I think that mountain lion had something bad for dinner, cause it tastes nasty.”

He chuckled, harmonic bells ringing. He then hugged me closely and rested his chin on my head. I hugged him back and buried my head in his chest. “You smell interesting now, with all that blood you’ve drunk, I think I’ll give you a while before I want to take a birdie,” he joked.

I rolled my eyes and smiled. “Get over it. I’m like you now, so you’ll have to get used to me smelling weird.”

His smile became bigger, I could feel it. He then lifted my chin and kissed me lightly. I kissed back, pressing my lips a little harder than him. He hugged me closer and kissed me more passionately. We inserted tongue and stood there for a while as the moon finally poked out of the clouds.


Aug 2, 2005
in my room, where else?
thank you. Here's chapter 1, enjoy!!!

Chapter 1: A New Town

This was all too weird for me. My mother decided and told me that it was time to “live alone,” which meant she was sick of having me around in her native language. She told me just when I broke up with my boyfriend that she wanted me to live on my own somewhere far away where I won't ask for her help.

I decided maybe I'll live with my old friends up at Forks. A very green town that I go up to once in a while if my friend's and I made a round trip. I was in my black Mustang just a week after my mother told me that I should move away and live alone, or with friends if I felt like it.

I looked at the rear view mirror to check if anyone was behind me and passed the right lane. I knew I was going to miss L.A., I've lived there all my life, and out of nowhere my mother tells me to find my own place to stay. Somewhere where it's a safe place, better than a small town than a huge city of crime. I had a box of bottled coffee next to my feet, since I didn't want to stop to rest and decided to drive the entire way there.

I've been driving for about eight hours and not even close to Forks. It was around eleven at night and I was beginning to feel sleepy, since I found myself yawning and rubbing my eyes. I ripped a bottle of the coffee out of the box and popped the cap off. I took one big gulp and swallowed mouthful of the coffee whole. I still had not even half a bottle left, but that gulp will last me an hour or two. The road was beginning to get darker and darker each minute and no one was around, so I turned the left stick and turned on my high beams. It was a lot easier to see now.

There was nothing to see around the road and there was nothing to even think about, but my ex-boyfriend and how stupid I felt for even hoping he was the one for me. I kept thinking of ways to curse at him for not doing his job as a boyfriend, since I did my job as the “perfect girlfriend.” Or so my friends back at home called me. Thats what was on my mind most of the time I was driving my black Mustang. The things I could of done to help him become the “perfect boyfriend.”

It was five in the morning and I haven't stopped once to give my car a break. I drank down to five bottles of coffee and now full of energy to stay up another five hours. I looked at my tank and saw that I was three percent empty. “Crap!” I said to myself as I drove a little faster. I read the signs that I was about a few miles away from Forks.

“Wow, that was quick,” I said once I passed the sign. I was really expecting to drive another few hours to get to Forks, but knowing that I was going ninety five miles per hour, I guess I should of seen that I was going to get there fast, especially when there was no traffic. I was a mile away from Forks now, a little excited to see my friends. I looked at how much gas I have left and saw that I'm one percent close to running out. “What? No! Come on baby, you can make it,” I screamed. My car began slowing down now. I drove to the side for a while until it stopped.

I leaned my head back on the head rest for a while and then stomped on the floor of my car once. I got out of the driver's seat and walked to the trunk to see if I had an extra gas tank. I dug through all the junk I brought with me, but no tank. “Great,” I said with disbelief. I looked at the road I was driving on and the sign that said I had a mile left to get to Forks. I was thinking if I should either call a tow man or just push my car to Forks. I decided for a while and thought that no one was awake at this time, so I began pushing my Mustang towards Forks.

I pushed my car for at least twenty minutes when I reached the forest. I looked up at the sky and saw that the stars are hiding behind the clouds. While I was still pushing, I saw headlights flash from behind me. I looked behind myself and saw a tow truck driving towards me. The tow truck drove past my car by a few feet and parked right in front of my car.

“Need a ride and help?” a deep voice asked me.

I was hesitant and was thinking if I should trust the guy, but he had a tow truck, so it was best to get a ride than appear at my friend's door step at ten in the morning. “Um...sure,” I said shyly.

The tow man got out of his car and went to my car. I also saw someone at least my age come out from the passenger side walk out with the deep voiced man. “Just a low gas tank, it won't cost much if its that,” he said turning to me. He walks over to his truck and took a chain with a hook at the end. The boy at least my age took the chain and walks back over to the front of my truck and adjusted the chain. “Why didn't you call? We could of helped you out earlier if you phoned us,” the deep voiced man asked me.

I hesitated. “Oh well . . . I thought no one would be awake at this time, and I didn't want to wake anyone up at this early in the morning,” I said to him.

“We're always awake if people drive here at this hour or so,” he said to me with a smile. He pointed at his truck to get in, and I obediently went to his truck and took the passenger's seat. The boy at least close to my age walked over to the other side and took the seat behind me. We were quiet for the longest time while we waited for the tow man to tow my car up at the back.

“It was kind of stupid for you to push your car you know,” the boy broke the silence. I turned and glared at him. I couldn't see his face, since the back was too dark for me to see his face clearly.

“Unlike you, I was concerned of people actually being peeved off if they were woken up at this hour,” I said coldly before turning to look out the front window.

“Where were you driving from anyways?” he asked me.

I looked back at him again. “I drove from L.A.”

“That's a far drive.” He turns around to look at my car. It was chained and at the tow truck now, so we could leave now. “Seeing how dirty it is, it looks like you just started driving today. Your car is a huge mess,” he said, hearing a smile on his face. I look away and looked out the side window again. “What's your name?” he asked me.


“You're not that O'Dell's kid are you?” he asked me.

“Yea, I am. How is Daniel anyway?” I asked the boy, slightly turning my head towards him.

“He's just fine. He just finished acting in “Walk to Your Grave,” just a while ago. The premiere was here,” he said to me before he said “so you're Tori O'Dell.”

No one besides my friends called me by my nickname. “I'm guessing Daniel was talking about me and saying I'd rather be called 'Tori' than 'Victoria,'” I said grimly.

“I don't see why you don't like your name. It's a pretty name,” he said, I could hear the grin in his voice when he said my name was pretty. The tow man finally got in the car beside me at the driver's seat.

The boy behind me leaned forward closer to the tow man that joined us. “Hey Jesse, you know we're helping out O'Dell's kid, right?” the boy asked him.

“Is this O'Dell's girl? She's prettier in person than in a picture,” Jesse said. I looked grim and sighed. Of course Daniel would show pictures of me, he likes showing off of how “pretty” I was when I'm not.

We drove for a short while, it was only a five minute drive to get to the garage, since Jesse drove around one hundred and ten miles per hour. I got out of the car with Jesse and the boy, shaken of how fast we drove. I looked at Jesse to see what he actually looks like in light. I didn't get to see him when he picked me up, I was staring at mostly the ground from shyness.

Jesse was a buff and pale looking guy, at least up to his late teens. He had dark brown hair, a few spikes at the back of his head while his hair in the front was just flat and covering the side of his face. When he walked past me, I could see all of his face, he had a gorgeous face that I felt ashamed that I wasn't as beautiful as him. He had golden brown eyes and was wearing a white shirt with loose blue jeans and converse. I stared at the boy that sat behind me in the tow truck, and see if he was anything like Jesse. He was pale like Jesse. He had clean, black hair that went down past his ear and parted on the right side of his face, so his long bangs parted toward his right eye while the remaining part of his hair on his left parted to his left ear. Looking at his hair, it was hard to believe it was natural, no gel over it. He had beautiful dark blue eyes, he was about eight inches taller than me, at least 6'2, but shorter than Jesse. He had a more boyish face than Jesse did, but his face was as beautiful as Jesse's. He had light black jeans on that was tight around his ankles and was wearing a black T-shirt that was in between loose and tight, so I could see that his body figure was just right. I felt more ashamed when I looked at both Jesse and the boy together. I gazed at the boy for a while longer before I turned away when my eyes and his met.

“Ok, you can pick up your Mustang tomorrow morning, if that's ok with you,” Jesse said as he turned to me.

“I'm just out of gas, can't I just wait for it to be done tonight?” I asked him, a little confused if he could just put in some gas now.

“Well, I thought that you wanted to see your car all cleaned up from all the dirt,” Jesse said to me as he wiped his finger on the window, showing me how much dirt there was on it.

“Oh. If that's the case, then thank you,” I said before I turned away out of the garage.

“Woah woah woah, where do you think you're going?” the boy said when he grabbed my wrist, his cold hand shocked me when he grabbed onto it.


“It's too dangerous out at night. There's wolves out there,” he said to me, sounding a little worried for me.

“I've dealt with wolves before, I can care for myself,” I said to him, trying to sound braver than I really am.

“You're not going out there. I'm driving you there,” he told me, tightening his grip on my wrist.

“Constantine is right, it's best if someone drives you. There are wolves out there that like eating anything moving,” Jesse said. Constantine pulled me by my wrist to a dark green BMW and opened the door to the passenger seat for me. I looked at him suspiciously and went into the car. He walked around the front of the car and took his seat next to me.

“What was that look for? You looked like you didn't trust me,” Constantine said to me while he put the keys in the ignition. He put the car in reverse and looked over his shoulder. When he took a left turn and got to the road again, he put the car in drive and began speeding towards the darkness. I was thinking for a while and decided to go through my purse and took out “Speaking to Vampires of the Afterlife.” I could feel Constantine looking over my shoulder to see what I was reading. “So you're into talking to the dead?” he asked me. I look over at him and nodded.

“I find the dead to be nicer people, or the people I've spoken to is nicer,” I said before I went back to reading. He chuckled and took a turn in a corner.

“So where are you off to?” he asked me. I told him the address while I was reading. He stayed silent, not bothering me while I was reading.

“You can still talk to me. I've read this book dozens of times, I'm just going through what I did wrong when I tried contacting a vampire,” I told him, my eyes still on the page.

“Oh, cause you look so concentrated on reading that that I didn't want to bother you. So you believe in vampires?” Constantine asked me, sounding a little calmer. More calmer than when we spoke in the tow truck.

“They're so cool. There are times that I believe that vampires can be peace-making creatures, instead of monsters that kill. It's that kind of feeling,” I said with excitement.

He gave me a gentle smile. His smile made me feel more nervous and turn my face a bright hot pink.

I read through the paragraph again until I felt the car stop. I look up and saw that we were at Tammy's place. “That was fast,” I said as I put my book away. I took the handle and opened the door, I then realized something. “Crap!” I yelled and went back to the car.

“Forgot your stuff?” Constantine asked me with a grin on his gorgeous face.

“Yes . . .” I said grimly and shamefully.

“It's ok, it's all in the trunk,” he said as he motioned his head towards the trunk. I look over at the trunk, turned to him, and look at him weirdly. I walk over to the back of the car and opened up the hood. I saw that Constantine was right about my stuff being in the back.


“Call me Conner.”

I was silent for a while. “Conner, how did you—?”

“We thought you seriously needed a ride and decided to put your stuff in already,” he said to me, his grin becoming bigger and then became a smile.

I looked at him weirdly and took my luggage out of the back. I had a lot of bags with me, so I knew I had to take a few trips to the house and back again. I took four bags with me and began walking towards the door, I dropped my make-up bag while I was walking. When I heard it drop, I looked back from the sound of it and saw that Constantine has a few of my bags with him including the bag I dropped a second ago. “Constantine, you don't have to help me,” I said to him, trying to sound kind.

“Conner . . . and I know, I saw that you had a lot of bags on you, so why can't I just help out?” he asked me. “You need to depend on people to help you out more often instead of doing things on your own,” he said to me when he stopped in front of the door. I sigh and walk to the front door, then knocked on the door.

“They're probably among the dead right now,” I muttered.

“What?” Constantine looked puzzled.

“Oh no, I meant that they're sleeping. My friends and I sleep like we're dead,” I hesitated and explained to him.

“Oh, geez. You scared me for a second,” he chuckled, placing his hand over his heart. We heard footsteps coming towards us from the inside and then heard a crash. I realized that the crash was probably from Tammy, Tammy was always tripping herself, mostly when she was asleep.

The doors opened, and there I saw Tammy looking like a zombie, but her dark brown hair looking perfect even when messy. “Tori, you're early. We weren't expecting you until later in two days,” she said as she gave me a hug.

“I didn't feel like resting in the car, so I decided to just drive here without rest. And the best part was that there was no traffic on my way here,” I said to her. Tammy looks over my shoulder and gasps.

“What?” I asked her. Just when she gasped was when she gave me a heart attack. “Hold on, let my heart get a moment to restart before you answer of why you gasped,” I said as I took deep breathes. “Why did you gasp all of a sudden?” I asked her.

“Tori!” she whispered to me. “Its —its —!” she stuttered as she pointed at whatever she pointed at. I look over my shoulder and saw that she was pointing at Constantine. His back was leaning on the wall as he stared into space.

“What? Constantine?” I asked.

“Lucky! Did he come with you here?” she whispered to me in excitement.

“He gave me a ride here. My car ran out of gas and he offered me a ride when I was about to walk here,” I answered her, sounding casual and clueless of why she's making a big deal about a guy giving me a ride.

“I am sooo jealous of you. Constantine never gives other people a ride, besides his brother, Jesse and his sister, Emma,” Tammy said.

“It's no big deal though,” I said with a sigh.

“It's soo a big deal! You're like the luckiest girl in Forks now,” Tammy said.

“Hey, um are we going inside or not? Cause it's getting kind of cold out,” Constantine finally said. We turn around to look at him seeing he was staring at us. I look back at Tammy and saw that she was blushing just from looking at him. I look back at him and I don't see the reason why she's blushing. I mean, he's cute and all, his smile made me nervous in the car a while ago, but I don't think he's my type.

“Sorry, I forgot you were there,” I said to him with a slight smile. He gave me a grim look, I could tell that he knew I was teasing him. I picked up the luggage I had next to me. I dragged them upstairs with me, I packed up a lot of things with me that the bag was weighing me down. I looked behind and saw Constantine walking up the stairs behind me with my luggages, carrying them like they're just a pile of light weight books. “Where's my room going to be Tammy?” I asked her.

“It's the last door just at the end of the hall” she answered me. She went into her bedroom that was about five feet away from the front door. I look at the door she pointed out and began dragging my bags to the door with Constantine behind me.

“Constantine, you don't have to help out. I'll just get the rest of them,” I told him before I opened the door to my room. I looked into my room, but it was too dark to see.

“Can't a guy be nice to someone who's new to a town?” he asked me as he put the bags next to the bed.

“Well . . . ” I couldn't argue with him. I wasn't used to guys being this nice to me. In fact, I'm not used to guys being nice to me at all. Guys always picked on me for no reason and then when I started being defensive, they started hating me and became brutal to me. So it's kind of weird how Conner was nice to me and all since all the guys never liked me for not being like the other girls. He gave a smirk of triumph since I couldn't find a good enough excuse to defend myself from his question. I placed my bag on the bed and walked past him to the door.

I walked down the stairs and heard footsteps following me. I could feel his dark blue eyes staring at me and made me feel uncomfortable that someone was staring at me, hoping that I won't notice until I'd turn around. I walked out to the yard and got one of my last roller luggage out. I was about to get my laptop bag out, until Constantine's hand was on mine. I slowly turned my head towards him and saw he was staring at me. “I'll take that for you,” he told me. I stared at him for another moment before nodding. He took the bag out and shut the trunk before following me inside.

I could feel my heart pounding against my chest. My face becoming hot when out hands touched. The thoughts bothered me when I walked inside the house. I turned around and looked at him. “You don't need to help me Constantine, I'm fine handling all the bags,” I told him before turning around dragging my heavy luggage behind me.

I still heard him breathing behind me, totally ignoring me. I was on the last step of the stairs while my bag was two steps behind me. I was about to pick up the bag, until something caught a hold of the bottom part of it that made me lose balance and fall backwards towards Constantine and the bottom of the stairs.

I closed my eyes and was ready to feel a whole lot of pain, ready to have a broken neck, and ready to die. Just when I was thinking of my death, I stopped before I even hit the steps. I slowly opened my eyes and looked at what caught me. I saw strong white arms holding me by my shoulders, looking up, I saw Constantine's head about two feet above my head.

“You're pretty clumsy aren't you?” he smiled. My face blushed a red color and I picked up my feet so I could get him to let go of me.

“I'm just fine,” I said in embarrassment. My eyes went searching for the luggage. I looked around the stairs and found my bag had slid down to the bottom of the steps. I then realized that the bag was behind Constantine, like he jumped over the bag to catch me from breaking my neck.

“Um...how did you get here when I fell? Did you jump over the bag when it came sliding towards you?” I asked him.

“Yea, I did. When I saw that the bag caught a hold of a broken part of the steps, I came running to you then jumped over it when it came at me,” Constantine answered me.

I walk past him without a word and took the bag by its handle. I dragged it with me up the stairs a little faster than I did before. When I got to the top of the stairs, the bag became suddenly lighter. I stopped to look behind myself and saw Constantine holding the bottom part of my bag. “Don't want you falling down again, now do we?” he said with a grin. I looked away without a word, still embarrassed that I nearly killed myself in front of someone this time that I'm turning red from the thought. I began walking again to my room. It was too dark for me to see, so I flipped the switch to on to take a better look at what I was going to fall over next.

The room was pretty small compared to my room back at home, but it was big enough to keep all my stuff in one place than all over the entire house. There was a window that had a view of the backyard, viewing the forest. I looked over at the bed at my left side in a corner, it was small by width, but big by length. The bed had a black, white, and blood red plaid pattern sheets with blood red pillows. The girls knew those were my favorite colors and probably went searching for these sheets. There was a dark wood desk at the window with a small lamp on it and a dark wooden chair that looked sturdy enough to hold for another few years, unless termites came to eat away the chair and the desk. There were drawers on it and it had an old desktop computer on it that probably belonged to Kelly. There was a small wooden table on the left side of me with a white TV set on it facing my bed. The room was a jet black color from the floor to the ceiling and it had gold painted vines that covered most of the ceiling and was about a few feet to reaching the ground.

“Wow, I knew the girls were going to decorate your room, but I didn't expect this much effort,” Constantine said as he looked around the room. I looked over at Constantine weirdly and suspiciously. “Why is it you always look at me weirdly? I'm not stalking anybody, they simply told me about. They were pretty quiet when they said it to me though, but I could hear what they said,” Constantine said to me.

“I just don't trust men,” I said coldly to him before I placed the bag right next to the door. I walked over to the window and stared at the black trees that hid in the darkness, but visible at the tip of the tree from the moon that barely hid in the clouds. “It's just that I've had the worst luck with men all my life,” I said to him as I stared at the moon beginning to hide behind the clouds.

“Do you want to talk about it?” Constantine asked me when he walked up next to me to look at the black forest that shined under the bit of the moon that hasn't been covered by the dark clouds. I look at him from the corner of my eye, just to see if he's really looking at the trees. I saw that he was staring at me, so I shifted my eyes away from him and looked at the moon again.

“No, I'd rather not talk about. Especially to a guy,” I said to him when I moved away from him to the bed. “Thanks for helping out by the way, I guess it would of taken longer if it was just me,” I said to him as I lied on the with my hands behind my head.

“It's no problem,” he said before he walked to the door. I felt a breeze from the air conditioner blowing on me, it was cold, but soothing to me. I heard Constantine coughing, his hand was covering his mouth and his other hand was on the doorway. It looked like he was about to cough up blood or at least vomit. I got off my back to look at him,

“Are you ok?” I asked. He looked over at me, his mouth still covered by his hand. I could of sworn he glared at me before he left the room without a word.

I heard the car drive out in reverse and drove away from the house. I had questions in my head. Why did he just drive off without a word? Why did he glare at me? Did I do something to upset him? Was he alright? Those questions kept banging against the walls of my head that it hurt.

I was getting really tired, I looked at my cell phone to look at the time, it was almost six and the rest of the girls will soon wake up to get to school. I was thinking that I should start school early instead of watch television all day, alone and wait another three days to go to school. I got off the bed and took my bathroom stuff out of one of the bags. I walked down the hallway and slowly opened door to find the restroom. The restroom was on the left of my door, so I didn't have to walk far if we had guests over.

I took out all my shower materials and started warming up the shower. I usually took at least a ten to twenty minute shower, but I had to shower quickly since the girls would want to shower after they woke up. When I was done showering, I put a little gel in my hair, to help my hair become a little more calm once I blow dry it and to avoid fly-aways. I blow dried my hair under twenty minutes, that was enough time that the girls woke up when I walked out of the bathroom.

“Tori!” Kelly said in excitement, but also sounding sleepy. She gave me a hug and I hugged her back. “It's been a while,” she said to me. Her eyes gleaming its green and blue color like they always did when she was happy or excited.

“I know, it has been,” I said to her, sounding tired and ready to fall over from no sleep. “You haven't changed one bit. Still into gentle curls I see,” I said as I took a bit of her blond curls from her shoulder. She was half an inch shorter than me, like she always was.

“You look pretty tired, are you planning on going to school today?” she asked me, sounding a little worried for me.
“Yea, I really don't want to stay here alone and do nothing, so I'm going today,” I said to her. I walked past her, down the stairs, and fell on the sofa.

“Tori! Don't go to school when you're this tired. The teacher might yell at you for sleeping during class!”

“I'll live. I can go through an entire forty-five minutes. I can deal with taking a short nap during break,” I said to her, sounding dead with my face on the pillow.

The morning seemed to go by faster than it usually did, probably because I was sleeping while my friends were scrambling around the house getting ready for school. Putting on their make-up, blow-drying their hair, putting all their homework in their bags. I wanted to sleep a little longer before I got off the sofa. Tired. Never wanting to move. I felt someone nudging my arm to wake me up. I slightly moved my head and opened one eye to see who woke me up. It was Chloe. Her dark red hair looking longer the last time I saw her. She was still as thin as ever, making me look a little more muscular than her. Her deep blue eyes staring into my hazel brown eyes. “Yea?” I asked, sleepily.

“I heard you want to go to school today. Well, time to get up. Get some food in your stomach, we'll be leaving in a few minutes,” Chloe pointed out and then left me.

I felt heavy when I got off the sofa. I walked like gravity increased on me into the kitchen. I sat down on one of the chairs and slammed my head onto the table, making the girl's head turn to my direction. They were silent until Tammy broke the silence. “I can see your head is still as strong as ever,” she giggled.

I looked up to her, my eyes barely open. “I think coffee is alright with me,” I said before I pressed my nose against the table.

“Coffee was all you had during your trip. You need food in your system,” Kelly said. She got off her chair and walked to the fridge. She took a box of cereal from the top of the fridge, took a bowl out from one of the cupboards, and poured in the cereal. “Do you want milk with it?”

“Do what you want,” I said like a zombie, my face still on the table.

The girls giggled from hearing me sound like I was dead. Tammy, Kelly, and Chloe were more girl than I was. I was a tomboy compared to all of them.

I had jet black hair that reached midway up my back with blood red highlights. My eyes were hazel brown, I was a little more tan than they were, since they lived in a rainy and cloudy area for a while. I was thin, I would once in a while find myself wearing a small shirt. I mostly wore clothes in a medium, I was a pretty small medium sized girl. I'm a little muscular, but I lost some muscle when I sports. I had three piercings on my left ear and two on the other. I had a small diamond earing on the tip of my left ear, it hurt when I got it, but I got over the stinging a few hours later. I wasn't that tall compared to when I was in the fourth grade, about 5'5, I was the second tallest in the house now, Chloe beat me by an inch. I was wearing a green tank top, dark blue jeans, poke-a-dot loafers, a seashell bracelet, a wristband with music notes on it, an Italian charm bracelet, and a necklace of a heart with wings on it.

Kelly placed the cereal bowl in front of me. I looked at it for a sec, took the spoon, and took a small portion of the cereal in my mouth. I took only a few bites of the cereal before walking out of the kitchen. “Tori!” Tammy yelled before running to me and grabbed me by my wrist. I looked back at her.


“You're going to pass out if you don't eat anything.”

“I'm fine, I've skipped breakfast before and still get good grades.”

“We know, but all you had was coffee in like a few hours of driving. You haven't eaten anything since lunch yesterday,” Tammy said to me, joining the conversation.

“I'll be fine, I promise. I'll eat something for lunch today. I'm hardly hungry at all,” I said to them calmly.

They all looked at me suspiciously. They know I speak the truth and never broke a promise in my life. So they trust me, they just worry about me. They treat me like a sister. They shrugged and walked away, only Chloe remained. “We're just worried about you hon. We don't want you passing out during class,” she said with worry in her voice.

“I know you're worried. I'll be fine,” I said with a smile on my face.
She looked at me for a while and walked away. My bag was on the sofa already, so all I did was wait for all of them to get their bags from the rooms and search for their books around the house. I leaned against the wall next to the front door, waiting very patiently for all of them. They all came one at a time, until Kelly finally came downstairs with her stuff. “We all ready?” I asked them.

They all nodded.

We all walked out the front door and saw that my car was out on the side of the street.

“Hey cool. Your cars done,” Tammy said in excitement. She skipped to my car and jumped into the backseat.

“Was your car broken?” Kelly asked me.

“Not broken. It ran out of gas. I had towers giving me a ride here when they took my car to their shop,” I said causally and shrugged it off.

“Wait . . . if you said towers . . . do you mean the Burns gave you a ride here?” Chloe got all excited.

Kelly and Chloe stared at me, but Tammy was in the car, waiting for Chloe and Kelly's reaction of who gave me the ride. Tammy already got excited about Constantine giving me a ride, so she's waiting for the other two to freak out with a smile on her face. I looked at both of them. Eyes were on only me and it made me as nervous as heck.

“If you mean by Burns, I'm guessing Constantine is one of them?” I asked them, a little scared of their reaction, I then began running to my car for cover from their screaming.

I looked at Kelly and Chloe, their mouths wide open and staring at each other in excitement. I then heard high pitched fan girl squeals from the both of them before they ran to my car and jumped in. “I'm sooo jealous of you Tori. You got to ride in the same car as Constantine!” Chloe said with excitement, wanting more info in her voice.

“It's not just Constantine that was in the tow truck with me. Jesse was there too when they picked me up. Constantine gave me a ride here,” I said to them as I started my car. The engine roaring to life.
All the girls gasped. “Jesse was there too? Lucky duck!” Tammy said.

“He may not look like it, but he's actually a senior. I know, it's hard to believe, seeing how old he looks. But he's really a senior,” Kelly said in excitement.

The gasping fan girl thing was getting on my nerves. I stayed silent, torturing the girls, ignoring all their questions about Conner and Jesse. It was killing them in many ways and I had fun with it.

It wasn't crowded when we got to Forks High School. There were pretty good parking spaces. I parked my car, so the walk won't be far for everyone. Everyone began walking to the benches as I walked to the front office. “Will you want help getting there?” one of them asked me.

“No, I'll be ok. I'm pretty good with sight.”

I walked to the front and found the office no problem. Once I opened the door, I felt a warm breeze hit my entire body when I entered. It was a lot warmer in there instead of outside. I shyly walked to the front desk, a little weirded out that everything is new to me. I walked to the desk, waiting patiently for whoever is going to help me. I saw a woman, possibly middle-aged with bright red hair. I approached the red haired woman. “Excuse me?” I said quietly, but loud enough for her to hear.

She looks up to me, looking calmly into my face. “May I help you?” she asked me kindly, but sounding a little ill. There was probably something going around from person to person. Knowing where I am, I can understand why people would get sick easily. I know I won't get sick. I hardly got sick at all, so there was nothing to worry about my health.

“I'm Victoria O'Dell, I'm here to pick up my schedule,” I said to her, sounding like I was more innocent than I really am.

“Oh, we were expecting you Ms. O'Dell,” she said to me while looking through the filers. It took her a while to look for my schedule. She finally gave me my schedule. “Be sure to get your teachers to sign this and come back after school.”

“I will,” I walked away.

I caught up with the other girls. I saw boys were hanging out with them when I spotted them. I shyly walked up to the group and sat next to Chloe. “Hey, there you are. It took a little longer than I thought. Hey guys this is Tori O'Dell. Daniel O'Dell's kid. Tori this is Nathan, Michael, Tanner, Dustin, and Cody,” Chloe pointed out to each of the boys.

Nathan was the tall, messy haired dirty blond boy, his hair was so long it reached an inch past his shoulders. He was taller than me and pretty thin, he was so thin that he made me look stronger than him. Michael was a Hispanic boy with spiky black hair. He had braces and about a few inches taller than me. Michael wasn't cute, but he wasn't ugly either, he was just average. Tanner was the cutest of all of them. He had long blond hair, at least chin length. He was thin and maybe 5'11 feet, he had a water polo kind of body, so he was more muscular than the other guys. Dustin was really nice and probably my favorite guy I'd rather talk to often. He wore light blue sunglasses and had sandy blond hair that slightly went past his chin. Then there was Cody, another blond haired kid, his hair was between clean and messy, with light blue eyes.

I introduced myself to all of them, they were all friendly. Tanner had his eyes on me most of the time, which made me feel really uncomfortable and a little fidgety. The bell rang, thank the Lord. I got up so fast that I nearly threw myself into one of the guys. From all the embarrassment, my pace quickened to my class. I looked at my schedule and found the first building with no problem. I entered the class casually like everyone else, so I could hide from everyone that I was new. They probably already guessed I was new since no one around here has a hair style like mine, at least non that I've seen around the school or Forks. I walked to the front to see the teacher and asked him to sign my schedule. He signed my schedule and welcomed me. I was glad that he didn't want me to introduce myself to to entire class. I get really nervous and red whenever I speak in front of everyone.
My first class was English, my favorite class. Reading and making short stories was my best talent, so it's an easy A for me. Chloe was a few rows in front of me, so we would give notes to each other about things. One of the notes that bothered me were the Jesse/Constantine notes. She kept asking me if they were being nice to me, how I felt about them, or what I talked about with them. I ignored all of them, because I hated talking about men. She knows better than the other girls that I had problems with men. I've known her since Kindergarten and she has always known about my problem better than Kelly and Tammy.

Class ended like a second later to me. It was way too quick to even be a class to me. I left the class with Chloe and walked to our next class. Chloe told me that Kelly was in my next class, so I won't feel lonely. Gym was next, so it was just simple to find it. Kelly met me outside the girl's locker room and walked in with me. I went to the teacher's office to tell her to sign my schedule and to give me my uniform. She handed me the uniform without asking what my size is. The shirt and shorts were the right size, amazingly. I changed into my gym uniform as fast as I could and caught up with Kelly.

Kelly was giggling when we got into the basketball court. “What are you giggling about?” I asked her, wondering why her fan girl giggle was in control. I looked around to see what she was giggling about until I came across a familiar face.

His skin as pale as I remembered, thin as a runner, his hair shining from the lights, and as beautiful as I could remember from seeing him in the darkness last night. His white shirt makes his skin more pale, but the black shorts saves the color of his skin a little bit.

“Oh . . . thats why,” I said, my voice barely choking. My heart was throbbing again, my face was becoming hot again. What the heck is wrong with me? I thought to myself, feeling my face. I was burning up. I shook my head really fast and Kelly was noticing what I was doing.

“See? Constantine is here!! This is why I love gym!” she said excitedly before skipping towards the boys that were done dressing. I sighed before joining her. When I got there, I tried to control myself from looking at Constantine. I would glimpse at him every once in a while. I would find him looking at me too, or most likely glare. What is he glaring at me for? Did I do something that upset him? Is it because I told him that I didn't trust men and that I didn't want to tell him my problems about them? Is that it?

The teacher finally came in and told us that we'll be in groups. She chose the team for us instead of the students choosing their teammates.

The first team was made. I found myself in a team with Constantine. I didn't know whether to feel happy that I got to be in the same team with someone I became friends with when I got to Forks or be scared of him glaring at me whenever I look at him. The thought bothered me until I woke up from my daze and got ready for volley ball.

Volley ball was the worst sport I have ever done and I was no good at it. Hitting the ball over the net was no problem for me, its just hitting it from under or serving was my worst talent in volley ball history.

I was instructed to go in front of the net and Constantine was the server. I was looking over at the other team, who I was up against. Kelly was on the other side of the net. She looked excited and gave me a thumbs up. She was telling me that it must be “awesome” that I was in Constantine's team. I thought for a moment. Is it? I kept repeating in my head.

I was in a daze, wondering if it is a good thing that I was in Constantine's team or not. I woke up when I heard the whistle blow in my ear. I finally payed attention, getting ready to hit the ball. Constantine had the ball with him. I was waiting patiently, minding my own business, until I felt something hit my head from the back of my head. I looked behind myself and saw that Constantine had an evil smile on his face. He did that on purpose!? I screamed in my head. What the hell!
I heard the whistle again. “Come on Constantine. You've been our best server. Why hit someone now?” the teacher asked, looking at him weirdly, but also looking angry.

I glared at him, ready to punch his gut or at least knee him down at the sensitive part. “Sorry coach. I won't do it again,” he said, taking the ball again and gave me an evil grin at me. I have him the coldest look and turned away, facing the net.

I felt the ball hit me yet again! My head slowly turned to him. I glared at him and he glared at me back. I swear, his eyes were darker than they were last night. His eyes looked as black as my hair.

I was scared inside. I felt a jolt of fear when I kept staring at his black eyes. Wasn't his eyes blue? I thought to myself.

His eyes were blue when I spoke to him. So what happened? Color contacts maybe?
“Constantine!” the teacher yelled.

“I promise I won't do that again,” Constantine said, his hands up, looking like the police has a gun pointing at him, but looking indifferent in his face.

“One more and you're sitting out,” she said, furious in her voice.


I glared at him another moment before I turned around. I heard the ball smack onto his hand. I was ready for him to feel that ball on my head again. But I saw the ball fly over the net.

I was ready. When the ball came falling toward me, I jumped and smacked the ball over the net, towards Kelly. Kelly hit the ball over the net over to my teammate next to me.

The game went on a little while until the bell rang. We all went to our locker rooms. Before I went through the door to the girl's locker room, I looked over at Constantine and glared at him. He didn't see me, so I got the chance to glare at him without me noticing. I then walked back inside with Kelly when she woke me from my glare stage.

“I've never seen Constantine like that before,” Kelly told me as I waited for her to get into her layers of girly clothes.

“He was never like that last night. Did I piss him off?” I asked her as I leaned on a locker next to her.
“Well . . . that depends. What did you do to him? What did you tell him?” she asked me, putting her jeans on.

“Well . . . we put my bags in my room. We were talking about how awesome my room was—”

“He liked the room!! Eek!” she interrupted with a squealed.

I glared at her, her fan girl side getting on my nerves. “Anyways . . . we were talking about how awesome the room was. Then he looked at me and asked why I was always looking at him coldly. I told him that I didn't trust him and other men—”

“What!? Are you insane? Never tell a hot guy that!” Kelly interrupted me again, looking shocked and angry. “No wonder he was hitting you on the head today. He's angry that you don't trust men. You never tell a boy that you don't trust him, even if you have bad luck with men,” she criticized me.

I sighed. “Well . . . in his eyes . . . it looked like he wanted to know the truth of why I was always glaring at him in some moments. It looked like he really wanted to get to know me,” I said to her. Quietly, but loud enough that she heard.

She gave me a look like she was about to scream her fan girl scream again. But she didn't scream. She took both my hands, giving me a smile like she was happy that I gave her a gift she loved. “I don't know what it is. But that moment...he wants to know you. He likes you already,” she said to me, sounding like she's my mother talking to me about boys. “He's giving you a sign that he wants to be with you.”

I took my hands away, feeling uncomfortable. “I don't think it's that. Most men acted like that around me, I accepted one though. And look what happened,” I said to her coldly. Feeling a huge hole in my heart. That hole was drilled into me when I broke up with ex. I promised myself to stay away from men on that day.

“I know. But Derek was an ass. You must have been the best thing that has happened to him and the only best thing that'll happen to him. And look what happened. He blew his chances with being the perfect boyfriend when you were the perfect girlfriend,” she told me, looking into my eyes.

This subject was making the ache in my heart hurt more and more each second. I walked away from Kelly when we reached the part that Derek tried to kiss me one time.

Kelly caught up with me and apologized for hurting me on the subject of my terrible love life. We were silent for a while when we walked together.


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